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MG SS:BTOOMH!! Epilogue/Page 119 (Page 77)

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Originally posted by khwaishfan

hi thanks 4 da pm n emotional update! Maan talks to Ananya abt Geet! She is so happy! She goes to Geet! Geet thinking abt everything! Ananya accepts Geet n calls her Mama!  Geet overwhelmed! Ananya chose a dress of her choice nt of Maan or Geet! Well written! update soon

thanku so much dear...
glad u liked this emotional rideBig smileBig smile

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Originally posted by kavya.sravya

hey ! came to the latest update ! awesome story ! me remember reading it till riya's part and feeling really sad for maan . how everybody left him alone with his small baby and he was too afraid to go near her... lest something might happen to her. how could a mother leave new born baby with father and just leave... when she was blaming him for her another child's death... just couldnot understand ! she could have taken the baby with her right... yes, she was in coma... but after getting better ... ? is there more to come... and geet, thank god she didnot get married to that jerk , samar. maan and geet are perfect for each other... both gone through a lot... know the value of relationships and love... waiting for them to get engaged... and loved ananya... her innocent question...what is mama like daddy ...? just took my heart...

hey dear
thanku so much for taking out time n reading it...
am so happy that you read it further from Riya's accident part and liked the progress...
there is much more to come so please stay tuned...
engagement coming in next partsEmbarrassed
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Originally posted by SnehaMaaneet

Superb update
ive been a silent reader to ur stories till now
but i love each one of dem
will try to comment on ur works

hey sneha...
plz dont be a silent kills a writerLOLLOL
will be waiting for ur comments further onSmile
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Originally posted by dreamy4ever

Beautiful update.
Ananya accepted geet as her mama. She n geet's sharing cute bonding Embarrassed.Their shopping part was so adorable
Complete family pack update loved it Smile

thanku so much dear
glad u liked this family...
ananya is an adorable child...u will love her further on tooEmbarrassedEmbarrassed
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Originally posted by Shonameet

Luvd maans moment with ananya. His telling about her new mumma..and ananyas excitment to get geet as her mother.
Ananya calling geet "mumaa"
finally everything is good!
Maaneet holding hands infront of family... Shy geet & naughty maan.
Shoping...childish parents.. And mature kid!
And lovely friends!

thanku so much shona...
so happy u liked this part dear
haha...true...maan n geet were being childish and ananya is a mature kidEmbarrassedEmbarrassed

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Part 19

Maan  turn to look back at Geet who was looking at him with a surprise   emotion face. He wanted to ask her what she think about this proposal   laid by his friends but refrained himself. His gaze went to Bi and   Smriti. Bi as expected was so happy with this suggestion and  eventually,  that happiness was showing on her face too but he wanted to  ask  Smriti's consent on this matter as being a mother of Geet, She  has the  perfect right to put forward her thoughts. He knew may be  because of the  reason that they are staying in his home, Smriti didnt  say much into  the discussions or interfere in his matters, but he need  to bring out  the real her. He took steps towards Smriti who was  sitting on the two  seater  with Bi. He bend down on his knees beside her slowly and started   politely while looking into her eyes. "Aunty, What do you think about   it?" Maan's question got everyone's attention. Smriti was actually   shocked with his approach. Maan hold her one hand which was resting  in  her lap in his and started again. "Aunty, being Geet's mother,  you have  a right to say in every matter and plus,as my mom is not here,  so I am  too looking up at you to make decisions for me" His true words  touched  everyone's heart and made Smriti eyes got teary. She looked up  from  Maan to Geet who was also having tears in her eyes right  now and  nodded in her direction, after perfectly reading her eyes which  were  asking about Geet's decision. Smriti looked down at Maan  and cupped  his face tenderly in her hand.

How  wrong she was before? Always,  She tried to find her son in a man, who  had never respected her as a  mother and she was forcing her own blood,  her own daughter to marry that  selfish person. And here, the man  destiny choose for her daughter, even  without her asking, consider and  respected her as a mother. Does she  deserve such immense love? she  asked herself as her thumb caress his  cheek.

"I  dont know Maan... what good deeds of mine have  blessed with a great  son like you" She moved forward and kissed his  forehead as Maan  closed his eyes to feel the moment. How much, he  himself have craved  for this love. How much he missed on this comfort,  that only a mother  can provide you. He was speechless and so were all  others. " Aunty,  your decision?" An impatient Shaina broke the trance  and got Smriti's  attention. "I am happy with this engagement idea...and  now all I wish  is for the happiness of my son and daughter" Smriti  caressed his face  and he smiled widely. "Yipee...  so that means they are  gonna get engaged with us" Aryan squealed and  jumped in excitement,  punching his fist in the air. All looked at his  excited actions with  raised brows and he stopped looking away in  embarrassment as shaina   shied looking down. "Actually i was excited about...hmm...Maan  Geet's  engagement" He look down that made everyone laugh out loud  and the  hugging session began.

With  the finalization of engagement date,  the shopping trips of the couples  started. Venue's were already fixed  for Shaina Aryan's engagement and  as Maan and Geet themselves didn't  have any relatives to call,  they didn't find a need to change it. All  the now needed was the  engagement dresses and rings. Both couples along  with Aditi and Nitin  went out for shopping. Aryan and Nitin helped Maan  buy a very nice  light grey prince coat having light embroidery on only  one side of the  chest. Geet too approved of that suit with an  appreciative look.  Shaina and Aditi helped Geet selecting a red  anarkali frock having  silver and ferozi work on the edges and a ferozi  broad jama  var patch on the border. It had very nice churidar sleeves  with  churidar below. Maan heart went on to her as she tried that on. A   perfect fit and an amazing combination of her skin with the color. They   also got the rings and get them in their size. They had dinner outside   in a trendy restaurant and enjoyed it with there chatters.

Two   days later, in the office when Maan was busy discussing on the  purchase  issue of one of his project with Nitin and Aditi, a soft knock  on the  door divert there attention. Definitely, it was the door that  leads to  Geet's cabin. "Come In" Maan said out and the door  opened, allowing  Geet in. She came and stand near the desk and  giving a cursory nod to  Nitin and Aditi started. "Sir, Can I get a half  day leave today?" Maan  quickly looked up from the files at her. He  don't remember her  mentioning anything last night. In office, they  maintain a professional  code of conduct so he started in a boss like  tone. "Miss. Geet? Is  there an emergency?" He asked. A mused Aditi  and Nitin were watching  this discussion with a grin on there faces. It  was looking fun seeing  them behaving so formal. "No. No emergency  Sir...but I have an urgent  work in I need a half day off" She  explained hoping that he  willn't ask anymore questions. Its really  needed to keep this discussion  getting into depth and she knew, if he  asked further on, she willn't be  able to lie.

Thankfully,  Maan's cellphone ring that took his  attention and on the other side,  he had Mr. Thomas who was on a short  trip in india  and wanted to have a meeting with Maan right away. Maan  agreed and  after cutting the call, turn back to Aditi and Nitin first.  "Nitin we  need to stop this discussion right here...Aditi can you please  bring  out Mr.Thomas files...i have to go on a meeting with him  tonight...and i  need to read the statics before i leave...and Nitin,  Please ask Aryan  to be ready for tonight...He has to go with me" Nitin  and Aditi nodded  and left to do there work. Maan quickly collected the  files placed on  his table when Geet called him. "Sir...??" Her raised  brows  indicating that Maan still haven't answered her question. Maan   pushed his hands on the table with a sigh and asked. "Why you need this   leave Geet? I dont remember till last night you mentioned anything   about it" Geet bit her lip "Because I wanted to take leave as  Geet  your secretary, not Geet...your to be fiance...I don't  want anyone to  raise the issue that you do favors for me" She replied  honestly holding  her diary in one hand and taping the pen, she was  holding in another  one, on it. Maan get up from his chair. He was  feeling so proud of  Geet right now. The much she cares about  herself, equally she cares  about his reputation, his name. He round up  the table and get near her,  took away her diary and softly hold her  hands in between his. "I still  don't know what i did to deserve you"  His voice was genuine that made  Geet smile. "Ok,  you can have the half day...but after getting back  home, i will make  sure to know why you take this leave...I so hate  driving alone  now...You have to pay for that" He said with a grin that  made Geet  blush. After a soft caress, he left her hands and get back to  his  chair. "Please tell Bi that i will be late and will have dinner  out..."  Geet nodded and left the room, silently saying thank you to God   for helping her to save from Maan's back-to-back questions.

Maan   was hell busy after Geet left. He went through every file and get   himself updated with the contracts going on with Mr.Thomas. In the   evening, He changed himself in sleek chocolate color trousers and coat   having a white shirt underneath along with a grey striped tie and went   with Aryan to meet Mr.Thomas. The meeting went fine and to there   happiness, Mr.Thomas was planning on a new project with his company.   Maan and Aryan were elated to agree to it. After the meeting, Aryan   left for his home in his own car and Maan went towards his. In last  few  weeks, he has got so much used to Geet's presence in his car  that it  was killing him to drive back home alone. During there drives,  they will  share there day experience, discuss about home, Ananya, there  coming  engagement ceremony...and today, without her chatters, he  wanted to just  rush back home quickly but it was almost a distance of  one hour and the  heavy traffic at that time was not allowing him to  drive on a good  pace. He switched on the radio to kill the time and  heard an old soft  romantic song.

ae mere humsafar ae meri jaan-e-ja
meri manzil hai tu tu hi mera jahaan
ae mere humsafar ae meri jaan-e-ja
ban gaye aaj ham do badan ek jaan
ae mere humsafar ae meri jaan-e-ja

The  song just send him to his dreamland where no one exist other than him  and Geet...Surly the time was telling him again and again that they  were made for eachother.

(bheega bheega aanchal aankhon ka yeh kajal ghayal na kar de mujhe
seene ki yeh huchul badhne lagi pal pal paagal na kar de mujhe) - 2
paagal toh ham ho gaye ban jaayegi dastaan
aahista bolo sanam sun lega sara jahaan
meri manzil hai tu tu hi mera jahaan
ae mere humsafar ae meri jaan-e-ja

Maan  remember there picnic where for the first time, he felt that spark. Her  drenched clothes exposing her body for his eyes could still send chills  of excitement and passion in his body.

(saanson ke yeh sholey saanson mein tu gholey pal mein pihgal jaye ham
hothon ke angaarey hothon pe hamare rakh de toh jal jaaye ham) - 2
yeh pyar woh aag hain jis mein nahi hai kuaan
lagti hai jab yeh agan jal jaate hai jism-o-jaan
ban gaye aaj ham do badan ek jaan
ae mere humsafar ae meri jaan-e-ja
meri manzil hai tu tu hi mera jahaan
ae mere humsafar ae meri jaan-e-ja

He   remembered there kiss in his room, when he caught hold of her and they   expressed there love. Her lips so soft, so rosy, so sweet. His mouth   went dry with just his imagination. He is surly got hardly struck with   her love. He run his hand through his thick hairs. "GOD!!! I can't wait   to get married now" He said and smiled. He couldn't wait to belong to   her in every way possible. Love is coming out to be an addiction for   him.

He  reached home around 11:15. Most of the lights were  closed. Everyone  seemed to be off to sleep. Maan felt strange. He put  the coat on a  sofa and rolling up the sleeves went towards ananya  room  who was sleeping sweetly in her bed. He corrected the cover and  sit down  to give a peck on his forehead and caressed her curly hairs. A  shopping  bag was placed on the small study table in her room. Maan  looked at it  and get up to check on it. It contained a very beautiful  small silk  maroon maxi which was having straps that comes around the  neck. The  flowery pattern on the body and glitter were adding charms  and the silk  below was looking extremely elegant. "So thats  the reason why Geet took  a half day she can go out with  Ananya and choose a dress for  her to wear on our engagement...Nice  choice" He complimented and  carefully put that back in the bag. He gave  a last look to Ananya as he  exit the room and close the door quietly  behind.

Next  he went  towards Geet room that she shared with Smriti. Though he  didn't wanna  get in, but he need to see Geet. Just how can she go  to sleep without  talking to him. It felt wrong. There small little time  in the backyard  everyday is what they both look for the whole day now.  He quietly open  the door and peek in to see Geet and Smriti both  were sleeping. He felt  bad and pouting he closed the door and went back  to his room where he  took a nice shower and after changing into his  night suit, hit the bed.  Sleep was far away from his eyes. He was just  laying in the bed, lost in  his thoughts about his life when his cell  beeped, signalling for a  message.

He took hold of the mobile quickly and saw Geet's message.

"Meet   me in the backyard in 5 minutes...Waiting :-)" A smile formed on his   face as her message just filled his heart with so much love.

He   get out from his bed and wearing his sleepers, went towards the   backyard, making sure to not make a noise. As he stepped into there, he   was shocked.

A  few candles were burning on a small round table  that Geet must  have brought from the kitchen. A medium sized cup cake  was placed on it  having his favorite strawberry icing and as he reached  forward, he  could see a card placed beside it saying "Happy Birthday".  He was  overwhelmed seeing this. He has almost forgotten about his  birthdate.  It was almost 7 years back that he had last celebrated it. He  was  still lost in his world when a soft sugary voice whispered in his  ears.

"Happy Birthday Maan"

Part Twenty-------Page 83

Next: Romance, Engagement and Wedding dateEmbarrassed

PM's later on

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Just loved it
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loved it

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