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Tuesday Updates 31st July 2012
Episode : 220

Konja busy .. sorry no pictures for this week makkazs ...

Both Saro meenashi sitting by the river talking Embarrassed Meenashi rombha kobam as Saro has to go to Malaysia. Saro tries to make her understand the job is very much important and going to Malaysia would be a big plus point for his job. Meenashi ask him to take her too. Saro laughs and Meenash moruchufy him. Meenashi says idha if they are being lovers, he would not have gone if she says no. Now cause already marriage, he takes her for granted. Saro rombha pavama says if she is not happy he will not go but he hopes she would not stop him nu. Meenashi very sad, tells him after marriage they are suppose to go for HM. This is a beautiful period for both husband wife whom newly getting married. But here Saro is leaving her and going to Malaysia Ouch  Meenashi is not happy and finally Saro says he will not go. He takes his mobile to call his office but Meenashi stops him. She ask him to go ... they can still talk via mobile Embarrassed

RS is not happy about Saro going to Malaysia while VV says its only for 10 days nu. VV says his very proud Saro has been chosen to go for this seminar nu. Inga both men samandhi's konjufy.. kitchen lae both lady samandies sandapodhufy

Saradha ask for coffee from Meenashi mother (MM) but in rude way, MM too gives her answer in rude way. End up both being rude to each other
Shocked Saradha warns saying she will chase Meenashi back as while MM says Meenashi is big girl and knows how to take care of herself nu .. Both fights and Saradha leaves in anger.

Saro and RS talking, Saro ask RS to take care of meenashi. RS says he will take care of DIL from his wife nu. Saro says his worried nu.. while RS ask him not to worry much. Saro begs his father to be serious for 10 days and not to do much comedy ... and make sure both Meenashi and amma does not fight nu. RS ask how to avoid fight? He will be bored lae
ShockedLOL Saro says no matter what, both wife and amma should not fight nu LOL

Meenashi calls Saro and says she is calling from Radio Mirchi and the trip plan for Saro has been cancel. Saro rombha sad aah aahh appadiya.. enn? nu asking 
LOL Meenashi gets angry and scolds him kanna pinna ... instead of saying yahooo for the trip being cancel, his asking why trip cancel vaa nu? ROFL Saro says he knows its her nu. Meenashi ask him not to lie and to admit his happy about going to Malaysia without her. Saravanan says sattiyama illa.. if only she comes to his room now and see how upset he is nu. Meenashi ask him not to lie. He even cut and shave Shocked He never did that for the wedding and karadi madhiri he tied thali for her nu ROFLROFL Saro says he cut his hair and shaved for some other reason and Meenashi blushes and says podha. LOL

Saro rombha feelinga says he got no hard to go also. Meenashi ask him then not to go. Saro says pogalae naa he will be sacked from the job. Andha job his uyir .. Meenashi ask nethu varai naan taan uyir nu sonnei? Wink Saro malaparan illa meenashi she also his uyir. Meenashi ask uyir enna kidney vaa .. to have 2? He can only have one uyir, either her or the job? Tongue Saro tries to konjufy with her Embarrassed He says he will be back in 10 days nu. Meenashi become sad .. She ask what time flight and that she is going to temple but will be back before he leaves nu.

Both konjufy for a while and finaly Meenashi ask him to go and sleep early. He says ok nu. Meenashi ask kalambara mood lae he never ask her the normal stuff LOL Saro ask onnu kudhudi and Meenashi says onnum illada and both laughs. Embarrassed


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Wednesday Updates August 8th, 2012
Episode #: 221

The episode starts with RS, Saradha, VV and Meenu at the temple. All are praying for Saro. VV then explains about how this god is very powerful and how people come here to pray before they go out of town/country. VV asks RS why they didn't bring Saro along with them? RS says he must've been on the phone all night, because he was sleeping when he tried to call him. VV asks who was Saro talking to on the phone and RS signals him. Meenu acts like she is busy praying and VV understands.

 VV says Saro should've postponed this trip as he hasn't even come home after the wedding. RS tells VV to tell the car driver to drive slowly so that Saro doesn't reach the airport on time. Meenu says he could take the next flight since his flight from Chennai leaves @ night only. RS says he can deal with it. He then asks Meenu that if she gives him a nod, he will act like he is getting a heart attack and stop Saro. Saradha scolds them saying not to say such things as it might prove to be a bad omen.

Meenu and VV are standing near a vehicle when RS and Saradha walk upto them. RS asks about the car in which they came. VV explains how there is a puncture in the tire and driver has gone to fix it. RS says they are getting late and may not be able to reach home before Saro leaves. He sees Meenu's face and tries to samalichufy by saying they will reach on time. Saradha, as usual, says they won't reach on time. Meenu asks her father how long it will take and he replies it will be done soon. 

They all reach home and Parvathy tells them that Saro waited for so long and just left. Meenu is upset and VV asks Parvathy why she didn't give them a call? Parvathy says there was some problem with the phone and asks why they are so late. RS explains about the punctured tire. Meenu asks if Saro said anything before he left. Parvathy replies that he was tensed because he didn't see them. VV scolds Parvathy for not getting a cell phone. Meenu then asks Parvathy what happened to Saro's phone. Parvathy replies that he didn't have his phone and said that he would call them later.  VV says he will call the travels and get the driver's phone number and that they can talk to Saro before he gets on the flight. He then asks RS about Saro's plan and goes inside saying he will get the number. 

Meenu goes to her mom and ask what did he say? She replies what can he tell me? Meenu wonders what happened to Saro's phone as he talked to her all night. Parvathy goes inside saying she doesn't know. RS asks Meenu what's wrong? She says she feels bad for not being there when he left. RS says don't worry, he will call you. She nods her head and goes inside. Saradha starts laughing and RS says he was wondering why she didn't laugh yet. He makes fun of her. He then says how she has made Meenu cry like she wanted. 

Scene shifts to Meenu in her room. She tries to call Saro but his phone is switched off. She starts crying and remembers old memories. 


Saro and Meenu are standing at some bus stand. Saro is asking do I have to go back to Chennai? 

Meenu says you need to decide that and Saro says he has no other way as his superior would yell at him. 

Meenu says she can't handle his tantrums when he needs to leave. Saro asks why are you so keen on making me leave? She says you can't stay for longer than 2 days at Mamanar's house.

 Saro says no bus will come here and just then a car stops by them asking if they are going to Thirunelveli. Meenu tells him to go to Thirunelveli in the car and then he can get the bus from there. Saro gives an excuse that it's an old car and when Meenu yells at him, he asks the driver if there is AC in the car. Driver scolds him and drives away. 

Meenu laughs at him. Just then this guy comes on a motorbike (she calls him anna), and Meenu tells him she came to send Saro off. The guy offers to drop Saro off and Meenu tells him to go.

Saro with a whiny face gets on the bike and they leave. Meenu watches the scene with a smile and Sudha calls her. Meenu tells her that she will come home soon. 

She hangs up the phone and turns around to see Saro coming back on the same bike.

Guy tells Meenu that Maapillai forgot something, so I brought him back and he leaves. Saro gets off the bike and looks for something.  

Meenu asks him what did he forget? After some time, Meenu says she understands. Saro asks her where is it? She says it was with him but not it is safe with her (His HEART). He smiles and rubs his shoulder on hers.

 She scolds him saying it's a bus stand and that he shouldn't konjum too much in public place. He whines and holds her hand, saying it's so hard for him to leave her and go. He then says he is not going on any office tour after marriage, no outings with friends, no aadi maasam and even for her delivery, either she should stay in Madras or he would come with her. 

She asks, u won't leave for me anytime for anything? He says no, I won't leave u. She says let's wait and watch and he repeats. Flashback ends there.

Meenu is on mottaimadi and is crying. Tamil sees her crying and asks her if Saro called. Meenu replies no and Tamil says he can't understand whether Saro is doing this on purpose or not. Meenu supports Saro saying that he doesn't use other people's phone to call her for safety reasons. Tamil says that's fine but he can't even use others phone for emergency? Tamil says u've found one of a kind maapillai and Meenu smiles. Tamil goes on saying how Saro is a sothappal mannan and that after so much struggle, he finally got married to Meenu but instead of spending time with her, he is going to Malaysia. Tamil says he didn't say anything because he didn't want any more fights. He asks how come he is always doing sothappals? Meenu smiles and says that is Saravanan. Tamil says he is waiting to see if Saro does anything correctly. Meenu smiles. Tamil says I know u r thittufying him so much inside but supporting him in front of me. Meenu says no, I am not doing this. Tamil tells her not to cry so much as she has already cried enough. He then asks Meenu if she is upset with him for what happened during the wedding since everyone thinks he is at fault. Meenu replies no, even I would've done the same in ur place. He asks her if he hurt her by trying to get her married to Arun and Meenu replies no. Tamil then tells her that he only wants her happiness. 

Saro calls Meenu but she hangs up. He calls her again and she cuts it again. She finally picks it up and says how can u leave without telling me ? Saro replies will anyone do that on purpose? He explains how his mobile fell in water and so he couldn't call her. He then goes on saying I know u wouldn't believe me and that's why I left my mobile to dry with the chillis on ur mottaimadi. 

She goes and see his phone there. She scolds him saying how he left in the morning and didn't call until now (it's evening). Saro starts whining on other end. 

Meenu gets worried and asks are u crying. He says he was feeling upset about leaving and that if he had talked to her, he wouldn't be able to leave and so he left without calling her. He then asks her if she  tells him, he will leave the job and come. Meenu says don't lie, I saw that u had packed everything. Saro tells her to go into her room and see. She goes and sees that he had left his bag there. 

She asks him why he left his stuff there? He replies that he doesn't want to go. She says loosu, just go and come back. Saro says sorry I am going to go without u. She says don't worry about me, go and come back safely and keep in touch through phone. She then asks him if he ate and he tries to lie, so she tells him to go and eat first.  She hangs up after ordering him to eat and then call her. She looks at the phone with a smile and calls him "loosu". 


Pre-cap: RS asks Meenu if she wants to come with them or come with Saro after he comes back from Malaysia. Meenu is in thoughts. Saradha thinks that I know u won't come because if u do, I will chase u to ur mother's place in just 10 days. 

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Thursday WU August 8 2012


RS and meenu appa were talking about saroLOL..then saradha came there n interfere in their talk..and did some actions to RSLOL..Rs asked her  what was tht?then she said when wil we go to our homeOuch..meenu mom came n says about after two days you all can go to chennai..
then RS asked them " meenu too comin with us na"..meenu mom too said yes then after tht theipirai wil let her come there..meenu dad says let ask meenu about this..meenu says what about saradha atha.her wish only..saradha says(in mind voice)if we says come to chennai na she wil say no i she says ok meenu can come with us..but meenu says..ok i will come to chennai..but meenu dad wish is to stay with them and after saro back she can go to chennai..

RS came to see meenu for askin onething..he says dont get panic your atha wil plan somethin..she said no mama i wil manage her..then he added dont worry i wil be in your side u r here so same like that you should be in chennai my daughter. then he wil bless her..

saradha came to meenu n asks did saro called them after reached malaysia..she irritated meenu..then her sis asked her to cool dont get angry..but she will be sad..

Part 2:

meenu is in kadi..Ouchthen she called saro n scolded him alot..i was thinkin about you here but you are givin importance to me..saro said i thought frst spoke to silrapasanga kitta.then thought to talk with you relax..then saro says let say one thing..he said now a days we are fightin not talkin nice things as like before..meenu too accepted that..yes am ly fightin la love koranchu pochu la nu..then she says shal i give one thin..but call endedOuch..

meenu get ready to go chennai with them..meenu dad prayin god that to keep her happy..n crying..meenu mom says you said all dont cry but you crying now..then both talk about meenu child(after 6 month she wil back to her home na that) outside RS teasin saradha you thought la meenu wont come to chennai..she nodded her head no no i didnt think like that..

Part 3:

All came to chennai saro home.. first saradha n RS were came soon..then RS asked saraha to take aarathi..but she denied because no saro na..then she went inside for preparing aarathi ..then next second meenu family came..all will be get down..atlast RS asked meenu too first keep right leg.RS says for saro ke dont have kuduppanai for everythin..unlucky boy..but meeenu wil be sad..RS asked sorry i said not to hurt you..then meeenu dad n tamil went inside  ly for meenu ly aarathi not us nu..but meenu mom will be there..meenu wil be thinking about her first arrival to saro home..(meenu thinking:RS took aarathi na forst saro came with meenu that scene goin on meenu mind)she felt sad..

Precap:That rowdy Babu came saro home..and RSOuch...

friends..wil psot picture later..sorry not feeling wellOuch

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awww semma touching opening Embarrassed

Endrum Kadhal Embarrassed
Meenashi in tears thinking of Saro Cry mother tries to pacify her but she can't seem to control her tears Cry  She tells her mother he should have been here. Its not fair nu. Just then her mobile rings and its Saro. He sense from her voice she is crying and rombha konjafy ask her why crying. She is not entering the house alone.. she is going to enter with him Shocked He ask her to close her eyes and she can feel him beside her. Says his holding her hand now and ask her to walk .. Meenashi smiles happily and walks towards the house. Saradha comes with arathi Shocked and ask RS enna  DIL is coming in with the mobile on hand.. vidinjarum nu .. adhuku RS says mangga .. she is coming into the house with their arumai son Wink Saradha takes arathi and everyone goes in. Saro says he is putting his left feet and ask her to do so Embarrassed She too puts her left feet and pushes the arasi and steps in the house Embarrassed
Meenashi thanks Saro for being with her at this very important moment. Saro says i love you di Embarrassed and welcome home .. Meenashi says thank you and blush EmbarrassedEmbarrassed

Meenashi puts the phone and blushes more upon seeing RS, her parents and tamil laughing at her.  Meenashi lights the stove to boil milk.. according to kalladakuraichi valakam. Saradha ask enna pudhusa when normally ponnu lights up kuttu vizhaku nu LOL

Pasamalar Embarrassed
Tamil gives some money to Meenashi for her to use while Saro is back. He also gives her a new cell with new number... and tells her to use this number in case of any problem and emergency ... Tamil seem to be choking over his words Cry sad to leave Meenashi. She tells him not to worry, she will be fine and he has to go back as there is 2 more sisters for him to take care of. Tamil puts thinnuru for her and bless her.. and reminds her to constantly call and bug him Embarrassed Meenashi controls hard not to cry Cry

Time to leave. Mother ask her to take care and goes into the car. Tamil to says take care and goes into the car. Father goes near Meenashi and controls his tears... Meenashi too .. Cry Father ask her to take care and they leave .. RS goes together with them to send them of

Mamiyar Marumagal one two Three starttt ROFL
Meenashi looks at Saradha and ask enna attai nu .. Saradha ask tells her from now on Meenashi has no one to talk and need to talk to her nu .. Meenashi also tells the same back to saradha that she has her DIL only to talk to now nu LOL Saradha says she will see how long Meenashi is going to be in this house. Soon she will go back to her village. Meenashi says she don't mind going but when she goes .. she will take Saro and RS along nu ShockedLOL Syabas sariyana pothi Star Saradha silent in shock ..

RS coming back home happily when the guy Saro borrowed money stops him with his adiyals. He tells RS either Saro picks up his call now or they will break RS hand and leg Shocked


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!Saravanan Meenakshi Aug 2012 Updates Archives!

July 30th to Aug 2nd New episodes were not telecasted. Repeart of all episodes from beignning till marriage..

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