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Kriyaansh FF : Laws of Attraction(Ch 1-19)

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Posted: 08 August 2012 at 6:44am | IP Logged
Hi All ,

Before I start .. I am sorry .. please don't bash me up..
I know you all are waiting for the update on my FF ..
But, I suddenly got this idea .. and my fingers were itching to type it .. 
I am not sure whether its gonna be an SS / FF ..
Do read it and let me know if you find it interesting and want me to continue .. 

I had thought of writing this for my 3rd chapter in my earlier FF .. but I couldn't wait. ..

Happy Reading !!!
Also please comment and let me know what you think of it .. .



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Amy's Space

Chapter 1

Early morning .. the cell rings .. but Rey was in no mood to pick the call .. by the ringtone he knew who it was .. he pulled a pillow over his ears to get some more sleep .. but the caller was very persistent ..

Finally he had to pick the call ..

"Why do you do this .. always want to spoil my sweet sleep " he snapped

"Because I love you .. come on now wake up .. its an important day for you " a sweet voice spoke ..

Hearing that voice .. the voice he just loved .. Rey smiled .. his anger blew up in thin air .. he lazed around on his bed "Mom .. I know what I have to do today .. why do you think I am still a kid "

She laughed .. "Oh really , you know what you have to do .. ok .. tell me where is the exam venue and what time is it ?"

Rey ran his fingers thru his hair .. he jumped out of his bed .. looking at his study table for the printout of the email which had all these details .. it has to be here .. amongst all the useless papers which were scattered all over the table .. "Mom .. just a minute .. I got it " .. In hurry he just read the venue .. it was a college where the company was holding written aptitude exam ..  then Group discussion ..then interview the next day..

He saw the time .. he had enough time to wash up and get ready .. he kept the phone on speaker ..

"Mom , can't I skip this silly thing and join Dad immediately .. you know I have already completed my MBA" he asked in his sweetest voice so that he could convince his mom .. he had tried before this a thousand times .. but had failed .. What's there to try again ..

She knew her son very well .. "Listen Rey .. I and your Dad want you to join this company and work on your own for sometime , before you join the family hotel business .. "

"Hmm .. "

"Ok .. Have you freshened up .. had breakfast ?"

"I am having " .. his mouth full of food .. he gobbled it ..  "You make too much fuss over me .. I am 22 .. for god sake .. " even though he was irritated over his mom's gesture of love .. but he just loved it when she did that .. this woman he loved dearly and admired from the core of his heart ..

Her voice was low .. "I miss you a lot .. You have been now away from home for more than 5 years now "

"Me too ,Mom" .. he knew a tear must have trickled down her eyes .. how he hated when he did that ..

"All the best and love you " she cheered up ..

"Love you too , Mom"


Rey ran inside the campus .. he was already 5 minutes late .. the exam must have started .. he couldn't see anyone around .. the security guard checked his call letter ..

"Do you know which classroom , you have to go ?" he asked

Rey didn't have a clue ..

"Just go to the notice board and check .. "

He ran to the notice board .. he thrust both his palms over it and started looking  .. SurNames were in alphabetical order and room numbers were written against it .. he was just going to check for "S" ..when suddenly a mass of curls were pushed in his face .. he immediately closed his eyes ..hairs so silky and soft  .. he felt as if they were caressing his face .. his nose was filled with scent of a perfume .. he knew which one it was .. Elizabeth Taylor's White diamonds .. hmm .. he loved it .. he could feel a petite frame of a girl between his hands .. her back had hit his chest .. he didn't know what .. but he just felt like wrapping his arms around her and bury his head in her neck ..

But before he could go on with these thoughts .. she turned to face him .. "Hello ' move on " .. she said sternly .. Rey opened his eyes to see the most beautiful girl he had ever seen .. her light brown eyes .. even though she was angry .. they were so innocent .. so lovable .. her cheeks .. soft as cotton .. and her lips .. they were just perfect as if someone had drawn them and painted them with a slight shade of pink .. She had an annoyed look on her face .. but she still looked so cute .. he couldn't understand how she came in his arms out of no where .. is he dreaming ..

She pushed him with her hands .. her palms came in contact with his chest .. some feelings inside him were getting evoked .. he felt that for a second she did shudder too when she touched him .. but she immediately put her hands on her sides ..

He realised his position .. he moved back .. a bit confused .. "What are you doing here " what a silly question .. but he didn't know what else to ask ..

"My pen had fallen down .. I was picking that up .. and when I got up .. you arms .. I mean hands were around " she explained and started walking ..

The creases on her forehead deepened .. but it was lovely to see them .. Rey came out of his trance .. "Hey .. do you know in which room the surnames with "S" would be sitting for the exam"

"Room 20 .. 2nd floor" ..she said without turning back and walked on ..

How does she know that .. as if her own surname started with S .. he smiled .. 

He saw her perfect figure .. her body hugging formal top .. with a stole .. and skirt which enhanced her curves and was just till her knees .. her slender legs were on pencil heels and she walked with a particular style as if asking him to just come behind her ..

She was carrying a small travel bag .. which surprised him ..

Rey ran behind her and caught up with her .. "Hey .. I am Reyaansh Singhania" he extended his hand to her ..

She smiled "Hi" .. took his hand and shook it '

Again he felt something which he couldn't understand .. he could see that even she took her hand back and immediately caught her purse a bit tightly ..

He smiled seeing her reaction .. "Its just an exam .. we are not called here for an overnight stay" .. he chuckled and pointed to her bag ..

She smirked .. "I just came directly from the airport " ..

"Do you want me to help you ?"

"Sure .." she literally shoved the bag in his hand .. and walked on ..  he was stunned ..

He walked with her .. "Which is your room number ?"

"Same as yours "

"Wow .. "

They reached the room .. everybody were already seated and the exam had started .. the invigilators looked at them and said "15 minutes late .. quick .. take your seats .. here take this papers" ..they gave them the question paper ..

Rey saw 2 empty seats .. was just walking when one of the invigilator called him "Hey dude .. this is just an exam .. we haven't called you for stay over .." pointing at the  bag ..everyone in the room started laughing ..

Rey looked at her .. she was giggling too .. Rey glared at her ..

"Keep the bag here " the invigilator told him.. he went and kept the bag near the invigilator's table and turned .. she had already taken her seat .. there was just one seat empty was behind her .. he went and saw that his call letter number on the table ..


Invigilator :"You all can go and wait in the canteen .. the results would be put on the notice board .. All those whose names appear on the list will wait and the rest can go home " he said while collecting their papers ..


Rey was going to talk to her but before that she hurriedly went and caught up with a girl and they walked away. ..

Rey saw her in the canteen with that other girl .. they both were sitting on a table and giggling and drinking soft drink ..

He was so agitated himself .. why is going behind her like a puppy .. he had never felt that way before .. yes girls were interesting creatures which god had created .. they were fascinating .. but till today or till now he hadn't been so captivated by any girl .. it was always the other way round .. if he smiled , they would come and cling to him he was getting restless just to talk to her .. he wanted her to see him .. he wanted to look and immerse in those deep loving eyes .. he was intrigued by her .. she was a like a magnet pulling him towards her .. there was something different about her .. or he was going nuts ..

He sat on a faraway table  and was just gaping at her .. once or twice he caught her glimpsing at him .. but she tried to show that she was not interested .. he knew he was making her conscious .. she was aware that he was staring at her .. because every now and then she would  try to tuck a strand of hair behind her ear .. even though the hair was already tucked behind .. he smiled  .. he did have some effect on her even though she tried to show otherwise   .. she was shifting on her chair a number of times .. definitely he could see that she was uneasy with his constant gaze ..


The notice for the next round was put .. he saw that her friend was crying and leaving  .. for some reason he was happy .. this means she is there for round 2 and alone .. that's gonna be interesting .. he only wished she would be in the same group as him for the Group Discussion '


Here  again his wish was granted .. he thanked the almighty .. this is his day .. he thought .. her number was called and then his .. and then along with them 8 others were asked to proceed to room 2 '

Wow .. I would see her again and now definitely I am gonna talk to her .. make her talk ..

" The topic for today's discussion is 'Do employees prefer male bosses over female bosses' " the guy who was the co-ordinator told us .. " Each of you will get first 5 minutes to state your views and then afterwards its an open forum , you can debate with others over it"

The minute the topic was announced , I shot up to look at her .. I realised that every other pair of eyes were also looking at her .. she was the only girl in this group .. I could understand how the atmosphere had changed .. there was a smirk on every guy's face .. they felt they could just drown her with pressure.. 

She sensed the eyes on her .. I thought she would squirm under the all guys gaze .. but  to my utter surprise .. no .. I was shocked .. she was just looking at me ..  it was a bit awkward .. but then she smiled knowingly as if reading what's going on in my mind ..  it was meant to say that she can handle it ..


One of the guys commented ostentatiously that she could start the discussion as she is the only one from the opposite s*x  ..

She cleared her throat to take the challenge ..

"Yes .. employees prefer male bosses over female .. this is particularly true for female employees  .. this is because generally men talk on facts , logic , reason  . .women on feelings , senses , meaning ..

Men are more competing and achieving, women are on harmony and completeness ..

Generally Women bosses bring in mood swings , personal problems because they have double responsibility ..  compared to men ..

All this is proved by many surveys ' but having said that .. I think .. irrespective of the gender , the boss should be able to mentor you .. motivate you .. lead you .. and of course should be worthy of his or her position and you should look up to him or her .. "

Hmm .. she makes sense  .. a rational head on those pretty shoulders ..  Rey was really impressed with the way she brought out her point .. even the co-ordinator had to smile ..


After the discussion .. I literally ran to get hold of her .. she was already surrounded by all the other guys .. these guys who were just about to topple her and run over her during the discussion .. were now hovering around her to impress her ..

Am I also not in the same category .. Of course not .. Don't I want her to be impressed by me .. look at me .. no .. I am not going to make any move .. Hell with her .. with that thought and my over the top male ego .. I looked at her once and turned and walked on ..

Suddenly I heard my name being called by a sweet voice .. I turned around .. I guess spun around .. I didn't realise that she was so close to me .. she banged into me .. but I held her to steady both of us .. I held her shoulders .. and her hands on my chest ..

For a moment .. just a fraction of a moment .. I felt she lowered her eyelashes and blushed .. but the next moment .. she took her hands back .. leaving me no other option but to do the same ..

"Hi .. " she said excitedly ..  

"Hi .."  I looked beyond her .. the guys were still waiting if she would turn back and talk to them again ..

"Coffee ?"

Hmm .. she wants to get away from those guys ..

"Sure "

We were just going to walk off .. when it was announced that the results are up ..

We went to check the notice .. We both were selected for the interview which was the next day '

"Congrats " .. I smiled widely and extended my hand ..

"thanks .. you too ' "  she shook my hand slightly .. not  a firm grip .. she preferred to keep her hands to herself .. it was interesting to see her reactions ..

"Lets go for coffee ?"  I didn't want to miss this chance .. so I urged ..

Just then her cell rang .. she talked for a minute or two and turned to me ..

"Sorry .. got to go .. Bye " she almost started running towards the main gate ..

Hell .. what was that  ..

I ran behind her ..

"Hey .. what's your name ?"

"Kria Singhania " ..she smiled at me and  got into the  taxi where in her friend who had not qualified after the first round was waiting for her ..


Just a clarification .. 

Kria in this FF has surname Singhania .. and not Ghai .. 

She is in no way related to Rey .. or his family .. its just that she shares his surname ..

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yipee 1st to comment...

Well amazing start Amy...

Lovd it to the core
nice concept...

Really liked it...

Nicely written... I mean waking up session, the rounds their convo's...
Rey's feeling...amazing

cont soon
thanx 4 d pm

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Thanks for the pm

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nice update..interesting
thnx for pm

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okay i loved it...

but u broke my bubble Ouch

actually i was running to make a res but net slow tha and hence sabse neeche pehle dekha... and kria singhani then aapka note Ouch

fir i went on the top... i thot rey might be talking to her but then turned out to be his mom Ouch

chalo bahut saare ouches ho gaye...

but loved the new ff...

its fun...

loved how rey was head over heels over her and then how he was getting restless... kria too feeling the intensity...;

the group discussion ws a good one... uake baad every one hovering arnd her but rey came...

waiting for next chpter...

ab update asap... donon ffs...

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Great chapter
do continue love ur work

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loved the update...thanks 4 the pm...

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thats awesome concept and fab start...loved it to the core
waiting eagerly for next part
continue soon

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