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OS~Leap-After 5 years- IM On Page 88 (Page 56)

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Originally posted by wonderblake

Awesome update,

waiting to read the next chap!

Thank You Wonderblake! Big smile

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Posted: 16 December 2012 at 11:10am | IP Logged
Originally posted by INGCIV

nice update but i have one request please continue soon  because i want to know more about that ARNAV to know kashishis his father.


Thank You INGCIV! Big smile

What do you mean to know about Arnav know Kashish his father? LOL
Prettychoco90 IF-Dazzler

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Originally posted by sahul

Nice part

Thank You Sahul! Big smile

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Originally posted by laxmisarada

iam very much exciting for update ! u said firs 51 p & after 55 p in FF ! Bu i couldnt fnd ! but u send pm . thank u , thank u so...much ! iam eagerly waiting for this update ! pls update soon yaar ! i cannot wait ! u r keeping me in suspense ! after arnav seeing khushi - what will happen in office ! pls pm me after updating !thank u so...much !Hug 

Thank you for the wonderful comment Laxmisarada! Big smile

Your welcome dear Smile

Actually i changed my mind that more people going to put more comment on page 55, but it's not going to work out... So i post on page 51 from yesterday.

Don't worry i will update in few days... I'm going to post Part 14 on Wednesday..I guess you have to wait and see...Keeping waiting SmileHug

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Originally posted by tinsel

Fabulous chapterStar

Thank you Tinsel! Big smile

You know what i'm not very confident to write the storyline in leaps but I'm still focus how to work out and then write it about it... I heard you love this chapter only part 13 or previous part? Smile
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Waiting waiting
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Originally posted by arnavkhushi22

Waiting waiting

I'm nearly finish to write up Part 14 and i will upload for part 14 tomorrow Smile

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Part 14

Both of them were eyes looked each other.

Arnav say- I didn't expecting to see you Miss Khushi.

Jay say- There you are Khushi.

Khushi turned around to faced Jay.

Arnav watched them two.

Khushi say- ' Yeah Jay I'm here '.

Jay walked to them between Arnav and Khushi.

Jay say- Khushi I want Arnav stay and work with you because I'm going to meet Kashish for meeting at 2:00pm. (Eyes looked)

(Khushi knew Arnav feel jealous)

Khushi say- 'Okay Jay'. (Eyes looked)

Jay and Khushi smiled each other.

Jay say- 'Thank you Khushi'. (Eyes looked)

Khushi say- What time are you coming back to office? I'm going be home at 3:30pm. (Eyes looked)

Jay say- I'm coming back to office at around three, don't worry i will be back soon.

Khushi say- Okay Jay.  (Eyes looked)

Arnav watched them two, he felt a little bit of jealous and he hold his fist hard on left hand.

Someone knocked in Jay office,

Jay say- come in.

Maya say- Sir I'm sorry to disturbing you

Jay say- It okay what do you want to say?

Maya say- Someone want to see you in reception.

Jay say- Khushi I will be right back.

Jay and Maya left.


Both of them stand by six meter, Khushi hold his wish key on her hand by pulling down. Khushi ignored him to faced other side then she folded her arms. Her face expression was angry, Arnav come forward to Khushi then Khushi looked at him like surprise. Khushi walked backward then Arnav come closer. Both of them were three meter by each other. Khushi walked backward end by wall then Arnav come closer. Then Khushi eyes looked other side not looked his eyes then her heart still beating- Dhak Dhak Dhak Dhak. Khushi felt his warm breath and her heart still beating fast. Arnav hear her heart beat by fast. He knew what Khushi felt expression, Arnav still stare at Khushi eyes, his eyes stare at her ear then Khushi closed her eyes. His face near to touch her cheek and then he whispered on her right ear.

Arnav say something with sexy husky voice.


Khushi Kumari Gupta, are you surprised to see me here?

Khushi listened to Arnav voice.

I know you don't want me here to near you, I want you to listen me very carefully.

I came here to help Jay for his project and then i will take revenge of him.

Khushi looked shock by herself what Arnav said with eyes opened.

Arnav face moved back then looked at her face with Smirk.

Khushi say- What rubbish are you talking about? (Eyes looked)

Arnav say- I am not talking rubbish.

Khushi say- How can you say that?.

Arnav say- 'Yes, Khushi, Remembered that what i said before everything was under my control, It is under the same and it will continues to be under my control.

Khushi pushed Arnav away from long distanced.

Both of them were eyes looked.

Khushi looked angry and Arnav looked smirk.

Jay came in his office,

Jay say- What happen Khushi and Arnav? Why you two looked each other like scary?

Khushi turned around to faced Jay.

Khushi say- Nothing Jay, I came here to find the file that I looked for. Anyway I'm going to my office.

Khushi left here.

Arnav and Jay alone in his office, talking about his new project.

Khushi reached in her office, she put wish key on the desk by slam, she sit down to put her head down to make calm down and take breath in and out.

Khushi had flashback what he said from few minutes ago with worried face with closed eyes.

Khushi stand up from the chair then her face expression looked angry.

Khushi say on her mind

Arnav Singh Raizada, I won't go back and do you know, why? because I'm not afraid of you and I won't let this happen. I knew you want me to back to you, I will never go with you. This my promise to you.

Khushi take the file from her desk, then walked to Jay office.

Khushi knocked Jay office.

Jay say- 'Come in'.

Khushi entered Jay office.

Khushi say- Jay can I sit with you? I want you to look at my file if there is any mistake.

Arnav looked at Khushi. (Confusion)

Jay say- Sure Khushi come and sit down.

Khushi and Jay were smiled each other.

Khushi walked to the desk, sit next to Arnav but she move bit slide into side with the chair to the edge.

Khushi looked at the file, heard what Arnav and Jay said about the new project.

Jay looked at his watches and it's say 1:30pm.

Jay say- It's time me to go now, Khushi can you stay with Arnav to discuss the new project or something else.

Khushi say-  Jay can I take him to look around the office then can I discuss with him about the new project.

Jay say- Okay Khushi, no problem. I will be right back, I'm promise.

Khushi say- I will wait for you to come back.

Jay and Khushi were eye looked and smiled each other.

Arnav hold his control by his mind.

Jay take his suit coat, his mobile phone and his car key with him.

Jay left here...

Khushi say- So Mr Arnav Singh Raizada, I won't let you anything happen bad to my fianc.

Arnav say- Wait and See Khushi Kumari Gupta. 

Arnav and Khushi faced each other by angry with silence.

Someone knocked in Jay office.

Khushi say- 'Come in' by soft voice.

Khushi turned around to see someone.

(Describe Him- Tall,  fair, handsome, looking cute, beautiful chocolate eye)

(He wears white shirt, black jacket and blue jean)

Someone say- Hello, Is it Khushi here?

Khushi say- I'm Khushi here

She stand up, hand shake with him then smile.

Someone say- My name is Prem Baja,

Khushi say- Oh my god!, Is it Kashish boyfriend?.

Someone say- Yeah Khushi.

Both of them knew each other.

Khushi say- Oh my god, you are here. What are you doing in Mumbai?

Arnav looked normal face himself with confusion.

Prem Baja say-  Can you come with me? I want talk to you something private.

Prem take Khushi with him by five step away.

Prem and Khushi talk each other by whispered.

At the restaurant

Jay and Kashish sit down on the table.

Jay say- I want to say something to you.

Kashish say- Okay Bhai

(Jay hold Kashish hand)

Jay say- I want you to get married to someone.

Kashish say- Did you found the right man for me?

Jay say- I  haven't find your right man, I'm still looking but i don't know which one.

Kashish say- Bhai i found my right man, but I'm sorry  i got boyfriend, i met him at college from years ago and i loved him.

Jay say- Really? I know you loved him what his name? where he lived? Tell me more information about him.

Kashish say- I want to tell you first, but I'm scared of you Bhai, i don't know what to do and so I told Khushi Di everything.

Jay say- You don't need to scared of me, mum and dad said to me that brother and sisters never separated and always loved each other.

Jay and Kashish smiled each other by holding hand then he kissed her forehead.

Kashish say- I'm missing mum and dad so much.

Jay say- Me too I'm missed them too.

Kashish told him everything about her boyfriend.

Jay say- Is he in Mumbai now?

Kashish say- Yeah he is in Mumbai, he told me that he going to meet you in office today.

Jay say- I haven't meet him in office.

Both of them look worried.

Then both of them say same time- Khushi!!!!

Jay dialled Khushi mobile number, her phoned is ringing.

Arnav, Khushi and Prem heard the ringtone by loudly.

Khushi walked to desk to picked the phone.

Arnav looked at Khushi but she ignored him.

Khushi seen someone screen on her phone.

Khushi say- Hello Jay

Jay say- Hello Khushi

Jay say- Is it Prem with you?

Khushi say- Yeah Prem is with me now.

Khushi say- Me and Prem just talked each other.

Jay say- Okay Khushi, i will come soon. Tell Prem to wait for me, I'm coming soon.

Khushi say- Okay Jay, don't worry I will look after him.

Jay say- Thank you Khushi, okay bye, see you soon.

Khushi say- Bye Jay, see you soon.

Khushi put the phoned down and looked at Prem.

Khushi say- Jay coming back soon, he want to speak to you. Don't worry Kashish told him everything, he is sweet person.

Khushi and Prem smiled each other.

Khushi tell Prem that do you want to drink or eat something?.

Prem say- No thank you, I'm okay.

Khushi say- Do you want to drink or eat something Mr Arnav?

Arnav say- One black coffee please

Khushi phoned someone from Jay office to bring one black coffee for Arnav.

The maid gave the black coffee to Arnav then the maid left.

Khushi say- Come with me you two I'm going to take you two to look around in the building.

Khushi with Prem and Arnav, she walked to Maya and tell Maya that tell Jay to find me when he come in his office. Maya say Okay madam i will tell him.

After Khushi took Prem and Arnav looked around in the building.

Khushi walked to Jay office with Arnav and Prem.

They sit down on the chairs, Khushi and Prem talked each other.

Arnav watched them two.

Jay came in with Kashish in his office.

Both them were surprised each other.

Prem and Kashish looked each other and then talked each other.

Jay, Arnav and Khushi watched them two.

Khushi next to Jay.

Khushi say- Look at Kashish, she feel happy to meet him

Jay say- Yeah i know, i think them two are made each other.

Khushi say- Did you and Kashish talked each other in the restaurant?

Jay say- Kashish told me everything, don't worry everything going be fine.

I want you to make plan for them two.

Khushi say- You want me to arrangement them two.

Jay say- Yeah Khushi, I trust you more than in my life.

Khushi knew that Arnav felt jealous.

Both of them were eye looked then smiled each other.

Arnav felt jealous again and he can't keep control by himself.

Khushi looked down to see her watched.

Khushi say- Jay can i go home now? Kashish are you coming with me?

Kashish say- Yeah Khushi Di I'm coming with you.

Jay say- You can go home with Kashish.

Khushi say- Jay can you discuss with Arnav the new project?, because I took them two to looked around in building then i talked to Prem and Arnav something else.

Jay say- Okay No problem Khushi.

Khushi and Kashish left here.

Arnav, Jay and Prem talked each other in Jay office.

Outside of Jay Office

Khushi and Kashish talked each other about Prem.

Kashish say- I'm feeling so happy that i met my boyfriend, you know what I'm in love with him.

Khushi say- I knew you already fallen in love with him and I'm feeling happy with you.

Kashish say- Thank you so much Khushi Di.

Khushi say- Anything I want to make you happy.

Kashish and Khushi hugged each other by tears coming out with smiled.

Arnav behind them heard what Kashish and Khushi said.

His face expression was smiled.

Both of them wiped the tears off on their face.

Kashish say- Di, Who do you think Prem or Arnav more better handsome?

Khushi say- Kashish i will hit your head.

Kashish say- Tell me, it's doesn't affected me at all.

Khushi say- Are you sure? Hmmm I think Salman Khan way better than Prem and Arnav.

Kashish say- What! Salman Khan i think you must kidding me.

Khushi say- So what i loved Salman Khan, he my love life hero. I had crush him since when I was a teenagers and he is really hot.

Arnav say- Excuse Me! What the! (Shocked)

Both of them turned around to see Arnav standing behind them.

Both of them are worried each other.

Kashish say- Mr Arnav you are here, what you doing here?

Khushi say- Yeah Mr Arnav what you doing here?

Arnav walked to them between Khushi and Kashish.

Arnav say- Kashish tell me who is more hero? me, Salman Khan or your boyfriend Prem?

Khushi looked them two by worried.

Kashish say- Um my boyfriend, she turned around to see Khushi eyes with worried.

Arnav say- Your boyfriend, really who is second hero? Salman Khan or me?

Kashish say- Um, Khushi you tell him.

Khushi say- Me, he asked you first, why me? (Looked at Kashish)

Arnav looked at Khushi with eyes looked with smirk (Kashish put hand together to say please with whispered)

Khushi say- Okay Second hero is Salman Khan.

Arnav felt sad what Khushi said, he knew that Khushi lied.

Kashish say-  Salman khan, he is okay.

Khushi say- For me, Salman khan first then.

Arnav say- Who is second hero? Arnav looked at Khushi with smirk (eye looked)

Khushi say- Um I then (Silence)

She turned around to faced on the road and then she called auto loudly on the road.

The auto came on the car parked

Kashish say- Nice to meet you Mr Arnav.

Arnav say- Nice to meet you Miss Kashish too.

Kashish and Khushi were sit down on the back by auto.

Khushi say- 'Let go mister'.

The auto left.

Khushi tell the auto the address of Akshat school.

Arnav got in his car, drive backed to his hotel.

Khushi and Kashish reached Akshat school and they waiting for Akshat.

The bell rang, Akshat came out with his friends.

Akshat saw his mum and Kashish from far away.

Akshat wave at his mum and Kashish with smiled on the face.

Khushi and Kashish waved back at Akshat.

Akshat tell his friends to say 'See you tomorrow'.

Akshat run off.

Akshat say- 'Amma and Aunty you two are here'. (with smiled)

Khushi say- 'Come on Son, we are going home'.  (with smiled)

Three of them got in by auto.

The auto reached Jay house on the front road.

Khushi paid the moneys to the driver.

Three of them were holding hands by walking to the front house.

Annie opened the door then they came in.

Akshat, Khushi and Kashish say Hello to Annie then Annie say Hello back to them.

Akshat went upstairs.

Khushi and Kashish walked to the couch, then sit down.

Annie bring snake for them.

Khushi and Kashish talked each other about the engagement, henna and wedding for shopping, arrangement and organize.

After three hours, Everyone were on the table to eat dinner by Annie.

Annie left home at 10:00pm, Jay, Kashish, Akshat, Maan and Armaan went upstairs to go sleep.

In Khushi room, Khushi couldn't sleep and then she sit up.

Khushi say- Why i couldn't go back to sleep? I always dream of Laad Governor and he couldn't let me go sleep.

In the Hotel

Arnav reached the hotel bedroom, he walked to the bag to get his medicine then walked to the table. He drank glass of water with his medicine. He picked out his night wear then walked to bathroom to have a shower. Arnav came out of the bathroom, he wears black tracksuit bottom and purple jumper.

He threw the towel on the bed, walked to the bed to get his laptop. He sit down on the coach to doing his presentation on the laptop. Then he can't keep control on mind with Khushi while he doing his work, he slam down by hand on his laptop hard with angry faced. He got up walked to the bag to get Khushi payal.

He sit down on the bed, hold his Khushi payal and then say something with his heart.  

Arnav say- Khushi you were right, everything is my fault. If i hadn't left you in my life, then all this would have never happened. For whatever happened, it's my fault. I didn't mean everything i say since you were left. I will surely win you back one more chance, I still loved you so much and i cant lived without you until i die.

Arnav switched off the light near the table then he went peaceful sleep dreaming of Khushi.

Back To Jay Khanna House

Khushi entered in the kitchen,  she make Jalabi by her own recipes.

Khushi say something on herself

Why he coming back after five years? What he think himself to do revenge of Jay? he want me to go back with him in Delhi and stay with him forever (Looked angry and worried)

She pouring from the gas then drawing something with Jalabi in the fry without looked in.

She looked shocked and gasped by herself.

She see Arnav letters with Jalabi, she say 'Oh Devi Maiyyan what i have done'?

Khushi heard someone voice coming, she blowing out by hands and then break down the pieces the letters Arnav of Jalabi.

Khushi looked herself down on the plate of so many Jalabi.

Kashish entered in the kitchen, she looked shock at Khushi made lots of Jalabi on the plate.

Kashish say- What happened to you Di? Are you okay? why are you worried yourself?

Khushi say- Nothing I'm okay I couldn't go back to sleep, so i made Jalabi by myself.

Kashish say- Okay Di but so many Jalabi, who is going to eat that?.

Khushi say- I'm going to eat, do you want some? i saved it from tomorrow so you will have it for breakfast.

Kashish say- I want some but give me 3 pieces because i don't want put my weight on for my engagement.

Khushi laughed herself what Kashish said.

Khushi say- Okay Kashish here is your plate.

Kashish say- Are you going to sleep now? It's late now.

Khushi say- I will go back to sleep after i eat this.

Kashish say- Okay good night Di.

Khushi say- Good night Kashish.

She carried the plate of  five piece of Jalabi in her bedroom.

Khushi sit down on her bed and then talk herself.

Khushi say- I will never go back to Arnav ever and i need to stay away from him, but big problem of Arnav Laad Governor. (Worried)

Khushi looked down on her fingers to see something of good idea while she stopped eating her Jalabi. (Gasped then Smiled herself)

Who is Khushi giving sari to? Smile

Next Spoilers


Hey Guys What do you think of this long stories? please comment here and i want more people comment here... I will update for Part 15 soon If you are comment here... I'm really serious Smile

Please do Like It & Comment Here, then i will reply back as soon as possible Big smile

Should i stop or continues??? Who finding this part is boring??? I don't mind you to tell us... Please tell us... I won't bite you and don't be shy SmileLOL

P.S- From now on, I will update for new part after three or four days and I will write 5, 6 or more pages now. Thumbs Up Smile

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