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Geet - Hui Sabse Parayee

MG SS:BTOOMH!! Epilogue/Page 119 (Page 88)

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beautiful lovely n superb update

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pls pm me too...
i love the story!!!!!
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part 21
lovely part dear...
so nice...
cont soon...
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fantastic dear...
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gr8 update dear...
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that was so beautiful part .enjoyd thoroughly . i loved the part where geet made him understand about house and maan thinking for her fathers blessing . that was so so so beautiful . 

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Part 22

The wedding was about to take place nicely for everyone except for the  irritated groom who was not liking it a bit that he can't have a good  look of his bride. Geet's duppata was covering whole of her face,  just leaving the chin part in view. Smriti came to took it off so that  everyone can look at her but Shaina stooped her hands in the mid-way.  "No.No...No...Aunty...What are you doing?" She asked nervously. Maan  who started feeling a bit good seeing Smriti in action, scowled at  Shaina's interruption. "Beta, why have you all covered up her face...All  guests want to look at the bride" Smriti inquired with a confuse look.  "No aunty..." Shaina passed a teasing look at Maan before looking back  at Smriti, holding her shoulders. "I have heard that its a good luck if  the bride kept her ghunghat down between all these wedding rituals...It  ensures..." Shaina tried to make a line but couldn't figure out  anything. "Happiness..." Aditi quickly chimed in to help Shaina. "And  love filled life..." Muskaan too joined in. "I have too heard about this  ritual aunty" Muskaan added that made Maan extremely furious. Smriti  look down at an unhappy Maan who was giving him a puppy look and turn  back to argue when Aditi said out. "Trust me Aunty..." She hugged Smriti  from back and look at Maan who was looking daggers at these evil  girls. "Its worth" She added teasingly. Smriti defeats and after passing  a solemn look at Maan, left the place. The girls who were holding  there giggles, wave bye at the back of Smriti and giggled while  hi-fiving eachother. Maan growled at the back of his throat in anger.  "Muskaan, I thought you were at my side" He complained like a child.  Geet was hearing all that and laughing inside the ghunghat in the  best decent way, she could manage. "Jeeja Jee...Its the only time that I  am allowed to tease you...Cause later on, you will have someone who  will defend you against us..." Muskaan pointed at Geet that made  Maan smile. Ahh!!!! Just few more minutes...And she will be his...  Mrs.Malik. He grinned and allowed girls to get on as teasy as the want.

The  rasams all take place after pandit started the hymns and Smriti did the  Kanyadaan. Ananya was sitting beside Maan all the time. She was  looking adorable in that dark blue lehnga which have small but delicate  zarbdozi work all over it and had a sleeveless choli above. Geet  specially did shopping for her dresses. Maan asked Bi to do the  Gat-bandhan who did it proudly after involving Ananya to help in this  task. They both took the seven rounds and as Maan put mangalsutra and  Sindoor on her, She was announced as his Ardhangni. Later on, all the  small fun-filled rasams were played by the girls like joota chupai,  challenge with the boys which made the wedding even more happening.  Finally, Bidaai took place. Under the veil of lots of blessings, Smriti  and Geet friends bid adieu to her. She was not crying before but  just the topic of his father, brought up by her mother, made her cry  hysterically. It was her's father wish to give her away to a man who  will love her more than he ever loved his precious daughter. Though she  got the man, for once her father wished for her, but her father's  absence, made her feel extremely sad. But somewhere she knew, that its  her father's blessing and prayers are who blessed him with Maan. Who  knew that a man with a broken heart and having a daughter would have  been her destiny.

Geet and Maan were escorted to the hotel,  they both were supposed to stay tonight. Shaina, Aditi and Muskaan had  already made arrangements in arranging the room while Aryan & Nitin  made sure that they would be treated almost royally. Ananya hugged her  parents before she left for home with Bi and Smriti and that made  Geet feels truly bless. This angel surly ensures a happy future for  her.

She  was lead in to a room having a very aromatic flower smell. Everything  was white. The curtains, walls, bed, the sheets, pillows. The floor was  light skin marbled but just down on the front of the bed, a small white  plush carpet was placed. "Have fun" Shaina, Aditi and Muskaan whispered  making her blush before they left. Geet took a deep breath inhaling  the intoxicating smell and warmth this room was holding. Her body which  was just feeling jittery with the anticipation of this much awaited  night, was finally a bit at peace. The room was all called as calm yet  romantic. The color in the room other than white was black and red. The  side lamps were smartly stuck to the walls, giving out a soft yellow  glow. And then Geet realize that the room was just lit with the side  lamp light and the candles of red and white of every size, that were  placed all around the room. She moved forward finally as she was just  viewing the room while standing near its threshold. The different size  candles were placed all around. On side tables, on the middle table of  the two huge sofa's, placed on one side of the room. A huge antique  black water pot was placed in the corner of the room on which small  candles along with rose petals were flowing. Geet's gaze turned  towards the bed which was having a beautiful heart shape in the middle,  made with the help of more roses. And then, it all dawned upon her once  again. Its her wedding night. God!!...They had became husband and wife  in the eyes of law and relatives, but this night with bound them with  each other for the rest of there lives. This night will take that lawful  marriage to a completely different level.

Suddenly, she felt all  warm up. Her body was sweating. She badly needed fresh air. She slowly  move towards the window of the room, taking care of her heavy lehenga by  pulling it a little to move ahead. Her fingers were literally trembling  when she moved up them to open the window. The sweet soft freshness of  outside hit her senses as soon the window open. She closed her eyes,  trying to sooth her fast beating heart and took hold of the white window  pane. She was standing still in there when two hands crawl around her  waist, making her shudder with there bare touch with her skin. "Now can I  get a good look of my wife?" His husky voice touched her ears. His  cheek stroked her's. She stood still like a statue holding her breath  when he move around and came to stand infront to look at this sheer  beauty. She was looking stunning in her bridal attire. Her eyelids were  down. Her huge nose rind was touching her trembling lips. Her hands were  still placed on the panes, holding it tightly as if her life depend on  its support. Maan smiled and softly took hold of her left hand in his  right and entwined there fingers. They fall perfect as ever that made  him smile before he pulled her hand up and kissed its back. The shiver  that run through her body was also visible to him. His right hand moved  up to caress her red blushing cheek with the back of his fingers. He ran  it as softly against her smooth skin as ever. "Geet" He mumbled,  holding her chin up to make her look at himself. "You are beautiful" His  eyes met hers, conveying how honest he was being with his words. "You  looking nice too" She said a moment later seeing that he was lost in  her. He smiled warmly before letting his hand run down her body to went  around her waist and pulled her to himself. Her chest was against his.  His breath was coming in shorts when she couldn't hold that intensity of  her look and looked down and placed her head on his chest. There other  hand was still entwined that she kissed softly when he took a deep  breath. "I am glad now that Shy, Aditi and Muskaan didn't let me see you  at the wedding...Otherwise it would have taken a whole lot time to get  over with it...You would have made me lost in yourself half of that  time" He kept on whispering as she keep listening to him and his heart  beat.

"You need to sit down now" Maan said softly a bit later.  They both have been standing in silence, hugging eachother in the same  position from 15-20 minutes. Both were enjoying there closeness. It was  intimate in an innocent way. "Few more minutes please..." She whined,  nuzzling his chest now and took a deep breath to inhale his masculine  scent. "You must be tired..." He tried to argue. He was loving this  silence and there closeness but at the same time, he was worried for her  too. From past few days, she hardly got any time to sit. Shopping,  organizing, taking care of ananya, smriti took all of her time. She  barely got maximum 12 hours sleep in last 4 days and no matter how much  she didn't want him to see that, he knew it. He was keeping tabs on her  through her friends and Bi. She had took a leave from office but that  didn't make him work on that proverb, out of sight, out of mind. She was  always on his mind and the way, she was fitting into his hands, the  perfect of there bond ensures him that she will always be on his mind  forever. And this moment of closeness will leave an imprint in his  memory. "I am perfect...just few more minutes" She whispered back and he  allowed her to stay. At that time, he realized that he can always do  this. Holding her in his arms, letting silence take over his words, he  would feel complete by all means.

Geet moved back when she  was feeling ok. The jittery feeling had left her body just after getting  solace from his. She looked up to see him looking at her in adoring  way. "I need to change" She said with a smile and turn to go when he  took hold of her hand and pulled her back. Her back hit his chest hardly  and she was about to stumble but his grip on her waist, kept her  steady. Her breath quickened when she felt his nose tip dipped deep into  the crock of her neck, making her sigh. "I have a fantasy" He whispered  making her all excited and shy in the same time. His lips moved up to  her ear as licked it with his tongue, making her shudder. Her hand move  up too take off her heavy gold jhumkas but he softly pushed her hand  away. "I will take care of things tonight...please" He whispered in a  husky voice making her let down all her defenses. She was standing  helpless. She bit her lip to control the trembling sensation as his lips  kissed her ear along with its earring and then sucked the upper portion  of her ear. His hands started there work to unpin her duppata that  moved quickly away, leaving her hairs in a pool of mess. Geet's hand  came up to her chest where her heart was beating in a quick manner when  his hands moved the duppata up to exposed the dori's of her choli. His  fingers traced her skin through those tangled strings. She arched her  body back as her breath now came is gasps. Thankfully Shaina and Aditi  took care that her dupatta was attached to good places on her choli. He  unpinned her duppatta and threw it somewhere on the bed. Maan bend  down a little to trace his lips on her bare back visible to his eyes  before un-knotting those devil strings. He slowly pulled it out through  the zig zag pattern and when just the last one left, he moved up and  removed the fabric from her shoulder. His fingers left a tantalizing  pattern out there first before his mouth traced it with soft kisses.  With each kiss, he moved towards the left to come and stand infront of  her. His mouth moved up, tracing, licking her neck and jaw before  leaving a soft kiss on her cheek, then other cheek and finally her nose.  He moved back to take in the view. Her eyes were closed now, her cheeks  were beat-rooted red with shyness, her lips were trembling. Her lower  lips was sandwiches between her teeth. He moved his hand up to traced  his thumb across those velvet red lipsticked lips in order to make her  stop. She opened her eyes to look in his deep desired intense eyes. They  were more smouldered and dark. Geet felt the gush of butterflies in  her stomach. "I want you..." He used the same exact words he said  before when they had an encounter at the backyard. Just this time, he  knew what he said and meant it. Those three words melted her instantly  as she moved up on her toes and cupping his face, placed a soft kiss on  his warm lips.

His hands instantly gripped her waist pulling her  more into him as his lips smashed hers. Her hands clasped around his  neck tightly, before pulling his hairs with her henna filled hands. The  fight of the lips started as both wanted to take over. The kiss turned  wild from innocent in just few seconds. She moaned as his hands  frantically moved around her waist till he got the hook of her lehenga  and untucked it, making it falling down in a quick motion. Geet  gasped feeling cold air coming from the window, striking her bare legs  and broke the kiss, as she run out of breath. Maan protested with a  whine but he knew this was needed. This was the most passionate this  they ever shared. Even he felt it in each pore of his being. There heads  strike eachother as they both were panting. "You literally took my  breath away" He said that made her chuckle and he joined her but soon  enough, she realized her state. She was half naked while her choli was  also hanging on the front. She felt shied and tried to move away but his  hands didn't let her move. "There is no way to run, here" His heavy  voice whispered bfore he bend down to kiss her once again, making her  forget about anything else. His hands move up to pull choli away from  her shoulders. His hands guided her's down and the choli felt down along  with that built in bra, letting her luscious body coming in view of his  hot gaze. His lips move down to her neck, down her shoulders, before he  cupped one of his bosoms in his hand. She moaned his name "Maan" in  the back of her throat. Her head felt back and her hands grip on his shirt got  tighter. Realizing, the position wasn't comfortable, he bend down and  pulled her up in his hands and made her lay on the bed. He moved back to  look at her. She was looking like an Egyptian queen, who was in his  view with all its glouriousness. The gold was shinning on her body,  enhancing it more. He went towards the window leaving her fiery eyes in  disappointment to shut it. No noises were allowed in the room other than  his and hers tonight. He sighed as he turned and unbuttoned his  sherwani seductively. His eyes burned seeing her laying like a helpless deer on the bed. Her hairs were messed up against the pillows. The earrings and neckless were enhacing her charms. The bangles and anklets will create a soft rhythm even if she move slightly. Her fingers were filled with gold rings as well as two of her toes. What left was that waistchain that he had brought as her wedding night gift. He came to her and closed the side lamps not moving his eyes away from her. Her eyes  were constantly fixed on him too. Now only candle light was all that  allowed them to see around. He went towards the foot rest taking slow steps, teasing her with his gaze and he pulled  off the sherwani after taking out that waist gold chain before throwing it away. He get on bed and bend down to kiss her toes, giving special attention to the one's, who had rings.  Geet sighed heavily and turned her head fiercely side ways in order to push away that crazy feeling which he was invoking in her. He looked up at her for a moment before letting his lips again get contact with her soft skin. Up step by step, he moved from his  legs to her thighs. Her legs tried to move away but he hold the firmly and keep on torturing her. When he reached to her waist band that had the only fabric on her which was  seperating them, he blew softly, making her shudder. "Maan" she groaned as he smiled and moved up to graze her belly button. He made her wore the cold waist chain. He licked her belly button slowly after  placing soft kisses around her stomach. She was whimpering beneath him, just waiting for the time of closure. Nothing made her turned on so before. Her hands came to grip his hairs as he was kissing and licking his abdominal and pulled him up for a heated kiss. His hands started kneading her as she moaned loudly in his mouth. Her nails were scratching his back when he get down to taste them. "Maan...Please" She whispered not able to take this sweet  torture anymore nor he wanted to. With a final kiss, he moved back and pulled down his trousers before getting hold of her waistband. She  lifted up her hips quickly to help him take it off and soon enough they both were lost into  the world, they had never experienced. Though Maan was the experience  one here, but the way this girl who was blissfully now his wife made her  feel, it was beyond comparison. They both were panting and sweating as they set the rhythm of there togetherness. She cried his name loudly for him by the time they finished. He fell on her, gasping for air while settling his face in the crock of her neck. Both were speechless for sometime "You are amazing...You make me feel  complete...Thank you". He said before placing a kiss in there. She just snuggled close to him, not knowing what to say. She was at loss of word. So she just ruffled his hairs to make him know that she understands what he meant before her dizzy head made her fall asleep in his  arms, her real world. 

(OK here is SR...more romance coming up...don't worry and they will be off to HM...)



this song was actually what i was thinking while writing about the SR...motivational songROFL

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