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Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon

A Piece of My Arshian Mind- VOLUME IV

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A Piece Of My Arshain Mind- volume IV 

It was early morning when arnav opened his eyes to see his wife's peaceful face. As he took every feature of her sleeping face his heart tightened at the thought of her being all his. Khushi ws his. Forever. He ws going to make sure of it. He tightened his grip of her hand and kpt starin at her beauty.

Aftr wat seemed ages she stirred and slowly opened her eyes. She smiled at him groggily. They stared at each other. There was a loud knock on the door. " arre sankadevi uttoh! Hume subha subha pooja keliye mandir jaana hain..." buaji yelled.

Khushi shot out of the bed. " hai devi maiyya! Hume toh bhool gaya...aapko jana chaiyye..." khushi tld arnav while opening the window for him. "kyun?" he asked her while gettin out of bed. " kyun???...agar buaji ko patha chal gaya ke aap yaha toh bohot gussa karegi...garbar hogi" she said. He smiled n grabbed her waist. "achcha?" he asked mockingly. " chodiye hume...aur jaaiye! Buaji..." she struggled. " khushi relax. Buaji gussa nahi karegi...garbar nahi hoga..." he said. " aap ko kaise patha?" she challenged. " mujhe patha hain kyun ki main tumhare pathi hoon...aur mujhe haq hain...ape biwi ke saath raath bithana..." he smirked. She blushed deeply. " bt...i'l go...waise bhi mujhe ghar jana hain..." he said. He swiftly kissed her forehead n whispered " i'l see u soon, khushi" . He quickly climbed out f da window n sneaked towards his SUV smiling.

RM- morning- 6.30am

Arnav walked into RM with a smile. He moved without makin a sound. " chote? Aap ithni subha kaha chal gaye?" naani stood in frnt of him. " woh naani...main woh...buaji ki ghar..." he said slowly. " aap ithni subha gaye...sub teekh toh hain na?" she asked worriedly. " ha naani...sab teekh hain.." he said. " toh phir aap subha subha..." naani said. " woh actually naani...main kal raath...khushi..." he stammered. " achcha toh aap ko khushi bitiya ki yaad aayi..." she smiled teasingly. Arnav jst smiled. " par naani aap ithni subha...?" " woh hum aur anjali bitiya thodi derr main nikal rahe hain...woh aaj subha ka pooja hain..mandir main" she said. Arnav remmbred buaji yellin at da door. " naani...wait...main bhi chaloonga...aap dono ke saath" he said. " aap?mandir ma? Aap ko office jana nahi?" naani asked. " its ok ki rasthe main mandir hain...main bhi chaloonga..." he insisted. " teekh hain...jaise aap ki marzi" naani said.

In arshi bedroom- aftr abt half an hour

Arnav got ready quickly. He grabbed his laptop. " mera red file..." he remmbrd. He lukd around. It ws not to be seen. He started searching the room. " kaha hain yeh file?... Khushi! Tumne meri file dekhi hain kya?" he asked only to realize khushi wasnt there. He sighed. 

"good morning nanav!" NK entered the room. " lagta hain tum khushi ji ko bohot miss kar rahe hoon?" " nahi toh.." arnav lied lukin away. " oh really? Well...khushi ji toh tumhe bohot miss kar rahi thi..." NK said. Arnav turned to face him. " kyunki woh tumhe call karneki bohot koshish kar rahi thi bt she couldnt...toh woh mujhe call kiya..." he said. Arnav remmbrd his phone goin dead jst b4 he lft GH. " ha woh battry dead thi..." he said dispointedly. He hd missed a chance to tlk to khushi. " khushiji pooch rahi thi ki kya tum ghar teekh se ponch gaye ho...and she tld me to give u this" he handed him a red file he ws hiding behind him. " tum isse dhoond rahe the na?" NK smiled. Arnav said nothing bt smiled at the file in his hands. " thnx NK" he said finally. " tum thnx mujhe nahi apne biwi ko kehena chaiyye" NK replied. 

" Chote! Aap aa rahe ho?" naani voice came frm downstairs. " NK i gotta go. Bye" arnav left. 

" chote, aap bhi aarahe ho?" di askd. " ji di" he replied. Anjali smiled. Her chote was cumin with her to the mandir. She was happy to have her brother back.

At the mandir

" arre sankadevi! Yeh kya? Kal raath teekh se soyi nahi hain kya?" buaji askd a yawning khushi. She quickly closed her mouth. She remmbrd hw arnav climbed da window, grabbed her waist, pushed her against da wall n kissed her nck. She remmbred hw they hugged n how they fell asleep in each others embrace. " kusi, waha kya kar rahi ain...aao bitiya" garima called khushi who ws blushing at her memories of da previous night. 

" careful di" arnav said as he hlpd anjali get out f da SUV. Anjali smiled. " chaliye chaliye...hume derr ho rahi hain..." naani hurried them. Arnav looked around with searchin eyes. " chote. Kya dhoond rahe hoon aap?" anjali askd. " kuch nahi di" he said. As he wlk behind his di n naani he kpt lukin until his eyes caught wat he was lukin for.

" di, naani...woh mera phone car pe rehegaya...i' l b right bck..." he said. " teekh hain...aap aaye...chalo bitiya hm chalte hain" naani lead anjali towards the mandir.

Khushi was wlkin few steps behind her mother n buaji lost in thought. The crowd was closing around her.she felt sum1 touch her shoulder. She turned around. There were people around her but she knew non f hm. Thinking she mst hv imagined it she turned n continued walking. B4 long she flt a squeeze on her arm. She turned reflexsively. Crowd goin there own way. Puzzled she kpt walkin. Two steps later she flt sum1 grab her hand tightly. " yeh kya battamiji hain!" she said angrily as she turned to face the culprit. She found her pself starin at her husband's face.
"aap????? aap yaha kya kaise?" she asked wide eyed. Arnav said nothing. " chodiye humara haath...yeh mandir hain!" she stuggled to free her hand. Arnav let her go. She quickly walked away from him as her heart went "dhak dhak"

As she reached her mother n buaji " lo aagayi sanka devi..." said buaji. Khushi lukd to see buaji n amma tlkin to naani n anjali. Surprised, she touched naani's feet. " jeethi raho...lo aagayi chote bhi" khushi stood up with wide eyes. " namaste aunty, namaste buaji" he said smiling. " hi khushi" he smirked. Khushi jst kpt lukin at him wih big eyes. " arre damad ji! Namaste" buaji n garima smiled. "chaliye chaliya...hum pooja keliye derr ho rahe hain..." naani dircted every1. Arnav followed da guptas n his di as naani said to him " toh aap ki mandir aane ki waja yehi hain..." with a smile. Arnav smiled at his naani silently admitting.

"chote, mandir aayi...khushi ji keliye...humare liye nahi..." da realization made anjali's eyes fill up wit tears.

After the pooja they left quickly. Arnav kept smiling the whole way. He ws happy. He saw khushi. Yes, he was vry happy.

At office- meeting

The client was tlkin. " Mr. Raizada hume quality chaiyye..." with this memeories of khushi standin on their bed with her head set on tellin sum1 n da phone about "quality" came to his mind. He smiled. " Mr. Raizada, r u listening?" da client intrrptd. " oh...yeah...Mr. Sharma...carry on..." arnav forced himself not to thnk about khushi for a while.

During lunch

A man from the canteen brings ASR his lunch in a tiffin which was unsual. "yeh kya?" arnav askd. " sir woh...khushi bhabhi ne bheja hain...aap keliye..." the man said n left. "khushi" arnav smiled n opened the tiffin.


"lo...humne arnav ji ko khana bi bhej diya...ab hum kya kare?" she lukd arnd n noticed the plate of jalebi. A wide smile spread across her face. She grabbed the plate and went in front of the tv n sat. As she watched the tv she started eatin her sweet sweet jalebis. But as she ate she realized they were not sweet. She shot up." hai devi maiyya! Yeh toh sugar free jalebiya humne arnav ji keliye banaya tha...agar yeh yaha hain toh tiffin main...HAI DEVI MAIYYA...YEH HUMNE KYA KARDIYA!?"

At the office
Arnav licked his fingers after eatin his lunch. It was delicious. He wiped his hands n opend da lst box. Jalebis. He remembered da numerous times he had seen khushi eat them with so much pleasure. He smiled a secret smile and picked one up.

Jst outside his office was khushi. "arnav ji apna phone bhi nahi utarahe hain...agar unhe kuch ho jatha toh..." khushi thought. " tu bhi na khushi...shubh sshub bolo!" she calmed herself and luked up. Through the glass she could see arnav holdin a jalebi in his hand ready to eat. 

Khushi ran. She pushed several staff members out of her way and ran to arnav's office.

Arnav was jst about to eat the jalebi when he heard khushi yell " nahiii...arnav ji...yeh math khaiyye" he luked up to see his wife diving at him. She hit his hand and the jalebi went flying. Khushi found herslf sittin on arnav's lap. " arnav ji...aap teekh toh hona? Aapne jalebiya nahi khaye na?...aap kuch bolti kyun nahi...woh galti se main ne cheeni wali jalebiya aapko bhege aur sugar free jalebiya ghar me rehe gayi..." she tld as she placed the box of sugar free jalebis on the table. "arnav ji kuch boliyena" khushi pleaded holdinhis face in her hands. "khushi, relax...i'm fine. Main ne nahi khaye" he reassured her. Khushi sighed in relief. " devi maiyya ka lakh lakh shukar hain...woh hum bhi na..." she said worriedly. "khushi...i'm fine. Really...waise bhi mujhe kuch nahi hogaya...meri biwi jo aayi mujhe bachane keliye..." he whispered in her ear. Then only she noticed she was sitting on his lap n tht his arms were around her. She got up quickly. " woh hume maaf kar dijiye..." she said in a small voice. "khushi...its ok...mistakes happen" he said holdin her face with his hands. " nahi...kuch bhi teekh nahi hain...agar aap ko kuch ho jaatha toh hume...?" she said almst crying. "tumhe?tumhe kya hota khushi?" he smirked at her. He started walking towards her. " hume...hume...hume jail jana padega" she said. "achcha toh tumhe jail jaane ki darr hain...warna agar mujhe kuch ho jatha toh...agar main iss duniya se chala jaatha toh tumhe koi farq nahi padega?" he asked teasingly as he turned away from her. He waited for her to say sumthng to do sumthng but he got no response. He luked around to see khushi' eyes filled with anger n tears streamin down her face. "khushi..." he wiped her tears. She pushed his hand away. She pushed him bck. " aap ki himmat kaisi hui aise sawal poochne ki? Aap ko kya lagta hain? Ke mujhe aap ki parwa nahi hain? Aap ki ho ya na hone se hume koi faraq nahi padtha hain?" with every question she pushed him hard. And finally gave up n buried her face in his chest. "khushi...i was joking...khushi please stop crying" he said stroking her head. " aap khabhi bhi aise mazak math karo..." she said. He cupped her face and forced her to luk at him. "main khabhi bhi aise mazak nahi karoonga...but mazak toh kartha rahoonga...kyun iss mazak ke wajese tum mujhe hug toh kiya..." he smirked. She tried to pull away but he ddnt let her go. She luked at him with wide eyes.she jumped as the phone began to ring. "arnav" he picked it up unwilling. Khushi freed herself. " sir, sorry to disturb u but Mr. Oberoi is here..." a voice on the phone said. " yeah, i'l b right down." arnav said. He kpt da phone and turned to khushi. But khushi was gone.
RM- In the evening

As arnav entered the house he called out to HP and asked for a coffee. He went straight up to his room and changed. He sat down on his recliner and lukd at the half empty sugar free jalebi box. He smiled at the memory of khushi.

"aap ka coffee..." arnav luked up to see khushi holding his coffee and standing in front of him. He couldnt blv his eyes. He smiled and muttered her name. He slowly got up. And walkd to her. He grabbed the tray and her hands along with it. She tried to pull her hands away but he wasn't goin to let her. As she struggledto free her hands the coffee spilled on the tray. Arnav luked at it bt ddnt loosen his grip. 

" arnav bhaiyya...hume jaane deejiye...aapka coffee gir jayega" arnav luked up to find himself face to face with HP. He luked down confused. He ws holdin HP's hands. "wat the?" he let go. "aap teekh hain arnav bhaiyya...?" HP inquired with a hint of fear. Arnav luked at the spilled coffee still confused. " hum aapko ek aur nayi coffee le athe" HP lft hurriedly.

Arnav couldnt blv wat hpnd. Wat ws happnin to him? He sat down on the recliner n lukd at the sugar free jalebi. " khushi...tumne mujhe kya kar diya?" he muttered with a small smile.

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Too gud.. Keep going... Smile
will be waiting for next part...Smile
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njoyed reading.. very good..congrats Smile
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i'm unable to find vol:iii can you pls give the link...! Btw its just awesome luvd it...!

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