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OS~Leap-After 5 years- IM On Page 88 (Page 36)

Prettychoco90 IF-Dazzler

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Sorry I can't update on this Saturday because I'm going be fasting tomorrow and on Saturday ... sorry guys I will update next week I'm promise please please please be patient... SORRY ABOUT THAT!!!!

Prettychoco90 IF-Dazzler

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Prettychoco90 IF-Dazzler

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Hello guys, I'm so sorry i haven't write any update from last one months because i was busy... Here is the update of Part 10 Smile

Part 10

                                                   Beautiful Heartbeat New Day

Arnav Singh Raizada House (Delhi)

                  Morning Day

Arnav woken up at 7:00am by alarm next to his small desk, he looked very tired and then he had flashback from last night that he going to Mumbai in the afternoon today. He got up from his bed then walked to his wardrobe. Arnav opened his wardrobe take out his clothes and his towel then went to bathroom to have a shower and then clean his shave. He put his clothes on then came out of the bathroom, he sit down on the laptop and working on it for 30 minutes. He finished his work on the laptop, he phoned Aman to telling him.


Arnav say:- Hello Aman

Aman say:- Hello Sir, I got your Mumbai ticket, you have to come office at 9:00am for your conference today.

Arnav say:- Okay Aman, I'm coming soon

Aman say:- Bye Sir

Arnav say:- Bye

End of conversion

Arnav walked to his wardrobe, he take out his office clothes then went to the bathroom to put his office suit on . Arnav wearing his black trouser, dark purple shirt, black tipped slim fit jacket and black tie. He came out of the bathroom then sit down on his bed to put his sock on and his black shoe on. He walked to his small desk to put his watches on then walked to his laptop table to put inside his laptop in the bag. Arnav walked to his small desk then put his bluetooth on his right ears then he went downstairs. He walked to the coach to put everything on the coach then walked to the breakfast table and then sit down where he sit before. There is Anjali, Anjali children's Rishi and Prerna, Nani, Maami, NK, Akash, Payal, Payal children's Kanan on the breakfast table. Arnav say Good Morning' to everyone on the breakfast table then he took out his breakfast menu. Arnav ate everything on the plate then he tell his Nani that he leaving for meeting with Akash today, he left home now.

Business Tycoon & Owner of AR Group of Industries

In his office, Arnav sitting down on his office work table with his new clients for the new project. Arnav talked about his presentation on his laptop with his client for America business. After one hours Arnav and his client went to his meeting room to showed his America business plan on his presentation. After 2 hours Arnav finished with his clients for America business plan and the clients liked his project and then agreed with his contract. Arnav left his meeting room with his laptop then walked to his office, he sit down his chair to relax for 10 minutes. Arnav phoned Aman his office to get his Mumbai ticket. Aman reached his office, Aman want to say something


Aman say:- Hello Sir, here is your Mumbai ticket (Aman gave his ticket to Arnav)

Arnav say:- Okay thank Aman (he smiled himself after 5 years for the first time)

Aman say: You have to leave at 1:00pm, your flight is around 2 in the afternoon and I booked your hotel in Mumbai for two days.

Arnav say:- Okay Aman, I'm leaving this office at 12:00am then going to pack my clothes in the bag and make sure to look after my company while I'm gone.

Aman say:- Okay sure... Have a good time!

Arnav say:- Thank you Aman

End of conversion

After Aman left from Arnav office, Arnav back to work on his laptop, he looked at his watches it is 11:00am then he packed his laptop in the bags, carried his mobile and he put his coat on from his chair. He left his office then drive back his home. Jaiprakash opened the door then Arnav came in, Arnav walked to the living room to see everyone sitting down and talking something else. Arnav tell his nani that he going to Mumbai for fashion show,  Nani say 'okay Choti' then Arnav walked to his room to packed his clothes in the bag then he took his wife payal with him for his emotional memories. He opened his cupboard to change his clothes into bathroom. Arnav wears white shirt, black suit coat and black trouser.

Arnav took his sunglass, his mobile phone, his Mumbai ticket, his clothes bag and his laptop with him. Arnav came downstairs to say 'Bye everyone' then he left.

Jay Khanna House (Mumbai)

Khushi woken up at 6:00am by alarm next to her small desk, she looked happy and smile herself while she had beautiful dream from last night. Khushi got up from her bed then walked to her cupboard to pick one of her boyfriend Jay which he chosen casual salwar kameez which is red and blue with designer for the top and white trouser. Khushi walked to bathroom to have a shower then get ready. Khushi out of the bathroom and then threw the towel on the bed. Khushi walked and then sit on big dressing tables. She put light make up on her face, she put curling on her hair and take her hair leave out. Khushi put few bangle on her left arms and put white scarf around on her neck, She got up from her dressing table then she turned around to see the clock on her small desk and it say 6:30AM. Khushi walked to her son room Akshat. Akshat already asleep on his bed and Khushi wake him up, telling him to get ready for school. Akshat opened his eyes got up and hugged his mum Khushi. Khushi hugged him tightly and smiled at herself. Khushi carried Akshat to bathroom, Khushi put toothpaste on teeth brush and gave to Akshat. Akshat brushing his teeth while Khushi get his towel from the cupboard. Khushi walked back to bathroom and gave him a bath. Khushi finished with Akshat bath and carried him to his bed. Akshat sitting down on his bed and Khushi get his school uniform from the cupboard. Khushi wiped Akshat body and hair by towel, he brush his teeth then put his school uniform on, then put his socks on and comb his hair like Salman Khan. Then put the face cream on. Khushi get his school bag on the desk and then hold Akshat by hands. They walked to downstairs and put Akshat to sit on the chair from the table. Khushi make Akshat breakfast and everyone one else. Khushi tell the maid to make Akshat breakfast then Khushi went upstairs to wake Kashish. Khushi walked to the window then open the blind from the window. Khushi say 'Good Morning and getting ready for big day today' to Kashish. Khushi and Kashish both smiled and very happy. Kashish say 'Wow Khushi Di you looking beautiful today' to Khushi. Khushi say ' Really Thank you Kashish' then she smiled herself. Khushi say 'getting ready now we are going be fashion show' at 3:00pm. Kashish. Kashish say 'Okay Yes Khushi Di Madam' to put her left hand on the forehead like soldier. Khushi went downstairs

Jay Khanna Room

Jay opened his eyes, he got up then he stretched himself on his head. Jay got up off his bed and then walked to his wardrobe to get his towel. Jay walked to his bathroom, having a shower, clean shave and clean hairstyle. After that Jay walked back to his wardrobe to get his office suit. Jay wears white shirt, navy suit coat, black tie and black trouser. Jay walked to his desk to put his watches on his arms, comb his hair, his phone in his pocket and carried his office bag.

Breakfast Time

He went downstairs to tell everyone to say 'good morning', then he still staring at Khushi when he came downstairs and say 'Good morning' to Khushi and then he smiled himself and Khushi looked at him then she say good morning to Jay with a smiled. Jay say to Khushi 'you looking beautiful today' then Khushi say Thank you Jay. Kashish say 'See Bhai I told her that in the morning' then she gigged herself. he sit down on the table to eat something on the plate, Jay tell Khushi that someone going to pick Akshat from school I mean my driver and my two maid going to look after him while we are at fashion show. Khushi say 'Okay Jay', Khushi finished feed Akshat breakfast then Khushi tell Akshat that I'm not going to pick you up in after school because Amma going be at fashion show and you always be good. Akshat tell his mum Khushi that can I bring my friend around here after school?  Khushi say 'Hmmm okay Akshat be good boy and don't be naughty boy'. Akshat say 'Okay Amma don't worry'. Jay, Khushi, Kashish, Armaan and Maan looked at Akshat and smiled. After their breakfast finished, Jay tell his family that I'm leaving for fashion show and be there at 3:00pm to Khushi, Kashish, Armaan and Maan. Everyone say 'okay don't worry we will be there on time'.

At the Airport

The driver drive Arnav car on the road to the airport, Arnav reached the airport then he took his sunglass, his mobile phone, his Mumbai ticket, his clothes bag and his laptop with him then he went inside the airport to sit down to wait for his airplane. Arnav look bit tired, his watched then he switch off his mobile phone. He's waiting like five minutes then the speaker came on something. Arnav got up, he put his glasses on then walked to airplane. 

Back to Jay Khanna House

Kashish and Khushi had to do house chore from the kitchen and dinner table. Akshat had carried his school bag, Khushi and Akshat say 'Bye' to Kashish. Akshat and Khushi left their house and drive to Akshat school. Khushi dropped off his son school.

At the Airplane                                        

Arnav sitting down on the seat, he put his seat belt on then look out of the window. Arnav put his head up and closed his eyes to sleep like one hours. After the Airplane arrived in Mumbai, Arnav opened his eyes, took his seat belt off then pick his laptop bag then he walked to the airport department to pick his clothes bag and his passport. Arnav arrives Mumbai after five years and then he looked his watches which is 2:30pm , he took his glasses off to look for someone else pick him off. Arnav felt something wrong which is heartbeat and windblown  in same time like five minute for the so many time.   

Arnav look someone with the border card of his name which is Arnav S R and he wave at him, the man say Hello Arnav, my name is 'Raj' then handshake each other, he carried his only clothes bag to put in the car. Arnav sit in the car, put his glasses on then push the button the window roll up. Arnav opened his laptop while he doing his work and his driver is driving. Arnav driver hit another car on the road, he closed his laptop on his lap then put on the side then he opened the door to slowly. Arnav pull out his glasses off to see two driver fighting. In another car, the little boy with his school uniform opened the door like slowly, he put one of his feet out of the car then got up. The little boy put his one finger out say 'Hey mister why you hit my car? you don't know where you going, The little boy stared at Arnav like angry. Arnav looked at the little boy. The little boy describe:- his eyes like his mum, his skin like his mum and his hair like his dad. The little boy is called Akshat... Arnav say 'Sorry the accident always happen everywhere'. Akshat say this place called Mumbai, be careful then Akshat turned around then walked back to sit down in the car with his friends. Arnav tell his driver 'let go now'. Akshat driver drive off then Arnav sit down in the car and the driver still driving on the road. Arnav arrived the hotel in Mumbai then he carried his laptop, his clothes bag and everything with him. Arnav arrived the desk to give him the hotel keys then he walked to the lift, he push the button then he walked in then the door closed. Arnav walked to the door then he put the key to unlock. Arnav put everything his stuff on the bed and the coach. Arnav look at the window to see the view outside then sit down on the coach. Arnav opened his laptop then back doing his work like one hours.     

At the Fashion Show- Mumbai

Jay reached the fashion show at 1:30pm, he waiting Khushi and Kashish arrive. Khushi and Kashish arrived at 3:00pm. Jay tell his women model to getting ready for two hours, Jay change his clothes into his different suit in the changing room, he wears black shirt, navy suit coat, black tie and black trouser. Jay walked to the make up desk then put the gel on his hair like bit spike. Khushi and Kashish arrive in the make up room to what Jay up to. Kashish and Khushi smiled at Jay, Jay say What? to Khushi and Kashish. Jay tell Kashish to getting ready, I'm going to talk Khushi for two minutes. Kashish say 'Okay bhai', she left. Jay want to say something to Khushi


Jay say:- Khushi I want you to wear this wedding dresses on  you of catwalk please

Khushi say:- Why?

Jay say:- we got five or six model of catwalk and I want you wear this please... For me

Khushi say:- Hmmm (thinking herself) Okay I will try

Jay say:- Thank you Khushi... You are the best (he hugged her with smiled)

Khushi say:- Anything for you. Oh god I need to talk Akshat on the phone... Can you give me five minutes? Jay say okay be ready, Jay left. Khushi dialled Jay Khanna home number then Akshat picked up the phone at home.


Khushi say:- Son are you at home now?

Akshat say:- Amma I'm at home, I'm with my friends

Khushi say:- what are you doing?

Akshat say:- I'm playing toy with my friend, don't worry i will be fine.

Khushi say-: Okay son... Be good boy

Akshat say:- I will bye Amma love you

Khushi say:- Bye son love you too

End of conversion

Khushi smiled herself then she felt her heartbeat with windblown to her right hand on her where is heart on like 3 minutes, her face expression worried. Someone called Khushi to get ready then she change to wedding dresses in the changing room, she came out looking the mirror of herself. Khushi think this dresses looked stunning then the beauty people put make up on Khushi face. Her wedding dresses is Indian material with wedding english dresses and Indian material scarf on the top of her hair . Jay came in then looked at Khushi, Khushi turned around looked at Jay. Khushi looked down with shy. Jay say you looking gorgeous, he walked to Khushi to kissed her hands then Khushi smiled herself. Someone else came in to tell Jay it started then Jay say All the best to Khushi. Khushi say 'Thank you'. Jay smile at her then he left.    

Someone from the background say:-

Friends! Jay Khanna organised this fashion show in Mumbai, which will present new collections of his company. In grandiose or fashion show "Fashion Mumbai" which newly obtained. Ladies and gentlemen! Please welcome Jay Khanna. The music came on

Jay is on the stage to looked everyone with smiled on his face, Jay say Hello! everyone, Khanna Group of fashion business organise the main show of the year. Finally! he smiled himself, the background people were clapping and the media people asking a question to Jay Khanna.


One man say- You completed the fashion business after six years, why you chose this fashion show?

Jay say- I want my parents and my close friends make proud of us to make interest of new collection dresses, wedding and everything. I want this show will be doing well and enjoying themselves.

One lady say- I heard you bring one special friend to do catwalk of the new collection... Is the correct Jay?

Jay say- I guess you have to wait and see

End of conversion

The music start and the light

He smiled himself then he sit down up on the left side to watch his model doing catwalk for the new collection. Arnav sit down on the right side, he wears red shirt, black suit coat and black trouser, he watch the model and  then look at his phone in same time.

Someone from the background say:- Welcome to Khushi

Khushi is on the stage, she closed her eyes then prayed herself, then the light went off when Arnav looked up. 

Khushi felt scared of darkness, she on the right side then the light on, she looked at Jay then both looked at each other.

Khushi lost her balanced with her sandal and with long scarf, she slipped backward 

Someone catches Khushi on his arms

Khushi opened her eyes to see Arnav

Arnav and Khushi looked each other in after five years meeting. Their face expression like shocked and eyes look with Heartbeat then 'Rabba Vey' for ten minutes. All the media people took photography of them like three minutes.

Jay looked at them then Arnav put Khushi down. Khushi walked back in one steps, her face expression like shocked and sad. Arnav face expression like shocked and angry then Jay came next to between them.


Jay say:- I'm sorry, he looked at Khushi then hold Khushi hand.

Arnav looked Jay and Khushi hold hand, his face expression like angry.

Jay took Khushi away, Khushi looked back and Arnav still looked at them with shocked.

In the changing room

Kashish is in English dresses and her clothes is silver dresses with designer on the bottom knee, she put curling on her hairs and light make up on her face. Jay and Khushi came in the changing with Kashish.


Kashish say:- I'm done, how do I look now?

Jay say:- looking beautiful

Jay say:- what happen Khushi?

Khushi say:- Nothing Jay

Jay say:- Do you know him? Have you met him before?

Khushi say:- No I don't know him

Jay looked Khushi eyes, he felt something wrong and Khushi looked down.

Jay say:- Getting ready now we got dance show

Khushi say:- 'Okay Jay'

Jay gave her smiled, he take his clothes from the bag then changing in the room.

Kashish came with Khushi (Khushi eyes were teary then she wiped off on her eyes)

Kashish say:- What happen Khushi Di?

Khushi say:- ' Nothing Kashish... I'm going to change the clothes now'

Kashish say- 'Okay Khushi Di'. After Khushi left

Kashish waiting for Khushi and his brother Jay to changed the clothes.

Khushi came out of the changed room

Khushi wears red  and gold scrap jump suit, Her hairs like still curling and light make up on her face.

Jay wears black top, navy jacket and blue jean

After Kashish, Khushi and Jay left the changing room, they on the stage.

Someone from the background say:-

Welcome to Khushi and Kashish on the stage... Everyone clapping and cheering them. Armaan and Maan still cheering at them, Arnav still stare at Khushi and Kashish dancing

Kashish and Khushi- Don- Aaj Ki Raat Then Aaja Nachle- Aaja Nachle

After that song finish, Someone from the background say:- Welcome to Khushi and Jay on the stage

Jay and Khushi- Love U... Mr. Kalakaar!- Tera Intezaar (Khushi wears pink maxi dress with curling hair and Jay wears black top, navy jacket and blue jean)

After the song finish, Everyones clapping them and cheering... Arnav felt jealous and angry at Jay and Khushi. Arnav hold fist tight on the left hand. 

Next Spoilers


Hey Guys What do you think of this long stories? please comment here and i want more people comment here... I will update for Part 11 soon Smile

Please do Like It & Comment Here, then i will reply back as soon as possible Big smile

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Thanks for the pm

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Originally posted by vishnudaughter

Thanks for the pm

Your Welcome Smile
Thank You Vishnudaughter!  Big smile

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first thanx for the pm secondly please dear update soon.

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Damn it ,,finalyy ure back,,,,,,,,,,hope u are fine dear,,,,
wonderful update ,,finally they met,,,,,,,
khushi jay are in relathionship?????hope khushi still loves Arnav,,,
feeling sad for Arnav,,,he met khushi after 5 years,,,,
please dont take ur time to update
updtae soon and thanks for the pm

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Originally posted by INGCIV

first thanx for the pm secondly please dear update soon.

Your welcomeSmile
Thank You INGCIV! Big smile

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