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IP REDUX; Janus !! (Page 3)

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Posted: 07 August 2012 at 12:23pm | IP Logged
Thanks to all Reduxians for making my bday much much special..Guys, loved it n will cherish all throughout my life!Big smile

Episode started with a stunned arnav looking daadi,recollects the tragedy n approaches her to take her blessing!

What I simply loved in this is the expressions of BS of pain,anguish,questioning where we're u all through when we needed u the most and tn acceptance that finally u r here!

Daadi  asks him to gale lakjaa,to bless him n connect back with him..

BS  expressions were of masking the pain n satisfying with the current happiness.

Nani tries to ease the situation by mentioning that they have been searching her all through the places n finally she was here for which daadi retorts that as usual u must be searching at wrong places!

Don't know what's the symbolic or hidden meaning..looks related with past n hence leaving to experts to dissect!

One thing I can clearly see is daadi is very stubborn n don't think twice to get back with anyone be it her own good old friend!

Now I know the making of arnav Singh raizada!!!

Naani enquires if maami introduced the new entrants of family for which maami hides behind NK..Naani introduces Kushi n PayPal to daadi.

Did not understand why maami is scared of daadi..only answer I cud fetch was may be maami is aware of aversion of lower class for daadi and she's aware of her class!

Naani introduces Kushi to be Arnavs wife for which daadi is purely astonished n didn't want to bless her as she still feels kushi is a servant!

Loved BSs subtle expressions of happiness in Kushi being introduced as his wife n he so wanted daadi to bless both of them..

Arnav notices daadi retreating and gets upset when daadi moves away! 
Loved Naani for supporting her kids n assuring She will speak on behalf!

Then comes the face-off between two powerful buddies!

Kya Jamana hei Yaar! Naani Did a big favour in providing the shelter to the kids when they suddenly turned orphans n ooper Se daadi is questioning about the whereabouts!!! Control freak is it??

Kushi comes n sees a upset arnav..she tries to soothe him with some reasons which apparently arnav is not satisfied with! Not able to make him normal,Kushi sits on her bed with her thoughts being hazy.
  with Aranv!

Loved this scene to the core as we for the first time see Kushi trying to explain arnav to cool his temperament! She's indeed taking baby steps towards understanding her arnav!Till date when arnav is angry or upset,Kushi either runs away or further adds as a catalyst!

Arnav turns back to see a hurt Kushi,she opens her insecurity about she not being liked by.

."And when I came in with tears in my eyes, you always knew whether I needed you to hold me or just let me be. I don't know how you knew, but you did, and you made it easier for me." 
Nicholas SparksThe Notebook
The next scene is one of my most favourite for the day!

Arnav calmly admits his pain,upset n frustration sits near his wife consoling about her insecurities..he assures that he knows how he forced her into marriage which she's bound to oblige!he adds she should never ever feel responsible for what daadi spoke!

Will update the post in morning..

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Originally posted by tanthya

Dear Writers,

Thank You very Much for enriching this thread with ur perspectives, ur thoughts, ur views..Redux stands tall bec of you , Girls ...Kudos to You Sweet hearts..

Bush, Jhalak, sandy, Sheila, Naz, Areeba, Anna, Divzzy, Riti, Madhu, Jachu, Divi, Sumi, Shreya,, Vidya, Vi, Tring Tring, Samwa ,Shweths, Koel, Appu, Kops, Supna , Shazzy, TejuVijay, Fari , Lucky2, Sharmi, SanayaM, Ghausia, Mandy,ritj Clap
..You are the Stars of Redux !!
HugHug Sathya, Thank you so much for the appreciation.
Sorry about the delay in posting.

In Love

Arnav and Khushi – Let's take a look at how Love changed them, shall we.

A worried Khushi notices Arnav deep in thoughts, lost somewhere, assumes that he's thinking about the insult she received from dadi who refused to bless her.  She wants to make him feel better and tells him that perhaps she did or said something wrong to annoy the old woman.  May be dadi didn't know about their wedding? When Arnav does not respond, she gives him his space and sits away from him.

Arnav goes to sit by her, and just as usual, moved by her tears once again he assures her dadi is not upset with her.  Whether others know or not, he surely knows the marriage is not her fault and he was the one who forced her into it and she's in no way responsible.

A changed Arnav - Here's Arnav who hid his true self behind so many walls (all built up as protection mechanisms) didn't believe in love, is a replica of his dadi and didn't care two hoots about what others thought.  This is the same Arnav we saw as a husband today once again, who COMMUNICATED with this wife and lifted all the burden from her shoulders about the forced marriage with just a few words; he cannot let her feel guilty for what she was never responsible for, could he?  How much change we see in him and who brought about this miracle; none other than his wife Khushi, his lovely wife who brought sunshine into his life.  Yes, she challenged him, questioned his motives, made him think and loved him so much that he had no choice but to change. 

When dadi stops Khushi at the door step, Arnav promptly goes and stands next to her showing dadi where he thinks he should be {right next to his wife} and he'll not stand any insult to her.  In the past too, he's always supported her when anyone dared to insult her and he once again shows, he'll continue to do so.

Arnav bitwa, you've supported her and shared some thoughts with her, but have you completely opened up to Khushi?  Your better half asks you what's bothering you and what did you do?  You walked away to the lonesome land once again, alone with your thoughts about the painful, gut wrenching past that makes you angry, leaves you helpless and in distress.  You have been bearing the weight of this horrible past for many years now and got used to doing it alone so much that even if you wished to cry to let things out, the tears just won't come.

A changed Khushi – Initially, her insecurities caught up to her once again and she blamed herself for what dadi did, and not one negative word is spoken about her mistreatment.  She proved once again how strong her love for Arnav is; she sensed that though he doesn't blame her for the forced marriage, there's still something not quite right.  He seems to be under some burden.  No, no, it doesn't seem like the confrontation with dadi downstairs is the reason, there's something deeper going on here, right?  She's perceptive and offers to share his worries, but is left feeling like a stranger in her husband's life, as Arnav walks away without answering her.

At Loggerheads

Nani and Dadi – Nani, the banyan tree (always remember Tanthya's comparison) that holds all burdens within and stands strong and tall un-swayed by the gusts of winds blowing hither and tither. She performs the introductions of the new daughters of the house and of course Dadi with her egoistic attitude, blesses only her grandson and not the grand daughter-in-law, Khushi, and walks away upset with things.

Dadi the interrogator asks nani how can she be happy when the responsibility of the kids given to nani was not done satisfactorily, nobody is ready to tell her what happened to damaad ji and why nobody informed her that Arnav is married.  Nani then confronts dadi and asks her why she's so concerned now? Since the dreadful incident 15 years ago, dadi went away to an ashram and didn't want to be in touch and didn't share the burden of taking care of her grandkids, so why all these questions now?  All the happenings in their lives right now are a result of that one dreadful incident.

Nani - Yes nani meted out harsh treatment to Manorama and reprimanded her several times, but she also stands by her when necessary. Nani always supported Khushi and Payal and shares a strong bond with Khushi.  Is she class conscious?  May be it's mami ji's behavior that makes her bring up the class issue, if ever, but she always treats others in the family fairly and justly. Added to all this, she knows the truth about shyam and will stand by Aranv and Khushi, no matter what. We can even see her trying to ease up things between Arnav and Dadi when things are getting out of hand.

Dadi - We were introduced to dadi just yesterday and look at how she's already trying to put her stamp on Raizada mansion and its people.  People are quacking in their shoes at her entry.  This lady is used to getting her own way and her orders must be followed to the T with no arguments.  Though a strict disciplinarian, she loves her grandchildren; she didn't even hesitate to hug Aranv.  So, what kept her away for so long?  It's that one incident and 'THAT WOMAN' (who's yet to be introduced).  So, what brought her back?  That's yet to be seen

For Dadi, her son's betrayal and the wretched incident that happened and the pain it gave her, made her leave for an ashram.  When her grandchildren really needed her help, she refused to see or talk to them.  Does pain justify all this?  Does pain justify shirking one's responsibility?  Agreed that not all people deal with pain the same way.  But, what good did it do to her if she's still thinking of class distinctions even in this age? Probably  nothing.  Some people never change I guess. 


Dadi and Arnav – Dadi, though hasn't taken up responsibility of grandchildren, dares to ask why nani didn't inform her about her grandson's wedding.  Nani tells her that she herself didn't know about the marriage.  Enter Arnav who clarifies that there were no invitees when he got married. When dadi asks why, Arnav babua gives it back to her in her own language.  She didn't care about them for so many years and why the concern all of a sudden? With what authority can she question him? Does dadi back down? No.  She says 'I am your father's mother, your grandmother and as an elder, I have every right to know.'  Arnav turns away, only to be told by dadi that this is how his own father behaved.  Arnav gets upset and asks dadi not to mention his father at his house. When dadi is about to continue, enters Khushi and dadi stops her.  Arnav turns to see his wife at the door, walks towards her and then asks his dadi to continue.  Dadi says he should at least have the courtesy to let her finish when she's talking to which Arnav says that where his wife cannot come, he doesn't feel needed there.  He's fine wherever he's standing right now and asks dadi to continue.  She refuses to do so and he says 'it's your choice'. 

After talking to Khushi about the marriage, Arnav also tells her how his dadi is.  Let's see what he thinks of her.

1)     She always looks at things from her angle

2)    Truth is not always acknowledged by her

3)    She understands only what she WANTS to understand [not what she NEEDS to]

4)    She expects everyone to look at things from her viewpoint i.e. through her eyes only and if anyone doesn't then they are wrong in her eyes

Hmmm, sounds familiar? Of course it does and we now see that Arnav has inherited dadi's genes a lot.  Remember what Khushi said to Arnav during their confrontation when she tried to tell him the truth about Shyam?? 'Aap  ney wahi dekha joh aap dekhna chahthe they'. Doesn't this reflect what Arnav said about dadi? 

While dadi and arnav have their ego issues, one thing about Arnav is, he has innate sense of right and wrong, is willing to make amends in his own way and I don't think he mistreated people the way dadi is doing; the butt of his mistreatments was only Khushi, whom he totally loves now. 


One thing is, this episode made me fall in love with Arnav, Khushi and nani once again

Bahut mazaaa aaya

Jayasree T., Swati Chitnis, Barun Sobti and Sanaya Irani – Wonderful acting by all and they all supported each other so well, it was a great treat to watch the confrontations and interactions. 

Karan – Your presence always brings a smile, no matter what.

To the entire IPK team, thank you for giving us such a wonderful dhamakedaar episode.  Please continue to give us such great episodes.


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Originally posted by tanthya

Dear Writers,

Thank You very Much for enriching this thread with ur perspectives, ur thoughts, ur views..Redux  stands tall bec of you , Girls ...Kudos to You Sweet hearts..

Bush, Jhalak,  sandy,  Sheila,  Naz,  Areeba,  Anna,  Divzzy, Riti, Madhu, Jachu, Divi,  Sumi,  Shreya,,  Vidya, Vi,  Tring Tring, Samwa ,Shweths, Koel, Appu, Kops, Supna , Shazzy, TejuVijay, Fari , Lucky2, Sharmi, SanayaM, Ghausia, Mandy,ritj Clap   
..You are the Stars of Redux !!


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Originally posted by tanthya

Dear Writers,

Thank You very Much for enriching this thread with ur perspectives, ur thoughts, ur views..Redux  stands tall bec of you , Girls ...Kudos to You Sweet hearts..

Bush, Jhalak,  sandy,  Sheila,  Naz,  Areeba,  Anna,  Divzzy, Riti, Madhu, Jachu, Divi,  Sumi,  Shreya,,  Vidya, Vi,  Tring Tring, Samwa ,Shweths, Koel, Appu, Kops, Supna , Shazzy, TejuVijay, Fari , Lucky2, Sharmi, SanayaM, Ghausia, Mandy,ritj Clap   
..You are the Stars of Redux !!


Thank you to the galaxy of Redux stars ... you make my universe so beautiful...


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Res. Jab waqt milega koshish karoongi kuch analysis ke liye Wink

Originally posted by tanthya

Dear Writers,

Thank You very Much for enriching this thread with ur perspectives, ur thoughts, ur views..Redux  stands tall bec of you , Girls ...Kudos to You Sweet hearts..

Bush, Jhalak,  sandy,  Sheila,  Naz,  Areeba,  Anna,  Divzzy, Riti, Madhu, Jachu, Divi,  Sumi,  Shreya,,  Vidya, Vi,  Tring Tring, Samwa ,Shweths, Koel, Appu, Kops, Supna , Shazzy, TejuVijay, Fari , Lucky2, Sharmi, SanayaM, Ghausia, Mandy,ritj, Ranju Clap   
..You are the Stars of Redux !!


Thanks yaar! I've only recently become a part of it but I'm so glad that my analysis is appreciated! Hugs to all of you! Hug

"Accept the pain, cherish the joys, resolve the regrets; then can come the best of benedictions."

I don't usually post quotes, but this one for me mirrored the current situation; Arnav's current predicament. I think he did some of all of these today. I'll explain my meaning and then go on to analyse.

Accept the pain:
Arnav is obviously struggling with this concept. It was evident in the way he spoke to Dadi (more on that later) and his conversation with Khushi. He is not ready to accept what happened fully and move on. The past is what is closing Arnav off from the world, and only when that burden is lifted off of his shoulders will we see the ASR image and his previous ideology being buried deeply in the ground. Just seeing Dadi had that effect on him, brought back the pain and the memories. Acceptance is something he is definitely struggling with.

Cherish the joys:
Arnav's joy is Khushi. Her name says it all - she will be the one to unlock him and bring happiness into his life. She has made a lot of progress - he fell in love for the first time, after pushing her away for ages he finally let her into his life (once before the contract and once after), he smiles when he's around her. I mean, could any of us even imagine in our wildest dreams that the same ruthless man on the day of that fashion show would go to so many lengths to make his wife smile? In this time, this tough time ahead, Arnav needs to keep Khushi close. She will be the one who will radiate his life once again. I'm sure separation is inevitable in the future, as we are being bombarded with the fact that Khushi plays a key role in Arnav's troubled past. But it will be Khushi, and his love for Khushi, that will bring them together once again. This is a testing time for both of them, but he needs to cherish Khushi throughout.

Resolve the regrets:
Ah, redemption. Sweet, sweet redemption. Something we have all waited for with bated breath but it appears as if this factor was forgotten by the CVs. But was it? When Arnav saw how hurt Khushi was on Preeto's wedding day and he regretted hurting her wasn't he feeling guilt? What about when Khushi was about to commit suicide because of him and he was trying to stop her? When he was kidnapped, he was remembering Khushi. He apologised when he phoned Khushi, saying that he cannot live with himself for hurting her although he saw no other option. He showed her he trusted her when everyone else was against her during the confrontation with Shyam. Of course, then came the outburst where we all thought of Arnav being beyond redemption because what he said was so hurtful. But after that, when she was annoyed at him he constantly tried to win her back. He gradually learnt that he was going the wrong way about it, and managed to do things that actually meant something to her (I'm thinking of the meaningful gifts and pearl necklace). Was he not redeeming himself then? & today, when he stood up for her (again, more on that later) and when he said that he was entirely at fault for the way they got married, Khushi was touched. So, he is making baby steps towards the goal of resolving regrets and redemption, but I guess we will see redemption from both sides as the past unfolds.

The best of benedictions:
This one is pretty self-explanatory really. The biggest blessing each of them can have is each other. So only after all of the above events have occurred fully will we see Arnav and Khushi progressing onto a proper beautiful husband-wife relationship.

Now, onto analysis of some of the key moments in the episode. Arnav - you have proved that you, unlike many other SP leads, have a backbone! You will stand up for what's right, even if it is against your scary Dadi LOL
I admire the fact that he didn't sit back and allow his wife to be verbally abused, showing what importance Khushi has in his life. He can go against his grandmother, one he hasn't seen in 12 years (is it 12? Because I thought someone said 15 today...) to defend his wife, rather than holding his tongue in front of her like everyone else did.

When Arnav first set his eyes on his grandmother, the way he said 'Dadi' & the pain conveyed through his eyes was so clear. She is obviously associated with bad memories for Arnav, and it was evident that he was apprehensive about approaching her. His resistance disappeared when she blessed him and hugged him. The comfort blanket that he needed for so long, the initiation of some form of closure for him. He pulled her close, seeking reassurance from her and Khushi was touched to see this. Nani and Dadi's friendship and familiarity will be very important later on in the story, as relationships will really be tested then. Arnav smiled as Nani introduced Khushi, unaware of the hostility Khushi had faced from Dadi. He had an inkling of Dadi's opinion of her, however, when she refused to bless her. That's when the panic set in for Arnav. But Nani promised to speak to her, again reinforcing my point that Nani will play a pivotal role in bringing the family back together after the revelation.

Nani confronting Dadi afterwards - I loved that scene because Dadi heard everything she didn't want to from Nani! She heard how she didn't maintain her responsibility of a grandmother and just disappeared. I won't go into too much detail as I don't remember a lot of the scene (I'm an ArHi lover, so shoot me Tongue) but I'm so glad Nani delivered some home truths! The past is something they both mutually feel bad about, but I can already see that the two of them had very different outlooks and approaches to dealing with it.

When Khushi was asking Arnav what was wrong, Arnav kept silent as he didn't trust himself to speak. He knew that it could result in him flipping at her and it was unfair to put her through that. However, after seeing how hurt Khushi was, he actually spoke to her (still in disbelief that they actually had a conversation... somebody pinch me!) & he told her how Dadi only sees what she wants to see, and qualities he didn't like of hers. Am I the only one who sensed the tiniest amount of irony here? Some of the qualities he spoke about were very ASR-like qualities, suggesting that he didn't like the person he felt he had to be to survive. Khushi tries to show Arnav he can trust her, but he still has reservations. The trust will come in time, and Arnav was not in the right frame of mind to discuss any further.

I was rooting for Arnav throughout everything he said to Dadi about her leaving them in the lurch, and how she has no right to express displeasure at his marriage. Dadi brings up his father, and Arnav is quick to say that he is nothing like his father. I have a feeling that Dadi blames everything that happened on that 'aurat', thinking her son can do no wrong. But we will see that as everything unfolds. Arnav's stance on the situation is clear, and it is obvious what little importance his father held in his life.

As for Arnav stepping back towards Khushi, I wrote about that yesterday in another post, but I'll post the part I want you guys to look at:

Originally posted by .Ghausia.

Arnav stepping back to Khushi suggests that things will go wrong - he's taking steps back in their relationship. If we look at the phrase 'two steps forward, one step back', this shows that their relationship will develop, but now at a slower pace than before. It can also be an indication of separation or divorce, and then remarriage. Another symbolism that could perhaps be extracted is that distance will be created and obstacles will come between them, but divine intervention will always make the situation such that they will be together through everything.

Brilliant episode overall, and I hope I didn't bore you guys to tears with my bakwaas! LOL Comments are appreciated as this took me ages!

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Dear Writers,

Thank You very Much for enriching this thread with ur perspectives, ur thoughts, ur views..Redux  stands tall bec of you , Girls ...Kudos to You Sweet hearts..

Bush, Jhalak,  sandy,  Sheila,  Naz,  Areeba,  Anna,  Divzzy, Riti, Madhu, Jachu, Divi,  Sumi,  Shreya,,  Vidya, Vi,  Tring Tring, Samwa ,Shweths, Koel, Appu, Kops, Supna , Shazzy, TejuVijay, Fari , Lucky2, Sharmi, SanayaM, Ghausia, Mandy,ritj ClapClapClapClap   
..You are the Stars of Redux !!



res...will update in the morning. 

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"Kabhie kabhie lagta hain hum aapke kitne kareeb hain aur kabhi lagta hain abhi bhi ajnabi hain"

She has seen him in his worst and at his best but never understood what made him rakshas and very next moment her rajkumar. May be time has come for her to know what made Arnav Singh Raizada !!

It was an awesome episode and I am still reeling from the effect of it.There were many highlights ,I will lay my thoughts today on some of them

- Arnav is in deep thoughts ,may be reliving his pain from past when khushi arrives,Khushi as always blaming her for mess created and this is what brings arnav back to present.He sees her tears and it hurts him more so he comforts her saying you were never at fault ,"I was and I forced you!!" BINGO Moment *for those who were jumping for realisation and retrospection*. The MAN gave his verdict today it was his fault at how he forced her to get married.

She sees some hidden emotions in him...she feels there is more to what happened between arnav and dadi...She looks at him..asks him and assures ..I am there,tell me...reassuring that there is shoulder to lean on ...and to cry out..but he is not ready yet..Sometimes wounds are too personal to will take time for him to let go of darkest secrets of his past...

Arnav-Dadi Faceoff- We got to see they share same genes..Loved the verbal spat and raw pain in his eyes...when his dadi questions his marriage ...he retorts- ab aayi hain aap...pain naked in those eyes...pain of being abandoned by his own...
then she says those words that pierce his heart- you are like your father. Some past reminder of what his dad did...and there comes a rage in his eyes with his name...Do not compare me to him...and noone says his name here in my house...
some bitter truths will be coming out in coming episode ,may be related with his dad and that must have been reason for his parents death...cant wait ..

"I wont come to place where my wife is not allowed"
with this statement he grants her the respectful place in the house...

It is just short update as I am not well ..But will just like to end on side note- Barun that was again remarkable performance...Stance..grip on ur body language..jaws tightening..eyes glaring..all perfect...Clap

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Marking the new to Redux and the show (finally caught up) and love the way everyone writes here and analyzes :) Clap

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