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22\8 :Decoding Past: Garima to confess the truth?

sree07 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 07 August 2012 at 3:08pm | IP Logged
NEW Update 22-Aug-2012

thanks to simbelClap

Additional Points to ponder

  • Garima said, the truth about 'her' past, not khushi's past
  • Garima was at ease when she was looking at khushi.(I am almost convinced, Garima is the voh aurat, everyone MUed. Lets see)
  • Arnav is going out of his way to help Gupta's. Will the pendulum swing the other way when the truth comes out? Will he be the old ruthless ASR when the truth is out in the open
  • Another disturbing thought - We all know anjali's wedding was called off in the middle of the wedding preparations. So if the past comes out during the marriage, Will khushi end up like anjali? Because promo clearly says, khushi is responsible for Arnav's past and Arnav will break khushi's present like the peal strings. 

Old Update 16-Aug-2012

Clue#18 - Daadi knows Garima and have seen her before.  *New info*
Clue#19 - Daadi is eager to meet garima while garima tries to avoid the confrontation.  *New info*

Wow clues galore in this episode. Clearly daadi and garima know each other and are not in good terms in past. They clearly do not share a friendly past. Daadi's emotion - Clearly anger and shock on hearing the name. Garimaa - Clear fear of confrontation.
Garima is clearly afraid of payal and khushi's link with RM. So something is there which comes to light will shook the whole foundation.  No one except garima and daadi knows the connection.
Questions of the day:-
  1. Is garima or khushi's mom, who is the 'voh aurath'?
  2. How khushi is 'responsibly' if that is the case?
I seriously feel that the entire past affair allegation on ASRs dad is a huge MU created by chacha malik. At the end of drama it might be revealed that ASR was hating his father unnecessarily and finally we get to see a moment when he fondly remembers his father just like his mother  ---- My speculation

Useful info - (credit to simbel)
  • Arnav does not know payal is shashi's daughter from his first marriage. so 14 years before garima might have been not married to shashi. 
  • Daadi seems relived that 14 years before garima was already married and had payal as kid. Clearly thinking the garima she thinks is not the same
  • There is a slight expression change when daadi hears about khushi's parents car accident.
  • Garima does not look guilty and not asking fr forgiveness in front of god. She is scared. So def she is not at fault in her eyes. 

What do you guys think? Any more ideas?


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jpatel1289 Senior Member

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Posted: 07 August 2012 at 3:15pm | IP Logged
Absolutely brilliant! I am amazed at how everything makes so much sense when you put it this way! As someone who religiously reads the analysis of the IP REDUX crew you seem right on par with them! Definitely something you should think about joining in on since you're amazing at digging through the rubble to come up with such gold! 

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zoya-shah Goldie

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Posted: 07 August 2012 at 3:25pm | IP Logged
excellent clues.i somehow feel that may be arnav's dad had fallen in love with khushi's mom but it was one sided just as shyam was lusting after khushi though married but one of ur clues just opened another option that there could be a third angle to this story and that could be arnav's chacha who framed both his dad and khushi's mom to be mistaken for an adultery and this resulted in arnav's mum's either ways,indirectly khushi became the cause of arnav's horrible past since she belongs to the family which is responsible for arnav's past.

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starplus31 Goldie

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Posted: 07 August 2012 at 3:27pm | IP Logged
garima has a social stigma?? and maybe arnavs chacha did do something to cause it all

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sree07 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 07 August 2012 at 3:28pm | IP Logged
Old Update 15-Aug-2012

Clue#16 - Garima knows daadi. 
Clue#17 - Garima looked scared of her and tried to hide. She was angry when khushi mentioned arnav's moms suicide as if she is feeling guilty. 
Now check out Clue#7Wink Bingo!!!

Old Update 11-Aug-2012

During the Daadi - Arnaav confrontation scene lot of hints were given to us. Still its a mess

Clue#12 - Arnav's father commited suicide.
Clue#13 - Arnav's father supposedly provoked his mother to commit suicide. Supposedly on the same day both deaths happened.
Clue#14 - During that time Arnav believed one side of the story. Daadi says that side is wrong. Arnav says its right. Confused. Truth, Yet to be revealed,
Clue#15 - Arnav believes that his dad is wrong and daadi believes the reverse

So Deductions
  • ASR dad linked with another woman 'voh aurat' (almost sure)
  • This EMA lead to ASR's mother's suicide.(almost sure)
  • Daadi believes her son despite blaming the 'voh aurat' for breaking the family. So it can be possible that its a game plan by chacha malik and ASR's dad is actually a victim of a ploy.(speculation)
  • I get a strong feeling that ASRs dad was MUed big time by everyone(speculation ). Clearly there are two sides of the story daadi's and arnav's. One's belief should be a misunderstanding. History repeating?

Questions for the day:-
  • Now the question is where does khushi and shyam fit the picture.? These are two external entities and not blood related. So only option is 'voh aurat' who is the external person in the whole past thing. So ideally they should be connected to 'voh aurat' not necessarily by blood if they are part of the past. 
  • Khushi's parents and ASR's parents died on the same day?
  • Daadi has seen the 'voh aurat' and blames her for the tragedy. Still siding with son and taking his side during the convo with arnav. So daadi thinks the fault is only 'voh aurat's?
  • Why did ASRs dad committed suicide? Guilt? or for the love of his wife?

Old Update on 8th august 2012

Clue #11 Today naani specifically asked daadi, why daadi is hating khushi without any reason in the first sight itself. What could be the reason? Is khushi and hey eyes reminding her of something or someone? A soul connection of hatred?

Old update on 7th august 2012
What happend 14 years back? An attempt to deduce the pastWink

Clue #1 Promo5 - Khushi is responsible for Arnav's Past trauma and Arnav is spoiling khushi's present. Poetic justice at play.

Clue#2 Khushi's dialogue at the darga. If god give you pain, he gives the medicine as well. Indicating once again khushi is the reason and she is gonna be the healer

Clue#3 Naani taunting ASR every now and then about becoming like his father when he was in an affair with la. Indicating there was a illegal\extramarital affair between ASRs dad and someone.

Clue#4 Right after arhi marriage, Naani said Arnav proved that he is the replica of his father. So we can conclude that his father might have taken a rash step involving the other woman and brought insult to the family.

Clue#5 FBs indicate that, during anjali's marriage, something happened and arnav's mother committed suicide. Wedding was cancelled. May be due to ASR's dads misstep triggered the trouble. Naani, Daadi keep on mentioning the aurath and voh hadsa. So the exposure of the other woman might have happened during the wedding.

Clue#6  Khushi's parents died around the same time frame in Lacknow.  She says its accident and she is scared of fast moving vehicles. So an accident is involved which is somehow connected to Arnav's parents death. I am not clear how.

Clue#7 Garima is khushi's maternal aunt and its mentioned somewhere in the beginning that she had a social stigma so had to marry shashi who was a widower at that time. Can be related to arnav's past.

Clue#8 Misti's spoiler says, there is so much left in the show 'arhi remarriage' and 'shyam will confess why he married anjali'.  We all know why shyam married anjali. Its for money. But will there be another reason? Some hidden agenda related to past?

Clue#9 ASRs thinks Daadi sees only what she wants to see and does not see the truth from other angles. Daadi seems to be ok with his son's behaviour indicating he still trusts him despite the other woman accusation. Might be thinking that 'the other woman' tricked her son. 

Clue#10 During the death anniversary poojs, the flower on ASRs father's side fell down indicating that the soul is not happy with the disrespect it is getting all the way?And he deserves more than what he has from his son?
Edit:- Erika just corrected me saying that flowers from from mothers side. Sorry for the wrong info. What could this mean? Mom is not happy with something which is going on in her children's life? Or she needs some truth to come out to rest in peace.Confused

Over all, We can safely assume that ASR's dad has an affair with another woman.
Or it is possible that people misunderstood ASR's dad with another woman
Or it is possible that chacha malik played a game and tricked ASRs dad to be caught with a woman defaming both ASRs dad and the other woman.

ASRs mom was a loving soul and committed suicide because of the extra marital affair of her husband or might be because of any misunderstanding.

Khushi is responsible for the death of ASRs past. So she might be 8-10 years old that time.  What can a small girl do to cause such a tragedy? Spill the beans! May be. Or trigger an event which will cause the avalanche. 

The other woman - I thought it could have been garima since she was embroiled in a scandal earlier. But since Naani and Daadi have seen the woman's face. Quite unlikely.

In the present Arnav choose nanhe khushi over khushi spoiling her life, so it is quite possible that in the past someone might have opted khushi over arnav spoiling his life.Just a random musing. 

Will update once they reveal more clues.

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sree07 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 07 August 2012 at 3:29pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by zoya-shah

excellent clues.i somehow feel that may be arnav's dad had fallen in love with khushi's mom but it was one sided just as shyam was lusting after khushi though married but one of ur clues just opened another option that there could be a third angle to this story and that could be arnav's chacha who framed both his dad and khushi's mom to be mistaken for an adultery and this resulted in arnav's mum's either ways,indirectly khushi became the cause of arnav's horrible past since she belongs to the family which is responsible for arnav's past.

ya thats an interesting twist.
She keep on mentioning the payal of her mom. So might be something behind that.
suba1980 Senior Member

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Posted: 07 August 2012 at 4:35pm | IP Logged
i think payal;s mom is that lady.

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VasantiLad IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 07 August 2012 at 4:48pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by suba1980

i think payal;s mom is that lady.
No because Nani would have recognised her & today she said that with Dadi she remembered the face of this other woman- makes me think that it was Khushi's mum??

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