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PR Yesterday: In praise of Ankita (Page 2)

abhimg Senior Member

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Posted: 08 August 2012 at 8:32am | IP Logged
Originally posted by sashashyam

Yes, folks, Ankita, not Archana.

..her ability to convey deep affection without becoming cloying,  and last of all, her being so easy on the eyes even without any support from the wardrobe manager for PR.

But it was different yesterday. When she had finished the scene with Arjun (and Purvi), and was crying her heart out in her mother's arms, I did stand up and give her that standing ovation, with 12 encores, as they do in the West End or Broadway. And this time, it was from the heart.

It was rather the unselfconscious humility with which she stops him from touching her feet and instead  begs his pardonher regret and her desire to make full amends are both so deep that there is no room there for any  ego, and this was reflected effortlessly in her face and her tired eyes.

It was the  little hiccup deep in her throat as she pulls Purvi to her and confesses that she had been totally wrong about Arjun. It was the  voice  in which she scolds Arjun for misjudging her, with the chiding just a flimsy cover for the overflowing affection she now feels for this young man, who has pushed himself to the limit and beyond to comply with her demands.

...When he finally finds his tongue and assures her that he will love Purvi more than he loves himself, and that he will never give them any cause for complaint, the way in which her face registers growing joy and contentment is a treat to behold.

But most of all, I loved the last scene, when Archana confesses to the truth that she has herself not faced up to till then: that her mother had been right, and that in her desperate need to gain the trust and affection of Teju and Ovi, she had, even without realising it, sidelined Purvi to some extent.  That it was because of the bitterness of her nakaam rishta (failed relationship) with Manav that she had lost faith in love itself, and had become sakht (hard)  in her dealings with Purvi and Arjun. When she tries to explain that she did not, however, feel that she had, at that time,  been wrong in trying to keep Purvi away from Arjun, her voice becomes totally suspended, and she cannot proceed. She waves her right hand in a helpless gesture that is more eloquent than any number of words could have been. She might not have had any happiness in her life, she says, with a catch in her voice that is enormously touching, as some rishtas  did not succeed, but she was now happy in the happiness of Purvi and Arjun.

As she buries her face in her mother's shoulder, the tears, held back till then,  finally appear, and in abundance. But this time they are not, as often in the past, a hysterical  accompaniment to her outbursts, but a gentle, cleansing flow that lightens her heart of a by now unbearable burden, and lightens ours as well.

The praise and applause for this bravura performance should go not to the writers, for it was not the lines that were new or especially appealing,  but to the actress who made them seem so by the nuanced delicacy of her performance. Ankita deserved every one of those 13 curtain calls.

Arjun is, thanks to Archana, going back straightaway to being Arjun Kirloskar, which is a relief to me and the many others who had had more than enough of the Born Again garage hand. Hallelujah!

The precap has a chilling shot in the police lockup, of Godfathers Sr. and Jr., both staring balefully at Manav's back as he stands there talking to Inspector Sameer Rane. The venomous hostility in Vishnu's drawn features mirrors and amplifies the rage in his baba's, as Balan swears vengeance on Manav, and Varsha's face is a study in frozen panic. The drama is now picking up speed, folks.

Shyamala B.Cowsik

NB: I felt strongly about Ankita's tour de force  of a performance, and I wanted to share it with you all. I am sorry for being 12 hours late with this, but I cannot manage late night posts these days, and in any case the forum was yesterday almost totally pre-occupied, and not with this episode! So perhaps it will not matter after all.

Lastly, as I noted in an earlier comment, Arjun's recovery from 2 bullet wounds (of unclear location) is so swift as to raise the suspicion that he had somehow got hold of the sanjeevani  herb with which Hanuman brought the stricken Lakshmana back to life. There is of course the other option of  water from the Holy Grail, which heals all wounds, as so dramatically shown with Indiana's father in Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade. However, I always prefer our homegrown stuff, so the sanjeevani  it shall be.

Further, Arjun has not only managed without any pyjamas, but he is in the same outfit as when he was put to bed, so it is all just a matter of a day, it seems.  So complete is his miraculous recovery (though he does try for some degree of versimilitude by getting up with difficulty and wincing periodically) that he actually hobbles off immediately to the mandir with Purvi to fulfil her mannat!  It is too much, even for PR!!!

My dear Shyamala,
Excellent post giving due credit to Ankita, the actress...It is a mighty big thing to acknowledge one's mistake and that too such a grave one- hardening becoz of her own failed relationship- how Archana recognizes that even though the love runs deep, her relationship with Manav is a failure and that has made her nazariya (outlook) that way...realizing that she was not fair to Purvi in her zest to please Ovi and Tej, her long lost blood daughters- it takes courage to admit that and that she was wrong and her mother was right...
But very well said, it was cathartic not only for her but for us viewers too and lightens the burden (somewhat only...)
Shyamala, i do love how you weave the sanjeevani booti into your post and how hilarious it is whether of Arjun's managing without pyjamas or his miraculous recovery, thanks to our very own indigenous medicines...Big smile
After yesterday's frenzy becoz of that article, much loved your post, it had a rather calming effect too..or cleansing as you said it...LOL

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Kalapi IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 08 August 2012 at 9:01am | IP Logged


I agree, Ankita can pull of any scene convincingly. Not sure if you or anyone in the forum remember, there was an episode where she finally gets rejected by Manav, walks out in the rain…falls on the ground (or something like that)…her heartbreak at that point was palpable, touching and intense…and then walks up, goes and accept Jaywant Rane's marriage proposal…I, even to this day remember that episode…it was one of the finest acting of her in my POV…..

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Ashlaika IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 08 August 2012 at 9:11am | IP Logged
Dear Ms. Shyamala,

Well deserved praise indeed for Ankita yesterday. That scene was truly beautiful and emotional.

I mentioned somewhere in this forum last night AFTER I saw it on TV and with the benefit of subtitles that the episode was almost real and Archana's reaction was bittersweet... u could have seen the joy and the sorrow that were both a part of her at that moment.

Last night when I watched it again, I felt sad, emotional, happy for Arjun and Purvi, but bad for Archana. Those feelings could not have been evoked in us the viewers had it not been for the excellent way the characters are portrayed by the cast, and yday... even though as Jyothi said, you could have seen the happiness on Purvi's face and the gratitude and tears from Arjun... it was all Ankita.

Your analysis truly brought to life all the things we saw and felt when we saw the scene but could not express in words as adequately as you did.  Superb job!

p.s. Thanks for taking the time out to share with us. And well... Arjun got shot around Krishna Janmashtami - so maybe he was given special offerings or herbs at the hospital for such speedy recovery LOL LOL.

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jdronamraju Goldie

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Posted: 08 August 2012 at 9:15am | IP Logged
On the flip side, Archana already is sending him back to his house...hmm.. no more tender care from Ms. Purvi M.D. (Laurie style !!)..alas...i was waiting for some scenes from them...Guess Arjun got to be fit and fancy for the engagement, Shyamla, hence the speedy recovery...Smile...

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soapwatcher1 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 08 August 2012 at 10:32am | IP Logged
I wrote and IF swallowed it all :(
Shyamala, well done would merely be perfunctory for your enconium to Ankita.  It is poetry awash, disguised as prose, I praise the content as well as the medium, very well written, my friend, and that is a gross understatement.
I too loved Archu opening her arms to Purvi and later confessing to her mom about her unintended temporary indifference to Purvi's plight in her eagerness to connect with her two biological daughters.  Performance par excellence, be it subtle emoting or histrionics, she does it with panache and style.  She slips so effortlessly into the character that it is hard to tell where Ankita ends and Archana begins.
Sad too that the news about ARVI's short-lived bliss had to break yesterday.  Could they not have given us a day's respite?  Killjoys, I call them though the other word "sadistic" arises to mind.  Let us wait and watch if the fury of the fans will influence Ekta mata to toss this ridiculous story line she plans to adopt and stick with what we would like to see.

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Jaishankar IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 08 August 2012 at 10:48am | IP Logged
Wonderful post Shymala dear..At last I see a post praising Archu as well from you LOL..Pefectly written with maintaining balance between Anki n Archu and giving credit to both..Well done Shyamala dear.
You had perfectly written the due credit Anki deserves for portraying a role double her age and still able to pull it off so convincingly well and move the viewers with her emotions is a monumental task indeed.
If I am allowed I will write an essay on Anki and her performances over the past three years..
Being a old school PR/Arman fan ,I have seen how much Anki has grown as an actress.She started simple but over the three years ,the leap has been stunning.This is her very first show and to show-case such brilliance tells something about her and her talent.
Sushant and Ankita were competing and complimenting each other in that performance race that they kept racing the bar as each epi goes by.
As a Anki/Archu/Manav/Arman/Sushita/PR fan LOL,
The best came of Anki (from my POV) was when Arman lost their first child before birth (june 1st 2011 epis)..The pain and emotions emoted by both Sushant and Ankita was so intense that it was unbearable as viewers not to feel the lump in their throat.Best of Anki came again when Manav left home after the death of their unborn first child and the madness and emotions Anki portrayed,no shouting or anything just the Zombie she was was outstanding .ClapStar.
And the emotions she portrayed when Manav came back (after Ashna rescued him after hit by her car) was just stunning..
This is one such intense ,I could go on and on..The fact that I am able to remember these scenes with date of epi's tells me how much I was affected by their performance which made me see it again and again.
We all are so happy that Sushant has rightly got his big BW break with Chetan Bagat and Abhishek kapoor,now its Anki's turn to move on.We so want her to move soon to a show that fits her age and personality and do something different ,experiment more as it brings the best out of her.
And of -course Anki is one the most gorgeous looking hottie in the Indian TV world right now.She looks so stunning even in crying state that it makes viewers still her in the constant non-stop crying she has to do for Archu' role .Ekta and CV's have made cry and cry and cry,yet she has made viewers still see her and get touched by her emotions due to her stunning combo of beauty+talent+personality+attitude.
She is a lethal Combo and she is going a long long way and more n more n more awards are coming her way for sure...Thumbs Up
Proud to be a Sushita fan Big smile

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nikitagmc IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 08 August 2012 at 12:05pm | IP Logged
I watched Archana's confession to Sulochana too when my Mom was flipping channels- Ankita acted really well, and you are so right, she is one lead who looks really beautiful even when she cries, does not make weird faces and expressions. :D
Beautiful write up, and good job by Ankita yesterday, judging by whatever little I saw.

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LuvSSever IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 08 August 2012 at 2:05pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by Kalapi


I agree, Ankita can pull of any scene convincingly. Not sure if you or anyone in the forum remember, there was an episode where she finally gets rejected by Manav, walks out in the rain'falls on the ground (or something like that)'her heartbreak at that point was palpable, touching and intense'and then walks up, goes and accept Jaywant Rane's marriage proposal'I, even to this day remember that episode'it was one of the finest acting of her in my POV'..

Hai  Topic Starter Smile,

Thanks for the topic.  Finally my resolution got little shaken up.Embarrassed. I had the resolution that I shouldnt watch PR on any medium. But
I watched the last part after reading much about it.Embarrassed  Big smile

Really Ankita pulled it off.  The character archu couldnt have been portrayed so convincingly by any other rather than ankita.

Actually Anki is one reason or may be the only reason I still hold on to archu and expect something from that character. As many may Know I was a fan of archu but Later wasn't ok with her actions or the way her character is portrayed.

If not for ankita's acting, I would had been on the side who would hate Archu's actions.

Its Anki and her acting that makes me still stick to archu and adore archu  at times.

Actually whatever may be the precondition or post condition after archu's talk with her mom, ignoring it, the way Anki enacted that scene ofcourse pulled the strings. It was so convincing.
Anki  has really grown well in these years from her beginning considered and she has mastered too now.

Really she deserves a applause for that scene.Clap  Clap.
as said by all, she did Looked beautiful Smile even in that crying , so tired situation emotional scene.

Kalapi Di Smile,

I remember that scene Di and it was one of my fav scenes when Anki as archu is considered.
I still remember Kool di's Commentary on that. I was busy with something that I missed the episode. I think I was on the way to hometown in Bus. Read Kool di's commentary in Mobile and then came to Know.

Kool di as written it so well ,that the writing of it, the narration of her about that scene and archu only has brought tears in my eyes. I could visualize archu's state ,may be how Anki would had done it with Kool Di's writing only.

Then in mobile only I watched it net and I should say it was as you said the Finest one of anki among all scenes and one of the Best.
And i had watched it many times.

The way she asked for jayawants's approval with so much dignity, the way she said thanks and came back heartbroken and then calling Manav, Crying, with cringing tears, telling like a Kids to him, How do you want me too, just the same way I did.

Its just brought tears, a wonderful acting there by Ankita. Clap.

i remember the date too. It was september 2nd. Embarrassed  Big smile.
i remember it not because it was one of my fav, its also that I went home for my parents  anniversary which is on sep 1. so I remember it exactly.

Here is the link too as I have it in my laptop only. if anyone wish to can see. Smile
It contains from shravani's confrontation of archu to jayawant's house visit  till manav's meeting

Type up---bulk without the '---' in place of domainblocked.Smile

One more link that contains the Last part of ARMAn meeting alone.

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