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MG SS:BTOOMH!! Epilogue/Page 119 (Page 98)

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lovely parts...

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awesome dear
loved it
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lovely update...
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Ah-mazing update yrrw...
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amazing  update
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superb update...
loving this family trip...geet n anayas bonding is so sweet...
maan cant keep his hands of geet...
loved the update...
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fabuls update
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Part 24

10 months and 23 days later.

Geet entered Ananya's room just to see her princess sleeping comfortably in the warmth of her princess bed. It was just not name-sake princess bed but it was a literally example of one. Geet leaned against the door pane, crossing her hands over her chest as she remember that day, when she was sitting in the living room, waiting for Maan and The Holiday was running on TV. Ananya sneaked in beside her and settled herself in her lap and demanded while watching the scene. "I too want this fairy bed" Her eyes were so bright and shiny while saying this that Geet made it a point to fullfill her wish. She started working on it the very next day. She bought lots of glittery stars, white net, more glittery hanging stuff and ribbons. When Ananya had to start her pre-school, Maan was having a panic attack. Whatever happened with Riya, just made me more possessive and protective about Ananya. He could not afford loosing Ananya or Geet now. But Geet assured him that she would personally take charge of it. She would make sure that Ananya is being dropped right infront of the school's gate and also picked up in the same way. Maan was hesitant but then Geet told him that just cause of his fears, he couldnt stop Ananya to get education. Maan relents but agreed. One the first day of Ananya's school, Maan and Geet personally dropped and picked her up. Maan gave a long list of do's and dont's to Ananya who heard him very calmly. While getting off from the car when she sweetly said, "Mama, I hear daddy...Now my choco" She put forward her hand while looking through those innocent eyes. Maan looked daggers at Geet and Ananya while Geet was trying hard to hold her giggle back. "My choco" She demanded again for her chocolate and Geet took out from her bag. Maan couldnt hold back his smile when Geet bend down to kiss Ananya's forehead and wished her all the best for her first day and in reply, Ananya kissed her and said "I love you". Geet remembered how Maan kept holding her hand in the car till they reached office and after parking it, he turned and gave a peck on her whispering "I love you" for the very first time. She can still remember how pure and deep his declaration sounded. She kept on smiling that whole day. She came home a bit earlier before lunch time and decorated Ananya's bed. Geet went to pick Ananya with driver while Maan came in his car. Geet made her see the bed after they came home and her reaction was worth watchiing. She jumped on the bed holding her little bunny stuff toy. She played with the net and ribbons hanging over the bed and then jumped in Geet arms, giving her a smacking kiss on her cheek. "I love you so so much mama...this is for all for me?". "Ofcourse this is for my baby...but somedays, Mama and Daddy should also be allowed to sneeked in" Geet asked and Ananya nodded her head hard with excitement. "All the love is for mama. What will daddy do?" Maan teased Ananya who was still in Geet's arm. Ananya, in order to make him jealous, kissed Geet's other cheek. Maan pouted that made Geet laugh. "Daddy needs love too" Geet whispered in Ananya's ear that made her giggle. Maan looked away from them and crossed his hands over his chest. Geet came to Maan and Ananya leaned forward and gave him a loud kiss on his cheek. "Ok now?" She asked. Maan looked at her and pointed to his other cheek too. "This cheek too and ask your mama to kiss this one for making fun of me" Geet blushed at his comment. Maan enjoyed and Ananya totally ignored the redness of her cheeks. "Come on Mama...Lets kiss daddy at the same time" Ananya said as Maan rolled his tounge in his cheek and Geet looked at her with wide eyes. "Hurry up...I have to get back to office too" Maan teased Geet as he put forward his face between the duos and shyingly, yet hesitantly, Geet kissed his cheek while Ananya kissed the other one.

The flashback ended as she went to Ananya and shook her up feom her slerp. "5 more minutes...please" She whined and turned around. "No baby...Remember its a game day at your school...and you know as you have take participate in the welcome dance, you need to be there earlier than usual" Geet run her hand through her thick black hairs. Ananya peeked up at her through her slightly open lashes and got up, only to hug her tightly around her neck. Geet sniled and gave her a soft kiss before getting up along with Ananya and went to washroom to give her a bath.

"Daddy, you are coming to school to see my dance?" Ananya asked sweetly while munching her butter toast. Maan moved few small curls away from her face which fall back again, taking there earlier position, making him smile. " can I miss my baby's performance" Ananya smiled as Geet packed all the things for her. "Bi, Me and Maan has to leave soon after Ananya's performance. Will you take care of her?" She asked in a slow voice. "Ofcourse beta, you dont worry" Bi held Geet's hand and assured her. In the past year, Geet has deliberately took all the duties of Ananya. Waking her up, giving hervbah, making her get ready for school, her lunch, her homework, helping her in her activities, She took care of each and every aspect. So today, she was a little aprehensive. Soon after finishing there breakfast, the whole family went to Ananya's pre school to support her. Arjyn and Geet met many of her friends' parents and greated them. They took there seats onto the marble stair rows which had encircled the huge playground of her school. Teachers were busy in arrangement and making students stand in perfect rows. Soon the principle made the announcement and the games day started. First obviously was Ananya and her fellows welcome act. Two teachers lead the little pre-nyrsery students into the ground. The audience clap and Ananya waved at her parents. Teachers made them have there positions. After two minutes, the musicc started and the children started dancing on there praticed steps. Maan and Geet looked at there princess who was dancing like a butterfly. To them, she was the one dancing perfectly and why not, cause they were so busy awing there daughter, they hardly noticed others. Geet took several pitures of Ananya's first dance after getting down from the stairs. The song finished and the childten bow down a bit. The while crowd cheered for the little angels. Ananya looked at her parents and smiled brightly seeing Maan and Geet standing down near the ground. As all xhildren went towards there parents, Ananya ran to them and before she could stop, Maan pulled her up in his arms and pushed her a little up in the air, making her giggle. "How was it?" She askedafter taking a breath. Geet took a deep sihh as she caressed Ananya's cheek. "You were amazing" and Maan agreed.

Few hours later, Maan.put his head on the table. A small smiled was placed on his lips. A dmile of contentment. A smile of happiness. A smile of completeness. He was a happily married man now. A phrase, so odd for him but then, it was the one that describes him the best. His family was complete. His Geet has took care of each and every relationship. She was a perfect partner, a caring mother, a supportive friend and a Sexy wife. She accepted each of his lackness and disability, his fears, his mind-set and made him look at the positive and good aspects of his life. Where she get a daughter and a husband by getting him, he also got a mother in the shape of Smriti and a helpful wife. He missed his mother alot and her sudden death 7 months back tore him apart but Geet collected each piece of him and give him strength to stand up. His mother had left a letter for him, asking for forgives, telling him that she was so lost in her grief that she couldnt see his pain. He lost his daughter, his wife, his father one after another and she just became so immune with the lost of her husband that she totally ignored him. Maan though wished that he could met her atleast once before. He went to meet her many times. Even after his marriage with Geet but she wouldnt dare meet him. She did mentio about it too saying she was feeling too ashmed to meet him then and said that she prayed for his happy married life.

When few of the chapters of his life were closed, some happy and hopeful one's were opened too. He and Geet had there proper honeymoon on the completeness of there first month. They were off to france for a business trip when he extended there stay by one week in paris. She was so shocked excited and cheerful with the news but the next moment, She was worried about Ananya. Maan though try to pacify her that its ok, but till the time she didnt talk with Bi and Smriti and instructed them about somethings, she wasnt at peace. If Maan might not have been in love with her earlier, he would have fall at that instance. There honeymoon was all he expected it to be. Roaming on the streets holding hands, exploration of the city and passoinate.

And from then on, Maan made a deal with Geet. Each month, they will spend the 8th date, that also marked up as there monthly anniversary, with eachother. They will make it special for eachother by exploring there fantasies. Though Geet was hesitant first, but Maan surly knew ways to make her agree. And damn, he loved to make her agree with himself. One there 2nd month anniversary, Geet arranged for a romantic dinner in a five star resturant where she had booked a private cabin for themselves. On third month, Maan flew over with Geet to Maldieves in the morning where they spent a full day on a private yatch of Maan's business associate. It was always like this. Geet woyld plan a simple yet love filled surprizes for him while he would go for adventrous and intense ones. Today, they were about to complete 11th month of there marriage. It was Geet's turn and he was so looking forward to the day. Geet had deliberately arranged a meeting for him at around 4 which would take an hour to end. He knew why she did that and that was making him more excited. He remembered when few days back he reminded her of her duty. "It's your turn" He had pulled her into the warmth of his hands. She blushed under his gaze and nuzzled his chest. "I know". She whispered back. "I want you to go for your ultimate fantasy this time Geet...We are about to complete a year soon and I want you to forget all about your inhabitants and show me that you believe me, you trust me completely...hmm" He ran hands through her thick velvety hairs and heard her "Hmmm" back.

"Maan...I am leaving now." Geet entered making him look up from the table. He smiled and get up to hold her. "You on purpose made me held up here...Or you wouldn't have to leave ALONE" He whined that made her giggle. "Laughing at your poor husband?" He complained and moving forward nipped her earlobe, making her groan. "We are in office" She reminded him with heavy breath. "But I am off for I am allowed a little fun in here" He whispered against her neck and kissed it upside down. Her hands clutched on her shirt and coat. "Maan" her voice was almost breathless that made him smiles against her skin as he move down and kissed her collar bones and went down between the V on her office front buttoned up shirt. "I love when you take my name this way" Her hands gripped his hairs. "You sound so breathless, so impatient, so in love with sexy" He moved up and kissed her chin and cheeks further on placing wet kisses all along. "That's a turn on" He looked at her closed eyes once his lips slammed against hers. She responded back with the same passion which he was offering her.  He tasted her till she couldn't take it anymore and break free from the hold of his lips, sighing against his shoulder. "I wasn't done yet" He sounded irritated that made her smile. "I don't know if I should be happy or I should be worried to see that you want me so much" Her breath became normal and she looked up, to see him grinning now. "You have to decide that'.As for me, I have this evening and night to make up for this break" He kissed her nose before she pushed him back and turn away. "Be back soon Maan'..My surprise will be waiting for you" She didn't turn back to look at him. "I am eagerly waiting to see it" He said before she left his room.

Where Maan was busy in his meeting and his mind keep on drifting towards Geet, Geet was collecting all the needed stuff from the home. Some of the things that she bought were already in the car. She turned around to look at the arrangement in the room before she went out and left with the driver. Maan quickly get into his car after the meeting was finished and rushed back home. On entering the living room walking in quick strides, he was greeted by Gauri, his housemaid who informed him that Bi, Ananya and Smriti were out to the Park and Geet had left a note with her to give him later on. He quickly grabbed that as he gave Gauri an Off for today and went up the stairs.

"Dear Husband,
            Your surprise is waiting for you.
            Your attire for today is placed on bed. So quickly change into it and come to me near the Lake. I am waiting for you...
            Happy 11th Month Wedding Anniversary.
            I Love You <3
Eternally Yours,

Maan smiled widely reading and re-reading the note. He carefully placed that in his side-table drawer and turned to look at the clothes. He frowned as he saw a loose brown beige trouser and a light brown t-shirt. "What does that mean?" He wondered but nevertheless, went to take a quick shower and changed into the requested attire before he left for lake.

Geet with the help of her driver set up the tent and put a rug and a big soft round pillow inside. Outside, she arranged two beach chairs side by side. A lantern was hanging on the opened edge of the tent. The driver brought the small barbeque Grill from the back of the car and placed it on the surface below. He added coal and Geet took out the marinated chicken from the Cool Box. After setting up grill, she just wiped her hands when Maan car arrived. She smiled broadly and turn to the driver. "You can go now...Thank you for your help" The driver nodded and left. And A warm broad smiling Maan greeted him. Her lips curled up into a shy smile as he approached and with each step, the astonishment in his increased and so does his smile. He was looking stunning and sexy in this sun-set light. The orange and red light was falling on one side of face making him looking so handsome that made Geet drooled. Maan was equally tempted seeing her wearing that dark blue long skirt with a red sleeveless t-shirt. Mangalsutra was dangling in her neck along with that her name pendent, he gave her on her birthday. He got near her and slipped his hand around her waist. "What is all this?" "A Night-Out Dinner..." She said and he smiled. He loved that idea. Maan helped her with the grilling and taking there plates, they slipped side by side onto the beach chairs, as they eat and see the sun-set together. Geet snuggled close to him as she felt cold. He placed the plates down on the floor and hugged her back. "I loved this surprise" Maan whispered while rubbing her back upside down. Geet nuzzled in between his arm and shoulder, hiding her smile. "Its not ended yet" Maan pulled himself back to look down at her face. She was beet-rooted red. He looked at her amusingly. She got up after a minute and holding her hand pulled him with herself as she started leading her to the tent. They get inside and lay down as Geet lay on his chest and kissed his jaw, making him surprised. His arms quickly grabbed her tiny waist as her lips moved up and kissed his cheeks. Then she cupped his face and placed soft kisses all over, making him loose his control, but she wasn't allowing him to take the lead yet. She gave him a soulful kiss on his lips before her tounge licked his lips corner and kissed him once again. Maan groaned at the back of his throat. He never knew they can cross the height of passion they ever shared before, but everytime, it seems like he over-estimated himself. They create a new record with each make-out session. Geet kissed his kiss step by step as she moved to his ear and licked it before sucking it lightly. Maan hissed. "Make love to me...Please" She pleaded in his ear. As if, he was just waiting for that, he turned and now he was laying on her and kissing her absent-mindlessly. Geet was whimpering beneath him as he probed her skin with his teeth. His hands move down to trace her body and those layer of fabric irritated him. He backed up a bit. "You are killing me Geet..." He groaned as she smiled. "How can we do that here...with all these clothes and out here in open..." Geet's hand snaked around his neck as she pulled him down. "I thought, we can be innovative...You can think of something" And she kissed him again teasingly. Maan's need for her get more furious. His hands pulled her t-shirt to her chest and placed kisses all over there. His hands roam on her body carelessly. Geet's hand too moved inside his loose shirt and now he got, why she choose this attire for him. Moving up, he kissed her once again while his hands moved her skirt up and traced her thigh. "Maan...Please" She pleaded and Maan was a goner.

Few minutes later, they both were laying side by side, worn out from there work out. She was laying on her tummy. Her head was resting on his arm while one of his legs were thrown over her and his hand was rubbing her back. "Was this your fantasy?" He asked with a grin, setting his dimple deep in his cheek. Geet shied and biting her lower lip, nodded. Maan smirked. "Exactly like this?" He asked again. Geet thought for a moment and shook her head. "Then...what was missing?" When she didn't said anything, he pulled her closer. "You trust me...You have to tell me". He prompted her. "There was no tent and..." She stopped and look up at him. His brow rose and she looked down again. "And??? " "And there was a haystack rather than this mat" Maan smiled widely. "That's surly a killing fantasy..." He commented. "But next time, we should make sure, its exactly the same as you imagined" Geet turned her face to the other side and Maan chuckled.

Maan groaned opening his eyes as a small body was jumping on his tummy. "Daddy...Wake up..." Ananya said still jumping. Geet's laughter could be heard at the back. "Ananya, Stop baby" Maan tried to put her away. "No, Wake Up...You have to play with me..." Ananya said and removed his hand from his face, which he just put. "Ananya" He whined. "No...Come on" She grabbed his hand and tried to pull him but she couldn't pulled him even an inch. Maan smiled and get up. He took a bath and had a lovely breakfast with his family. It was a fine sunny morning. "Ok, so what we are playing today?" He asked after sitting on the sofa. "Hide & Seek" Ananya shouted and also dragged Geet in with them to play. It was Geet's turn first. She went to search for them after counting and caught Maan first who was hiding behind the dinning table. How convinient. She thought. Later she went to search for Ananya. She looked behind the sofa, in all rooms but couldn't fight her but the slightest movement behind the curtain got her attention. The main bell ring and Maan who was observing the excited look of Geet's face turned to get it. Geet slowly moved towards the curtain and pulled it away in a instant and grabbed Ananya. "Caught you..." She shouted excitedly as Ananya squealed and laughed. Geet pulled her up in her arms and gave her a twirl. Ananya giggled in her arms loudly. Maan too saw that scene before he unlocked the door and look in the front, only to get the shock of his life. The smile from his face wiped away. Sneha, wearing her googles and holding a bag was standing infront of him.

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