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AnSh Sagaai..Join the party Everyone <3 (Page 2)

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Picture Perfect 

"Shiv baas bhi kijiye main puri gilli ho gaayi hun !! uff hehe"Giggled Anandi
Both shiv and anandi were sitting beside a small backyard pond and shiv was njoyng splashing water on his love !!
 both have a hearty laugh and Shiv then while laughing unaware lies on anandi's lap and continued laughing with his eyes closed ..Anandi stares down happily at her soon gng to be fiance
SHiv then looks up and say "kal hum dono ki zindagi ka sabse haaseen din hone wala hain kal main tumhe paa jaunga officially !!"and he winks with his trademark cutesy smile .
 And nw wel leave the hearty couple in the garden !!


"Arrey kahan hain sab its almost time jawano mission pe jaane ka time ho gaya and sab fir late karoge iss ghar ke discipline ko kya ho gaya !!"
said SHiv daddu 

"Col. Alok shekhar reporting captain !!"came SHiv DAD .
"chalo tu toh aaya par yeh baaki sab kahan Shiv aur bahu "
"Main aa gaayi aur yeh lo meenu bhi aa gaayi "said SHiv momsie 
 "Haan toh chaale sab warna der ho jaayegi time ho gaya hain !!"said Choti maa

"Jiski sagai hain wohi der kar raha hain ridiculous SHiv SHiv  tumhe sagai karna hain ya kisi aur ko le jaaye "shouted Daddu 
"arrey arrey main aa gaya maa  mere kurte ki button nahin mil rahi hain aap plz dekhiye na warna main toh redy hi ho gaya tha !!"came running the handsome dulha .
Everyone staring at him SHiv wore a REd bordered white jacket cum sherwani  his hairs all geled to give a wavy effect .
"waah aaj toh bada aacha dikh raha hain am impressd "said daddu smiling 
"aaj accha  dikh raha hain matlab baaki din nahin dikhta hain kya ?mera SHiv hain hi itna handsome "replied shiv MOM 

All soon reached the party hall where ceremony was to be done .
Shiv and his family entered they were welcomed by bhairon and DS . the hall was  done up in WHite and red theme .
Shiv was very happy that finally this day has come .

They all chit -chat and have drinks !!  then panditji says sagai ka muhurat ho gaya .DS tells ghena to go and bring ANandi from upstiars 

Shiv stands up and gets ready  with his ring  Anandi  comes down from the very stiarcase  and SHiv is breatheless such pristine beauty   aisa lag raha  hain jannat se pari uttar rahi hain .
Anandi is nervous She is dolled up in pretty White glittering Sari with red border her hairs lossely open with gen studded  clip adorning them 
 Anandi comes down and stands in front of Shiv .
"kya hua SHiv babu  muh baand kar lijiye hame pata hain hamari anandi aaj bahut khoobsoorat dikh rahi hain "laughed Ghena .
Shiv realised  his mouth had parted apart he regained his stance and got ready running his hands through his wavy hairs .
 Both exchanged rings and while doing so looked into each others eyes there were  unbound happiness in them !!

everyone clapped and music started and so did celebration . Shiv and anandi both sat on their chairs specially meant for them .
"Aaj toh tumne mujhe maar daala "whishpered Shiv in her ears .
Anandi smiled and mock hit him on his arm .

Anandi's student came saying chaaliye na app log dance kijiye baatein baad mein karna plzz !! and all dragged two  of den to centre .
Both were shy and thinking  what to dance suddenly music started .

Chammak challo ..

Shiv then laughed and started dancing and singing tu meri chammak challo give it to me gal mujh ko dedo ooo  tu meri chamak chalo oo hho hhoo

Anadni laughed and Shiv Gestured her to dance then anandi too started doing kareena moves  on south indian lyrics .

and everyone  joined them  .

shiv and anandi danced and laughed and finally both hugged and sealed 
their engagement with a  KISS .

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AnSh Sagai OS

Anandi is running frantically towards her home. She had just received the call from Tayiji, asking her to return immediately. Anandi sensed that something must be going on as she had sensed the urgency in her tayiji's voice.


Anandi fell into the wet-mud. 

'Oh ho...' she said with her teeth clenched. Her face was covered with mud and her dress was completely spotted with it. 

She quickly started to take the mud off of her face and started to brush her dress with her hand, but it was no use. The wet mud did not budge. She looked around to find a well so as to clean up but then she remembered tayiji's call.

'ghar ja ker hi apnay aap ko saaf kerlungi' she said to herself.
'Lagtha hai aaj keechad main girnay ka din hai. Pehlay voh sahab giray thay aur abh main. Agar jetsar main pakki galiyan hothi tho acha hoga' She thought to herself

At the Haveli

'Tho behenji ye mera parivar hai. Ye hai shiv ki Ma irawati, Shiv kay pita Alok aur Shiv ki choti ma , yani kay uski chachi Meenakshi' said Daddu introducing the Shekar family to the Singhs

'Ghanni kamma, swagat hai aapka' said Dadisa
'padharo' she gestured to them to follow her towards the Sofa

'Maaf kijiyega , aapko ithni raat gaye humnay takleef di'said Irawati
'are nahi nahi ismay takleef ki kya baat hai' interupted Bhairon immediately

'ji main Bhairav hun Anandi ka Bapusa, aur ye meray baday bhaisa Basant aur unki patni Gehna. Aur aap humari masa say tho mil hi chukay hain' he said indicating towards his family members

'Ji ' main tho inhay pehlay hi keh raha tha ki , koi problem nahi hogi. Waise humaray honay walay samdhiyon ka ghar hai, tho hum tho aa hi sakthay hai na , jab man chahe' added dadaji laughing

'ji ji..'smiled Dadisa confused not know how to react and what to expect. She looked towards Gehna asking if Anandi had arrived. Gehna gestured a no, which made her even more worried

'Tho baat ye hai , ki hum tho humari honay wali bahu, yani kay Anandi sey milnay aaye hain. waise main tho kal anay ke liye tayyar tha , ye... ' said Daddu and he pointed towards shiv
'ye jo mera potha hai, voh utavla ho raha tha, ki abhi chaliye daddu' laughed Daddu

'Daddu aap...'started shiv shocked 

Bhairav smiled at shiv as he knew that it probably was not his idea to come that late in the night but he felt relieved that his family were eager to meet his daughter.

'Meri tho roz mulaqat hothi hai Anandi ji sey office per. Mujhe nahi aapko jaldi thi daddu' he said pointedly, then suddenly realizing that he was letting his guard down in front of the singhs who had always taken him to be a serious kind of man. 

Irawati laughed out loud

'ye humaray papaji , jo humari family kay lifeline hai , unko mazak kerna bohot acha lagtha hai. Vaise sach ye hai ki hum kudh bohot uthawalay ho rahe thay Anandi sey milnay ke liye. Jab sey shiv nay uska zikr kiya hai, hum tho rukh hi nahi paaye thay. Hai na Alok' she said and then asking for confirmation from the rest of her family members.

'JI bilkul. Waise shekar parivar ki ye hi khaas baat hai ki, hum jab ek mission kay baray main soch lethay hain usko foran execute kerthay hain. 

Shiv smiled at his family's antics. He did not know what to say so he decided to remain silent and let them carry out the 'mission' on their own shoulders. 

Irawati who was sitting with Dadisa and Meenakshi noticed that meenakshi was still not in her form. The revelation about Anandi's past had truly disturbed her. Though she had managed to hide her worry behind her kind smile and soft facial features, it was clearly evident from her brooding silence that things were not quite right inside her mind. 

Irawati slowly patted her hand and looked into her eyes, assuring her that things will get better.

'Tho abhi hum point per aathay hain, baat ye hai ki humaay ghuma fira ker baat kernay ki adat nahi hai, akhir Army walay hain tho jo bhi baat ho voh hum point to point kerthay hain. Is tarah ki discipline lanay ke liye kafi saal lag jathay hain. Mujeh yaad hai , humaray battalion main Amar sharma naam ka ek jawan hotha tha. voh jab naya naya aya tha , tho ithni batay kertha tha, ithni batay kertha tha ki.. hum sabh nay uska na Amar sharma sey Amar batuni rakh diya hai' said Dadaji smiling at the thought of his Amry friend Amar Sharma. 

He then looked at his family and noticed the very similar expression that they often showed when he went into one of his story routines

'ok , samaj gaya. ' said dadaji hesitatingly
'baat ye hai ki mera potha , yani kay shiv, aapki beti , yani kay Anandi sey shadi kerna chahtha hai' said dadaji smiling

Dadisa listening to those very words, she could not control her gratitude. She immediately gestured her thanks 

'ye tho humaray saubhagya ki baat hai ki Shiv jaisa ladka humari beti ko apna jevan sathi bana-na chahtha hai' said BHairav , who was filled with gratitude. 

'Lekin issey pehlay baat agaay aur baday, main Anandi kay baray main kuch batana chahtha hun. Mujhe yaqeen hai ki shiv nay aapko bata diya hoga lekin ek pita honay nay nathay mera ye farz bantha hai ki main bhi is baat ko samnay le ker aaun' said Bhairav seriously

There was silence in the room.

'meri zindagi ki sabsey badi galthi maine ki jab maine apnay betay ka balvivah kiya tha Anandi kay saath. Voh 8 saal ki thi tabh. Anandi nay apni taraf sey puri imandari kay saath ye rishtha nibhaya hai, lekin mujhe is baat ko kehthay hue sharam athi hai ki , maine aise santhan ko janm diya, jo apni swarth ke liye Anandi jaise heeray ko tukhra ker chala gaya. Usnay apni duniya ujwal kernay ke liye, is bachi kay zindagi main andhera ker diya. 

lekin meri Anandi us andheray sey ghabrayi nahi , na hi toot gayi.. balkay usnay humko, jo uskay guneghar hai , unko sambhala. Kudh bhi khadi hui aur humaay bhi sahara diya. Aaj voh jo kuch bhi hai uski voh kudh hi zimmedar hai. Apnay mehnat aur drid sankalp sey usnay ye maqam haasil kiya hai.

Mujhe pata hai ki aap, jo humaray ghar thak aaye hain, aapnay zaroor uskay atheeth ko nazar andaz kerkay aapkay ghar sey humaray ghar ka faasla tay kiya hai lekin fir bhi main aap sey umeed kertha hun, ki aap us bachi kay atheeth ke liye usko zimmedar nahi tehrayengay' Said bhairav tearfully 

'Chora sahih kevay hai. Jagdesh... jo mahro potha hai, usko humnay bohot laad pyar sey bada kiyo. Uski har zid puri kiyo. Lekin us choray nay apnay ma bapu ka, apni dadisa ka , apni beendani ka, unkay sapnon ka koi maan nahi kiyo. 

Anandi ' bohot hi jimmedar chori hai. Usnay us rishtay ko nibhanay ki bohot koshish ki , aur apni taraf sey koi kasar nahi chodi..lekin.. ' said Dadisa sadly 

'jis ladki kay baray main uskay sasur, uski dadisas aur saray parivar walay , ithna acha kahain, voh galat ho, ye ho hi nahi saktha ' said Irawati immediately

'aap bilkul nishchint ho jayiye. Anandi kay baray main jab shiv nay bataya tha, mujhe bohot hairani hui thi lekin jab main apni aankhon sey kudh dekh rahi hun tho, mera yaqeen aur mazboot ho gaya hai' continued Irawati

She then looked at Meenakshi, who seemed to have relaxed a bit more than before. It seemed that the words Anandi's inlaws had made some effect on her. 

'Lekin Anandi kahan hain. abh tho aankhay taras gayi hai' said Irawati with an urge in her voice

Dadisa looked at Gehna worriedly , wondering when she would show up. 

Just then

Anandi arrived into the haveli , completely drenched with wet-mud that had dried in some places. Her face was covered with mud traces. She had managed to brush some of it but still very evidently etched on her face.

Dadisa looked at the entrance and she saw Anandi enter. Her smile that had appeared at her arrival faded the very instance and had replaced with that of shock.

'Chori...' she said worriedly wondering if she had gotten hurt. She got up immediately and rushed towards her

'Anandi.. ' said BHairav, basant and Gehna simultaneously who also had rushed towards her and now had surrounded her

'Ye ke hua tharay ko!? asked Dadisa worriedly 

Shiv's family who was dumbstruck at their reactions looked towards the entrance to get a glimpse of their future daughter in law but, unfortunately for them, she was obscured by the army of Singhs that had surrounded her. 

'Anandi thu teekh tho hai na' asked Bhairav with concern

'Anandi kya hua. kisi nay kuch kiya tho nahi. Are gehna zara phone tho laga laal singh ko aur bolo ki ghar aa jaye' Said basant angrily 

'Anandi chot tho nahi lagi thumnay' asked Genha 

'Are gehna, thu yahan ke ker rahi hai. Jaldi ja aur haldi wala doodh bana ker le aa' commanded Dadisa

'Are...aap...bapusa ' dadisa kuch bhi.. are tausa.. suniye tho...
nahi...tayiji rehnay ' came broken voices of Anandi in between

Shiv who was now fully concerned rushed towards the scene yet he was completely hidden behind Basant so Anandi did not notice him right away

'Dadi SA' said Anandi loudly

'mujeh KUCH nahi hua hai. Main keechad main gir gayi thi Bas' said Anandi smiling at their reactions

'Thu sach keh rahi hai na chori. Dekh, agar chot lagi hai tho bata day' said dadisa concerned

' Han dadisa.. kuch nahi hua. Bas tayiji ka phone aaya tha. laga ki koi zaroori baat hai, tho main jaldi anay kay chakkar main, keechad main pisal gayi' said Anandi

'waise baat kya hai dadisa. aapnay mujhe bula liya, voh bhi ye kehkay ki jaldi aao. sabh teekh tho hai na? ' asked Anandi with concern

It was then that the entire singh parivar realised that , the shekars were with them in their house and the purpose behind their visit was starting to dawn upon them, once again.

'Kya hua..' said Anandi , who now looked worried. She was surrounded by the Singhs so the haveli's living room was obscured from her sight.
Then slowly, Dadisa , basant and bhairav stepped aside to give her a clear view of the people that had come into their homes.

Anandi saw two women and two men sitting on the sofa. Her eyebrows contracted.

'aap?' she asked Dadisa and then suddenly her eyes fell upon the man behind basant

Anandi suddenly became very aware of her presence. Shiv was standing in front of her now, worry clearly etched on his face.

'Anandi ji aap teekh tho hai na' asked Shiv

Anandi looked at him and nodded.
'collector sahab aap? aur is waqt. Sabh teekh tho hai na' she asked with worry. Perhaps it was something to do with the village that he had to see her at this time. 

Shiv did not know how to respond. He did not want to face Anandi's anger so he quietly went towards his family and sat down besides his grand father. 

Anandi and the Singhs came towards the main hall and her eyes scanned every member. She greeted them but her expressions remained confused. 

'Anandi thum jaao aur muh hath dho lo..' said Dadisa gesturing Gehna to take Anandi upstairs and prepare her for the meeting. 

Soon the singhs resumed their seating.

Irawati smiled at them. In her heart there was a sudden surge of satisfaction. The way that the singhs had erupted and behaved when they had assumed that Anandi was hurt, confirmed her thought that the family really adored Anandi. 

'Kuch nahi hua hai Anandi ko. Ithna pareshan kiyun ho rahe ho' teased Dadaji who was observing Shiv. He noticed that shiv's eyes were flickering towards the stairs more often. The entire family noticed the sudden change in Shiv's behavior. Anandi's presence certainly affected Shiv a lot.

'Shiv, voh athi hi hogi' teased his father
'aap sabh meray shiv ko ithna tang math kiya kijiye' said Choti ma. It was the first time she had spoken. Irawati looked at her and began to relax that finally meenakshi was loosening up.

Dadisa offered them some sweets and passed it around them when they saw Gehna brining Anandi down the stairs. 

As Anandi had gone to clean herself , Gehna had filled her up with the details as to who the guests were. Listening to her, Anandi became quite shocked. She did not know how to react but she decided not to say a word. After all it was her decision to request Shiv to marry her and it was awfully nice of him to ask his family to come right away. He did what she had wanted. That is to not delay in fulfilling the promise she had made to her dead mother. 

Irawati looked up simultaneously with Meenakshi and Dadaji. As Anandi entered into their presence they noticed how beautiful she was

Anandi looked up at them and then her eyes fell upon the man who was sitting besides an elderly man. She recognized him immediately

'are thum' said the man
Anandi did not say anything but looked at him questioningly. She had deduced that he was related to Shiv but how, she could not fathom

'kya hua colonel sahab. aap ithna chunk kiyun gaye hain' asked Irawati

'Lagtha hai aaj keechad main girnay ka din hai' laughed Alok. 

'pehlay main gira tha aur abh thum'

' Are maine bataya tha na ki main keechad main gir gaya tha... aur wahan per ek ladki nay meri madad ki thi, yahi tho hai' said Alok reminiscing the moment

'Anandi ye Alok hai, Shiv kay pitaji' said Bhairav 

Anandi remained speechless. How coincidental it was that , bhairav met her the very same way'
She greeted him and turned towards the other members. She avoided shiv's gaze in the process.

'Tho , is meeting ka ye nateeja nikaltha hai ki, humay aapki beti bohot pasand aayi hai' said Dadaji immediately 

'kiyun irawati?' he asked Shiv's mother

'han mujhe bhi, aur thumhara kya rai hai meenakshi?' she asked Shiv's choti ma tentatively

Meenakshi nodded with a smile. 

'colonel sahab ko tho pehlay sey hi bha gayi hai Anandi. Waise its not fair ki aap pehlay milay hain aur hum sabh baad main' complained Irawati

'bhai, ye ho tho faida hai meray video recording skills ka aur aap sabh hai ki mazak uda rahe thay mera' said Alok

'Abhay thum chup hi karo tho teekh rahega.. agar thumhara video pehlay kaam ker jatha tho hum Anandi ko pehlay hi dekh lethay lekin voh bhi thumhari tarah dheela hi hai. Koi kaam ka nahi' Retorted Daddu

Shiv who was getting impatient, silently nudged his grandfather

'acha teekh hai teekh hai, jaldi kiyun kertha hai. THo teekh hai bahu, Majority opinion ye hai ki aaj hi sagai ka rasm bhi pura ker dain' said Dadaji

'Sagai?' asked Dadisa 

'lekin...' added bhairav who looked at basant and gehna , who were equally shocked.

'nothing doing. Hum aaj kay aaj hi sagai kerna chahthay hain. Bahu, Kangan aur haar jo thum thumhari bahu ke liye le ker aayi ho , voh pehnao' commanded Dadaji to Meenakshi

Irawati immediately gave the jewelry to Meenakshi, who went ahead and put them on Anandi.

'ek min ek min... main video lunga' jumped Alok

'Are koi faida nahi hai... kaam tho kernay wala nahi , tho time kiyun waste kerthay ho' added Daddu

Alok ignored his father's remark and rushed to take the video of Meenakshi putting jewelry on Anandi. Anandi immediately took her blessings from everyone. Irawati hugged her and made her sit besides her. 

Shiv who was looking at everyone but Anandi now threw furtive glances at her.
'oye , besharam ye kya ker raha hai thu. Sabkay saamnay' teased daddu 

'daddu aap bhi na' he whispered back

Dadisa and the singh family completed their part of the rituals and the ceremony was complete.

'tho bhai Anandi abh humari hui' declared Daddu

Anandi finally looked at shiv. It was a face filled with gratitude. She was closer to fulfilling her mother's wishes than ever before. 

Looking at Anandi, shiv realized that it was not love that etched on her face but gratitude. This made him feel a bit uneasy. He wanted to get married to Anandi more than anything, but he also knew the real reason behind the marriage. 

He looked around his family and saw every member elated and happy. Can he maintain their happiness? Will Anandi accept him as her husband? Will she be able to come above her pains and look towards the bright future that he had so beautifully planned for both of them?

Questions erupted in his mind. 

Anandi continued to look at him and realized that she was staring. She immediately looked down and heard a surge of laughter

' are bhai aap logon ko akele main baat kerni hai tho kariye na. Humay tho koi ayetraz nahi hai' said Irawati

Anandi turned slightly pink

'ai...aise koi nahi hai' stuttered shiv, which made the other memebrs laugh only louder.

'Roz tho baat kerthay hi ho, abh kaisa sharmana. acha jao hum kuch nahi kehthay' added Alok

Dadisa asked Anandi to go with Shiv. She knew that now that the ceremony had been finalized Anandi will do everything to keep up the relationship.

Shiv and Anandi reached the front yard. There was an awkward silence between them

said both shiv and Anandi at the same time
'Pehlay aap kahiye' said Shiv

'main aapka shukriya ada kerna chahthi hun.' started Anandi
Shiv turned around to interrupt
'Collector sahab, aapnay mujh per bohot bada ehsaan kiya hai aaj. Main is ehsaan ko zindagi bhar nahi bhulungi' she said

Shiv immediately felt very sad.
'maine aap per ehsaan nahi kiya hai Anandi ji. Main kudh chahtha hun ki aap meri zindagi sey juday. aap please isey ehsaan ka naam math dain' said Shiv

Anandi looked at him confused.

'aapki kushi main hi meri kushi hai' He continued

'Shayad main aapkay layak nahi hun, lekin aapsey main ye wada kerthi hun ki apni taraf sey puri koshih karungi ki aapko mujhsey ya aapkay parivar walay unko mujhsey koi shikayat na ho' added Anandi

Shiv remained silent. He understood that Anandi needed time. So he silently nodded and gestured towards her that they should head back inside.

As Anandi turned and headed towards the entrance he made a promise to himself

Anandi , thumhay is dard sey main bahar leker aaunga. Thumharay saray dukhon ko main kushiyon sey bhar dunga. Un yadon ko Ithna door lejaunga ki koi bhi buri yaad thumharay aas paas nahi mandarayegi. Ye main apnay aap sey wada kertha hun.

They both entered into the haveli

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AnSh OS- saagai specialStar 

On the engagement day of AnSh. Singhs' haveli is full of guests but all close relatives and frds. Few of shiv's frds came too. they r chatting with shiv, one of them said...areey shiv tumko tumhari dream gal mil hi gayee who v yahan chhote se jetsar main.chalo humne toh socha tha shiv kuwara hi rehejayega.shiv har kisi k liye koi naa koi bana hai aur mere liye jo bani hai who toh mujhe milni hi thi..aaj nehin toh kal.jab milne ka time aaye who mil hi gayee mujhe!!  ppl r more interested to know the details abt AnSh's 1st meeting. So they starts asking shiv kese mile kya hua kya baat hui..etc etc. shiv in ajoking way says woh kya hai naa anandi ko ek ghoda bhaga le jara tha jungle main toh main gaya aur anandi ko bapis leke of shiv's frd achha toh tujhe teri dream gal jungle main mili and so collector saab just went and grabbed sarpanchji. shiv nodded. They laughed. Then they asked how he proposed anandi but shiv is not giving any ans and is jaw dropped looking at them. All r thinking yeh hame muhn khula karke kyun dekh raha hai.All trun back and see that anandi is coming down the stairs with her frds which is behind them. She is looking stunning in an orange colored saree with kundan jewellery. All trun back to shiv who is still lost in his princess's charm. All try to control their laugh. Anandi notices shiv's jaw dropped look and turned complete tomato red with the teasing from her frds. Seeing a tomato red anandi, everyone's eyes in the party (every single person) go on shiv who is complete unaware of what's happening around him n still lost in anandi. Shiv's frds signal everyone not to laugh. So everyone try to hold their laugh.

Shiv's father feels lil pity on his son, goes near him and says beta apni saagai ke din apni khhili udawayega kya,.baad main ghurna ab baas kar. shiv no ans. Shiv's dad again says muhn bandh kar makhi guss jayegi bewakuff. Shiv no ans.So having no option left, Shiv father put shiv's fingers on a glass of lassi which was ice cold. Shiv gets the cold jhataka and shouts ouch uff ahh...'kya dad!! All burst into laugh. Anandi too. shiv gets back to his sense and is like saram se pani pani. His father..kya kar raha tha  tu.shiv has no ans..and all r almost rofling at him! ds and choti maa come as shiv's saviors n order everyone not to laugh at him. They manage to get shiv out the situation and the engage ceremony starts. They exchange the rings. Shiv tries hard not to look at anandi otherwise he will be again lost in her. All clap. Anandi smiles. Shiv gave an embarrassing smile. All congratulate AnSh. Abhisek then tells everyone that they should thank one person who is hugely responsible for AnSh engagement and they r forgetting. All look at DS but abhisek tells not ds it's the ghoda jo anandi ko bhaga lejaraha tha aur collector saab ne anandi ko bachaya.woh nehin hota toh yeh sab kese hota.collector saab ne hame kudd bataya aur khud hi thanks bolna bhil gaye!! All laugh again..Anandi gives an unbelievable look to shiv. shiv with mock anger to abhisek haan khilli udhao ab bachha hi kya hai udhane ko!! seeing saram se neela pila shiv, daduji came to save his ladla..areey mere bachhe ne anandi ki jaan bachai .aur tum sab mazak uda rahe ho.ds too joined haan pata nehin kitni baar hum toh ginti hi bhul gayee.sach shiv nehin hota toh hum anandi ko sayad kho hi chuke hotey.Shiv says nehin dadiji esi baaten maat...'.

Anandi cuts his lines and says nehin daduji aur dadisa theek bol rahe hai..aap nehin hotey toh main sayad unsab muskil se itni aasni se bahar nehin aapati.shiv looks at her straight now. She is looking so charming, has a beautiful glow on her face and her innocent cute smile is there on her lips too. He mesmerized at her. Anandi continues aap ne sach main mere liye bahat kuchh kiya hai ab tak...thank you again COLLECTOR SAAB. Listening the word collector saab. Shiv's frds burst into laugh again n say at a time ohho collector saab.

Shiv is againEmbarrassed..and scratched his head'anandi looks at shiv and said....SHIV. All stopped laughing and looked at AnSh'.Anandithank you so much Shiv..i really mean it. Shiv is looking at anandi without blinking. She called his name for 1st time at her own. His heart filled with joy and satisfaction. Both keep looking at each other for sometime. At that time nandu broke a glass by mistake and with the broken glass sound , AnSh back to their sense and again. shiv's dad while recording says nehin nehin continue..ghuro ghuro ab toh ek dusre ko ghurene ka copyright hai tum dono ke pass'koi kuchh nehin bol sakta. AllLOL . AnShEmbarrassed . but sugna says nehin nehin woh baadme but agar party khatam hogayee toh aap dono ki dhol aur ghumar ka jugalbandi main nehin dekh paungi'maine kavi nehin dekha..chaliye aap dono. She dragged AnSh to the center of the hall. Shiv starts beating dhol n anandi starts dancing. All joined them. And the party starts rocking...!Party

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Dil yeh mera hai bahut beqaraar
Chaatah hu sirf tumhara pyaar
Phir bhi karunga mein intezaar
Inn hoton se sunne ki, ishaar
Inn masoom aankhon ki iqraar
Kismet par hai muhje aitbaar

Pyaar se darrti hai yeh mera dil
zindagi rahe aab tak thi muskhil
Kho gayi thi mein apni manzil
Par lagta hai aab milla hai sahil

I hadn't intended to write this OS...but, Sou's VM (Jaadoo Bhari Aankhon) inspired, here it is:

Ek Adoori Arzoo - Ek Naya Sapna
Anandi was on cloud nine.  The funding for the school had been approved and they had just deposited the funds in the bank.  She felt like dancing and could not stop smiling.  Shiv who had driven her to Jaipur was just as thrilled.  More so seeing Anandi so happy.  

"Shiv, rukhiye"  Anandi grabbed his arm as they were driving through a bazaar.  Anandi jumped out of the jeep as Shiv pulled the vehicle over on the side of the road.  

"Mein school ke ladkyoon aur teachers ke liye kuch gifts lena chhati hu...please...aapko koi jaldi toh nahi hai?"  She asked with hopeful eyes.  Shiv had taken the day off to come with her to Jaipur, so he had no objection.  He didn't like shopping but, he was happy to spend more time alone with his wife.. He loved Jaitsar, but there he had to share her with everyone else.  

They together selected some educational and sports equipment at kids' store and Shiv was just paying for it when Anandi spotted it in the glass counter.  A silver baby rattle with ornate engraving on the side.  So small and delicate.  She asked the salesgirl to show it to her.  

Anandi reverently took it out of its box and rattled it.  The sound unfurled a lost hope within her heart.  A dream she had long surrendered.  A wish she had lost along with Jagya.  But, here it was again - a possibility when she least expected it.  With tears in her eyes and a wistful smile on her face, she looked at Shiv where he was picking up the shopping bags.  

Shiv immediately noticed the wateriness of her eyes and immediately raced to her side.  

"Kya hua?  Tum theek ho?"  He asked skidding to a stop beside her.  

"Haan - mein aab bilkul theek hu.  Aankhon mein shayad kuch dhool agiya tha" she stated with an extra bright smile as she wiped her eyes.  Worried she was hiding something, Shiv tried to read her still luminous eyes.  
"M'am aap yeh lenge?  Humare paas yeh ek final piece hai" The salesgirl interrupted their eyelock with the question.  Shiv looked at the boxed item Anandi had been examining and then at his wife.  Blushing, Anandi shook her head to indicate no.  

"Humein iski koi zaroorat nahi hai!"  She said softly then headed for the shop's door.  Shiv hesitated a moment and then followed.  

Shiv's cellphone rang as he stepped out of the store behind Anandi.  It was Bheem Singh.  As he started talking,  Anandi signaled she was going into the next store to buy some saris for the teachers.  Shiv nodded to indicate he would join her there shortly.  

Shiv was still on the phone when Anandi returned 15 minutes later.  As he was facing away from her, he didn't notice her.  She snuck behind him and re-entered the toystore again.  

Once inside she quickly made her way to the counter with the silver rattle and asked for it.  The salesgirl look at her wide-eyed then seemingly at something beyond her then hesitantly replied.

"Sorry m'am woh panch minute pehle koi aur le gayya!"  Disappointment filled Anandi.  She consoled herself that it didn't mean anything, but it did.  She had let herself hope again only to...Wiping her eyes, she turned to leave only to bump into what felt like a solid wall.  It was Shiv.  

"Kya hua? Tum theek ho?"  Shiv asked again.  

"Kuch nahi.  Muhje lagat phamily hui ki mein eider kuch bhool gayi thi..chaale?"  She stated resolutely once again heading for the store's door.  

Shiv again hesitated.  He mouthed "shukriya" to the salesgirl then followed his wife with a new dream in his luminous eyes.  

Anandi was quiet on the drive home.  Morose at her lose at first.  But, determined by the time they returned home.  The rattle was a mere symbol.  What mattered was the possibility.  Giddy with that thought she smiled at Shiv.  Happy once more.  

Shiv saw the kaleidoscope of emotions on her face and patted his chest pocket.  Her wishes were his dreams.  


There was a gift waiting for her on her dresser that night when she sat down to brush her hair before bed.  Shiv - she thought with a smile.  He was always surprising her.  She loved his notes as much as his gifts.  She saved them all in a box and liked to re-read them from time to time whenever she needed a mental boost of wisdom.  

The contents of this gift box left her speechless.  It was the silver baby rattle from Jaipur.  With shaky hands and once again teary eyes, she picked up the note tucked underneath the rattle.  

"Jab humein iski zaroorat ho ye uss din ke liye,  Shiv" 

Shiv watched silently from the doorway as she tucked the note away in a drawer and placed the rattle in a small glass case on the dresser.  Shiv walked towards her as she closed the glass case and adjusted its placement on the dresser.  Their eyes connected in the mirror as he stopped behind her.  

"Tum theek ho na?  Main tum pe koi dawab nahi dalna chhaatah..."  She placed a finger on his lips to stop him.  

"Aap bahoot bolte hai!  Mein khushi hu!" She stated with a smile and then after a pause hugged him tight.  

"Thank you" she whispered into his chest as he hugged her back.  

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(AnSh Sagai OS)

[Note: Narration in maroon,dialouges in green]
Shiv's heart pounded hard against his chest as he saw his beautiful bride walk down the stairs of the embellished haveli .Anandi looked ethereal in an ornately embroidered gold and burgundy lehenga-cum-saree, adorned with perfectly matched go-together ethnic jewelry.The top half of her hair were pinned back and the rest, slightly curled and left out to hang down below her shoulders. Shiv skipped heartbeats as she gradually descended down making her way towards him; his eyes settled unblinkingly at her, until she was close enough for him to feel her ambrosial perfume making him drowsy. Dadu cleared his throat seeing his laadla gawk at Anandi like a night owl, forcing him back to his senses.Shiv's cheeks turned a delectable shade of pink as everyone around him giggled.
"Irawati isse pehle ke humara pyaar mein ghayal jawan,ladkhada kar gir jaye humein ye sagai shuru kar deni chahiye" Dadu teased Shiv making his face turn pale. Shiv elbowed dadu for mercilessly pulling his leg in the middle of the gathering.
"anandi beta hamare yahan pehle ladki ladke ko ring pehnati hai" Choti ma enlightened anandi about the rituals. Dadisa gestured gehna to handover the ring to Anandi when suddenly Anandi motioned back leaving everyone surprised.
"Kya huo chori sab theek to haina" dadisa whispered to Anandi with a wave of nervousness gripping her face.
"Dadisa abhi kuch logon ka aana baki hai...unke bina ye sagai nahin ho sakti" Anandi declared looking at Shiv who was as confused as the rest of his family members.
"Par anandi beta poora pariwaar to yaheen par hai'phir tum kiske bare mein baat kar rahi ho?" Irawati asked Anandi in a concerned tone.
"Unke" Anandi gestured towards the door.
Shiv's furrowed brows straightened with surprise as he looked at the door. It was Ashi who stood at the entrance, smiling at him, dressed in a beautiful brightly-hued ghagra choli. Shiv's happiness knew no bounds as he saw his best friend coming to attend his engagement. It was such an important day for him and he so wished Ashi to be a part of it but didn't force too much when she refused his invitation the umpteenth time. He respected her feelings understanding what it may feel to see someone you love, love somebody else. Ashi's pain was something he couldn't even think to survive if it had been on him. But Ashi did surprise him turning up for the engagement that left him in sheer delight. Ashi walked towards Anandi and Shiv and greeted them with a hug.
"Ashi ki bachhci to yeh plan tha tera...bahut mazza aaya na mujhe pareshan karke" Shiv scolded Ashi thinking that she had refused jokingly.
"Nahin desi boy...yeh mera nahin Anandi ka plan tha" Ashi confessed as she smiled at anandi.
"Anandi ka?" Shiv looked from ashi to anandi and vice 'a-versa confusedly."What do you mean?"
"Desi boy tum na questions bahut poochte ho! Abhi sab pata chal jayega...tum bas apni aankhein band karo"
"aankhein band karun? par kyun?..."
"No ifs and no buts desi boy...bas apni aankhein band karo"
"Ashi tum bhi na!" Shiv exclaimed smilingly and closed his eyes.
"Ab kholo" Ashi told Shiv after a few seconds had passed. As Shiv slowly opened his eyes he saw his li'l sister standing in front of him.
"Sanchii.." Shiv sighed under his breath as a striking brotherly fondness flickered from his eyes.
Everyone from the Shekhar family stared surprisingly at their so very unpredictable daughter who had dressed herself in a ravishing fuchsia pink lehenga and matching accessories. Unable to believe his eyes dadu pinched himself making dadisa giggle to herself.
Moisture welled up in sanchi's eyes as she moved closer to Shiv and hugged him sideways.
"I am sorry bhai...I am really sorry ki maine aapke saath aise behave kiya. Mujhe aapse itni rudely baat nahin karni chahiye thi bhai. Aapne mujhe itney pyaar se sagai mein aane ko kaha aur maine na jane aapko kya kya suna diya.Aapke calls aur texts bhi answer nahin kiye.I am really sorry bhai...aapke life ke itne important din pe maine aapko itna hurt kiya. main bahut buri sister hoon na bhai...main bahut buri sister hoon" Sanchi cried hugging Shiv.
"Bas bachche...bas chup abb...shhh" Shiv caressed Sanchi like a typical big brother. "meri pyaari si behen rote hue bilkul achchi nahin lagti" he wiped her tears and kissed her forehead.
"I am really sorry bhai"
"Its ok sanchi...tu meri choti behen hai.Tera haq banta hai mujhse naraaz hone ka.Aur isiliye Sanchi mujhe bura is baat ka nahin laga ki tune mujhse gusse se baat ki balki iss baat ka laga ki tune anandi se bina mile hi use itna galat samjha.Mom ne humein kya sikhaya hai sanchi..Yehi na ki kissi ko bhi jab tak achche se jaan na lo uske bare mein koi opinion nahin banana chahiye.Phir meri behen ye kaise bhool gayi. Tune iss baat se mujhe bahut disappoint kiya hai sanchi...I expected my sister to act much more maturely." Shiv scolded sanchi as she looked down in embarrassment.
"Main janti hoon bhai ki maine aapko aur ghar mein sabko bahut naraaz kiya hai.Mujhe anandi bhabhi ke bare mein aisa nahin kehna chahiye tha.Aur ye baat mujhe tab realize hui jab ashi ne anandi bhabhi se meri chat par baat karwayi.Tab mujhe realize hua ki actually mein aapki choice kitni perfect hai.Anandi bhabhi bahut achchi hai bhai...she is so understanding.Maine unse chat shuru karte hi na jaane kya kya kaha par unhone phir bhi meri sari complaints patiently suni...mere sare questions ka jawab diya'mere point of view ko samjha aur mujhe bhi samjhaya.Then I realized ki main kitni badi dumbo hoon ki maine unhein galat samjha.I should have met her first.Ye zaroori nahin ki agar koi gaon mein rehta hai to woh backward ya boring ho...woh bhi hamari tarah progressive aur understanding ho sakta hai.And ye mujhe anandi bhabhi se baat karne aur milne ke baad pata chala" Sanchi enlightened Shiv about her secret interaction with Anandi leaving Shiv and all other family members surprised.
"Yes desi boy sanchi sach kah rahi hai.Anandi ne hi convince kiya usko yahan aane ke liye.Kal tumse baat karne ke baad mujhe anandi ka call aaya and she requested me to come. Usne aise kaha ki I just cudnt say no. And then anandi requested me ki main Sanchi ko bhi convince karun to attend the engagement. And not just that anandi ne khud bhi baat kare us se...use sorry kaha for running through the ceremonies in her absence and finally usse convince bhi kar liya yahan aane ke liye.It was all anandi's plan desi boy. Kyunki woh nahin chahte thi ki apne sagai ke din tum thode se bhi udaas ho.She wanted you to enter this relationship without any grudges in your heart...she wanted you to be feel absolute happiness."Embarrassed
Dadu and all the family members felt proud of anandi and praised her for what all she did for sanchi and shiv. She had once again proved what a gem of a person she was.
"Dekha tumne meenakshi beta hamari Anandi kitni samajhdar aur suljhi hu hai...apni gusse wali nand ko kaise pyaar se mana liya usne.kalyani jee ki words mein kahoo to kitni phutri hai hamari Anandi" dadu blessed Anandi in his typical joking style tickling everyone's funny bone.
Shiv felt flabbergasted as reality sank in. He remembered how yesterday in the office he himself had informed anandi about ashi and sanchi not turning up for the engagement when she scolded him for absent-mindedly bumping into a wall and hurting his shoulder. She had intelligently made him confess the reason behind his gloominess and distraction while she gently massaged his aching shoulder.
Moisture formed up in Shiv's eyes as he tried hard to suppress his emotions. She did so much for him when ideally it should be the other way round. He felt ecstatic seeing the happiness that Sanchi's arrival had brought to his family. And the fact that it was Anandi behind it all made it all the more prefectEmbarrassed
"Thnx anandi...I really can't tell you what it means for me. Thank you so much." shiv sighed in a heavy tone that almost had a resonating effect probably bcoz of the tears that choked his throat. Finally anandi smiled this time and accepted his token of gratitude with a graceful nod.
"Irawati is se pehle ki time out ho jaye humein sagai shuru karni chahiye...warna miss ginger ki words mein kahen to apshagun ho jayega" everyone rolled their eyes seeing dadu start again.LOL
"Prem kishore ji hum samajh gaye aapki baat'zyaada samjahyenge to je dono sagai ka intezzar karte karte aapki aur meri umar ke ho javenge" dadisa shut dadu's mouth and ordered pandit jee to start the ceremony right away.
As choti ma had suggested, it was Anandi who first slid the ring into Shiv's finger as everyone sprinkled roses on them. Anandi's face flushed pink as she felt all eyes rested on her and Shiv. Dadisa circled money upon them while Ashi took their pictures. Next, Shiv offered his hand to Anandi as the ritual had to be replayed from the boy's side this time. As she slowly gave her hand into his, he gently slipped the cushion cut solitaire into her ring finger. Thunderous clap filled the air of haveli as Anandi and Shiv concluded the celebrated ring ceremony. Everyone congratulated them while they subsequently took the blessings from the elders.
As pandit jee finally declared them engaged, Shiv looked at Anandi with a blissful smile on his lips that vanished into air almost simultaneously as he saw her secretly wiping a few tears from the corner of her mascara filled eyes.
Shiv flinched at his place seeing her like this. So much pain dwelled in her eyes but she constantly tried to fight it back just for the sake of the promise she had made to her dying mother. A jabbing pain gripped his heart as he sensed the depth of her pain. Shiv promised himself that he would devote the rest of his life ensuring her happiness. He promised not to leave her side even for a single passing second of his life and to take all her impending troubles upon him as he kept on staring at her with a penetrating gaze.
Feeling Anandi and the kindle of her pain cutting through him, Shiv gently closed his eyes as he felt all the lights diming down and guests vanishing leaving him alone with her. The curtains danced in a mystical fashion and a tune played in the background as Shiv moved closer to anandi and cuped her innocent face with his gentle hands. The lyrics flowed in the air as he lost himself into a passionate eyelock with her...
Zindagi se choora ke
Zindagi mein basa ke
Zindgaani banaya hai tujhe...
[He gently circled his arm around her neck and hugged her from the back, making her wheeze as he passionately rested his chin on her shoulder breathing her scent]Blushing
Roothe rab ko mana ke
Aasmaan ko jhooka ke
Zindgaani banaya hai tujhe
[She closed her eyes feeling his tongue tingle the skin of her bare neck]Day Dreaming

Tu mila jis tarah sabah mile
Tu mila jis tarah silah mile
Tu mila jis tarah duaa mile, bakhuda
[Circling his other arm around her waist he softly clinged her more closer to himself as he felt her sigh under his breath.]Embarrassed
Tu mila toh jaise main ji gaya
Tu mila mukammal main ho gaya
Tu mila toh phaila hai noor sa bakhuda
[A drop of her tear touched his cheek as it escaped from the corner of her eye. He circled her around, making her face him]
Mehfoos tu mehsoos kar
Tere paas hoon main sada
Tujhse nahi ho sakta main
Pal bhar bhi ab judaa
[He caressed her cheek, stepped closer , touched her cold tear with his moist lips and sucked it in. Tucking a strand of her falling hair behind her ear he delicately planted a peck on her forehead.]
Ab saath hain hum iss tarah
Aankhon ke sang palkein
Aa waqt ko yeh baat hum
Ik baar phir se kehde
Saare ghum se chupake
Har nazar se bacha ke
Zindgaani banaya hai tujhe
[She sighed and smiled.His gaze was so gripping that she didn't realize when another tear escaped from her eye]
Baahon mein aa ho jaayenge
Shikve sabhi khud fanaa
Honthon se main tujhko suno
Aankhon se tu kuch suna
Tu aks hai, main aayina
Phir kya hai sochna
Ik doosre mein kho ke hai
Ik doosre ko paana
[Their eyes were locked in each other's for quite some time and then she hid her face in his chest, as he wrapped his arms around her.sticking her close to his heart.It seemed to Shiv as time had squeezed into that one moment...nothing before nothing beyond]Blushing
>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Feedback is anticipated Smile<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

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Can anyone tell me where to post the OS for ansh sagai...
RES Aaj haii sagaiii...

It was the teej day that Shiv and his family came to meet their would b daughter-in-law and her family.  Gehna calls anandi to come fast and Anandi was very tensed and rushes to her house, but slips and falls in the rain mud.  She hurridely gets up and wipes her face full of mud with her own hands instead of wasting time for her to get it cleaned by taking the water from the well.  She rushes home and in a worried tone asks Gehna who was standing near the entrance waiting for her abt the call.  Gehna was so tensed looking at Anandi's condition that she screams loudly "Anandi yeh tumhe kya hua.  Tum theek toh ho naa".  Hearing Gehna shout, all the family members present including the guest come to gehna and shocked at Anandi's appearance.  Dadisa and Shiv were more concerned and they both in shocking tone together ask wat happend.  Anandi who did not expect Shiv at this time of the day is shocked and says that she is fine and that she slipped and fell.  All r releived at Anandi's statement.  Anandi notices Shiv's father and asks "aap yahan, sab theek hain naa, phir se kisse nee aapko tang kiya kya."  All the other pple r surprised at Anandi's quest.  Shiv's father states that so u r the one who helped me wen I fell in the mud, my daughter-in-law.  Then Shiv's father turns to his family and reminds them about the incident and says that from his part he has no objection to this marriage, coz she is just like our Shiv and they make a perfect pair.  Shiv's choti maa is not very satisfied.  Dadisa asks Gehna to take her and get her ready and asks the others to have their seat.  After about half an hour Anandi comes down well dressed in a crimson red dress.  Shiv is all stunned to look at the walking angel.  Shiv's father teases him and asks him to stop staring at his daughter-in-law.  Shiv is all shy and smiles.  Shiv's mother and daddu are all very happy and give their consent for the marriage.  Choti maa is not that happy but agrees as she knew that Shiv can b happy only with Anandi and hence agrees for their marriage at the earliest date.  Dadisa tells that as it is teej today and is an auspicious day it is better we do the roka today and the engagement the day after.


Gehna remembers that Anandi has been fasting and had nothing since morning and asks her to break the fast.  Shiv's mom asks Anandi to wait and says that since we have accepted u as our daughter-in-law I think its wise if Shiv breaks ur fast rather than u breaking urself.  Dadisa, Gehna, Bhairo, and Basant all share an emotional gaze and Dadisa is full of happy tears rolling down and Shiv consoles her by taking her hand and saying that aapki ananadi akeli kabhi nahi hogii...  Aapki Anandi abh meri zimmedari haii.  Shiv then walks to Anandi and asks her Anandi ji agar aap..Before Shiv could complete his sentence Anandi interrupts him saying aap oopar chaliye mein pooja ki thaal lekar aati hoon.  All are extremely happy especially Dadisa realizing that though not wholeheartedly but Anandi is accepting the situation and prays Devi mayya to bless her with all the happiness and to keep her away from even the slightest sorrows of the world.  The whole family goes to the terrace and take part in Anandi breaking the fast.  Shiv does all the rituals with great devotion and promises to b by Anandi's side always.  The whole family is happy and they take the next step of the Roka cermony.  Daddu asks Shiv's choti maa to give ANandi the jewels that they got for her and she does it.  Shiv's father takes the video through his handycam.  Gehna takes aarti of Shiv and dadisa brings a plate full of notes (rupees) to give as Shagun for Shiv, but Shiv takes only 101 Rs and takes her blessing and says that coz he did not want to insult the ceremony he accepted this as his Shagun.  He only need the blessings of all the elders and nothing more.  B and B are super happy with Shiv.  They all have dinner together and take leave for meeting on the day of the engagement the day after.


The next day passes smoothly with all the preparations for the much awaited engagement party.  Shiv calls Anandi and asks her if she is fine.  Anandi says that she is fine.  Shiv senses something wrong and asks her the matter.  Anandi says that she is missing her mom and that she strongly wish she was there with her.  Shiv states that she is always there watching her and now she would also b in tears watching her laado cry.  Anandi realizes it and wipes her tears and states that she is happy that she has a friend like Shiv by her always who knows her very well without even seeing her ans states that she will try to cope with this new relation also.  Shiv states that she need not try coz he knows that she will.  Main jaantaa hoon ki aap ek achi beti aur bahu bhi hain.  Aapko iss waqt sirf thoda waqt ka zaroorat haii kyun kii aapke zindagi ke har important cheez jo nahii hona tha sab kuch achanak jaldi hua aur woh bhi ek ke baad ek.  Main jaanta hoon ki aapko sambhalne kaa waqt bhi nahi mila, par main waada karta hoon ki aap par kisssi bhi tarah ka pressure yaa zor meri yaa meri family ke aur se nahi hoga.  Aapke rone dhone kaa jo din thaa sab khatam ho gaya haiii, abh bas aapke hasne ke din hain, aur mein apne aap ko kush nazeeb samjhtha hoon kii aapke hasne ke dinon mein mein aapke zindagi kaa ek hissa banane jaa rahe hoo...  Anandi says mein aap ko yaa aapke parivaar wallon ko kabhi bhii shikayat kii mauka nahii doongi.  Acha rakhti hoon, kal milte haiii,,,,, Gudnite.  Shiv also says gudnite and cuts the call.

Next day morning everybody in a rush for the finishing touches of the Big day.  Shiv's family arrives with his family to the haveli.  They are welcomed by Singh family along with Anandi's school girls in the same way as they welcomed Shiv for his birthday.  Shiv's family is impressed and elated at the welcome site.  The whole village has attended to join the Big day and everyone is contributing their best to make this function a great pomp one.  Shiv's family is so happy at the advanced thought of the villagers, the thought of accepting a second marriage, not just accepting but even taking part as if its the engagement of one of their family member.  Pandit jee calls the Shiv and recites some mantra and do the teeka and asks to get the bride.  Gehna, phooli, and Gulli together get Anandi who is cladded in a red and yellow saree with matching jewellery and hair decked with jasmine flowers.  Shiv is awestruck wen he sees his princess taking her way to reach him.  The function starts and Shiv's family gives ring to shiv and bhairo and dadisa gives the ring to anandi, the pandit asks them to exchange the rings and they do it.  Shiv takes anandi's hands in his hands for the very first time and is super duper happy to touch his future bride's hand.  Anandi on the other hand is emotionless, but has a faint smile on her lips.  The ring cermony is finished.  The pandit announces the next week for the wedding day and the whole people present there are very happy on listening this and bless the couple.  And now its time for mithaiii... Gehna comes with sweets and offers to Shiv.  Shiv takes in his hand, but she refuses and puts it in his mouth and asks him to eat half, and she gives the other half to Anandi.  Shiv is in la la la land...both SHiv and anandi takes the blessings of the elders and the whole village also blesses them.  Its time for dinner and the family proceeds for the dinner.  Shiv's daddu asks shiv to first feed anandi and also asks anandi to feed Shiv.  Anandi is just emotionless and listens obeidiently and shiv is happy but at the same time a bit shy also.  Anandi starts first by feeding Shiv and Shiv follows later.  After dinner and some quality time with family, shiv's family take leave.

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ButterflyChaser IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 12 August 2012 at 9:37pm | IP Logged
AnSh Sagai taking place so... Kuch mauj masti toh hona chahiye... 

So here is some masti from family members : 

Daddu :

 Mai chhore ka daddu... Sheakhar family ka head jawan..
Laakho mai ek hai chhora mera.. Chhori se hai jyda gora..
Khushnasib hai teri chhori.. sab karege usk beend ka gungaan

Dadi Saa:


 mai hu chhori ki dadisa..kalyani mera naam...
         Sun le oh ladke ke daddu.. Zuban le apni sambhal..
     Chaand si hai chhori meri... de du usko ye duniya puri..
    par jo koi tang karega usko toh khich lugi uske kaan..

Bhairav : 

 Mai ladki ka pita Bhairav..Bas itni aap sabse hai vinti..
        rakhna meri laado ko khush..Na ho usse khushi k palo ki ginti

Irawati :

Shiv ki hu mai mummy... naam hai mera irawati 
        maasa tum fikar na karna... bahu ko mai banaugi beti.
       dugi usey khub saara pyar.. Rkhu ki sahej ke usey... 
Na aane dugi koi aanch

Gehena : 

Meri Anandi bhi hai laakho mai ek.. 
        Kehti mujhe tai hai... 
        Par mai uski saheli.. 
        Koi bat uski na mujhse chhip pai 
Umeed hai Shiv rakhega isey khush
Aur Anadi ban pye shiv ki parchaiyi..
Meenu : 

Shiv bhi hai mera laadla.. 
        Par ek ladki ki kami khali hai
Tum fikra na karo Anandi ki..
Mai banaugi usey apna dost..

Basant : 

 Iss ghar ki hai ye pyari
         Hum sab ki laad dulari..
         Mai hu iska taaya..
         Shiv Ko b ab humne apnaya..
Na kahege isey daamad..
Banayege Beta..
Ap sab se hum jodege rishta ekdum pakka!!

Sumitra(on skype) :

Mai iski maa sumitra.. 
        App sab se yeh vinti karti hu.. Anandi ko dekhna bahut pyat 
Bas itni umeed rakhti hu
Uski galti ko nazar andaaz kar usey apna banana.. 
ho jaye koi bhul toh usey dil pe na laganA

SHIV'S dAD  : 

Bas bahut gai ladai.. Dekho kya khub video hai mene banai..
       Shiv-Anandi dono hai hamare bachche 
       hume in dono pe hi hai pyar lutaana

NandKishore : 
     Meri Bhabhisa ki shaadi mai jarur jarur aana.

Note : If som1 has nandu's pic than plz pm me.


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nikhilageet IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 13 August 2012 at 7:20am | IP Logged
Wow what fabulous OS from everybodyClap( wish I was half as talentedConfused). loving the entire Sagai preparations and waiting eagerly for more celebrationsDancingAnsh Rocks Embarrassed

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