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Veer (The Warrior ) RTMC FF 21 on pg 47 (Page 43)

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Chapter 17


Veer glanced around but could not see a glimpse of Aarti, he was only worried about her wellbeing. For the first time he felt something for her. He knew this feeling would make him weak. But he still has to make sure she is safe and sound. He thought of calling her. Then another instance he thought of checking himself.

He knew during late evening when everyone goes for dinner, he can see her.

He walked inside his room and saw Sameer chatting with Sheetal. He never wanted Sameer to ask Sheetal about Aarti. But casually had his ears to their conversation.

After few minutes

"Let's go for dinner Veer" said Sameer after disconnecting his call.

"No, you leave... I am not hungry" Veer answered

"Ok" Sameer left...

The moment he left... Veer dialled her number

Aarti was sleeping when she saw his number. She remembered she changed his contact name to Priya so that no one could find out.

"Hi" she answered

He felt relieved after hearing her voice

"Where have you been, are you alright?" he panicked

Aarti smiled "yes I am fine veer, just had a little fever"

He closed his eyes and took a deep breathe "you take care...will talk later"

And disconnected the phone

Aarti was now thinking about him. So he cared for her. She smiled and felt happy. And here she has lied to him, the guilt was still sitting on her heart. Should she tell everything to Veer. "No" she said to herself. She will loose him forever. He will never trust her. She loves him so much that if he stopped talking to her she might die.


After some time

All the girls came back from dinner

Kirti watched her sister who was lost in some thoughts "Aarti... come on get up, eat something"

Aarti responded "I am not hungry"

Kirti knew there was something besides her health, she knew her sister is not the one who keeps quiet... "what's wrong?" she asked again..

Aarti smiled a little before anyone could guess anything from her expressions "well I have a headache...that's all"

Kirti walked up to her "did you take your medicine?"

Aarti frowned "you know I hate taking tablets..."

Kirti gave her a glass of water and some tablets "come on... fast"

Aarti put the tablets in the mouth and drank water... the moment Kirti left she took out the tablet from her mouth and threw away..

She was thinking about Veer... may be he was calling during his dinner time.. or it could be possible he did not has his dinner cause he was worried for her and wanted to talk to her... she quickly lifted the sheet... and took the plate that Kirti got for her.

She quickly dialled his number

"can I meet you now?" she asked

"now? But where?" he replied

She thought for a while... "There is a little path between my hostel and the college. I won't come from the gate but from those bushes..."

She took a stole and walked with the plate... she made sure no one was looking at her...slowly she walked down the stairs and reached the reception... there was no one cause of the dinner time. She quickly sauntered outside. She went towards the back of the hostel and in between the bushes, hurriedly she forgot her slippers. The bushes were sharp but she least bothered.

After few minutes she slowly pulled herself out of the bushes and saw him standing next to her...

"Veer" her heart skipped a beat..

She offered the plate "I know you must have skipped your dinner"

Veer confusedly looked at the girl who would come to feed him risking herself under these thorny bushes. He saw her from top to bottom... she had scratches on her fair arms and hands. "what is this Aarti?"

Aarti smiled a little "I couldn't control myself so...i am sorry"

She did not meet his eyes...

He hold her hand and took her towards a corner to avoid being seen by anyone... "This is stupid Aarti"

Aarti did not utter a word instead offered the plate to him "I must leave"

"What about your hunger?" he queried

She looked back...and saw a pack of chocolates in his hand

"For me" she asked

He smiled... and nodded...

She could not control her happiness and hugged him tightly... making him wonder...

Slowly he encircled his arms around her.

"I have never seen a girl like you" he murmured

She smiled and hugged more tightly "ouch"

He immediately pulled back "what happened?"

Then looked at her arms... "Its bleeding..."

Aarti tried to ignore.. "It's alright... I will put something..."

Veer gazed her for the first time "why?"

She looked at him "my only reason is you...and just you"

"Now forget it, sit and eat now" she offered the plate

He took a small bit and offered to her 

With moist eyes she ate from his hands...

After few minutes ...

"I think you should leave now..." he said

She was about to enter the bushes again when he stopped her... "Not from here"

"Then?" she queried

He walked towards the gate ... Aarti was scared "Veer...not from the gate..."

But Veer did not listen ...

"Open the gate" he said...

The gate keeper saw Veer ... "How are you beta" and slowly opened the gates...

"Get in" he said to Aarti...

"Can you make sure she goes safely to her room" Veer said to the gate keeper.

Gate keeper nodded "don't worry" and asked Aarti to get in the hostel

Aarti waved her hand... as he smiled...




Ranga and his men were still looking for Veer.. They knew he was a student and since he beat his men in the market he wanted to find out about him and show him the door to death.

Ranga ordered his men to find out who took his van to the police station. He was angry over his loss already.

"There's another student in the same college who beat Babban and took your Van to the police station" said Deenu

Ranga raged in anger "these boys have done enough. I want them here now" he ordered his men

Deenu knew he would be definitely get beaten if Veer saw him again and the other boy was equally strong. He asked his men to go inside the college and search while he will wait outside.




Vikram was walking inside the college when a few men held him... They took out the chains and hockey sticks to beat him... Vikram tried his best to beat them...

After few minutes Uday saw Vikram in a terrible condition and went to inform Veer...

Deenu and his men were about to take Vikram when Veer punched them...

Deenu started running from there... he remember last time Veer had beaten him so hard.

"Let go..." he said to his men...


Veer threw the chain around Deenu's neck and pulled him off the Jeep.

"Please let me go Veer..." he requested

"Why have you come here?" he angrily lifted him and threw him on the other side of the road...

Soon they saw the principal and other staff coming towards the gate...

Uday asked Veer to leave him this time...

Veer punched Deenu again... and was about to ask him when Principal stopped Veer and ordered all the boys to come to his room




"Is this discipline?" the principal shouted...

Vikram and Veer did not say anything. And left the office after making sure to the Principal that it won't happen again.

Vikram slowly walked and was about to fall when Veer came to hold him "why that man came to beat you?" Veer asked with a big frown

Vikram looked at Veer who was seriously concerned "that day Ranga and his men had captured five girls in a Van from a small town for sex racket and I caught hold of them, I beat them and took the Van straight to the police station."

Veer was now angry at Ranga "he will not be spared this time"

He took Vikram to his room "you take rest..."

"Veer" Vikram said

"Thanks for saving me" he added

Veer turned behind "I am always with the right"

And walked out of the room




Vikram knew Veer will not leave Ranga this time...he knew Ranga was his biggest enemy. He also knew it is only Veer who could beat Ranga to death.

Soon he heard his phone ringing

"Kirti... I am fine" he said to her before she could blast at him..




Veer was furious, he somehow wanted to get out of college and meet Ranga. How could he do such a hideous crime? The more he thought, the angrier he got. Last time he supplied drugs in the market and now girls. Every minute he thought of getting rid of the crime around him. He thought something and walked towards the Principals office.

"But sir... I am going on my risk." Veer said again

But the Principal was adamant. "I cannot let my boys step out of the college premises. And especially you Veer..."

After a long conversation with the Principal Veer was not allowed to step out of the college.

Annoyingly he went to his room...




Sheetal was still talking to Sameer when Aarti was listening to their conversation...

Aarti kept looking at Sheetal's facial expressions that kept changing with every minute she was talking to Sameer..

The moment she disconnected the phone Aarti queried "what happened, you look surprised by something?"

Sheetal said casually "nothing there was a fight outside college and as usual Veer and Vikram were called by the principal"

"Oh" said Aarti and reacted as she wasn't bothered

"Anyways... I am going to library and wanted to meet Sameer.. Do you want to come along?" Sheetal asked Aarti who nodded yes...

Aarti thought Sameer is always with Veer, so she could get a chance to talk to him at least and also see if he hasn't got hurt much.

Both the girls walked towards the library... Aarti glanced around to see him but he wasn't there...

Sheetal and Sameer were talking outside the library... Aarti thought of going back to the hostel, it was getting late anyways...

As she started walking her eyes fell on him, he was standing outside the gates... was he waiting for her.. She thought and ran towards the gate...

The moment she stepped outside, there was no one... she assumed Veer must be waiting near the lake, she walked towards the lake. She thought of calling him ...

She dialled his number

"Where are you Veer... I am at the lake waiting for you" she said..

"Lake??? Why?? I am not there" he said...

"Oh... its ok I will come back then" she said and disconnected



After few hours

It was during the dinner time Kirti was still searching for Aarti...

"Aarti did go with me but after that I don't know where has she gone" said Sheetal..

Kirti panicked around...

Sheetal picked up Sameer's call "Aarti is missing... we don't know where she has gone... I will talk later"

Sameer was wondering where Aarti could go...

Veer was still practising in the gym when Uday came to him "oh she's not here"

Veer frowned at him "who?"

"You don't know Veer..." asked Uday  

"Aarti is missing since evening... all the girls are panicking in the hostel...even the warden is worried" Uday said

Veer dropped the weights... "What?"

"Yes Veer.. I thought may be if she was with you... we all are checking around... anyways you carry on" Uday left...


Veer was now worried. For the first time in his life he felt weak... but he has to find her. Last she spoke to him was near the lake.. That means after that she never came back to the hostel. If something happened to her... even the thoughts were creating havoc inside him...

He tried calling her but her phone was switched off... "Where are you Aarti?" he said to himself.




After sometime

Veer rushed towards the lake but could not see her anywhere. He glanced around but found no signs of her. He walked around the whole area but she wasn't anywhere.

Vikram saw Kirti crying bitterly... he tried consoling her... "Don't worry we will find her"

Sameer and Uday looked for her everywhere "Vikram, I think she's not in the hostel and the college..."

"I hope she's not in any danger" murmured Sheetal...

Kirti cried again.. "She never listened to me... I don't know what I will tell mom and dad..."

Vikram consoled her "stop crying Kirti... I will go now and find her"


It was late night...

Veer thought of stepping out of the college premises and search outside. Principal had already filed a missing complaint with the local police authorities..

"Veer" he heard Sameer

"Did anyone find her?" Veer asked

Sameer could see Veer's worried face for the first time... "No... she's not in the hostel"

Veer looked concerned "I have to find her"

He said and walked towards the gates of the college...




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Vaidehi_1924 Senior Member

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Posted: 25 October 2015 at 11:48pm | IP Logged
Wow...back to back 2 updates..Dancing..Party..U r awesome dii..Hug
Both d updates were superb..ClapClap
Chap 16-
U continued d conversation b/w Veer and Aarti in this one..d end of d conversation was lovely!!..So now Aarti is ignoring him in front of everyone to hide their least he has developed some affection for her..want to see this affection turn into love..Day Dreaming..Day Dreaming
So..Aarti is making him nervous..I am sure one day these feelings will interchange..!!
Ohh..she didnt came to college due to fever..n her Prince Charming is worried after not seeing now its time for patient-nurse scene..Heart

Part 17-
Again another beautiful part..Thumbs Up..Clap
I loved Aarti here so so much..U have shaped her character so perfectly..I mean she is so naive and innocent but so intelligent and understanding too..I love her..Hug
OMG..She went to give Veer food without slippers..and got hurt too in d process..but yes..a single glimpse of him makes her forget every pain of hers..Big smile
Veer...U r too gr8..U helped Vikram n stood by right..but I'm wondering why he hates Vikram at all..Confused
Maha twist..Aarti got missing..did d goons kidnapped people..Veer will kill all of ready to face him..!!
I'm wondering what would be d reaction of Veer when he gets to know about Aarti's lie..hope he gets to know about it by Aarti only..and till then he had fallen for her completely so that he could forgive her for this..Approve
Waiting for dii..Hug

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Radhikerani IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 26 October 2015 at 3:56am | IP Logged
Lovely update!

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Rajat_Fanatic Goldie

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Posted: 26 October 2015 at 7:11am | IP Logged
Aww Arti is sucha sweetgeart..she wanyed to make Veer eat his food despite of having fever herslef. well that's love maybe.
And Veer worried for her is the cutest thing ever. 
They both are just adorable together.
Love them so much!Embarrassed

I donot know how Arti managed to act like 'I do ot care' on front of her friends when it comea to veer, it must be so difficult fpr her.

Vikram and Veer helping each other out is the best thing ever.

Veer is always with the right ...and that's the rrason he is Veer-The Warrior.

Arti gone missing?

Was that Ranga or his men outside tje gate? But how ia that possible ?
Maybe they abducted her straight from the lake?

What ever it may I am sure When Veer ia there nothinf to fear. I just hope Arto doesnt suffers much.

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Freethinker Goldie

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Chapter 18



Veer was clogged by the security outside the college "without Principal's permission you cannot step outside the premises" one of the guard said...

Veer did not wanted to create a scene, he knew if he escaped in front of them, Principal will inform his Father and he has to stay under full security which he always hated.

"Fine" he said and went back to the hostel. Sameer followed Veer "where do you think she must have gone?"

Veer walked straight to his room...picked up a small bag and put his things.

Nakul lifted his eyes off the book "are you going somewhere?"

Veer was furious, he was not ready to talk to anyone. All he thought was how to find Aarti and where did she go. Not because he like her but considered her as his responsibility.

Then another thought created waves...does anyone knows about his relation with her. Aarti would not break her promise he knew. Without wasting another minute he opened the window, lifted the bag on his back and went down.

Sameer and Nakul saw Veer getting out of the hostel from the back side.

"I am not surprised" said Sameer

"But he should at least tell us. Do you think he loves Aarti?" Nakul replied

Sameer saw Veer fighting without any emotions but this time it was different "I don't think so he can love anyone"

Uday entered with a laptop, followed by Vikram "we must do something to find her"

Sameer took a deep breathe "no use... Veer has already gone"

"What??" said Vikram and left from there




It was pitch dark, all he could see was a little light far away... he thought the town won't be far from here. His first doubt was Ranga who must have kidnapped her. He will surely destroy him today.

After walking towards the little paths he entered the town. He crossed the big building when he heard some footsteps..

He hide himself behind the wall and took out a big chain, he was prepared to hold anyone coming this side.

The moment the footsteps reached the wall... Veer grabbed the person...

 Ranga heard lots about him, he remembered what Gani had told him about Veer.

"... He has increased intelligence and is a genius, can run faster and is stronger than most guys his age ...His main abilities are mental.

He can turn the air around him into energy, and is able to direct it at people or objects in order to knock them backwards."

Ranga ordered his men to beat Veer "I want him dead today"

Veer came closer "Well, well, well," he said, cracking his knuckles and picking up a wooden stick from the ground. Ranga's eyes widen as he swung it through the air and cracked it down under his foot. A loud ringing noise was produced as the wood was dented by the tip. "It seems I have the upper foot."

Ranga raised his arm and shook his head. "Nope, my foot's higher than yours."

Ranga realise that it was a very stupid mistake, because in the next instant Veer had smashed his forearm with it, sending pain rocketing through his nerves. He couldn't ignore this one, screeching in agony. He stepped back and quickly examined himself by pulling his sleeve up, seeing a purple bruise forming. It didn't seem to be broken, but all his adrenaline made it hard to distinguish between anything but who his enemy was.


Ranga backed away frantically, until he felt the cold touch of the brick wall behind him. Dead end. There was no one in sight. He had already beaten his men almost to death.

"It's time you little kids learn to mind your business" Veer said with a growl. He was drawing ever closer, Ranga had to hurry.

"What are you?!" Ranga stepped back poised to run away.

" you're not getting off, that easily" Veer said, letting out a mighty yell.

 Veer pulled him to his feet, almost tearing the collar... He heard the slight rasp of material ripping...

"Dying is a messy, bloody, ugly thing. I don't want to kill you" Veer said and pushed him against the wall.

"Where is the girl?" Veer snarled

Ranga couldn't stand on his feet "which girl?"  

Ranga was lying on the ground, totally unaware of the last blowout he had on his face "my men kidnapped her...she..she is in that building" that was the last word he said and he fainted..

Veer jumped off their bodies and to enter the building that was locked... he climbed through the side pipe to reach its window... as soon as he hurdled inside he called out her name "Aarti"

There wasn't a single clue about her. He checked all the floors then went down to the basement that was utterly dark. Gradually he extended few steps when he heard her sobbing. "Aarti" he called again...

She tried moving but in vain. There was no sign of light. Neither could see each other.

"Aarti try to move a little" he said to make out exactly where she was sitting...

Veer took few steps when he felt something under his feet "Aarti, is that you"

He moved the dead body of a girl...but he was sure that won't be Aarti... he took another step when he heard her rubbing her feet against the ground...

He turned towards his right when he could feel somewhat.. He bend down to touch, her legs were tied badly, and his hands moved upwards towards her shoulders... her hands were tied from behind. Slowly he touched her face and tried to take out the cloth tied around her mouth... it was so dark he could not see the knot anywhere. Another instant he lifted her in his arms and walked outside...

He landed outside the basement and beheld her... her condition was bad.. He cut the cloth with his teeth around her mouth. She felt relieved and almost fainted. He slowly untied the hands and legs... he saw the scratches all over her body "did these guys tried to harm you?" he asked while looking around for water.

She could hardly speak but nodded in no.

He lifted her in his arms and walked towards the hostel. "I told you so many times that place near the lake is not safe, but you don't listen"

Slowly she tried to open her eyes but almost fatigued and slept with her head on his shoulder.




Vikram and Sameer has been waiting for Veer since long time... "I think we should go and see him" said Sameer

"No use...he must have rescued Aarti by now" Vikram replied...

After some time. They saw Veer coming towards the hostel

Both walked towards the gate

"Is she alright" Vikram observed Aarti who was in a bad condition... Veer did not say anything.




Next day


Police authorities arrested Ranga and his men. They were happy that Veer risked in own life to save her. But since he was involved with fights he still has to come to police station for further enquires.

Principal informed Veer's father about the incident that was not shocking for his Father. He advised to take Veer from the college since they cannot take his responsibility and if something happens to Veer than the whole college authorities will be in trouble.

Aarti opened her eyes and glanced around... her eyes were looking for him but she couldn't ask anyone. She had promised Veer.

"Thank God you are safe" Kirti hugged her

"We were so scared" Sheetal said.. While Aarti smiled a little "I am fine"

"But how did you landed there?" Vikram asked

"I went to that lake outside the college and few men were on a Jeep, they saw me and grabbed me inside the jeep. They tied my hands, legs and mouth, after that threw me in an isolated building. It was so dark and I just heard them talking about some kind of trade. After few hours Veer saved me." She said and watched everyone.

"Next time you are not stepping out of the college." Said Vikram and asked Kirti to look after her.

Everyone left so that Aarti can rest... but Aarti was still thinking about Veer... she was happy that he saved her. But she wanted to meet him and talk to him. She looked for a phone. She remembered her phone was lost somewhere. But how can she ask anyone to call Veer.. And no one mentioned anything about him. Her heart and mind was only with him. She had some bruises on her legs that made her difficult to walk. She thought of waiting for some time...

After few hours...

Sheetal came in... "How are you feeling now?"

Aarti smiled "I am much better..."

"That's good" Sheetal answered and went to pick up some books from the table

Aarti thought again and asked sheetal "I should thank Veer for helping me"

Sheetal looked at her injured friend who took his name "well yes" she said

"Sheetal can you dial Sameer's no and tell him I want to thank Veer. Please" Aarti said softly

Sheetal watched her "it's good that you want to thank him but"

"But" Aarti queried

"He is not in the college" Sheetal added.

Aarti was confused and worried "but why?"

"Aarti, he saved you from a big gang and now principal and all higher authorities think he has risked his life after beating that gang and obviously they might come again looking after Veer, and this can risk the other student's life as well... So"

"So?" Aarti angrily asked

"So he has been rusticated from the college, he left yesterday and we don't know where he is" Sheetal said and picked up her books.

Aarti's eyes blurred with tears... she never expected this. And he did not even see her once before leaving. She is responsible for this. She cried aloud.




3 years later


Time passed away... all the friends were together and it was the last day of the term.

It was a big day for everyone...all the students were getting ready to get their degrees...

Sheetal woke up, as usual she saw Aarti all ready and was about to leave "you are ready"

"Yes... finally getting out of here" Aarti said and left for college

She was changed. She never smiled and was least interested in anything besides her books. She forgot laughing years back. She did not talk much to anyone.

Everyone was ready for the picture

"Aarti at least smile..." Kirti said

But Aarti did not listen

"Where is my Aarti gone...?" Kirti sadly watched her sister without any expressions

"That Aarti died 3 years back" she replied

Kirti wiped her moist eyes




After sometime


Uday looked at Arjun who wasn't eating the samosa..."come on and not eating?"

"I am missing my friend today..." Arjun thought

"I would have drink a lot with him..." he added. 

Uday and Sameer looked at him "Arjun, we all miss him...but we don't even know where he is. But we are sure one day we will definitely meet him"

Vikram and Kirti came towards the table "no one is eating?" Kirti asked

Nakul looked at Arjun "where is Kaviti, Kirti?"

Kirti smiled "hmm... so Arjun is waiting for Kavita?"

Arjun went red and stared at Nakul "God save you now..." he ran after him...

Everyone laughed...

Sheetal and Aarti looked at them laughing "what happened?" Sheetal asked

Sameer offered chairs to both...

"I have to go" Aarti said and left for hostel...

Everyone knew by now that she stopped talking after Veer left and held herself responsible for that.

"I don't know how to convince her to come back to life" kirti sobbed...

Vikram glanced at her "it will take time..."

"How much time? 3 years are not enough vikram?" she queried

"Calm down Kirti... I understand your pain..." Vikram consoled her.

Sameer thought something... "Anyways... we all are leaving tomorrow. But we have to make promise to meet every month"

Everyone agreed and were happy...




Few days later


Aarti was watering the plants when she received a call from Mumbai...

"I will join from next Monday sir" she said and kept the phone...

Aarti's mother Rama was concerned about her... she never thought in her life that her daughter would be so quiet, she remembered Aarti laughing, teasing and playing around but today she was not even talking to anyone.

"Aarti have your breakfast" Rama said.

Aarti looked at her and started eating without saying anything...

"I am leaving for Mumbai tomorrow." she said while eating.

"Mumbai...but why?" Rama queried totally surprised

"I have got a job there" Aarti replied.

"But you can work here" Rama said.

"No, I am leaving tomorrow" Aarti was adamant


Rama was angry at her Daughter's decision. But she knew Aarti is stubborn and won't listen to anyone. She thought of talking to Kirti

"But Mom... you think she will listen to me?" said Kirti

"What has happened to her...I really don't want her to go and work so far" said Rama with tears in her eyes

"Listen Mom..." said Kirti

"Aarti will not listen to anyone... I know her... so let her go" she added

Rama and Manmohan saw their Daughter packing up her stuff...

"Aarti." Rama said

"Mom... please, I can take care of myself" she said before Rama could say anything

Aarti had no emotions for anything.

She looked at her parents once and hugged them "my work is important"



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murataru Groupbie

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Posted: 27 October 2015 at 10:07pm | IP Logged
Part 17 ..
Arti missing ...
Part 18 
Veer left the college Cry

Ye Kay 3 saal ka leap ... Unhappy
I feel bad for Arti ... She lost her self & blaming her self for veer condition
. Arti in Mumbai now ... Hmmm
May be they will meet in Mumbai ...
U never knew ...LOL
Give ud soon ...
Thank u for such lovely & somehow sad ud ...

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mgarg75 Newbie

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Posted: 27 October 2015 at 11:39pm | IP Logged
thank you for continuing the story.Embarrassed

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Radhikerani IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 28 October 2015 at 4:32am | IP Logged
Awesome update!

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