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MG SS:BTOOMH!! Epilogue/Page 119 (Page 64)

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Posted: 26 December 2012 at 2:18am | IP Logged
Update SOON !

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lovely update... Friends ko jhatka milne vala he...
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super duper update...
loved it a lot...
waiting to see the shocked faces of maans friends...
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awesome update
loved it

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hi thanks 4 da pm n fab update...well written
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Part 16

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Happy New Year To All...Enjoy This TreatEmbarrassed

Maan  and Geet look up like guilty children who has been caught red  handed while stealing the cookies while the mother and father role was  getting played by narrow eyed Aditi, Shaina and Aryan, Nitin. While the  men were looking down with an shocked expression, the girls were taping  there one foot constantly and her hands were crossed on there chest. The  food was getting cold being placed infront on the table. Maan and  Geet barely had a bite between there discussion that was more  personal that profession, when Aditi entered in the room with "Maan,  Why are you so hard on Riddhiii..." And the words stopped and an shocked  expression took place on her face as she saw Maan and Geet  holding a bite of roti near to each other mouth as they were about to  feed eachother while the other three entered and got the same  expression. And now, Geet and Maan were sitting on there same  position, leaving there made bite in the plate and just gulping down  there saliva, making themselves ready for the interrogation.

"What  was going on here?" Aryan asked in a detective tone. "Lunch" Maan  answered simply. "Ohhh...So behind that facade of work, you were having a  lunch date?" Aditi said in an angry tone. "From how long these dates  are getting arranged here?" Maan gulped down his saliva so hard that  the sound was hearable to all before he said. "A Week" and just hearing  that Aryan, Shy, aditi and Nitin shouted "A WEEK????" with a shocked  expression looking down at two horrified faced persons. Maan didn't  wanna hide anything from his friends now. Geet didn't dare utter a  word as she let Maan handle the situation in his way. "A WEEK  Maan...And you didn't dare share this big happening of your life with  us??" Nitin said feeling disappointed. They all Aryan, Shaina and Nitin  confided in him as they got the feeling of Love developing inside them.  Actually he was the one who helped and forced Aryan and Shaina to  confess with eachother as they were feeling to shy to take a step  further and one was waiting for other to come to that point. They all  know pretty well that if Maan allowed Geet get this close to  himself, then it was surly not a fling. They don't even thought about  it. But they feel bad that there friend hide the happiness of his life.  Maan observed the facial expression of each of his friend and felt  guilty. Its true that they mean so much to him that without him, he  don't know if he could have survived this much to be blessed with this  happiness of his life which made him believe that life is just not  filled with hardships, it is also filled with love and he just got his  share now so he can value it. Maan get up and look at one friend to  another.

"Guys, i know you must be feeling...But believe me, I  didn't want to hide that all from you...In few days, I would have come  to you guys with this news" Maan said playing with his hands and  looking expectantly at his friends who were giving him  YEAH-YEAH-FOR-SURE-YOU-WOULD-HAVE-COME look. "When you would have come  Maan...After the wedding cards would have been in printing process?"  Aryan said a bit louder that made Geet tremble and Shaina and Aditi  surly noticed that. Aditi sit down beside her, holding one hand while  Shaina put her hand on her shoulder. "Aryan, I wanted to have  sometime...I wanted to know her before I would declare about us to you  guys" Maan started hesitantly. "Its not like I doubt about my feelings  for her, but we didn't get to know eachother well in just two  months..." Maan added further. "But Maan..." Nitin spoke up but  Shaina cut him in between. "Enough guys...Just end this...Shouldn't we  be just happy that he found Love once again in his life?" Shaina said  putting some senses into the minds of his friends who just seem to be  making this a severe issue. "Yeah Aryan, Nitin...You are scaring her"  Aditi said and both man look down at this girl who bring lot of  happiness with herself in there friend life. Aryan and Nitin look at  her, than at Maan and then at eachother. They said something with the  help of there eyes and look back at Maan. "Ok...this time just cause  of Geet...We are leaving you" Aryan said with a frown but his tone  was soft now. "Yeah...And now its your responsibility to keep her  happy...If you hurt her, you better be ready to face her two brothers"  Nitin said with a smile that made the atmosphere cool and chirpy.  "Uhh...You are my friends or Her??" Maan said with a angry tone now  but with a hint of tease. "We are your friends but now you have to pay  to hide this big news from us..." Shaina said with a large smile as she  bring Geet in a hug against her waist. "Yup...Geet, you can tell  us if he say anything to you...and we are there to give him a black  eye..." Aditi giggle showing her tiny fist as all laugh. "Welcome to the  family" Aditi said as she hugged Geet. Surly these friends do make  his family. Shaina made Geet stand up and hug her too. Followed by  Aryan and Nitin who patted her head too while Maan keep smiling at the  scene and felt proud of Geet as how quickly she created this  beautiful bond with all of them that they are ready to stand against him  to protect her. Geet pushed the few strands of hairs from her face  and turn to look at him without making anyone noticed. His gaze was  intense and his lips curved in a smile and she blushed. His declaration  that he didn't had doubts about his feelings for her surly made her feel  butterflies in her stomach.

" we do deserve a don't we?" Aditi said happily in her chirpy voice. One  occasion has to come and she is ready for the party. "Sure..." Maan  said tucking his hands in his pants pockets. "Ummm...its sunday we all will go out for a movie, then dinner...all on your  expense" Aditi said with a WE-GOT-YOU kind of look and a mischievous  smile on her lips that made everyone smile. "Fine...Between, why you all  came here...anything serious?" Maan asked with a concern while all  other laughed out loud hearing his words. "We all came here to teach you  a lesson for being so tough on Geet...She hardly met us in the  whole last week" Nitin explained that made Maan smirked as he rubbed  his temple feeling embarssing. "But how could we have know that here is  going on a romantic dates" Shaina wink as Geet blushed and turn  back. "I will be back" she tried yo leave the room but Aryan and Aditi  stopped her by standing in between her way. "now where are you rushing  haan...We have a great right to grill you both" Aditi said strecthing  her hands out. "Yup we came for Geet's rescue and there we get to  see that they both are already facing the falls of love" Shiana  commented. "We need to know this love story" Nitin added and all settled  down making Maan and Geet sit side by side with eachother. While  Geet felt all shy and was getting red, Maan told his friends all  about there feelings and there confession, of course after minus-ing the  exclusive parts. 

Next day, they all went out to hang out.  Maan Geet, Shaina Aryan and Aditi Nitin were all moving in  separate cars in the forum of couple's that gave them sometime to spend  with there lovers too. They went to watch Ek Tha Tiger and after taking  the snacks and drinks get in only to find that Aryan got tickets for  each couple in a separate corner. "What is this?" Aditi asked whinning.  "Getting our private time..."Aryan winked "Here your  tickets...Shaina...come with me" He hold Shaina's hand and pulled her  with himself to a corner. Maan Geet Nitin and Aditi looked at each  other and laughed seeing Aryan getting settled in a corner with Shaina.  Before Maan and Geet could choose, Nitin went through the ticket  numbers and smiled widely while handing over two tickets to Maan and  waved bye, holding Aditi's hand. "See you guys later" He wished as he  took Aditi to the far opposite direction. Maan and Geet looked at  eachother with shyness. "Guess...we are also going to be alone" and just  the thought send chills in her body. Maan put forward his hand and  she hesitantly first, but give her his hand. Maan lead her to the  seats and saw that a man was sitting on the one side of the two seats of  them and on the other side was the stairway. Geet moved to take  seat with the man when Maan stopped her. "Ummm...can I sit there?" He  asked softly and looking back at him, Geet noded and sit on the  other one. Maan give a weak smile and sit with the man. He took of  there snacks and just in the time, the light get dim. He was shocked  with his motions. The man sitting beside him was decent looking but he  don't seem to feel good with the idea of Geet sitting with them.  Damn, he can't bare seeing her with anyone else now. As if on cue, he  felt a hand getting hold of his arm and turn to find Geet leaning  against him. Her arms wrapped around his one and her head settled itself  on his shoulder. She look up at him with a beautiful smile and Maan  heart felt the peace. She can now perfectly understand his emotions. No  matter how dark it was inside, but the minimum light was enough for her  to read him. Maan too hold her hand with his other one as the movie  start and they lost themselves in it.

The whole time they spend  together was great. Although they barely talk, but that closeness, that  warmth they felt with eachother's presence was enough for them. After  the movie they went for dinner in a fancy restaurant and it was no need  to say, a great affair. The whole restaurant was turning eyes with the  giggles and laughter of these six. It seems like ages when Maan had  such a graet time and all cause of this amazing girl sitting beside him  who turned him back to a happy life. He turn to look at her as she  smiled taking a bite on one of Nitin's joke. She felt his gaze and turn  to look at him as he move forward his hand and hold her's under the  table. She shied looking at him but quickly turned her head away as  Shaina started a new discussion.

They both get back home with  huge smiles gracing there faces. It was quite late so Bi and Smriti were  all off to bed. Maan first checked on Ananya and found her sleeping  carefully in her little bed, she just got few days back. His baby was  growing up so fast. He ruffled her tiny hairs away from her forehead and  kissed it lightly. He get back to his room, changed into his tracks and  vest for the night and turn to switch off the lights when he casually  looked out from the window and saw Geet getting out into the lawn,  wearing her night suit. Maan saw her moving into the dark, the place  where they just cleared out there minds a week before and on impulse,  get out from the room.

This time he found her  sitting on the bench leaning back on her hands. Her eyes fully closed  and a smile playing on her lips that was making this naive beauty more  attractive.He get close to her and admire her without getting her know  about his presence. His eyes traced her delicate features with there  intensity. Her long almond shaped eyes, her long silky hairs, her soft  small nose, her perfect jaw, her blushing cheeks and finally, her rosy  lips. His eyes turn deep as they fall on her lips and his mind played  the scene of a week back when they were being pressed and kissed between  his. The way they taste, just the imagination was able to turn his  throat dry. He hold himself back the whole week, no matter how much the  animal inside him forced and was tempted to fulfilled his desire by  kissing her as he don't want her to get any feeling that his love was  all to get physically attached to her. He wanted to win her heart, he  wanted to win her on an emotional level first cause he know, he has a  whole coming life to cherish her. As if on a feeling, Geet opened  her eyes and look at him who's digging gaze was fixed on her.

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oho ho...pakde gaye dosto se...he he he...maaja agaye maan ko aise halat mein dekhke...

superb n beautiful update...

loved it very much...

thank u very much fr d lovely update...

eagerly waiting fr d nxt prt...

continue soon plz...

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