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OS~Leap-After 5 years- IM On Page 88 (Page 82)

Prettychoco90 IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 11 January 2013 at 3:11pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by saral786

Originally posted by udaymanyata07

thanks...loved it

Your welcome Saral786! Big smile

Prettychoco90 IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 11 January 2013 at 3:12pm | IP Logged
Hello guys, I changed my mind to do Part 18 today because you asked me to do updated today. I want you to do more comment here if more than four five pages then I will I upload Part 19 soon Smile

Part 18

In The Hotel

Arnav woken up when the sun bright came out from the window and hear the birds show from outside. He normally muscle stretches out of his both arms and bend down and around of his neck when he got out from the bed. He is not tired at all and he walked to the bag to picked out of his one black t-shirt, black tracksuit bottom and black running coat with one green scrap. Arnav pick up his mobile phone and his headphone from the table then he locked the door in his bedroom hotel. Arnav went downstairs to give his bedroom key to reception area then went to the park to have a jogging. After one hours Arnav came back with his water bottle then tell the reception to give his key back. Arnav walked upstairs to opened his bedroom door then went inside. He walked to the bag to picked out of his one normally clothes then went to the bathroom to have a shower. He came out of the bathroom and then threw the towel on the bed. He wears dark pink shirt, black wool jumper and black jean. He walked to the bag to get his medicine, he took the glass of water from the table then drank it with his medicine. He walked to the coach to get his laptop then sit down on the coach, he doing catch up of his presentation and read his files.

Jay Khanna House (Mumbai)

Khushi woken up at 6:00am by next to her small table. She got off on her bed and then she walked to her cupboard to get the clothes out and towel. She walked to the bathroom to have a shower and then she came out of the bathroom. Khushi wears long top material up to the knee with black trouser then she threw the towel on the bed. She walked to the big dressing table then sit down to looked at the mirror. Khushi put her light make up on and her hair style like pony hair. She turned around to see the clock on the small desk and it's say 6:25am. Khushi went downstairs to prayed her temple area for fifteen minutes. After that Khushi went to help Annie to prepare for breakfast then Khushi went outside to helped the mans to cooked the foods in the garden for the engagement day today. Akshat don't have school because it was holiday today, Akshat, Jay, Kashish, Maan and Armaan went downstairs to eat breakfast on the table then Jay asked Annie about Khushi.

Jay say:- 'Where is Khushi?'

Annie say:- 'Khushi is in the garden to helped the man to cook for food'.

Jay say:- 'You guys go on, I'm going to help Khushi in the garden'.

Jay went to the garden to see what Khushi doing then tapping on her shoulder. Khushi turned around to see Jay then he said 'Hi' to Khushi.

Khushi say:- 'Hi, have you eaten your breakfast yet'.

Jay say:- 'Khushi have you eaten your breakfast too?'.

Khushi say:- 'I will have it later, please Jay because it's special day for Kashish'.

Jay say:- But Khushi, you have to eat otherwise you will stay hungry strike today'.

Khushi say:- 'I know Jay, I will eat it later. I'm promise'.

Jay say:- 'You promise! I will watching you if you stay hungry'.

Jay say:- 'Khushi, I'm going to help you in the garden'.

Khushi say:- 'Jay, leave it. Let me handle please'.

Jay say:- 'Okay Khushi, i will be in inside. If you need my help'.

Khushi say:- 'Okay Jay'.

After Jay left, he went inside to sit on the breakfast to eat with everyone on the table. 

Kashish say:- 'Di is not eating?'.

Jay say:- 'Khushi will eat it later because she want do'.

Akshat say:- 'Dad, Amma is not hungry?'.

Jay say:- 'Your mum said she will eat it later because she's helping the man to cooked the foods'. 

Akshat say:- 'Oh, dad what time is engagement day today?'.

Jay say:- 'At five o'clock, why?'.

Akshat say:- 'Just asking dad'.

After lunch

Everyone had lunch and Khushi on the lunch table after two hours Khushi wears sushmita sen magenta net dress material, her hair style is curling hair with leave out with one clip on and she had light make up on her face. Khushi put her earring jewellery on and bracelet on.

Khushi walked to Kashish room to knocked the door then Kashish said 'Come in'.

Khushi entered in Kashish room then looked what Kashish wearing for engagement day. Khushi said 'You looking more beautiful today' to pulled her hand on Kashish faced with smile. Kashish wearing light blue cream net embroidered party wear lehnga choli, Kashish said 'Thank you Di' with smiled on her face. Khushi help Kashish to sit down on the dressing table then to do beauty and hairstyle on Kashish. Kashish hairstyle liked curling and straight leave out of her hair then put jewellery on Kashish.

Kashish opened her eye to looked the mirror then she smiled herself what Khushi did. Khushi said 'do you liked it?' then Kashish said 'I loved it Di, thank you'. Kashish hugged Khushi with smiled on her face then went back to sit down.

On the Engagement day

Prem family, Jay cousins and family, Kashish close friend from college, Jay close friends and Jay close client is in engagement hall. Khushi walked around to see the maid doing and help them to give drink and sweet to them. Akshat running around with his one school friends somewhere in the hall, Prem and Kashish sat down on the bench then talked each other by whisper. Khushi gave engagement religious to Prem and Kashish then both of them put ring each other with smile. Everyone were clapping for Prem and Kashish then Arnav came in. Khushi felt heart is beating fast to put her hand on her chest with sweaty on the forehead then turned around to see Arnav from far away. Arnav wearing  black suit with three piece button and he always looking dashing, Khushi looked shock herself then turned around again without seen Arnav. Arnav looked at Khushi doing then came forward to the people surrounding. Jay walked to Khushi said 'Are you okay?' then Khushi said 'I'm okay Jay, just need to drink water and i will be right back soon'. Khushi left from here then walked to the kitchen to drink water then turned around to see Arnav standing. Khushi felt shocked herself then she said 'What are you doing here?'. Arnav said 'Khushi, are you surprise to seen me here' with his sexy husky voice then smirk on his face. Khushi looked down with holding the glass of water by one of her hand then looked at Arnav eyed.

Khushi say:- 'Actually I have to go now' then put the glass in the sink. Khushi left, walked to the hall then Arnav behind her to the hall.

Jay say:- 'Khushi come here' (By called her out from far away)

Jay say:- 'I want to say something with your ear then he whispered by her ear'.

After fifteen minute Khushi and Jay is not there in the hall then the light went off in the hall.

The background voice by Jay

Jay say:- 'Welcome to my sister Kashish engagement day with her fianc, here is surprise for you from me'.

The light went back on then everyone saw the back man on the top of stairs. The man sing with his own voice turned around to see everyone with his own guitars by 'Saanwali Si Ek Ladki' then Khushi came to join Jay with dancing with him. Everyone was watching them then Maan and Armaan join with them to dance with random lady then Arnav face expression felt more jealous and he hold one of his fist tightly. Khushi pulled Prem and Kashish from the bench then tell Prem to sing one song for Kashish then Khushi whispered by his ear then Prem sing song for Kashish by his voice see everyone looked at him by 'Saajanji Ghar Aaye' then Kashish join with Prem to sing it then dancing with everyone and Khushi. Arnav and some people were watching them to dance then Arnav felt can't keep control himself with Khushi dancing then after song finished. Everyone were clapping then cheering to them. Khushi was talking with other people not looking Arnav for while and Arnav still staring at Khushi from far away while he talking the people.

The little boy bump to Arnav then Arnav turned around to seen the little boy which is Akshat. Arnav bend down by standing up then smiled at him. Akshat said 'I'm sorry mister' while he bend down.

Arnav say:- 'It okay big guy'.

Arnav say:- 'Oh it's Akshat right?'.

Akshat say:- 'Yeah, and you are Arnav uncle right'.

Arnav say:- 'Now you remembered it, what are you doing here Akshat?'.

Akshat say:- 'I lived here with my parent, Kashish is my aunty'.

Arnav say:- Oh right, can i see your parent?, where is it?'.

Akshat turned around to seen his parent looked around then he point the finger to them but the people blocked them and Arnav seen Akshat finger to seen same time but missed out.

His friends run to him to come with him, Akshat said to Arnav uncle 'be right back soon'.

Arnav standing up from bend up then said 'Okay'. Akshat left then he tell the waiter to get his juice.

The waiter gave Arnav the juice then Jay walked to Arnav and said something.

Jay say:- 'What is surprise? Thank you for coming here Arnav, when did you come?'.

Arnav say:- 'I came here last one hours ago'.

Jay say:- Oh, i didn't seen you here, I'm sorry i was busy with them.

Arnav say:- It's was okay, I was relaxing here'.  

Jay and Arnav was talking each other liked twenty minutes then some people going home at 10:30pm.

Akshat held his mum Khushi hand walked to Jay and Arnav, Arnav turned around to see Akshat with Khushi.

Akshat say:- 'This is my Amma'. (point finger to Khushi)

Akshat say:- 'This is my dad'. (Point finger to Jay)

Akshat say:- 'My best parent of the whole world'.

Arnav felt shocked himself what Akshat said and Khushi looked at him with his face expression.

Jay say:- 'What happened Arnav?', you looked worry yourself now'.

Akshat say:- 'Amma, I'm tired now. Can I go sleep now?'.

Khushi say:- 'Okay son, come with me'.

Khushi say:- 'Jay i will be right back soon'.

Akshat say:- 'Bye Arnav uncle'.

Arnav say:- 'Bye Akshat'.

After Khushi and Akshat left, Arnav said something.

Arnav say:- 'Actually I'm not feeling well now, can i go now?'.

Jay say:- 'Okay Arnav, get well soon and i will see you soon'.

Arnav left then he walked to his car parked with angry face.

Arnav got in, drive fast on the road then he stopped his car.

 In the car, Arnav felt can't keep control of angry, his eye is red and wet.

(Flashback of Khushi after five years with first meeting)

Arnav got out of car then bang his fist on car with angry face.

(Flashback of sad moment of Khushi)

Arnav walked up and down with his one hand holding fist tight with angry and crying

(Flashback of more sad moment of Khushi)

Arnav walked up and down with angry face and crying

(Flashback of Jay, Khushi and Akshat)

Arnav bang his hand on his car

(Continues flashback of Jay and Khushi)

Arnav walked other side of his car then keep his hand on his car

(Flashback of him and Anjali old sad moment)

Arnav can't keep control of angry with closed eye

(Flashback of Anjali first wedding then shouted 'Ma' when he was young)

Arnav started scream himself.

Arnav can't keep control with angry face and red eye

(Flashback of Khushi and him old memories)

(Continues flashback of him and Khushi old memories)    

Arnav still crying and flashback of him and Khushi old memories

Arnav still slowly bend down while looked down.

Arnav still crying while he said 'Khushi' by whispered.

Arnav looked down then he closed his eyed

Arnav put his head down on his hand without seen his face

Arnav slowly his face looked up with his red eyed and his eyed still soaked.

Next Recap

Big Fight Between Arnav and Khushi


Hey Guys What do you think of this long stories? please comment here and i want more people comment here... I will update for Part 19 soon If you are comment here... I'm really serious Smile

Please do Like It & Comment Here, then i will reply back as soon as possible Big smile

Should I stop or continues??? Who finding this part is good, boring, okay or crap??? I don't mind you to tell us... Please tell us... I won't bite you and don't be shy SmileLOL

I will upload Part 19 on February 2013

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Good one

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Prettychoco90 IF-Dazzler

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Originally posted by HansaN

Good one

Thank you HasaN! Big smile
sham24 Groupbie

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Clap wow, finally he knows, cnt wait 4 da big fight, plz update soon Big smile

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Originally posted by sham24

Clap wow, finally he knows, cnt wait 4 da big fight, plz update soon Big smile

Thank you Sham21! Big smile
I will continues soon Smile
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similar to the show...

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Khushi this is enough now. It's high time u should forgive Arnav

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