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Happy Birthday Nomi <33

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HAPPY BIRTHDAY MERI DESI GIRL MY NOMAT <3 So right now i'm thinking about what to say about you and we're all talking on msn about clouds LMFAO. Anyway it's your birthday today wohoo! YOU ARE 18 :| officially an adult :O you're getting so old :| I hope you have an amazing day and get all the happiness and success in the world <3 I still remember we became such good friends because we were talking about chikni chameli ki jawani on the AT and how we were desi girls and we were gonna dance for KaJen LOL. I swear we were crazy that day LMAO and remember how we talked about pencil case babies and rubber ducks on msn? What I love about you is that we can have the most random conversations and talk about anything and it's never weird with you :P I honestly don't know how we got so close cos we've known each other for less than a year but somehow when we met, we instantly just clicked!

You are such a sweet and friendly person and whenever I am upset I can always tell you about it and you cheer me up and you put up with me which is very hard to do :| You are there for me through all my mood swings and when I vent, you never complain about me being too whiny and I love you for that <3 This may sound cheesy but my day is incomplete without talking to you and i loveee your voice :P I remember how we used to send audio notes to each other like everyday lmfao and talk about such random things :| And saying good morning and good night to each other LOL I can't believe we fought about that << I honestly think we are like sisters because we understand each other so well and we can both tell when the other person is acting weird even if we don't say it to each other, that's how well we know each other. And I love how we are both dp buddies <3 I go crazy on FB thinking I am talking to myself LMAO :| Wow this is getting too cheesy :| But one more thing i LOVE is those heart to hearts we have after we argue! I hate when we argue cos you are one of my closest friends but I love how we both vent to each other after the arguments and let it all out LOL I love having those meaningful convos with you :P Those 2 arguments we had were about such stupid things LOL but I think it has made our friendship stronger and I love how we can never go for like more than 1 day of being angry with each other, we always have to talk it out.

You are such a special person, so lively and fun to talk to and SO TALENTED! Your VMs are amazing :| We have this desi girl connection lmfao that I don't have with anyone else and I LOVE YOU <3 Now before this gets too cheesy I will stop talking :P OHHH and I forgot to say you should aatafy your life :) You know it's an amazing idea psht!


Lots of Love, your Raditz



HAPPY BIRTHDAY NOMIII!! OMG YOU ARE 18 NOW ahh that is so exciting! I still remember when we first mettt and we just clicked instantly; it felt like we had known eachother for a very long time! :$ and omg we talked about some of the most randomesttt stuff ever LOLLL do you remember punjabi munde? HAHA that was just one of them AND omg remember: you better be at my shaadi cus imma do your makeup and you better be at mine cus you're doing my hall! LMFAOOO! AWWW that deal is still on though! teheehehehe LOLL. i absolutely LOVE talking to you.. you are one of my closest friends in the net world!! you have an amazing personality and i love how caring and sweet you are! you have always, always, always been there for me no matter what and i thank you so much for that :$ i can talk to you about anything and you're always there to give me advice and tell me that its all gonna be okay :') wait what was it? tension nishta khao pistaa LMFAOOO oh i love that! ooh and i love watching shaadi videos with youu, that's like OUR thing :$ and the purane gaane, tv shows, voiceclips, tehe, everything!
you are so beautiful and omg i could go on and on! i just love you so much meri jaanu beee! :$ :$ :$ i hope you have the best birthday ever filled with lots of love and happiness! have a great life ahead, and may Allah bless you and give you everything you have ever wished for and more! Ameen! I'm so thankful to Allah that i met someone like you! :') I hope we always keep in touch and always stay together, InshAllah Because that's what Jaanubee and Koochikoo always do :$ *hugs* :')
HAVE A GREAT DAYYY! Eat lots of cake after your birthday iftari! + vanilla icecream and biryani tooo! LMFAOO! ILY!!
lots and lots of love, -Sam. xx


Happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you, happy birthday dear NOMSTERRR AKA MONSTERRR, happy birthday to you!! Eeeks you're 18 :| NO WAY! TU BADI HOGAYYI wahhh lmfaoo May Allah bless you with tons and tons of love, happiness, and success and may you get every single thing you wished for!! You deserve the best, you truly truly do! I remember we first met in the IPKKND thread in the forum and we literally hit off instantly! We had our song chammak challloo and we'd dedicate other songs to each other too lmfaoo and soon we got closer and closer! We talked on msn, started texting/WAing and now I literally cant go an entire day without talking to you! We're NoNo buddiesss, what can I say! You really make me smile soo much and I mean it! We always insult each other like FK LMFAOO seriously if people saw the way we insulted each other they would be HORRIFIED LMFAOO but that's JUST US YO. We laugh it off lmfaoo! I can seriously say ANYTHING TO YOU LIKE ANYTHINGGG! We bitch so much together about tons of people, drool over SRK, KSG, kajen, arhi, and what not! Hours fly by and I don't even realize it when we're chatting on msn! And even our chats with the rest of the gang, poo, marju, tehru, samm! I miss our chats, hopefully we all can have one sooons pshtt! We have so many inside jokes it's a bit crazy LMFAO but they ALWAYS make me so so so happies! We've had our ups and downs in our friendship but yano what that's LIFE! We made it thru and we're still as close as everrr! Im so so so glad I met a friend like you cause honestly when I think about it now, I have NO CLUE what I'd do without you:| You understand me SO much like sometimes I cant even explain how I feel about something but you JUST KNOWW! And if Im upset you let me vent and vent and then give me a good solution and make me feel better! Youre so so so precious to me and I love you to bits I really do!! I hope we always stay this close if not closer! Imma end this message here cause I don't want you to get bored bahaha but anyway HAPPY BIRTHDAY ONCE AGAINNN! Youre legal babyyy! ALRIGHT BUT NO PARTYING, NO CLUBBING, NO EATING DURING DAYTIME CAUSE ITS RAMADAN ALRIGHT IVE GOT MY EYES ON YOU FOOL :):) I love you so so sooo much!! Thank you for always being the amazing person you are, never change okay?? <33 Muaah! Xx Alright SALAAM YO.

Lots and lots and lots of love,


Hi, Noma! Happy birthday! Hope you have a blast.
Love, Aditi.
FOOLED YOU (at least I hope I did).
Did you actually think I would write so little? Ofc not, bizatch! And if it was obvious that I wouldn't write so little, hey at least I tried! Anyways, HAPPPYYY BIRTHDAY NOMUUU. Heart
I love, love, lovers youuu! (Better save this message because I don't say this often).
First, let's get all the cheesy stuff over and done with. I hope you have the best birthday ever, and may this day bring lots of joy and happiness in your life. May you be blessed with tons of success in the upcoming years. Muahhh! Heart (Make me proud, puttar!) I hope all your wishes come true, and all your dreams are fulfilled. You shall become an ishtaaar.
Now what is a birthday message without some bollywood ishtyle gaana waana. And since we're always #twinning with our songs, I need to sing to you our special song.
I hope you remember me for the rest of your life, every time you hear that song. Heart
Anyways, you are a very, very ispecial person to me, and you're just one of the most wonderful people I have met on IF, and the internet has a whole. You are just so sweet and lovely. Oh boy, can you believe I am saying all this nice and mushy things to you? LOLL.
It's hard to believe that we have been KaJenians for so long, but we never talked at the KaJen AT for days; until ArHi united us! LOL. I am glad IPKKND exists for that reason. Heart
On top of that I am glad you are always there whenever I need to rant about some desi show or freak out about some random Bollywood news, rofl. And thank you so much for sticking with me despite all those WhatsApp messages I end up ignoring (or reply really slowly to). I am kidding I don't ignore them. I just get lazy to check my WA, okay? Because why would I ignore a precious being like you?
Also, please continue enticing us with your beautiful VMs. They are absolutely beautiful and awesome. Heart YOU ARE JUST SO TALENTEDDD. GIMME ALL YO TALENT. Actually don't, because if I stole all your talent, it would just go to waste because I'd be too lazy to make any VMs. SO KEEEP MAKIN' THOSE BEAUTIFUL VM'S.
Also, I would like to take this opportunity to say I didn't forget your birthday, LMAO. I LOVERS YOU.

Love, Aditi.
(this time for real)
(also it's exam time so I didn't get to make anything for you)
(so if you ever want me to make something, i will do it)
(ok hbd, bye, for real).


HAPPYY BIRTHDAYYY MUNCHKIINN!!! Momma gonna be so proud of you turning 18!! Hahah sarki buddhi! Anyhoo yeah so um what am I supposed to say? I'm stuck, you should know by now I totally suck at writing birthday messages. It's so hard man, but I'ma still try. (You best appreciate my effort! :D)

So yeah we've known each other for how long? I dunno so um... yeah you see what I mean?! I'm crap at this! :|
(I do know one thing though, my zindagi has never been the same after meeting you and the others at the same time! (insert whichever emoticon suits best))

So yeah I'ma try this properly I'll say nice stuff about you :$ You Noma (:P) are one of the cutest people I've come across. Actually that's not true, you can be cute and sweet at times, other than that you're a total devil! And gross I mean dude what was that with Noru the other day?!! *PUKE*
But uh what was I saying? ... Oh yeah you are adorable 'at times' and I think that's why I was very polite with you :$ There wouldn't be a day where we wouldn't talk. That's where we randomly came up with M&P! Lol it's so cheesy but cute, I love it :$ Ab voh or is it woh? (whatever) but yeah v/woh din nahin rahe... I don't know should I be missing those days or rejoice? Confusion hi confusion hai boss!

I'm supposed to say nice stuff but seriously I can't think now :|
I guess I should just shut up! I just can't be nice when it comes to you guys no matter how hard I try, I mean this mean streak in me just doesn't let me be sweet like sugar! Rofl

Anyhoo so yeah it's your birthday so happy birthday once again! Hope you have a blast, party hard and have loads of cake! DON'T YOU DARE FORGET TO FEED THE DUCKS SOME CAKE!!! HAHAHAHA

Gift is on the way!
THERE IS NO OPTION! You HAVE to like it!
Love Pumpkin


Dear Nommers, after sitting here for 15 minutes trying to think of a nice way to start this birthday message I have finally given up. ^^ I really suck at birthday messages so ignore the bullshit that I start saying randomly. On this auspicious day, I just wanna say that I hope you have an amazing day (I'm pretty sure you will ;)) and may God bless you with all the happiness and success in life. Right, time for all the cheesy shizz and going back in time... we met on the KaJen AT and clicked instantly, you were actually one of the first few friends I made on IF so you should feel very very special. ^^ If I'm not wrong it was you and Jessy who asked me to make an FB account on the KaJen AT?! So you have practically changed my life ROFL cos whatever happened after that is known but it's because of you two that I've made so many friends all around the world... I should be thanking you for this so thank you! We've been through a lot of shit last year but I'm glad that's over and done with, I'm sure neither of us would like to revisit that dark phase. I don't really think I need to say this but I hope you know that you're an amazing friend to have tehe. You've always been there to listen to my random venting and you make me smile with your cuteness! I just want you to know that if you ever need to talk about anything I'll always be here! I've known you for over a year now and know for a fact that you're a very sensitive person psht but I love that about you! Ohh and I always have an amazing time when I talk to you on MSN...which I haven't been on since forever but we need to talk on MSN one dayyy! We shall plan something soon To end this message I just wanna say HAPPY 18th BIRTHDAY ONCE AGAIN! I know you have some secret plans after your birthday where you plan to involve me as well since we're both eighteen but BE CAREFULS! Don't be doing anything dangerouuus! Happy birthday once again Nommers... have lots of fun and stuff your face with cakeee! WEEE! =))

If you haven't guessed who this is by now then you suck.

Lotsaa love,


Hey kulfi
Happy Birthday !!!! Hope you have an awesome day and get loads and loads of gifts may be a surprise party too Don't miss me and don't even think about eating that cake alone or i'll haunt you in yo dreams <<
Enjoy !!

So I wanted to finish my message here only but then I thought it doesn't even show how much I love you or how great this day is because you're born on this special day. Get ready for some real kind of cheesy lines from me. I don't even know where to start off from and may be you can kill me for this but I don't know when we met on IF but I do know that last summers when I was in US we came much much much closer. You are such a blonde at times that I want to bang my head but then you're just too cute to ignore. It's amazing how everyone of us fought with each other but we never had a fight wow I'm just too good . We had our sad moments, our happy moments, our scary moments( when my fan tuned on and off itself) and our crazy moments (when you were trying to feed me icecream lmao) and all these moments are close to my heart . Today i would like to tell you that make the worst mojojo or noma jojo ever lmao. And did I tell you I love to see you and noru fighting lol its always fun to watch you guys fighting on one thing or another. I miss having the same time as you guys because the paki time sucks when you guys are up I'm sleeping and when I'm up you guys are sleeping makes me all sad. Last summer was so much fun with me you noru pooja marju and sam talking every time and now we're all just somewhere busy. Wish we get back together just like old times. Anyways let's just talk about the goood stuff like your birthday. So what cake are you cutting I'm telling you it should not be dark chocolate I hate it get something else for me as I want to eat the cake too (( .
May each and every wish of yours is fulfilled and may you get all the happiness in the world
Lots and lots and lots of love
Your Jalebi xoxo


NOMA HUSSAIN!!! HAPPY BIRTHDAYYY OMG you're 18!!! wow you're getting old! but yay you're FINALLY LEGALLL!!!!! wooohooo now just get your freaking license :| So I am gonna keep this short and simple have an amazing birthday, even though you won't be able to cut your cake till you can eat later, that just sucks but it's okay, at least you'll be able to eat it after!

how has time flown so fast :| It feels like it was just your 17th birthday and I was writing your message but you're 18 now :| you're getting old my friend! this one year has been amazing and I can't believe we've all still maintained our friendship till now and it's always so much fun to talk to all of you! I love how we went from IF to FB to MSN to WA LMFAOO now next year I'm sure we'll have a new place for talking instead (I really wanna insert that laughing emotie from WA on here lmfaoo) but I just wanna say, I have so much fun talking to you!! we both have the most predictable conversations and the most predictable good byes and hellos lmfaoo but then it's okay, we're cool like that (%) PS: I STILL FREAKING MISS THIS EMOTIE GIVE IT BACK TO ME NOMU I know it's your birthday and I should be gifting you something but I am gonna ask you to gift me instead cuz well it will be like gifting both of us ohhh and have I ever told you how fun it is when the two of us don't let Marju go when she wants to LMFAOO she's always stuck waiting for us to shut up and let her go!!! idk how it gets me laughing my ass off everytime we do it! if she's reading this, I am sure she's gonna turn into an angry tomato lol!! oh and I even wanted to say that it sucks I'm not in the US this time for your bday our times won't match and I won't be able to talk to you much on your birthday, but I'll try and make sure to at least wish you on time okay now this is getting quite lenghty and boring...um yeah so anyway, HAPPY BIRTHDAY AND I HOPE YOU HAVE A LOT OF FUN I love you Nom Nom Nomu!! Yes, treasure this cuz I don't say it quite often or at all actually

Poo Poo Pooja


Chudail!!Ok no no no chudails 2day i remember what day it is 2day!!:$ Soo yeahh merii Nomeooo Many Many Happy Return of the day may God Bless u and all ur dreamz and wishes come true!!Tum jeeyoo hazaarroo saaalll!!U've always been one the most ulloo person i've ever met!oppsyy sorryy aaj main bhool gayee thi aaj sirf taareef karni hai!!:$ okk soo the truth is that u have always been a gr8 friend one of the few friends i can always act crazy with and never get embarrased and always share secrets with who will understand u solve ur problem no matter what they r!!merii saathii on IF we joined IF 2gther Hayee kya din the lols now we rarely go there!!:( i think since the first day i talked to u it felt really easyyy as if i can talk about anythng to u!!i just love talking with u relieves all tension and to tell u the truth theres always a smile on my face whenever chatting with!!ur shooo cute n adorable whenever we talk we r usuallyy bickering and pulling legs but thats how our lowe is isnt it??:D i dont think we ever praised each other??:O ohh well i did on WA bohat hard thinking karni padee thee!!:P u and ur preityyy veer zaara anjalii ka drama OMG dont remind mee kitna pakaaya that tumne apni us stupid storyy se!!:P kidding!! we dont talk that much on Msn much on msn!!:( i miss our veer zaara anjali convos and want them back!!soo pshht i dont know u will come to msn more and whenever u come WA meee!!!:| otherwise i will haunt u in ur dreamzz!!ohhkk well i will end my bakwaas here and once again a veryy verry Happy Birthday!!!Hope u have a blaaassttt!!!btw am i invited 4 the partyyy??:S tehe
Love ya alwaysss !Terii Anjaaaliii aka ur Kameeni aka Yusryy!!:D

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nomi babyy OMG i'm calling u by this name after soo longgg :| hayye its U bdayy :| u know I'd Have forgotten if u hadnt post those reminder statuses ROFL...Anywaysss Happpiiiesss Birthdayysss too Ju May god Bless U wid alll the Love Happinness and grant all ur wishess Hope U have a amaiznggg bdayyy bdayyy I know we dont talk much but when ever we talk on our walls its such an entertainment phor me in my boring si duniyaa and I love when u get irritated when we teasee u LOLOLLLMAOOO ok enuf blabberingg Many Many returns of the once againn Have Amzingg bdayyy and eat Lots of cakess and become Moti and mere pe daya aye tou send me some ROFL
heres chotu git phor u hope u likess ittt



Happies Birthday Nome (: May God bless you with lots of love, happiness and success and I hope you have an amazing day! You're finally 18, party hard (; muaaah!

Lots of Love, your Berry :$

This is for youss:


NOMMMUUU, Happy Birthday Jaani, Hope you had an amazing day, you deserve so much Heart You are one of my closest and bestest friend ever even though I met you online, it seems as if I have met you a thousand times Tongue But gosh I miss talking to you, we used to talk almost all the time before but now we rarely ever do Unhappy I hope we can remedy that Smile And birthday par kya kya mila? I hope jo bhi mila acha mila, mujhe batana zaroor k mera gift kaisa laga, even though u might see it a few hours after this msg [:p] Gosh we shud talk, I don't even know anymore, u have whatsapp? If so we shud at least start talking there cuxour fb times never match anymore Unhappy And gosh u shud vid, I hope u make something soon if you haven't already made something after my birthday vid, I miss ur videos, remember thats how we met? So just make something Smile Heart And u r 18 now, still a year younger then me, but sometimes I don't even feel like u r younger then me, thats good i think Tongue Acha wo sab choro, which cake did u have? Merey liye kuch chora ya sab khud hi kha gai, agar chora bhi to khud hi kha lo Tongue Ok rofl m so not good with words but still kept blabbing, but then I see suuch long msgs and m like gosh how do u write so much but its there memories with you, I have mine but I just can't describe what I feel in words, my videos do the work for me Wink Heart I hope you will like that, once again a very Happy Birthday, wish you happiness, love, success, and ME Heart


Your Monu Heart


Apun bola tu meri laila :$ Woh boli phekta hai sala ...
Ok weird way to start the birthday wish LOL BUT ever since we spammed that song yesterday I can think of this song whenever I think of you ROFL :$
I know all I write here is going to be really chessy but thats how best I can put it LOL. You're like this really cool girl I've seen, a little lost though but one of the cutest person I know. We get to talk less but when we do, its fun, and that is an understatement.
You're someone whose very objective, mature and understanding and its amazing to have friend like you, because its so easy around you, which is rare.
You're a great great girl Nomz, I hope you're always gonna be this way.
Hope you have an amazing birthday and an amazing year ahead, and you get all you wish for
ILY NOMZ AND Party hard :$ save some good food for me LOL.

For you meri laila


Happy Birthday Nomii!!
I hope you have an awesome birthday, and all your dreams and wishes come true! You're a very very sweet person and an amazing friend. I miss talking to you though Enjoy your birthday, have fun and eat lots of cake!
I hope the coming year bring you lots happiness!
Always be happy and keep smiling!!
Happy Birthday to youuu once again


Hey Nomaaa
A very very very happy Birthday! Have a wonderful year ahead.May all ur dreams,wishes come true.Have an amazing day! Enjoy.Have fun
Lots of love and best wishes


Dearest Nomu,

Happy birthday dear...many many happy returns of the day. May God bless you with everything you have ever wanted in your life. Have a great year ahead.



Happy Birthday Nomaaa...Have an awesomeee Rocking Bday..May God Bless you & Hope your all wishes come true...
Have Lots of cake & Enjoy..Happy Bday.
Love Oishi


Happy birthday Noma..
enjoy your bday ; may all your dreams come true
Keep smiling always
You are just thee best : D
Love you



Dearest & sweetest Noma
Wishin you a very very happy birthday
May god bless you always with loads of happiness & May all your wishes come true
Enjoy your day heaps
Best wishes & lots of love from Ayesha "


Hey Nomaaa
Haapppy Birthdaaayy I hope all your dreams come true and i hope god showers all his blessings on you. you're a very sweet person and a great person to talk to. Have a great day . Eat loads of cake .. party hard and pamper your self too

Loads of love



Hey Noma Wish Yuh A Very Happy Birthday..May God bless u and Fulfill all your Wishes Have a Gr8 Day.


Wish you a veryyy HAPPY WALA BIRTHDAY MY LOVE...May ALLAH (SWA) bless you with all the happiness in the world...hope this year brings loads of happy moments n prosperity in your life...really miss talking to you...HAVE A BLAST!!!!
lotsa love n hugs n kisses
JIA n Haya


Hey Nomi Baby ,
Happy Birthday Tomato Happy birthday Tomato Happy Birthday meri Armaannn Happy Birthday To You .. Wishing U many many happies returns of the day .Hope all your wishes come true .Nomi baby you are one of the sweetest friend i ever met always remain like this loveee you have a great year ahead , God bless

Loads of love,



NOZZYYY wishing you a very Happy Birthday ..god bless you ..Have a great fay ..May all your dreams come true & hope this birthday brings lots of happiness in your life..I just feel amazing to have a fraaanndd like you LOL..crazyy mad but really sweet ...I got to know you via your pretty pretty VMs HEHE..& t from that time till now I have enjoyed with you alottt I mean it ILU



Many many happy return of the day nomu...have a gr8 day & year ahead enjoy god blesss !!



Happy Birthday Nomuuu
Hope you have an absolutely amazing day. You are such an amazing girl and I know we haven't talked much but I love sharing our favorite talks with you on FB.
I pray to God to always bless you with lots of love, success and happiness.
Have a great birthday and an even better year ahead.
Love you dear

Rabia ( dua_44ever)


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Happy birthday Nomi babyyy! I LOVE YOU SO SO SO MUCH, even though our last MSN chat proved otherwise :P but that wasn't my fault ok, I was suddenly asked to compliment you which is something VERY difficult to do. Don't take that the wrong way (again) but when it comes to describing amazing people such as you, one becomes speechless and needs time to gather their thoughts, just how I needed time :$ (see how good I am at butchering you when I need to defend myself :P) It took me days to figure out how and where to start from, hence the reason for not seeing my message up there LOL ok let me just get the point instead of dragging this so much and bore you LOL. You're an amazing friend, I love talking to you and I love how I can talk to you about literally anything! That's how much I trust you tehe! You always make me happy and smile :D you brighten up my mood whenever I'm sad or dull. You always bear me no matter what mood I am in and that's what makes you awesome and so down to earth! Thankyou so much for always being with me through thick and thin and being such a loyal friend, you're amazing and I love you oh so much! It's been an amazing long time being your friend (ALMOST 2 YEARS :O) *touchwood* and may we always stay strong like this. I hope our friendship forever maintains this strength and that it lasts forever tehe bless us <3
Happy birthday once again! May you have many more years to come and may you always be blessed with happiness, peace and prosperity. Have a blast! Muaaah! I LOVE YOUUU SO MUCHHH <3

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I've said everything else up there ^^ and i feel too lazy to say anything else so all i'm gonna say is HAPPY BIRTHDAY NOMAT AND DESI GIRL ILYYY <33

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Happy Birthdayy Nommaaa <3 God Bless you and party harddd :) we are speciall loug being born todayy :P LOL havee phunn 

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Happyy birthdayy Nomii Baibbyyy <333333 

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Happies 2 U NKSG<3

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