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MG SS:BTOOMH!! Epilogue/Page 119 (Page 118)

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Beautifully ending...solving all th problems perfectly...

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amazing Wink

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lovelyyy awesome res for comment on full ff

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Dedicated to ll my fab MG readers...Your comments on final updates were just so amazing...I truly loved your response guys...

Embarrassedluv yaEmbarrassed

4 years later...

Maan opened the door of a room on which three wooded hands were attached and the names of his three sweetie pies were craved inside those palms.

Ananya, Arav & Tej.

He peeped in the room to see a 7 years old Ananya, standing infront of a black board, writing A, B, C in her newly learned cursive writing to teach her twin baby brothers. "A for... " She called and the twins replied. "Apple..." "B for..." "Ball..." Maan smiled as he get in when Ananya called Arav to the board and asked him to write Ball's spelling on it and Samar did that nicely while when she called Tej, he spelled apple rightly but in was not in a proper line. "You always do this mistake Tej" Ananya scolded him lightly while she hugged Arav tightly. Ananya and Arav shared a special bond that Ananya and Tej don't have. Tej would feel left out most of the time. Maan came and pulled Tej in his lap. "Whats going on?" He asked after kissing Tej's cheek. Tej keep looking at Ananya and Arav with a forlorn look and then looked up at Maan. "Daddy, I want my own sister" His face was so innocent and sad, that Maan heart melted. "Ananya is your sister, baby..." Maan tried to boost up his mood. "She doesn't play with me" He complained. "AWEE" Maan hugged Tej tightly in his arms and turned his attention to Arav and Ananya who were playing with their toys now. "Ananya, why don't you play with Tej??..." Maan said in a little hard voice. Ananya bit her lip and looked up at Maan with a pout. "He doesn't like to play with the toys, I like" Ananya replied. Maan shook his head. "That's not a good thing Ananya...if he doesn't like those toys...You can play with the ones, he like...You are the elder sister na...You need to protect them and play with them. Will you like it if Arav and Tej play together and they ignore you?" Ananya shook her head in No. Maan asked the question from Arav too who also shook his head in No and after coming to Tej, they pulled him with themselves and started playing with him. Maan smiled brightly seeing his babies playing together. His life just moved with a supersonic speed with Geet and his babies, that he doesn't even remember a moment of his life, without them.

He remembered how he and Geet broke the news of babies to Bi and Smriti but most importantly, how carefully they had to tell Ananya that she will have someone to share her things. She was ecstatic, no doubt about that. A few days later, when Geet went for her 1st ultrasound test and they got to know that they will have twins, Maan couldn't tell how big of a grin he got. He took full care of Geet in those months. Though her pregnant wife's hormones were on a high roll, he tried his best to be alert. Those feet and belly massages, he would give her plus when he and Ananya would put their ears to her belly to hear something while Geet was off to sleep, made a lot of beautiful memories for him to cherish. Maan liked to indulge Geet and fulfill her minor to minor demands though she would rarely make them. Those late night movies while holding your pregnant wife in your hands and in between you, there will be ice-cream bucket instead of have to comment on a girls WEIRD dressing and have to agree with her that the "MAN ON THE SCREEN" is hot when "MAN OF HER DREAMS" is sitting beside because you don't want to take the chances of getting scratched by a pregnant lioness but still you end up in the bed having a great time by using your bit of "Distraction Moves," really made him enjoy that period of his life. And when the twin arrived, life seemed like a roller-coaster ride. Smriti, Bi and Ananya were all over the babies. It was Ananya who suggested the name Tej cause of the "CUTE BOY" in her class had that name and Arav was suggested by SMRITI who so wished to name that to her own son. Geet that day felt happiness from every pore of her being. While she became a mother of two little boys that extended her family to a new level, she also felt that somewhere, she made her mother happy too. Though Smriti's obsession over a son was over after getting Maan in her life, but seeing Arav and Tej, the way her eyes lit up, provides great satisfaction to Geet. While Bi and Smriti took charge of the boys care, Geet got enough time to spend with her baby doll. Ananya was pampered in the same way by her as before. There was no change that she allowed to come into their lives. Maan smiled feeling content with his life. Ananya will always be her first priority and Ananya too, ran to her first if ever she gets into a problem. Ananya wasn't that kind of kid who feels bad by getting siblings thinking that her value might decrease for her parents but she welcomed them with open arms. While both the babies would be tuck in their car seats, Ananya would sit in the middle and try to distract them from their cries by showing them the jingling toys. Geet would prepare the milk bottles while Ananya would hold it while Arav and Tej drank from it. It was such a sweet memory to remember forever. Maan even had few pictures clicked of those moments which were now hanging in his kid's bedroom.

He remembered how hard it was for him to keep his hands to himself for those six months after her delivery. Geet strictly ordered him not to touch her before that and later when she allowed him after his pleading, she ordered him to be CAREFUL as she surly don't entertain the idea of having more kids. He knew that handling 3 kids a whole day is a tough work. She had made sure to let him experience that one day leaving the three babies and Bi home with him while she went to shopping with Smriti on the Mother's Day. All he remembered at the end of the day was, he hit the bed with an exhausted body that he couldn't even figure out when he went to sleep without changing into his night suit.

Maan smiled with a wicked grin when Tej screamed and came to him. "Daddy, I need my own sister...Even Nisha got her own baby sister now...why can't I have one?" He said with teary eyes mentioning Shaina and Aryan's 3 year old daughter Nisha and a one year old, Aradhya. Maan looked at Arav and Ananya who were running around the house chasing eachother and Tej was already eliminated as he got caught earlier by them. Maan pulled Tej up in his arms and said with a huge sigh. "I need to discuss that with your mama" And he know, how hard it's going to be to convince her.

While Tej was an exact copy of Geet, Arav was a mixture of them both but the twins were far different from eachother on emotional level. Tej felt everything from heart while Arav was more of a brain kid. He was outspoken and friendly while Tej was reserved. May be that's why Ananya was more drawn to him but she loved Tej equally. Just Tej wasn't looking much at it and Ananya wasn't able to show him that in a perfect way.

Geet was standing in the kitchen, cutting some vegetables when Maan hugged her from behind and snaked his arms around her waist. "Hey wifey..." He placed a soft kiss on her cheek that made her blush. "Hi hubby..." She whispered back but kept on cutting the vegetables. "I need to discuss something very Very VERYYY important to you" She raised her brow while turning her head a little. Maan was hesitant so he started to play with the locks of her hairs. "Maan..." She totally turned to look at her with a dangerous look when Maan changed the subject he actually wanted to start. "I missed you" He said with a cute pout that melted her insides. She looked around for the kids but when she didn't see anyone around. She hold his tie and pulled his face down to leave a small lingering kiss on his lips but he pulled her against himself and didn't let her stop till he got his fill. The screams of the babies reached their ears when they parted and took a deep breath. "You still had that same effect on me..." Maan commented making her go beet-rooted red. Geet pushed him away and turn back to carry on with her work when the kids enter and demanded. "Foood".

Geet just fall on the bed, letting her exhausted body get a moment of relief when Maan took off his slippers and slipped into the bed beside her. "Tired" He asked as he pulled her closer to himself and their legs entangled which provide a bit sooth to Geet. "Very..." She mumbled and closed her eyes, while nuzzling his chest. Maan softly stroked her face and run his fingers through her soft hairs. "Ron mailed me today...He, Sneha and Priya are coming this weekend." Maan explained only to hear her "hmmm" in reply. "Ron said that he and Sneha planned to take kids to a nearby hill station for a four days' vacation in this trip too". Maan further explained and saw her finally opening her eyes.  "A hill station?" Geet looked at him with worried eyes. "Yes...and above that, we cannot go with them." Maan said further making her frown. "You know that project we are working at...Its really important for our company...and since, you are handling that project with me'. I also can't allow you to go because the deal is going to be settled in next week...Mr. Malhotra called me in the morning." Geet took a deep breath as she averted her gaze and start staring at the ceiling. "Ask Sneha to rearrange her schedule or cancel this trip." She said in a flat tone. "Geet..." Maan tried to reason out but Geet knew what is coming so she avoided his gaze and stopped him to speak further. "Please Maan...I willn't let Ananya, Arav and Tej to go out with them without anyone from us...If they want to go somewhere, they better arrange something that we are comfortable with...otherwise..." She said with a tone of finality and turned to her side of the bed.

Maan sighed. He couldn't argue further with a mother so he pulled her close to himself and closed his eyes while hugging her from the back. That one incident has changed the whole attitude of Geet towards Sneha. Before that she had a soft spot for her. May be Geet hadn't given birth to Ananya, but she was her mother from her soul. When Sneha came back in their life, Geet being a mother understood her pain and gave her the space so that Sneha could also get the taste, the scared feeling of being a mother but instead, She tried to snatch her baby from her. Maan though had showed her the letter and tried to reason out but for the first time in her life, Geet preferred to be selfish rather than being selfless. She agreed that fate was not nice to Sneha, her father wasn't nice to Sneha but it wasn't her fault. She too got the happiness of her life after a great struggle and she surly couldn't live without Maan and Ananya being a part of it now. When months later after that incident, Ron called and asked, almost pleaded to let Sneha meet Ananya once a year atleast, Geet agreed just with the condition that Ananya can go out till Geet or Maan or Bi or Smriti would accompany her. She wasn't that ruthless to hold a grudge against Sneha but she was a scared mother than, just. And from then on, Sneha would come with Ron and spend sometime with Ananya in the protective presence of her parents. Ananya was afraid to be with Sneha in the start but Geet helped her get over her fear and that's the most she was able to do. Sneha understood her fears and to lessen them, has adopted a baby girl in London whom she named Priya but nothing helped Geet.

Mrs. bajpai left her husband and went to stay with her daughter in London as she just couldn't stay with the man, who destroyed her daughter's life for his own interest. With the news of Mr.Bajpai's trade tactics after that party, his company went into loss. The share prices drop and he was asked to sell his house and shift into a one bedroom apartment just to stay with his lonliness as Sneha, Ron and Mrs. Bajpai cut there ties with him. And he was spending his life cursing his pride and evil deeds.

"Geet, are you free this evening...I want us to go out and do a little shopping for ourselves. My wedding is just three weeks away and still my wedding dress needs to be finalized yaar'" Aditi said as she entered Geet's cabin. Geet had left work when she was expecting and it was just a few months back, when the twins started there pre-school that she joined once again. She looked up from her file and gave an apologetic smile. "Sorry Aditi...but yaar I can't go out tonight...Arav, Ananya and Tej will be home alone and after a whole day of not seeing them, I don't want to miss that evening time of our's". Aditi's face dropped hearing that. "Oh, Come'on yaar...A day won't make an issue...You hardly ever go out with us anymore. Look at Shaina''leaving Nisha and Aradhya with Aryan, she do accompany me sometimes...You too can let Maan take a charge for one night" Aditi pouted. Geet rubbed her temple seeing that puppy look of Aditi and when she made her face more solemn, Geet had to give in. "I have to talk to Maan then'.Will do that in the lunch hour". "Why not now?...Come on" Aditi hold Geet's hand and pulled Geet up from her chair before she opened Maan's cabin door and pushed her in before following her.

Maan was on a call when they came in. He rushed through it before turning his concentration to her. Geet was feeling awkward. They had always kept that in mind to not discuss their personal matters in office and here she was standing for one. "hmm...What happened? You need to say something?" Maan looked at Geet and then back at Aditi who winked his way as if saying 'I did your work'. "Yes...Actually Aditi wants me to accompany her for shopping in the evening...I came to ask that if...It will be ok for you to take care of the kids for sometime". Geet asked nervously. Maan had took care of the babies in the past too, when she would be too much tired or not feeling well. He never allowed her to stress over things. He smiled affectionately. "Of course, I can handle them...and moreover, Bi and Aunty are there too...You should go and have fun" Maan said with a sweet smile that made Geet smile too. She turned to Aditi and promised to go with her before she heard her cabin's phone ringing and rushed out. Maan grinned at Aditi who grinned back at him. "You better keep her out till 11:30" Maan warned with a sly smile. "You better not underestimate my shopping skills" Maan chuckled as Aditi left with a wide smile on her face.

Geet was hell tired at the end of the shopping and above that, Aditi and Nitin didn't even let her eat anything properly. "Aditi...We better go home yaar...See its already 11:33...OMG...I never have been out for this long ever" Geet freaked out while Aditi quickly typed a message on her mobile to Maan. "We are bound to set records with time Geet..." She looked at her tired face and her heart melted. "Ok...I think we are dress is selected and even we got the sandals to go with it...I will take Shaina tomorrow to with jewelry" Aditi lead Geet to Nitin's car who was asked to drop the girls home.

The door opened after a minute later she stepped out from the car. She gave a miss call to Maan so he could come and open the door for her as she didn't want the kids or anyone at home to get disturbed by the bell. But when she got in, only darkness greeted her. She got worried amd stepped in to call for Maan. "Maan" "Maan" She took careful steps before the grandfather clock started its alarm. "Happy 5th wedding Anniversary wifey" Maan whispered near her ear, making her jumped before he gave a hearty laugh and pulled her up in his arms. "Maan..." She squealed in a lower voice "What are you doing?" Geet asked in a whisper. It was still dark so she was unable to look at his face. "Starting our Anniversary celebrations...Its my turn and I am eager to make it another memorable night of our life" He took few steps. A mild light filled the environment that took Geet's attention and she looked in the front, to gasp out. The dining table was set with a few of her favorite dishes. Only the lit candles were providing the light. Maan put her down before he took his seat and pulled her into his lap. "Maan..." She gasped. "Why are you being so shameless tonight...Any one can come here...Ma, Bi, Gauri" She warned him and tried to get up but his hold get tighter around her waist. "Now how can anyone can walk here if no one is present in this house tonight else than us" He gave a sly smirk but Geet got alert. "What do you mean by that...where is everyone?" Maan pushed her hairs back from her neck so he can nuzzled her there. "Everyone is at your parents' house for tonight...Bi and Aunty took the kids and I also send Gauri(the maid) and Driver with them...So now, it's just you's just me" He kissed her neck, making her shiver. "But Maan...". She tried to argue but Maan looked at her irritatingly this time. "Geet...Its enough now...I promise, no one is there beside Aunty, Bi and Gauri...Stop fretting out now...You don't trust Sneha...I understand that...But atleast, trust your mother with Bi with them" Geet backed out for a moment hearing him this angry. He rarely got angry. He understood her condition but this uncertainty needs to be end now. When she didn't say a word in reply, he got angrier and tried to push her up. "Ok, I call the driver...he will come and take you to them...I am going to sleep now" But before he could stand up, Geet put all her weight on him and hugged around his neck. "I am sorry" She said with a cute pout. Maan looked away to ignore her but Geet got the chance and kissed his cheek. "It's red with your anger..." She explained as he turned his face to her, and after giving a narrow look, showed his other cheek too. "It too needs the medication" Geet bit her lower lip before she kissed it too. "Happy...?" Maan shook his head in no and pointed out to his nose. "This too..." She blushed at that and kissed the nose too. "Now it's my turn..." and in a quick second, he cupped her face and gave a peck on her pink lips. She blushed as he backed away and chuckle. "5 years, and you still blush on the kisses...What will be you like when you will get to know, how this night is going to be proceeded as?" Geet hit his chest in a playful manner. "Hush...enough teasing me...let's eat first...I am starving" She served a place for themselves. "I think Aditi did her work perfectly then..." Geet's open mouth was the only indication that they all played there parts perfectly. "Maan...You kept me hungry on purpose..." "I myself didn't eat anything so that I can eat with you" Her heart melted and this time she kissed him before whispering "I love you" and started feeding him.

When the dinner was done in that candle light cozy environment, Maan helped Geet in putting the things away before he led her to the backyard. Geet covered her mouth in surprise. A black square tent was set up in the dark portion of the backyard. A place, where they had made countless memories. The proposal, his birthday, there deep kisses, there dance. How she missed making this memory out here? she wondered. As if he had read her thoughts, he hugged her shoulders from behind and whispered in her ears. "I thought, in the series of our memories out here, let's add another one..." He pulled Geet with her into the tent and closed the open end of the tent from inside to secure themselves from their neighbor eyes. It took him a huge time to set all this up. Inside the black tent, a white mattress was placed in the middle of the ground, covered with white silk sheets. The mattress was also sheltered with white net which was pulled up with the help of bamboo sticks around corners. Maan turned to look at an amused Geet before he took three steps towards her and pulled her in his arms, making her leave all her rational thoughts. The night was a pure bliss for the couple as they once again relished and cherished each other to their fill under the starry sky.

1 month later.

Maan was sitting in his bed, all ready for the night when the bathroom door opened and an angry Geet emerged from it.


"Hmm..." He was putting away his files in the side closet.

"I am pregnant" She broke the news.

"Wow" a quick smile lifted up on his face and he turned to look at her who was giving her a glare. He gulped down his saliva before stuttering. "Ah..ah...I mean how"

"You tell me how..." She came to the bed in quick steps ad putting hands on her waist looked down at him like an angry teacher. Maan looked at her with an innocent look when inside, he was jumping. He hasn't discussed Tej's baby demand with her but later he himself wished to had another daughter and thought to surprise her and he stopped using 'protection'.

"I thought you were taking precaution"

Maan put forward his hand to hold hers but she smack it before he could even touch her.

"I just get impatient" Maan whispered like a guilty child.

"For what?"

"For you..." Geet's heart melted and she looked at her with soften eyes.

"But we planned for two more babies after ananya..." Geet mumbled.

Seeing her soften up, Maan went closer to her and pulled her in his lap.

"Yeah we planned for two...but I didn't know at that time that we will get a bonus over one..." He referred to the twins.

"And exactly who do you think was a bonus then?" Geet questioned with her tongue in the cheek while tracing the hem of his vest near his neck. It surly was difficult for him to choose who was the BONUS.

"They both are bonus over one another...but the point is'..Tej wants a sister as Ananya and Arav are more close to eachother plus, I want to see you pregnant once again..." He nuzzled her neck

"Why so?"

"Because pregnant wife is yummye to eat..." And to make her words believable, he gave her a bite.

"Ouch" She winced but as he licked the area, she moaned and dug her nails in his skin.

"Tell are happy with this baby..." He said as he pulled her down along with himself and removed her gown from her shoulder, before paying homage to it.

"I am..." Geet said before Maan looked up at him.

"Our baby is bound to make me happy" She cupped his face and pulled him down into a deep kiss.

8 months later:

Geet was laying on the hospital bed when Maan along with the kids enter her room.

"I have my baby sister now" Tej grinned with a big toothy grin.

"Awww..." Ananya looked into the crib placed beside Geet's bed and adored the baby.

"Mama...her hands are so small and soft" Ananya touched baby's hand who gripped her finger in it.

"And such a small nose..." Arav said while looking through the crib bars'He loved having an elder sister and was happy to have a younger one now.

Maan helped Geet in sitting carefully...Before he kissed her forehead.

Tej get on the bed and kissed Geet's cheek.

"Thank you for my baby sister" Geet's eyes moistened while Maan grinned. Tej was a fast learner. Maan had taught him on the way to the hospital to do this.

"So what is my sister's name?" Tej asked as he get down from the bed and stand beside Arav to look at his sister.

Geet looked up at Maan and whispered. "Riya..."

Maan felt overwhelmed with her suggestion. His eyes filled with moisture before he shook his head.

"No Geet...Riya is gone now...She is now a beautiful memory of my life that I want to cherish forever...but I don't want to live with the fear of loosing my baby...I know she has her own fate...but I don't want this name to affect her in anyway"

Geet hold his hands in hers in understanding.

"So what should we name her then...You suggest"

Maan looked at his babies before whispering. "Taani..."

"Thats so sweet...Taani..." Geet agreed.

"What say Tej?" Maan asked as he came to Tej and asked him.

"Taani...Tej ki Taani..." He said with a wide smile

"Yes...Tej ki Taani..." Ananya and Arav get on the bed to hug Geet while Maan pulled Tej up into his arms to let him meet his baby sister.

The unlimited amount of happiness that now filled each and every moment of his life was brought by this only girl who broke his all oaths of loneliness and filled it with her selfless love. All he did was, gave another chance to his life.

Thank you for all the support guys...

Keep loving & supporting me...

Luv Ya



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Loved it !!!!!!
Sad that it ended :(
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awesomeee superb fabulas ... i was sad for taj ...but at the end we did got to see his  wish full fill...i wish you could have shown us ,...more taj and taani bounding i realy .,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,u write some what 2nd epiloge ...with four kids and their special bounding ... it was and awesome fanfiction...please if you have time do write more of epiloge ...fabulas superb duper hit update dear the maaneet love ...
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Beautiful !
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Wow ...superb epilogue...please start another FF. your writing is remarkable...

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