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MG SS:BTOOMH!! Epilogue/Page 119 (Page 25)

nats0101 IF-Dazzler

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nice one
glad tht geet's words r pushing maan in d ryt direction
n vice versa too?!!
waiting 4 more..

gorgeousqueen. IF-Stunnerz

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read aii d parts all together,They r awesome.waiting 4 d next,update soon
.vrshn. IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 06 September 2012 at 9:01am | IP Logged
Heyyy Ana Di! Big smile

You should update this tooo :( :(

Breaking the oath of mr.Hawt!! **all dreamy**

You know na! I'm desperate!! Ouch


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Posted: 13 September 2012 at 3:53pm | IP Logged

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thanku sooo much guys...i truly appreciate your love and comments
sorry for not replying to the individually...will do that next time
luv ya all

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..oneOone.. IF-Sizzlerz

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Part 7

"I   should read it" He said as he stopped pacing in his room and open the  diary a bit. "No" a strong call of his inner self stopped  him and he  again closed it. His heart was affirm that this diary could help him   ease off the pain, he saw on her face when she said that she couldn't  tell  something big about her fianc  to her mother. WHAT COULD THAT BE??? His mind  screamed. Is he cheating  on her? Or something wrong with him?? He loves someone else.  "But why  it's bothering you this much?" His mind said. He throws the diary on   his bed and holds his head, running his fingers through his hairs as he  went  to the window. Putting his hands on its rail in a tight grasp, he  looked ahead.  He so badly wanted to know her miseries and help her  solve that, but  his professional and self-respect attitude didn't allow  him. He looked  up above. The dark black sky was truly representing his  dusky and gloomy life. He has  nothing that colorful in his life before  but just like this moonlight, today he  got this color in his life too.  The color of peace, calmness and who else could  comfort the chaos of  his life rather than his own daughter. A small smile lifts  up his face.  He was too ignorant to see that light that was somewhere hiding  behind  those clouds of sorrow and hurt. But from now on, he promised, he is  not  gonna miss it for anything in the world. "I promise Riya, Ananya  will get all  the love that I ever shower on you. Inside her, I will  keep you alive my baby'..Daddy loves you" But that's not the only thing.  He is not gonna  compare Riya with Ananya. Riya was special in her own  way and Ananya was  extremely special in her own way. When Riya taught  her how to love, Ananya told  her how to live and from now on, He is  just gonna love and live his life.

Next  day, they all were back in the office. Where all were happy with the  return of their friends with a signed deal, they were all more delighted  to Maan's changed behavior. He was no more looking haughty and stern  but the glow on his face was saying another story altogether. "Good  morning" He wished everyone with a sweet smile that completely showing  the depth of his dimples. Without waiting for other's reply, he was  inside his cabin. "What happened to him now?" Aryan asked as he opened  Nitin's cabin door slightly. His eyes were still up on that close door  of Maan's  room. "I don't know" even Nitin was surprised. "Till yesterday, he was  just the way, we are seeing him from the last two years" He replied as  was standing with Aryan now. "Whatever happened between yesterday and  today, I am just too happy that actually now he is smiling without any  particular reason" Shaina said, crossing her hands. They all smile and  was back to their work.

Geet  entered his room with today's schedule. What he first notice  was those  dark circles around her eyes. HOW BEAUTIFUL THEY ARE...He  shrugged as  the thought enter his mind. He barely noticed her eyes  before. Damn!!  He never noticed any girls eyes before so why the hell  today. He  mentally kicked himself at the thought as she keep on  reviewing his  schedule in her today's dull voice. "It seems like she  didn't get to  sleep last night" And then he remembered. SHE HAS TO  ANSWER HER MOTHER  ABOUT THE PROPOSAL. "What she must have said??? She  said yes or she  made an excuse..." He was in deep thought as his elbow  was on the desk  and his index finger was caressing his lips. "Sir" her  voice for the  third time bring him back to the scene. "Yeah, Ms.Geet,  I  got that" He said turning his attention back to her. Again, his rule  of  not getting into the personal issues in office timings stopped his   curious mind and heart to ask that question out loud. "Anything else   Sir?" She was too involved in her ownself  to read his questioning eyes.  "I don't know if you have noticed or  not, but our bags got exchanged on  the airport yesterday. Your bag is  at my place" He wanted to raise a  topic to divert her attention. She  seemed too consumed over an issue.  "Oh..I barely noticed that" She said  with a sorry expression. "I didn't  get the time to open the bag...I  will drop your bag at your place Sir"  She said now just in the tone,  she always had. Maan smiled seeing her  back. Geet left the room while Maan  kept looking the way, she exited,  tapping his pen on the desk.  "Something is mysterious about this girl"  He said in a lower voice "and  its a lifetime, i solved a mystery" His  last words even shocked  his-self as he rolled his tongue in his cheeks  and went back to work.

In  the evening, Aditi and Shaina was  sitting in Maan's room. The  working hour's just ended "Maan, we need a  party for this contract"  Shaina said as she aditi and Maan were having  tea. Aryan and Nitin  were to join soon. "For sure...Anywhere you guys  want?" Maan  said in a voice, full of love for his amazing friends. Why  not, its  all is due to them. This office, his life, his success. He owe  them too  much that he wonder her could ever even payback them. "Tomorrow   night..." But Aditi was cut in between when Geet entered after  getting  a permission from Maan.  "Sir, Some Mr. Mishra called and asked me to  tell you that its urgent  for him to talk to you right now...He is trying  to reach you, but your  number is unresponsive" Some bad bells ring in  Maan mind. Mr.Mishra  was his manager in Geschmack and it's rare for him  to call Maan  unless its too important. "Ok"  The worried expression on  his face was telling them all that it's  something serious up there. He  looked at his mobile that was out of  battery. He quickly grabbed his  codeless  and dialed the number. The three girls just listen to the one  sided  conversation and noticed that deep frown that was increasing with  time.  His face become stern as he said. "I am on my way, Bye Mr. Mishra"  He  cut the call and stand up immediately. "Sorry, but i need to go..."  He  said quickly grabbing his wallet and mobile, putting them in his back   pocket. "You guys decide the place and i will be there. Invite whoever   you want but right now, I need to solve a problem" He said as he moved   away but stopped infront of Geet. "Geet,  why don't you come with  me...My driver will drop you at your home  after you get your back from  my place and will collect mine from  yours...I just need to stop at  Geschmuck for 10 minutes" Geet  nodded after a minute. She already told  Shaina and Aditi about her bag  exchanged during the lunch time and  today, She was not at all in the  mood to go to the bus stop to get her  bus or even hire a cab. After  biding bye, they both left for the place.  Maan was driving by  himself. Silence was there between them.

After 20   minutes, Maan stopped the car infront of a huge restaurant. This was  the  first time, Geet was ever been here to this posh part of this  city.  "You just stay in...I will be back" Maan said looking at him  and get  out. Geet  keep sitting in the darkness and coldness of this car. She  keep  playing with her fingers, looking around, examining the view around   when after a few minutes, her eyes went wide seeing the drunk state   man, who was walking out of the restaurant with the help of a girl. Her   mind could easily point out this man, even if she is blind-folded. She   get out biting her lips, fighting with herself if she should go  forward  or not. I AM NOT. She told herself but the girl don't seem to  handle his  gigantic body all alone so Geet  quickly move forward before he was  about to fell down after tripping  over his shoes. "Hold yourself" She  said in a straight voice as now she  was standing face to face with this  nightmare of her life. Samar.  Samar gave her a teasy smile. "Oh"  He slumbered. "You  ar...are ..and...youuu should...always therrre to  hold mee" He said as  the other girl gave them a confuse expression.  "Samar lets get you in  your car" The girl told Geet about her car and  Geet helped her  get samar  get into it while in between he do flirt many  of the passing by girls,  throwing fancy lines there way. "Thank you"  The girl said sighing  after closing the door. Geet  sympathies with the  girl. "No problem..." "You seem a nice girl so i  would really like to  warn you...stay away from him...He will destroy  your life" She put her  hand on the girl's shoulder who shrugged it  after a minute and giving  her ARE YOU CRAZY look, left. Geet keep  looking as the car disappeared  into the shadows. She don't want anyone  to suffer just like her.

Geet  jerked feeling a  hand on her shoulder. She turn around, take a deep  breath on seeing  Maan. "Who was he?" He asked directly. He was hell  worried when on  his return he didn't found Geet  at her spot. He looked  around and then spot her at the far edge,  giving her shoulder to a guy  with the help of another girl who was  wearing a very exposed wrap-around  dress. He was suspicious. He so damn  wanna go there and put the guy's  hands away from her. BUT WHY I AM  GETTING SO POSSESSIVE ABOUT HER. He  was surprised on his own reactions.  AND ITS HER LIFE, SHE WILL DO  WHATEVER SHE WANTS. He argued further  but his heart was not at rest till  that guy left and she was standing  there alone. After a moment, keep  aside the thoughts and feelings, he  just get to experience in a while,  he went to her. "Samar" she plainly  said with a sad emotion. "My fiance"   she later almost like whisper word explained all his questions. "We   should get going" She quickly took steps towards the car and get  inside.  Maan  followed her and again silence took place as he drive to his  house but  his mind was constantly answering the questions, he had  before. "THAT  DRUNK, WOMANIZER DOESN'T DESERVE Geet" His mind made that  decision  and he will look upto  it. She was his employee and just like  he help any of his other  employee, he will help her too. And above that,  she is also now friend  with his friends and he will never let them  down. He sooth his heart  with the fake reasons, whatever he could make  it at the time but  somehow in the back of the mind, he knew, that  whatever he will do is  just not for his friends...

[URL=]Part Eight---------page 32[/URL]

NEXT: Geet ananya's interaction and a surprise on its way for Geet. 

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yay first to like and first to post!!

great update...looking forward to next update! 

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ritzy09 IF-Rockerz

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absolutely awesome..i am happy maan knows about her so called fiance now...

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hwcan geet marry dat b******...maan apne pyar ko realise karo...u r falling fr geet...n realise it b4 its tooo late...

 beautiful update...

loved it very much...

thank u very much fr d lovely update...

eagerly waiting fr d nxt prt...

continue soon plz...

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