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MG SS:BTOOMH!! Epilogue/Page 119 (Page 48)

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awww i loved the update... Only one word "Amazing" Thumbs Up

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superb loved it thankyou

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Waiting for next dear
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Part 12

It was a well awaited weekend when Maan planned a small  outing with Ananya and Bi. They were having the breakfast when while  munching his toast, Maan announced. "Bi, today I have planned to go on  a small picnic with Ananya" Maan gave Ananya a sweet smile with all  the love he has inside who was sitting beside him on a chair as Bi was  feeding her some cereal "And you have to join us" Maan declared  sipping his tea when Bi stopped feeding Ananya momentarily and replied.  "Beta, In this age how am i suppose to go out and enjoy...rather i will  be a burden on you due to my constant pain in knee..." Maan rolled his  nose "Bi, but how can i manage alone with Ananya without you?" Bi's  eyes shine up with the question and she silently pass a look to Smriti  and sheepishly smiled as answered "May be you can take Geet with you  as she is managing Ananya well from last week when I was too wrapped up  with my pain to even look around" Bi made up the excuse once again  which was working fine from the last week as she made Geet serve  Maan the dinner. She used it at every chance she got to make Geet  get close to Maan and in this process, she even involved the other  couple workers of the house and made them left for there village for a  month. Only the maid will come for cleaning and cooking. If Maan ask  for tea, Geet beta, please can you make tea for Maan...Smriti will  back up Bi at that time and If by chance, the tea was already made up  by Bi, then Geet had to delivered that to his room. From the last  week, its looks like her duties has suddenly increased so much. It was  her duty to serve breakfast, keep a check on Ananya's feeding habits at  the time she is home, make sure that a fresh towel is being placed in  Maan's room abd to check on the dinner. And last but not the least, to  make sure a full jug of water was placed in Maan's room which was the  most difficult among all cause Maan would be all alone in the room,  wearing just his trouser and a loose vest that could hardly cover his  gorgeous body. Geet always felt her mouth go dry seeing this amazing  creation of God. She would find her legs melting and her body reacting  to the intense gaze, he will pass her way. As if the days were not hard  enough on her, now even the nights have started taking a toll on as her  dreams were also captured by him and his essence. Just 2 days back, she  saw herself with him indulged in a hot make out session in between a  jungle on a hay stack. His hands were devouring her body in the most  sensuous way possible memorizing each curve. His lips were covering hers, exploring each  corner taking there time. The dream was feeling too real that Geet  was almost moaning in pleasure and as in her dream, he gave her a  love-bite on her shoulder opening the front two buttons of her front  button up office shirt, she wake up panting hard. Thankfully Smriti was  under heavy dosage of medicines to not wake up with her voices and too see  her red blushed face. From that day, the dream was keeping her occupied  most of the time and right there on the dinning table, she was too busy  with her mind to hear what is going on around. She was brought back to  reality when Smriti nudge her. "Will you Geet??" She just asked  that. Unaware of the real question Geet just nod as that seemed  right at the moment but her confusion got sorted out the very next  second when Bi squealed in happiness. "Yayy...Its good you children go  out and we oldies stay back home, enjoying a day off" Smriti and Bi  smiled widely and wink at eachother when the other two were not looking  being caught up in there own thoughts. Where Geet mentally kicked  herself for not being attentive, Maan made a promised to himself to  talk to Geet as if why she is ignoring him too much. He don't wanna  think as if why it was hurting him, but now, that's enough. But there  was something else too, that he had to look up first. Wiping the crumbs  from his mouth with napkin, Maan get up "Bi...can i please talk to you  for a minute in my room" Maan left giving a last glance to Ananya and  Bi as Bi nodded.

He was arranging his things when Bi entered his  room. "What you want to talk about Maan?" Bi was still standing in  the door when Maan turned to her and sigh. Marching towards the door,  he closed it just for precautionary measures while Bi looked at him  confused. "Bi...What's going on here?" Maan asked raising one of his  brow. Bi looked at his serious face with a confused expression. "What  you are talking about, beta?" And that made Maan sigh again. "Bi...I  am not gonna beat about the bush...The point i want to ask is why you  are pushing Geet on me...I am and Smriti Aunty will  always ask her to do something related to me that automatically make her  uncomfortable...Why are you both doing this?" Maan first started with a  serious tone that later changed into a helpless one. God knows he never  wanna enforce something on anyone and especially not Geet. The girl  has already suffered much. She just hardly escaped from the trap of a sour  relationship that here, she is getting pushed in another one. Bi looked  at him and after moving forward, cupped his face in one hand.  "Maan...beta everyone has a right to live the life the way they want  it...Not with regrets but with happiness and as far as i know, you and  Geet both deserve happiness...I know that now you pretty much  understands our intentions behind all this" Bi looked up at him expectingly as he  looked side ways, not knowing what kind of expression his face may  project. A happy one on feeling the attention he was being given by  Geet and all those flutters he feel, whenever she would be around  her. He has never felt these kind of emotions before, not even with  Sneha. Or a sad one to express his irritation with the way, she was  getting forced to come close to him. Bi hold his shoulders and  continued. "Me and Smriti really think that you both are perfect for  eachother...We are not saying that you both have to agree with us and  just get together to make us happy...its your decision beta,  totally...All we want is that you both take this perspective of ours in  notice..If it can't work, its ok...but if it does, than no one will be  more happy in this world than us" Maan look down at Bi. A pool of  emotions run down his body just with the mere thought of them, together,  being a couple. "Think about it beta" And Bi left the room.

It  was around 2pm when after getting all the necessary things in the car,  Geet was about to settle herself in the back with Ananya but Smriti  interrupt this time. "Beta, you better sit in the front" Geet tried  to retort when Maan, after closing the trunk of the car, came up and  opened the passenger side seat for her and seeing all the eyes stuck on  her, she get in quietly. While the two women grinned, Maan was feeling  too happy to atlast make her sit back into his car which she was  avoiding from last month. "There is no escape here" He thought looking  at Geet and move around the car to went upto his seat and drive off.  "Samiya, You really think this all manipulation is working here" Smriti  asked seeing the car disappearing into the dust that was left behind.  Samiya hold her hand and squeezed it. "Yeah it is...and its all for  there benefit and a lovely future" They both smile and went back inside  the house.

They was too much silence in the car which was  soothing for Geet but was making Maan irritated. He was hell tired  of being an admirer of silence and right from the last last month,  after getting the sweet loudy voice of her lil angel ringing in his ears  all through the time he was home, he don't wanna experience silence for  a second. Ananya was sitting back in car looking out to the scenery and  then as if she took his daddy's hint, started exclaiming loudly. "Wowww  daddy...see how many trees??" Maan looked back at her excited face  from the rare-view mirror and smiled. "Yeah...and see the birds" Maan  voice made Geet attentive as she too take a look at her surroundings  and asked. "Where are we going?" Maan finally sigh hearing her voice  and replied looking ahead. "its a beautiful lake in between the jungle  where i used to go with my friends in my college will like  it" and there something told Geet that something gonna happen. An  unknown feeling gripped her body making her shiver.

"Heaven" that  all Geet could muttered as she get out from the car to look at her  surrounding. Maan smiled hearing her lil whispered and closing the  door, went back to take out some essential things from the trunk. Ananya  was too happy to say anything as she too get out and run to the lake  that was surrounded by immense number of trees. The waterfall was  running between the huge stones in a corner making a soothing sound. The  greenery was providing peace to the souls. The sun was trying to peek  from the heavy number of leaves but was unable to let his rays touch the  ground. Geet heard the trunk opening voice from the back and  started helping Maan with the things. For now they just took the  picnic chairs with a sheet to settle themselves on the ground along with  few eatables. Maan was already in one of his grey tracksuit that had a  black strip along with a grey t-shirt. The got a spot quiet away from  the few people that too were enjoying the nature along with there  families and spread the sheet. "yayeee" the both look up to see Ananya  shouting in excitement splashing the water, standing at its edge and  smiled. "Ananya...come hear and change into your swiming suit" Hearing  Maan's voice, ananya quickly run back to him.

Geet tried  to stop her giggle as she saw Maan wondering how to to take off the  pretty red polka frock off from Ananya as it was skin-fitted as he  couldn't spot any buttons in the back or even a zipper. He was making  Ananya turn too and fro in order to spot anything but nothing seemed  helpful. "Let me help" Geet said as she pulled Ananya to herself  with a smile and open the buttons of that romper dress that were under  the waist below the upper layer of the frock and pulled it off and help  ananya wear her blue swimming suit. In the mean while Maan filled the  swimming tube with hot air and put that around Ananya's tiny wast as she  rushed to the lake once again. Maan laughed and pulled of his shirt  only to make Geet gasp seeing his well-toned body and throwing the  shirt on the sheet, run behind Ananya. He surly noticed Geet's  reaction to his action but doesn't want to make her uncomfortable so  didn't look back at her. Geet looked at the duo enjoying splashing  water at each other. Maan occasionally would pick Ananya up in his  arms and twirl her that would make just her feet touch the water and  make her giggle. It was so sweet to see this amazing bond between the  father and daughter. Geet was busy in praising the scene when Ananya  called her name and asked her to join. "Aunty..." and she moved her  fingers to call her but Geet nodded in No. Maan too looked at her  expecting her to join but seeing her shaking her head, he bit his lip  and again get busy with Ananya. It was 15 minutes that Maan and Ananya  were having a gala time in the lake. Ananya was floating on the lake  due to the tube and Maan was holding on it so she will not get far  away. Geet get up feeling bored and decided to have a walk near the  lake bare footed. She bend down a lil to examine the beauty of the  lilies and daisies that were grown up near the edge and touched its  petals lightly. In the back, both father and daughter observed the scene  and grinned at each other. Maan slowly, without making a voice come  to her and in a sudden moment, hold her from the waist and pulled her  into the water with himself. Geet was shocked out of her wits as she  got lifted up from the ground and later her feet touched the coldness  of the water. At the time she realized, she was half drenched into water  and her trouser was now moving with the water barely making a contact  with her skin. She looked around to see Maan and Ananya giggling and  smiled at them evilly. The next second as she tried to move forward to  splashed them with water, her foot slipped and she was about to loose  her balance when Maan caught her from her nape just in time to not let  her face get into the water and moving the other hand around her waist,  he helped her stand up. At The moment, they both were lost feeling  there totally drenched bodies striking to eachother. Maan body was  fully dipped with water. Water drops were falling from his hairs and the  intoxicated fresh smell he was having was driving Geet crazy.  Maan moved his hand a lil up on her waist over his baby pink t-shirt  only to find her trembling  while biting her lower lip. It amazed him to see the power he had over  her. His own body was deceiving him now as he pulled her more closer to  herself. The lines of her inner wear were visble through her light color  shirt that made Maan mouth go dry. Her breath got heavy feeling his  hot breath on her cheeks as he moved his face forward near her when  "daddy"  Ananya splashed water on their face and laughed covering her mouth with  her tiny hands that broke the moment and Geet got away from Maan.  Maan smiled at Ananya but look back at Geet who was trying to  steady herself. "What happened?" Maan asked with a worried look. "I  think i sprained my foot" Geet said as she turned and move towards  the edge limping a bit. Maan got concerned and holding Ananya followed  her. Geet was now sitting onto a huge stone at the edge of the lake  pressing her fingers into her foot, trying to find the exact point of  pain. "Its hurting too much??" Maan's concerned tone made her look up  instantly. His face showing as if he himself was in pain. "No...Its just  paining when I am walking...otherwise, its ok" Maan bend down on his  knees and replaced her hands with his, trying to massage her foot.  Geet gasped loudly feeling him taking over and pulled her legs back.  "No sir...What are you doing?" Maan looked up at her and again moved  forward his hand to take a grip on her foot. "Let me see to it or  otherwise, it will get worse later on" Geet didn't had the heart to  pull back from him thinking that may be her luck was not so great to be  with him, atleast she can savor these moments with him while on the  other hand Maan was thinking something totally opposite as his lips  turn into a grin while he thought. "Bi's idea is worth giving a chance"

Next: more trip scenes with a close encounter...(guess guess guess...public demandWink)

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Awesome update
Loved it

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