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MG SS:BTOOMH!! Epilogue/Page 119 (Page 36)

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Part 9

Next day, Geet and Maan were keeping eachother at a  distance. In the morning, when Geet get into his room with daily  schedule, he didn't dare to look up at her. Telling her some important  details, he make her leave to perform her next task while her eyes were  stuck on his face. She felt bad seeing him ignoring her, even giving her  a look. Taping the pen with the desk, she complained herself trying to  get over her restlessness that now was a part of her from last night, or  precisely, cause of that kiss. His simple, innocent gesture left her on  fire. Suddenly her throat seems dry and quickly removing the lid from  the glass of water that was placed on the table, she gulped that down in  a single breath. During the lunch time, she was mostly involved in her  thoughts. Shaina and Aditi, who noticed her reactions from last few  days, nudge her bringing her to the world as Aryan and Nitin were off to  get the lunch from the counter. "Geet, What happened?" Aditi  slowly asked with a frown. "Yeah, we have been noticing you from some  days...Anything wrong? You are just not yourself?" Shaina asked putting  her hand on her's. The few days, She spend with Shaina and Nitin really  made her get close to these both. But what should she tell them. Till a  day back, the reason of her worry was something total different than the  one she was having now. While day before, she was worried due to her  mother's constant pressure on her to get married, from last night, all  she could think about how comfortable she was in sharing her thoughts  with Maan. How he consoled her, kissed her. How she was just wishing  and hoping the whole night that her life will just take a turn now that  would lead her to happiness. An unknown feeling was making her feel  excited and lively. But his ignorance from today, just crushed all her  excitement. But now, the main thing worried her here as why is she  thinking so much about him. About his life. And why it mattered to her  today that she got ignored by him? "Nothing guys...just a little tired i  guess so" Geet replied shrugging her shoulder and moved her chair  ahead, putting her arms on the chair. "So what's the plan for tonight?"  Aryan said as he get back alone without any tray and took his seat.  "Where is Nitin?" "Where is my lunch?" The two questions from Aditi and  Shaina made him smirk as he pointed back to a angry Nitin, who was  looking his way, narrowing his eyes. "That's to bad always  make him get all the trays alone for us...Poor Nitin" Shaina said as  Aryan and Geet giggled at Nitin's puppy expression. "My poor baby..."  Aditi whined "Let me help him" And she get up and helped him with the  four trays. Putting the tray on the table, Nitin lightly smack Aryan's  head which left him stunned. "Can you ever be less annoying?" He said  taking his position beside Aditi and they both started eating from a  same tray while Geet, Shaina and Aryan after getting hold of there  respective trays, looked up at them, sharing there meal sweetly. Nitin  made Aditi took a bite of the fingerchip before he took one in his mouth  that left Shaina with an open-mouth. Aryan saw her reaction and to be  on save side, said in an irritated voice to Nitin. "You must have forget  that we are sitting here and you guys are not alone" His words made  Aditi stop her hand in middle who was holding the sandwich angled  towards Nitin's open mouth and turn to look at him. "I don't care if we  are sitting alone or in a crowd" She said leaving them all stunned.  Nitin and Aditi were out-going kind of person but were too shy when it  comes to eachother. They all had that image of irritated Nitin and  blusing Aditi in there mind whenever anyone will pass a comment on them  but right now, it seems like, the tables have turned. "Oh hello! Are you  the same Aditi who always left blushed just by the touch of Nitin? Or  our friend got kidnapped somewhere" Aryan asked once again. Geet was  too busy in her own world to notice all that and keep playing with her  food "Aryan, whats your problem man...If you don't show Shaina your love  even after she accepted ur proposal, then thats not my fault...We  willnt miss these beautiful days for anything...Right Aditi" Nitin turn  his face to Aditi who smiled at his words and made him eat the sandwich  with pure love in his eyes. "How cute?" Shaina said dreamingly and then  her gaze turn towards Aryan and she pass a glare to him. "Why can't you  ever be romantic?? I never knew I am saying yes to a geek" Shaina threw  some fingerchips she got hold on first to his way from which he escaped  luckily and putting her face on her hand, she looked other way. Aryan  looked at her and then back at Aditi-Nitin who were now sitting crossing  ther hands, taking the sips of there drinks. "Saale!!" Aryan growled.  "Getting me into trouble, now you are sharing a drink so peacefully" And  all laughed. "But that means that you proposed her?" Shaina asked  narrowing her eyes as her mind got his words.  " last night...we...proposed" Nitin and Aditi  fill in for eachother fumbling with the words. Shaina Aryan and  Geet grinned and burst out laughing. "You guys are just saying like  you did a crime" Aryan said between his laugh. Shaina pat his hand and  said. "Congrats to both of you" Sincerity was showed in her words.  "Congrats" Geet to said and shake hands with them. "No from our  group, Geet only you are left to get engaged" Aditi commented. The  mere words of her engagement dulled her face which was holding a  beautiful smile just a minute back. "I am already engaged" Geet  said. "Huh...when?" Come an instant reaction and reply from all who were  left open-mouthed. "9 years" Avoiding there gaze she said. Aditi and  Shaina surly noticed the sad expression of her face whie the guys being  guys, ignored. "So it seems like we are gonna attend weddings soonish"  Nitin asked. Just then Geet's cell ring and after hearing the call  she quickly left saying "Sir need a file...I have to go now...Bye" A  fake smile was received by all.

"Mom, I am leaving" Geet  called Smriti standing in her lovely full sleeved thigh length netted  black dress that was perfectly showing the curves of her body. She just  wore a lil kohl and a light lip gloss on her eyes and lips respectively  and left her hairs open. The black high heels adding few inches to her  height. "Geet, Beta don't be late ok..." Smriti said as she came out  and dropped her to the door where Maan was waiting for her in his  car. "Mom, don't should go to sleep...i have the key in my  clutch". "Enjoy" kissing her forehead, Smriti bid bye to her as she  moved towards Maan's car. The gang has planned a dinner in success of  the Mehra deal they got and above that, the dress code was decided by  Aditi and Shaina. "A dress code for the dinner??" a confused reaction  was what Geet showed at first with this news but they were adamant.  Girls have to wear a knee length dress and boys in jeans and formal  shirts. Geet get into the car to notice him wearing a black jeans  with a white shirt neatly tuck in his waist while the upper three  buttons were left opened. "Hi" she wished and in the next moment gasped  seeing the image of her hot boss and turned her gaze on the other side  just as she felt him turning to look at him. " are looking  beautiful" He commented just to kick himself in his mind for behaving  like a fool. "thanx" she said almost in a whisper and he started the car  and moved towards the hotel. The six had a great dinner in the private  room of Geshmuck that was filled with laughter and stories. The waiters  were serving them the best of there food and Geet surly enjoyed the  taste. "How about we go to some club now?" Aditi suggested eacitingly,  making a dancing move with her hands while sitting on the chairs.  " idea" Nitin agreed. "The drinks are on you" Aryan said with  a laugh and all giggled. "Yeah sure" He accepted. "Guys, i can't make  it...i need to go home" Maan said backing off. "yeah me must  be waiting" Geet to agreed with him. "What yaar...don't spoil the  sport...its gonna be in the celebration of our engagement" Aditi whined  as seeing her friends backing off, made her sad. "Maan,  please...Geet" Nitin looked from one to another. While they just  looked helpless. "Nitin..." they both started but Nitin cut them in  between, seeing them melting on his puppy look. "Just for an hour"  "Yeah...just for an hour and if you guys don't enjoy that, you can  leave" Aditi agreed with Nitin. "Ok" finally Maan said and Geet  couldn't say No either seeing there faces. The group left in three  different cars as in couples to the newly opened club where only couples  were allowed. Maan was pretty not comfortable with the idea of  getting coupled up with Geet fakely. As they entered, they saw many  heads turning onto them. While the guys noticed the three beautiful  happening girls wearing the dresses to kill, the girls were after the  charming boys who were looking equally dashing in the jeans and formal  shirts which was also showing a bit of there chest. "But we all are  taken" Shaina said reading the minds of the most guys out there and all  smiled.

"6 Tequilas" Maan ordered as he knew his friends well  enough. "No, Not for me...I can't handle my alcohal" Geet warned  while Aditi and Shaina narrowed there eyes and the guys smiled. "You  have to...No arguement now ok...have you guys just planned to argue on  everything we are gonna do" Aditi was now fed up after hearing the  constant NO's. Geet just put her finger on her lips in order to say,  I am zipped up and Aditi smile at her cute look. The tequilas arrived  and the six took it in the same time. "Yuck" That was only reply  Geet could muttered while the other 5 made a bitter face but smiled  later on. "6 more" Aryan ordered. An the next round was well taken and  now, Geet too liked the intense sour flavor of tequila with lemon.  They were onto the 4th round when Geet started to loose her senses  and as shaina and Aditi pulled her onto the dance floor, She couldn't  help butgo with the flow. The club was tightly packed and the dance  floor was full as light shimmering lights fall on them. "Sexy" Aryan  muttered seeing Shaina dancing so smoothly. "Yeah..." Nitin to agreed  dreamingly seeing Aditi who was now dancing with the other two girls  keeping there hands around eachother waists. Maan turned to look at  the girls and got stuck on the innocence of sweet Geet who was so  engrossed into the song. Her hands moving around in a rhythm so magical,  her hairs moving around making him irritated whenever they get on her  face, her legs milky white. He knew that she fairly don't know how  amazing she looks and how killing her dancing moves are right now. "That  girl in black looks Hot!!!" The slurred voice of a guy sitting beside  caught his attention who was looking at Geet's way while taking to  his friends. "I wonder how super cute she will look waking up after a  night with me... her messy hairs, plum lips" the guy licked his lips as  he said. "And her bare shoulders having the marks of my teeth" The  others laugh at his description while Maan's hands turn into a fist.  "How dare he?" He growled inwardly. Drunk Aryan and Nitin approached  there girls just after the three girls grabbed wine glasses from a  passing by waiter and gulped that down in a gulp and laughed. Maan's  anger washed away seeing them all smiling. Aryan, Shaina and nitin,  Aditi were involved in a close dance so Geet excused herself and get  away from the dancing floor. Maan's eyes were constantly paying  attention to her. She was on her way to him when she loose her balance  being drunk and was about to tripp when the guy who passed earlier  comments got hold of her from her shoulders, steadying her. Maan who  was about to get up to help her stop in tracks and looked daggers at  him. Geet was too unobservant of the way the guy hands were roaming  around her as he took hold of her waist and look up to wink at his  friends with an evil smile. "You ok' He asked while Geet just nod  and look up to see Maan but found him nowhere in sight. The guy took  advantage of her state and moved his hand down towards her hip when his  hand was clutched back tightly before he could touch her. He looked back  to see an angry Maan who just removed his other hand from Geet  and pulled her into the safe zone of his arm. "Who the hell are you?"  The boy said angrily. "Maan" Geet was his dazed image as she  wasn't able to concentrate and her head rest on his chest as she hugged  him from his waist, closing her eyes. "Next time, whenever you touch a  girl, just think of your sister or mother being in place of them..."  Maan tone defining him clearly that he saw whatever act he was about  to do and he quickly backed of. In split of a second, Maan hold  Geet tooking her in a hug and left for the exit. "Maan, I am  feeling dizzy" Geet clutched his shirt tightly as they just exited  from the club door. "Ok, we will stand here for a minute" Maan made  her stay up with the support of a wall as he was standing infront of  her, covering her from the strangers look  while her both hands were  clutching his shirt tightly. A moment passed by and now, her forehead  was also rested against his chest. She was not in her senses to see  what's going on but he surly couldn't ignore the feeling. Her light  breath was caressing his chest as his shirt was half opened from above.  Her fingers had clutched him from the buttons part and a slight moment  of them will left him breathless. Her soft hair stands were brushes  against his face above and he could still smell her shampoo. As if this  torture was not enough, a drunk passing by pedestrian strike him from  behind and after maintaining his balance, left him now striking with  her. Her face was now up and quite close. There breath caressing  eachother face. Maan was not that much drunk but right now, the little  alcohol he took was showing its colors. His hands moved up, caressing  her waist upwards to her hands and then, his fingers moved up to cup her  face, while his thumb caress her cheek softly. The atmosphere around  turn hot as she herself was so deeply engrossed in his deep brown eyes  which were full of passion. His breath slightly caressed her lips and in  anticipation of the next moment, her hands reached up caressing his  chest to roam around his nape. God!! He so wanted him at this moment. If  being drunk could do this, she will always like to get drunk to feel  the security of his arms, the warmth of his body, the passion of his  eyes and the feeling they shared of being needed. As her fingers rubbed  the tiny hairs of his nape, he bend down and took her mouth in a hungry  kiss. She just lost her left over senses at the moment she felt him  taking over her. His lips softly caressed her lower lip, while being  inexperienced, she couldn't do anything but do the same with his upper  lip. He get closed to her and now, her body was sandwiched between the  wall and him. His thighs were having access to her's and so does his  chest. He kissed her passionately, taking his time with the soft texture  of her lips and tasting the corner of her mouth. Se sighed as her one  hand moved up to caress his hairs. His tongue stroke her lips teasingly,  asking for entrance and automatically, she feel her lips getting apart.  He tasted her mouth and was still so lost in the passionate kiss when  he felt her unresponsiveness now. Breaking the kiss, he found her deep  in sleep. He keep looking at her innocent face when the realization hit  him. "OMG! What the heck i was doing?" He asked himself backing away a  little from her to see her sweller lips wet by his kiss. But he couldn't  stop himself from thinking how cute she look. His thumb move up and  caress her lips in a tantalizing way. She was away from the world right  now, but he seemed that he finally found his. "I should get going before  i loose myself completely" He told taking his thumb away in a shrug and  lift her up in his arms to drop her back home.

How he managed to  get her inside the warmth of her bed, only he knew but one thing he was  sure of now was that he couldn't trust himself with this girl. Just few  days back, she get into his life and she is already making him loose  his senses. He was a kind of a man always in control. He didn't dare to  touch any girl after his divorce from Sneha, kissing is a far away  thing, but now when he did that, he don't regret it for a second. He  remembered the passion and trust with which she give herself to him.  "She was drunk, unconscious" His mind screamed, but his heart ignored  all that saying, "She trust herself with you" And that scared him more.  Its been ages, he made a new friend and now when he got a sincere one,  he don't wanna loose her. She is already in no much trouble, he don't  wanna put her in another one. "May be she willn't even remember this  kiss tomorrow" He wished, just wished that she will forget that in the  effect of alcohol. He changed into his night suit and get into his bed  but sleep was quite away from him tonight. Next day, he saw her acting  normal with him and just said. "Sir, I don't know how you get me back  home...actually i don't even remember when we left the club" His wishes  come true but he still somewhere felt a ping in his heart with the  thought that she forget all about the kiss. "But thank you..." In reply,  all he could muttered up was a small smile and welcomed her. As she  left he put his head on his hands which were placed on the desk infront  and sigh.

Its been weeks to that party. Everything was going on  smoothly but Maan was again too much professional when it comes to  work. He would avoid her and left quickly when he would feel her around  himself. He was attracted to her. He would easily loose his focus  whenever he will get a glimpse of her. She was captivating his mind and  heart slowly with her innocence and care. He got that but its not what  they call LOVE. He has already one took a step towards LOVE but he was  just at the door step when the door got closed straight on his face and  took all the relations he had with it too, closing them somewhere away.  Bi and his friends have asked him numerous times to move ahead in his  life. Give it a chance but NO. He willn't take that step. He already  gave his life a Chance and lost everything and now, again taking a  chance once again will be called as a mistake near her and he wouldn't  dare do that MISTAKE.

Aditi was dancing on the table in cafeteria as all people around her was  standing, clapping there hands while some were joining her on the  floor. Few of them were patting the table loudly, making music out of  it. She won the bet. Geet has completed one month in Khurrana  Construction, and as per the bet she got 50000 all in all and she  announced 2 weeks free lunch for all the staff in Khurrana Construction.  Everyone was enjoying when Geet entered the cafeteria and stopped  seeing the view infront of her. She slowly smiled seeing the wildness of  Aditi and wider when Nitin helped her get down by getting her in his  arms and kissing her cheek, making her blush. Shaina saw Geet and  come to her in hurry steps. "What are you doing here...Come  na...Aditi has announced two weeks free lunch in office as she won the  bet" She explained. "No no, you guys enjoy yourself...I just get here  to give you guys these cards" She handover 4 cards to Shaina who look at  them strangly narrowing her eyes while Geet's hand trembled. "What  are these off?" She asked as she opened one and took out the printed  wedding card and seeing the wriiten invitation, widened her eyes. "YOU  ARE GETTING MARRIED???" She shouted making all others stop the noises.  Geet looked around and fumbling with her words said. "  guys are come" She said as Nitin Aryan and Aditi too rushed  to Shaina and took a view of the card. "Samar weds Geet" Aditi said.  "I need to go...Also have to invite Maan Sir...take care" And  without glancing back, she left the cafeteria leaving them all stunned.

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Awesome update!!
Wow their kiss Day Dreaming
But no she's getting married Ouch...I'm sure in the end it will only be maan Embarrassed

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Thanks for updating

Can't wait for the next part..hurry up ;-)

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geet is getting married...oh no...zor ka jhatka zor se kya hoga...maan kuch toh karo...

awesome n lovely update...

loved it sooo much...

thank u very much fr d lovely update n fr d pm also...

waiting eagerly fr d nxt prt...

continue soon plz...

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that was such cute update... although i hated maan distancing himself the kiss made it up ;)

oh god the last scene was shocking! please let geet get her love!

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O-O...Geet is getting married to Samar...

what type of mother she has trhat is more concerned about her dead husband's childish wish and not about her daughter's life...

very shocking...

thanx for pm...

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