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Veer (The Warrior ) RTMC FF 21 on pg 47 (Page 38)

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plzzz updt

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update kab milegaCry
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we want update di...plzzzCryCryCry

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Hi Guys

I am continuing Veer the Warrior again...
Previous thread

Continued from chapter 11

Veer was practicing with his punching bags when Aarti came towards him...

"Hi" she smiled at the angry face...

"What do you want??"

"You" she answered...

"What?? He shouted back

"I Can I be your friend??" she said quickly...

"No" Veer replied with the rudest attitude...

"Why?" Aarti asked innocently

Veer angrily pulled her towards a corner... "Why the hell are you after me...?"

Aarti felt his hands snaked around her arms... even though it was hurting she closed her eyes

And felt his strong touch...
Veer had no clue why she was doing that...

But Aarti was enjoying every bit of his strong touch
"Go to hell" he pushed her ...

Then went back to practice... Aarti kept gazing at the man who was so ruthless, unemotional and who seems far away from love. It seemed Veer has landed on earth without any heart...

Aarti had a tear flowing down her left eyes... "I can't even hate you" she said to herself and walked away...



Chapter 12

After sometime

"But why are you packing your bags..." Sheetal queried
Aarti did not say anything but quietly kept all her clothes in the big suit case...

She looked at Kirti who seemed irritated of her sister.

Aarti walked towards her "don't worry, I will tell mom that I want to stay with her and Kasauli is a good place... but please don't try to stop me... I am not staying here anymore"

Sheetal walked out of the room and called Sameer "your friend is so heartless... my friend is leaving from here... is he happy now...?"
She disconnected angrily...

Soon they heard a knock at the door...

It was Sameer.

Nakul looked at his hands "look what has happened... it's because of Veer..."

Uday laughed... "Veer is watching you... but one thing is sure. You are a good cook"

Nakul threw the pillow on Uday "go away"

Veer picked up his books and all the assignment...
Nakul looked at Veer who was busy from last 2 hours digging in his books "have you done all the assignments?"

"Yes"... Veer looked at him "Veer doesn't leave anything undone..."
Nakul was surprised at his dear friend who is exceptional.
He wondered why Veer was always so rude and livid, then he thought about Aarti... Poor girl must have webbed so many dreams with the world's most violent person...

Veer reached the table and opened the top drawer, took out his cell phone and walked out of the room...
Nakul knew that Veer will never tolerate anything wrong but at the same time he knew that Veer's temper will become his biggest enemy one day.


"Sameer, why have you come here?" Questioned Sheetal

"Please Sheetal... Let me explain..." Sameer glanced around the room and saw Aarti wiping her tears...

"Aarti... you have chosen to soften the biggest rock... and it's not easy. Believe me... I always wanted to tell you this before. But its good you have given up and have decided to move on with your life"

Aarti thought for a while... how can she give up so easily... she was determined and have always had what she wanted "yes... you are right... I have given up my decision of going back. I am staying here and your friend will melt down in front of my love..."
She threw her bag away and walked out of the room...wiped her tears and smiled "you will be mine Veer"

Sheetal looked at Sameer and smiled "you are bad" she said softly...

"Thanks" he came closer and whispered in her ear.
Later during the evening, all the students were going back to their hostels ...

Aarti stood at the gate waiting for Veer... she saw him walking out a while ago...

She knew this wasn't a right way but she had to lie in order to get closer to him...

He may even kill her if he gets to know what she was thinking... but she had nothing in her mind except Veer... she wanted him in any way.

She saw him walking down the street near the gates... quickly she took the a glass bottle off her small bag... "Hi Veer"

Frowned at the beauty standing in dark he ignored and walked away... she followed... "Veer I am leaving this college... and going back to Bathinda."

He did not stop... she held his hand ... "Wait... I know you want to get rid of me... but can I please ask one last favour from you?"

He stopped. "Alright what?"

She smiled "you have to drink with me..."
"What??" he shouted...

"Yes... one last remembrance in my life" she beamed.

"No... I don't drink" he said firmly.

"Just once... ok you drink soft drink only..." she exclaimed

Veer never wanted to even stand with her... drinking was too far. But anyways she was leaving the college finally and he was happy about this... one last time he had to endure her... "Alright" he said softly...

She gave a big smile... "Come"

"But where..." he interrogated...

"Well there is no place... may be in one of the classrooms..."
He gave a thought ... "fine... but don't hold my hand" he moved away.

She agreed and both walked inside the college ...


There wasn't anyone in the college at this hour...

Aarti poured the drink in his glass... "For you"

Veer took the glass "thanks for going from here."

She smiled "you don't like me. Isn't it?"

"Well I am an honest person and yes you guessed it right..." He guzzled the whole drink ...

"Yuck... what is that..." he probed indignantly. "You said it was a soft drink!!!"

She chuckled ... "It is a soft, sugary drink... actually you are so vicious, that everything you taste gets bitter... "

Soon he couldn't focus... He tried to look cautiously at the bottle she had... but his vision blurred...

He saw Aarti and then fainted...

She grinned ... then assumed she was doing wrong. But there is no other way to melt him and she desired him in any way... "Veer, I love you" she whispered and kissed him on the lips...


Next Morning...

Veer opened his eyes slowly... he saw himself lying on the bench and then saw Aarti sleeping next to him... the buttons of his shirt were all loose open... and marks of lipstick was on his chest and arms... he was stunned... then observed Aarti who had messy hair and was sleeping on his arm... he quickly pulled his arm away... Aarti woke up... and looked at him...

She glanced round... and started crying... "What happened last night? You were Drunk..."

"Oh my God... how will I face everyone..." she started commotion...
Veer kept his hand on her mouth. "Stop shouting..." she considered at him with teary eyes...
"How could I do that?" he thought... and brushed his hand in his hair.

"You were the one who wanted to drink." he said heatedly.

Aarti started crying piercingly... "Oh my life... what will I do now..."
He again kept his hand on her mouth "stop it Aarti..."

He quickly got up and tied the buttons of his shirt and asked her to tie her hair and adjust her clothes...

"Let's get out of here first." he clasp her hand and took her out of the room...

Both went to the canteen... "One lemonade" he said.

"What do you want?" he asked Aarti who looked lethargic.

"Well how can I have anything in this disorder... how could you even ask me" she moaned.

Veer looked around the college... "Realise Aarti... everyone is watching us... and I don't want a chaos here... so please drink something. And we will talk about this later."

He got up to get something for her...

Sameer and Arjun watched Veer offering Aarti a drink
"Are you seeing what I am just beholding?" Arjun said

"Yes ... I am watching elephants dancing in the sky." Said Sameer

"How can this be possible...? Veer, and offering drink to Aarti and sitting with her, damn" Nakul said from behind...

Veer observed his friends and glowered... he was already strained for the last night and now his friends will leave no space to mock him... He had to talk to Aarti about what all occurred last night because he doesn't recollect a single bit...

"Aarti lets go out..." he said standing from the chair...
"But Veer..." she was about to complete her sentence when Veer pulled her hand and took her out of the college gate...

Arjun could not believe what he say. "Hold my hand guys... am I imagining?"

Nakul pushed him with his leg "it that enough"



Veer and Aarti stood at the college gate...Veer was scanning everywhere, he knew is friends are looking more snooping.
 "See Aarti ... I earnestly don't remember what happened last night... do you remember what I did?" Veer asked facing the other side...

Aarti started crying... "Well you did what you shouldn't have done... it seems you were desperate, and just wanted to..."

"What are you talking?" Veer stopped her... then nodded his head, he kept both his hands on his head. "What kind of trouble have I landed into" he said to himself...
Then revolved to look at the beautiful girl who had tears in her eyes... he felt bad, he was against those people who misused girls and here he himself did such a crime.

"Aarti you go to your hostel now and I will speak to you later" he said and viewed her leaving...

Then turned towards his friends who were already passing big beams

He walked a few steps towards them when something came in his mind and he walked towards his hostel.

Sameer was observing and this was no more than a surprise to him. Veer went away without even talking to them. 


Aarti entered the room with a big smile...she seemed gladder and more jovial.

Kavita was reading when her eyes scanned the fizzy Aarti, she seemed lost in something.

"Aarti, you are smiling? Unexpectedly? And where were you whole night?" she probed

Aarti bit her lower lip and smirked... then took the band out of her hair and hopped on the bed "yes, I am glad... too happy" she jumped and finally lay on the bed.

Kavita speculated what the hell has happened with her... but then came back on the page she was reading. "We have assignment due" she said

Aarti closed her eyes and smiled.


Veer was still in the shower thinking about what exactly must have happened last night. This was torturing him, he never wanted himself to attach with any girl in his life and this was tormenting him. He wanted to run away. He thought about Aarti, for the first time he had thought about her, and that too out of sympathy. He has to make it very clear to her that he cannot involve himself with any relationship. Though he knew that she would not be happy with him about this decision. But he has to make that clear.

He quickly came out of the shower and wore his clothes. Sameer knocked at the door "it's open"

A strong voice answered...

Sameer saw Veer dressed up and all ready for the class... "Veer, are you alright?"

Veer angrily saw himself in the mirror and threw the brush at the mirror "No, bloody hell, I am not ok" he roared and sauntered out of the room...

Sameer knew there was something peculiar. He wanted to check with Aarti first, as it was impossible to get anything from Veer.

Sameer took his phone out and called Sheetal..
"Where are you?" he asked

"I am just leaving for library. Why?" she replied

"I want to meet you, now" he said

"Alright" Sheetal agreed



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Oh heavens...this girl is crazy or what??
Anything she can do for Veer!! LOL
Ab Veer you should have understood her and her sentiments before then this would have never happened to you! LOL
Oh God I just can't stop laughing and imagining Veer's conditions! 

And oh yes..Sameer is such a sweetheart..proud of you boy! Wink

Thanks for the update...missed it so much...!!! 
Love Veer!!
Apoorva! Embarrassed
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This is my 1st time i read ur story but i didn't read full parts i only read last update u post...
Awesome update...but i think when Veer found out dat Aarti trick him i don't think he gonna like it...
Asyalover IF-Dazzler

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Omg finally a update from you m so happy ...but really didnt like what arti is doing with Veer...poor veer

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Awesome Update !!!

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