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MG SS:BTOOMH!! Epilogue/Page 119 (Page 14)

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Part 4

Geet was unable to understand her Boss. He was  behaving just not himself now-a-days. It wasn't like he was looking  Gaw-Gaw at her or drooling or stealing glances at her or made an attempt  to get her. It would all be just too embarrassing to even think for  her. But from the last three days, he didn't talk to her harshly or put  work-load on her. Like if it would have been anyone else, they would  have been quiet happy, thanking God for this miracle that her boss, who  was just too arrogant and serious typo was suddenly so caring and sweet.  Though she didn't doubt him a single bit for being not caring for his  employees, but that sweet factor surly left her suspicious. "God!! did  he just realized that you have also added a lil sugar while creating him  with all that spice that always mad him being so self-righteous and  angry or was he not wanna realize that side of him before?" Geet look  up onto the ceiling and sighing again turn back her gaze onto the LCD  screen. As her Boss wasn't giving her much of the work, she decided to  complete that files that were quite old, but still need to be updated.  She just hit the Enter button after finishing and saving the 3rd file  when the phone rings. "Yes Sir" she said holding up the cordless. "Ms.  Geet, can you please come in with the Mehra & Mehra file. He is an  old client. You may found his file in the rack" Another thing. Now her  boss was helping her to be updated with the office. "Ok Sir" She said  and cut the call. But to her luck, Mehra & Mehra file was placed  right next to her as she just finished updating it.

"Ms.Geet, Please today you need to finish up updating this file as we  are going to work with them once again. Mr. Mehra is on a tour to  England right now and after that he would be going on a vacation with  his family so willn't be able to give an appointment till a month.  That's why we are going to catch him in England because we can't wait to  get on with this project. Also inform Shaina, Nitin, Akshay to pack  there bags as we would be leave tonight" She wasn't sure if WE include  her too. So to be clear she said. "Sir, the reservations?" Maan look  up at her, impressed by her quick-mind act. "That's done already and  your ticket will be there at the counter. You, Shaina, Nitin and Akshay  have a half day off, Go pack your stuff and meet me at the airport sharp  at 11om with your passports" As Maan explained, Geet said a quick  OK and left. "OMG, England" She said in excitement packing her bag. She  called up Shaina Nitin and Akshay to inform them. "Geet, why don't we  leave after lunch. I will drop you off to your home" Shaina said and  Geet agreed.

Around 1:35, as she entered the cafeteria, She got stunned as many of  the people suddenly shout in the excitement just as she took one step  inside. She was baffled. "Oh, We won" "I told you, Its gonna be more  than 5 days" "Its treat time" She heard many of them saying similar  lines while approaching the table. "Oh man! Why boss did this to us?"  "Its our bad-luck" She heard Akshay and Vineet, the two Purchase  Officers, whining at a corner while others gather around them asking for  a treat with a victory smile. "What's going on?" She took the seat  after placing her bag onto the table, looking at all excited Shaina,  Aryan, Aditi and Nitin. Shaina put her hand on the table "They all are  happy because of you" She said pointing her. Geet just give a confused  look. Aditi and all chuckled "Remember I told you, You are 36th  secretary of Maan??" As she nod, Aditi continued. "So just for fun,  everyone out here now bet on how many days, the new secretary would put  up with Maan's anger...and Vineet and Akshay just lost" Aryan,  Shaina and Nitin giggled and later Aditi and Geet too joined them as  they saw Akshay and Vineet's helpless faces while counting the money and  coins on the tables, they just take out from there wallets. "Who told  them to bet for 5 days..." Nitin said still giggling as he turn to the  table. "God, that's hilarious" Aryan commented. All control there laughs  when Geet asked. "Have you guys too place the bets?" As each one  nodded, she got curious. "So for how many days you think I will be  here?" All look at each other with open mouths and then shake their  heads while ooking at her. "Nope, we can't tell you that" Shaina said  backing up. "Yeah, its against the rules" Aryan added. "Come on guys"  Geet whine making a puppy face. "You can tell your friend, can't you?"  Everyone simple just shake there heads and boys get up. "Sandwich and  Coffee for you?" Aryan asked shaina and she nod. "My usual..."Aditi  shouted as Nitin went away.

 Maan met his colleagues, he would rather call them colleagues than  employees, on the airport. Aryan, Aditi and Geet's Mother were there to  see them off. "Geet, you better take care of yourself. I? don't wanna  hear that you forgot your meals like you usually do and..." "Mom, i got  it..." She said being embarrassed as all others were looking at this  emotional mother-daughter scene with sly smiles. "What can i do...its  first time you are going away and i know you will not take care of  yourself" Smriti said caressing her face. Geet too got emotional on  hearing that and hold her hand. "I never had to took care of myself  before because you were always there to do that..." tears were swimming  in her eyes as she hugged her mother. Shaina approached them and took  hold of Geet's shoulders. "Aunty, you just don't need t worry...i will  make sure she don't skip her meals at all" Shaina said looking at Geet  with narrow eyes but later her lips broke into a smile. Aryan and Aditi  say bye to there beloved one's ruing to Maan as why is he taking  there spouse just to annoy them. But they too understand why he choose  them. After the hugs and wishes, Maan and gang went inside to the  counter from where they collect there tickets and board the flight.

It was all something new, something out of body experience for Geet,  but casual for others. A car was there to receive them. The driver took  there luggage and they took there seats in the Limousine. She was just  looking out the window, engraving the beauty of this city, London in her  mind while Maan was discussing the plans with Nitin and Shaina.  Akshay was giving his intake on the material to be purchased for this  project. After reaching the hotel, they took the keys to the Penthouse  booked for them by Mr.Mehra. It was a three bedroom, beautifully  furnished placed having antique art pieces stick to the wall. Nitin and  Akshay had to share the room as well as Geet and Shaina. Maan likes  to stay alone as as per being the boss, he was allotted a single room.  "Ah...its superb place" Geet said taking off her coat as she hanged it   neatly, to reveal the white fitted shirt underneath along with the  office trousers. It was totally a professional tour and she wasn't  either looking up to make it a fun trip. "Yeah...But what a waste when  we will be just staying here for three days and will do nothing but  work" Shaina said as she took off her shoes as well as stockings and lay  back on one of the two single beds with a bump. "Don't worry Shaina"  Geet went to the other bed and sit down. "You can come later to enjoy  with Aryan..." Geet said with a wink while taking off her shoes and  stocking too, placing it neatly, beside her bed. Shaina blushed at her  comment and turn on her hand. "I just hope it will be soon...Aryan was  planning to come my home but due to this trip, its been extended further  now" Shaina said making a face. "And then why i am not being informed?"  The voice made them both jump up and saw a frowning Maan standing  on the threshold with his arms crossed. "Umm...Wo...Actually...Maan"  Shaina was stammering, moving her hands from her hairs. "Shy, i thouht  before we are colleagues, we are friends aren't we?" He sounded  disappoint. Shaina shook her body and went towards him. "Maan, we are  friends before anything. And it was nothing serious" Maan looked at  him,  narrowing his eyes as if saying. ISN'T IT??? Shaina got taht look and  said. "Alright, its something huge OK..." "But it was just, Aryan asked  me two days before that he is planning to ask his father to come at my  place with the proposal and nothing is finalized yet...I would have told  you all if something have been confirmed" Shaina explained with a  failure look. Maan thought of it for a moment and then hold her  shoulders. "Ok, i forgive you...But i am so happy for you both" He said,  smiling. "Really?" Shaina asked, confirming. "Oh...come on...I am not  that bad that i willn't get happy with my friend's Happiness" He moved  forward and hugged her. "I love you Shy, you are one of my best friends"  Maan said. "I love you too Maan and will never wanna loose a great  friend like you" They broke the hug as Maan said. "Oh thats what i  am" With a teasing smile and both break into a laugh. That's when Geet   noticed his breath-taking smile. He had a beautiful, enchanted dimpled  smile. God, Girls would die to get this man. She thought unaware of the  fact that she was staring at them and they were looking back. Shaina and  Maan noticed her gaze. Maan came infront of her. "Where are you  lost??. Ms.Geet" He asked snapping his fingers infront of her,  getting  her back to reality. "Sorry Sir, was just admiring your friendship" She  said looking down. "Maan, Please stop bossing around at this time?"  Shaina whine a little. "That's true. We are not in office right now"  Nitin said from the behind. "Can atleast here we have our friend back?"  He said pleading and Shaina too joined them. Maan look at them for a  moment. No matter how hard or arrogant he looks, he had the heart of  gold which surly get melted at those cute faces of his friends. "Ok, But  till then we are free. As soon as we get on to work, I want everything  to be truly and just only professional" He said giving the last warning  as a boss for the night. Shy and Nitin smiled brightly. "Oh, by the way,  what are you doing here?? Aditi left you too early for a call" Maan  said winking at Shaina as to invite her to tease Nitin now. "Ya...How  that miracle happened?" Shaina said in the same teasing tone while  elbowing him. "Stop it guys" Nitin was actually blushing. "I had to take  a nap and before going to bed, i came to check on for which you  actually came here Mr.Not-So-Boss-Right-Now" Nitin said making Maan  remember as why he came to this room. "OH yeah, i just came? to check if   you both need anything and also had to collect the file which is with  you Ms.Geet right now" Maan turned back to her. She quickly get to  her office bag and bring out the file. "Thank you..." He said sweetly  and turn towards the door with Niin. "You both have some sleep and then  Shy, We need to work on the presentation that we have to show to  Mr.Mehra day after tomorrow" Shaina nodded as they left closing the door  behind them.

It was around 8, when they woke up. Geet get out into the dark sitting  area wearing a casual white fitted t-shirt saying IF YOU THINK I'M  CRAZY, THEN YOU NEED TO SEE A PHYSIOLOGIST :P in different colors with  pink trousers, to get a glass of water from the small refrigerator  placed in the sitting. Her eyes were still heavy with the sleep but she  got alert when she saw a figure sitting on the huge leather sofa,  putting his legs crossed on the table in front, working on the laptop.  But what left her almost breath-less was the attire of the person. He  was sitting just in his black sleeveless vest with trousers. She rubbed  her eyes as of thinking it to be a SEXY, HOT dream of hers but gladly,  it was just so reality. His biceps moving as he constantly typed onto  the laptop. Glasses, he rarely wore just for reading, was adding charm  to his already perfect face. The manly hairs on his arms, making it look  more appealing. He was just looking so perfect, so desirable. Geet  keep admiring her for a moment. Her licked her lips as they got dry. But  just jerked herself out "What the hell i am thinking" She kicked  herself. Slowly, without making a noise, she went towards the fridge as  now, her already thirsty throat was almost dry after watching that  burned up scene. Hearing the light click of the fridge, Maan stand  up, adjusting his vest. "Ms.Geet...What are you doing here?" In reply,  Geet couldn't do anything else than showing her glass half-filled with  water and quickly gulped that down. "Oh...Ms.Geet, Can you please wake  up Shaina..I am feeling too hungry right now so i was thinking that we  all should go down to the hotel's restaurant to have our dinner"  Maan explained, bending down, closing the lid of the laptop. "Yes  Sir" She was thankful, she got enough voice to say that and rushed  towards her room in quick steps. She was sure, if she would stay there  for some more time, she would have ended the water bottle.

They all were dinning in the restaurant. The food was placed infront of  them and was smelling delicious. Geet put a little piece of Chicken  with Black beans and cheese in her plate along with some salad. While  wine was served to them. "Maan, it seems really nice...You also should  introduce something in your restaurant" Nitin said munching.  "Yeah...actually i am in discussion with the chefs of Geschmack  to introduce some new variety of food and also we are planning to hire a  Brazilian chef to give Bar-Be Q classes...They cook it awesomely"  Maan replied. Akshay was trying to get in a conversation with the  boys while Shaina and Geet were giving each other some company.  Suddenly, Maan hands froze as well as his eyes. Shaina and Nitin  were the first one's to notice that as well as Geet and turn around to   look where he was looking at. There was standing a beautiful woman  dressing in a halter-neck blue gown which was truly enhancing her  features. "God dammit" He get up from his chair and throwing away the  napkin angrily on the table, left the restaurant. Geet and akshay were   confused while Shaina and Nitin were looking shocked too. They both too  stopped eating anymore. "Guys, I am full" Nitin said getting up and  Shaina too followed. "Me too..." Geet too dropped her fork and get up.  "Even i am over with the food" Nitin went to pay the bill while Shaina  asked akshay to come up after finishing his food. Geet followed  roboticly to Nitin and Shaina towards the elevator. Getting into the  room, Shaina was too looking angry. "Was she any ex-girlfriend of  Mr.Khurrana?" She asked in a slow voice. "No, She was his ex-wife" Shaina   replied

Part Five-------page 16

(OK guys, Hope its long enough...Yes Maan's Ex-Wife was  standing there. So what kind of wife she was and how she turned Ex-Wife  from a Wife will be answered in next chapters)

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oh wow.. soo thats explains maans daughter.. great part hun.. cont soon

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Superb update. Loved the bonding between the friends. X wife interesting. I thought she was dead. Waiting for the next update 

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Maan has wonderful friends he is very lucky

PLZ continue soon

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loved it! Its geting more intresting. Geet is geting effected by her boss... Curious to know maans past. Cont. Soon.

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Loved it! Awesome update
Waiting to know more abt Maan's past :-)

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geet's already attracted to maan!!
continue soon..

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