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OS~Leap-After 5 years- IM On Page 88 (Page 63)

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update soon

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Update soon

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Prettychoco90 IF-Dazzler

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Originally posted by sanayalove

update soon

Yeah i will very soon Smile
Prettychoco90 IF-Dazzler

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Hello guys, I'm sorry i'm bit late. Here is the update Smile

Part 15

Morning Day

Jay Khanna House (Mumbai)

Khushi woken up at 6:00am by next to her small table. She got off on her bed and then she walked to her cupboard to get the clothes out and towel. She walked to the bathroom to have a shower and then she came out of the bathroom.  She wears purple with light brown top material with short sleeve, long brown skirt upto the bottom and she put light brown scarf on around her neck. Kashish brought for her when she made happy while Akshat was in Khushi tummy.

(Imagine without the spec)

She threw the towel on the bed, walked then sit down on big dressing table. She put light make up on her face and comb her hair to leave her hair out. She put the clip on the right side of her hair and she put her one light brown shiny bracelet on her left waist. She turned around to see the clock on the small desk and it's say 6:25am. Khushi went downstairs to prayed her temple area for fifteen minutes. After that Khushi went to help Annie to prepare for breakfast then Khushi went upstairs.

At 7:00am Khushi entered in Akshat room, she knocked the bathroom to tell him come out. Akshat came out of the bathroom, he wears no clothes on and wears the towel covered his hips. His body and face were still wet. Khushi turned around to seen his son only towel.


Akshat say- Amma you are here, I'm going to put my uniform on without helping you and I'm a big boy now. Amma i got my alarm here you don't need to come here to check me.

Khushi say- Son, I always come to check you every morning because you are my baby boy and always see you every morning when i woke up in the morning.

The towel dropped down by accidently while Khushi looked at him. Her face expression was gasped, smiled then laughed. Akshat pull the towel from the floor around him and he felt embarrassed himself.

Akshat say- Amma you loved to see my face from every morning and you said I always look like you. You know Amma all the girls from my school loved my eyes because of your eyes.

Khushi say- Really Akshat, how many girls run after you? I know why you are very popular boy and very cute.

Khushi run hugged him with smiled and her mind say- Arnav thank you to gave me a son because i always want a child from my motherhood.

After the broke hugged, Khushi tell him to put his uniform on.

After Khushi carried his school bag then half way from his room, Akshat say Amma then she turned around to faced him.

Akshat say- Amma You looking very beautiful on you. (Smiled)

Khushi say- Thank you Son, your aunty Kashish gave me this.

Akshat say- Amma from now on i want you wears like this because i loved you wearing now. Please for me Amma.

Khushi say- Okay son i will wearing this for now. Yes for you (she kissed fly at him then smiled).

In the Hotel

Arnav woken up when the sun brighter came out from the window and heard birds sound from outside. He normally stretches out of his both arms and bend down and around of his neck when he got out from the bed. He looked bit tired and he had cover yawn once by his left hand. He walked to the bag to picked out of his one normally clothes then went to the bathroom to have a shower. He came out of the bathroom and then threw the towel on the bed. He wears black shirt, white wool jumper and black jean.

He walked to the bag to get his medicine, he took the glass of water from the table then drank it with his medicine. He walked to the coach to get his laptop then sit down on the coach, he doing catch up of his presentation and read his files.

Back to Jay Khanna House (Mumbai)

Khushi reached Kashish room, she walked to the window then opened the curtain to see the light from outside. Kashish opened her eyes catch from the light then tell Kashish to get ready. Kashish say Good morning to Di then Khushi say- Good morning to Kashish. Both of them were smiled each other. Kashish looked Khushi wearing, her eyes were on the bottom to her head.

Kashish say- Di did i brought this your clothes before Akshat born?

Khushi say- Yes Kashish you brought it from me.

Khushi say- Do you liked it? My son loved it, he want me to wearing it from now.

Kashish say- Di you know what i totally loved it and your son loved it. It's suit you a lot and remembered that i told you from the past, Di i can buy you more like you wearing now. Di you know I'm good at Fashion clothes from you.

Khushi say- I can give you money then you buy it.

Kashish say- No need Di, this my present for you and you always there for me from last five years. I love you Di so much and you are my best friend.

Both them were hugged tightly with smiled and tears out.

Khushi say- I love you too Kashish.

After Kashish and Khushi broke hugged, they wiped the tears off on their face.

Khushi tell Kashish to come downstairs soon.

Khushi went downstairs.

Jay woken up at 7:15am by next to alarm on the small desk. Jay got up off on his bed then walked to his cupboard to get his office suit and his towel. Jay walked to the bathroom to have a shower. Jay came out of the bathroom, he wears light pink shirt, black suit coat, black tie and black trouser.

Jay came downstairs and then he sit down. Jay tell 'good morning' to everyone, then everyone say good morning to Jay. He saw lots of Jalabi on the breakfast table.

Jay say- Who make Jalabi?

Khushi say- Me, I, actually I made Jalabi because I couldn't sleep last night.

Jay say- Wow Khushi,

Jay took one piece of Jalabi and he tasted it.

Jay say- Wow Khushi you made it. It was so nice and tasty sweet.

Khushi can i ask you something?

Khushi say- Sure Jay tell me

Jay say- Can you take this Jalabi in our office to give everyone please.

Khushi say- Yeah i can do that.

Jay say- Thank you Khushi, you are so amazing.

Khushi say- Thank you Jay.

Akshat say- Dad, can you take me to park? to playing football with me

Jay say-  Son, i can take you on weakened, but I'm sorry Son i got office to do. I'm promise i will take you on Saturday.

Akshat say- Okay dad, i understand. I will waiting for you on Saturday.

Jay kissed Akshat on forehead.

Kashish say- Bhai can i take Di with me to go shopping today? (with smiled)

Khushi looked at Kashish with surprise.

Jay say- Sure Kashish you can take with her in the shopping today.

Jay say- Khushi you going with Khushi in after lunch.

Khushi say- Okay Jay.

Both of them were smiled each other.

Jay say- Armaan and Maan did you worked hard in college these days?

Maan say- Yeah Bhai i worked hard.

Armaan say- Yeah Bhai same here.

Jay say- If you need my help, ask me.

Maan and Armaan say- Okay bhai.

Jay looked down on his watched, it's say 8:25am. Jay tell everyone that he leaving office now.

Jay say- I see you later bye everyone.

Everyone say- come back soon to Jay.

Jay heard it in the half way.

Jay turned around to faced everyone then smiled on his face.

Jay walked two steps near the exit door on the front.

Khushi say- One minute Jay.

She took the file on the table then gave to him.

Khushi say- You forgotten your file, you are so lucky I'm here to give you.

Jay say- Oh, thank you Khushi.

Jay looked what Khushi wearing.

Jay say- You looking beautiful today.

Khushi say- Thank you Jay, your sister brought it from me in years ago.

Jay say- My sister knew your choice new fashion clothes.

Jay kissed Khushi on forehead then both of them were smiled each other.

Jay left here.

Maan and Armaan left here

Khushi and Akshat say Bye to Kashish. Akshat and Khushi left their house.

Both of them were sit down in the car and Khushi drive her car.

Khushi reached Akshat school then say Bye Son to Akshat. Khushi kissed his forehead then he run off.

Khushi reached Jay office, she say good morning to Maya in reception and saw Aditi. Khushi hugged Aditi then talked to her for five minutes.

Khushi reached in her office to put the box of Jalabi on the desk, then she took the file from her desk.

Khushi knock on the Jay office, Jay say 'Come in'.

Arnav turned around to see someone, his eyes were looked down to on her head as romance looked.

Khushi looked at him with faded smile then she looked down then looked at his eyes.

Arnav say on his mind- I haven't see you wears like this first time and you looking absolutely more beautiful while looked at Khushi.

Khushi turned around to see Jay.

Khushi say- Jay I'm here,

Arnav broken his romance looked then looked at them.

Jay looked at up while he looking his file, Jay want to say something.


Jay say- Khushi i want to finish off on my project that i gave you.

Khushi say- Okay Jay I'm working on it.

Khushi say- I'm going to my office.

Khushi left here.

Khushi reached in her office, she working on it on her file and computer on her desk.

Jay and Arnav talked each other about his new project from yesterday.

At lunch time

Khushi knocked the door in Jay office.

Jay say-'Come in'.

Khushi entered in Jay office.

Khushi walked to the desk then gave him the file.

Khushi say- I'm going to have something in the canteen.

Jay say- 'Okay Khushi, you can go now'.

Arnav watched them two.

Khushi reached in her office to carried the box of Jalabi.

Khushi reached in the canteen.

Khushi walked to the canteen menu area.

Khushi say- 'I will have one cup of tea, one samosa, one sandwich and bottle of water'.

Khushi walked to the all the table to gave out Jalabi to the staff, the staff liked it what Khushi made it. Khushi felt happy herself. She sit down alone on her table and then waiting for her order.

The man ordered gave to Khushi then Khushi say 'Thank you'.

After the man left then she eating her food like a teenager and she love it.

Khushi look for the tissue on the table but cant it. She got up from her chair then walked to the canteen menu. She took out 3 piece of tissue then she wiped out the spot of her mouth and her hand. Khushi turned around then hit someone then the man hold Khushi by fallen his arm.

Arnav and Khushi looked each other by eyes looked.

Khushi broken her romance looked then she moved away like three distance.

Arnav looked at her then he smiled himself.

Jay reached in the canteen, looked at Arnav and Khushi spot.

Jay say- Khushi and Arnav have you had your lunch yet?.

Khushi say- I'm eating my lunch, well i looking for tissue over there.

Arnav say- I'm waiting for my ordering.

Jay say- Okay you two, you can have lunch together.

I'm going back to my office to have more work.

Khushi say- Okay Jay, I will see you soon.

Jay say- Bye Khushi see you soon too.

Both of them were smiled each other.

Jay left here.

Khushi walked alone to her table where she sited.

Khushi still eating her food on her table then she closed eyes while eating.

Arnav say-Miss Khushi, can i sit with you?

Khushi opened her eyes to looked at him like weirdly.

Arnav sit down opposite to her and they don't talk each other.

All the staffs looked at him, Khushi felt embarrassed herself.

Arnav sit down on Khushi table, Khushi looked around to see the staff looked at them.

Mr Arnav asked Khushi that can i have one piece of Jalabi? (He put one of his hand on)

Khushi say- It's not for you, they don't had no sugar free and Khushi tapped softy on his hand. (Arnav felt upset)

Khushi say- Mr Arnav, I'm going out soon, so I'm eating quickly.

Arnav say- Take your time and eat slowly.

Khushi say something mumble on herself while she eating.

Why Arnav eat here next to me? everyone's is looking at me and him together.

Arnav looked at Khushi face, while she eating and he couldn't heard what she said.

His face expression was Smirk.

She got hiccup while she eating,

she looked at the watches on her waist then Khushi drank water while stopped hiccup.

Arnav looked at her (Smirk).

It's 1:30pm, She tell Arnav that she going out now.

She put all the rubbish on the tray then walked to the dust bin to put the rubbish in.

Khushi walked back on her table then take her box, Khushi carried her box with empty inside then walked off.

Arnav still looked with smile while she walked off. Arnav still eating then tell the waiter to bring the tissue.

After Arnav finish his eating, then he walked to Jay office. Arnav knocked the door on Jay office.

Jay say- 'Come in.

Arnav entered then he sit down on desk. Both of them continues talking about his new project.

Khushi reached shopping centre in Mumbai, she put her car parked in the area by her car in the outside. Khushi looked around to see Kashish then Kashish waved at Khushi. Both of them were meeting each other, they walked to the shopping clothes.

Kashish and Khushi went to different clothes shop, Kashish walked to Indian fashion clothes shop and Khushi walked to Sari clothes shop. Khushi reached in sari clothes shop, she looked both of sari to choose which one best of Kashish wearing for engagement day.

Khushi chosen the dark pink of bit green then she smiled at herself.

Khushi say- I hope Kashish like it.

Khushi tell the man to pack this.

Khushi paid it then the man gave the bag to Khushi.

Kashish and Khushi meet up each other again.

At 4:00pm, Both of them reached Akshat school and Khushi driving her car.

The bell rang, Akshat came out with his best friends.

Akshat saw his mum and Kashish from far away.

Akshat wave at his mum and Kashish with smiled on the face.

Khushi and Kashish waved back at Akshat.

Akshat tell his friends to say 'See you tomorrow'.

Akshat run off.

Akshat say- Hello Amma and aunty.

Khushi say- Hello Son, how was your school today?

Akshat say- My school was good.

Kashish say- Hello my sweetheart, you are looking cute then she kissed one of his cheek.

Khushi say- Let go son, we are going home.

Three of them were smiled.

There of them got in by Khushi car.

Khushi reached in Jay house, three of them got out of the car to holding shopping bag.

Annie opened the door then they came in.

Akshat, Khushi and Kashish say Hello to Annie then Annie say Hello back to them.

Akshat went upstairs to playing something in his room.

Khushi and Kashish walked to the couch, then sit down.

Annie bring snake for them.

Kashish say- Di Let we watch the movie today.

Khushi say- Okay Kashish.

Both of them were watching Kal Ho Naa Ho on the tv.

Khushi was crying more and Kashish was crying less than Khushi.

After three hours.

Everyone came in the living room to see Kashish and Khushi crying.

Jay say- What happen you two? Why are you two crying?

Khushi say- We watching sad movie Kal Ho Naa Ho. It was so sad and i was crying a lot.

Jay say- Women dramatic emotional.

Khushi and Kashish heard what he said.

Khushi say- Jay all the man like that to watched sad film with crying.

Kashish say- Yeah Di right.

Jay say- I don't cry like you two to watching a sad movie.

Khushi say- If you are watching Kal Ho Naa Ho then you will crying for one days.

Jay say- Okay Khushi you wished.

At 7:30pm, Everyone were on the table to eat dinner by Annie.

Annie left home at 10:00pm, Kashish, Akshat, Maan and Armaan went upstairs to sleep.

In the Hotel

Arnav reached the hotel bedroom, he walked to the bag to get his medicine then walked to the table. He drank glass of water with his medicine. He picked out his night wear then walked to bathroom to have a shower. Arnav came out of the bathroom, he wears grey and black scrap jumper and black tracksuit bottom.

He threw the towel on the bed, he felt tired then he go to sleep.

Jay and Khushi were alone in the Garden.

Jay and Khushi talked each other by next to each other.

Jay want to say something to Khushi when he bend down on his knee to speak out what his heart say to hold Khushi one hands. Khushi face was confession to looked at his eyes. 

A Poem by Jay Khanna

All during the day.

I will be standing over you.

All during the night.

I will be watching over you.

And thought the bad dream.

I will be holding and right there over you.

Khushi i want holding your hand to tight.

Telling you everything is all right.

And when you cry.

I will be there over you and hug you.

Telling you were never something less than beautiful.

So don't worry I'm your friendship standing by.

Back to Hotel

He dreamed something bad to Khushi, he sit up with opened eyes then say Khushi!!! by loud voice.

Next Spoilers

Will Khushi accepted his proposal.


Hey Guys What do you think of this long stories? please comment here and i want more people comment here... I will update for Part 16 soon If you are comment here... I'm really serious Smile

Please do Like It & Comment Here, then i will reply back as soon as possible Big smile

Should I stop or continues??? Who finding this part is good, boring, okay or crap??? I don't mind you to tell us... Please tell us... I won't bite you and don't be shy SmileLOL

I will upload Part 16 on 24th December 2012

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Lmaooo Khushi eating was cute =) OMG :O Jay proposed her I didn't see that coming ?? Update soon xoxo

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Originally posted by KaShGurTiLuverr

Lmaooo Khushi eating was cute =) OMG :O Jay proposed her I didn't see that coming ?? Update soon xoxo

Thank you KashGurTiLuverr! Big smile

I will continues soon Smile
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Awesome update :)

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