Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon


Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon
Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon

Spice Girls Hangout:A defining moment!

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Can I have a moment of self-indulgence? I told you so moment...DancingLekin mera kaun
sunta hai...? Bus gaye dadi ko gaali dene...This is probably one of the defining moments in the life of Arnav Singh Raizada and for Barun as an actor... It was a homerun, he simply rocked...

Dadi brought the deepest emotions out of him....Love and respect for his wife....Today he saw and felt what his wife was suffering all these months & stood up to the forces against her...Today he was a true husband, a true protector...It was a true clash of titans...What ASR needed was someone to challenge him...Nani always did it but she did not demand respect; she got it pyaar se, haq se. But dadi demanded respect zabardasti se, rishte se aur umar se...Big difference...When someone hurts a dear one ASR rises...

Nani was another one who had a fabulous day, she was exceptional. First the gentle soul, then a friend who had tough questions and a grandmother who was proud of her grandson....She raised him well...Today we saw nani's grandson, a Malik by birth but a Raizada at heart... The one who challenged Dadi's ill-treatment of his wife, her no show in their lives...He was a true protector today of Khushi and nani's belief system...Nani had the right questions for dadi & he had the right answers for dadi's questions....

One look at dadi, the past haunted him...that fateful night when their world came crashing...His sisters dreams shattered... and a family ruined...

Dadi abandoned them never to be seen. She was back and the love and respect for dadi hadn't changed... He was still the boy she had met 14 years ago...He forgot all about the past & was in her arms like they had never missed a beat...He had tried very hard to keep her in their lives and he was willing to forgive her for her absence and just enjoy in the moment with his sis looking on...There was the hunger, to be loved and accepted by his grandmother...But Dadi does the unthinkable, she doesn't accept his love, his marriage...If only dadi knew how much it meant to him...

Beautiful reunion, but not quite...

Khushi quietly walks in after being rejected by his grandmother.....He silently heard her blaming herself, like all the other times, he was stoic....Not a word or an expression on his face....Little did she know he had a soul searching moment....A man who thought he was always right now was questioning his own decisions....

A soul searching moment.....

A shattered girl quietly walks and contemplates over the happenings, tears flowing....Yet again, she is being tested for no fault of hers....Maybe she didn't say or do the right things, maybe she just didn't like her or maybe it is the wedding....Like all other times, she would be blamed again.....Still fresh from the accusations not so long ago....Her husband blamed her for all the wrongs in his sisters life....Maybe, just maybe this is her fault too.....

Tumari koyi galthi nahi thi, meine tumhe majboor kiya shaadi ke liye...

One quiet look at her and he realizes she is down that slippery slope again... He quietly looks at her holding on to her chin with all the love....He sits by her & looks her straight in the eye, almost asking her for forgiveness.....He assures her, it's his dadi. Yes, a Malik trait again.....

She couldn't believe what she just heard, there was a look of surprise, joy....A sense of gratefulness, finally he accepted she was innocent...Nothing else mattered....She was once again the fierce protective wife....Always giving, always caring....she forgot that she was hurting, instead she rushes to his aid.....What is that he was hiding from her? She wants to share his grief, his anger; his disappointment....She is there for him....Once again he shuts her out....

Kabhi kabhi humein lagtha hai ki hum aapke bohat kareeb hai, aur kabhi aisa lagtha hai hum bilkul ajnabi hai...The girl will not rest until she gets to the bottom of it....She will now be his friend, his wife and his soul mate...

Clash of friends...

Nani was gentle, ever so loving but one little allegation from her friend she jumps to Chote's defense. She was the fierce tigress guarding her cubs. Where was she all this time? Why did choose to distance herself? They were her grand kids too, her family....Why was she here now?

Clash of titans...

Arnav Singh Raizada never hesitates to confront any situation head on....He never shied away from his responsibility....Tonight he was no different....He wasn't going to let nani fight his battle....He was the one who chose to marry secretly....A dadi who was missing for most of his adulthood was now questioning  his judgment and comparing him to his dad....He has never liked it when people associated him with his father & dadi touched that raw nerve....

Dadi, shaayad apne teek se suna nahin,iss ghar mein unke baare mein
baat karna mujhe pasand nahi hai...

Khushi walks in assuming all will be fine if she just apologizes....So much innocence...The yearning to be loved and respected drives her....Dadi stops her at the door....Arnav Singh Raizada this time stands by his wife....

Jahan meri patni ke liye jagah nahi hai, mujhe nahi lagtha waha meri koyi zaroorat hai... A proud nani looking on...

The bakri had walked into the den alright, but the sher was her protector....He had never made any vows on that night they married but today he stayed true to those vows....Khushi's emotions were beautiful....She knew she had found her soul mate, a man who would love, respect & cherish her....She looks at him with great love, her unconditional love finally won...

Today she found love... she found trust...she found remorse...she found respect in her husband's eyes....
A wife who truly loves her husband, will she want anything more?

Do they really a need to say their vows to stay true to each other? He proved marriage is more than just social acceptance....A defining moment for Arnav Singh Raizada...Marriage is truly a union of souls...

Pics - IshqSufiyana


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SARI Loved your post!!!!! Thumbs Up

Ok the first 6-10 minutes reminded me of this song...HA...HA...HA...HADSAA!!! ROFL The Hadsaa was all over the place...who knows really what happened but the HADSAA has left a scar on this dysfunctional family! LOL Only difference song is about Hadsaa in Mumbai...and well we know IPK's hadsaa happened in Lucknow. 

Today was a very well executed episode at MANY levels! Party

- Barun Sobti...What a splendid performance! Not Phangurling i swear just today was all about Arnav Singh Raizada and this deep sorrow in his soul. A sorrow so deep that it made this man to turn to stone. A sorrow so deep that it took the life out of him forever. A sorrow so deep that he cannot even share it in words to the woman he truly, madly, deeply loves with all his heart and soul. This was Arnav Singh Raizada going full circle today. He started off as a man with no emotions 14 months ago...he fell in love, he fell in hate, he fell in love all over again and today life has brought him to these crossroads where one woman will lead him to his future full of love and joy and happiness and peace where on the other side emerges this woman who reminds him what a painful past he comes from. A past he has burried DEEP into his heart, mind and soul and never ever want's to touch upon on it again. Sobti Boy take a bow because tonight you were pure Perfection. If ASR was based on anyone real...he would be proud of you! Clap

-Arnav and Khushi together finally finally FINALLY speak to each other in a loving and caring manner. He tell's her ever so beautifully that he was responsible for their rushed wedding, that he forced her and insisted on it and that she neednt feel responsible for any of that. He shared that his dadi was just like that and she was stubborn and believed whatever she wanted to and did not care of anyone else. Now we know where ASR get's his crazy antics from. Apparently Dadi in her own way is a female ASR...will we grow to love her eventually? Who know's ...for starter's she aint as cute as him so blah! LOL

-Khushi continues to blame herself...this is the selflessness of this girl...she will take it all...she will absorb it and she will try to shield those close to her from the hate and wrath of Dadi just as she tried to protect everyone and took ASR's wrath and anger all by herself. Sanaya was brilliant as well. Thumbs UpTo express the hurt and pain of Khushi thru those eyes without using too many words is difficult and she did it flawlessly. Khushi still feel's how she really doesnt know Arnav...someday's he's so close to her and then at time's he's a million miles away and she barely knows him. That's what love know them so well and can feel everything they go thru but you never know what skelatons are hidden deep inside those closet's of the past. In time she will know too.

-Nani was a total Dhamaka today! Clap She is reasonable and rational with Dadi but that buddhi doesnt want to hear anything!!!! Angry Dadi tries to blame Nani for all the ill's in her grandchildren's life and I was proud that Nani gave it back to her and said you got up and left. Her expressions in Dadi-Arnav conversation were amazing and towards the end the pride just took over her face. She raised her Chote well. She taught him right and today she was proud of what he had become. He stood by his wife and in a rather respectable and acceptable manner let his Dadi have it! Smile

-The last scene defined the future of it all...Where my wife is not welcome, there is no need for me there either....Khushi looks in awe of his words...Nani in Pride...and Dadi in horror! This can go everyway possible...Arnav leaving Shantivan with Khushi to prove a point, Khushi leaving again for the sanity of the family, or a third alternate plan that somehow emerges. 

- NK, Payal, Manorama...they were good but today was a Nani and Sobti kinda day! Tongue

-Dadi is a fab actress her antics though am not going to get into because I the given context is still vague about the HAdsa...and right now she aint being that impressive in her behavior.Dead

-TRP's will go up after this and smart, thought out move in my opinion. We wanted a story with a past element and here it is! Star

-The BG was fantastic today. Editing was fine too...BS comes into the house shaved...somehow between that and getting into Nani's room he was hairy...choppy yes...but boy needs to start shaving everyday to keep it consistent. Just saying...LOL

-OH OH OH I have a RANT!!!! Can they drop the JI from Arnavji it irked me! It really really really did...They are at a stage where it is ok for her to call him Arnav...Big smile

And finally the song of the evening is one of the most beautiful written song's ever Smile

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Sugar's post...

Hello Ladies!!!

I quite liked today's episode! I know right, what hypocrisy I follow, but I'm happy to know I'm not the only one who follows it, Arnav Singh Raizada is on the same path :) 

So Dadi and Arnav have a very apprehensive yet warm embrace. He's happy to be with family but the past still haunts him deeply and Dadi is a big part of it and he's not ready to face her perception or her completely yet.

I absolutely loved this scene between Arnav and Khushi.

It gave a lot of insight into Arnav's troubled mind and past, retrospecting on the dark that had happened that night. He's so tuned into it and so disturbed by it that he doesn't let Khushi get through. He listens to it all, but doesn't process it immediately. His focus is entirely on "what had happened" not "what is happening". A very eerie hindsight of what is to come once the past and the "connection" is revelaed. He will be deeply hurt and tuned in it that he won't let Khushi through and she will walk away, much like she did today after failing to get through to him.

By the time he has realized it, Khushi is dejected sitting on the bed. He goes up to her and has a heart to heart with her telling her he off all people knows the circumstances they got married in and she should not feel guilty at all. It was so good to see Arnav full heartedly acknowledging it and holding himself responsible for whatever had transpired the night they got married. Also, Khushi is starting to let her feelings and emotions slowly show again, she isn't hiding from showing Arnav exactly how she feels. A very good progress in their relationship.

I'm really liking this dadi character. I had said it yesterday that she could potentially be the second best character written after Arnav and you know why? Because her flaws and attitude is sketched out so perfectly, its hard to not address it.
Today we got a real insight into what really led Daadi away and the way she thinks. We know she doesn't like the bourgeois and had once had a royal lifestyle. She's headstrong and stubborn and that mixed with her affinity to her status and class tells me she was severely ashamed of what transpired "that night" and never came to terms with how wrong her son was (if he was). She did not want to acknowledge or address her shortcomings in the mistakes her son made and did not want to face the shame and humiliation it ultimately brought and walked away from her grandchildren and her responsibility. 
And her line about "uss ladki ki shakal yaad aati hai" tells me, she still doesn't hold her son responsible and completely blames the other woman.

Dadi and Arnav are mirrors. If anyone really had to describe them to one another, they'd just have to say "look at Arnav/look at Dadi, you're a carbon copy". 
His spiel on "Daadi har cheez apne angle si dekhti hai, sachai jaise unhe nazar hi nahi aati, wohi samajhti hai jo woh samjhna chati hai" while trying to pacify Khushi, really Arnav? Full on hypocrisy there buddy! You're just as stubborn as Dadi and you have a living example of that very same perception in the form of a wife you so forcibly married because you saw everything the way you wanted to see it. 
But now, at least for now, he's ready to rectify those mistakes. But once the pandora box to the past is open, Arnav's wrath may just be worse than Daadi's.

For now, Arnav's going to be just the husband and lover, he's walking on the path to rectify and re-build and do it all perfectly.

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Man in the Mirror..

What a power-packed episode! After a long time IPK delivered something which should make almost EVERYONE happy. Lots and lots of words, myriad expressions and some meaningful actions for doers like me! All in all a good day.

When Arnav entered in to Shantivan today with Nani, he wasn't expecting to walk into the path again which he had buried a long time ago. His first reaction is of pain, anger and despair and of that night which changed everything. He is tempted to lash out but immediately gives into respect at the request of his caretaker, Nani. He does his duty and gives Dadi the respect and receives love, which was lost for the last 14 years, only to be reminded a few minutes later that her love is not unconditional. His Khushi is clearly NOT her khushi.

Apparently, Nani and Arnav both read my post yesterday and were asking the same questions. Subhudra Devi - Why now?  what gives you the right to be on a high horse and demand explanations? What gives you the right to question anyone's lives and decisions? After 14 or 15 (confusion here) years of absence, why do you demand a presence and an audience without showing any remorse or regret on your part? Subhudra Devi's response - I demand answers because it is my right! My right as a Malik, as the rightful guardian of Arnav and Anjali, my right because I am Dadi. She doesn't give any other justification but to hide behind the 'haadsa' and 'woh aurath' who somehow has given Dadi the license to not be answerable to anyone. The very mother(Dadi) who should have been around to console her kids is now pointing fingers at the real mother (Nani) who through thick and thin has done her job when perhaps it wasn't hers to begin with.

Just the mere mention of 'babuji' unleashes the angst, pain and disappointment in Arnav that makes him turn his back towards Dadi. Is he hiding his pain? Or is he lying to himself? maybe somehow somewhere deep down, he is like his babuji? is he finally face to face with the truth that no matter how far he runs, he will always be back to that one night that took everything away?

A puzzled daughter-in-law walks with a heavy heart, not knowing where her place lies in Shantivan. She opens the door to her sanctuary only to don the avatar of a concerned wife. Trying to console her husband that it is not his blood that is at fault but maybe it is her, the outsider. Khushi did what she does best, if I am at the center of a situation I must be the one causing the hurt. But this time, the self-infliction does not go unnoticed. He senses the sacrificial Khushi taking over and puts her doubts to rest. Assures her that he knows in his heart she was never at fault, not on their wedding night and not today.  His apology and complete acceptance of her once again! 

Was Arnav describing Dadi or was it a moment of self-reflection? Evidently, Dadi is the mirror that Arnav has been avoiding all these years. The mirror which shows him what he has become and the sight is not pretty. The same mirror that is now in front of Khushi to see Arnav's reflection. To understand what makes the man in the mirror and unlock the mystery to know why.

'Kabhi kabhi humain aisa lagta hai jaisay hum aap kay baray main kuch bhi nahi jaantay'.
'.. aur doosray hi pal mai aisa lagta hai kay hum aaj bhi ajnabi hain'
I have a strong feeling Khushi's dream during kidnapping is still not complete. The 'mannat ki chabbi' is yet to come. The key that she needs to unlock ASR's heart and rescue Arnav.

For me, the beauty of the last scene wasn't in the words that were spoken but it was that one moment, that split second where Arnav looked at Khushi and without looking at anyone else, started walking towards her. That one second of knowing without a doubt where he belonged. Knowing where his life is, with that person who has not left his sight, has never deserted him and has stood by him even when her own position has been questioned every passing moment. For Khushi to see him by her side and know this is where she belongs as well. To have and to hold come what may!

Is a remarriage still needed? A vehement negative! but the TRPs rule and I am a fool for thinking otherwise

For those holding their breath for Arnav's repentance should be able to exhale in peace now. However, there is no free lunch in this world. If it was muddy yesterday it should be crystal clear by now that the pleasure of Arnav's 'repentance' will come at a cost of Khushi's tears. Her spirit will be broken time and time again. Even if he is her pillar of strength she still has to bear the brunt. Her soul, her existence will be questioned again. 'Gabbar Singh jaisi saas mili hai' and saas she will be indeed. In this dog and pony show of self-righteousness, Khushi will have to jump through fiery circles to prove her worth again, the difference is Dadi has not been kidnapped, her life doesn't need saving (her soul is a different story) and she is not locked up somewhere. She is right here, just down the hallway yet she is unreachable.

Other points to ponder:

1. Keechad ka pani - Khushi was on her way to dump the water outside but Dadi came in the way. Khushi was ready to wash away all the problems including Anajli's but Dadi herself plugged into the situation.
2. Khichdi - Well duh! it already is.
3. 'First impression is not necessarily the last impression' - Give Dadi a chance! She is not all that bad.
4. 'Main aap ki Bahu hoon. We will be a happy family.' Khushi has to be the tortured SP bahu because how else will she get accepted in the Star Parivaar?

Note to Mr. Sobti: Dude... you kicked ass today! I don't know what your future plans are but I wish you luck in everything you do. I sincerely hope someday, you are able to look at Arnav Singh Raizada and are able to appreciate, recognize and marvel at what you have created. You gave this character sansain.

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Hi Sari and everyone

An applause worthy episode  where everything worked.  Just when I thought  last Wed. was good with Arnie confronting Khushi with the remainig days of the contract  to be followed by Friday with Arnie gifting her the pearls  today was yet another milestone in the ArHi lovestory...
The opening scene with the long shot of the family , dadi & Anji on one side  Vs the others including HP on the other and in the centre stood nani & Arnie. Battle lines defined ? maybe and maybe not  !!!  Arnie shocked to see his dadi after so many years approaches her and his respcet for her is evident in the spontaneous charan sparsh . Dadi too is moved and unlike her reaction to Anji when she took her time to warm up dadi offers Arnie a much needed embrace. To me what was noticeable was Nani in the background who stood watching the two and so proud of Arnie as if to say "I have done a good job with these kids .." 
Nani follows up with a hug to her friend and with no complain regarding the huge responsibilty that her friend left her with.  Dutifully she introduces the two new bahus with Arnie watching his Khushi with love and pride.  Dadi has already made up her mind about this girl and nothing is going to change it  she refuses to give her her blessings.  So what is it about Khushi that dadi has taken an instinctive dislike to her. Is her reaction the same as that of Arnie when he first met her where Khushi seemed strong and himmatwaali who could potentailly break into a lonely heart ?   
Khushi  insecure in her place with her husband and  his family walks into her room to find Arnie lost in his thoughts.  Wanting reassurance as usual she takes the blame on herself...maybe she does not like me or she is upset with the secret marriage !!!  Arnie for the first time understands her need for assurance breaks his silence to tell her that this marraige is his responsibilty  and "Dadi is like this ..."  He voices his opinion of her as if echoing his very character... she has a mind of her own and expects people to follow her...    Simply LOVED this scene to see ArHI having a real conversation without interuptions.  Everytime Khushi reached out to him I would instinctively expect Arnie to shove her hand away or change the subject but he did not.  What a change and Khushi understanding that she does not know this man at all...Again Loved this scene...
Next comes the Nani & Dadi conversation.  Dadi demanding answers and Nani trying her best to give them.   Not to be taken down Nani does answer back and rightfully so , while you were away in an ashram trying to hide away from the truth I was right here looking after these kids who should have been your responsibilty .   The "hadsa"  did not only impcat you but it impacted all of us...Well said nani.  During a storm some poeple run and hide and some people stand there and face the wrath and   try to restart when it is over and Nani did just that ...Fantastic scene with no loud voices or histeronics but in a very dignified way...
Arnie enters the conversation when Dadi challenges nani on the details of his wedding.  "why was I not told ?"  Because no one was and you do not have the right to question me !!!  Dadi tries various tactics first  in an authouritative manner "how can you take such a decision ?"   to an emotional level " You are like your dad "  to a gentle admonish "I am trying to explain ..."    Arnie too will not take it lying down clearly tells her that in this house it is HE who decides and his dad is not a topic of discussion.  and when it comes to his WIFE  he will not be part of a conversation where is she is not respected.  This one very dialogue required a standing ovation Arnie...finally understanding what a wife is and how she should be honoured !!!   A seeti bajao moment for me and also a bhangara one.
Superb. Sari.   The Cvs have struck gold with this track only if they understand how to keep this balance.  We want all the Rabba ve's and a lot of romance but it has to be with a backdrop of a story.  The past will not be revealed so early . the next big wave is the completion of the contarct and Khushi's decison to stay back... I am once again hopeful that the cvs keep up the intensity and do not waste it away with comedy.
Performance wise Arnav / Barun is the obvious winner but for me it was Nani who stole my heart. standing there is a dignified manner backing her children in every possible way.  Khushi / Sanaya is never far behind as she displays her insecurities. The new lady , has so effortlessly slipped into her character and it does not seem that it is her second day on the job. IPK team well done. Clap
Crossing my fingers for tomorrow and tomorrow... till later.
Edit :  Whoa there is so much to read on this thread today. Its not only me who went crazy with the length of my post i see a whole bunch of comarades doing it as well. Off to read them...

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This episode was power packed from start to finish, there was not a scene to be missed as each held an impact of its own.

Episode started with Arnav coming face to face with Dadi after 15 years, FB of the past come rushing back to him as he proceeds to take her blessings and embrace her, pain visible in his eyes. He is at a loss for words but somehow his eyes light up with pride when Nani introduces Khushi, he wanted Dadi to accept his love but instead she shut Khushi out coldly. Nani tried to give hope but it was visible that Arnav was very hurt by this.

Really liked the bedroom scene as it shows how far Khushi and Arnav have as a couple, they are actually trying to communicate. Arnav though initially silent, hears Khushi out and the moment he sees her upset he reaches out to her. For the first time Khushi heard Arnav say Khushi none of this was her fault and owned up to the fact he forcefully married her. It didn't end there though as he actually explained Dadi to her, the fact she only sees and hears what she wants to. Khushi realizes there is more to Arnav's pain and anger but he shuts her out which is natural, his past is painful and it is going to take time for him to open up to Khushi so she shouldn't be disheartened.

Really liking the way CVs have brought back the sisterly bond shared between Payal and Khushi, Payal trying to comfort her sister admitting it was wrong for them not to correct Dadi earlier. Khushi being true to her character blames herself and wants to rectify things, Manorama sees this as doom for Khushi and celebrations for herself as she believes the heat is off her but I highly doubt it. Special mention to NK who continues to shine, loved his reaction earlier happy to see Khushi rightfully be recognized as the Raizada bahu.

Nani and Arnav both rightfully called Dadi out on what right she has to ask questions about their lives now when she wasn't around all these years, the pain and bitterness evident in Arnav's voice about a woman who abandoned him when he and his sister needed her the most. Dadi decides to dodge answering her past actions like she did earlier and states she has the rights as his father's mother, his grandmother but she had no idea of the fire that would emerge in him because of this. He refuses to hear or be compared to his father. Plot thickening here, why this strong despise towards his father? Why did Dadi stay away all these years??

So Khushi being true to her character tries to rectify what happened earlier, goes to Dadi only to be shut out again but this time she finds support in Arnav who isn't about to let her be disrespected. Arnav showed they are equals and where she is not welcome, he isn't either. Noteworthy reactions from Khushi and Nani. Nani watched with pride while Khushi though tense at Arnav and Dadi being at odds was also touched to see her husband supporting her.

Dadi is a character that works for me despite her shades of grey, what makes this track intriguing to me is not only because of the past connection but also because its level playing field. If Dadi can dish out then so can Arnav and Nani for that matter, that too without raising their voices or being OTT.

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Overall it was a good episode. We have now reached a point where the past when revealed could alter the relationship between Khushi & Arnav. I hope the CVs have not forgotten the parallel track (marriage contract) they were running ..

So here are my thoughts.. as always, I will present the positives first and go easy on the negatives to match the tone on this thread.Smile

Liked the way ASR stood up for his wife.. Him stressing on the word "humari Patni" sounded not only good to our ears but also to the ears of Khushi .. on hearing it, a teeny weeny smile swept across her face.. I hope when the past will unfold, ASR will stand by Khushi like the rock of Gibralter giving her the support and the comfort.. 

It still pains ASR to see tears in Khushi's eyes.. she walks into their BR to see a crestfallen ASR.. she tries to console him by taking the blame.. finally dejected, she gives up  .. now it is his turn to console her, to assure her that she is the one without fault. I was happy to see ASR finally discussing their marriage.. He assured Khushi that the fault does not lie on her but on him. He was the one who forced her into a relationship. Khushi appeared shocked to hear this. Because all along, somehow ASR had insinuated Khushi to be partly responsible for their contract marriage fiasco..I wish he had hugged Khushi during his conversation..Embarrassed

Loved ASR's conversation with Khushi.. "..and Dadi is like that.." ASR saying Dadi expects others to have the same view as hers and considers those who go against her views, as her enemy" this scene is poignant... may  hold the clue to ASR's past.. Dadi's behaviour reminded me of the old ASR who was a replica of his Dadi.. he too once held the same views and mannerisms (halting someone on their track with their hand).. CVs have now begun to show  conversations between ASR & Khushi.

Nani seems to be a class above the rest in RM. At least she had the decency to introduce the new members of the family to Daadi. This is where Mami falters... Maami  was well aware of her mistake which made her hide behind NK.

Loved the expression on NKs face when Khushi was introduced to Dadi.. He was highly pleased that Khushi was introduced as the DIL of the family. He was happy that at least someone has given her the due respect she deserves.. My love and respect for NK is increasing by the day... He is such an adorable character and reminds me of Joey from Friends.. His character leaves a lasting impression making one yearn for a friend like him..Kudos Karan & CVs... Clap

Loved Nani's discussion with Dadi - Dadi was being very judgmental about the way the children have been brought up. I simply loved  Nani's  fitting response.. How could the one who abandoned the family in their hour of need come back to criticise?  Had she been so concerned, she should have made herself available.. she should have been there for them at their hour of need and assisted Nani in raising them. Dadi's behaviour, reminds me of the old ASR who had lost sense of reality. She will need a reminder from time to time to advance with the times and don't you worry, she is going to receive plenty of it. Just like the way Khushi corrected ASR when he faltered, Nani and ASR will be there to correct Dadi and make her journey towards the 21st century easier.

Hope the suspense factor  in the serial will help the declining TRPs.. the  viewer is now awaiting with abated breath for the mystery to be unraveled and to know what happens in 8 days (at the end of the contract).. fans would like to see ASR & Khushi's interwoven past.. what was it that bound them either positively or negatively..? I doubt if the past will reveal an extra marital affair.. it could be a broken relationship before marriage or a broken engagement or related to some failed business deal or a domestic abuser and not something icky as an extra marital affair between their parents.. It could also have been a misunderstanding/misjudgement  by Dadi, the way she saw that incident could have resulted in the destruction of both families... Whatever it is, the suspense is mounting...

General Opinion:
The episode starts with ASR & Naani entering RM...on seeing Daadi one could see the pain in ASR's eyes... he was immediately transported back to his past.. all through the episode, we were made to feel that ASR somehow resented the philandering ways of his father..Dadi of course did not spare an opportunity to remind ASR that he was very much like his father (this reminded me of a past episode where Nani reiterated the same)... What's interesting is Dadi points out to ASR that he has inherited all the bad qualities of his father  yet, does not like to hear anything bad  said about Raizada senior..

What is the difference between Payal & Khushi? They both hail from the same town, are sisters and have similar economic backgrounds. Why would Dadi accept Payal as her DIL and not Khushi? Is it the appearance?  Why would Dadi assume Khushi to be the servant and not Payal? Was her assumption based on what she saw, Khushi working around the house? If that is the reason for her contempt, this lady needs to come back to reality. She may have stayed in an Ashram for a long time but, let me remind that there too residents are expected to do their work if they are able bodied. Why does she have such disdain for the servants..However, her conflict with Khushi and ASR  will help bring out the past and bring them closer..  Is Dadi a  Diatbetic
?.. she sounds like a person who is having too much Karela LOL

Dadi's statement "Yahan aa kar humen pata chalta hai ANjali maa ban ne wali hai. aur is baat ke jawab kisi ke paas nahin hai ki da-mad ji kahan hai" I thought she was going to say "aur is baakt ke jawab kisi ke paas nahin hai ke Anjali pregnant dikh kyon nahin rahi hai" LOL

ASR & KKG may have come a long way since day one.. but as a couple, they still have a long journey ahead of them.. they have yet to build up on their trust.. Both are unable to confide in one another... they are reluctant to ask for help.. call it their ego, self-respect, call it lack of trust but, for a relationship to flourish, trust is one of the basic elements.. I hope they will realise this soon and realise they will I am sure ...  ASR is being put through the test again. Last time, he chose not to believe in Khushi..  let's see how both will survive this storm coming their way..This will also be ASR's retribution track where he will have the opportunity to set things right and uphold Khushi's dignity..

During their little conversation, ASR says that Dadi views a situation the way she would like to see it and expects others too see it her way.. could this mean that Dadi misunderstood the other woman about whom they keep harping? Is there something more to it? Did ASR see the same situation differently ? Is that why Dadi chose to stay in a care home? These are questions which may be answered in due course.. at least I hope writers will not leave more loose ends.. Confused

Maami holds herself on a pedestal... she has very high self esteem... she things she is better than Dadi when it comes to being vitriolic.. Little does she know they are both peas of the same pod...

The serial is heating up... we will see clashes of ideas and views between ASR & his Dadi.. while Nani and ASR will act as the jurors, Khushi will be the diffuser.. I hope for a change, Payal will prove to be an asset to her younger sister rather than being a burden...

ASR is tormented by his past.. his relationship with Khushi could move onto the next level only when he has dealt with the daemons of his past ... something is holding him back... it could be something he fears, something he abhors, something that has brought shame to his family .. till the air is cleared and reconciliation is made, he will always hold a part of him back... this track could help both Khushi and ASR to take their relationship onto another level... at the end of this track we may see the culmination of a full fledged romance between the too..

Lo and behold, we still have Shyam in the equation.. when he finally enters the scene, they could fight him as a couple..

the writers of this show is famous for leaving tracks in a limbo... Hopefully they have not forgotten that the contract ends in 8 days..
Big smile

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meens80 IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 07 August 2012 at 5:28pm | IP Logged

Hi Sari and SG's!

Sari: Once again fantastic take; you outdo yourself everyday and your take makes the hangout an even more enjoyable experience. Loved your post to bitsClapClap

Awesome, power packed and emotionally charged episode brilliantly bringing to light the undercurrents of 3 relationships of ASR; with his Khushi, his Nani and his Dadi. The forum has been gaga over Barun's performance today and while he was superlative today, I thought Sanaya, Jayshree T and Swati Chitnis were brilliant tooStarStar. Especially Daadi, excellent screen presence and she matched up to Arnav every step of the way making for a powerful confrontation scene. Excellent screenplay, fantastic dialogues, tight direction and superb performances brought out the drama quotient like we have never seen before in IPK and to be honest I loved itBig smile.

The shining star today was ASRThumbs Up: from the slight smile on his lips when Nani introduced Khushi as his wife to Dadi to the honest confession to Khushi of how he was responsible for forcing Khushi into the marriage to his respected but stern stance before Dadi about his decisions and relationships to finally his open declaration of support for and standing up for his wife infront of Dadi; the man and the layers to his character shone through beautifully.   

I loved the Nani-Dadi scene; two friends, two samdhans carrying the burden of their past meet after years and try to re-connect; the cracks in the relationship clearly visible; Nani aptly questions Dadi on why the barrage of questions and concern now when she chose to abandon relationship many years back? The just and objective matriarch who has spent a lifetime trying to keep her family together and bring them out of the tragedy they faced years back was fantastically done by Nani. I loved her silent support to Arnav throughout and the smile and pride on her face when she sees Arnav stand up for his wife.

Loved Khushi today; she reached out to Arnav to assure him that she is there for him, to engage him in conversation; she can see from  the hurt and anger in his eyes that there is more to this than meets the eye. Arnav for the first time instead of running away and hiding behind the mask opens up a little to assure her and takes responsibility for the forced marriage and relieves her of any guilt. He goes on to explain what Dadi is like and in a way spells out for Khushi character traits that are so ASRWink

The Dadi-Arnav face off was epic; a scene that can give any good ARHI scene a run for its money, the attitude, arrogance, lordliness and confidence all trademarks of the Maliks with the ziddi gramdma grandson jodi refusing to cave even though they meet after years. Arnav again tightens at the mention of his father; grits his teeth in anger and guarantees' all that he never was and never will be like his dad who he clearly resents. He stands up for Nani and takes responsibility for not informing anyone about his wedding and most importantly he cuts Dadi short, walks out and stands by his wife finally assuring her of her place in his life, of her true haq on him. Today he took responsibility for his actions and emerged her protector and I love the way they are redeeming his character in true ASR style. What he did today was way more than a paltry "sorry". He knows he has wronged her and he will do it all to make it rightDay Dreaming. I knew way back we won't have a particular redemption track as such but for ASR it will be ongoing; he will stand by her through thick and thin, do everything to make her smile and keep the tears away, to give her the respect and trust she deserves and today he has taken the first few steps in the right directionHeart Thumbs Up. Well done ASR; Khushi's eyes spoke volumes of the place you occupy in her heart and life and I'm loving the intense, mature turn the story is taking.

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