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Finally...the Titans Collide...Aug 7th, 2012 (Page 7)

Zarahatke IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 07 August 2012 at 2:07pm | IP Logged
Thanks for update dear

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Fazila~ IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 07 August 2012 at 2:10pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by boreddamsel

Originally posted by Fazila~

Originally posted by boreddamsel

lol.. Fuzzy.. babe.. I went like this ROFL (actually laughing so loud, my laugh echoed in the lab) reading your comment about the baby in Dadi's suitcase. and next laugh came in the last line.. scary Dadi.. LOL

LOL no use ranting the poor unborn child yaar...blame it on dadi hahahahah

ok.. to say I liked the episode.. well I loved the last part yes.. 
Barun.. bravo.. man, awesome acting, as always.. Sanaya didn't have much to do today.. and the next person I have to mention is Nani.. finally she had a role again today.. she is the only other strong Raizada woman, the lioness in the family, I mean other than Khushi.. Mami and Shyamli are weaklings!

Epi was awesome...hotwa is backkk...muhaaa... khuhsi doesnt need to do anything now,,,she has done enuff... ASR should takeover n he so proud of him today...Embarrassed

Confused I am too scared to be happy... I don't know what to feel.. I don't want anything to go wrong! that's why I'm scared to be happy about tomorrow's song sequence too.. I hope nothing goes wrong! 

Im terrified... what if ASR changes...what will become of khushi...rem shes in the house only cause of him... a woman is in her husbands house cause of him n if he changes...nothing is same n nothing else matters...As long as ASR is with khushi im fine...Embarrassed

I will start with something Khushi said, one second I think I know you well and the other moment I feel like we are strangers.. well at least she changed it from shaitan and rajkumar.. phew.. thats a relief! 
Did you notice how Arnav ran to Khushi when she started crying.. he can avoid everything and everyone but not Khushi's tears! and when he said the wedding was not Khushi's fault, did you notice what he said, even if no one else knows it or not, I know the wedding is not your fault.. and khushi like an idiot listened to it and felt so warm inside.. my blood was boiling here.. well why does no one know its not Khushi's fault.. have you ever tried to tell her family that? yes, they have forgiven her.. but they need to know that it was not her fault.. they threw her out of the family for a month because of you.. redemption, wooing.. my foot.. Angry.. ok.. control.. there is no use worrying.. 'coz its all up to the CVs and not up to any of us...  and they will not make Arnav do all that.. 'coz they know we are happy just seeing him trust and romance Khushi.. and they will not do anything good for Khushi ever.. just make her life miserable every time and not fix anything!

He will say he will...he has accepted it n said it out sure dadi will goad him about it n he will blur it all out...the cvs cant keep it all in any more...trps r sick...n flat...just like the tummy...need to rise hahahahahhaha LOL

LOL The tummy will never rise.. hopefully the TRPs wil.. remember the one week the TRPs rose was during Shyam's confrontation.. we need epic episodes like that.. hopefully that's why Dadi is here.. so we can have some drama! and yes, I hope Arnav will blurt it out.. then yes, I wil truly be proud of him... not that I ever stopped loving my Arnav.. yes, my Arnav.. I can say that.. 'coz I know my bf doesn't visit IF LOL

 Hai hasrat hi rah gayee...tummy rise key...hahahahhaha... i can openly say MY one dares to claim me hahahahahahha Wink

His description of Dadi was hilarious.. haha.. that sounded exactly like him.. I was surprised again at Khushi.. why did she not point it out.. I know it was a very serious moment.. but if it was last year, she would have muttered something under her breath.. LOL sounds just like Laad Governor or something.. 

Im glad she has started to remain quiet...she doesnt let him complete his imp sentences...silence is golden my dear damsel...Embarrassed

lol.. good point.. that's why my poor baby has to stay awake until after his wife is asleep to talk to her! 

LOL no...cause hes insecure...n dont want to loose khushi...n he knows he spoils things...

I loved Nani today.. she was brilliant.. the dialogues were spot on.. I think Arnav got both Nani and Dadi's genes! As long as Nani and Arnav are on Khushi's side, no one can hurt her, except of course Khushi madam herself.. she has a tendency to take on other's sorrows and cause herself pain.. that's why Aaja piya song is perfect for her.. one of my fave lines in that song.. "Sukh mera lele, main dukh teri leloo.." 

In psychology u learn that 2 things make u...ur environment n ur genes...ya genes r from dadi...but his upbringing is from loving naniji...i forgot to mention... u rem...when naniji told him ur like ur dad...he didnt blast at her...his wed time...n today he blasted at his dadi for it...Big smile 

hmm.. good point.. he is angry at Dadi for not taking responsibility of the kids after they were thrown out of the house.. only Nani was there for them then.. and only Mami was there when Arnav needed money.. so I guess Arnav will always love his mom's family for that!


NK and Payal were being sweethearts today.. NK you said it right.. first impression is not the best impression.. for example, take our couple .. Arnav and Khushi.. remember their first meeting and how they behaved with each other.. and how they are now!
Payal bravo.. you finally said something sensible.. No one tried to explain the truth to Dadi..and of course Khushi goes.. it's all my fault.. of course.. no one else ever commits any crimes.. its always her fault.. maybe you should change your attitude.. then people will stop blaming you! Ok, I know we love Khushi.. but CVs.. stop showing her as a goat.. we miss our lioness!

Agree...stop blaming glad arnav put her right...i hope she remembers it n takes heed from it... NK n Payal were gr8 today :)))

NK.. lol.. try being emotional and say I'm your bahu.. lol.. 
Mami.. in your face..Angry that's what I will say the day Khushi will tame Dadi.. and Dadi will love Khushi and treat Manorama the same way.. lol.. and look who you are calling a goat.. who was the one who hid behind NK when the truth came out? Wait, Khushi was right in front of Dadi.. so who is the scared goat now?? nope.. not Laxmi.. she is still missing LOL

I want to see that...when n how 6 months will pass...waiting... Laxmi has gone on vacation...too scared dadi will make a mutton out of her hahahahahhahahaLOL

LOL I miss Laxmi though.. now she would have defended Khushi.. maybe pee on Dadi's feet.. lol.. take that Dadi... 

ROFL then she sure will be turned into mutton hahahhaha tikka boti hahahahah dadi will barbq her hahahahha

Lol.. again.. "When I'm talking to you, listen to the whole thing.." sound familiar??? "Khushi, how dare you walk away when I'm tlaking to you.." CV's, you got the dialogue wrong.. need us to remind you??? LOL I thought that's what Dadi will say.. "Arnav, how can you walk away when I'm talking to you?"

Poor khushi n poor us... Arnav n his dadi doesnt rem anything...we know it all lolLOL

Omg.. now comes the dialogue of the century.. "where my wife can't enter, I don't think I'm needed there". The way Arnav said it, Khushi's reaction to that and Nani's smile..  my reaction? do I need to say it.. I stopped breathing and fainted! ... I watched just that scene again.. and I had to stop watching, 'coz my eyes filled up with tears.. just thinking about issues in my personal life.. and what Arnav did today.. wish real life was this easy where you didn't need to think about the consequences.. sigh! 

Hang on dear...rem this is a is different...but never stop hoping...n never give up...Hug n rem...ur most imp ...Embarrassed

Yeah.. I need to keep reminding myself that this is just a tv show.. LOL Thanks for being there, dear .. love you Hug

Ditto... love u n hugs... have to go now...will reply when i return...Hug

Oh yeah, coming back to the episode.. Fuzzy babe.. dong! that was the sound of the war bell.. the clash of the Maliks.. oops.. I mean Malik-Raizada! 

Sound the war drums...the titans collide hahahahah  abhi pic baqi hai meray yaar...

Before I end, I have to say one last thing.. honestly if I see that flashback scene once more, I will throw up or yell What the.. or scream Nooo, instead of Arnav screaming Maaa.. seriously we need a new flashback scene, we have been seeing the same thing for the past one year!!! Is that their only memory of that day??? 
Its too old n its like a old tv add... just like the terrace one...cvs..change it plz...better erase it... lol 

Thankfully the kidnapping erased the terrace scene! LOL Now we need Khushi's love to erase this flashback. Khushi babe, turn on your charm! Embarrassed

Hugsss sssEmbarrassed 
Wink oh she has charm alright...she just needs to show him... waiting for tomorrows sizzling epi...Embarrassed

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Avi64 Goldie

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Posted: 07 August 2012 at 2:30pm | IP Logged

ohk fuzzy bear loved your post and loved the epi...

I don't understand what is that Dadi's prob to tell you frankly... she mistook Khushi to be a miad... therefore she was stopping her... what now??? She is your Grand-daughter in law... Really what now?! she is still treating her like a servant... agh!Angry

Nani - I felt like going and hugging her! Huggood she stood up in front of that wanna be hitler...

and seriously! this dadi disappears, refuses to meet anyone, even her grand children after such a huge trajedy in the house and comes after 15 years and demands explaination... what right does she have??Ermm

NK and Payal were sweethearts today... (well, NK always is...payal, now thats a new!Tongue) NK's go and do some emotional drama and say i'm your bahu was too good!

Mami hid behind NK?? what is she? a 10 year old?LOL


Seeing Arnav stand in that position reminded me of the old days... ah! apna ASR! its the first time both Arnav and Khushi are upset over different reasons... and it was something to cherish seeing them be there for each other... when they both had something to worry about...

Khushi takes the blame gain! uff! iss Ladki ki stupidity ko mai kya naam doon? *exasperated!*

Finally she gives up when our lost boy ASR doesn't respond...

and she starts crying...

and there... Arnav can ignore anything in this whole wide world... but Khushi's tears... well you know what i mena...

he goes and tips her chin up... you know there's something about that gesture that i absolutely love! Fingers you can never imagine to be so gentle does something so sweet...

he tells her that i know its not your fault and Khushi madam melts...well i melt too... how can you resist the sweet shaded Arnav...Embarrassed

describes dadi... rings a bell... doesn't it... its someone else's description too... oh wait yeah! ASR's! left no doubt she is his dadiLOL

Khushi tells him that one moment she feels very close to him and second he is a total stranger... well thats our mystery man! give him an extra shade... one that hooks us too him... but seriously... felt bad for her... but Khushi darling... you haven't even started living together with trust and all... he couldn't have disclosed a past which still gives him nightmare to you that easily... be petient with him... i know all your limits are already tested... but this a new one... patience for him to confide in you...

"jaha meri patni nahi aa sakti vaha meri kya zarurat" wins the dialogue of the year! I told you na... I've found a new respect for him... he's done something which really would prove to Khushi how much she means to him... is the  ASR who didn't believe in marriage the same one who took a stand for his wife?? wow! Love really does change people!

NOW THE TITANS! the highlight of the episode... Seriously... wow! ASR and his someone I don't understand dadi... it was fun... LOL aap hume peeth dikha ke jaa rahe h jab hum aapse baat kar rahe rahe h... iska hum kya matlab nikale?? reminds me of someone I've known for more than a year now... any guesses?LOL ASR sure has a big gene pool from her! ARnav's are betterTongue

ASR also has! i thought he is the common man's nightmare...

why wasn't he holding Khushi's hand?? and would someone care to explain which side of bed belongs to whom?? when Arnav fell ill he slept on the right side... Khushi always slept on the left in RM... few days back in "jab to soti ho to tumse baat karna kitna aasan ho jaata hai" scene... they swithched sides... then this morning Khushi wakes up on now Arnav's side... and then today also she slept there?? so which side is whose??

Anyways we have bigger mysteries than those of sides in bed... investigation matter: where is Anjali's baby bump? and is she in Dadi's suitcase?? (good one fuzzy!)

Your last line was the highlightLOL gabbar singh dadi!

what is it about their past?? and why is there only a single memory available of the most tragic part of eveyone's past which still defines their life acc. to naniji?? give us a break puhlese!

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c3cilia Goldie

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Posted: 07 August 2012 at 3:13pm | IP Logged
Mighty episode and mighty post .. i love how you add your cute comments to it  .. I couldn't contain my smile when i read your 'served you right' dadi comments.  Thank you for the pm.

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boisecrazy Goldie

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Posted: 07 August 2012 at 3:26pm | IP Logged
how true Fuzzy..a funny post..loved it!!!

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chatterbug Senior Member

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Posted: 07 August 2012 at 3:34pm | IP Logged
lovely update Fazzy dear !

My favorites are 
- baby in the suite case ( could very well be )
- Dadi as baby scare ( will work very well, I guess even for adults LOL)

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-EndlessSmile- IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 07 August 2012 at 3:57pm | IP Logged

Oh yeah Mind Blowing today arnav..first of fall he questioned dadi dat way dat y she is questioning now and den ASR mode..and de way he stood by vd khushi!!
Awhhh he is going to be a good husband!!

excited for tommox epi..i dun want him to ignore khushi!
hoping for de best!

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Mendesarmy IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 07 August 2012 at 4:22pm | IP Logged
nice post luved arnav today

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