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MG SS:BTOOMH!! Epilogue/Page 119 (Page 70)

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superb part...loved it...

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loved the update...

geet wanted to celebrate Maan's b'day that is why she wanted half day leave...

thanx for pm...
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Amazing update ...
Really loved it ..
Precap is really cool ...
waiting for next part ...
continue soon ...
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..oneOone.. IF-Sizzlerz

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next part coming soon...
hope you are liking this storyHeart
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Part 20

Part 20

Maan turned around with a bright smile that was completely showing his  dimples. His happiness told Geet that he really loved the surprise and a  huge grin got plastered on her face too. "Thank You" He replied but  next what caught her attention was a voice from below. "Happy Birthday  Daddy" Ananya said in her sleepy voice. Maan was happily surprised  seeing her there. Her eyelids were heavy with sleep but her hands were  extended up in air, asking Maan to hold her and he did. "Thank you so  much my princess" He said kissing her cheek and she kissed him back.  Geet was feeling so happy seeing the father daughter and a memory of  her with her father, flashed in front of her eyes. She got teary but  right then, Ananya's giggle got her back to reality and she pushed her  tears away. Maan was tickling Ananya's tummy with his nose. "So you  were just pretending to be off to sleep haan...playing with daddy" He  said tickling her again as she laughed out more. "No...No Daddy" She  said trying to stop Maan, pushing his face away while applying a little  force on his shoulder through her tiny hand. "I was sleeping...Mama  woke me up" She answered and Maan gaze shifted from Ananya to Geet who  was standing beside, twitching her lips. "You planned all this haan?"  Maan inquired but in return, Geet just pulled out the knife from  behind and showed it to him. "No more questions now...We need to cut the  cake first" Geet almost ordered. "Yes Daddy, cut the cake...I am  feeling sleepy" Ananya added. "Awww...My bacha is sleepy...OK  then...lets cut the cake" Maan sit down on the bench holding Ananya on  his one thigh and a hand keeping her safe with its grip. Geet gave him  the knife and took hold of the camera that was placed beside and get  infront of them. "First say cheese" Ananya and Maan looked at her with  wide smiles as she took the pic. "Ok...Ananya will help me with the  candles...Right Ananya" Maan asked and on her nod, they both bend down  and blow the candles. Next making Ananya holding his hand, Maan cut the  cake while Geet softly sing in the background for his birthday. "Happy  Birthday to You Daddy...Happy Birthday To You" Ananya said and raised  up to kiss his cheek once again. "Where is my gift?" Maan demanded like  a kid from Ananya. Geet get back to the bench and nudge Ananya. She  turned and get hold of the gift, Geet handover her. "The gift from me  and Mama" Maan smiled. How this little angel of his is so well-tuned  with each and everyone. He was actually thinking to tease her by asking a  gift, thinking that she must not have any...But here, he proved wrong.  Maan took hold of the gift and kissed Ananya's forehead. "Thank You so  much" He said as his lips were still stuck on Ananya's head, but as much  as this thankyou was for Ananya, his eyes on Geet told that he meant  to say it to her too. Maan later on feed cake to both Ananya and Geet  and licked his fingers making Geet blush who was taking continuous  pics. He can just burned her with his actions. "Mama, You too come na"  Ananya called her and her fingers curl in as to call her. Geet smiled  broadly seeing how easily Ananya made her a part of her life. Even  elders take alot of time to accept a person. But this little angel  didn't take a second to mingle her in her little world. She put the  camera on an automatic mode and went to sit beside them. Ananya put her  half weight in her lap and pulled her closer while Maan's hand too  caught hold of her waist and the pic was clicked. Geet was experiencing  a whole lot of new emotions inside her. Love or better say, True  Love...can really change you.

"Let me put her to bed..." Geet  said after a while patting Ananya's back who was sleeping on her  shoulder and get up to go. But as she was about to move, Maan hold her  hand. "You are coming back, right?" Geet just nod at his question and  went inside. Butterflies has started to dance in the pit of her stomach  and blush crept on her cheeks, just imagining what could happen when she  will get back.

Outside,  Maan was feeling actually pretty great. As great as you get that feel,  that there is someone who cares for you, like to pamper you, waits for  you, looks up to you, is ready to support you when you need a hand and  trusts you blindly. And for him, all those emotions, all those feelings  were bring in his ruthless life by one amazing woman, Geet. He looked  around and felt at home. This place, will always be his favorite. The  place where he and Geet shared some of the amazing time. The place,  where they will just unleash there inner person, without worrying what  other might think. They would be just themselves and discuss a nothing  to everything over a cup of coffee. He took a deep breath and closed his  eyes reliving those moments.

Geet get back after making sure  Ananya is warm just to left amazed by the sight. The perfect body of his  was leaned back, his legs stretched out, his eyes closed and his lips,  showing his dreamy dimple smile. The content look on his face was hard  to be missed. She smiled and binding her hands at her back, move towards  him. "Wow...The cup-cake still standing" Her teasing voice got his  attention and he chuckled. "You thought i would eat that all by  myself...I am not such a bhukkar..." She twitched her lips to hide a  smile. "How would I know?" She replied with an ignorant face. Maan  raised his brow "If you dont know me yet...then i better make sure, you  get to know me soon" His reply got her confused. Is he hinting  something? She wondered. "Come Here" Maan said patting the bench beside  him that snapped her out from her thoughts. She slowly took steps and  went to sit beside her. Maan's hand automatically pulled her close but  to not let him know, what kind of effect his touch can make on her, she  busied herself in cutting a piece of cupcake and started eating it. The  icing made the cupcake punch even more yummy then ever. "Hmmm...Open the  gift and tell me, howz it?" Geet asked him still busy in her cupcake  while Maan's eyes were fixed on her. Her actions, her emotions were  arising a new kind of streak in him. The lucious lips were tasting the  cream, her throat made a moan sound, her tongue came out, lickling her  lower lip first and following the path on upper one. God!! what kind of  feelings she is developing in him. A kind of lust was visible in his  eyes, his body was getting high on passion. She opened her eyes and look  at him to find him gazing at herself. A gaze that turned her body into  jelly. A gaze that holds so much passion and desire inside itself. Not  only his gaze, but his hand's hold too get stronger on her waist but  enough to make her feel protected, not uncomfortable. "Maan" She  stuttered rubbing her index finger with her thumb which was having a  little of icing on it. She diverted her attention on her hand and Maan  eye's too get diverted but before she could wipe that off, Maan get  hold of her hand and pulling it up, licked it from his tongue. A shiver  ran down Geet's body feeling as her eyes shut down on feeling his power  over herself. His tongue moved in and our, wrapped her finger in it  till the icing was off. Her skin taste along with the icing almost awoke  the hidden animal inside her. He looked up to see her seree beauty. She  was beautiful and she was gonna be his. His hand that was placed on her  waist, moved up slowly tracing her waist, her back, her upper back and  landed on her nape. His tracing her skin get her breath heavier.  "Geet..." He whispered near her face, nuzzling her cheek. "I want  you..." He whsipered not knowing exactly what he is saying. He was too  daze to understand anything. Geet's heavy eye lids open as she looked  at him and tilting her face a little, get closer to him, saying that she  want the same. Her lips reached near his and in one swift moment, he  pulled her and crushed his lips against her's showing the depth and  power of emotions, he was going through. Geet's hand come around his  neck as she responded back in the same way. Though his kiss was rough  and harsh, but she didn't complain. Rather her action of pulling his  hairs add more fuel in his desire. They kissed fiercely. He took his  precious time tasting the lower lip and then upper one. She tasted of  strawberry, his favorite. Below, his hands moved her night shirt a  little up, giving access to his hands of her slender soft waist. She  took a deep breath as the back of his hand rubbed her abdominal but then  he nip her lip, making her loose her senses. His hands moved to the  back and up, tracing it. His fingers digged into her skin, showing his  possessiveness. The strap was a obstical in his way and it was  irritating him. He was just about to open the hook when the thud sound  at the back got his attention and broke the spell. Leaving her swollen  lips, he turned around to find a cat who just jumped from the wall into  the backyard. Sighing, he turned back to her to see her eyes a little  open, her lips getting all pink cause of his obsession, his hands were  still inside her shirt and realizing his position, he pulled them out  quickly and backed away. Geet who was still in shocked with his  withdrawal was even more angry on seeing him back away. WHAT THE HELL???  Her mind screamed. But Maan just get up from the bench and looked dow  at her. "Geet, You better go inside right now...Or i might do something  which willn't be good" He said with down eyelids. Geet looked up at  him and her heart sink. IS HE FEELING BAD TO THINK ABOUT ME IN THAT  WAY?? She has already written her life on his name. But now his actions  worried her.

Maan looked up to see her sitting like a stone.  Her eyes fixed on him and a huge number of questions arrising in her  eyes. He sighed. She mis-interpredated his actions. He bend down and  holding her hands made her stand up with himself. "Geet, I want you so  much right now..." He tucked her hairs behind her ear which were falling  on her face. "But i want to do this the right way...At the time, when i  know that in every sense, legally, mentally you just belong to me" His  eyes spoke volume. His heart asking him to go on. Have her. But his mind  needed confirmation and he will just have her at the moment, when both  his mind and his heart, have same visions. "You understand that right"  And just that trust of him over her, made her nod, give her assurance  that he do wish for her, desire her but then he want to respect her too  and pulling in his warm embrace, he removed all left over doubts of her  too as she snuggled deep into his chest.

His Birthday was an  amazing day. Geet actually had made a plan with the foursome to give  him a small party in a nearby restaurant over a lunch and it was great.  He loved feeling the care of his beloved one's for him.

3 days  later, It was there engagement day. Maan wore his grey prince coat and  was looking dazzling. He just wore the wrist watch that Geet and ananya  gifted him on his birthday. It was a real expensive one and it must  have cost her a fortune but when he argued, she simply shushed him up.  CAN A MAN WIN AN ARGUMENT AGAINST A WOMAN? He wondered as he applied  some gel in his hairs. Later he applied a little perfume and wore his  shoes and he was ready. His phone buzzed right on tie. "I am ready"  Geet messaged him from the beauty saloon to tell him to pick her up on  the way and he smiled. He just can't wait to see her. And then he smiled  remembering the long list of his to be like's for her when he went to  drop her there. "Ask the stylist to let your hairs left open...I like  the this way...And ask the make-up girl to not push too much make up on  your face...You look sweeter in simple...and just let your duppata fall  on one of your shoulder...and" Geet sighed as she leaned down and said  in an irritated tone. "Why don't you come in and tell them yourself how  you want me to look like?" She said that made him smirk. "I have already  given all the do's and don't details to Shy...She will do that...I was  just making you hear them too" He grinned that made her giggle. "You are  impossible" She said and left to get inside the saloon. And now Maan  just hope, its all like what he wished.

"Bi, Aunty, Ananya..." He  called for them as the ladies appear with Ananya in bi's lap. Surly  that maroon maxi was made for his baby. She was looking such a doll with  her curly hairs nicely made up and two small one beeded ear-rings in  her ears. "You looking beautiful" He went forward and kissed Ananya's  forehead that made her smile. "And you ladies too...looking ever  gorgeous" Bi and Smriti chuckled with his flirt type praise. Smriti was  wearing a cream color silk sari having a net bluse while Bi was wearing a  light green shalwar kameez having small work on it. "Shall we leave?"  He asked as the ladies nodded and they went out.

Smriti was  sitting in the front while Bi was sitting in the back along with Ananya.  Maan was driving as fast as the traffic could allow. "Beta, drive a  little slow" Smriti requested and giving an apologetic nod, Maan  decreased the speed of the car but who could tell them that HE WANT TO  SEE HER ASAP. GODD!!!! He is getting addicted to her. Finally after 20  minutes drive, Maan reached the saloon and gave her a miscall. He was  tapping his fingers on the steering while his eyes were fixed on the  door of saloon.

Inside, Geet saw the miss call and went to the  door, but before opening take a deep breath to calm herself down. Many  of the girls out-there complimented her that she is looking stunning.  Even Shaina agreed to that who just left saloon a few minutes before  with her mother. But all that matters for her is to know how the man,  the person she get all decked up will feel. She opened the door and get  out, taking each step carefully in her 4 inch high heels that match with  the silver work of her dress.

Maan felt his breath got caught  in his lungs seeing the angelic beauty infront of him. WAS SHE HIS  Geet?? He wondered when she was away but when she came closer, he just  couldn't feel more lucky then ever. Her hairs were left open as he  wanted but slight curls were given in the end while the upper hairs were  secured at the back with pins. Her one shoulder was covered with few  strands of hairs while other was holding the duppata gracefully on it..  Her make up was kept light but was enough to highlight her jaw, cheeks,  dazzling eyes and nice round nose. In short, she did keep in view what  he wanted but then, she was looking way more beautiful in red than he  ever imagined.

The click of the shutting door distracted him as  he saw Smriti get out to engulf her in a bear hug. And after parting,  she applied a black mark behind Geet's ear. Aww...Motherly moment. And  he so wished that his mother should have been there with them. She  should have been hugging Geet in the same way as Smriti doing now.  Geet deserved his mother love and so did he. He shook the thoughts away  and see them now in an argument. "No mom, You sit in the front...I will  sit in the back" Geet was telling Smriti. "But beta...Your dress might  get crumpled" Smriti argued back. "Don't worry about that Mom, you  please take your seat"And with that Geet opened the front door for her  and unwanted, but still, Smriti has to sit. Geet round the car and get  to the other side to sit at the seat behind Maan's. Maan started the  car but before moving he looked in the middle mirror of the car to see  Geet looking back at him and give a warm smile to her that made her  blush. Grinning to himself and started the car to reach the Venue  decided for engagements.

On reaching, Bi Ananya and Smriti get  out and asked Geet and Maan to come together behind them. From the  start, they want to make it obvious that they are a couple. And though  Geet was feeling uncomfortable with the idea right now, she loved the  support Maan provided by holding her hand and pressing it in a assuring  manner. "Its all gonna be great" He said and She felt better. As the  reached the entreance, they found Aryan and Shaina parents greeting the  guests. They both bend down to take blessings from them. "Geet, You  should go to Bridal room for now...the girls will bring you out as  well as Shaina later on...Ok" She nodded and giving a last look to  Maan, Who just give him a longing look in return, moved towards the  room.

"You are looking gorgeous" Shaina said as soon as she saw  Geet getting in. Geet gave a warm smile and went to sit beside her on  sofa. "Are you too having cold feet?" Shaina asked in nervousness  holding Geet's hands. Geet gave her a baffled look. WHAT DID SHE MEAN  BY THAT. "Are you having second thoughts about Aryan?" She asked with  wide eyes that in return gave her a slight pat on her hands. "Duffer, I  am seriously feeling cold right now...I am not having 2nd  thoughts...It took me whole three years to push him to ask me for could i just get wrong thoughts about it?" Shaina  explained that made Geet relieved. "ok...sorry...but now, I am  feeling fine" She replied. "How am i looking? Will he like me like  this...I mean...i usually wear western clothes...these  traditional" Shaina caressed her ferozi anarkali suit having a shiver  and dark blue border on the edge and silver work all over dress "Do they  suit me?" Geet just smiled at her worried look. "Shaina...You  looking absolutely beautiful...Aryan will forget to blink on seeing  you...and what do you mean by traditional...You are just  amazing the way you hold yourself" Geet praised and as if, Shaina  sensed the truthfulness of her tone, she smiled.

Soon Aditi get  in the room wearing her sleeveless peach kurti with patiala salwar. "Its  time" and all girls surrounded the two girls sitting on the sofa. While  Shaina's cousin's accompany her, Aditi get beside Geet to support but  as the leave the room, she found Nandini, her best friend, waiting for  her on the door. A warm smiled played on her lips on feeling that  someone is here for her and she pulled her into a side hug as Aditi and  others lead them towards the middle of the room, where there to be  husbands were waiting for them having wide smiles on there faces.

First  Maan and Geet were asked to exchange the rings. Bi bring out the  rings from her bag and handovered them. Maan put forward his hand  asking for her's which she gracefully placed in his in a few seconds. He  rubbed his thumb over her skin before pushing the ring into her  fingers. A loud round of applause followed his action. Geet took out  the ring from the box and caught hold of his hands in between his two  fingers before pushing the ring in there. Another round of applause  followed as they look up at eachother, promising a beautiful life  lasting journey ahead. Aryan and Shaina too exchanged the rings later on  and the party was started. Maan made her meet most of his work  colleagues who work in other companies. Bi, Smriti and Ananya were  enjoying themselves too. Geet was slowly started to get bored when she  felt a tap on her shoulder. She turned around to find Nandini standing  behind with a grin. Maan too turned on feeling a presence. "If my jeeja  ji don't mind...Can i snatch my best friend for some time?" She asked  teasingly that made Maan laugh. "Saali g...She is your best  friend...though i get some rights over her now...but you have life  time rights on her...You can surly take her away...but promise me,  you are not planning to eloped
with her" Maan replied in  the same teasing tone that made Nandini giggle and Geet blushed. "Don't  worry jeeja ji...You fiance is going no where away from you" Nandini  said before she took Geet away from him.

"Nandini...You don't  know how happy I am to see you" Geet said as soon as they stopped near a  wall of the hotel. "Yeah...I can see...that's why you forget to  even invite me here" Nandini said with a pout. Her tone was angry and  her arms were crossed on her chest. "I am sorry yaar" Geet hold her  ears quickly. "But it was sudden...this whole engagement  plan...and then office, shopping, looking after the house, I barely get  time" She explained. "Haan haan...rehne do bus...Now that's the only  place left for me in your life...In the out of sight out of mind books  right" Nandini argued. "Nandini...Please na yaar...Don't destroy my  day...Waise who told you about this engagement?" Geet asked her next.  "Jeeja Ji...Thankfully he had enough time to call me even in between  office, shopping and looking after the house that he called me and  invited me..." Nandini said in a taunted manner. Geet was surprised  knowing Maan went to such extent to bring happiness for her.  "Nandu...Please sorry na yaar" Geet called her with her pet name that  she gave her and only she can call her with. Nandini turned around to  look at her with anger but Geet's pleading face melted her and she  hugged her instantly. "I missed you Geet" Nandini said hugging her tight.  "Missed you too Nandu..." She replied. "But you know...I am so  happy to know that you got a perfect man for you...A man who deserve  you" Nandini said breaking the hug as she was truly happy for her  friend. "I still don't know if He deserve me or i deserve him  Nandu...but one thing i know is that I could never have got anyone a  bit better than him...he is just perfect" Geet said looking at  Maan now, who was smiling fully while being in a discussion with Nitin  and few of other men. He has a heart of Gold. How could someone not fall  in love with him. She wondered.

"Hey guys...First of all thank  you so much for coming on this engagement ceremony of four of our  children...and giving your precious blessing on this day" Aryan father  said into the mic "Here, Mrs.Smriti has to make an announcement" Smriti  get in the middle and caught hold of the mike. "Hello...I am so  thankful to you all for being here, blessing my children with your  prayers...and now, We have planned to get them married in another 10  days...So you all are already invited to the functions" All clapped.  Geet was stunned with the sudden announcement and her eyes  automatically first landed on Maan, who passed a smirk her way, while  raising his brows, making it obvious that he knew all about the already  and she blushed... This day will always be so special for her. The day,  she became officially his...and in few more days, she will be sharing  his surname too.

 Part Twenty One-----Page 87

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nice part loved it 
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Waiting for the marriage.

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