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MG SS:BTOOMH!! Epilogue/Page 119 (Page 78)

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superb update...
maneet married finally n r now together...loved it alot...

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wow maaneet married...& sr was super hawttt...loved it...
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part 2 wow
i hate   samer  and what a cheap person

 remark of MSK 4 minute late wow

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part 22
so lovely dear...
cont soon dear...
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waiting for the next update dear

Update soon
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mind blowing SR
wanna next part sooon
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Part 23

In the middle of the night, Maan felt a slight movement in the bed. He was a light sleeper and it's been ages that someone was there with him, in there. He opened his eyes to see Geet looking down at him with the tongue sandwiched between her teeth, looking adorable to his sleepy sight. "Sorry." She said apologetically making him smile. "No problem" He sat up a little, leaning back on the headrest. "Between what were you up to?" He asked playing with her fingers after holding her hand. She leaned up against his chest while holding the satin sheet that they had used to cover up themselves. His other hand came to rest on her shoulder from the back. "I am hungry..." She made a cute face that made him smile. "Ok...even I am hungry...Call the room service and place the order..."He said and after a minute, shifted away from beneath her to the edge of the bed saying "I will be back in a minute.." He bend down and grab the trouser from the floor, he was wearing at the wedding last night. He wore that up while Geet turned her head to the other side, blushing. No matter what type of proximity they shared just few hours before, seeing him like this will surly take some time for her to get used too. Maan chuckled seeing her turned blush face and after placing a soft kiss on her head, he left to use restroom. It took few minutes for her to get back to normal and rising up the codeless from her side table, she called for room service.

She just finished the call when Maan came out from the restroom. Without a warning, he bent and after getting a good grip under her body, lifted her up in her arms. She squealed on his sudden action. "Maan...What are you doing?" she asked while griping his shoulder in one hand and holding the sheets over her body with other one half of which was now cleaning the floor at the back as he moved towards the restroom with her. "Our food will be here in half an I thought why dont we kill the time in the meanwhile" Maan winked at her leaving her startled. With the help of his foot, he open the door and get inside. Geet in shock looked at the view infront. Light were off. Two candles were lit in there around the bathtub and as it was still dark outside, the atmosphere was pretty hot in there. A wine bottle with two glasses was placed beside bath tub and most romantically, the bath tub was filled with warm water while more red and white rose petals were floating over it. The satin sheet slipped from her fingers in shock. Maan groaned at the back of his throat seeing her bare body. His voice caught Geet's attention and as she turned to look at him, he bend down to kiss her fully on her lips. His lips grazed her soft plum lips, making her turn into a pool of liquid. She whimpered under his attack and run her hand through his thick hairs. Maan slowly lead her to the tub and after making her sit inside, followed after getting rid of his trouser. But as soon as he slipped behind her, all he did was pulled her back to his chest and holding her from around the waist, put his forehead on her shoulder. The darkness surrounding them with all just the candles providing little light for their eyes. The water and rose petals were covering there chest. Their bodies sliding on each other and his hot breath was giving a sensational touch to her back. It was just too much for her poor heart to take. All fantasies and imagination of them being together was beyond this reality, they were living. "Thank you so much Geet" He whispered while placing a soft kiss on her shoulder, letting his lips lingered a bit longer than usual. "F...Fo..For What?" She stuttered under his spell. His grip on her body got tighter as he slipped a lil move in the tub, pulling her back to himself. They both sighed. "For coming into my life..." He started with closed eyes. "For making me believe that it can be started once again...and for making me feel all these emotions, passion and excitement that I have subsided long back...But then...I think i never felt something like this ever..." He said earnestly. "The way you made me feel tonight...the way you completed me...I never believed something like that existed in real world..." Geet turned to look at his honest face. He smiled and pecked her lips lightly making her blush and look down. He loved his effect on her. Holding her one hand from under the water, he pulled it up and placed a soft kiss in her palm. "Promise me...We will always be like this..." He asked as this sudden happiness in his life feared him. He couldn't dare losing a single part of it. He never wanted to feel that lonely and devastated again in his life and he needed time to time assurance. Geet looked into his eyes to see his scared. She turned her body and now she was laying on him. Her head resting on his chest near his heart. "I promise...Crossing my heart" With her fingertip she made a cross over his chest that made Maan laugh out. "That's probably my heart you are crossing over" Geet bite her lower lip to stop smiling broadly and looked up at him with mischevious eyes. "I thought, we exchanged our heart...Remember how they say...Aapka dil hamare pass hai, Hamara dil, appke pass hai" She sang the line in low sweet love filled voice that made him chuckled. She was a gem of a girl and she was his.

The knock on the door make them get apart after 10 minutes of staying there in silence. The much he was liking to stay in there with her, he knew that she was hungry and needed the food. He get out from the tub after placing a soft kiss on her forehead, wrapped himself in a bathrobe and left her to let her finish the shower while closing the door on his way out. He get the door and pulled in there food trolley. "Geet, food is here" He called her loud.

Inside, Geet was having a hard time controlling her emotions. A small sweet pain was making her body shudder. After cleaning up the soap from herself, she get out and exhausted the water from the tub by removing the cork. She went towards the wall to get the bathrobe. After wearing it, she was about to go out when she turned and look at herself in the mirror. Her body was having few red marks around the neck. A hicky on her shoulder that she saw after removing her bathrobe a little away. The part of possession. She was cherished, ravished and loved by him. He branded her as his. Her fingers move to trace the marks over her skin. With each touch, she remembered how his hands moved over her body and how those marks appeared on her skin. "Geet?" His knock on the door made her get out from the trance. "Huh..Co...Coming" She replied and quickly corrected her robe. When she got out, Maan was waiting on the bed for her. She politely smiled at him while tucking her wet hairs behind her ears. Maan smiled back when she slipped on the bed beside him. They shared the food in the bed really liking there closeness. Geet leaned her head on his shoulder as he put the empty dishes away and turn on the bed to cuddle against her. "So how is your first day being Mrs. Malik?" He asked with a smirk, making her get red. He chuckled and in return got a light hit on his chest by her. "Maan" She whined. "Ok...leave that...I will ask some other day" His grin made her look away from him. "For now, tell me, where do you want to go on our honeymoon?" He got a bit serious to get her attention. "I thought you must have planned on that too just the way you had planned our wedding day" She said teasingly. "Nope" He pulled her closer to himself and stretched his leg on her. "I was all through counting on you to plan the destination of our honeymoon...I want it to be a place you like..." She got thoughtful for a moment looking at him, debating in her mind whether she should say the thing that she have in there or not. As if realizing her turmoil, he said. "You can tell me anything...We are partners...We can discuss everything now can't we?" Geet nodded her head before taking a deep breath. "Actually I was thinking...left go out on a family trip first..." She said only to get a blank look from him. He was confused as it say. "I mean, you me and Ananya...May be we can ask Bi and Mom too to come with us" She raised her brows asking for her approval. "Hmmm...We can do that...But why now?" "Because I want Ananya to be assured that her father is not going anywhere from her... I myself is being from a broken family Maan...Not really physically but on an emotional level, yes...As my father get me engaged to Samar, My mother's all attention was on him...His likes, dislikes, his happiness, his sorrows was all that mattered to her. I know she was searching for her son in him but I felt ignored..." She put out her doubts and Maan stayed quite, letting her express herself. "The understanding didn't grow on me till me father was alive but after him, all I wished and worked hard is to get the love of my mother. Though she would behave nicely to me in our home premises but infront of Samar, she would behave totally different. I suffered alot cause of her biased nature over him and I don't want Ananya to think that..." Her hurt was clearly visible on her face. "Geet, Ananya is a 3 year old baby...How can she think like that?" He asked trying to comfort her. "That what scared me more Maan...I was a teenager, an adult when I had to face all that...But Ananya, she is still a baby...When I wasn't able to bear all that then how can a child, who is dependent on her elders will think straight...She can think that I am snatching away her father from him and believe me Maan, that's not even the last thing that I will ever want for her" Her body shuddered with just Imagining a crying Ananya, hating her and running away from her after blaming her for everything. She couldn't tolerate even that thought. Maan ran his hands at her back and tried to calm her down. "Don't worry...Nothing like that will ever happen...I willn't let anything come between you too...As much as she is my daughter, she is yours too..." He said firmly believing on his words. "And like you want...We will go out on a family holiday...We will" He placed a kiss on her forehead as they hugged eachother in the laying position.

"Maan...What are you doing?...beta...Why do we have to come with you?" Smriti asked seeing Maan pulling few of her saris in a suitcase. "Aunty, I have already told you that we all would be leaving today for Nainital...Bi has already packed her and Ananya's stuff... Now you can either complete your packing yourself or you are going with the things of my choice." Maan warned and sighing Smriti pushed him away and started putting her things in order. "But why hould we come...its your honeymoon." Maan sit down on his knees and held her hands. "Aunty, its Geet's wish...she wants to have a good bond with Ananya and this time is important for her..." "Geet is immature Maan...but why don't you make her understand that its time for you two to establish your relationship?" Smriti caressed his cheek in a motherly manner. "I wouldn't do that as I agree with her" Smriti looked at him confusingly. "Aunty...Geet is not immature...and her this decision has raised her respect in my heart...Aunty, Geet doesn't want Ananya to feel left out by me...She don't want her to feel neglected with a change in my life and she wants Ananya to accept her totally as a mother...Now when she doing everything for me...How can I say no to her?" Smriti pulled her hand away and looked down. "I think I know why she is doing so'." Smriti mumbled and looked back at Maan. "I am so happy that you are part of her life beta...She deserved someone like you" Maan smiled and get up. "That's why you and Bi are coming too. So that I and Geet can also spend some time together" Maan said teasingly to get a chuckle out from Smriti's mouth.

Soon after putting the entire luggage in the back of the huge car, Maan get on rent, All set themselves off on the road trip to Nainital. Maan and Geet were seating in front while Bi Ananya and Smriti sit on the back one. Another seat was there in the back so that someone can lay down on the way. The trip went on with sharing small meals, hearing songs that Geet and Maan too hummed along, hearing Ananya's loud exciting voice, answering some of her random questions and in some random discussions. Smriti in between had pushed Maan to take some rest in the back while she drove but the little rest was enough for him to rejuvenate his power and he again started driving.

On reaching Nainital, Maan parked the car infront of a guest house that he had booked earlier. It was a double storey guest house with each floor having a single bedroom with attach bath, a lounge and a small kitchen. The upper storey had stairs from outside and a large terrace. Infront, there was a small lawn that had a metal table along with 4 chairs and with the cool atmosphere of Nainital, all in all it was great. "Bi, you aunty and Ananya can take the down storey as for aunty its not good to walk up the stairs..ok..." Bi nodded and after helping them get settled in, Maan intertwined his fingers with Geet and holding the bag in other, he lead her upstairs. As soon as he closed the door behind, he pulled her in his arms. "So what do you think of this place?" He asked with a raise brow. Geet pulled her hands around his neck. "its very nice..." She replied sweetly. Maan hit his head against her. Why cant she understand simple things. His hands lazily moved down on her body till they settled on her hips and pulled her closer. "How about we just forget about the family trip for a while and get on with the honeymoon one?" He nuzzled her neck making her gasp. "You are getting so shameless...Ananya Bi and Mama are downstairs" Geet tried to warn her when his one hand came up and hold her nape. "Why do you think I booked this double storey guest house and not a two bedroom resort room?" Geet looked at him in astonishment and before she could say anything, he crushed his lips against hers. She was left breathless by his action. His soft lips were running smoothly on her pink one. She moaned loudly as his hands moved at her back and rose up her shirt to get inside. His lips were probing her lips, nipping, tasting every single corner. Her fingers too started pulling up his shirt from his waist, desperate to get in contact with his rough skin. Maan wrapped her thigh around him and raised her up. She automatically wrapped her other thigh against him as he lead themselves both towards the room.

After sleeping and relaxing for four hours, Maan and Geet joined Bi, Ananya and Smriti downstairs for the dinner and planned to visit Nainital's famous lake for the next day. The roam on Nainital streets for some time, enjoying the weather in the warmth of the sweaters. Geet and Ananya cried for Ice-cream and Maan had to buy for them.

Next day, the family left to visit Nainital's lake in the morning around 10. While Bi and Smriti got themselves settled on the bank, Geet helped Ananya change into her swimming costume. Geet was already wearing a loose half sleeved t-shirt with track pants. She didn't want to show off her body in a public place with her swimming suit. Maan was also a knee length trouser and removed his t-shirt to expose his muscles of his arms. He was wearing a vest though but his abs was perfectly visible through it which was attracting female tourists' attention. Geet looked at him with narrow eyes as one of a European lady passed by him, not hiding her expressions of checking him out. Geet's hands landed on her waist as her eyes looked daggers at that lady. Maan chuckled inwardly along with feeling great of his lady-love reaction. He went to her and gave a small kiss on her temple, showing to everyone that he was taken by this amazing girl, before he held Ananya up in his arms and lead her to the lake.

They had superb fun in lake. Somehow, it brought old memories of their earlier lake trip. How they both have realized their feelings and expressed them few days later. The lake trip earlier was a fruitful one and they just hope, this one turns out to be as superb as before.

Ananya, Geet and Maan splashed water on each other. They also played with an air filled ball out there and when the old ladies were busy looking around, drenched them too with the water. Maan could say that he never had such a great family time ever in his life. After having their lunch that they had brought on their way to lake, Maan held his arm out for Geet to get up. "Bi, we will be just back with the teas" Geet got up and holding hand they left to get the tea from a nearby tea stall. Bi and Smriti smiled in the back seeing the comfort level they both shared. Ananya was tired with the activity in the lake so after taking the food, she crept in Bi's lap and went to sleep.

"Bhai g, Char chai tau banana...?" Geet left his hand to look at the series of trees that were behind the tea stall. Maan got a wicked idea. "Bhaiya, Chai tayar rakhna...Main abhi aya" The tea vendor nodded and Maan went at the back and pulled Geet to himself behind the tea stall. "Maan..." Geet looked at him with a shocked expression. "What are you doing?" Maan looked at her with mischievous eyes and rolled his tongue in his cheek. "Romancing." He made his fingers walk up on her hand making her tickle. "Maan" She whined. "We are in a public place...Anyone can see us..." Maan pout at his statement. God!! she can't believe she is seeing this side of the strict boss. And it was hard to get used to of his 'ROMANCING' Ideas. "Fine..." He replied irritated and lifting up his hand, placed his two fingers on her lips and then kiss those fingers himself. "Mark my place in here..." She blushed at his comment while he tucked few of her wet hairs behind her ears and placed a soft kiss on her forehead before he left.

Later on, the family took a lake tour on a boat. Maan and Geet also went on a short paddle boat ride along with Ananya. The boat was having a swan look and definitely, it was choose by Ananya. "It is beutiful" That's what she said. They took many pictures of themselves and then went back to their guest house and retired till it was time for dinner. Not to mention, Maan got her marked space placed with his lips as he made love to her on plush carpeted floor near the huge sliding windows which lead them to the terrace. Her body in the moonlight was glowing more and that made him fall more in love with her.

Maan and Geet had their set of time too along with spending it with Ananya, Smriti and Bi. They used to go on small walks alone around the guest house in the night. Her head on his shoulder and her arms around his waist was a beautiful feeling that they both used to cherish. They visited lake once more in their trip. When Maan and Geet planned to go to zoo, the old ladies denied the offer saying there weak legs can't stand that much walk so Maan Geet and Ananya left alone. It was another great day of this sweet family. Ananya was jumping from one cage to another. She was excited seeing the monkeys, giraffe and elephant but put her fingers in her ears when she passed from the bird's cage. "Kitna shoor machatay hain" She whined making Maan and Geet smile. She also feed elephant some peanuts and threw popcorns in monkeys' cage to eat. There was a play area for children and she loved taking slides and swings. In the end of the day, she was all tired and was stuck with Maan's shoulder. "Daddy, Can I sleep with you tonight?" She whispered in a soft tone. Maan smiled at her and look up at Geet who looked back at her with even a bigger smile and nodded. "For sure our baby can sleep with us tonight" She assured running her hand on her tiny back as Ananya lean in and kissed Geet's cheek. "I love you" She said with a wide smile and Geet kissed her cheeks too before replying "I love you too". She took Ananya's night dress from Bi as Maan took Ananya up. Geet helped her clean up and dressed her up for the night. She took a bath and changed into her sleeping suit too before she slipped in beside her and covered themselves up with the quilt. Maan came out from the bathroom after sometime and looked at the scene before him. Geet was patting Ananya's back as she was cuddled against her body. She was whispering a tune, a lullaby that Maan guessed while making her sleep. He took a deep satisfaction breath. How quickly Geet and Ananya bonded together, he was still so shocked. Ananya didn't hesitate for a moment before calling her and accepting her as her Mama. This duo was destined to be with each other. He went towards the bed and kissed both of their foreheads who were sleeping by now and get under the quilt to hold Geet's hand over Ananya, as he too drifted to a peaceful sleep.

The three of them sleeping together, was a picture that was PICTURE PERFECT.

Next: 1 year leap

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awesome but one blooper no body is allowed to go in to that lake as it is very deep
so could not relate to that part

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