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Veer (The Warrior ) RTMC FF 21 on pg 47 (Page 43)

Vaidehi_1924 Senior Member

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Posted: 29 November 2015 at 6:38am | IP Logged
Any chances of getting an update coming week dii..??
At least even a short promo..or at least a notification when we wud get update..!!
Miss u as well as ur FFs..take care dii...n update soon too :)

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Rajat_Fanatic Goldie

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Posted: 01 December 2015 at 6:50am | IP Logged
Where is our Veer The warrior? missing him so much! 

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Freethinker Goldie

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Posted: 24 January 2016 at 6:53pm | IP Logged

Chapter 21


It was a lovely morning... Aarti woke up and smiled, suddenly she started liking everything around her... was this because of him. She quickly got up from the bed and walked towards the kitchen... Looked at the plate that was kept on the table... she touched the plate and the spoon... she smiled, she wanted to talk to him... but she forgot to take his number last night.

 How can she be so irresponsible? She felt sad... how can she call him. What was he doing, how did he saved her yesterday. Was he working in Mumbai... she had so many questions now but yesterday her brains froze in front of his gaze...

She felt restless... She met him after so many years and even then she forgot to ask him his phone no. she wanted to slap herself.

She quickly had shower, still thinking about him...she was in a rush, as usual she skipped her breakfast...she had a meeting today...



She entered the VOC chambers

Aarti glanced around...she saw everyone talking and none of them were on their seats...

"Is there a group discussion?" she smiled

Abhi waved "not really... talking about someone's bravery"

"Is it?"

She smiled and walked towards the group... She saw the newspaper and read the news...

"This man is surely a hero" Sanya added...

Aarti looked up at her...

Riya smiled at Aarti... "Mr Oberoi wants to see you"

Aarti quickly sauntered towards the left...

She looked back at Sanya once...


"Aarti, what a fantastic coverage... our channel has received the maximum TRP's"

Aarti nodded and smiled...

"Sir, what is the discussion outside"

"Oh that" Mr Oberoi peeped from the window...

"Yesterday an undercover officer got another terrorist arrested... it is said that Usman is Raghu's right hand..." He stopped for a while...

"Oh... that's really good"

" is..."

"But Sir, who is this brave officer? He caught Raghu first and now Usman?"

"We don't know... but I am sure he must be on his another mission"

Aarti heard her phone buzzing... "Sir, excuse me please"


"Mom... I have told you so many time... I will call you"

"But Aarti...beta... I was concerned... Look at the newspaper" Rama sounded worried

"Nothing has happened... I am safe... I will call you later now"


She smiled at her boss...

"Aarti... do you know Sanya?" said Mr Oberoi

She nodded...

"She is your senior...she was on a leave... Just came in today"


"Come... let me introduce you to her"

Mr Oberoi walked outside, Aarti followed him...

"Sanya, she is Aarti"

Sanya glanced at her from top to bottom ... then smiled a little "hi Aarti"





It was late afternoon when Aarti finished her report and she got a call from Abhi

"I am coming... but where are you?"

"I am in the canteen lady Hitler" he responded

Aarti quickly picked up few things and headed off...

Sanya watched her ...




It was late night... She was completely exhausted... after covering the news in the evening... she forgot she didn't eat anything the whole day... Abhi dropped her at her apartment.

Slowly she sauntered towards the lifts and headed off to her apartment...

She thought of calling her mother... but she would have slept by now...

She opened the door and walked in...

Without thinking much she kept all the things on the floor, locked the door and headed off towards her bedroom... she was too tired to even change...


Next Day

Aarti had to submit her reports to Sanya...

Sanya was not happy with Aarti... "These reports don't make any sense to me"

Aarti didn't understood Sanya's point "sorry... but it's all very clear"

Sanya was angry... "You want to argue...go and make these reports again... and next time if you are leaving you have to inform me, understood?"

Aarti nodded and left...

Aarti was not happy with Sanya's behaviour... She thought of telling Mr Oberoi... but then thought of making the report again...


In the meantime while she was still making the report... She saw the news on the TV...

Another bomb blast in the city... she must get this covered for the channel, she got up and was about to leave when she thought of checking with Sanya...

"Bomb blast, where?"

"I just saw the news"

"Fine Aarti, go, get this covered and make the report very nicely..."

Aarti nodded and left with Abhi...

On the way

"You know Aarti... I think that undercover officer is responsible for these bomb blasts" Abhi checked his camera

"How can you saw that? He has got two big terrorists arrested"

"But do you know it's because of that, other terrorists will get this city burnt down... and see the ordinary people... who die every day because of this..." Abhi put the batteries in the camera...

"I don't think so... Can you imagine the life of that officer who is getting these bas***ds arrested, you must be proud of him" she answered annoyingly

"Fine Aarti... that's how you think... But no one knows where this officer is, what he's doing"

"It's because he doesn't want to come in front of the media" she retorted


Soon they reached the building...

There were few people captured by the terrorists inside the building

"Are these people hostages?" Abhi whispered...

Aarti asked him to cover the whole area...

She wondered who will save these people, there were kids inside... and police was standing outside waiting for the terrorists to speak to them...

"I pity on the people who are the targets of these terrorists, I hope someone saves them soon" she said...

Soon a mist covered the whole building, as if a spray of fog... no one could see anything clearly... People started coughing... Aarti walked further and Abhi was still sitting near the van... all she could hear was the shouts... She never knew when she entered the building...

She rubbed her eyes to something clearly...she was standing next to huge boxes, she was inside the same room where the terrorists had kept the people as hostages, but due to the smog she was unable to see anything... she could hear the sounds of guns and fighting... as if someone was hitting people very badly...

She couldn't see exactly what was happening... The fog had some chemical that made her faint...




She slowly opened her eyes and saw herself in her bedroom... she glanced around and saw someone sitting outside in the lounge...


He turned around at her

"When did you come...and how come I am at home?" she pressed her head with her fingers...

"Headache?" he asked

"Yes, a little..." she reached to open a drawer to take the medicine... Then opened the fridge for a water bottle...

He was checking something on his phone ...

"Ok I will leave now" he said getting up

"What? Where?"

"Well you are alright... I have work to do" he responded

"So you got me here?"



"Lifted you in my arms... as usual" he said with a little grin

She nodded and smiled ...then blushed at the thought...he did actually... twice or thrice in college... Then once when he met her in the mall and now...

"But what were you doing over there?" she curiously asked

"My job" he replied

"Your job? Do you work in that building?"


"Then what work?"

"You have many questions?"

"Yes...answer me...last time I forgot to ask...but now I won't let you go until you tell me" she hold his hand and make him sit on the couch...

"You know who I am?"

"Yes, my Veer, my everything"

He smiled and touched her cheeks with his cool fingers...

She sat next to him...

"Tell me Veer... what do you do?" she whispered

She looked into his eyes...

"Import export Aarti..."



So he's a business man...finally he had nothing to do with fighting...She was happy...

 "Really" she kissed his lips...

"What was that?" he blinked

"A kiss"

"I don't think so" he said

She frowned

"Of course it's a kiss" she pouted

"I will tell you what a kiss is" he whispered making her heart thump against her chest...

He came closer and took her mouth like he had been longing to since the moment he had seen her... He kissed her with hot, urgent, demanding kisses, opening her mouth, seeking her velvety tongue, fire streaking through his veins.


Her tongue met his with eagerness... he stroked deeply in her mouth, sucked on her tongue and felt her open more for him... her hands clutched his upper arms and he shifted over her, pushing her back into the cushions of the couch... then her arms wound around his neck and her fingers were in his hair, tugging, driving him insane...


They heard a little noise

"My phone" he muttered and pulled away...

She was still breathless... still speculated what had just happened to her... her heart would just come out... thanks to the phone call, she thought...she still imagined his weight on her...

She looked at him while he was talking to someone on the phone... she closed her eyes and bit her lips... When she opened he was sitting in front of her...

"I have to leave" he whispered softly...touching the strands of her hair...

She nodded with a smile  

He was about to leave ... "wait Veer..."

He turned around to look at her

"What's your number?"

He smiled "check your phone"

She was still in a thought and he left closing the door behind him

She touched her lips...

Then picked up her phone

"Veer" she whispered...


She was quiet and closed her eyes...

"Say something Aarti"

"I am still searching for words... what have you done?" she said softly

"Hmm... Well I haven't done anything yet..."


"I wouldn't have stopped on the couch, you should thank the phone call"

She blushed...

"So you wanted to do something?" she whispered keeping the phone closer to her mouth

"Will complete next time... I don't leave my missions in go to sleep"

Her face turned crimson, her heart was beating loud enough to wake the whole building.

"Can't sleep" she murmured

"Sleep Aarti...if I come back I won't let you sleep"

Her heart almost came to her mouth... She quickly disconnected the phone...



Next day

VOC Chambers


Aarti was still preparing the report when she read the news, all people were safe yesterday and the terrorists were beaten badly. But no one knows about the officer who saved everyone.

She thought about the person who saved so many people and who would be such a daring officer who has created havoc in every criminal's mind. She must find out about this officer. She thought of checking the place again...if she could get any clue...

"Hi Aarti"

Aarti looked at Riya "hi..."

"You look pretty today"

Aarti blushed... may be last night's incident has made her more gorgeous "thanks"

She thought of Veer... then quickly took her phone and dialled his number




"But why here?" he queried

"Cause I wanted to have dinner with you..." she said while looking at the menu...

"Hmm" he said while taking his phone

"No phone Veer... we are here to enjoy our dinner..." she frowned

"It's important Aarti... just a minute, you place the order" he stood up and went on the other side of the restaurant

She nodded and came back to the menu, she didn't knew much about the restaurant but she really wanted to spend time with him...

After few minutes

"Aarti...did you place the order..." Veer looked at her while keeping his phone in his jacket

"I did... not sure if you will like" she said looking at the menu

She quickly looked at him ...

"Do you know about the bomb blast that day?" she asked

He poured some water in the glass... "Yes"

"That person who saved those people... and is doing so much to sweep the criminals out must be so brave"

He gulped the water... "Hmm..." And gazed at her...

"What are you looking at?"

"Your lips" he whispered

She blushed ...

"Veer... you never noticed my lips in college?"

"Realisation teaches everything" he said softly

Confusedly she gazed at his features... he looked serious all of a sudden

"What, tell me?" she prompted

"Realisation, that you loved me so much" he added

She blushed again...then smiled at him

"Anyways, eat quickly I have to leave" he looked at the food

"Why? Where are you going?" she queried

"Work...I have so much responsibility" he quickly started eating...

She gazed at him... "Where do you live? And what about your family?"

"Aarti... too many let me finish eating at least"

She smiled "fine...but you have to tell me"

"I will" he winked "one day"

"You are always a puzzle..."

"You tell me... why did you chose to be a crime reporter?" he raised his brows

"Cause I hate criminals..." she answered... then suddenly looked at him

"How do you know that I am a crime reporter? I never told you?"



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Freethinker Goldie

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Posted: 24 January 2016 at 7:50pm | IP Logged
Hi Readers
I will only send PM's to the readers who like the post or take sometime to comment :)

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murataru Groupbie

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Posted: 24 January 2016 at 11:31pm | IP Logged
Wow such lovely ud ...!!!
Finally veer realise hw much Arti love him ..:)
That's very nice... !!!  
Sanaya .. ? She must like Abhi.. That's bcoz she don't like Arti 
Abhi give more important to arti she must not be tolerat it..
But ud is too good love it ...thank u for pm 
Next ud soon ...!!!!!

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rai-kishori. IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 25 January 2016 at 2:42am | IP Logged
Lovely update!

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surbhijain Senior Member

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Posted: 25 January 2016 at 3:16am | IP Logged
Really nice update 
Just awesome 
Waiting for next part eagerly 

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Rajat_Fanatic Goldie

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Posted: 25 January 2016 at 11:09pm | IP Logged
OMG! Worth the wait. loved every bit of it. Had missed this so much! Finally Veer realised how much arti loved him...loves him. And Veer he loves her so much. Ahh!! their romance!! Waiting for the day when Veer will not let her sleep! Wink
Veer and aArti you guys paint a happy picture together!

You are magical Dhanvi!! 
Cheers! Smile

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