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:.Sadiie's Analysis:.

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Sadiie's Analysis

20th July

Yash broke my Chotu dil like thisBroken Heart


Not because he remembered Aarpita's death while Aarti was playing with the rain, but because he hates rain and..and..


He doesn't like Bachpana...as in Kiddos right..



He broke my heart big time, and I still love him...sigh... Yeh Chotu Dil hai Yeh Chotu Dil Hai Yeh Chotu Dil Hai...I forgot the lyrics...Haii...


Moving on..


I just want to ignore Paridhi&Prateik track. Period.


I can't believe Ansh would do that. I mean in the previous episode [19th July] I thought Kamini Bua had planned the worst for Ansh thus I was hating Palak because she actually followed her Kamini Bua Dadi. But Everything went Upside down in one frikin episode Wah! And it's hard to believe but it's true; I felt sorry for Palak and wanted to slap Ansh Stern Smile


But to be honest, the 'teacher' did absolutely nothing to help Palak. In fact that bin bag looked annoyed when Palak wasn't saying anything. I mean Come on! She's a mere annoying kid who has stage fright! At least make her feel less nervous. And the fact that everyone started laughing when she said she doesn't want to read it...sigh..

What's the difference between saying the speech yet people may laugh than not say anything at all and let people laugh.

Now I wish Ansh gets his reward, in a way Bua did something good ever since her birth ROFL though her motive was bad but hey, all is welcome LOL


Plus, Ansh&Palak are like Enemies so I can guess from Palak's expression; she's gonna take revenge Muahaha!


And also, why do I feel Ansh is following his Kamina first dad? I'm not really like my parents..well maybe a little like my father as he gets angry pretty quickly and I get angry faster than him any day. Just Wondering whether he's this nasty because he's like his Kamina Dad..Pashu..


Moving on.


23rd July


Sigh...Ansh is too cute to be hated. Omg he started cryingCryCry

Also, shouldn't the Bin Bag check the 'Speeches' before the kids say it out loud..? I guess not.


I wonder why Yash didn't Blast off like earlier when Aarti said "Yeah they're in love" or whatever that was. Hm, seems like Aarpita Bhoot is finally returning back.

I loved how Aarti was asking about Palak only and Yash asked about Ansh. Awhh So sweet.

I expected Yash to think that Ansh must have done the mischief himself. But he thinks someone else did [Inwardly hoped he would kick Bua out of the house in few episodes]


Looking at the pre-cap; he blames it on Aarti Stern Smile so looks likes I'll have to bear Kamini Bua for longer now. Someone Shoot her please, I'll pay you. Just Shoot her in the head.


Yash, you broke my Chotu Dil Again, I still love you...


And Ps. Gayatri has changed hasn't she?


Moving On.


24th July.


I mean, Yash is so dumb. I love him but he's so thick man. He's like "Keh Diya, Bas Keh Diya" and it doesn't even have to be the truth. He just believes what he wants to believe. [Aarpita Will Come back to him for example, others know she's dead; he doesn't want to listen to them.] Well that would be as well but come on, I'm not dumb am I ROFL


Aarti is dumb too, I mean how could you not shout out that you didn't change the speech. Asian Soaps I tell you, they take a full episode Zooming ones figure forget anything else. I mean so Damn slow man! Seriously?

If someone says to me "Sadiie you stole my phone i will not listen to anything you say i hate you i hate you i hate you"

I'll simply shove a sock up your gob and tell you i haven't stolen your phone, i don't care if you Want to believe me or not.

Here Aarti is like "Yash ji i ..i.." i mean seriously?


Seeing Bua again and again is driving me crazy, i seriously want to punch her face. I want to punch the screen so bad, that bua feels the blow. Ugh!


Anyway, moving on.


So glad Mr.Sindhiya insulted Bua, lady deserves it. Also, He even knows Bua doesn't like Aarti so he tells her to change her views about Aarti. Could he be the one who'll do the honours of Kicking Bua out Into some mental asylum...hmm.

Again with Gayatri falling for Bua's talks..sigh...Bua I hate you, you poisonous Lady.


Okay so Palak did spit it out. Aarti isn't dumb now cuz her Red batti lit up LOL

I Swear I'm one of those who wanted to kick bua like a football when she was sitting down and Aarti came into her room.


It's true what Aarti said. Fair enough you hate Aarti because she got married and no man wanted to marry you because you're simply a Kamini but seriously you just can't use Ansh and try to harm Aarti. I agree, you can't see Aarti Happy because when one isn't happy they tend to hate everyone who is happy. Same case with Kamini Bua. But woman, I hate you; go to hell.


There will be a day when her truth will be revealed, I am waiting for that day.



No Yash, I Don't even know why you decided to come into Kamini Bua's room in the first place Stern Smile


25th July


Okay Yash is Sensible now CoolLOL



I See, she wants to get married..ROFL

I mean..what do I say? The lady thinks she needs to be given justice, but how? Marry her off probably..but who would be stupid enough to marry her? Or she wants justice by ruining Aarti's life who is the main lead Stern Smile How Ironic, she chose to target the main lead.


But I don't get why Aarti took the blame on her and let Bua go ONCE AGAIN.

Though it doesn't matter because everytime she's taken the blame for Bua's Doing, it's benefitted her anyway. But still, it annoys me when she does that. Maybe because I want Bua kicked out of this show as soon as possible. I seriously cannot tolerate her anymore. Though I see Yash, Bua's presence makes me wanna quit watching this show. But I'm just watching it for AarYa&Kids cute scenes together until this Kamini bua gets run over by a truck or something.


I bet AarYans were smiling like fools when they bumped their shoulders together And Yeh Dil Hai Tune Played off, I know you did; I know you did LOL



Can Bua get worser than this? Stern Smile I suppose so.



26th July


Well, I usually spend all my 'analysis' drooling over Yash and I've tried not to do that here, but can't help it LOL

Yash looks...fine..Blushing

I just had to say it LOL


At first I was kinda confused as to why they showed Yash dropping the wallet [Not that I minded the close up...ROFL What LOL I'm already classed as besharam, I might as well say it]


But I guess I know why they showed that.


Omgosh Ansh is so cute. Loved his cute speech, especially when he says Aarti secretly checks out His Naye Papa ROFL Cheeky Kid


I kind of got reminded of Kuch Kuch Hota Hai when I saw the Sardar next to Yash..err..moving on.


Aarti finally did it. So proud of her [Yeah I keep cussing her for getting close to Yash, but she's a good mum]


Haha Ansh goes to Yash he's a strong boy LOL No wonder someone kept yapping Boy Boy Boy somewhere...ROFL


Palak finally accepted, or I hope she did, as her mum. Aarti mum and not step Mum. Sweet..


I am speechless for the first time actually. This episode was amazing and I loved it for the first time. PV is growing on me LOL



Umm...I hope both win cuz honestly both were good [Since I never heard any of the other kids Stern Smile]


I've watched so much of Kamini Bua, I think I've fallen in love with her Stern Smile ROFL


Continued BelowStern Smile

My Bak Bak Never EndsCry

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27th July


Awwwhhh...Aarpita..i mean Aarti Mummy LOL Typing error which I can't be asked deleting LOL



Okay Palak won, Poor Ansh Unhappy he looks so cute when he's sad LOL

At times I felt he was being left out, but then Yash goes to him to cheer him up Awwh. Then again everyone is like saying what does Palak want and all, and he's there all sad sad. Mr.Sindhiya did the honours then LOL

Again, Bua Stern Smile

It was like a slap on her face and I'm so glad..so glad. She may now go and rot in hell.


I Feel as though Aarti is going away from Ansh while she's going closer to Palak. Though I do think it's right for Aarti to be more with Palak because she's just started to accept her as her mum. But then I want Yash to be with Ansh while Aarti is with Palak, the scene between Father&son was no doubt very very very cute but I guess Ansh didn't Understand Thus the Pre-cap LOL

Yash is so dumb man. I mean to cheer Ansh up he says girls are this girls are...Hawww!Shocked How dare he!Angry Not all girls are a Chatter box unless you've lived with one [Aarpita Most Likely!] Huh! Hypocrite Yash! LOL


Also, Payal; I Want a track on her. She's been ignored a lot, no dialogue from her for a good few episodes can you believe it! I guess you can.


A Cute episode I guess, minus Prateik&Paridhi track; they Don't exist for me. Too much dose of good episodes is a bad sign.



30th July



I see Pankhu!!

I missed him



Haha So glad he's back Cool


Anyway LOL

Ugh! Why did Payal have to talk in this episode LOL

Girls Vs Boys thing, pretty cute seeing everyone all happy shappy LOL

Count Bua out for that matter Stern Smile


I bet, once again LOL, AarYans were Embarrassed and Blushing and all when he held her hand.


For me, I was waiting to see Aarpita. Usually ROFL Usually when the camera goes round and round with Yash smiling, you do expect to see Aarpita but surprisingly that didn't happen. Dammit LOL


Umm, so I guess Yash doesn't want to go Mumbai because he used to go there with Aarpita. Obsessed Physco...


Pretty much likely they will go, otherwise the whole Mumbai topic would go to waste if they didn't inni LOL




31st July


I have like the biggest grin on my face seeing the Pre-cap but I'll try and say something about this episode LOL


I don't get it. Seeing the Mumbai house reminds him of Aarpita. Explain his bedroom Stern Smile

Dumb Yash I swear, I guess Aarti gave him the silent treatment LOL


Bua... Someone shoot her. Just shoot her man I'll pay you for ten pilgrimages for you want but just shoot her. I found it funny the way she said Honeymoon..'Hoooneymoon'LOL


I feel Paridhi is gonna turn real negative soon and follow Kamini Bua's foot steps. Nothing new, they do that all the time; one DIL Jealous of another..


Haha the bathroom door is demented which explains the Pre-cap..LOL

I'm Trying really hard not to get 'Besharam'  but...omg Yash..Blushing



1st August


See, someone tempted me to catch up with the episodes...LOL Or should I say bribe me ROFL ROFL

You know who you are LOL


So yeah, I decided to catch up fast and I finally see what I want to see. Yash in a bathtub Blushing Blushing Blushing


See I'm so decent today, no drooling or anything cuz I'm speechless to be honest ROFL


He broke the door handle, strong boy ROFL ROFL

I was busy checking him out Blushing, nothing registered in my head except him saying to Aarti "Don't look here" ROFL Man I still wonder why his Izzat wasn't stolen...damn you slow Aarti! ROFL ROFL On a second thought, Aarti don't you dare touch him Stern Smile


The kids looked so innocently shocked when Yash&Aarti came out of the bathroom.

Bua looked like she had just got electrocuted when she saw Aarti&Yash come out of the bathroom. Must have been thinking "Mere Bhagwan Ki Kasam! What soap did they use?" ROFL Naughty Naughty tut tut


Cute scene cuz it was cute LOL and Yash...Blushing Blushing...he didn't realize Aarti was checking him out or was he willing to get checked out..? ROFL Whatever, I saw a Nangu Pangu Yash Blushing Blushing


Overdose of Bua is ...annoying the friking hell ..out of me...urrrggghhh I want to swear I swear!


I mean it's pretty obvious Paridhi faked the dream shit so that her emotional Mother-in-law would take that as a..bad omen and then so on.


Paridhi is annoying me, who told you to marry Prateik. Prateik is annoying too, man up man! Haha LOL


Err..not gonna talk about them. Period.


2nd August


This reminds me of the time when Yash blasted at Aarti. Maybe because of the clothes and the return of the stubble...idk..LOL


I guess if Paridhi hadn't told Prateik about her fake dream, then maybe she would have been in Mumbai. And then Prateik going to Yash&Aarti and telling them the truth, it's just gonna make her more furious and most likely  she'll start listening more to Bua thus; Mini Bua or Bua Part 2 Stern Smile


But I'm Glad Prateik didn't stay quiet, finally something to like about him LOL but then again, he didn't tell Gayatri&C..Mr.Sindhiya about Paridhi's lie. The video was cut Confused so I missed Prateik&Paridhi's Conversation when they left AarYa's room.


I love how all were being stubborn one after another LOL

Poor Yash, I guess he's gonna have to go Mumbai.Cry


Ps. Is just just me or is Yash looking very hot..? I guess it's me everytime Blushing



3rd August


Okay I am officially Freaked out O_o



1. Yash is a serial killer I swear down he is! Okay a Pyscho then.

I mean, he kept PICTURES Of Aarpita in that house? They are EVERYWHERE Like e.v.e.r.y.w.h.e.r.e

I won't be surprised if I see Aarpita's picture in the Bathroom Stern Smile


Imagine some look alike of Aarpita comes, which you see in movies LOL, And Yash goes MAD. I Swear he's gonna turn into an obsessed Physco.


I am creeping out seeing so so many Pics of Them. Like who took the pictures? There's one where they're looking at the sky..Confused who was stupid enough to capture that picture? Pathetic.

Had I been in Aarti's place I'd be packing my bags and running to my mum's house ROFL ROFL ROFL


2. I see my worst nightmare either coming true or not. I just hope Yash keeps his obsession over Aarpita, I'll be happy then but not when..Aarti..er..yeah whatever she's planning on doing Stern Smile

I'll pretend I didn't hear that


Well I am expecting another Yash blasting at Aarti moment Hehe


And then they'll come back home and he'll be angry on Aarti while Gayatri and others will be angry on her. Epic Cool LOL


What? Like I say, Yash is always right. Let him stay in Aarpita land, why are you so nasty to him?! ROFL though I'm freaked out but okay! He's still my favourite Character until he falls for Aarti [In 10 PV years time so safe ROFL]


Ah I'm finally caught up Cool


Why is bua given so much screen space? I wanna kick her ass everytime I see her. Why are PV makers so obsessed with this Bua, what's so great about this Bua?


It's only because of Yash, I tolerate her nonsense. Someone Shoot her Dammit! She's driving me Pagal and I'm straight if you thought I meant it the other way ROFL

I wanna cover the floor with broken glass pieces and make her dance like Basanti. I wanna trip her over the bridge so that she lands in the water and then I'll jump into the water and suffocate her then and there. I wanna..I wanna..Murder her!!! Urghhh she's turned me into a serial killer!Angry


Also, why is it necessary for Aarti to come back home once she's made a place for herself in Yash's dil? Either he's gonna blast at Aarti or ..never mind, I don't want to imagine.


So how is his smile, his happiness supposed to be returned back to him when the guy is Obsessed with his dead wife? I guess Aarti will do that, but it'll take her some time to make a place for herself in his heart. And she'll have to go through a painful time with Yash being the reason for it.

To be honest, I Don't like it when Yash gets angry at Aarti but I also blame Aarti for being stupid...Don't ask me why, I just don't like the main leads doing something stupid.


Oh well.

Whatever, I hardly understand any of the episodes that's why I don't even belong here. I'm like..The oddest person to be here.."analyzing" ROFL and This is the Second time I Have ended up writing so much!! 2800+ Plus Words O_o and guess what? I still need to watch Monday's And Todays Episode!



Monday's Episode

Awhh the Kids are so cute, finally LOL

They wasted 50 Seconds showing the arm holding scene Stern Smile I was counting yes I Was.

Hayee'he's playing with the kids'

10 Seconds Or Less on the second hand hold Stern Smile

Err'This episode isn't for me so Screw the 'Analysis' LOL

Overall a nice episode..


Today's episode

Why Why Why Why Why?! Why so much of AarYa? ArYans are excited but I'm not!!

Iss Acha Toh Bua Dekh Leti Main ROFL ROFL ROFL


Ewww Karela..Bitter gourd'YuckDead'the name itself says how bitter it is..Yash eats that?

Okay Okay Something I Liked here and laughed at LOL

Poor Aarti, I Guess he's taking revenge on her for making him eat that porridge shit. But see, she couldn't refuse because'.I Leave it there Stern Smile


Precap'ROFL Me wanna Know Too LOL

I Type more when I'm on my phone. Yesterday's & today's episode is done on my PC, usually get lazy while on the PC...Thus so short ROFL


Oooh PicturesBlushing

Poor Kids Cuz Look

Jab Phone Ki Ghanti Bajti Hai Toh Kehte Hain Heellooo ROFL

She touched his ear! SHE Touched his ear! 


Quality of the Videos Sucks.Sleepy

Trying A New FontTongue Ignore Typing Errors

Edit: Oh wait I forgot to mention. Where did the Bubbles come from when they were making the clay pot thing? Aasman Se Ya Zameen Se? Someone please explain. I'm guessing Aarpita is roaming around as the bubbles keeping an eye on Cunning Aarti ROFL ROFL One mistake and POP ROFL ROFL


Sadiie x

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I feel honoured that you mentioned me in your take for pushing you to watch the show and catch up. It's that I love your hilarious take. But there is some seriousness in your take now. Enjoyed reading it all in one go!LOL

I'm not going to do or say anything regarding BuaROFL

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-BlushaLicious- IF-Stunnerz

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Damn !! ROFL !!

Youu Spent Bout 2 Bloody Hours And Youu Came Out With This !?! Not Saying Its Bad It Was Good Yeah But Why Alot Of Bua Man !?! ROFL !! ROFL !!

Should Have Talked More Bout Mr.Sindhiya !! Blushing !! And His Sexy Legs !! Blushing !!

I Knew It Bruv That Youu'll Drool Ova My Yash !! ROFL !!

Back Off Hes Mine Kid !! Wink !!

Shocked That Your OWN Sista Just Popped Here !?!? ROFL !! Same Here !! Stern Smile !!

That Was A Heavy Mission !! Wink !!

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Oh Yeah !!

Those Pics Are Sexy !! Only Yashz !! Blushing !!

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That Pic Where Aartii Puts Her Hand On His Cheek-Ear !! ROFL !!

Damn !! ROFL !! Hes Like *Back Off Youu Witched Hand !! Dont Diss Mah Ear * !! ROFL !!

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Im Forced To Do This By Mah Own Sista The Great Sadiie The Vamp !! ROFL !!

UfffT I Just Love Yashz Dad.. Mr.Sindhiya !! Blushing !!

The Sexiness Of His Less Viewable Legs *Thud On The Floor* By God !! Blushing !!

Bua Ki Jaawaani Ramdulhare Ki Badnaami !! ROFL !!

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Originally posted by AngelDark

I feel honoured that you mentioned me in your take for pushing you to watch the show and catch up. It's that I love your hilarious take. But there is some seriousness in your take now. Enjoyed reading it all in one go!LOL

I'm not going to do or say anything regarding BuaROFL
Of course I had to add thatLOL I got bribed remember ROFL
Thank YouEmbarrassed
LMAAOOO ROFL ROFL Nooo Don't worry I won't say anything if you say something about the Ultimate BuaLOL

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