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Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon
Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon

IP REDUX; Janus !!

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Dear Writers,

Thank You very Much for enriching this thread with ur perspectives, ur thoughts, ur views..Redux  stands tall bec of you , Girls ...Kudos to You Sweet hearts..

Bush, Jhalak,  sandy,  Sheila,  Naz,  Areeba,  Anna,  Divzzy, Riti, Madhu, Jachu, Divi,  Sumi,  Shreya,,  Vidya, Vi,  Tring Tring, Samwa ,Shweths, Koel, Appu, Kops, Supna , Shazzy, TejuVijay, Fari , Lucky2, Sharmi, SanayaM, Ghausia, Mandy,ritj, Ranju Clap   
..You are the Stars of Redux !!


The wife in me rejoiced, a warm fuzzy feeling filled me in, a happy smile lit up my face and I felt proud. And I realized the end of the day  I want to feel loved, respected, trusted but with that I also want to feel protected, want someone to stand beside me every step of the way, want someone I can count on no matter what,

                                 Read More of Tring Tring's  Heart warming post in the below given link


want to know the spells n witch craft wizardry  cast in IP, Read Vi's  Post n get enlightened;

Barun u were brilliant, the diction, the body language, the suppressed anger, the raw pain, the tender loveClap,  and how clearly u have assessed Swathi Chatni's strengths and played on that, you both were brilliant and made the clash of Titans a worth watch.  Clap

Want to know what else Sylph is saying, follow the link ;


I don't know how much right or wrong I am but I can say Arnav mallik and Khushi not gupta are related when they are small... I somehow wounded up in this theory...

...Read More of NK's insights  in the following link ;

 'kis haq se poonch rahi hai aap. Jab main aapse milne gaya tha aapne palat ke meri taraf dekha tak nahi',The same scene also shows why he alws used to tell nani that he respects her a lot, it is because among the two elders she is the one who dared to face the situation and took the responsibility on her shoulder when the difficulties of life  actually came calling!

Read the incisive, crystal clear post of Madhu Here ;

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The first thing that came to my mind after the episode finished was

"If ASR was a woman he would have been dadi...and if that was the case...then the life of IPK makers and all associated would have been much easier and I would not have been posting this" LOL

Sorry Poor Joke I know but its an honest thought...Embarrassed

Guys I am totally brain drained today but will put forth a few thoughts that jumped out from the episode...

Mirror Mirror On the wall

ASR & Dadi...nothing but reflections of each other...arrogant, egoistic, judgmental and prejudiced. With an uncanny ability to live and dwell in the past. ASR has been lucky that he met khushi and is changing for the better...but dadi unfortunately spent her time in the ashram where she lived immersed in her own thoughts and hence the negative impact is quiet evident...
Dadi's dialog...jab hum baat ker rahen hain to hamari poori baat suno...LOL...arnav ko Arnav ka dialog kheench ker mara...LOL...loved the clash of the egos between the two...dadi is good and she is matching upto Arnav...loved her stance to Arnav's rebellion that I don't want to say anything and loved Arnav's fitting response Aap ki marzi...

I am so looking forward to the takrar between dadi and Arnav..

Reflections of the past:

Poor Khushi yet again subject to hatred from a member of the Malik clan...first it was ASR who had assumed the worst and ended up marrying her in his Ghalatfehmi...Now its dadi...she had assumed khushi to be the servant...when clarified on the matter she is unwilling to let go of the first impression she got...was the water drenching incident so bad  that it caused her to dislike her immensely or is it the fact that the girl she thought to be a servant is the wife of her pota...or is it after finding out the truth of the temple marriage that has increased the dislike to a level where she still refuses to let khushi enter her room??? Or is it simply that she was not invited to the wedding and missed the weeding food??LOL

History repeats:

For dadi is it the revival of the history?? Woh aurat kon thi?? What happened due to her that caused her son to turn his back on become outspoken and challenge her...just like she feels Arnav is doing now...lashing out at her when he feels he is being wronged...what happened that caused her to walk out on her family 15 years back...(point to be noted Arnav and anjali were thrown out 13 yrs dadi walked out before that??)

Will she in her hate for that woman. dislike for khushi and love for Anjali end up equating Khushi to that other woman in her son's life?? The one who was responsible for all the ruin...will she make Khushi suffer for the sins of another??

Yet again Arnav has been accused of being just like his father to which he vehemently denies...he clearly announces to dadi that as much as he respects her he will not tolerate the name of his father in this house...

An Insight into Arnav:

Finally it is getting clearer why Arnav has trust issues...his mother died...(feeling of Abandonment), father probably abandoned or died (don't know yet),
dadi walked away and refused to see  his face, chacha ji threw them out if the all in all only Di has been his crutch and he hers. Thus the steel hearted Arnave Singh Raizada...whose world only revolves around his sister and now finally Khushi..(Thank the Lord)

Atonement of Sins:

Arnav Singh Raizada again in  his unique way apologized to Khushi for two of his blunders..Firstly by accepting to her that forcing her into marriage and the outcome fell squarely on his shoulders...she is not to be blamed in any circumstances..thus yet again making her feel that the man has realized his mistake and trying to make up for it..

Secondly by walking away from dadi and taking his place by Khushi..declaring by one action and dialog openly that jahan Arnav wahan khushi and vice cannot exist without the want a relation with Arnav Singh Raizada then you have to accept that Mrs. Khushi Singh Raizada is his better half...Thus the man who had declared that you are my wife only in the eyes of the world and mean nothing to me...has openly shown her what she means to him ...enough that he can stand again his own blood for her...

Danger Sign:

Dadi hamesha cheezon ko apne nazariye se dekhti hain..wohi dekhti hain jo woh dekhna chahti hain..sachai to jaise unko nazar hi nahin aati...

OH OH...looks like Anjali has found a worthy partner in her quest for Shyam!!

Back to the Future:

"The past isn't dead and buried. In fact, it isn't even past.? William Faulkner

The past will always come back to haunt you. It's never dead because we never learn from our mistakes. Its not even the past anymore, because it has become our future, the things we do always reoccur. But sometimes its not your mistakes that haunt you...its the mistake of others which you have to atone the case of Arnav Singh Raizada and his family...dadi, Arnav, Anjali all have a dark past which was not their doing but have left its mark on all...they cannot forget it as it is etched in their brains creating deep scars...but try to bury it...but the beast is going to rear its head or has started to do so...

Who are you?

An enigma..Mr. Arnav Singh Raizada..The khadoos laad governer, the loving Raj Kumar, the cheeky prankster, the sentimental brother, the master manipulator, the soft hearted stranger to children...these are the many facets that Khushi has witnessed of her husband...but who is her husband?? where have these traits come from?? She has started to question her knowledge about her beloved who is not yet even aware that her husband's surname is Malik and not Singh Raizada in reality...what truths will unfold when she finds out??

Deviyani Singh Raizada Vs. Subodhra Malik

Loved the conversation between the two oldies...though nani is nice and sweet but loved her stand when she rebuffed dadi for not being there for the children when she was supposed to and now she has the audacity to blame her for anything...soon these two will be locking horns when dadi will find out the reason for ousting of Shyam...both matriarchs will be having a tussle on the  issue of Arnav and Khushi ...the expressions in the following picture  says it all...(I loved Nani in this scene)

Some important things:

Dadi is definitely going to learn her lessons by the end...and learn from nani that servants too are humans and part of family...just like HP who witnessed the entire family drama along with all LOL

Nani ne payal ke saath na-insafi ki...why was she not asked to take ashirvaad??Ouch

Dadi is sharing nani's room...pajama parties on!!!!Party

Mami actually hid whole behind NK she like shyamu who can hide behind any tree like ikchadaari naginLOL

Nani and dadi both go to the same hair dressers or hair piece suppliers ..bas nani ki dye job kharab haiLOL

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Hola everyone Hug

Was not planning to write today - told the same to Ranju, Lucky ji and Sathu Tongue But then socha - Arnavlicious episode ho and Anna does not write anything for her Arnav - IMPOSSIBLE LOL

The episode as discussed with my girl Ranju - was similar to 

CLASH OF TITANS  - Dadi and Arnav Singh Raizada.

Two similar people - stubborn - ziddi - never giving up - standing by what they believe in - not knowing whether they are right or wrong - judgmental - clashed today to fight for relationships - understanding - and emotions.
One fateful night changed everything in their lives and both have been affected. For Arnav I am sure - he is what he is today because of his past - but Dadi is a new mystery. Has she always been like this? Or is she too a victim of the circumstances and events that happened 14 years ago?  It is too early to judge till we know what the past was and how badly it has affected all of them. From what I could guess, the past is something that is feared by all - Nani, Anjali, Arnav and now Dadi.

What I loved was the huge confrontation that happened between Nani and Dadi in the room where the former questioned the latter on why the sudden inquisitiveness in the family and in the lives of Arnav and Anjali. Why the sudden urge to know what is wrong in the lives of her grandson and granddaughter when she did not want to meet them - or meet her also for that matter after that terrible incident after that fateful night. What caught me by surprise was how intelligently and carefully Dadi got out of answering that question. So definitely - the woman is back for a reason and its huge this time.

All know my love and obsession with Arnav Singh Raizada and he stole my breath away in all the scenes - but since I will keep it short - one scene with Khushi and the last scene with Dadi.

He stood by the window - I am sure thinking about the past and how life was soon going to change when Khushi came up to him and tried to cool him down - thinking that he was worried for her. Yes he was - for the incident in the drawing room had not escaped his eyes and his anger there was visible - yet one of the main reasons was also the presence of Dadi in the house - his past coming alive in front of him.

But when he sees Khushi worried and Khushi in tears - he leaves his thoughts aside and he chooses to comfort her. He has accepted his mistake - his repentance had started the day he realized his mistake and realized the love Khushi had for him - however never had he voiced his mistake to her - and today he did.

"Khushi Dadi tumhari wajah se naraaz nahi hai...aur na hi iss shaadi ki wajah se...aur kisi aur ko ye pata ho na ho...main ye achi tarah jaanta hoon...usme tumhari koi galti nahi hai..."

"Maine tumhe majboor kiya tha...isliye ek second keliye bhi apne aap ko responsible mat theraho..."

Khushi's shocked expression at his confession of his mistake and his confession at his mistake that he committed made me cry! I knew he was repenting - I knew it was his own way of doing - but today by accepting his mistake he has made sure that he rises above in Khushi's eyes even more than before and she also acknowledges this and is satisfied.

Next scene that I loved was - Khushi asking Arnav to confide in her. I can see the incoming of Dadi has began to change Khushi - she is growing - she wants to understand him and she does not keep that as a secret with her - she probes him to understand him. And I loved it. For the first time I felt they were having a typical husband wife conversation and I was again left teary eyed.

Next the confrontation between the Dadi and Pota
I would like to say that this is the best Dadi - Pota combination I have ever seen. They both look into each other's eyes and talk - none fears the other. While Arnav has respect in his eyes for his Dadi - but there are questions - there is disappointment - there is worry. They dual with words - each wanting to take the other down - However Dadi again cleverly manipulates the situation to hide the main reason behind why she has suddenly come and taunts Arnav about his father. He cannot take it - he turns away in anger and he expresses his wish to her that he does not want to hear his "dad's" name ever in this house and expects her to understand - when Dadi does not give up - he stresses on what he wants. The way of the owner - of the head person of the house and of a man in control.

Before Dadi can continue,
Khushi enters - after coercing from NK and Payal to apologize for what happened in the morning. Dadi stops her on the door again and that is something the husband in Arnav Singh Raizada would not tolerate. Ignoring what his Dadi has to say to him - he walks out and stands by his wife and confidently tells her ;

"Jahan meri patni nahi aa sakti...mujhe nahi lagta meri wahan koi zarurat hai..."

I loved the way how Khushi looks at Arnav and a small look of admiration comes on her face - the smile of Nani in acceptance of what Arnav is doing is right - made my day. More so loved the attitude and respect with which Arnav put up his point. He is THE MAN!!


Barun Sobti : Take a bow! Just take a bow!! Star There is no actor and I dont know how many times have I said it - but there is no actor is TV industry who can be this brilliant with his expressions!!! You can make me cry like I have never cried before. I absolutely LOVE you!! Each wrinkle on your face speaks - each emotion so well portrayed!! Clap Clap Clap

Swati Chitnis - Wow!! What chemistry with Jayshree T and Barun Sobti!!! Did not even feel like you were new to the team! I said this yesterday - you are going to become my other favorite soon - U emote with eyes and I could feel every emotion! Clap Clap

This is if for today - have a nice day and night people and yes it was 10/10 episode for me! Embarrassed Really not feeling quite the much happy to write - covered what I could. Rest I am sure my brilliant fellow reduxians would.Wink

Love and Light

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'Blood, as all men know, than water's thicker...But water's wider, thank the Lord, than blood.'

--Aldous Huxley--

~Personal note~

Kudos to each and every one of you, who make redux what it is...a family, held together by a love that surpasses the breadth of waters.

A huge thank you to the entire cast and crew of 'Iss Pyaar Ko Kyaa Naam Doon' for delivering an episode that was beautifully intense and powerfully gripping. Words can not express how perfect each and every scene was, along with the acting which was first rate. The dialogue was also creatively layered and significantly poignant - in other words, I was damn impressed!


People often say that blood ties are a lot thicker than water, the cliched notion which suggests that biological connections run a lot deeper than any other bond we will make with people outside our biological family unit. In other words, we will do for family what we will not do for others.

Tonight's episode was all about family ties and the issue which come about as a result. By giving us characters that are essentially flawed, this drama does well to hone in on aspects of society and the pressures which exist within. If the last few episodes sought to highlight issues pertaining to social injustice this episode sought to define the institution of the family.         

A man, who's had to deal with the misfortune of losing his parent's love and protection, was forced to redefine those very values by way of sealing his own fate. A fate which lead him to believe that a house is not a home; it is an institution in which people are bound together by blood, respect and responsibility.

But his fate took a turn the day Khushi entered his life, freeing him from the clutches of his own ill fate. His heart began to feel the all too familiar pangs of love, an emotion which he had long buried, lest it destroys him again. The rekindling of love forced him to break down the very walls which he had built in an effort to remove himself from past grievances; a past which continues to haunt his very existence.    

After tonight, it seems that Arnav's fate has once again taken a turn, as he finds himself face to face with his dark past, a past which he had tried very hard to leave behind by clinging onto his present. It is his present existence which freed him from the hell of the past, proving his love to be limitless. His journey with Khushi is slowly but surely breaking down all the barriers which he had first erected; and his love for her is now equating, if not surpassing, the love which he holds for his own family. It is only after growing in love with Khushi and her family has he been able to identify with feelings of love in its various forms. It is not a love which restricts him or burdens him; it is a love which sets him free. And that is where his love extends the realm of blood ties...showcasing him to be a better person.


The scene where both Khushi and Arnav bend down to seek their blessings from daadi was an amazing scene. Whilst Daadi's hand confidently passes over Arnav's head, emphasising their blood ties, Khushi is denied those blessings in the very same moment. What I loved about this scene is how it reflected the importance of the three characters, daadi, Arnav and Khushi, and their relationship with each other. Whilst Dadi's giving her blessings, Arnav's eyes remain steadily focussed on Khushi being denied of those same blessings. From this scene, it's clear, that his want of blessings holds more value for her, than it does for himself. And rest assured, he's taking it all in, observing carefully the way in which his wife is denied of her rights; and being the righteous man that he is, he will most definitely make sure Khushi is accepted whole heartedly by the people he loves. 

Arnav's past, present, future

The next scene which depicts the workings of fate and the intertwining of past, present and future is when Khushi enters the room, only to find Arnav lost in his own thoughts.

I absolutely loved, and I mean LOVED this scene. Arnav is a man who's still caught up in the trappings of his own fate, regardless of how much he's changed, and this scene did well to highlight that. The scene perfectly captures Arnav facing the reality of his dark past, while blurring out his present - Khushi. Barun was SUPERB in this scene, whilst he stands there alone and isolated in his own thoughts, his face automatically dons the mask of his former self - ASR; the person who is void of all emotion and that had learnt to close himself off from the rest of the world.    

The whole exchange was so beautiful yet heart breaking. Though Khushi, is very much part of his present, she has no idea about his past, and that leaves her feeling helpless. Sanaya was brilliant here with her nuanced expressions ' she captured Khushi's helplessness, worry and pain perfectly! In fact, the whole scene was very maturely scripted!! She walks up to him, with slight hesitance, knowing how upset he must be. She doesn't force him for any answers, rather, she very lovingly tries to ease his pain by way of making excuses for Daadi's attitude towards her. She turns away from him, leaving him to his own thoughts, and sits herself down, comfortable enough to voice her own fears. Sure enough, this causes him to respond. And the moment he turns to face her, she reads him completely. And I love it! She's not that naive to think that his pain and anger is a result of her being denied dadi's blessings, but it's much deeper than that. At this point, she realises that she doesn't know him at all, how could she, for his past is part of his present. She needs to understand both before she knows him fully. She doesn't once pressure Arnav into revealing his anxieties; rather she gently assures him that she's there for him if ever he needs to talk. 

Though Arnav is conflicted with his own past, he doesn't ever lose sight of his present - he acknowledges Khushi's fears and insecurities, and very tenderly seeks to reassure her. And words fail me to describe how much I loved this moment. Forgetting his past for a moment, he let's down his guard and releases her from all the guilt which she had been burdened with since their marriage; acknowledging for the first time that he was in the wrong. He assures her of her innocence and further accepts that the marriage was indeed forced. And the moment he clears her name, Khushi's expressions convey a moment of relief, which then turns into adoration, acceptance and then love. And that for me, was my moment of redemption - thank you CVs!!! He finally voice what she'd always wanted to hear, that it was of no fault of hers, and neither does he blame her...and with that, her faith in him returns, twofold! 

And I just love that she gives him his space, though she may not know him fully, she knows him well enough to know that something is troubling him, and that he'll open up to her when he is ready. She willingly accepts that his pain is now her pain, and his happiness is her happiness...however for now, it seems he's not quite ready to burden her with his past just yet.

 "she's like that. Hamesha se esi hein wo. Daadi hamesha cheezo ko apni angle se dekhti hein, sachayi jese to unko nazar hi nahi aati, wohi samaj ti hein jo wo samaj na chahti aur expect karti hein ke sab log cheezo ko unki tareeke se dekhe, aur agar koi nahi dekhta hein to unkeliye woh galat hein.."

I loved how layered the dialogues were today. And in several instances, it felt as if characters were holding more than one conversation. When Arnav iterates the above lines to Khushi, he turns away from her, his voice trembling, hurt and anger evident in his entire frame, so much so that you can see his body shaking. What acting Sobti, sheer brilliance! He knows his blood ties very well, and for some reason, it rattles him...the moment he says these lines, it seems as if he is describing a reflection of his former self. Family traits being handed down, generation after generation, so that it becomes almost impossible to move away from his past. 

The entire face off between Naani and Daadi was just EPIC! During this whole exchange we find that a woman who self-righteously believes in her own blood ties, had seemingly severed those ties long ago, stepping away from her responsibilities. I love how blunt Naani was about this, she only laid out the bitter truth after being provoked. Though Arnav is not quite ready to delve too deep into his past, he's having to confront it all the same - through his nightmares. Daadi however, it seems has cut herself off from the past completely. Ignorance is bliss in her case. She's quick to judge her own family in their present state, but refuses to see how this links to the past. Her state of in denial is what blinds her to reality, as Naani wakes her up from it.."talookh hein" - of course there's a direct relation between past and present. The fact that she's running away from it says a lot about her Malik traits, traits which were perhaps seen in Arnav's dad too - a man who turned away from his responsibilities.

In terms of acting, execution and dialogue, this scene just topped it for me! In this scene we see Arnav confronting his past, no matter how much Dadi wishes to deny it. Just like how he reminds her of her son, she reminds him of his dad. But the moment she questions his stance, his decision, his rights, he responds with:  "kis haq se?" What right does she have to ask him these questions after years of neglect!? He's bitter, angry and deeply hurt - and has every right to be!


"Haq banta hein humara, rishte se, umar se...hum aapi ki daadi ji hein, apne baabuji ki amma..."


When all else is lost, she reasserts her claim over him by emphasising their blood relation. Doesn't matter if she had been there for him or not all these years, but the fact remains in that she's his dad's mother, and therefore has every right over him. The unfairness and hypocrisy of it all irks Arnav and turns him bitter, and at this point we are made to sympathise with him, his past and his present, knowing both are closing in on him.

The moment he goes over to stand next to his Khushi, supporting her, showing her to be his equal, it is clear where his priorities lie...with his present self. By siding with her in this very moment, he's chosen to face the past with her. He won't hide himself nor will he run away from it. He's wronged her enough in the past, and he's not going to let his past spoil it for him again. He's ready to make amends, to love and to be loved, and in time, will hopefully overcome all barriers so that he can secure his own happiness for the future. The moment he turned his back on his daadi, she had every faith that he'll return to her on the grounds that they're blood related. But Arnav proved her wrong..his loyalties doesn't lie with people who are tied by blood, rather they are with the people he loves, irrespective of their social standing.    

What I really loved at this point is the way he chooses to break away from his blood ties, by refuting her claims that he's just like his dad. It is whilst being in the company of others that Arnav had been able to reconcile his past differences with his present, in doing so he's proven that he's nothing like his dad, nothing like a Malik...for the present Arnav is far better than that. He's a man who's overcome his past, a man who's shown to be responsible, righteous, understanding, fair, just and loving. 

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OMG...Omg... My first reaction was to pinch myself, when I saw Doodles  ur comment on last Redux,,, I cudnt believe u had read me, I chckd  the  green fontwa 3 times to be sure that tants wasn't joking,,,, but Thank u dear,,,, for going through it,,,


Trouble is part of your life, and if you don't share it, you don't give the person who loves you enough chance to love you enough.   Dinah Shore

Day 4 in continuation
Needless to say we get a beautiful episode which left us in a bliss of happiness and in rejoicement for the journey of Arnav & Khushi, they hv been brilliantly attuned to each others hearts and now thoughts too, will this stand the testimony of fate n time, we will witness but for today this was the best we got...
The start with Team IPK for a beautiful episode which was gripping, intriguing and so enticing that no one saw any loopholes anywhere, just the story captivated the viewer in its grip.The dailogues were perfect & so was the cast & crewClap

The episode tonite opened with Arnav n nani facing Dadi, for a min a lot of ppl there stood shocked , one can see Arnav plunging into depth of despair, a visible struck Anjali, she looks like as she was caught cheating Arnav, a horrid memory from the past, a gentle hand on his back reminding him, of the presence, the relation, the dignity, the acceptance and the acknowledgement, if u look nani here she too looks shaken to see Dadi. Moreover she is  worried how will Arnav react, the moment he returns to present, a small push towards the matriarch  and a happy nani, who rejoices in pride that Arnav has let bygones be bygones, A emotional reunion between a grandmother n a grandson laced with respect & love, A proud nani steps in meet her frnd, and introduces the family, up until now she had held her breath, regarding the face off...
A Dadi who stands proud with her past is again upset seeing Khushi but both hold their frnd quite unsure if the other, the moment nani tells Khushi as Arnav's wife, Dadi gets her first shock,,,, and when they bends to get blessings her refusal to accept Khushi leaves Arnav angry n resigned, she moves haughtily and her dirty looks once agin shook Khushi,
Arnav who had started with Khushi in a negative light but with his subsequent tryst with his destiny Khushi and glimpses of her beautiful heart in each bump, finally fell in love with her and the kidnapping fiasco bought acceptance and pride on such a beautiful partner, one who he has tested and each time she has come as winner, one who has become his most cherished possesed part, One who represent the heart of Arnav is being rejected by dadi on prejuidce or impressions and it hurt Arnav, A nani who has stood by Arnav in his long journey understands Arnav and soothes him by saying that she will talk to the dadi, explain her the things,
The next scene assured a confrontation of two ripe matured matriachs who hv seen the world at bay and hv understood life with its own terms, One who has stood by her grandchildrem, held them in her bosom, when they were broken, restructured them and gvn them growth n become complete agn, she who has poured her day in day out in healing them, shaping them
Another who has left them to life, to deal with the cruel tryst with destiny, one who could have hidden them in her own anchal and healed them, soothed them, instead left them in sorching heat of pain agony and unsurity, a person who had a understanding of the foundation of these kids left them unbaked and has returned,
Nani rightfully reminds dadi that it takes a lot of sunstance to stand by the loved ones when they are broken, bruised and if she couldnt do that in times of need than she doest hv the right to questions,
Here I was reminded of the day where Khushi post GH incidence had come to Arnav, throwing her resignation in his face n telling him that all rights come with some responsibilities, and if u shun your responsibilities, you loose your rights too, how aptly put,
Personally  too  its my belief in life that it takes more grit/ mettle to stand by your loved ones in times of need/ breakarge to rebuild, the strom leaves destruction , but the hands who heal in aftermath are the guiding/ shining one...
A unsure Khushi enter the room, and sees a Arnav who is dipped in pain,  A cloak, A wall enveloping him, she tries to reach him, offers him comforts with words, the scene downstairs has once agn revoked her insecurities , she was and isnt sure of her place in Arnav's life, A contract, A unwelcoming family, A path lit with trials has left her so scared that she isnt sure that whats the reason for dadi's rejection,  when she isnt able to reach Arnav, he stand responseless, she crumbles in despai and moves bck, Arnav who had nevr previously acknowledged her, but tonite he realises her breaking, he moves in hold her her, comfort her, he assures her soothes her with words,  In their entire acquintance, past 1.25 years Arnav has never acknowledged the fact that he can commit errors but the first time he leaves his ego behind and absolves Khushi of any blame, Khushi is shaken with the humility of Arnav, her surprise at this Arnav who has never acknowledged any remorse on the the proceeding between them, but Arnav moves a step ahead and gives a insight into Dadi, his tone and words, leave khushi with the assured knowledge that there is more to this than  meets the eyes, for the first time she quetions him, regarding anything beyond their relation, she assures him abt her support as a partner, and finally tells him, sometimes she find him a stranger, unsure of him, he leaves Khushi wonders what is it that one moment she feels a integral part of Arnav and the next so distant
Marriage covers 7 vows, though Khushi never took those with Arnav but she has always considered her marriage to be of prime importance and scared and believed in this to T
I promise to love and cherish you for as long as I live. Your happiness is my happiness, and your sorrow is my sorrow. I will trust and honor you, and will strive to fulfill all your wishes
she wants to be part of the sorrow which leaves arnav visibly and spiritualy hurt but Arnav once agn has locked  himself leaving khushi unsure agn

The final confrontation between dadi & Arnav is a pleasure a treat to watch bcz of Mr BS, he has left many acclaimed names in the same field behind, The moment he hears Dadi confronting nani abt his marriage, his partner, he stands protective for nani, A woman he has been loggerheads a lot of time, but hold a position of immesence respect in Arnav's life, moresoever since she has accepted Khushi without pointing fingers, has her faith in khushi,  He directly reminds her what nani told dadi that there is no right to question post abondonment, he reminds her with pain and agony in his eyes that he had hopes from her & time n again he looked towards her to hold them, she never did so why now and once agn the conversation leads to surfacing of Arnav's father, A realation which has left him scarred, Charred somewhere time has covered the wounds but not healed, the anger the rejection shows the depth of hurt young Arnav went thru,,, A boy of 15 left, left bereft at the hands destiny,  the relation which narture a child hv gone, the  broken siblings, a faith broken A life bruised, who rose to occasion and has his built his own world with his very own hands , A world which is run and controlled by him,  A niche in life he is proud of, he doesnt want reminded of being dumped by the very hands who should hv nurtured them once agn dadi mentions the word, once agn Arnav rejects, Two powerful personas at clash, one who holds the past one who holds the future,,,,  A crumbled present between them,,,,
Nani calms them and ask them to move ahead leaving the past, without unruffling the pain, once agn we see  dadi stopping a unsure Khushi outside ,,,,,, A abslt treat of me personally,,, I was pretty emotional when I saw what hppnd next, it shook me to the core, even though we all had expected it knowing the precap... but Clap to Arnav Today,  He moves and stands by Khushi, when dadi question him abt it, his reply

"Jahan meri patni nahi aa sakti...mujhe nahi lagta meri wahan koi zarurat hai..."
 Credit Pic: Kopal
nailed it for the world today, we all knew Arnav valued his inner circle, protected them like a hawk and the world stands abay when he cherishes them but today he declared to his inner circle too that no one matters to him, when it comes to Khushi his wife, his partner, he will go beyond the lines to be with her, Arnav has been always been rebellious breaking the accepted norms but today he dint break them, didnt shove them in your face attitude, today he recreated them A salute to you man, who nvr belived in marriage , A mockery for u in name of relations, you hv travelled such a long way, today this is only Arnav, the cloack of ASR has been discarded for khushi, his soulmate...
The moment Arnav took that step and answered dadi, two women who cherish him, stood in awe of him, A nani who smiled, blessing him for standing by his partner, A wife who adored, loved and humbled at the stand of her husband, who has declared to the world MRS  Khushi Arnav Singh Raizada...
The game is started some moves hv taken place, The teams hv been distributed It would be dadi V/s Arnav & Khushi, History will be rewritten now. We are in for a treat my frnds, lets get ready for a ride which will enrich our souls once agn with the beauty of Love.
BS/SI/Jayshree ji/ Swati ji StarStar
Dedication to Mr & Mrs. Arnav Singh Raizada

Love is not enough. It must be the foundation, the cornerstone - but not the complete structure. It is much too pliable, too yeilding...             Betty Davis.

 ___________________________________________________________________________ Thank you all for reading the views, liking, I am in Western himeshpere a complete diff tme zone to a lot of yu, please PM when you write a praise or critism, seems like we miss a lot of the the beauty.

Sorry frnds its a long post today, A emotion filled episode had a thousand moments to touch upon, njoi

Kudos to team Redux for the graph of sharing, growth, for smiles n happiness you offer.My apologies to all the wonderful writers at REDUX these days I am not able to mk individual post of praises, will start back once my son goes to school, but I do read each one of you,U all are brilliant, A rainbow, A myraid of views on a 20 mins of episode,,,,

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Chani123 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 07 August 2012 at 12:17pm | IP Logged
                                          THE ROYAL STANDOFF!
              Subhadra devi & Arnav Singh Raizada

                    this is what happens 


The Unstoppable Force         ----Arnav Singh Raizada----

Arnav Singh Raizada...The very name of this man commands respect... A man who always stood out to be a determined and a headstrong person.. A man who would never give up on anything he sets his eyes on.. A man who makes his own destiny.. A man who prides himself on always being RIGHT! Righteous in his own right.. A man who would never back down from his responsibilities.. A man quick to accept his faults.. And not the one to shy away from them.. A man who has always been JUST and FAIR..

A man with depths uncharted.. He is true to his name.. He is wide and deep like the OCEAN itself.. A man whose sister always wondered what was going on in his brain and in his heart.. A man whose wife wonders how much does she really know him? 

There is so much he holds within himself that makes him the man he is TODAY... ARNAV SINGH RAIZADA.. A ruthless business tycoon for the world to see.. Who is inside that persona is anybody's guess.. 

He was always a force to be reckoned with.. Such was the force of that little boy that Arnav was lost.. and ASR was born.. There were no footprints left of that little boy.. 

A man who changed constantly.. A man who learned constantly.. A man who though would come across as heartless, had so much love inside his heart, that even a glimpse of that love would blind you with its power! A man with such dark despairs in his heart, that the thought of them leaves his soul blackened!

With the love of his wife, that boy is emerging and taking baby steps once again in this world.. only to come face to face with his past.. A past he thought he had left behind.. A history which he wished was scraped off.. A shadow he wanted to get rid off.. 

He spent his life in the shadow of his father's past.. His near ones were quick to point out how similar he was to his father.. when he tried to do everything to prove that he was not his father.. and he will never be like him.. 

Today once and for all he controlled his outburst and told the people who dared to compare him to his father..

"Bas dadi, Na hi main unki tarah hoon.. Na hi kabhi banoonga"

That boy is trying to rid himself of the horrible past.. only to be reminded of it at every step..

That boy has become a man today.. A man who knows and understands the importance of his relationships and respects them.. And above all.. He LOVES and RESPECTS his wife.. Her sacrifices have not gone unnoticed in his eyes.. He knows what he has put her through because of his faults.. Now he wants to make up to her.. His LOVE for her, gives him an edge.. He has finally found his niche in this world.. He finally has a person who loves him for himself.. A person he can look for support.. A person willing to understand him.. A person willing to walk forward with him..

Her love for him makes him even a bigger and more formidable force.. And truly UNSTOPPABLE.. There is nothing he would not do for her.. He is not willing to dwell in the past when he has his whole FUTURE in front of him.. He will not accept that his WIFE is disrespected and belittled by anyone.. He will make sure that Khushi gets her rightful place and honour in the family.. 

When a boy's force changed so many things.. How much will this MAN's force of LOVE change things??

Immovable Object      ---- Subhadra Devi/Dadi----

The minute her name was uttered manorama mami has been shaking like a leaf in fear.. The sight of her, and she dropped her lifeline.. her mobile phone.. Mami could not bring herself to correct her wrong assumption that Khushi was the elder bahu of the family.. Not willing to be the person to open this particular can of worms..

A woman who appears to be no less than a Hitler.. A woman who is intricately tied to the PAST which Akash hinted is best left buried.. A woman who was not in the picture from the past 14 years.. But demands answers the minute she steps in the house and wants to take the reign of the household! A woman who does not beat around the bush.. Who is quick to let people know of her displeasure.. A woman who believes that things should move in a particular way.. HER WAY!

She did not waste minute before questioning nani how could she let this happen? How could she let the family scatter in this way? Anjali is pregnant but everyone is tight lipped about where her husband is?? Her only grandson got married, and she was not intimated about the happy occasion?? 

A woman who appears to be set in her ways.. A woman who has preconceived notions.. A woman who is not happy to see her grandson married but wants to know why she was not informed? A woman who asked her grandson, who gave HIM the permission to marry??? 

I will let Arnav describe that woman in his words..

"Dadi is like that.. hamesha se aisi hi hain woh..Dadi hamesha cheezoin ko apne angle se dekhti hain...Sachhai toh jaise unhe nazar hi nahi aati..Wahi samajhti hain jo woh samajhna chahti hain.. Aur expect karti hain ki sab log cheezoin ko unki tarah se dekhein.. aur agar koi nahi dekhta hai, toh unke liye woh galat hai"

The above lines made one thing clear in minds of everyone.. There was definitely some stand which dadi took and it led to everything getting crumbled.. and that is what is irking Arnav at present.. 

Her jumping to conclusion about Khushi today and refusal to accept her as his wife, once again proved to him that Subhadra Devi is same as she was 14 years back.. In her own words.. 
"kuch cheezen aur kuch log kabhi nahi badalte"

She is still stuck in a time warp.. She is the same person.. She still sees the world in one angle and expects everyone else to accept her views! She wants to stand her ground..but will her grand son who has grown up far away from her shadow, allow it??

The standoff!

We don't know much about dadi, but all we know is that is she played a big part in shaping Arnav Singh Raizada of today! Her abandonment of her grand kids is not looked kindly upon by the MAN.. He might respect her, but that does not mean he will let her get her way this time! This is HIS HOUSE! He will not give its REIGN to anyone just because she demands it because of the superior relation and the seniority.. It has taken him so long to pick up the pieces and bring normality to their lives.. The pieces she did not bother to pick up and safe guard.. She shunned away from her responsibilities because they did not see eye to eye on some matter.. because of the difference in opinions.. Her relation to him does not giveher the right to question him.. 

Most of all she is NO ONE to judge his WIFE.. A wife who understands his inner turmoil and wants him to open up to her.. A wife who knows there are many things which mould him into the man he is and wants to learn those.. A wife who never shied away from his demons. But faced them.. A wife who has helped him keep his WORLD intact..So yes.. He does not think that he is required where his wife is not welcome.. He will stay with her and if something needed to be said, Khushi has every right to listen to it.. 

"jahaan meri patni nahi aa sakti, mujhe nahi lagta meri wahaan koi zaroorat hai!


Today his action of standing up with his wife and for his wife is approved by the Woman who took them under her wings when she abandoned them. Devyani Raizada

Devyani Raizada not only gave them a name, but gave them love, care, shelter and a place to call their own! She did not desert them.. She moved ahead with them.. She made an effort to understand and try to be supportive of every decision of his.. Be it bringing lavanya to the house and finally accepting her.. or his abrupt marriage to Khushi.. She questioned him.. But she also showered him with Love.. She also trusted him when he took the biggest decision of his life and disrupted his di's life.. Her approval and support matters more to him, then some person who was absentee for the major chunk of his life.. Whose only claim on his is that she is his father's mother!!!

Things I Absolutely LOVED!!

1. Despite his obvious anger at dadi, he respects her relation with him.. and like a good grand son touches his feet..

2. There was an eagerness on his face when nani was introducing Khushi, perhaps a hope of approval..

3. He was immediately on alert when dadi withdrew her feet and did not extend her blessings to his beloved wife!

4. He sensed Khushi's discomfort and nailed the reason for it.. He did not let her take the blame of his wrong doings.. The marriage was his fault.. He had forced her.. She was not responsible for this cold shoulder, he was..

5. He has finally found out that he is not his father.. and he refuse to be compared to him..

6. He has earned Khushi's respect for himself by acknowledging his place with her! By stating that if she is not welcome, then he does not want to be a part of it!

7. Khushi has finally seen the complete metamorphosis of Shaitaan to Rajkumar.. 

8. Nani approved of his stand by Khushi.. She was happy to see that he is not his father.. He will stand by his wife! He will not desert her.. She was proud of him today!!


The whole team of IPK.. Please take a bow.. for giving us an absolutely moving episode with beautiful direction and powerful dialogues!

Barun Sobti.. No words are sufficient to describe the justice you do to your character.. Every nuance, every glance, every word, every walk, each gesture.. I am in awe of you! You are jus too good!

Sanaya Irani.. Beautiful.. A woman in love.. A woman in despair.. you do them so well.. 

Jayashree.. Your smile of approval at your grand son's action was jus beautiful.. you came across as a proud woman! 

Swati Chitnis.. Woh! Lady! Female ASR indeed! Someone like you was needed to have a stare down with someone like ASR.. Pardon us... for we are all biased for him!

An amazing.. amazing episode!! 
A very promising episode which promises delightful future in IPK.. ClapClapClapClapClap



PS: thanks everyone for the warm support, beautiful comments and amazing likes..

Thanks Tants.. We are what we are cos of you and doods.. Love you guys!

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sunshine99 IF-Rockerz

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The sins of the father,the son... and a girl caught in between... 
A family shattered, smiles wiped off  the children's faces ,familiar ties became unfamiliar... all because of a woman, the sin of a father,  on a  fateful night... which left an uncertain future, and an angry son who was sinned against at the crack of  dawn...  

A young girl  Anjali was caught in between then too.. she was on the verge of starting a new life with dreams and ended rather abruptly scarring her forever... shaking her faith, pushing her to aspire for a dreamworld to live in... where happiness only ruled...clinging onto her little brother rather than letting him lean on to a shoulder...  They buried their tragic past in the sands of time and moved on without healing...

The son vowed to never be like the man whom he may have looked up to... he would be loyal, sincere, responsible and never abandon his family in this life time...He was all he tried to be but at the same time he was the son of his father too- rash,arrogant and with a mind of his own...Arnav hated the reminder of being like  the man whose flesh and blood he was... Tried hard like a stubborn child to erase it-did not allow his current family members to speak about his father...the surname was dropped...a new identity taken to live in the present and escape the past. 

The unhealed past does not let anyone rest and inspite of his efforts he too committed a sin in his preconceived notion... on the impressions of a conversation that was not meant for him...
His actions like his dad again caught an innocent girl in a quagmire...Arnav married Khushi unceremoniously,ridiculed and belittled her love and commitment to him...robbed her of which she was worthy in his hatred and anger... He had sinned against Khushi in ignorance had been sinned against by his father unintentionally...He bore the pain and the knowledge which was a burden so dark he feared to share...He was a victim of destiny which he detested but could not escape... 

The winds are changing again.. and this time they are removing the pile of sand that had hidden a painful and shocking truth...

This time once more a woman is caught in between as the sins of the father and son have combined and are on the verge of being unveiled to all... but she is  not an unwilling company  rather has chosen to be in the midst herself...

 As Khushi opened  the door to their room where a disturbed Arnav who had again come face to face with his past stood... she kept her hand on his tired shoulder for sharing the burden that he had shouldered so long... The burden is ignominious but still she wishes to share...and will help Arnav to share... She will heal him...bringing in a rosy future free of guilt and sadness,she will partake the thorns in his path .. get hurt but like a true healer will continue her journey with him. Till he can absolve himself and let go of the fact that the sins of his father and his were destined by fate over which he had no control and he should move ahead with the blessings life has given him despite the miseries... enjoy it and be thankful for the same... 

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vasiraju IF-Rockerz

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Hola Girls Hug Hug

An Awesome ,Breathtaking,Mindblowing episode.Arnav,kushi,Dadi and Nani are the Four pillars of the episode which made us feel the emotions like Love, Angst,sad.A Roller coster of the emotions lead us to feel why we watch this serial like our whole and soul passion.


Today we have blessed to see so many Shades of  charectar of ASR.Mindblowing acting by Barun sobti.

A Boy who craved for the Love of His own detached Family,A boy who was left alone in this world to face the ugliness of the world,a boy who last his his happiness in whole single day ,a boy who lost beloved mother ,now raised up to Man with strong attitude,definite rules,made his own way of living a granny won't see a boy whom  she left 15 years back.when he sees his Grany he feels the pain that this lady left us on our own fate but yet she is related to somewhere to his beautiful childhood which he spent with his family,with his mother where they are no burdens of awkward past made him feel protective when he sees his Grany,Goes to her takes her blessings feel the love of his long lost missed family memmber.

But when he notices her natural headstrong nature when she avoided kushi his wife denying to give blessings he again left in to his loneliness ,again the bad past that they faced long back,an hint of the same history going to repeat again,may be his Grany is eaqually treated his mother in the same way.

when he was struguling with his feelings his wife enters Tries to change his mood ,tries make him come out of his lost world where he alone fighting with his own thoughts,but he is not in a mood to share anything with her,than again notices his wife's fear of guilt ,he easily find out that she is feeling guilty that she is responsible everything.He strongly says her that she no of her fault,clears her that everything is done by him and she the one who faced the consequence badly.Makes her feel that she is innocent and leaves the room to question his dadi for her behavior.

where he finds that she is unhappy with the way that he married to kushi.Dadi doesn't realised that he is a grown man who needs the answers before questioning him,he altogether Busrt out his angst that he was struggling from years .when he finds that his Dadi is not respcting his wife not allowing to enter the room ,he decides to stand by her.A man who don't an ABC of the marriage who don't believe in the marriage ,who lived the money world today he played a Husband role that every wife wanted to be.He finds that where their is no respect to his wife their he can't stand ,he will be with her at any cost who  make her not to loose her respect in front any one and anywhere.

Kushi kumari Guptha singh raizada

Kushi who is not yet confrimed what is her life after contract marriage ends,still not realised her status at raizada house doesn't felt  the responsibilty as the raizada bahu,today she was told that she is elder bahu of the raizada family.the frist hint for kushi to realize her duty as bhahu.

the Girl who faced so many humiliations by the man whom she married,not even in her dreams she thought the she will be getting such huge respect and love from her better half .today she was overwhelmed by  her husband reaction to her twice.

when she was feeling guilty Coursing herself that what ever happened in the hall is because for her yet focusing on her Husband lonliness Trying to get him to out  from his own world.she understood that he is not upset with current behavior of his dadi,she felt he was suffering with something else which is not visible to her and not even near to his thoughts.Now kushi as got that she don't know much about ASR and his family .

she has proved as good wife ..saving her husband ,risking her life ,facing so many humiliation from shyam but she proved her responsible  as her new challange begings as Good Responsible raizada bahu,taking responciblities in to her hands,emrging as strong person facing each every problem created by elders proving herself fit for raizada bahu.Her new phase has stared as Bhahu.

Subhadra devi aliyas Dadi..

A very  strong character till now at IPK more than ASR charecter i feel now scared about this character.
A lady who can leave her grandchindren to their fate and punish herself so long .i am surprised why she came back.the way she speaks to  Arnav so authoritatvely that she needs answers ,how can she question nani and ASR when she herself left them .

Nani and dadi conversation was too good.Both of them did fabulous job at acting.

One of the super cool episodes till now .

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