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Geet - Hui Sabse Parayee
Geet - Hui Sabse Parayee

MG SS:BTOOMH!! Epilogue/Page 119 (Page 112)

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Originally posted by sweetsampa39

Both the updates are great.

First of all three cheers for Shaina,Aditi,Aryan and Nitin for being the frnd they are.Love them.
And hate Sneha and father.Like father like daughter.

After Geet showed her humanity to let her stay for one week in her house,that selfish Sneha cud make a scene in the party,disgusting.

Love the Maaneet bonding too much here.At first Geet supporting Maan and later Maan taking her out to ease out her pain.

I jst hope Ananya stay safe.

Gr8 parts.

thanku so much dear...
yup, friends should be like these four...
sneha over used her power to stay in there house and got to pay the price now...

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Originally posted by Hanishadevi

Both updates are amazing..
Feel like killing snehaAngryAngry..hw she can talk low about Geet..
Sneha and the father are disgusting..
Love Shaina (also the slapLOLLOL),Aditi,Aryan and Nitin they are really a real gem of frenz...
Geet showed sympathy  on her she humiliate her in the cheapAngry

Love the Maaneet bonding and their little trip to the forestEmbarrassedEmbarrassed..pls cont soon..

thanku so much hanisha...
yup, sneha really was a evil in there...
haha...shaina deserved a kiss for that slap...
ahem ahem...more forest romance coming soonWink
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Originally posted by 6n6s6k6i6r6a6n6

friends hoon to Maan ke friends jaise...

what a slap by Shaina to Sneha...

she is not to be blamed that much for what happened with her but now what she is doing is not tolerable...she should understand that whatever was the reason or situation for her separation with Maan but the time has passed their life has changed...Maan is married to geet and they are happy family...and Sneha what ever her life is now that is her destiny...

want to see Maan ruining Bajpai...

Maan is Khurana then why u are reffering him as Singhania...please see this mistake...

awesome updates...

thanx for pm...

thanku dear for long comments.
Maan will surly make bajpai pay for his deeds...or better, Let God do that to him...
sneha over the time will understand but she will pay a price for that
oops soorry...will take care of that mistake...

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Part 28

Maan was looking down at the sleeping form of Geet. They were still at the lake side. The sun just rose up an hour back but the atmosphere around was still cool and soothing. And in this soft light of sunrays, Geet was looking more mesmerizing then ever. The hay stack they used just one and a half hour back was now spreading beneath them like a sheet above that grassed ground. Few of hay sticks were tangled in Geet's hair, making her look so cute but Maan knew, how out of control she was just a few hours ago. Damn, He wasn't able to hold his hormones too. Her swollen lips, the red marked arms, the teeth marks on her chest were describing the whole story of there night. Maan remember how he built up her passion that at the time, she was actually begging her for a release but he didnt give in till the first ray of the sun touched there almost bared skins. Her whimpers, her sighs all were still fresh in his mind. She tried her best to keep her voice down but that just prompted Maan to assault her senses more and when finally, they touched those sky high limits of there passion, they could call it nothing more than Amazing. All through, he knew NO one most probably will wander around the area as he used to visit with his friends long back at these same hours. Maan smiled at his beautiful wife and picked out a hay stick from her hairs only to trace her body. The pointed edge of the stick rubbed against her forehead, nose, lips and moved down towards her neck till her skin was exposed by the top she was wearing. She moaned in her sleep that gave him another reason to continue with his work. He traced the side of her neck and moved down to trace her arms and followed the same route on the other side. "Maan..." She murmered in her sleep. Maan was amazed to see his power over her and not able to hold himself back, he raised her top a little from her waist and after giving her a last look, bend down to lick her bellybutton. He groaned at the back of his throat as her skin's taste filled his mouth. Geet's body jerked and she opened her eyes to see her husband appreciating her body. Her fingers found there place in his hairs and pulled them just to make him look up. Maan's lustful eyes met her hazy ones. "Good Morning" He whispered in his husky tone moving up only to grab her lips between his. She watched her body replying the passion, he was projecting in his actions. Her hands were carelessly roaming on his back while his were just memorizing her curves. They groaned and moaned some more before Maan pulled apart and lay down beside her, only to pull her up in his arms. "You ok Geet?" He asked with concern. "hmmm ...Never been much better than this" She whispered and kissed his chest from above his shirt. "I didnt hurt you right?" He remembered the rough way, his body played havoc over hers. It all just happened in the time. He wasnt able to think anything else than her. "No..." She looked up at him to show him her sincere words. "All i felt, was loved and all i am feeling right now is as if I am flying high in the sky" She smiled, making Maan have a huge grin. "That good..huh??" Geet's cheek blushed. "That good...". Maan pulled her up beside himself and turned his body towards her, after making her put her head on his stretched hand. "I want to say something to you" Geet diverted all her attention towards him and clutched his shirt in her hand's grip. "Geet, I want you to believe yourself...I want to see you standing up for yourself...You have every right over me, over Ananya, over our why are you doubting anything?" Geet looked straight into his chocolate eyes, without blinking. Maan pulled her closer by her waist. There legs entwined as he put her ear to his chest, making her hear his heartbeat. " You heard anything?" Maan asked after a moment. "Hmm...Your heartbeat" Geet whispered back. "Did you hear you name in there?" Geet smiled at his statement and bit her lip to stop her giggle. "Uh-huh" Geet shook her head in No. Maan pulled her back from himself. "What?" His eyes widened in surprise. "No...I myself heard it many times" He made his face like it was hard to believe. "You really didn't heard it?" He asked once again and Geet shook her head with an innocent face. "Hmmm...lets try once more" and he pulled her once again to the earlier position. This time when his heart-beat, he whispered "Geet" with each single beat. Geet smiled and hugged him tightly. Everything that he needed to say to her was all said by his little act. Geet took a deep breath, inhaling his smell. "I love you Maan" She nuzzled his chest as he ruffled her hairs and replied. "I love you too Geet...Just you" This time, he said it without any hesitation. Geet has successfully got her space in his life and heart and had broken all the wall of safety, uncertainty, guiltiness from around. His Oath to not get involved in someone's life was broken by her and seeing the amount, she trust on him, He made a new oath to never let her down. He would do anything to make her feel safe and secure and loved.

"Lets go home...Ananya will be up in sometime and you know, how she doesnt like Bi or Aunty dressing her up for school" Maan said getting up and helped Geet. Geet straightened up her dress and ruffled her hairs to take out the left over hay sticks. Maan smiled devilishly looking at her disheveled self and on seeing Geet glare, chuckled. They get into the car and Maan started driving while Geet took hold of his mobile, that was placed on the dashboard of his car and dialed home number. As expected, Bi picked up the call and inquired them about there's whereabout. Geet pacified her and asked her to make Ananya get ready as they might get late while reaching home. Bi knew thats a tough task but agreed to give it a try. Geet felt bad for not being there to help Ananya with her morning chores but Maan pacified her. "Dont worry Geet...We will reach home in time to drop her off to school" He held her hand and she gave a small smile. "In between, I was thinking that today we should take a leave from office , What say?" He tried to divert her mind once again and it worked. "Ahaan...but may be my boss willnt allow that" She rolled her tounge in her cheek and give an innocent smile. "Is that so?" Maan caught up with her playful mood. "Yeah...cause I am his favorite employee...We also went on dates a few times" She smirked and made Maan grin. "What? And you are confessing it to your husband that all right now" He made a fake shock face while she giggled. "I was just trying to be honest...He is so sexy" She replied with a twinkle in her eyes. "hmmm...may be you should spend this whole day with me and you will know that your husband is more romantic and sexy then him" Geet bit her lower lip and smiled. "I will decide that after a demo" She demanded. "Oh really? I think I showed you a demo few hours back" Geet's face flushed up and that made Maan laugh out. He loved her shy side. The romantic spell was broken later on by his mobile ring and Geet picked it up seeing the call is coming from home. "Mama" Ananya's voice from the other side greeted her. "Aww my bacha..." Geet murmured making Maan smile. "Mama, Where are you? Amma says, she will dress me...Ananya wants Mama" She whined and that took Geet's heart away. "Mama asked Bi to do that so that when I come back home, Mama and Daddy will drop Ananya to the school" Geet tried to explain. "But I want Mama" She argued. "Ok...How about you get ready by Bi and then we all will go to park in the evening." Ananya thought over it for a moment. Geet knew this will work so kept on saying. "And in addition, If Ananya is going to be good with Bi...Mama will get her her favorite chocolate" And that did it. "I am always good with Amma" She cut the call and left a smiling Geet on the other side. "Guess we need to buy a chocolate now" Maan grinned seeing the manipulative way of Geet. Geet nodded while grinning back.

"Mama...Daddy" Ananya jumped up from her chair as she was doing her breakfast and run to Geet who caught her up in arms. Ananya planted a kiss on her cheek. "Where were you? You know shampoo went into my eyes while taking bath" Ananya complained and with the help of her finger, pulled her cheek down to show her a little red eyes. "Oh my it hurting you?" Geet asked while pulling her close. "No, Bi kissed my eyes and I am feeling little good" Geet got what she wanted and kissed both of ananya eyes and looked back at her. "How do you feel now?" "No hurting" Maan chuckled seeing the toothy grin of her baby and the bond she and Geet shared now. "So if you are done with your mama...Can daddy have a kiss too?" Geet gave Ananya to Maan and went to grab her lunch, bag and water bottle. Ananya kissed Maan cheeks and soon the family left to drop Ananya to her school. They spend the rest of the day at home. Sneha wasn't back so that made them spend some quality time with Bi and Smriti after they fulfilled there quota of sleep as the last night was almost sleepless. Maan was surprized to see that the news from the last night was published but nothing abour Geet or the slap received by Sneha was mentioned. Later he get to know from Aditi that Nitin took care of it. Maan in his anger, has totally forget about the media that had to be present in the party. Mr. Bajpai's image was tarnished but Maan was glad no one get to hear about those filthy words, Sneha said to Geet. God!! his blood still boiled whenever he remember that incident. But from noe on, he promised himself that he willnt let anything happen to Geet. In the afternoon, they picked Ananya up from school along with Bi & Smriti. Maan gifted Bi, Smriti and Geet some dresses while Ananya denied to have it. She demanded for a scooty and Maan let her buy a pink scooty along with safety pads. They had there lunch out in that mall and after a little bit more shopping, they went to a park where Maan helped Ananya with her scooty. Geet clicked many pictures of the duo in her mobile to keep that save as a memory. Ananya fell down once but thankfully didnt hurt herself. Maan saw her bad mood on the fall and fakely, make himself fall on the ground too. "Daddy, You too..." Ananya giggled seeing Maan and that made Maan feel too much better. His baby is his life, his reason to live or otherwise he would have killed himself after Riya's death.

They get back home near evening and Ananya wheeled on her scooty towards her room with a happy giggle only to cry out Mama. Maan and Geet were quickly alert and throwing the shopping bags down on the floor, rushed towards her room. Bi and Smriti too followed them after a second.

When Maan and Geet reached Ananya room, they were shocked to see the room turned upside down. Ananya hugged Geet's waist while crying "My room..." Her princess bed was no longer a princess bed as the whole net was scratched out from above and was laying in a pile on the floor. Ananya, Maan & Geet pictures that were hanged on one of the wall before was thrown down. Ananya's closet was disoriented as every single frock from her cupboard was now scattered around the room. Maan's anger rose up as he looked at Ananya's bathroom door to find an agitated Sneha coming out. Geet was pacifying Ananya's hair to calm her down who was crying hysterically now but seeing Sneha out there, her body stiffened and first thing she wanted was to send Ananya away. She knew Maan need her here too as if she went out, then may be Maan might do or say something to Sneha that will not be so good. She knew Maan willnt raise his hand on any lady but when it comes to Ananya, Geet dont think it will be long before he loose his control. "Bi, Please take Ananya out" Geet called Bi and Bi came and took hold on Ananya arm. Ananya's hug around Geet's waist got tighter. She was crying and was afraid to leave Geet. "Ananya..." Geet called her sweetly as she bend down. "You go with Amma right now...I promise, mama will clean everything...OK" She tucked few of Ananya hairs behind her ears and wiped her tears. "You promise" Aanaya asked "Mama promise" The both entwined there little finger as if making that promise stronger and giving last look at Sneha, Ananya left with Bi to Smriti room. Smriti sensed the tension and decided to leave too.

"What the hell is this Sneha?" Maan gritted his teeth in order to control his anger. His fingers were turned in a fist. His eyes were throwing daggers at the lady he was once husband of but now, he just wish to throw away that paper of his life away. "All this is not good for Ananya" Sneha replied back with equal determination. "Whats so not good in here haan...These clothes...This bed...These pictures...Whats exactly not good for Ananya?" "Everything...Everything that take her away from me is not good for him Maan...These clothes" She pulled some clothes from the floor and throw them away. "These should have been brought by me...This bed..." she pointed towards the bed "This should have been pulled up by me" She pointed towards her own self. "Those pictures should have been ours" "BUT THEY ARE NOT" Maan shouted, as he was not in able to control his anger anymore. "Those clothes, that bed and those pictures dont belong to you as you choose to believe your filthy father over everyone...You could have come to me, you could have asked me...You were played by your father...Thats ok...but that don't give you a right to brag back in my life anf try to impose yourself when I have moved on...You yourself have moved on so whats all this about haan...Let me get this clear...For Ananya, Geet is her mother and it will stay this way...YOU DONT OWE ANY RIGHT ON MINE & GEET'S BABY...And after your this act, I believe that even Ananya is not ready to accept you anyway in her its better you leave right away" Maan eyes hold that determination that can shake anyone's self-confidence. They kept on staring at eachother. Sneha was unable to move with the power of his stare. So Maan decided to help her and moved towards her room. He practically had thrown all belongings into that bag, she came with and put that outside the house before he hold Sneha's elbow and lead her out. "Maan" Sneha shouted as Maan pushed her. "And for the lastt time, Get it claer in your mind Sneha...STAY.AWAY.FROM.ANANYA...I found you anywhere near her and i promise...You will never be able to see her face...EVER" Maan shut the door at her face before turning around and leaving for Smriti's room to look for Ananya. All the way, Geet was too stunned to say a word. Sneha, for him, has surly crossed her limits.

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Part 29

Maan was sitting in his cabin and was anxiously looking at the clock after every 5 minutes. Its been three days that he kicked Sneha out from his home but still, his intuition was telling him that its not over yet and so, he was too precise to pick Ananya up from his school. Sneha was still in the town and after that whole episode in Ananya's room and seeing her ever-possessive side, he was scared. Ananya was sleeping between them from the last 3 nights and all he would do is just hug her all the way. Geet was slowly trying to put her whole room back in its original position but framing those pictures and arranging her princess bed will surly take a little time. He leaned back on the chair and rubbed his hands on his face. His life is again becoming a see saw between happiness and worry. One moment, he is happy, enjoying the moments with his family but the next moment, all worries and insecurities will capture his positive thoughts. Geet did try to calm him down by telling him that Sneha was a close chapter now but Maan knew better than Geet. He had closed this chapter once but it still came back infront of him. This time, he wanted an assurance that Sneha will never pop back into his life. He admitted. He was at fault too by giving her divorce when her father asked him for it. But then, he was torn himself. He had loose all his relations in just a span of 2 days. His Riya left him. His parents withdraw themselves from him and his wife was at that bed, perfectly still, without any life. He was adamant to push everyone away from himself that time but his friends stick to him, no matter how much he shouted at them and if it was not for Ananya, he would have killed himself. He was torn too but no one understood his condition. They all blamed him for Riya's death but that all happened in a fraction of a second and he was shocked enough to move. It was way more tough for him then anyone else because, everynight that scene would play infront of his eyes, making him cry out Riya's name. He would feel suffocated but there was no one to calm him down, to hold him, to support him in those nights.

He took a deep breath and rubbed his eyes to see that its time for him to leave for Ananya's school. There was still half an hour for the school bell but he want to reach earlier. He got up and took his coat from the chair's back when a door swing open and Geet was standing out there. "Its time" She said. Maan nodded. "You are coming with me?" He asked while taking steps towards her. Yesterday, Geet missed accompanying him to the school as a report need to be made and Maan knew, it couldn't wait so he went alone. "Yeah...most of my work is after dropping Ananya home, I need to go to see my doctor" Maan eyes raised up in worry. "Anything serious with the visit?" "NO, Its just a monthly check up" She replied with an assuring smile. "Ok then, Lets go...I will drop you there and then you can come later with driver as I need to get back earlier" Geet nodded. Maan shoulders relaxed and putting his hand on the back of her tiny waist, he lead her out. But Geet's mind was captivated by her own thoughts. She had a few doubts but seeing Maan worried from past few days, she couldn't say them out. Plus she didn\t know if Maan want to increase there family right now. She knew he want to have more babies but, right now, at this point, She wasn't so sure.

"Damn, this traffic..." Maan cursed while banging his fist on the steering. "Relax Maan...We will reach there before her school will end" Geet tried to calm him down but Maan's heart was constantly telling him that something is not right. He looked out from the car at his back to see all cars tightly packed behind him. He cursed some more. He cant even take that alternative road to Ananya's school that was left a few feet behind. "Please God...Please keep Ananya safe" He chanted all through the time he was stuck in the traffic. Finally, when traffic moved a little, he took a sigh of relief and rushed off. He was driving fast, taking quick turns, making Geet all more afraid. " slow please" Geet said holding the side handle. But Maan need to reach quickly. Finally when he reached infront of the school, he parked the car on the other side of the road, not feeling like waiting to go further for a U-turn. His breath hitched as all his fears seemed to be coming true. Sneha was standing infront of him on the other side of the road, holding Ananya's wrist tightly in her arms and pulling her. "No leave me...Leave me" Ananya was struggling. "You have to come with me Ananya...I am your real mother" Ananya was crying. Maan shout Ananya's name taking her attention. "Daddy" Ananya shouted for him. Maan looked around so that he could cross the road. Geet was shocked too as she round the car and come to stand beside Maan. She too looked for a way to cross the road and hold her baby girl in her arms. Sneha saw them. She wanted to take away Ananya to another city of India with herself so Ananya could stay with her and with fear of loosing her daughter once again, she left her hand so she can held her up in her arms and run towards her car when Ananya bite her hand and run away from her. Sneha walked behind her in quick strides. She was now standing on the other side of the road, crying for her parents. "Ananya...Stay there beta.." Maan shouted with a shaky voice. Geet couldn't wait for the cars to stop and give her a way so she rushed through one road, nearly escaping from hitting a car. Maan's breath caught in his lungs. "Mama..." Ananya shouted for Geet who was standing on the footpath between the two roads. "Ananya...Stay there...I am coming" Geet shouted too. Her heart was beating fast. She was just looking for a tiny place to cross the fully traffic raced road. "Ananya...Stop" Sneha shouted in the back and was coming to her that made Ananya afraid and without looking around she run on the road, ignoring a fast car coming towards her. Maan stood still as an image of Riya doing the same thing ran through his mind. Sneha's breath too got caught up in her lungs and hearing the screeching sound of a car, she put her hands to cover her ears. Her heart was falling. She was feeling dizzy. She heard muffled sounds of the people around her through her hand covered ears. Praying for good. she open her teary eyes just to see that Geet was laying on the side of the road, breathing fastly, holding Ananya tightly on her chest. Apparently, Geet caught Ananya in time and rolled on the road towards the side and avoided to strike with a car. Sneha's hands were trembling, thats how bad impact the thought of the possible accident had on her. She saw Maan rushing towards Geet and Ananya shouting there names. Crowd started to gather around Geet and Ananya. Maan made his way through it and kneel down to held Geet and Ananya in his arms. "Geet...You are alright...??' He questioned as he hugged them tightly. "I am fine Maan" Geet whispered. "Check Ananya" She requested in a fast breathing tone. Maan pulled Ananya away from Geet which was a hard task as the poor baby was terrified. "She got a little scratch on her elbow and a rash marks on her legs and feet" Maan told her after a moment while Geet tried to sit up but fell back. "Maan...I am feeling dizzy..." She told him in a wobbling way. Maan made Ananya stand up and helped Geet stand up. Geet got a little scratch on her head and her hands were badly rashed due to there impact of the road. Her knee was bleeding a little. "Stay up Geet" Maan hold her up in his arms while a man volunteered to escort Ananya to the car. Maan opened the passenger side door and help Geet sit in. "Ananya...beta, you sit on the back" Maan opened the back door when Geet spoke up. "Give her to me". She knew Ananya must be in shock too with that accident and need someone with herself. Maan tried to argue but seeing the pain look on Geet's face and teary eyes of Ananya, he gave in. Carefully he helped Ananya get in the front with Geet who cuddled up with her mom. Geet keep on caressing her hairs all through her way to hospital. Maan was tensed. 1st with the accident and then seeing Geet's state. Her eyes were keep on getting close with dizziness but she keep herself in control for Ananya. Sneha followed them back in her car while her driver was driving. She needed the assurance that Ananya and Geet were ok. While pulling infront of emergency, Maan hold Ananya up in his arms while a ward boy and two nurses shifted Geet onto a wheelchair and wheeled her In. Maan's steps slowed down at the back as a fear & a guilt gripped his body. Is his bad luck still there? Is that all happened today with Ananya & Geet is cause of his existence in there life?. But seeing Ananya hurt in his arms, he got a grip on himself and get in the hospital.

Doctor quickly took hold of that matter in there hands and took Geet in a room for inspection while Maan called a nurse and asked them to clean Ananya's wounds too. All through the time while Nurse cleaned Ananya's wounds, She was sitting in Maan's lap. "Mr. Khurrana...I prefer that you get her a Tetanus injection... just for precautionary measures". Maan knew how much Ananya is afraid of Injections so he followed the nurse holding Ananya in his arms to a room and divert her attention so that she willn't create a scene with the injection, but she felt the pain and cried for Geet. Maan felt helpless seeing her daughter in pain. He kept her in place with force as she was moving her legs and hands furiously while Nurse injected her. When Nurse was done, he pulled her up in his arms and consoled her, patting her back constantly. "Mama...Mama" Ananya kept on crying holding Maan tightly. Her head was resting against Maan's shoulder and her grip around his neck was tight, as if she was afraid to loose him. "Mr. Khurrana, Please make sure that this cream is applied on her marks twice a day for the next three days atleast...She will be good" Nurse assured and saying thank you, Maan came out in the hallway where he spotted the doctor, who was checking on Geet, standing outside the room. He rushed to him. "Doctor...Geet...My wife" He asked with fear. "Mr. Khurrana...She is fine...We cleaned her wounds and did her checkup...Nothing serious...But right now, an expert OBG doctor is doing her checkup." The doctor explained, making Maan confused. "OBG...But why?". Doctor looked at him while holding his stethoscope. "Well, I have a doubt that may be...Your wife is pregnant..." Maan's breath got caught in his lungs. "I called this gynec doctor who is taking some test and will confirm that...You please take a seat till this procedure is ON" Maan leaned against the wall beside the room, holding Ananya tightly. His life was seem to be shaking at this time.

Sneha had reached the hospital and was standing in the corner of the hallway while biting her nails in anxiousness. She was feeling guilty. Her body was still shaking with just that image of the accident. What was I thinking? She thought. She was thinking to run away with Ananya to another city of India so that she could stay with her but how would have she made Ananya accept as her mother? Geet OWNS that place in her life. She brought her up. Made her the little bundle of joy, she is. How would Ananya have forget that so easily and treat her in a way a mother should be?. Ananya was hurt because of her. Maan was hurt cause of her and if Geet wouldn't have jumped to save her daughter, she might have loosed her another baby today too. She cursed her own damn self at that very moment.

Geet came out from the room with the help of a nurse a while later. Maan quickly reached her and supported her by putting an arm around her waist while holding Ananya up in his other arm. "How are you feeling now?" Maan asked her in a soothing manner. "Better" She looked at him before looking at Ananya and send a thank to God on seeing her well. "You are Ok?" She asked Ananya who nodded and pulled her hands forward so Geet could hold her but Maan forbid her. "Ananya, Mama cant hold you right now...see her hand is hurt." He showed her Geet's banded hamd. "If she will hold you, it will give her pain..."Ananya understood and hugged Maan around his neck. Geet smiled at her little angel and pushed her curly hairs behind her ears when the doctor came out. "Mr. Khurrana...I did her check up and also took her blood and urine for tests...But after the examination and the little information, I got from your wife, I am more than 80% confirm that your wife is expecting". The doctor looked at them with a warm smile while Maan was shocked. Why didnt Geet shared those symptoms with him? He wondered. Geet bit her lower lip. She was feeling excitement building up in her stomach. Maan looked at her with a raised brow. "Congrats to you two..." Doctor wished breaking Maan trance. Maan gave a small polite smile with a "Thank You". "The result of the reports will be here till tomorrow morning...You can collect it by 11am...But I must tell you Mr. Khurrana...It was a near escape...Please take good care of her". The doctor gave a pleasantry smile and wishing a good day to them left. Maan made Geet sit on a nearby chair and made Ananya sit in his lap before he run all the events from today in his mind. "You had an appointment with your doctor...Were you aware that you might be expecting?" He asked with a hard tone. Geet gulped her saliva. Her all excitement went to trash as she looked up and nodded her head. "Why haven't you told me?" He asked in a hard tone. Geet's heart sink with his tone. Was her fears right? Dont Maan want a new member in there family right now? Is it too early? She thought and kept silence, making Maan angry. "Damn you Geet..." He seethed between his teeth. He kept his voice normal so that Ananya wont get afraid but it was heck of a work to do that. "You knew that you might be having a life in there...still you jumped on the road to save Ananya" Maan asked with a hurt voice. Till now, he was feeling guilty that why he wasnt the one who saved Ananya. Atleast, Geet wouldnt have got hurt. But now, his guilt increased knowing that in the effort of saving one life, Geet might have lost the other one and If that would have happened, He would never have been able to forgive himself. Geet looked up at him with a new hope. He was definately not angry cause of the baby. She took a sigh of relief and holded his hand in her fingers. "Maan..." She cupped his face with the other hand when he didnt dare look at her and forcefully made him see. "Just cause I have a life breathing inside me...I cant dare loose the life, which is my life" She pointed towards Ananya who was looking at them with confused expression. She had no idea what her parents were talking about. "This baby" She put her hand on her belly and caressed it with a motherly affection "will not be call our first born...Ananya is...and she is always going to be my first priority" Geet whispered that made a tear escape from Maan eyes and he pulled her tightly in a side hug. "You are so bad Geet..."He sniffed. "No matter what happen, just the thought that i might have loose my one baby today, is scaring the shi* out from me" . "Maan confided in her with his fears. "You dont need to be scared...I will take care of both my babies" Geet whispered and Maan kissed her forehead before Geet hold Ananya's hand and kissed it. Sneha witnessed the family bond and left with teary eyes. Surly, She dont have a space in there. She finally got it and for her own and there best, decided to never get back in there life.

Maan Geet and Ananya when get back home everyone got tensed seeing the bandages on Ananya & Geet. But Maan softly told them that there is nothing to be worried and that they need rest. Smriti helped Geet to her room while Bi took care of Ananya. "Maan, I think you should let Ananya with me tonight...Geet needs rest and she is not in a condition to took care of Ananya...and I dont want Ananya to kick Geet anywhere in the night" Maan agreed and running his hand through Ananya's hairs, kissed her forehead before he left for his room.

Maan was laying on the bed holding Geet tightly in his arms. The events from the day were running through his head. He wondered if he could ever get rid of those fears which just built up inside him. He stroke Geet's back all through the time before his heavy head made him fall in sleep. He woke up around the morning when Geet shifted in his arms and demanded for water. He got up, rubbing his eyes and pushed her back on bed. He brought the water from the kitchen and made her get back to sleep but his sleep vanished. It was 6 in the morning. He needed some air so decided to go for a run. He changed into his sports shorts and wore a loose shirt over it before knotting the knots of his joggers and after giving a last look to Geet, went out.

He started jogging slowly on the road, warming up himself before he took speed and run towards the park nearby after taking some turns around the corner. He jogged for good one hour before his body gives in and he decided to get back home but as he approached the house, he spotted a black car infront of it. A man was putting a paper in his letter box. From the back, the physique of the man seemed to be familiar but when he turned back to get into his car, Maan got it. It was Ron. Raunaq. Maan hide quickly beside a tree. He wondered what he was doing in here. Ron took a sigh before he looked at his house and get in the car. The engine of the car started and it moved. Maan looked a crying Sneha sitting in the back along with Ron. As the car disappeared around the  corner, Maan came out from behind the tree. He looked at the place the car disappered long bfore he turned to the house. He reached the mail box and took out a letter from it. From the writting, he knew it was Ron's handwriting. They have been friends for 9 years before he left him. Maan went into the house to see it still silent. No one was up. He gulped down a glass of water before he went to his room. He gave a look to Geet who was still sleeping before he opened the letter while standing in his room's window.


I know you must be having some questions as why I might be writing this letter to you. May be, you dont even want to read it and I couldn't blame you...But Please for the old times sake, Read it completely.

This is the 7th letter that I am writing right now in search to find the correct words, but I just realized, that I need to just write down everything that I have hide till now. The things you should know. May be than you will be able to understand the current situation completely.

I know Sneha right from our 2nd year of college. I was crossing a road when I strike with him and lost my heart to her. I kept meeting her secretly but I couldn't gather up enough courage to tell you guys about her. I didn't have any status and she was from such a rich family. I didn't want you guys to feel pity for me if our love wouldn't have found its deserve end. I decided that I will work hard and hard to achieve that place which his status conscious father always wanted to see in his son-in-law.

I somehow got a scholarship and left for England to do my Masters. I still remember how you all supported me. The best group of friends, a person just wish to have. I had that all. A loving family, the best friends, a secure job in your firm. But i wanted more. I wanted Sneha in my life and so in England, I started a part time job side by side. I worked day and night for those two years and as soon as I cleared my masters and got that job offer in a multi-national company, I told you about, I was sure that now I can come back and demand Sneha's hand from his father. My future was bright and promising. But I get to know after coming back that the wedding I missed, the wedding I so regretted to miss when I was doing my masters was actually my life disaster. My best friend had married the girl I loved and I broke. I broke that night Maan.

Many times I thought that I will make Sneha ran away with me but that was an emotional thought on my part. I couldn't deceive our friendship and then few days later, you told me that you are going to be a father, turned off every light of hope in me.

I couldn't dare come infront of Sneha. She was though forced into that marriage but she accepted you and I give up. Instead of being a constant fear in your life, I thought to leave you guys happy, even if that means that you have to hate me. I fought with you, I blamed you for everything that you haven't even did and left the country.

I was just satisfied to know that you are keeping Sneha happy. I started on with my life in that new country and get on pretty well with it till after 5 years, I got a call from Mr. Bajpai. He asked me If I am willing to marry Sneha even after all those years. I was shocked to hear his statement but then he told me that you left her after your one daughter died in an accident and other died on the operation table.

No matter how much time has passed, I never stopped loving her so after taking 1st flight, I came back to India and met Mr. Bajpai. He told me his version of a story made up full of lies that I got to know later but seeing Sneha, lost, broken, I couldn't help to wait and find out truth before I marry her. We got married simply and I took her with me to England. She started smiling once again. She was coming back to life and I was just so happy to see her like that.

I didn't try to interfere in your life. I wanted to left my past behind but later through a magazine, in which your wedding news got published, I got to know that you have a daughter from Sneha. The one, her father declared dead.

I was scared Maan.

I had created a beautiful life with Sneha. I didn't want to loose her once again and so beiing selfish...I didn't dare tell her that.

But life has its own way to reveal the truth. Sneha got pregnant once again. We were both so happy with that news but after entering the 5th month, she miscarriage.

She was lost once again. She lost all her interest in things, she loved to do before. I didn't knew what I should do. I was helpless to see her state.

My friend suggested adoption and I agreed to it. But due to an emergency, I had to go out of city and she got to know about Ananya and couldn't hold the mother inside her back and came to india to meet her daughter.

She told me yesterday what she tried to do and i want to say sorry from her side Maan. I want to say sorry to You and your wife for everything she did.

But just please understand her condition. She lost her three babies. She couldn't keep her hurt inside herself.

Just please forgive her a last time. We promise to never be a intruder in your life.

Wish you a happy life.

Your unfaithful friend,

Maan took a deep breath and folded the letter carefully before two hands come around his waist and landed on his chest. He smiled while feeling a kiss on his back. He turned around to hold a sleepy Geet in his arms. "You are up" He said and placed a kiss on her forehead. "Hmmm..." Her fingers reached inside his shirt and roam on his chest, making him shudder. "Come to the bed and make love to me..." She demanded and Maan's grip around her got tighter. "The offer is appealing" He whispered huskily. "But you have bandages on yourself and I don't want to give you strain". He said. Geet's fingers took step above on his chest making him groan. "I think, you can be careful..." She smiled on feeling him surrender as her lips kissed him on his neck. He took a deep breath. "Geet..." He tried to stop her. "Having you this close, the last thing on my mind is usually to be CAREFUL" He warned her. "I don't mind rough...and in between you know...Its hard to satisfy a pregnant woman" She traced kisses on his chest all over. "That seems like a challenge and...SCARY" Maan was breathless now. Geet looked up at him with a devilish smile. "Its very scary...You know what she do if her husband don't obey her?" She raised herself on her toes and snaked her arms around his neck. "What she do?" Maan asked in a husky voice. His eyes were smouldering hot. "She..." She lingered on the word before rubbing his cheek with her and the moving ahead, give a seductive bite on his earlobe, making him whimper. "BITES..." She ended her line, making Maan raised her up in his arms. She wrapped her legs around his waist as he has lost all his coherent thoughts and lead her to the bed. "I love having a pregnant cum scary wife...and now" He carefuly made her lay on the bed before removing his shirt and followed her on bed. "Let me welcome my baby" He placed his lips on hers before his hands started unbuttoning her shirt and started moving on her still flat stomach. Geet replied to his kiss with such passion that made him curl his toes. There hands started moving on eachother's body. There lips explored, nipped, bite eachother at place, only they own.

Maan's all regrets and guiltiness was long gone and being in Geet's arms...He even forgave Sneha from his heart for every bad deed she did. God gave her the punishment before himself. She don't deserve anything more. "Don't think" Geet prompted him kissing his neck beore Maan smiled and started kissing her all over again.

His life had got its deserved happiness finally. A life with Geet, Ananya and there coming baby. And he can't wish for anything more than to keep them happy, always.

The END...


(OK Guys...Thanku so much for all the support you guys showed to me and this fic...Finally it ended, phew...after a long time...Hope you will remember this fic and keep loving the characters of it...)

An Epilogue will follow soon.

Till then Ciao...


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anjalisen85 IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 05 June 2013 at 6:39am | IP Logged

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sdlife19 IF-Sizzlerz

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Wat the hell sneha was upto..

she was kidnapping ananya.. just to keep her with him forgetting tat she will never accept her as her mother..

how could she do tat.. and geet she did not even care for herself and the new life breathing inside her but just jumped forgetting each thing tat she may even die along with the baby inside her..

i wish maan and geet would punish sneha but god gave her the biggest punishment in her life though she did not deserve it but somewhere did..

and finally maan geet and ananya along with the new baby are back to their life and happy

but loved the way Ron wrote the letter telling him his side of story.. telling him tat wat he was not wrong in anything but only tat he loved sneha

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Romanaxx Goldie

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SuperB :):) dear :)
Perfect story perfect ending :)
loved it to d core :)
waiting for an epilogue...

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