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Manveer OS: Those Unspoken Words Of Love

panchaali IF-Sizzlerz

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 This Manveer story is inspired by a real life story. First of all I will want to thank my best friend Sayanee. This story is for them who thinks love is only good in books and movies.

Those Unspoken Words Of Love

"Honey in three minutes you have proposed me a thousand times! Can you give me some break!" The voice on the opposite side cried something and the girl on the phone yelled, "I am tired, there's huge work pressure in office now." While Jaynandini was busy at bellowing at her boyfriend , her roommate Unnati watched her in silence. After disconnecting the line the Jaynandini sat on the bed and looked at Unnati, "Sorry, If I've bored you, but you know my boyfriend he is little bit...

Unnati said, "No, no it's okay, I don't mind at all, by the way you're very lucky, your boyfriend loves you so much."

"Yah! Sometimes he acts like a filmy hero and wants me to be his heroine, but it's not possible in real life na!"  Jaynandini wondered. At the same time Unnati's phone rang and she got busy with the call.

[They work at a multinational company in Bangalore. Today only they have become roommate, by choosing a same flat. ]

After she was finished with the phone call she inquired, "Hmm Jainandini, you were telling me something about love and reality!"

Jainandini smiled, "Hmm, my super mad boyfriend is a big romantic movie watcher and novel reader and thinks, it all happens in real life."

"And how do you know he is not right?"
"Unnati, you are exactly talking like my Boyfriend Rahul. I mean what makes you think all these bull shits happens in reality? Or you too are day and night read romantic novels like him?"

Unnati smiled one of her calming smile, "My dear, love has no limit and your boyfriend, Rahul is right, those incidents in novels or movies are inspired by our real life. Reality is not that boring you know."

"I think someone is in her first love." Jainandini looked at Unnati and smiled.

Unnati smiled back, "No I am not, but one of my friends was. I watched her falling for someone, being madly in love and I haven't found it stupid, not for a single second. It was complete love and nothing else." Her voice has become heavy at the last sentence.

Jaynandini came closer and put her hand on Unnati's shoulder, "Will you want to share the story with me? Tomorrow is Saturday, its weekend. I am totally up for a nice real love story."

Unnati nodded her head positively. Then she started her story.

Four Years Ago

Unnati came to Kolkata, to study Engineering. Her college is at Salt Lake sector V; she used to live as a paying guest in FD block Salt Lake. There she met a girl, named Manyata. She was rich, spoiled, moody and full of life, altogether totally adorable. They were in the same college, so their friendship grew and they became best friends. Manyata had a boyfriend named Karan. Who was a year older than her and was studying engineering at Bangalore. She couldn't meet him for a long time, so whenever she missed him very much she used to yell (wherever she is), "Sale ko Kolkata mein koi college nahi mila!"

Jaynandini interrupted, "Wow interesting girl, just like hindi film heroines!" Unnati smiled.

It was an early autumn evening in Kolkata, most of the Kolkatans are busy in puja shopping. But Manyata felt lonely. She took her diary, guitar and her best friend to Princep ghat. It's a beautiful place on the bank of river Ganga.

"But Manyata, we two are enough to do the Puja shopping!" Unnati protested.

"I am in mood to sing sad song for that Karan monkey and you are coming with me. No excuses are allowed."

"But, you can sing later, today is Sunday, we must go for shopping. New Market is flooding with dresses and you are taking me to Princep Ghat?" Unnati pleaded.

"I said its singing day!" Manyat protested.

"Okay, Jo hokum meri aka!"

Autumnal cloud are floating on the blue sky like beautiful boats, Manyata took a place on the riverside and started to sing. She was a good singer. Unnati was totally lost in the music, she closed her eyes. But her peace broke ...

"Sala! halkat veda, kamina, suar you have followed me here too?"

Manyata was scolding a handsome guy. He has a kind of looks, if any girl sees him once, she'll dream him forever in her life. But look at Manyata, she is rebuking him like anything and the guy is looking at her with mischievousness in his eyes as if he is enjoying the way she talks.

"See, my heart belongs to only one person and that's Karan, you go away stalker."

Hearing this he smiled a bit but didn't say anything.

Manyata's patience broke (she is hardly accustomed to the word patience)

"Unnati, tell him to go away." Unnati was still not recovered from her drooling state, Manyata yelled again, "Unnati!"

She had to come back from her dreamland, "Sir, can you leave us alone please, I think my friend is having a tough time."

He nodded at Unnati's direction modestly but for Manyata he left a smirk and a wink and went away.

"Buddy, what a guy!" Unnati is still drooling.

"If you want that stalker, you can totally take him."

"But he is stalking you, not me!" Unnati made a sad face.

"Thik hai bachi, I will tell him to stalk you instead of me. Ab rona bandh kar."

This kind of sentence only Manyata can manage. That day only Unnati found out about Manyata's stalker.

In a rainy day Manyata was dancing letting the raindrops wet her full, and then he saw her first. He smiled at her; she smiled back too, as she was very happy with the rain. But from that day it has become a routine. Wherever she went, he'll definitely be there. He never told her anything, never disturbed her with anything ,he just used to see her from a distance. If she smiles, he smiles too, if she is sad he used to make cute smiley face for her. Then she gets angry and finally all of her sorrow goes away. 

Hearing this Unaati said only one thing, "I think Manyata, he is no stalker, he loves you."

"Love toh uska baap usse karega. I have nothing to do with him. My boyfriend is not coming in this Puja. I have no time to think about that stalker."

But knowingly or unknowingly,a huge part of her mind was occupied with the stalker of her. She also used to miss him if has not seen for a day. Which she obviously used to deny if Unnati asked her any day by mistake.

Days passed like that but there was no sign of Karan. He was limited to Manyata's sms es and phone calls. With time that also was reduced.

But her stalker never leaves a sight of her. One day she liked a beautiful dress, but couldn't afford it at that time, the next morning she saw a beautiful packet outside her room, when opened it found that dress. She thought at first maybe it's from her mom or dad, but after wearing the dress she saw her stalker, giving her a thumbs up. This time she could not be angry with him but gifted him a silent nod of thank you.

If she was horrified with a bad dream, he'll surely send her flower, mostly roses. Manyata loved roses. He knew her every inch by that time. Though still used to call him stalker but in her heart, he occupied a big place, which she also didn't know. Slowly she became completely happy. Memory of her long distance boyfriend didn't torment her anymore. She will never say a word of love about stalker but Unnati understood, it's no less than love. She also knew stalker very well. He was humble, nice, totally lost for Manyat but never uttered a word of love for her. Is those three words everything for a lover? Who says love is incomplete without words! Manyata's boyfriend tells it her almost every day. But he is so far from her, so distant that heat of those words were not enough to bind her heart.

It was late winter in Kolkata. Manyata was studying in her room. After sometime she noticed her stalker outside. She closed her book and came to him.

"See, you'll meet me tomorrow at Salt Lake fair." She was going to go away but turned back, "And if you have guts, I will definitely expect some words from you." She smiled, her stalker gave back a nice innocent smile.

She wore the dress that her stalker has gifted her few days ago. She wore a little make up. She was waiting for him only.

"Unnati. Why didn't he reach yet?"

"You made him wait a long honey, now you must learn to wait." Unnati told her. But Manyata gave her an impatient smile.

She closed her eyes for a prayer, when opened she saw Karan and she yelled in frustration, " Karan! What are you doing here?"

Without saying anything Karan hugged her instantly.

Then he yelled in the fair, "Manyata my darling, I have missed you." She broke that hug instantly, "I am not here for you Karan! Leave me."

But she was too late. Her stalker saw all these he was there with a red rose on his hand and a piece of paper. A teardrop fell from his eyes, and then he threw the rose and the paper, and went away. Manyata took the paper and saw a smiley face of her on it. Seeing this she cried a lot, but he was nowhere to be seen. He was gone like late autumn wind, within a moment.

Days passed she kept the paper and the dried rose with utter care in her diary. She broke up with Karan on that very day in the fair. But her stalker didn't stalk her anymore. She waited for him day and night, a year has passed. She still waited. After that their college finished. Unnati got a job and shifted to Noida first, after few months there she came here at Bangalore. Long distance came between Manyata and her. So their talks lessened, and now they don't get time to talk anymore.


"As far as I know Manyata, she is still waiting for him." Unnati said in a heavy voice.

Jainandini was in tears, "We need to help her Unnati. You are her best friend right? Then why didn't you help her?"

"I did, until and unless I lost all of my hope. I told her to forget him. But she couldn't. Some love stories are like that only. It ends with an unending affection."

"But it didn't end. Her stalker also loves her till now, may be from a distance. Doesn't he Unnati?"

Unnati nodded positively with tearful eyes. Let's have some food. It's late. Jaynandini agreed. But both of them are so sad by Manyata's story that they couldn't swallow a bit. They are just playing with their spoons, acting like they are eating. Just at that moment, Unnati's phone beeped. Without any wish to see who it is, she took the phone to check the message.

"Oye Unnati ki bachchi, how dare you to forget me? You didn't message me throughout  a week! And you know I can kill you for that! You are in Bangalore right! I am coming tomorrow to your city with a huge of surprise. Wait for me in the M.G Road Caf Coffee Day." Unnati jumped "Manyata, you are back!"  

Hearing her name Jaynandini also jumped. I want to meet her.

"Okay, but she said that she has a surprise for me. If you come with me, she will never show it to me. My best friend is just like that." Jaynandini made a sad face.

"Okay some other day then."

"Please Jaynandini, don't get me wrong."

"No Unnati not at all. It's just her story that made me feel as if I know her for ages, her love story made me feel how precious love is. From now on I'll never fight with Rahul."

Unnati  hugged her.

That night Unnati cannot sleep for single second. Manyata was not herself for a long time. She didn't talk like her old self for a long time. But in her last sms, she was the girl whom Unnati met four years ago; she has found her best friend again. Every surprise is least important to her now.


"One Caf frappe, with extra cream." She is waiting for Manyata after ordering her favorite coffee. In earlier days Manyata used to say, "If I am late, then order my favorite coffee and think of me. I can't be far away anymore." Unnati smiled at her thought.

"Lagta hai tune meri favorite coffee order kar hi di!"

Unnati looked at the source of voice and she can't hold herself anymore.

"Manyata!" She ran and hugged her. Manyata hugged her back. So many days passed in between, so many things they have missed from each other's life. Unnati wanted to talk, but then her eyes fell on a person and she became spellbound. She freed herself from Manyata's hug ,went towards the person and uttered a single sentence, "Stalker, is that you?"

He smiled and closed his eyes in approve.

"See, I told you to come few minutes later! Now Unnati found out the surprise, before I disclose it to her."

"And it all happened because of you. You just ruined everything." In the same way she scolded him, and in same way he was enjoying her outburst.

"Okay Manyata calm down, now tell me whole story, how did you find him?" Unnati asked and he gestured a "Thank You" to Unnati.

"Someone said if you search the God through your heart, you'll find Him, aur yeh to mera apna stalker hai." She said in her style.

Now they were sitting in their destined table.

"So stalker you finally managed to tell my friend, how much you love her!" Unnati inquired.

He smiled, Manyata took his hand in between her palms and caressed it and looked at him with adoration, "No he didn't because he couldn't."

Unnati was spellbound.

"Yes Unnati you heard me right, he cannot talk. But the way he loves me, words of this world can never describe it."

Unnati lost her words. A tear fell from her eye.

"By the way, rona dhona bandh kar. We are getting married next month. You have to come with your family, and you can bring any numbers of friends you wish."

She hugged both of them, "I will come."


After her meeting with Manyata when Unnati told everything to her roommate Jainandini, she just jumped and jumped, "I knew in my heart, this story cannot end like a sad story, it has to be an happily ever after ending."

When she came to her normal self, "By the way Unnati, what is his name? I mean what will you say to your family if they ask your would be Jiju's name? Will you address him stalker?"

"Oh shit, I forgot to ask that. Let's have a look at the wedding card, it must be there."

Jaynandini nodded. They opened the wedding card and found there it's written-




The End

A/N:- I am a new writer in this forum, please pals increase my confidence with your likes and comments. Silent readers you atleast hit the "LIKE" button for me...


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panchaali IF-Sizzlerz

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Manveer One shots

Break Of The Dawn (click)

Manveer Poetry

My First Manveer FF:-

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vampire12345678 IF-Rockerz

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awesome super duper i wish uday could talk please edit that part it is way to emotional but this update was fab please write more your work id awesome and mindblowing loved the whole theme

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Arieltabi IF-Rockerz

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Is this really inspired by real life story? Is this actually happened? If so then they both r really lucky. This story is really beautiful. Thnks 4 telling us this story.

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panchaali IF-Sizzlerz

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Originally posted by Arieltabi

Is this really inspired by real life story? Is this actually happened? If so then they both r really lucky. This story is really beautiful. Thnks 4 telling us this story.

Yes, it is a real life story Smile

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awesumBig smile

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Shazzie IF-Dazzler

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Wow!! This is sooo beautiful and emotional OS. Absolutely adored it. It actually happened in real.. Wow!! Soo sweet and touching story. A happily ever after story in real life :))

Loved it

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MsLuscious IF-Rockerz

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Omg i realy realy lovd dix os it was so intense and so so beautiful i realy realy lovd ur w0rk do write m0re n these people are really lucky whux story is it:)

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