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Spice Girls Hangout:A defining moment! (Page 2)

Pr1yanka IF-Sizzlerz

Joined: 08 February 2012
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Posted: 07 August 2012 at 5:29pm | IP Logged

*the one with conversation*

never had one of those in ipk land Winkjokes apart….hi everyone Hugpower packed episode..they really have got themselves a winner in swati chitnisClap...i have 2 say kudos to the casting team of ipkThumbs Up...every character is so apt for the role...ill forgive them for masala mama (sorry rads Tongue) and bubbly.

much have been talked about dadi being the original asr (female version) but kya pitch perfect dialogue delivery/diction/stance/expressions hain hamming what so ever...actually kudos to barun sobti as well..he totally held his own n came out as the star of the show in front of such seasoned performers as well..he truly has come a long long way.Clap...sanaya was totally looking like a scared new bahu of the mighty raizada household...good jobThumbs Up...amazing capture of her expressions when dadi tells arnav jab hum baat kar rahe hon to peechhe nahi jaayen...

loved the understated delivery of emotions by arnav when he effortlessly says it is his fault this marriage was conducted in the way it was conducted...loved khushi's teared up eyes...the girl deserves so much more...n more she got ...when her husband gives her the respect she should get from everyone as the wife of the owner of the and frank admittance and accordance of love/respect/dignity for khushi..."jahan meri patni nahi aa sakti wahan meri koi zaroorat nahi"..way to go asr...who says redemption is making sorry faces /crying rivers/becoming devdaas /roaming around the streets like deewana...this is redemption alright...Star

loved nani and arnav taking dadi to task who is full of questions and exercising authority as if she has just returned from a trip 2 neighbour's house…cmon... for god's sake..dadiji..where were u when the kids needed u...ridiculous...Angry

nk is such a breath of fresh air...everyday he lives up 2 his image...and the fandom gets the CV's message first impression is not the last payal telling khushi everyone likes u mami saying im not that bad..see this is the bada*s saas...all for the benefit of fandom..thank u very muchStern Smile

mami scampers behind nk...the lady is truly hilarious...dadi does a great job glaring at the true culprit when she comes to know khushi is bahu n not naukar...that reminds me...she is not shyam's deputy at least imo...she cant look so surprised if that is the case...naah...waise bhi jo dikhta nahi woh hota nahi...i believe in that ..specially wrt ipk...

that reminds me anjali disappeared after first scene, no more sauntering around chhote's room, CVs pl remember that in later scenes as well ; surprisingly dadi knows the layout of rm very well from day one (manisha says no logic to be i wont); payal also used the same black clips of khushi(they sure love those clips); and as yet the unsolved mystery of woh aurat; 8 days of contract marriage remaining or has khushi forgotten all of that; dadi says yeh kaise nirnay le rahe hain aap arnav..any hidden menaing??

cant wait for khushi singing to uplift arnav's mood tomorrow...the team has got the attention of trp viewers alright this time...i hope...Day Dreaming

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-monalisa- IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 07 August 2012 at 5:30pm | IP Logged

Rabba ve Masala Girls! Big smile

The episode continued in a similar tone from yesterday but we got another peep into the  brain of Arnav Mallick-Raizada.  Yes, no matter which name he chose to go by,  it was amply clear today that he has as much Mallick in his blood as he has Raizada in his upbringing.

(1) The most touching moment of the episode for me was ASR touching his grandmother's feet.  All the bitterness and questions and accusations of the past years were cast aside for a moment when he bent down in reverence. Clap

(2) Our favorite couple doesn't believe in words, do they?  But when they do indulge in a conversation, whether loving or hateful, it never ever fails to amaze.  Astonishingly so.  "I don't care what anyone thinks.  You and I know the truth.  None of this is your fault.  Please don't make yourself sad".  Not the exact words we were looking for, not the right tone, but we'll take it.  About time, ASR. Approve

(3) The forever indefatigable Khushi is on her next two projects already."Arnavji kyon naaraaz hain" and "Daadiji ko kaise manaayen".  Sigh, she never learns, does she?  Pace yourself, girl.  You just finished with Anjali di, and whatay positive experience that was, no? D'oh

(4) "Hello Kettle, this is ASR.  You're black."  Daadi is daadi.  She only  looks at things from her own convenient angle.  It's like the truth is invisible to her.  Hmm' sounds like someone we know all to well, doesn't it ?  Except, of course when he looks into a certain pair of gorgeous eyes and the atoot vishwas comes into play! Wink

(5) Arnav bitwa made his point to Subhadra Mallick firmly but very very respectfully.  No raised voice, no walking away in a huff, no throwing random objects.  Some credit Devyani Raizada's upbringing, but wouldn't we be amiss to point out the effect of Khushi's mohabbat on ASR? Day Dreaming

Finally, the hilarious bit in a not-so-hilarious scene:  Khushi's reaction to Daadi reprimanding Arnav, "Jab hum baat kar rahe hain, to poori baat suno"   Thank you daadiji, no DNA testing needed, definitely. You are undoubtedly your volatile grandson's grandma.  We look forward to knowing you better.  Welcome! 

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ipkbs IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 07 August 2012 at 5:32pm | IP Logged

Oh Dadi Dadi Dadi. 

You are fast becoming one of my fave characters.

Wonderful stuff. This lady has not even been at Shantivan for a day and already itna tamasha shuru kardiya hai. Kya Baat Hai!Tongue

What an absolutely brilliant, drama packed intense episode. Mazaa aagaya!Thumbs Up Today proved that IPK doesn't need rabba ve's to make an impression. It needs a dadi.

The maha saas arrives with a bang, but here's the twist. The saas is just a cover for the purani soch TRP audience. The actual drama is between the dadi pota. Not Khushi Dadi.

Kya combination hai in dono ka! Wah!Big smile

A battle of wills between two very alike headstrong individuals.

If ASR is Khadoos then dadi is zyada khadoos. If one questions, the other questions back. If one stares the other stares back. 

The two scenes that really stood out was the one where ASR tells Khushi it is not her fault that dadi's angry and it was his fault they got married the way they did.

There is your redemption for the ones that asked for it.

And Khushi trying to get ASR to open up to her, to share his problems. But it doesn't happen easy for a reserved individual like ASR.

The second scene, you know which one.

The Dadi-pota confrontation and ASR standing with Khushi. Whattay Beautiful Scene. Shuru hogai nayi soch. Big smile

Dadi shows her hand and Pota shows his hand back.

Another phase in his redemption complete. Chalo let's get to the story now.

The episode belonged to Nani, Dadi and ASR today.

Swati Chitnis and BS were absolutely brilliant today. Round of applause for them.Clap

This dadi is a gem and will click with the audience the way Sobti and Sanaya do. Gul and Co have found another Gem.Star

That's enough i'll say about Dadi, pehle hangout pe bhi bohat kuch keh chuki hoon.Smile

Yes i promised us a VM yesterday. But my Lappy never. When it's in the mood to upload without crashing. I'll present it.Big smile

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sama50 IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 07 August 2012 at 5:32pm | IP Logged
Awesome Post Sari Clap
Arnav stole today's episode

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maaloo IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 07 August 2012 at 5:33pm | IP Logged
Its a long one from me folks..

Mind-blowing episode today. I guess, each and every one of us can dissect all the fine nuances in today's episode, but still there will be some that remain untouched. And for that take a bow team IPKKND.. Clap
It was a beautiful piece of directing, beautiful acting and beautiful dialog writing.

What I loved most in today's episode..

 1. Actually its on everybody's list of favs I think. The way Arnav stood up to dadi, and stood by Khushi. His body language, his dialog delivery and his expressions were just awesome. 
When Dadi reprimands him when he walks off to take his place by his wife, it was the cool ASR who won Khushi's heart and also added a few more heads to his fandom, when he says, "Kahiye dadi .. jaha meri patni nahi aa sakthi, mujhe nahi lagtha ki wahan mera koi zaroorat hai.. main yaheen se sun rahaa hoon, kahiye".. The last words had the respect for his dadi, but also sent her a message saying you respect my wife, I respect your words.. wow.. brilliant. And the way he says "aap ki marzi" when
dadi tries to get the upper hand in that conversation, was just superb..It was so politely done, but without backing off on his stand.. again simply awesome. 

He fights for and protects those he loves.. and he does it again. The look of admiration in Khushi's eyes... superb

 2. The scene wherein he re-assures Khushi and accepts that the hasty marriage was his fault. It was a beautifully done scene. 

I always maintained that redemption doesn't have to be one where in the guy has to beat his chest and cry and grovel .. its always between the two people involved and if one can convince the other that what he/she did was wrong and that he/she is genuinely sorry for that, then thats whats needed. 
Its always between the two people involved. It doesn't have to be done in a roomful of people, it doesnt have to be done, by inflicting pain on oneself to make the other see how true he/she is in his/her feelings.. its the right words, said the right way, and between the two people involved. 

And this is exactly the way ASR chooses to do it. He needs to convince Khushi and no one else about the genuineness of his feelings. It was there when he said "sorry for hurting you" when he was rubbing the balm on Khushi's twisted ankle in GH after her Sallu dance. It was there today when he said, I accept responsibility in the marriage and the way it was done.

And the most important thing is that when Khushi found out the reason for ASR's anger and the subsequent marriage before his kidnap, her main concern was to make him understand that she was not the culprit, but that she was the victim. She wanted him to understand her and believe her... and today he just did that.. the same person who accused her for the marriage today accepted that it was not her fault, but that it was entirely his.. That to me is baby steps towards redemption.. the genuine apology was there in his eyes,  the realization that she has succeeded in making him realize her innocence was there in her eyes. That was just simply a perfect moment. The quiet way he stands by her side when he defies dadi, and subtly tells dade with no words spoken, to respect his wife was another step in his redemption. 

3. The stand-off between dadi and Arnav, a clash of titans.. again another show stealer. They both didnt back down, both held their ground, but at the end of the day ASR came out with the upper hand..The confirmation of which was in nani's expression. Awesome.

4. Naniji..She sure was a treat to watch.. Again another person, who actually can stare down any opponent, but still .. is not cold hearted. She dishes out as good as she gets.. They are supposedly friends..
but its interesting to note that, nani accepted a person with less aukad (apparently manorama was a servant?) as her bahu, but dadi thinks that her bahu is one with less aukad.. (believes that servants dont have aukad) hmm. interesting.. what say? 

The story now has suddenly opened out with lots of possibilities. But after watching today's episode, got to admit that the storywriters have painstakingly loved and nurtured the character of Arnav Singh Raizada, which has so many shades that the mind boggles just to unravel each layer.. kudos to the team.. its a well thought out and written character. 
And kudos to the actor portraying the character. Barun take a bow. You are just as awesome as Sanaya.. you both live the characters.. Well done.
Total paisa vasool episode. Loved it. smile emoticon kolobok

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Pr1yanka IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 07 August 2012 at 5:34pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by ipkbs


Talk to My Palm

My face is busy staring down my pota.

tee u r hilarious..did u check out the stop post outside the hangout…freaking hilarious on dadi n her stop sign

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Pr1yanka IF-Sizzlerz

Joined: 08 February 2012
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Posted: 07 August 2012 at 5:37pm | IP Logged
@sari what a post Clap bfully expressed khushi's and arnav's emotions

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ipkbs IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 07 August 2012 at 5:39pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by bobop

Originally posted by ipkbs


Talk to My Palm

My face is busy staring down my pota.

tee u r hilarious..did u check out the stop post outside the hangout'freaking hilarious on dadi n her stop sign

I haven't ventured out yet. Busy battling my lappy. Will do after thisLOL

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