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OS~Leap-After 5 years- IM On Page 88 (Page 69)

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Important Message (IM)

Part 17 Coming Up Soon...I'm Still Writing Up On This Day, On Thursday Or Friday I Will Upload Then You Will Reading Soon... Please Be Patient!!! Smile

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Part 17


Everyone watched them and listen their conversion

Prem say:- 'But why you can't accepted my girlfriend to your daughter in law?'.

Veena say:- 'Son, You know i wish but it's hard to accepted without their parent'.

Prem say:- 'Mum, I don't care, i still loved her and will be my wife soon'.

Veena say:- 'Son, if you still loved her, promise me you will stand her in rest of her life'.

Prem say:- 'Mum, i can't lived without her till i die and i still loved her all in my life'.

Kashish looked down with teary eyes.

Veena hold one of her hand to touched Kashish cheek and looked at her while Kashish looked down.

Veena say:- 'I'm going not going to accept your daughter in law, will accept your daughter. Please take care of my son Prem and never leave him alone always'.

Kashish looked surprised while she listened Veena conversion then looked up to seen her eyes.

Everyone was surprised to looked at Veena then Kashish face expression was smile faded with teary eye.

Kashish say:- 'I'm promise aunty, i always look after your Prem and never leave him alone'.

Veena and Kashish hugged each other, Kashish looked Prem eye with smiled and Veena troll Kashish hair as touched with smiled on her face. After broke hugged then everyone was hugged Prem family.

Veena say:- 'Don't called me Aunty, just call me mum'.

Kashish say:- 'Really? can i call you mum now?'.

Veena say:- 'Yes my sweet daughter you can call me mum because you going to married Prem very soon'.

Khushi walked to Kashish for hugged with smiled to say 'Congratulation to you Kashish'. Next Jay hugged to Kashish to put his hand on Kashish head to say 'now you will getting married soon'. He had bit of teary eye then wiped off on his eyes with smiled looked at Kashish.

Khushi say:- Awww, don't cry Jay. I'm here, aren't I.

Jay, Kashish and Khushi was laughing then Khushi gave the sweet to Prem family and Jay family. After that they talking about engagement day with party then Prem took Kashish hand to went upstairs in her room disturbing everyone talking.

Alone Kashish and Prem

Prem opened the door with hold Kashish one hand, then bring her in her room.

Prem hold Kashish both hand to come closer with eyes looked.

Prem say:- 'You will going be my wife soon and you got one condition for me'.

Kashish say:- 'What condition?'.

Prem say:- 'Kiss me on my both cheek???'.

Kashish looked down with blushing and her face is red.

Prem say:- You haven't kissed me since in finished college, i want you to kiss me now.

Kashish say:- But why now? you know i feel shy.

Prem say:- Kashish don't worry me and you here not anyone else is here in the room. Please for me otherwise i will cancel our marriage.

Kashish looked shocked herself then looked his eye.

Kashish say:-' You must be joking Prem, fine i will kiss you'.

Kashish put her pour lip to moved her face near to Prem face then Kashish kissed him with both cheek. After that Prem and Kashish looked each other with smiled then Kashish looked down with blushing.

Prem hold his both hand to touched Kashish cheek then Kashish looked at him with eye looked.

Prem say:- 'You looking beautiful today and may you looking more beautiful everyday'.

Kashish say:- 'Thank you Prem'.

After that Someone call them as shouted.

Kashish say:- 'Come, everyone is called us'.

Kashish walked three steps away from Prem then she stopped. Kashish turned around to see her scarf that Prem holding his one hand.

Kashish say:- 'Let me go, everyone is calling us'.

Prem say:- 'I don't care, come closer to me'.

Kashish say:- 'Please Prem can we go now?'.

Prem pulled one around of his fist of Kashish scarf then Kashish pulled forward to him because of the scarf.

Kashish looked down, Prem pulled two around of his fist of Kashish scarf  then Kashish crush on his chest.

Kashish looked other side without seen his eye then Prem kissed her on one cheek as romance looked. Kashish looked surprise herself while she still feel numb with eye opened wide.

Prem still looked at Kashish face expression then he smiled himself.

Prem say:- Now I kissed you fifth time, Kashish what happened? I kissed you at college, now you felt frozen?'.

'Look at me or else i will kiss you on lip'.

Kashish look shocked herself the she say 'Come closer and kiss me on my lip'. Prem looked surprised himself then come closer to Kashish face. Prem and Kashish were few inched on lip with closed eye then Kashish pulled away her scarf from his fist then walked away from him. Prem missed out his first kissed on lip and turned around to seen her.

Kashish say:- 'You can't get me' then she put her tough out from her mouth then went downstairs and Prem followed her.

Both of them were downstairs then see what everyone up to.

Veena say:- 'Anyway I will see you soon, the engagement day will happen after three weeks'.

Everyone is agreed with Veena then they accepted it.

Prem family said bye to Kashish family then they were left except Prem.

Khushi, Akshat, Jay, Maan and Armaan looked at them two with smiled and they left alone to talk.

Prem say:- Kashish, will you phone me everyday in night?, I want to talk you with your sweet voice.

Kashish say:- 'Prem, but I,I,I, okay i will phone from everyday in night time'.

Prem say:- 'Sweet! give me a hug then i will leave'.

Both of them were hugged each other with smiled then Prem say:- 'Bye' to Kashish. Prem left from her house.

Everyone came back in the living room then sit down on the coach, everyone was talking about planning preparing the engagement day with party, mehndi and wedding. Akshat is listen their conversion and playing his toy in same time and Jay chosen Khushi to made Kashish engagement day with party, mehndi and wedding day. After three hours everyone went sit down on the lunch table then eat something on the table. Everyone was still talking while eating on the table then sit down on the coach. Kashish and Khushi was kitchen chore with Annie then after that both of them were sit down on the coach. All of them were still continues talking and never stop.

Dinner time

Khushi helped Annie to make foods for the dinner time, Khushi tell everyone that the dinner is ready then they sit down on the dinner. Everyone was talking and teasing to Kashish about after married and Khushi say 'Don't teasing Kashish otherwise i will make you a lot to clean the kitchen'. Jay, Maan and Armaan stopped talking then eat their food, after they finished eating food then the boys went to sit down on coach to watch the movie on TV.

In The Hotel

Arnav stopped working on his laptop, he had still work all day since this morning to now and he having a break now. Arnav went to the bathroom to changed his clothes into night wear. He felt hungry then went to the desk to phone the order of food, Arnav waited his foods for thirty minutes then the maid knocked the door then Arnav opened the door and he say 'Thank you' to Maid. After the maid left Arnav bring the tray on the table then he eating his food, after thirty minutes he took his medicine with glass of water to drank it. Arnav sit down on the bed, he felt bored and he really missed Khushi a lot. Arnav walked to the moon to see the star of the sky, he talked his mum about Khushi.


Arnav say- 'Ma, I missed Khushi a lot, i know i have done big mistaken to let Khushi go since after five years, Please return my Khushi back and I will never leave her again till i die. Ma, you told me when i was a small you said to me Now it needs our care and love, Many times we can't understand what's right and wrong. 'Do remember one thing? never hurt anyone who's closer to your heart'. I remembered what you said and i will never hurt Khushi again who is closer to my heart.

After Arnav talked his mum of the shy, he went to switched off the light then went to sleep.

Back to Jay Khanna House

After everyone finished watching a movie then they went to sleep.

First weeks

Arnav came to Jay office to keep eye on Khushi and Jay, Khushi and Jay talked to Arnav only for business personal and nothing else. Jay and Arnav continues talking about the new project and Arnav saw Khushi engagement ring on her finger and she hide it with her scarf. Arnav felt sad because she got ring on her finger, Jay told Khushi to take shopping with Kashish to buy clothes and decoration for engagement day. Khushi and Kashish went to shopping everyday for five hours, Khushi went to work is in Jay office for three hours everyday. Jay didn't tell Arnav about Khushi and him got engaged, he can't tell about he got engaged because Khushi told him not tell everyone. Arnav followed Khushi everywhere in the office and canteen when they had for break time and Khushi don't liked it. Khushi picked her son and dropped off Akshat at his school everyday.  

Second weeks

Arnav came to Jay office to keep eye on Khushi and Jay again, Arnav saw Khushi and Jay come closer each other and Khushi knew that Arnav felt more jealous. Jay and Arnav continues talking about the new project again. Khushi went to shopping with Kashish for four hours everyday and she came work is in her office for three hours everyday. Khushi picked her son and dropped off Akshat at his school everyday.  

Thrice weeks

Khushi and Kashish finished their shopping, Before three days of engagement day. Khushi wears dark green with gold top material with short sleeve, long gold skirt upto the bottom and she put gold scarf on around her neck.

Khushi came down to eat breakfast with everyone. Khushi asked everyone 'Where is Jay?' on the breakfast table.

Everyone say 'he might be office in early of the morning'. After Khushi and Kashish helped Annie to do kitchen chore then Khushi picked her son off at school then she came in Jay building office. Khushi knocked Jay office door and no response, Khushi opened the door then walked to the near desk to see the back of chair.


Khushi say:- Jay, why you didn't come and see me in the early morning? (Shouted at Jay)

The chair turned around to see Arnav sat down on Jay chair to faced her while Arnav talked on the phone and Khushi felt shocked herself. After Arnav put his mobile phone away and he listen to her speak up.

Khushi say:- You, what are you doing here? where is Jay? (Shouted at Arnav)

Arnav phoned someone to say I'm sorry Maya, ask the lady to get a cup of black coffee also

Khushi felt angry herself then snatched the phone then put the phone down.

Khushi say:- 'Now you just listen to me'.

Arnav looked at her and sit back to looked at her

Arnav say:- Tell me, I'm listening.

Khushi say:- 'Why you didn't tell me where is Jay? his phone went switched off and I'm worried about him now'.

Arnav say:- 'Why you started about Jay now? even you had a problem with Jay now'.

Arnav say:-  'And now you want asked me 'Where is Jay?, by the way he is not here. You amaze me, Khushi'.

Khushi say:- 'I was worried because i want to know where is Jay'. 'Beside, what are you doing here in Jay office?'. 'Do you know Jay is mine fianc?' and I'm going to married him very soon'.

Arnav say:- 'Oh really, what should will you do?'.

Arnav say:- 'Do you need my help?'.

Khushi say:- 'No, Thank'. I will manage myself'.

Khushi turned around without see Arnav face and walked few step away

Arnav say:- 'I have heard this line somewhere, I have heard it from you'.

Khushi turned around to faced him then looked down

Arnav say:- 'But why do i feel that you will come back to me asking for my help'.

Khushi walked to near desk

Khushi say:- Never!

Khushi left, Khushi asked everyone around in Jay building to asked 'Have you seen Jay?' and everyone said 'No ma'am'.

Khushi went outside to looked for him then she felt sweaty herself and tired. Khushi want to phoned Kashish, Maan and Armaan but Khushi think they will might be more worried about Jay.

Arnav read the file and he said 3,2,1 by speak softly then Khushi returned in Jay building and entered in Jay office to talked Arnav.

Arnav say:- 'Hi' (keep reading on the file)

Arnav say:- 'So, Khushi Kumari Gupta', then he got up from his chair.

Arnav say:- 'You came back here, what happened?.

Arnav walked to Khushi few distance while holding the file

Arnav say:- 'There is no hurry, Relax!'.

Arnav say:- 'Oh you didn't found him yet'. (Point finger at her)

Khushi say:- 'Are you enjoying it? you are feeling happy seeing me in this condition'.

Khushi say:- 'How can you act like this with me in such as condition',

Arnav say:- 'I can't reject, I'm enjoying watching you in this condition'.

'I can behave like this, because i was doing what i supposed to i was working, it was my duty'.

Arnav gave the file to Khushi to read the file.

Khushi felt shocked herself  of title of paper then closed it,

Khushi say:- 'Jay gave to you to his company and he signed by himself'.

Khushi say:- 'It's can't be, why did he do that?'. 'Why you do this to Jay?.

I thought you two are business partner'.

Arnav say:- 'So, you say that I'm egoistic and proud, have you ever thought about yourself?'.

Are you not egoistic? If you aren't egoistic, ask me for help'.

Arnav say:- 'Ask me for help.'

'If you're feeling shy to speak, it loud then word in my ears. Nobody will know that you've asked me for help'.

Arnav say:- 'You can, It's your right'.

Khushi say:- 'I don't want your help, I want mine Jay back'.

Khushi say:- I'm ready for it to work for you for six hours today'.

Arnav say:- 'Not a bad idea!'.

Arnav say:- ' Six hours, which you have got'.

Arnav say:- 'For six hours, do as i say. I will get your Jay back for six hours today'.

Khushi say:- 'I must do as you say! Are you out of your mind?'.

Arnav say:- 'If I will get your Jay back to you even after knowing you, then clearly I'm out of my mind'.

Arnav say:- 'But it's deal, Think Khushi'.

Arnav say:- 'Clock is ticking, your fianc Jay Khanna!'.

Khushi say:- 'Okay'.

Arnav say:- 'Great'.

Arnav say:- 'Deal?' (Arnav pulled out his one hand to handshake with Khushi).

Khushi say:- Deal! (Handshake with Arnav)

After they broke handshake and Arnav said something.

Arnav say:- So, What should i ask you to do?'.

Khushi looked down, Arnav walked few step forward to Khushi.

Khushi looked his shoe, look up and Khushi is not moving.

Arnav come closer to Khushi for few distance and Khushi felt her breathing in and out.

Arnav say:- 'What can you do for me?'

Arnav come more closer to Khushi and Khushi felt her breathing in and out already.

Both of them were eye looked and Khushi looked down.

Arnav face near Khushi and Arnav said something.

Arnav say:- 'Your time starts now'.

Khushi walked back by few steps.

Khushi say:- 'What do you want me to do now?'

Round 1

Arnav told Khushi that he want black coffee made by Khushi, Khushi gone to canteen to make Arnav black coffee and she felt angry by herself. Khushi said to herself 'What Laad Governor think himself? Why he want to destroy Jay business and he want me back in Delhi with him?'. After Khushi made Arnav coffee then she went to Jay office to gave him the black coffee with angry looked and said 'coffee for you'. Khushi moved one step forward but Arnav said 'Wait'.

Arnav say:- 'Now that you have started, there are some rules for these six hours today. I want a set smile with every deal and you will never get angry'.

Arnav say:- 'And now since I'm your boss, you will call me'.

Khushi say:- 'Laad Governor?, Well?'.

Arnav say:- 'Actually, Arnav is fine'.

Khushi said to herself by whisper 'I want to call you such name that i can't even being to tell'.

Arnav say:- 'So, Khushi. I want to watch television'.

Khushi say:- 'So what should i do?'.

Arnav turned around to see Khushi face then Khushi put her big smiled on her faced.

Khushi say:- 'Okay, so you can go out and watch television, Arnav'.

Arnav say:- 'I want to watch it here'.

Khushi say:- 'Is that so? So shall i bring the TV inside?'.

Arnav say:- 'No, if employees wish to watch it, they can'.

Arnav say:- 'Do something, you play the role of the TV'.

Khushi say:- 'What?'.

Arnav say:- 'Yes'.

'Khushi felt shocked herself and Arnav said something'.

Arnav say:- 'You don't want to be a drama, any matter in be a TV that is living?'.

Arnav say:- 'Entertain me, I will choose the channel and you will perform'.

Khushi felt angry and looked at Arnav eye.

Arnav say:- 'Try to be imaginative.

Arnav turned around to work on his file and laptop, Arnav said something.

Arnav said:- 'Business channel, store marketplace'.

Khushi stop talking and looked angry with him.

Arnav turned around to faced Khushi and he said 'with a smile'.

Khushi put with smile again and hold pretend a mike by hand to said something.

Khushi say:-  'To apologize for inform you of our audience at the market opening, the price of AR designs have been take out by quite hit and all that owed the foolishness of Mr Arnav Singh Raizada because he's not paying attention to work. He's busy troubling people.

Arnav say:- Music

Khushi hold pretend the mike by hand to sing it

Khushi say:- 'The weather's not good today, tyrant are ruling the day' What the... What the... What the'. (Aaj Mausam Hai Suhana, Maayeke Jane Ka Hai Bahana, What The...What The...What The)

Arnav say:- 'News'.

Arnav hold his cup near his faced then looked at her.

Khushi say:- 'Just now we have to come know into tragic accident'.

Arnav put his lip on the top of cup.

Khushi say:- ' A helpless employer gives sugar black coffee to his diabetic boss and'.

Arnav spit out of his black coffee then looked at Khushi.

Khushi looked at him with angry face and trying her hands to put act by struggle.

Arnav looked down on his cup then looked at Khushi. Khushi put her smile faced then said something.

Khushi say:- 'Dealing to the information that the boss had tortured her so much because the employer didn't have any other choice that why we want to say that...'.  

Arnav say:- 'English Comedy'.

Khushi say:- 'English Comedy? there is no channel for that'.

Arnav say:- 'There's in the TV'.

Arnav say:- 'I said English Comedy'.

Khushi say:- 'What's this mischief? you'll make me to say something English comedy'.

Arnav say:- 'Why aren't you smiling?'.

Khushi put her fake smiled on her faced then Arnav said 'And why are you refusing?'.

 Arnav say:- 'Deal cancel'.

Khushi say:- 'Shall I say something comedy about AR company'.

Khushi say:- 'When the boss said to the employers that are you gay?' then the employer said 'yes I'm in love with you' and the boss said 'what the'.

Arnav say:- 'That's enough now, next round'

Round 2

Arnav told Khushi to do message of his neck and shoulder, Arnav sit back on Jay chair and Khushi looked shock herself what Arnav said. Arnav told Khushi please do it, it's hurting me then Khushi say 'why should i do it?, tell Maya do it for you?'. Arnav say 'you know there is magic in your hand'. Khushi said 'I will get the oil', then she left. Khushi came back the bowl of oil then put on the desk.

Arnav say:- 'What the'.

Khushi say:- 'It's not what the, it's good for neck, back and shoulder pain'.

Arnav opened his unbutton of his shirt then Khushi turned around to see what Arnav doing then Khushi say 'what are you doing?'.

Arnav say:- 'The problem is not in my shirt, it's in my neck and shoulder'.

Arnav took trying off his shirt then Arnav say come on help me.

Khushi helped him to took off his shirt then put on the coach.

Both of were eye looked then Khushi said something.

Arnav say:- 'Where is your smile?'.

Khushi say:- 'The wind stay still after the tie burns out, still you have remembered about six hours today?'.

Arnav say:- 'I'll decide that what i have to do within six hours, you just smile'.

Arnav say:- 'Should you?'.

Khushi put her fake smiled on her faced

Khushi say:- 'Do whatever you want to do?, It's your six hours'.

Arnav pulled Khushi closer to looked at her by faced on his lap then Khushi looked at his lip. Arnav pulled one his finger to delight Khushi nose then Khushi looked at his eye. Khushi moved back, got up from the chair then she carried the bowel to put on near cupboard small desk near the chair.

Khushi put the oil on his neck by shriving hands and Khushi closed her eye to remembered of past then Khushi opened her eye and she felt scared. Khushi put her hand on his neck by shivering hand to make message and his shoulders, Arnav felt enjoying himself after five years what Khushi did.

Arnav say:- 'I was right, your hands are shivering'.

Khushi felt scared what Arnav said then she looked down.  

Arnav say:- 'You must have felt good, when i was hurt'.

Khushi looked up with widely eye what Arnav said.

Arnav say:- 'You must have said, thank god. Arnav had big punishment of his deeds'.

Khushi looked up with sad face what Arnav said.

Arnav say:- 'My sisters says we hurt when somebody talks bad of me'.

Khushi looked up with sad face what Arnav said again.

Arnav say:- 'Did you say anything wrong about me?'.

Khushi looked down with sad face what Arnav said again.

Khushi say:- 'What do you think?'.

Arnav got up from the chair then walked Khushi. Khushi walked backward and Arnav walked forward to Khushi. Khushi bang on the wall and then Arnav come closer to Khushi without shirt on.

Khushi say:- 'What are you doing?'

Arnav say:- 'Whenever you're quiet, your eye, speak, truth. Khushi Kumari Gupta'.

Arnav say:- 'Maybe you don't know about it, Let me see what are they saying?'.

Both of them were eye looked and Khushi felt breathing in and out, Arnav looked at Khushi lip.

Khushi say:- 'What did you find?'.

Arnav say:- 'It was good that I hurt'.

Khushi say:- 'What?'.

Arnav pulled one his finger to delight Khushi nose and then Arnav said 'Again it turned red'. Khushi looked down with her nose then Arnav moved away to sit down on the chair. Khushi looked at him with faded smile while he reading the file.

Round 3

Arnav told Khushi to make the foods by her, Khushi looked herself what Arnav said. Khushi said 'you can go buy it from canteen'. Arnav said:- 'I hate outside foods, you know I like someone make foods by themselves'. Khushi said 'I will make food for you' then she left. After Khushi came back with the tray then put on the desk. Arnav looked at her and said 'Thank you' then Khushi sit down on the coach playing around with her scarf and she still missing Jay all day. Khushi looked at him which is Arnav eating fast on the tray then Arnav said 'I'm done'. Khushi took the tray then put back in the kitchen. Khushi came back again to what Arnav want next round.  

Round 4

Khushi saw two boxed when the two man came in Jay office then Arnav saw the man.

Arnav say:- 'Yes, take all these on the table'.

Khushi looked confession herself then looked at Arnav said.

Both of them were eye looked then Khushi said something.

Khushi say:- What? all these'.

Arnav say:- 'didn't you say, you want your Jay back'.

Khushi say:- Yes of course, but how?'.

Khushi turned around to seen the man put the two boxes on the table then Khushi walked to the table. Arnav got up from the chair then followed her. After the man left, Khushi opened the boxes to looked at it.

Khushi say:- 'This is'.

Arnav say:- 'You guessed it right'.

Arnav say:- 'You need to pack of these'.

Khushi say:- 'But, what's in these boxes?'.

Arnav say:- 'There are gift for my office staff in Delhi, but that shouldn't matter you'.

Arnav say:- 'You have forty minutes, pack all these'.

Arnav say:- 'Hurry up!'.

Arnav say:- By staring at me, these won't get packed automatically'.' And you have less time'.

Arnav say:- So, hurry up! and smile'.

Arnav sit down on the coach to read the file then looked at Khushi doing.

Khushi turned around to see the clock on the wall then she put everything out from the boxes to put on the table. Khushi wrap up the gift with the tape by quickly then she seen the time on the wall. Arnav walked to the air conditioning to switched on then the wrap up fly everywhere. Khushi looked the wrap then picked it to put on the table. Khushi walked to the air conditioning to switched off and Arnav looked at Khushi with his raise eye. Khushi wrapped up the gift with the tape then she complete all the gift with wrapped up already. Khushi looked at the clock to see the time then back to work for wrapped up, Arnav walked to Khushi to tell her looked at clock. Arnav saw the tape on Khushi cheek then pulled off by himself. Khushi looked at the tape then Arnav said something.

Arnav say:- 'The tape is not required here'.

Arnav put the tape on Khushi lip then Arnav said 'but here'.

Khushi looked angry at Arnav, Khushi pulled off the tape on her lip then she said 'OW'.

Khushi put her hand on her lip which is pain then Arnav said 'What happened?'.

Arnav put his finger on her lip which is pain to rubbing in then Khushi looked at Arnav. Khushi moved away then came back to work of gift. Arnav still looked at Khushi then walked to the coach to read the file again. Khushi looked at the clock by wall and put the tape of the wrapper same time.

Khushi done the gift to see the clock then smiled herself.

Khushi say:- 'It's done, sir'.

Arnav looked up what Khushi said then Arnav said 'Wow! That's great'.

Arnav looked at the clock then he said 'Before time'.

Khushi smiled herself then Arnav hold one gift from the floor.

Arnav say:- 'What is this?, that was left'.

Khushi say:- 'I didn't take anything out from the box'.

Arnav say:- 'Look like it's been left on the floor'.

Khushi say:- 'But, out of which box?'.

Arnav say:- I don't know, but it has to be packed, right?'.

Arnav say:- So, find it and put it in'.

Arnav say:- 'There are ten minutes left'.

Khushi turned around to see the clock then unwrapped all the gift. Arnav sit down on the coach to read the file, Khushi looked at the clock and worried herself. Khushi turned around to see Arnav then take the gift out from the wrappers. Khushi still worried herself then opened all the gifts. Khushi said 'I got it, i found it', then smiled herself. Khushi shows one gift by hand to Arnav then smiled herself. Arnav looked at her then said 'very nice'.

Arnav say:- 'Now pack all this again'.

Arnav say:- 'Two hours of your job is left, Hurry up!'.

Khushi stopped smiled herself then looked at him, Arnav left in Jay room.

Khushi saw Arnav going then Khushi felt angry and want threw anything at him. Khushi put everything back the gifts from the wrappers again. After two hours Arnav came back in Jay office then he sit down on the chair, Khushi walked to the desk asked him 'Where is Jay?'.

Someone said 'Khushi' from background, Khushi turned around to see Jay then run to him with hugged and smile.

Arnav looked at them two and his face expression was sad, after five minutes broke hug.

Khushi say:- Where were you? I was so worried and I was phoned you so many time in this morning'. (Khushi shouted at Jay)

Jay say:- Calm down Khushi, let me explain. (He put his hand on Khushi lip) not say anything from her mouth.

Jay say:- ' Basically last night I got phoned someone from Goa that they want deal project with me, so I was left early in the morning to drive in Goa by myself. I reached there in Goa then I got one bar left on my mobile phone so i though you were sleeping. I phoned Arnav to tell Khushi that i will be right back in the evening then Arnav said 'Okay'. Khushi I'm sorry for everything (he put his hand on his ear with puppy face). Khushi i know you was worried about me since all day and i was thinking of you and my family while i was in the meeting in Goa. Khushi guess what i got the deal and they accepted me by my contract.

Arnav heard the conversion between Khushi and Jay.

Khushi say:- 'Really Jay, that was wonderful new. Congratulation to you Jay and I'm really happy for you'. 'By the way why you signed the file that Mr Arnav gave to you?'.

Jay say:- 'Oh, Arnav helped me for new project that we are discuses about it then i signed it that why, don't worry it not big deal Khushi'. 'Khushi just give me a big smile and give me a big hug.

Both of them were hugged each other

Jay say:- 'By the way, did Arnav helped you for your project?'

Khushi say:- 'Ummm no Jay, he haven't told me'.

Jay say:- 'What you two were doing all day?'.

Arnav looked down what Jay said

Khushi say:- Actually Jay, I helped Arnav what he want to do for his project from his office'.

Jay say:- Oh, that good. Did you enjoying to work with Arnav?'.

Khushi say:- 'Yeah Jay I did enjoyed it myself, but i was missed you all day'.

Jay say:- 'Awww I missed you too today'.

Jay gave peak kissed on Khushi forehead then smiled at Khushi.

Jay walked to Arnav and say something to Arnav.

Jay say:- Thank you so much Arnav for helping me a lot, it was great pleasure to work with you and I'm sure we can work together again next time.

Jay gave hug to Arnav with smiled then Arnav looked at Khushi while hugging. Khushi looked down then Khushi said 'Thank you Mr Arnav to help with us' with looked up. After broke hugged, Arnav said 'It's my pleasure' while looked at Khushi and Jay.

Khushi say:- 'Jay, you looked tired, can we go now?'.

Jay say:- 'Sure Khushi, let go now'.

Three of them went out of outside, Jay said 'I will see you tomorrow' to Arnav.

Arnav say:- 'See you tomorrow Jay and Miss Khushi'.

Khushi say:- 'See you tomorrow Mr Arnav Bye'.

Jay say:- 'Bye Arnav'.

Arnav watched them two while Khushi and Jay walked together by holding hand until to get in the car. Jay and Khushi left that area and then drive away. Arnav felt sad and jealous, Arnav got in his car then drive away.

Two Days

Jay told Khushi that she don't have to go work today and tomorrow, Khushi stayed at home to look after the mans and help them with Annie and Kashish to put the decoration in the house for engagement day next day. Arnav missed Khushi for two days, Jay told Arnav to come invited his sister Kashish engagement day then Arnav said 'Ok'. 

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Hey Guys What do you think of this long stories? please comment here and i want more people comment here... I will update for Part 18 soon If you are comment here... I'm really serious Smile

Please do Like It & Comment Here, then i will reply back as soon as possible Big smile

Should I stop or continues??? Who finding this part is good, boring, okay or crap??? I don't mind you to tell us... Please tell us... I won't bite you and don't be shy SmileLOL

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Prettychoco90 IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 10 January 2013 at 7:52pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by udaymanyata07

thanks...loved it

Thank you Udaymanyata07! Big smile
dhanyac IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 10 January 2013 at 8:21pm | IP Logged
Luvd it...
will arnav find abt Akshat nytym soon??
plz update soon...Smile

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Prettychoco90 IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 10 January 2013 at 8:27pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by dhanyac

Luvd it...
will arnav find abt Akshat nytym soon??
plz update soon...Smile

Thank you Dhanyac! Big smile
Arnav going to meet Akshat at the engagement day and there is big drama coming on Smile
I will continues soon and I will see you on my second FF soon for Part 7 soon Smile
ag0502 Senior Member

Joined: 04 November 2012
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Posted: 10 January 2013 at 9:29pm | IP Logged
Thank you for pm
But I do skipped during reading
A bit boring...
sorry for honestly...

btw, do continue
wanting to see khushi perception of her feeling towards arnav
you still haven't touch khushi internal feeling
please do
thank you

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-Aniisha- IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 10 January 2013 at 10:10pm | IP Logged
Loved the update Smile
do update the nxt part soon
thanks for the PM

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20839355 Goldie

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Posted: 10 January 2013 at 11:31pm | IP Logged
Hey dear ur update ws gud bt I didn't lyk dat part wen khushi accepted jay praposal don't hurt arnav he hs suffered a lot dear bt update d Nxt part soon

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