Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon


Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon
Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon

OS-Getting You Back 3-Mission Accomplished.

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The sun rose over RM with some promises.Promise to bring happyness in everyone's life.Promise to make everything allright.Promise to never let the happyness set,like he sets every evening.Arnav woke up to find Khushi gazing at him longingly from mirror.He looked at her image in mirror with a smile & dreamy eyes.He promised himself that he'll make this hallucination real for rest of his life.He felt the sun shining more than usual.Today the Devi Maiyya's blessings were with him,whom he never accepted ever they exist.But Devi Maiyya can't help love their children,no matter how stubborn & difficult to handle they are.

                  On the other side of city in GH,Khushi woke up with the start because of her weird dream.The night was not at all good for her.She heard voices from living room & sprinted out of her room.Garima & Shashi were back.Khushi was happy after seeing improvement in her Babuji's health.In the mean time she forgot totally that the whole Raizada family would be there in afternoon to see Buaji.Untill Buaji herself reminded her by telling that Arnav had called to check about Babuji's health.Khushi got lost in Arnav's thoughts & did what she was expert in.Made piles & piles of jalebis.Nervous face,his thoughts,jalebi munching.Nice combination.'He called to ask about Babuji's health.Hey Devi Maiyya,why he have to do this always?Why is he difficult to understand?'She munched on 10th jalebi & suddenly panicked.'Hey Devi Maiyya,what would I do when family will come to see Buaji?Raksh karna Devi Maiyya.Yes.Hum Buaji ko Amma Babuji ke saath mandir bhej denge.Yes.Thank you Devi Maiyya.'She gave her signature thousand watt smile & patted her own back mentally.

                   Arnav had the final meeting with family members to double check the plan.NK was a lil bit over excited.That was thrilling for him.He had crushed Arnav in hugs since morning several times with his,''Nannav,mere Bhayyy.''If it was for any other time Arnav had killed him by just his deadly stares,but today was different.Everybody left after discussion & NK again took Arnav in a sidehug excitedly.
''Nannav,mere Bhayyy!Aaj to billwale dulhaniya le ayenge mere Bhaiii.''
"Bill'wale nahi NK dil'wale.''
''Oh yeah!I know it,I was just checking if you know or dont.''He winked at Arnav.
Yes,today was the day,to get his dulhaniya back.He gave a smile to NK & NK got the proof of how much Arnav loved Khushi,in his eyes.He knew his Brother very well from childhood.He always hurted his most beloved one's but the fact was that he can do anything for them.He can even fight with the world for them.He was sure Arnav will go to any extent to bring Khushi back.He was happy for his Brother.He left to complete his task & Arnav goes to his room.The room which held the numerous memories of his Khushi.The door & walls where he had pinned her several times.The wind chime & stars hanging on ceiling.His bed which had her pink flower printed bed cover once.The closet which still had some of her clothes.The bathroom for which she had fought with him.The poolside,which had another book full of memories.A smile crept on his lips.'My pagal Khushi.'Today Khushi Kumari Gupta Singh Raizada will be Arnav Singh Raizada's,forever.He'll make her open her heart to him.Arnav smirked with this thought & busied himself in sending important emails.He had some important tasks in hand to complete.

                        In afternoon,Khushi somehow sent Buaji,Amma & Babuji to temple.She sighed in relief.One hurdle passed.Now Raizada family.She decided to take a quick cozy nap before dealing with her another family.But to no avail.She was about to turn to go to her room when doorbell rang.The Raizada ladies stood there with beaming smiles at the door.Khushi missed them badly.First Anjali hugged her with an affectionate smile & Khushi felt burden on her shoulders eased to some extent.Finally things were getting normal for her.Khushi was happy for Anjali.After Anjali,Nani & Payal followed the suit.Payal's eyes welled up with tears but she controlled herself.She promised herself that she'll never let anything harm or hurt Khushi.The promise which she failed to keep in past.But not anymore.Mamiji did her hello hi bye bye & said as naturally & animatedly as she could.
"How eejj Madhumatiji now Phati Sadi ermm Khusii Bitiya?''
"Haan Bitiya,kauno dikhayi naahi det raha ghar par.''Nani said looking over her shoulder searchingly.
"Wo Naniji,Buaji ki tabiyat ab pehle se behtar hai.Unhone mannat mangi thi ki Babuji ki tabiyat mey sudhar ayegi to wo unhe lekar Devi Maiyya ke mandir jayengi.Isliye sab mandir gaye hain.''Khushi had to do this.She felt really bad lying to Nani."Ye to badi achhi baat hai Bitiya.Devi Maiyya kare aapke Babuji jald hi poori tarah thik ho jayen.''
"Haan Khushiji,ye to badi achhi khabar sunayi aapne.Isi baat pe muh meeta ho jaye.''Anjali said brightly smiling.Khushi wondered what changed in two days?But she was happy for Anjali.She deserved this happyness.
"Han han Di,kyun nahi.Hum abhi jalebi lekar aate hain."Payal followed her to the kitchen.She helped her with refreshments.Also she asked Khushi if she is coming back to RM to which she made some excuse & told her that she want to be there for some more days.Both sisters came back to the living room where the three ladies were chatting away on some random topic.They had jalebis,samosas & tea.After an hour the guests got up to leave.They didn't insist on meeting Buaji.Khushi again sighed in relief.Anjali took Khushi's hands in her own.
"Achha Khushiji,we should leave now.You know we are expecting some guests tonight.''
"Guests Di?''Khushi asked curiously.
"Haan Chote's business friend Soniya Bajaj is coming over dinner with her family.You should meet her Khushiji.What a jolly person she is!Aapko pata hai, she is the eligible bachelorette of the town.Guys could even kill to get her.Wo kya kehte hain,beauty with brain.But she is still searching for her prince charming.You won't believe,she is just 27 & had already achieved the young entrepreneur of the year.Chote is quite impressed with her.''Anjali gave the whole biodata of Soniya Bajaj to Khushi.

'Business friend'
'Soniya Bajaj'
'Eligible bachelorette'
'Age 27'

The words started echoing in Khushi's ears.
The scene she visualised was something like this.
'The unknown,unseen Soniya Bajaj & Arnav stood in the spotlight,at the top of staircase,in Cinderella & Prince Charming attire,holding hands,smiling at the crowd & soniya waving flying kisses in air,while Arnav was smirking.They started descending down the staires gracefully & media dashed desperately towards them with their cameras & mikes.Flashes of cameras was dazzeling on the couple.Someone asked from the crowd between all the hustle.
''Mr. Raizada,is it true that you are no more married & KKGSR is no more your wife & you are no more her husband?''Khushi felt like the reporter was looking at her & smirking devilly while asking this question.
Arnav too looked at the camera as if looking at Khushi & said devilly,
''Yes,you heard it right.''He poked his finger on tv screen from inside.Other reporter climbed in.
''Sir,sir,sir.As you are again eligible bachelor of India so are you ready grab any opportunity to mingle?''
Smirk on Arnav's face widened on this question.
''Yes,Thats right.As you can see,i'm throwing cocktail parties every now & then.So I will be ready to dance on any such chance.''
Khushi got startled with her wayward thoughts.She loved watching Cinderella movies on disney channel.Not anymore.Payal contributed in her misery.
"Haan Khushi.Hum bhi unse mile they ek party mey.She is such a sweetheart.Dil ki bahut achhi hain,just like you.''
'Hey Devi Maiyya,is end of the world nearing,as Kamlesh Khabri said?My own Jeeji is not in my party.Wo toh humari dushman ki tarif kar rahi hain.What The.Dushman?Khushi ye tu kya soche ja rahi hai?'Her monologue was written all over her face,very clearly.Payal snapped her fingers in front of an lost in thought Khushi.
"Kahan kho gayi Khushi?Achha chalo ab hume chalna chahiye.Der ho rahi hai.Bahut sari taiyyari bhi karni hai.
"Khushiji,are you sure you don't want to come today?As now Buaji is also fine.Aur aapke Amma Babuji bhi wapas aa gaye hain.''Anjali asked to confirm & know what exactely is going on in Khushi's mind.
"Wo...hum...Di...Hume...''She stammered.
"Kauno baat nahi Bitiya.We can understand.Aap apne Amma Babuji ke sath samay bitana chahti hain na?''Nani said understandingly.

'You should go,you have to go.Shut up Khushi.Remember,he is no more your husband.You are no more his wife.No you have to go back to RM.'Khushi could see 2 other Khushi's,one in her yellow pom pom dress & other in her red saree,argueing with each other.
''Stop it you both.''She yelled to startle Anjali & Nani.
"Khushi kya hua tujhe?Tu thik to hai?''Payal kept her hand on Khushi's forhead to check temprature.
"Kuch nahi Jeeji.Hum thik hain.Hume maaf kar dijiye Naniji,Di.''Khushi said awkwardly.
"Kauno baat nahi Bitiya.Ab hum chalte hain.Aapan Amma Babuji ko hamara namaste bol dijiyega.''Raizada family bid bye & Khushi collapsed in the sofa exhausted.Things were getting out of control.She decided to do something before its too late.She will see to the issue between her & her husband later.Now was the time for action.She had less time but she was sure,she will make it up to time.


                   The lounge area was filled with the laughs & talks of hosts & guests.NK was bouncing here & there as usual excitedly,trying to talk with everyone at the same time.His messy hindi was having everyone in stroke of laughter.The environment was as light as air.There was still time for dinner.Soniya Bajaj was indeed a charming personality.But was equally sweet & down to earth.Even HP was impressed with her.She was just like his Khushi Bhabhi,nature wise,who calls him HPJi.He was serving her juice when doorbell rang.He went to open the door & found Khushi at door which increased his happyness a bit more.
"Arey Khushi Bhabhi.Kaisi hain aap?''
"Hum thik hain HPJi.Sab log kahan hain?''Khushi said smiling at him.
"Wo,everybody is in lounge area with guests.''HP took her luggage & goes to keep it in her bedroom.Khushi came to the lounge area.Wasn't that supposed to be a formal dinner with the business friend?Then why the hell are they laughing & talking like they are long lost relatives?Khushi felt strange.She felt something was breaking inside her.She felt like she was alone in this world.Her other family,which she held close to her heart,seems too far from her.She always thought about them,their happyness.And now they are totally unaware of her.Anjali,Payal & Soniya were talking while Arnav came & joined them.Nani has engaged herself in talk with a couple which she assumed as Soniya's parents.Thats it.They can't do this to her.She won't let them do this to her.Khushi Kumari Gupta Singh Raizada will never tollerate this indifference.Enough was enough.She filled the distance in just 4 strodes & exclaimed chirpily.
"Naniji!!"A huge smile adorned her face.Everyone's attention diverted to her.Anjali & Payal stole a smile at each other.They were happy to see their plan working.Nani's face lighted seeing her.She came to Khushi & kept a palm on her cheek affectionatly.She could do anything to keep her family intact.She will always do anything for her children,her loved one's.
"Arey Bitiya,aap kab aayi?''
"Bas abhi aye Naniji.''Khushi touched Nani's feet.She loved her unconditionally.She loved her family unconditionally.Nani gave her blessing.Khushi observed expressions on everyone's faces.Her family was happy seeing her.Naniji,Di,Jeeji,Nanheji.Even HPJi.But Arnav's face was difficult to read.Who cares.Afterall she was 'Khushi Kumari Gupta' basically.Guests were looking at her curiously.She goes & hugged Anjali & Payal.Time to action for Arnav.How he wanted to take her in his arms,to cares her,to tuck a loose strand behind her ear,to tell her how he missed her,to inhale her scent.But he composed himself & said in an unaffected tone.
"Tumne pehale bataya hota toh main driver ko bhej deta.Anyways,meet Soniya,my business friend.Soniya,this is Khushi Kumari Gupta...''
"Singh Raizada,Inki patni.''Tigress in Khushi roared.She didn't let Arnav complete the sentence.She greeted Soniya's handshake with her Namaste.On which Soniya smiled genuinely.She was amazed by Khushi's possessiveness.She liked her at that very first meeting.Arnav smirked at Khushi's fiestyness & Soniya cocked an eyebrow at him.He returned back it with a slight tilt in head and 'I told you' look.His Khushi.His crazy Khushi.Who can go to any extent with her crazyness.But he wasn't also any less.He was Arnav Singh Raizada.Who would never left any stone unturned to win.To win his life back.To win his wife back.To win the love back.If she is adamant,so does he.If she is stubborn,so does he.If she can come up with the filmy plans,so does he.If she was crazy,he was ready to be one.

                        Everybody gathered at dining table as HP arranged the table.Khushi was coming from the kitchen with the bowlfull of kheer when she saw everyone setteling down & 2 empty chairs which were near Soniya's chair.At the same time Arnav came from opposite direction busy on phone.He was about to take the seat next to Soniya when Khushi came running & took that seat.Arnav acted like he was shocked & angry & sat on the other chair.Dinner started with NK's jokes & Mamiji's hello hi bye bye on random topics.Everybody were having their good time except Khushi.Arnav was literally praising Soniya on which she was blushing slightly.And that was getting on Khushi's nerves.She had never thought that The Arnav Singh Raizada will ever say something good to anyone but here he was building bridges of praise.Khushi's anger lavel started raising slowly.The result of which always bound to be very Khushi types.She ends up in mess with people arround her.Which happened exactly the way expected.Arnav asked Soniya to pass on Paneer curry & when she was about to bent stretch her hand to give it to Arnav,Khushi practically snatched it from Soniya's hands.The act resulted into so many things.
Paneer curry adorning both Arnav & Khushi's cloths.
Arnav's loud 'What The'
Khushi's shocked gasp with perfect 'O' mouth.
& family's widened eyes.

Khushi panicked & started wiping Paneer curry off Arnav's coat with fear filled eyes waiting for ASR's outburst & wrath.She felt his body taut under her touch.But the reason was not anger.Arnav acted flawlessly.Khushi looked into his eyes & again panicked.Now it was Nani's turn of action.
"Kauno baat nahi Khusi Bitiya.Chote aap dono aapan kamra ma jakar kapde badal lijiye.''
Arnav excused himself & Khushi hurriedly followed him upstaires.She couldn't imagine what will follow next but anyway she gathered courage to enter her room.She felt like the pray entering lion's den.By the time she came in room Arnav had thrown his coat on floor & was furiously unbuttoning his vestcoat.Khushi was looking everywhere but to him.Arnav took a strode to her & she made the mistake of looking at him.His eyes were spitting fire & his jaws were clenched to control anger.He could have easily got the Oscars for his flawless performance.Khushi took a step back on this.He held her firmly but carefully that it won't hurt her & leaned dangerously close to her.How he again wanted to take her in his arms &...but he controlled himself & said in his mastered deadly & husky voice.
Khushi the tigress woke up again on this.She got furious on audacity of this man in front of her.How dare he accuse her.


"Hum kya kar rahe they?''

"Aapki himmat kaise hui humse ye kehane ki?''

Three pushes & Arnav Singh Raizada was pinned to the nearest wall by his wife Khushi Kumari Gupta Singh Raizada.Afterall she was & will be the perfect match for him.Arnav smirked slightly & emptied the remaining fuel to fire.
"Don't you dare to talk to me like this ever.''
It took the last straw & Khushi burst on him.
"Kya kar lenge aap?You can do whatever you please but I can't even talk.You can hangout with girls,throw cocktail parties,had dinners with Miss Cinderella & I can't even utter a word.I won't keep quiet Mr. Arnav Singh Raizada,suna aapne!!''
"Shut up dammit!And by the way why are you so affected with this?Tumhe kya farak padta hai?''
"Farak padta hai.Aap humare pati hain.''
"Ah I see!!But if I'm not wrong tumne toh kaha tha ki tum mujhe apna pati nahi manti.''Arnav teased her with that killer smirk.
"I give a damn to what I said.Humne toh wo uss contract ki wajah se kaha tha.Aur phir aap hi ne hume contract ki dhamki deke jane se rok liya tha.''Khushi was now on the verge of tears.Arnav decided to pack up his acting schedule.
"And I give a damn to that damn contract dammit.I threatened you to keep you to me.Can't you understand that.Do you want me to announce it on loudspeaker that I Love You.''Arnav blurted out in the flow of his outburst.Khushi statued on the spot & two teardrops left her eyes.She forgot to blink her eyes.Arnav came near her & cupped her face very carefully.
"Can't you see how much I love you?Can't you see the love for you in my eyes?Can't you see the hurt when I see tears in your eyes?''Arnav asked her tenderly.Khushi's eyes welled up on seeing him like this.She knew he loved her.But then he was the same who hurted her several times.She was just confused on his blow hot blow cold behavior.
"Why are you so complicated Arnavji?Why I feel like I still don't know you properly?Why you make it difficult to not loving you?Lakh koshishon ke bawajood bhi hum aapko kyun bhula nahi pate?Kyun aap humare dilo dimag pe chaye rahte hain?kyun Arnavji?Kyun?''She rested her head on his shoulder.She felt like home there.He circled his arms around her & tried to sooth her.He felt like heaven must be something like this.Peacefull & serene.
"I Love You Arnavji.I can't live without you.''She said softly in his embrace.
"I know Khushi.Tumhe kabhi khud se alag nahi hone doonga,I promise.I'll love you till the end of this world.''He reassured her & she tightened her grip on him.There is nothing in this world which can't be conquered with love.The ruthless man Arnav Singh Raizada transformed into Arnav because of love.Love blossoms even more in the extreme conditions.Some lucky one's pass these hurdles & counts as lovers for eternity.And their love story becomes eternal.And they witnessed this eternal love to cherish & preserve it in their hearts forever.Anjali hugged Payal with tears of happyness.Payal rubbed her hands soothingly on Anjali's back.That was the happiest day in her life.NK highfived Soniya.Soniya,Arnav's business friend but first a family friend.Bajaj family were good friends with Raizada family since past seven years.Soniya was really happy for Arnav.She had never seen this side of Arnav.Love could do magic & she had proof for it.She saw,how love could change an ruthless,heartless man inside out.NK was happy for his brother & his bestfriend turned sister in law.The mission was accomplished.Mission of getting her,the happyness,back in their lives.Khushi.the happyness in everyone's life was back.The four left the two in their private moments to give this good news to elders.

                  His happyness was back.His life was back.He felt like he was breathing all over again when he inhaled her aroma.He can't change the past but he promised himself that he will never repeat the past again & never let the past overpower their present & future.He pecked her forehead,eyes,cheeks & lips.He promised himself that he'll treasure her like his most prized possession & will never let any harm near her.No matter what comes in his way,he will never let her alone & always be right beside her.

                   The next day will start with the new beginning,new hopes,new sun rays to enlighten everyone's life.The moon rose over RM poolside to shower Devi Maiyya's blessings on her two children & to be prepare to welcome the sun of new beginnings the next day.


Ignore the mistakes pleaseEmbarrassed

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There are several mistakes guys but i'm not in the state of edit them.Please...sorry for mistakes.Blushing

Links to the previous partsCool
Getting you back-

Getting you back 2-On Mission-

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yay me first...dhinka chika...Party

wow awsuuum update dear...really loved it...aww khushi is cute when she is if looks could have killed, sonia would have died a thousand deaths by now...heheheLOL...awsuuum dear n simply brilliant...thnx 4da pm...

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good post...loved it..

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Originally posted by kitzdoll


yay me first...dhinka chika...Party   wow awsuuum update dear...really loved it...aww khushi is cute when she is if looks could have killed, sonia would have died a thousand deaths by now...heheheLOL...awsuuum dear n simply brilliant...thnx 4da pm...

Too much yaarEmbarrassedBlushing
Thank youBig smile
Only if they had shown this someday.jealous khushi would be treat to watch.Day Dreaming
Thank you so much for liking itHug
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Originally posted by misscrazyfan

good post...loved it..

Thank youBig smile
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thank u its really good one I liked it.

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