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Sacred Designs#2 [C] Updated Pg52 / IMP note

...shruti... IF-Sizzlerz

Joined: 28 February 2012
Posts: 10870

Posted: 08 August 2012 at 3:01am | IP Logged
^^^^ Banner By Me

^^^ banner by AishuHug(Do I even need to mention that that hotness siggy could only be done by my chotti love you chottiEmbarrassed)

Hey Friends welcome to the 2nd shop of Sacred Designs i even cant believe I am done with first shop and the whole credit of first shop goes to Sobi on whose insistence i made it (Love you sobiHug)

and also thank you to all the commentors and spammers of my shop who loved my kachra work and used it and stick with me till the end LOL love you guys a lootishHugHug

Okay coming to my Introduction (who wants that by the way kaun mujhe nahi jantaWacko)

Okay here I go, m Shruti (surname jan ne ki kono jarurat nahi haiLOL) and my nickname is Twinkle and you can call me anything you like no problems with that. I am a Northie Wink my Hometown is Rajasthan (correct guesses guys m Rajput as in Jodha Bai wali rajputTongue) though i reside in Kolkata
Done with my studies i.e MBA and recently back from USA, works with my father who is busy planning to throw me out LOL okay somebody asked me so informing for them my bday is on 3 rd october
^^^ I guess this much intro is enough

some special thank you's

Maau: she is my guru in this dept so love her for teaching me all this stuffz
Aishu: since i pester her for each n every work of mine and her super duper sweet comments
Kainat:she is the sweetheart and my first pankhiHug
Snehu:for being a sweetheart always coming and inspiring me thru her suggestions
Saraa: again for inspiring me and suggestion what should i do to improve

Inspiration List

Woah that is difficult since i am inspired by everyone so i will list out some names

Sano, Saher, Aishu, Aishh.,Jenz,Neetzu,Sancho,Ankita n many more 

you guys are just fabulousClap

and i forgot Saraa i get inspired by her tooEmbarrassed

Credit List

Deviantart for textures
jenz creations

What i Can Make

Siggies(Animated/Non-Animated), Avtars, Icons (Bas Abhi itta hi sikhaOuch)

Do I Take Requests

yes I do take requests but plzz see the title first whether is Open or Closed
[O]--->open and [C]--->Closed

My copyrite

well half of the time i forget but  when i remember the copyrite is this

Previous Gallery

Loads of Love 
ShrutiBig smile

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ridakhankibuaTeamvampiresGurpritamLaiba00aisha.damorSam07Devil_Of_Heavenmishty_angelArnavKiiDeewaniSonam-IPKKND--Fatima--Orion_NArhiDeewani.khanak.GiNa_kavyarumuinshuukalo_meghsama50.DivaDeluxe..anishaa..SaduFarzi.-Shobhu21--Smiles-Wrappedinblue-sayeed--Akriti-Prachi..-Ammie--Mema-dazzling_glorysajnie-Hina---Signorina--srijaaa127bella39.infinite....Mallu...banditqueenn.KinmaAuroni.92smashitup-Nia-Ni1234Punkin22xMidnightStarx.lostinthought.shagun_sarunmomo121.Sam.Bunny_Bearjessicad-happilyunknown.Mandy.Fallen Angel*~sneha~*-afsha-muffins2wafflespinky_blueskies..Amira..PrincessBushi--peehu--SweetyGreen--Nishita--.Saraa.MyInspirationzSK1991PristineSoul.nirvana.ragvir.fanMitu_ChaiBiskoot-SilverDragon-..Enchanteur..OnepoundChic-SexyAngel--Areeba-Angel13ASADsweetZOYApinky89chand1234.hea...Khaleesi..aartipartyyHifahTrouble.rechusSabMohMaya-Deepali-snowflake.delightful.Roshini1494mishti_17AASUSshibzWildestDreamsIlluminationsaher_90ragzz.Sunshine Girlruky786illuminated.bones88OnlyHopeHeavenlyBliss.minuuBepannaah.-Swetha-blackb28

...shruti... IF-Sizzlerz

Joined: 28 February 2012
Posts: 10870

Posted: 08 August 2012 at 3:02am | IP Logged
PM list

Plzz Hit Like This Post if you want PMs
usually i PM everyone who is there in my buddy listSmile


ArHi/Sarun/Mayur/Sajan/edwella/BHPH/PRC/Maaneet---->Pg 1
ArHi/K2H2/Didi Tera Dewar---->Pg 21
ArHi/Mashallah avis---->Pg 32
ArHi---->Pg 34
ArHi---->Pg 41,45
Arhi,Bolly avis----> pg 47
Arhi/Rishabala/Delena/IMP Note---->pg 52

Edited by Shruti_P - 02 November 2012 at 1:04am

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Sam07aisha.damorTeamvampiressheunArnavKiiDeewani--Fatima--angelic_leena_3kalo_meghsama50.khanak.GiNa_kavyainshuu.anishaa.Aishu....Mallu...banditqueenn.Kinma-Mema-..SchnellBus..Auroni.92-Hina--Ammie--happilyunknownjessicad.lostinthought.INEFFABLEshagun_sarunxMidnightStarxsrijaaa127bella39.Sam..infinite.--Signorina--.Mandy.Fallen AngelPrincessBushipinky_blueskiesSweetyGreen.Saraa.MyInspirationz..Amira..PristineSoulragvir.fanMitu_SK1991-SilverDragon---peehu--..Enchanteur..-Areeba-OnepoundChicpinky89chand1234shillu.arshiASADsweetZOYATrouble.SabMohMaya-Deepali-delightful.Roshini1494snowflake.mishti_17shibzIlluminationSunshine GirlWildestDreamsilluminated.bones88OnlyHopeHeavenlyBliss.Bepannaah.-Swetha-blackb28

...shruti... IF-Sizzlerz

Joined: 28 February 2012
Posts: 10870

Posted: 08 August 2012 at 3:03am | IP Logged


Nothing in my update can be started without Arhi soLOL

Two Colors: http://i.minus.com/ibmwKIWL8x90Tw.gif

Without Text: http://i.minus.com/itHVz12Tv8j9N.gif


Vertical Stack: http://i.minus.com/iiWHBBqPs8GVf.gif


Stacked: http://i.minus.com/iw1DdX7w389K9.gif

Vertical Stack: http://i.minus.com/izyr81VRlWe9H.gif

Another Color: http://i.minus.com/i6UBACOK4MOte.gif

Another Color: http://i.minus.com/i6BEcZG3Uny2j.gif

Arhi Icons


Arhi Siggies

More in Next Post

Edited by Shruti_P - 08 August 2012 at 3:35am

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Sam07aisha.damor--Fatima--noreenlivymishty_angelSonam-IPKKNDArnavKiiDeewaniDevil_Of_Heaven-Shobhu21-kalo_meghsama50.khanak.inshuuArhiDeewaniangelic_leena_3bella39jessicadsrijaaa127.Sam..lostinthought.AnupamaJY-happilyunknownshagun_sarunPunkin22xMidnightStarxbanditqueenn....Mallu....infinite.--Signorina--..SchnellBus..Auroni.92sajnie-Hina--Ammie-.Mandy.Fallen AngelPrincessBushipinky_blueskiesSweetyGreen.Saraa.MyInspirationz..Enchanteur..PristineSoul..Amira..ragvir.fanThanuAdityaMitu_-SilverDragon-OnepoundChicSK1991ASADsweetZOYAAngel13-Areeba-.hea.pinky89chand1234rechusSabMohMayaTrouble.xAaliya-Deepali-delightful.Roshini1494mishti_17shibzIlluminationsaher_90Sunshine GirlOnlyHopebones88-Swetha-blackb28HeavenlyBliss.

...shruti... IF-Sizzlerz

Joined: 28 February 2012
Posts: 10870

Posted: 08 August 2012 at 3:03am | IP Logged




This one dedicated to Maau she loves this sceneWink


Stacked: http://i.minus.com/ixIeRlDo01Gda.gif

Edited by Shruti_P - 08 August 2012 at 3:45am

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aisha.damorDevil_Of_Heaven--Fatima--noreenlivySonam-IPKKNDArnavKiiDeewanifairy_stardustkalo_meghsama50.khanak.GiNa_kavyaArhiDeewaniangelic_leena_3-Shobhu21-RushilovesBarunsajnie-Hina--Ammie-banditqueenn....Mallu...--Signorina---Mema-..SchnellBus..Auroni.92bella39.infinite.srijaaa127jessicad.lostinthought.shagun_sarunxMidnightStarx.Sam..Mandy.Fallen AngelPrincessBushi..Enchanteur..PristineSoul..Amira..ragvir.fanThanuAditya-SilverDragon-OnepoundChicSK1991SweetyGreen.Saraa.MyInspirationz*~sneha~*pinky_blueskiesAngel13pinky89chand1234.hea.SabMohMayaTrouble.xAaliyasaher_90Sunshine Girlilluminated.mishti_17shibzAASUSrechusdelightful.Roshini1494bones88HeavenlyBliss.-Swetha-blackb28.shinchan.

...shruti... IF-Sizzlerz

Joined: 28 February 2012
Posts: 10870

Posted: 08 August 2012 at 3:03am | IP Logged
HeartPRC n SanyoHeart


Stacked: http://i.minus.com/itmM24QMb5B2C.gif


Aishu loves this show soWink


Stacked: http://i.minus.com/ilByRrZxWYkui.gif


Aanchu here you go Mayu n Nupur


Stacked: http://i.minus.com/irWsKKglopw1z.gif



Stacked: http://i.minus.com/iJjIrnsVWbyIs.gif



Stacked: http://i.minus.com/iCpwey0uLODLM.gif


Check out next post for notesWink

Edited by Shruti_P - 08 August 2012 at 4:01am

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aisha.damor--Fatima--Devil_Of_HeavennoreenSonam-IPKKNDArnavKiiDeewanifairy_stardustkalo_meghArhiDeewanisama50angelic_leena_3-Shobhu21-banditqueenn.bella39...Mallu....infinite.Auroni.92sajnie-Ammie--Mema-..SchnellBus..-Hina-.lostinthought.jessicadsrijaaa127.Sam.-happilyunknownAnupamaJYxMidnightStarx.Mandy.Fallen AngelPrincessBushipinky_blueskies..Amira..MyInspirationzSweetyGreenragvir.fan.hea.pinky89chand1234SK1991-SilverDragon-..Enchanteur..PristineSoul*~sneha~*OnepoundChicAngel13Trouble.xAaliyaSabMohMayadelightful.Roshini1494snowflake.mishti_17illuminated.saher_90Sunshine GirlshibzAASUSbones88HeavenlyBliss.-Swetha-

...shruti... IF-Sizzlerz

Joined: 28 February 2012
Posts: 10870

Posted: 08 August 2012 at 3:06am | IP Logged
Do not use this esp for Aishu


If You cant see above creations
then here is the album link


Shop Is Closed 
As of now many open later
but I am Open to suggestions

And also tell me how you liked the above torture
Good, Bad, WorseOuch

And everything is welcomed
comments and criticisms bothTongue

Edited by Shruti_P - 08 August 2012 at 5:35am

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aisha.damor--Fatima--noreenArnavKiiDeewanikalo_meghsama50.khanak.angelic_leena_3bella39shobrakapooorbanditqueenn..infinite.AnupamaJYxMidnightStarx-happilyunknownjessicadsrijaaa127.Sam.-Hina--Ammie--Mema-..SchnellBus..Auroni.92.Mandy.Fallen AngelPrincessBushipinky_blueskies..Enchanteur..PristineSoulragvir.fan..Amira..Angel13aartipartyyOnepoundChicSK1991-SilverDragon-MyInspirationzSweetyGreen-Areeba-.hea.pinky89chand1234SabMohMayadelightful.Roshini1494-Deepali-saher_90Sunshine Girlshibzilluminated.HeavenlyBliss.-Swetha-

Aishu. IF-Dazzler

Joined: 17 November 2010
Posts: 3601

Posted: 08 August 2012 at 3:07am | IP Logged
res <3 me phasttt yay ! muahhh ILU tinku meri jaaann <3


buhahahaha...first place  meri sirf meri haq hai ...and i got it Cool *luk at me shining in my shades* LOL

hayeee...doosri dookan Shocked AMAZING ! so tinku meri jaan..tumhe tumhari doosri dookan mubaraq ho <3 muahh..Shocked D'ohIF pe kissy ke smiley hi nahi hai yaar...*shame on it*Thumbs Down ROFL YM pe aao mei deti hoon :P 


aur ye raha meri chootu sa giftu :P =  http://i.minus.com/i0Weia1E5y8uN.jpg

okayyy..i know itz ur banner..but kya kareee..lazy hoonn...so just edited it LOL

ummm...wow 2nd shop heheh...u REALLY deserve this one... *3 cheerss*  U're one of most FABEST avi maker in the WHOLE IF ..yeahh really... iss sachhayi se muh mat moodo ...itz the truth..and pweesss STOP CALLING UR FABULOUS WORK KACHARA !!! u really need a BPL for this =P 
how daare u tinku ...mei yehse chillati hoon har waqt jab tum tumhare workz ko bashh karti hoo...but tum kabhi nahi sudharoongii  

and in the sig department ...u really is improving in a HELL ALOT speed...wowishh...now just luk at ur stuffzz..ther really define wot real PERFECTION is ! kaay !!! 


haaireee meri jhodha waali rajput ...tumhari banner ki toh mei kya karoon...itz fantabulouz...and really sooo chweet of u to giving me an edited version { minus HP} to decorate my dabbaa *hugzz tymmm* HugHug Hug Hug

u 're one of the most sweetest thing tht happened to meee Hug

and i love how u ask or tell me everything..and dunt call it pester okaayy..i love tht !! tumhara haq hai mujhpar LOL

and whoz in ur inspiartion list ShockedShocked REALLY !! :@ Wacko Stern Smile

on to ur update...as usual...alwayz MASSIVE !! hayree yeh ladki ka mei ki karoon ..am dead cing ur workzz 

waise i hav seen most of it ..heheh u know tht ..and i love it all... <3

tumhare colouring pe toh mei mar jaawaaa Day DreamingDay DreamingDay DreamingDay Dreaming

and if u threaten me to tell which is my mostest fav colouring in this updatewaa..itz this one >> http://i.minus.com/ibhDYgUBj5YVcv.gif  >> I LOVE IT <3 damn pretty

all arhi stuffzz r amazinglyy fabest <3  and nobody can make perfect merged avis like u... NO ONE *mark my workz* *touchwood*Big smile PERFECTO ! <3

and as i said ur sigz r too gud nowadayz...i adoree them soo muchhh ;;) my favs ofcourse r 

hayee...maneet avis r damn hotmess <3 loved itz colouringzzz ..and tht sig..PERFECT ! i really cant chooseee =P
PRC-sany , mayur , sajan ..all stufzz r damn amazinggg...goshh ..and u already know my commentz on them LOL loved it all..esp mayur one <3 alll senes u chosen wer really hotmess !! <3 

and i love the way u make me bhph stuffzz al the tym <3 muahhh ;;) itz amazinggg!! how cud u make suchh darling colouring <3 ohh my gwaaaddd LOL

and my edellaaa Day DreamingDay DreamingDay DreamingDay DreamingDay Dreaming ohh myyy i cant say how muchh lovelyy these r <3 one of my favestt scenes...*ofcourse my first fav must b those HM waalaass EmbarrassedLOL* AMAZING ! <3 
and those quotes ..eddy sayz i love it...soo soulful <3 FOREVEERDay Dreaming


and i am gonna mishh it all soo damn badlyyy Unhappy LOVE YA ! keep rockinggg meri jhaaann !! <3 

U REALLY IS MY BESTIEee <3 & will always be <3

urs only chotti <3 muahhh

Edited by Aishu. - 09 August 2012 at 1:45am

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...shruti... IF-Sizzlerz

Joined: 28 February 2012
Posts: 10870

Posted: 08 August 2012 at 3:13am | IP Logged
res for snehuThumbs Up


Shruuu Hug

DancingCONGRATULATIONSSS!! DancingParty 

I've gone little overly mental.
But i'm so proud of youuu!May you have many many MANY (o the power infinity) more shops (And seeing the brilliant talent that you have,i know you will! <3 ) in the futureee.
And i'm sooo glad you saved a spot for me Wink

Omg you're so sweet (for the special thank you notee!! ) but you really have nothing to thank me for.your creations are a treat to see...especially ArHi!!! <3 

The update looks fabulous and i see that you've started with ArHi (See?this is why  i love you MORE.because you make the bestestestest ArHi creations!! )

LOVE this set of avis.Colouring is pretttyy Smile


Aren't they just the CUTEST.I love how she does that tumhi ho bandhu step. ROFL And you've done sucha brilliant job with this. 

LOVE this. (i think this is my fav of them all.) Colouring blending text EVERYTHING

Ok no,i think THIS is my fav.Its brilliant.i love the way you've blended it...its amazing.

the text on this Thumbs Up 

I'm really falling in love with these two.SO cute. I really like the colouring and the texture.

brilliant work on this one!!love it

Sajan!!!you made something on them as well!i really like the avis and the siggyy <3 <3

You've tottalyyy made my day with those brilliant creationsss!GREAT WORK SHRU.

I love youuu and congratulations AGAIN <3 

Edited by Shruti_P - 08 August 2012 at 12:10pm

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