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Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon
Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon

What I LOVED: 7th August 2012

Shalini76 Goldie

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Posted: 07 August 2012 at 2:39pm | IP Logged

What I LOVED: 7th August 2012




Looks like I'm getting me wish granted in mighty abundance.

Arnav and Dadi reaction is more combustible than fuel and fire.


By the way, still Day 8.





The IPK Team:

I really loved the way yesterday's and today's episodes were handled. I liked that Dadi Ji met almost the entire RM junta, before Arnav and Nani Ji walked in. Her perspectives were set before they walked in who could (and probably one day would) change it.

I LOVED that today was focused on Arnav and his Dadi Ji majorly; and of course, Khushi's place in this new scene.

I also LOVE the immediate changes in Arnav-Khushi relationship.



Progress Points


1. Arnav and Dadi Ji meet - Instant Combustion

2. Arnav stands by Khushi



Favorite Scene


Plenty today!


Dadi refusing to bless Arnav and Khushi as a couple

Nani confronting Dadi

Arnav confronting Dadi ji - Power packed!

Khushi feeling that she barely knows Arnav; at times, she feels she's close to him, and other times, he seems like a stranger

Arnav refusing to stand where Khushi is not allowed



Arnav Singh Raizada


He may have his father's temper and attitude, and people do not stop reminding him of that even though he hates it.

But, doesn't he also have his mother's heart and her kindness? Why doesn't anyone ever point that out?


If Khushi's love was able to transform ASR into Arnav, there was something in Arnav that was responding to Khushi, even though he wasn't making it very evident. The part that makes an affluent business tycoon sneak two silver coins in a girl's washing detergent pack just to bring a smile on her face.


If his past played a role in making Arnav Singh Raizada who he became, perhaps one of the reasons he became hardened at heart was that his Dadi refused to take care of him and his sister, and refused to see his face. He probably expected to be a family with his Dadi rather than his Nani, after his mother's death.  



Arnav & his Roots



The difference between Arnav's relationship with Nani Ji and Dadi Ji is very evident:

1. Arnav respects and cares for his Nani; he respects and cares for his Dadi too. However, he shares his heart with his Nani, but with his Dadi, he questions her right to ask him anything.


2. If Nani had a hand in keeping Arnav's heart in him alive, had Dadi been responsible for Arnav's bringing up, ASR would have been probably way more hardened.


3. Dadi ji addresses Arnav as Arnav. Nani ji has rarely called him Arnav; she calls him Chhote.


4. When Arnav went to stand with his wife today, Dadi ji was furious; Nani ji was proud of him.


5. Dadi ji did not answer Arnav, when he asked about her absence from their lives; no explanations given.

Arnav did not answer Dadi Ji, when she asked about his marriage with Khushi; no explanations given.

Arnav had told Nani ji almost everything.


6. Arnav displays the kind of quiet, buried anger with Dadi ji; the kind of anger he shows for his mother. Perhaps, he expected them to be there for him and his sister; neither was.

Perhaps this is why Nani ji is dear to Arnav (apart from being his family).


7. All the time Arnav tell Dadi Ji what he felt about her asking him questions, though Nani ji was worried, she totally understood Arnav's pain. She holds his view as valid and agrees with him too. She has seen him through the years and she is aware what Arnav has been through and what he's done. She knows after how much loneliness has Khushi come into his life.


8. The discussion of Arnav's father was probably inevitable. Sooner or later, this was coming up. What is interesting is that Dadi ji does not seem to think there was any reason for Arnav to be speaking ill of his father. She expects Arnav to honor his father, even though she chides him that he is ill-mannered as his father.



Despite all this, when Arnav first saw Dadi ji in RM, his past flashes before his eyes and in a moment; 14 years go by in an instant. He walks to her and first touches her feet, before she invites him for a hug. It seems Arnav was longing for this getting together with Dadi ji.  It was an emotional moment for Dadi Ji, Arnav, and Anjali.


Somehow, it seems Dadi ji hugged Arnav with a lot more affection than she did Anjali.  Even though, she cared for Anjali, but she did not instantly hug her. She looked rather proud of Arnav initially (before she found that he married Khushi). Is it because Arnav looks stronger and more confident; Dadi ji expects even Anjali to be strong?




The reason Arnav has kindness in him is probably Nani Ji.


Hmm... the divine operators do mean a healing to come to Arnav. Else, Arnav would've been brought up by Hitler Dadi, away from milk of human kindness. Nothing in him might've responded to Khushi, except unless it was by way of an 'Aukat' lecture and life-crushing insults.





Arnav & Khushi


Of Misunderstandings & Contracts


It was brilliant that just before Dadi ji arrived, Khushi had left for GH and Arnav had done all he could to bring her back. He's once again just experienced Khushi might leave his house, his life and go. He's just been pushed to the point where he laid bare his heart to her. He's told her that marriage with Khushi means a lot to Arnav and he is not about let it get over that easy. He's made his intentions regarding his wife and his marriage very clear.


It is brilliant (and I was discussing the same with some buddies on FB) that Dadi ji is just in time to welcome Khushi in to Arnav's actual family. The contract duration is about to be over; and if the marriage is to continue, either there is a legal procedure or there is a re-marriage.


A few days back (when Dadi ji was not in), I pondered seeing Anjali's state, that if a misunderstanding does arise between the siblings, Arnav might find it difficult to deal with it without Khushi. The scenario now is more complex than a misunderstanding.


This is no misunderstanding at all.


Misunderstandings are fake issues; solvable when the truth comes out. Real, truth-based issues, deep rooted in the psyche - ah! Those are the real issues!


This is going to be no contract either. Contract had a hope of getting over one day. Marriage, if it is accepted by both, is now going to be a permanent affair. It seems headed here.


Everything that has happened until now may have been training and preparation for what is to come now. Arnav and Khushi have learnt most lessons. They are still learning a few, and yet more may come later. However, their experiences have taught them trust, understanding, and above all - love.


Yet, what is coming is a challenge. If Dadi Ji is to be taken as any hint of the trouble, then it is a big one; one that impacts Arnav, Khushi, and Anjali very much.


Real marriage, real family, real husband, real wife - and very real problems!




By the way!


Arnav tells Khushi she is not responsible for Dadi ji's anger.


Oops! Arnav are you sure? Okay, I'll trust you, Buddy, because honestly, I do not believe that Khushi is responsible.


The more I see Khushi and the more I see Arnav and now the more I see Dadi ji – I'm slowly becoming convinced that Khushi's (or whoever in her family) mistake was a good-intentioned action that went awry and Dadi ji (and few others) majorly misunderstood, and landed themselves in a major soup.






Now, that both Arnav and Khushi are clear that Arnav is keen on continuing their marriage, he is not about let anything stand in the way of that. As of now, Khushi is probably under the impression that once the contract is done, she'd be back in GH.


Khushi sees Arnav's face and knows how deeply he is affected. When she walks to Dadi Ji on Nani ji's insistence to be blessed with Arnav, she is worried and hesitant. Dadi Ji does not bless her, and walks away. Khushi walks back to her room thinking over all that happened, blaming herself, as usual.


She opens the room to find Arnav in deep thought. She attempts to explain that it may be her fault, rather apologetically. Yet, when Arnav comforted her, she still heard the stress in his voice and on his face. Very accurately, she perceives Arnav is not stressed simply over Dadi Ji not blessing Khushi.  For a moment, even Arnav looks caught.





Arnav smile expressed a look of silent joy and pride, when Nani Ji introduced Khushi to Dadi ji as the new member of the family. He did not expect that his grandmother would not accept his wife. He was taken aback.


It seems Dadi ji's attitude has taken Arnav back in time. He hears Khushi come and charged herself as being the reason for the discord. Arnav responds when he notices that Khushi is holding herself responsible.


Arnav lets Khushi know it's not her fault, neither is their marriage. He accepts that he was responsible for the way their wedding took place. She is not responsible for Dadi ji's anger. He tells her about Dadi ji's nature.


When Khushi tells him that he can share his burden with her, Arnav looks rather comforted, even if for a moment. He actually considers telling Khushi everything, it seems. He heard what she was saying to him - that she was with him and for him.


Arnav walks to Dadi ji's room to talk. He lets her know that she wasn't there for them and he has no need to tell her why he took certain decisions. He was left to take care of his sister and his family. There is a buried, but seething anger that he was left alone.



Love is Strength


Khushi asks rather point-blank if there is a discord between him and Dadi ji. She sees him struggle and reaches out to him - you can tell me.


Khushi, do you really think that, even if the Dadi ji incident had not happened - you could have left Arnav in RM when he was obviously in stress due to his sister? Your anxiety for his well-being would not draw you to him? If you saw him troubled, would you not reach out to him?


Khushi has been through this experience before; only Arnav was in physical danger back then. The threat now is an emotional, family-related, years old problem. She cannot know that Arnav needs her and not do anything about it. She would reach out to him come what may. She would want to comfort him. She would want to be there for him.


The GH escape plan would not have worked for Khushi for very long, in any case. If Khushi knows that Arnav needs her, she cannot walk away.



Arnav declares blatantly - if my wife is not allowed in, then I don't think I am needed either.


Nani ji attempts to calm them but the moment Dadi ji blocks Khushi out of the room, Arnav has decided what he needs to do. It was unbelievable even for Khushi when he said that if his wife wasn't allowed, then he wasn't needed either. He's made it pretty clear that Khushi cannot be separated from him. He would not allow his wife to be treated as an outcast. He told Dadi ji that blocking Khushi means blocking Arnav.



WIL: 2nd June



"11. Following his dream of Khushi caring for him, Arnav found new strength..."



WIL: 9th June 2012


"5. Arnav's Next Lesson


Arnav's first lesson was love. He learnt it during Payash wedding and in current season, he's maturing in it.

Arnav's second lesson is trust. He is learning it (aided by his circumstances that are giving him harsh but effective lessons/preparation); he is yet to graduate in it, but the success seems to be coming soon.


What would the next lesson be? Using love and trust as a strength and not a weakness?

Perhaps! "



WIL: 19th June 2012


"Today, Arnav found strength in his love. He found comfort. He found peace. He found belief. When Khushi told him that distances cannot make their bond weak, Arnav accepted that whole-heartedly. For Khushi, her love is her strength. Now, Arnav is learning this lesson. His love for Khushi is starting to become a strength."



Arnav started to learn to depend on Khushi for comfort when he was in captivity. Ever since, he's been back, he has mostly missed it because in a rage, he pushed Khushi away. The only time he received care from her was when he sat alone on the stairs and she came to sit with him.


Khushi has told Arnav that he can share with her. In other words, she is telling him to rely on her, to depend on her. Arnav should. For him, love has been equal to weakness. Only with Khushi, has he found that his love for her gave him strength.


Khushi told him privately he can depend on her. Arnav has declared publicly that he and Khushi are one.







1. Payal accepts that when Dadi Ji had the misunderstanding, they should've clarified it.


2. Payal and NK feel that that had Dadi Ji been told in time, she would not have treated Khushi the way she did.


3. Mami Jaan accepts Khushi as a goat; Ah! You know in your heart she is harmless.

Though, the goat is a nice comparison for Khushi. No, actually. I'm serious about this.


4. Akash is being spared from Dadi attack.


5. LOVED Nani Ji and Dadi Ji friendship.

Nani Ji understands Dadi ji.


6. LOVED NK's reaction when Nani Ji told Dadi Ji that Khushi was Arnav's wife.





Arnav wakes up from a probable nightmare. Khushi wakes up after him. He is rather disturbed.


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ipkknd37 Groupbie

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Posted: 07 August 2012 at 3:09pm | IP Logged
Hi Shal nice write up Clap

Have told u before there is always a line or phrase or something in ur write up that snags me. Today it was "Somehow, it seems Dadi ji hugged Arnav with a lot more affection than she did Anjali.  Even though, she cared for Anjali, but she did not instantly hug her. She looked rather proud of Arnav initially (before she found that he married Khushi). Is it because Arnav looks stronger and more confident; Dadi ji expects even Anjali to be strong?"

Honestly I too felt the difference in reception of her grandchildren. Me thinking:
* was is it because probably Arnav reminds Dadi of her son, or 
* was it the intentional discrimination shown by CV's depicting our culture wherein grandson rather than grand-daughters r expected, especially from the paternal side? or
* was it unintentional by CV's but crept thru script showing how even today our ppl think?

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Deedeepa1 IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 07 August 2012 at 3:10pm | IP Logged
Looove today's episode
WOWWW Nani looove her
ASR amazinggg
Looove the confrontation between dadi and Arnav; Nani and dadi
Looove your post

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Cyberpsychooo IF-Dazzler

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Today was really beautiful episode! 

U r right, arnav is learning, that khushi is his strengh, not weakness... Ok in some situations weakness too! 

So asr ka kharoospan blood mein hai! Dadiji living example!

I didnt get dadis line to nani. Tum ye sab hone kaise de sakti ho. Jisse ham naukrani samajh rahe the wo arnav ki patni!

I mean, ye ab kiski ghalti hai? Nani ki ya khushi ki?Confused

And yes, NK was damn sweet, when nani told dadi, that khushi is arnavs wife! And the pride on arnavs face, to cute!

Aaj ki episode se aur bhi zeada lagta hai, that nani and dadi will have fights and wont be on the same side! Some catfights on the way!

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-Smiles- IF-Dazzler

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Awesome analysis Thumbs covered everything!

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tulip21 IF-Dazzler

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Whoa shalini once again a gr8  post...

I think only you remembering the 8 days...and we all with you...hope that cv doesn't forget it...

My observations:

Dadiji is far more attached to he grandson...than the girl...
Arnav respects her a lot though he hates his father...
Dadiji wants arnav to respect his dad and she wants that tooo...
Arnav hates the fact that he being compared to her dad...

Dadji and Naniji friends and got their children married 
Naniji was correct today not 100 but 200 percent...abt dadiji not taking responsibilities...
Arnav is so sure and he treats khushi as his wife...( from a man who wants to have just a live in to standing up for wife ...ASR always surprise me... he once told he never ever give khushi the right of his wife but today he is standing against the most respected character in his life... Go ASR go...)

Lets see how it unfolds... as i said in the begining let the cv doesn't forgot the 8 days due...

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SaJanLuv14 IF-Rockerz

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Awesome analysis! I loved it, I was so happy seeing nani proud of Arnav's actions and I also have a gut feeling that Dadi is going to be the reason why Shyam comes back in the house but also the reason of ArHi's remiarriage as well 

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wah you rockedClap...loved this line very much no one even every line was fab but no one pointed this out 2day .."Arnav smile expressed a look of silent joy and pride, when Nani Ji introduced Khushi to Dadi ji as the new member of the family. He did not expect that his grandmother would not accept his wife. He was taken aback."Heart


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