Geet - Hui Sabse Parayee


Geet - Hui Sabse Parayee
Geet - Hui Sabse Parayee

MG SS:BTOOMH!! Epilogue/Page 119 (Page 108)

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The title for this update is so apt.The troublemaker is here.

Tho I m not sure but I think Sneha is faking it,coz a suffering mother can not be that jealous.She shud be happy seeing her daughter for the first time.Then the taunt,smthngs fishy.

Feeling bad for d scared Maan.How much he try to show he is strong when he hugged Geet,crying his vulnerable side was exposed.

And Geet what she must be feeling????

Gr8 part,waiting eagerly for next.

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Amazing update but sneha come back 
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thanku so much guys for being so loyal towards my writing

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i read all the amazing comments and that surly boost my moral...
thanku so much for the support guys...

and as a reward...I m posting two chaps this time... :)

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Part 26

Maan and Geet did went out with Ananya that night and tried there best to fulfill each of Ananya's demand, wether she asked for cotton candy or popcorn or about going to slides, they let her do everything. It was also a way for them to forget about Sneha and the insecurities, that was brought up by her. They had a sweet family dinner in KFC and came back late than there usual routine. Geet helped an almost sleepy Ananya with change of her dress and put her to sleep. She kept on looking down at her little angel as she went to sleep. Though Maan defended her today infront of Sneha but somehow Sneha's comment about motherhood, get her worried. She tried her best to fulfill each duty of a mother, that a mother should do in the last year. From helping her with the changing to help her with feeding. She used to sit by her in the nights she was ill and used to help Ananya with her homework. She would listen to her stories and then play with her. Geet softly pushed Ananya's curly hairs back from her forehead as a fear hit her. Does Ananya feel the warmth of a mother from her body? Do after knowing about her real mother, she will leave her? Tears started to form in her eyes just with the thought of loosing this little angel. As much she was a part of Maan's life, she was a part of her life too. Geet pulled Ananya's tiny hand up and kissed it. "I love you so much Ananya" She whispered slowly and then bending down, kissed her forehead too. She get up pulled the net down to cover her princess and her's princess bed.

She entered the room to find Maan standing in the window with a sad expression. He had already changed into a black vest and trousers. She wanted to just go and hold him but before that, she needed to wash her face. Few tears have stained it and she knew, right now, he need her more than she need him. The way he break down in afternoon, did tell her that he was just as scared as she. Even more. She was afraid of losing Ananya while he was afraid of reliving the history. He had lost his one daughter in a terrible accident but he survived just because of Ananya. But this time, he was afraid of losing that reason of his survival. Geet went to bathroom to change into her nightsuit. She hurriedly washed her face and came out.

Feeling her presence in the back, he felt a relief wash over his body. Her hands came around his waist and landed on his chest while she rested her head on his back. "Its all gonna be alright Maan" She whispered and he felt that the wall has been broken. Few of the silent tears fell from his eyes as he hold her hands and rubbed them. Her hug got tighter as if telling him to believe her. It was his sniffle that caught her attention. She came infront of him and on seeing the tears tracing down his face, she nodded her head while wiping away those tears. "No...Dont cry Maan" She told him. He closed his eyes tightly to loose the knot that churn his heart with the ache. "I just...I..I" Words were unable to come out from his mouth so Geet just shook her head and hold his had. Her own eyes were about to get teary seeing this ever so strong man so broken and scared now. She tugged on his hand and lead him to the bed. She crawled on her side and leaned back on the head rest. Maan was looking down at her without any emotion. Geet looked up at him with that softness of her eyes that showed eternal love for him. She patted her lap for him, indicating with her eyes to get in there. He knew and had witnessed those moments when Ananya will get scared in the night and would found comfort in her lap. He got on the bed and put his hend in her lap. He turned his body so that now, Maan's face was buried in her waist. Her soft fingers started caressing his thick black hairs. She didnt said a word and let the silence and there closeness speak volumes. He did got the message and with a sigh, kissed her tummy. They kept themselves in that condition and without knowing when, Maan fall asleep combining the soothing affect her fingers were providing him and the emotional stress, he went through the whole day. Geet smiled at his sleeping figure. One day passed. She wondered what next week gonna put them through.

"NO, My mama will get me ready" Ananya shouted and opened the door before running and jumping up to get into Maan's arms who was shocked to hear Ananya shouting. He was almost ready for the office wearing a gret pant coat with a maroon shirt underneath without a tie. "Sshhh" He whispered to Ananya before pointing towards a sleeping Geet. Maan knew Geet hadn't slept well last night. When he woke up at 4am, he found themselves in the same position, he went to sleep last night. He cursed himself before getting up and making Geet lay down in a comfortable position and pulled her into his arms and that time, Maan promised to never let down her ever. She probably must have been shook up with Sneha's arrival too and instead of supporting her. she was there supporting him. Ananya pouted seeing Geet asleep. "Mama not up" She whispered back. "No, Mama is not feeling well today...But what is that you were shouting about?" Maan inquired as he went towards the door to leave the room so Geet couldn't get disturbed by them. "That bad aunty was trying to get me ready for school...and Ananya cant let anyone beside mama" She said with a disapproval look. Maan blood boiled. Its true that Sneha is Ananya's biological mother but Geet is raising her. And she can never take Geet's position now. Putting his enraged emotion behind a mask, Maan looked at Ananya with a naughty expression. "Not even daddy?" He asked that made Ananya giggle. "You will help me?" She asked still giggling. Maan smiled first seeing his princess smiling but later raised his brow. "You think I can't do that?" He challenged and Ananya shook her head instantly still laughing. Maan chuckled with her. He knew himself that he couldnt do that but then, he wanted to experience this part too. "Ok ok...I know i cant do that probably but you can help me right?" Ananya thought about it for a minute before agreeing and Maan moved towards her room to get on with the task in hand. "I am a big girl" were Ananya's last word when the door of her room closed behind her. Unknown to both of them, Sneha had heard there little conversation and was seething with anger. With Maan around, she probably couldn't do anything related to her daughter. She couldn't enter her damn room, couldn't touch her, couldn't love her, couldn't talk to her and all because of Geet. She thought bitterly.

Geet opened her eyes with a yawn. She tried to adjust her view and look around when that yellow note stick with a fresh white rose that probably have been taken from there backyard caught her attention. She smiled knowing who must have done this. Getting up, she ruffled her silky hairs before holding the note and read it aloud.

"Take a day off today and rest...I want my wife healthy and happy when I come back tonight

Love you,
Maan <3 "

Geet smiled while reading it. Ananya's giggles made her jump out from the bed. "Daddy, No like this" She squealed and wondering whats going on Geet went towards the door to find it out. When she reached Ananya's room, she couldn't help but smile while leaning on the door to see Maan trying to catch a hold of Ananya's hair in his hand so he can make a pony tail but all the time, her curly short hairs would get out from his hand's grip. A rubber band was sandwiched between his teeth and he was fully concentrating on the task while Ananya couldn't stop laughing. Geet tried to suppress her chuckle so she could witness more of that scene but couldn't help it and her giggle caught Maan's attention. "You are laughing at me?" Maan scowled. Geet laughed and come to the bed and started doing Ananya's hair and not to mention, it took her just a minute to do her hairs. Geet kissed Ananya as she turned and look at her. "Now, Go for breakfast" Geet instructed and Ananya grabbed her school bag before running out. Geet was looking at the door through which Ananya just run out when Maan's hand slide around her waist. Geet leaned her head on his shoulder as he lightly kissed her forehead before whispering "Good Morning".

"Good Morning...Why didn't you wake me up?" She complained while losing her eyes, breathing his intoxicating scent. "I wanted you to rest..." He replied. "And the note?" She asked with a raise brow. "You saw that at a bad timing" Maan whined while Geet laughed at his tone.  "Willn't my boss mind with me being absent without giving an explanation?". Maan gave it a thought while running his invisible stubble. "He sure will...But that's a husband request." Geet smiled at his thoughtfulness and kissed his chin. "As good as staying back home sounds...I want to go to office today...I don't want t stay home" She requested and Maan fairly well knew why she didn't want to stay back home. "OK...Get ready then...After dropping Ananya to school, we will go together to the office" Geet nodded and left the room to get ready.

"Maan, tonight there is a party for the one's who got nominated for the business tycoon of the year...Your mail just came.." Aditi came and informed a tensed Maan. "I don't want to go" He replied straight forwardly. Aditi looked at him with a shocked expression. Shaina who just entered Maan's cabin too heard the commotion. "Why are you not willing to go?" She asked. "Maan, this is what you have worked so hard for all those years. This is what you truly deserve...and these kind of events are good for industrial growth also...You should go" Shaina prompted him only to see him putting his head down on the desk and sighing. "Sneha is back" He whispered. Shaina and Aditi both left shocked and behaved like they haven't heard it correctly. "What?" Aditi's confused tone got her attention. "Sneha is back guys...Last week, she saw my biography published in the magazine in which I was announced to be businessman of the year and got to know about Ananya. As per her, her father lied to her that the baby died after she came out from Coma and thinking that I don't want to do anything with her, she signed the divorce papers" Maan explained in a breath. "That mo**n " Shaina cursed Sneha's father. Aditi calmed her down "Why she is here now...To claim a right on Ananya?" Shaina asked with a fear. Her friend just got settle in his life. She didn't want any hurdle to come his way. "Thankfully she can't do that as per the clause his father added in divorce papers...Ananya just belong to me and now Geet" Maan cleared her doubt. "Than what she wants?" Aditi spoke up. "Some days to spend with Ananya...I was all set to say a big NO on her face but Geet stopped me...and I couldn't do anything" Maan explain with a helpless look. "We know how much of a soft hearten person Geet is...But Maan, what if Sneha try to harm Geet" Aditi said portraying Maan's fear. "Thats what I am worried about...Just yesterday, she puts a finger of Geet's motherhood though it was clearly not her fault. Ananya is too scared of Sneha..." Shaina and Aditi passed a look and came to stand behind Maan. They put there hands on his shoulder. "Maan, I think you should go to this party tonight with Geet" Shaina voiced out. "I agree, Geet too must be in some emotional stress...It will be a break for her...and plus, in this way, you can sooth her stress by introducing her to your business associates as your wife" Aditi chimed in. "Guys...You are not understanding...Sneha is going to be there to probably...His father is too nominated" Maan got up from his seat to explain. "Whoa Whoa...Whats going on here?" Aryan said as he and Nitin came to his room and felt the serious atmostphere. 'Sneha is back..." Shaina broke the news this time. "And is staying at Maan's place" Aditi added. "Just for a week..." Maan said between his teeth. Aryan and Nitin's expressions were same just as Shaina and Aditi had a few minutes back. Aditi and Shaina filled them up with the circumstances. Aryan and Nitin thought for a moment over the series of events. "You should go tonight Maan" itin said agreeing with Shaina and Aditi. "Yeah and I don't think Sneha will do anything in such a crowd." Aryan said. "That's what I am afraid of. Knowing Sneha, I know that as much as I don't want a scene tonight, she will create it to her best." Maan explained. " about you both go there for a few minutes, just to show up and then later we will pick you up later to go for a dinner" Aryan suggested that brought a smile on all others faces. Maan thought over it and agreed. "Great, now as it decided, lets go back to our work and Maan will make a reservation and will pay for dinner." Nitin said with a sheepish smile that made everyone laugh. "haha...A great way to trap me haan" Maan said with a smile. "Anything for a free dinner." Nitin said and all smiled. "Lets go Shaina...I was looking for you in the cabin" Aryan hold his wife hand and pulled him close while leading her to the door. "Ah guys...One more thing I forget to tell you." They all turned and look back at Maan with a raised brow. "What?" Shaina asked. "Sneha is now Sneha Rounaq Sharma...Sneha Ron Sharma" As reality hit them, there mouths were hanged open. "Such a bas***d...I knew there was some other reason for him accusing you of power." Nitin said spitfully. "No hard feelings now...I guess they both deserved eachother." Maan said with a wink that made his friends smile before they shook there head and left the room. He leaned back on his chair with a smile plastered on his face. Trully with friends like them, Maan was ready to face this kind of a day everytime.

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Part 27

Maan and Geet came back home and got a sigh of relief on knowing that Sneha wasn't there. Though Maan had doubts that she was off to the same function as they were about to go but still, not seeing her face right now was a good thing. Geet went to check on Ananya. Today, they had an important meeting during lunch hour so they couldn't go to pick Ananya up from school and right now, she wanted to make sure Ananya was Ok and was ready to listen about her day at school. Maan loosen up his tie and opened his sleeves button before opening the closet to take out his suit to wear tonight. His eyes fell on Geet's side of cupboard and a smile automatically got place on his lips. It felt great to share each and everything of your life with someone. Where Sneha used to like to have her privacy in each and everything, Geet liked to share. From one closet to same shoe rack. From one plate to one glass. From tears to smiles. She would share it all with Maan and Maan would do the same. He shook his head with a silly grin before his eyes fell on the wrapped box. If he remember, he gifted this to her few months back. He was on a shopping spree with Geet for Ananya when his eyes fell on that lime netted sari have beautiful royal blue velvet flowers' patch at the border with silver stones adding shine to the flowers beauty. He left her in a shop after making an excuse and buy that sari secretly for her. She hadn't open it yet so he did the honors and unwrapped the box before putting it on the bed. Right that moment, Geet entered the room and gave a surprised smile. "What are you doing and why have you taken this out?" She asked before she sit on the bed. "Because you haven't even given a look to my gift and as a punishment, I want you to wear it tonight". Geet looked up at him with an open mouth before looking down at the sari he put on the bed. "But thats net" She cried after observing the material. "And you know how uncomfortable I feel in revealing clothes". She argued before Maan once again dug himself into her side of closet and took out her lime blouse and petticoat. "I think your blouse is long enough to cover most of your belly so no arguments. I love this sari and I want you to wear it for me tonight". She looked up at him with a cute pout but that didnt affected him a bit and he shook his head with a grin. "Fine" She said defeatingly before once again looking at the net sari.

There Sneha went off to her parents house. She needed a one to one discussion with her father right now. Though she knew that Ron must have been aware by now of her activities but she doesnt care. The two man she loved more than her life had played with her. Her feelings. Her life. They have kept her away from her daughter all through those e years of her childhood and she was adament to never forgive them. Her car went in through those large metal gates towards her father's enormous mention where she had spend her childhood getting everything that she demanded. The house and the status, she used to be do proud off all through her college and school life was now making her disgusted. Her stern steps leads her out from the car and inside the mansion after pushing the crafted wooded doors wide opened. "DAD...MOM" She shouted on the top of her lungs that made her parents get out from their room at the very instant. "Honey, what a surprise...When did you came to Mumbai?" Her father Mr. Bajpai asked in a suger coated tone. "Cut the crap dad...You fairly well know why I am here...and now i need to know why...Why you did this to you own very blood...Why did you destroy my life by making it a part of your plan...Plan to take over Khurrana Industries." With each word she said, the light in Mr. Bajpai's eyes went dim till they were blank. "Tell me Dad" Her mother looked at her father with hollow eyes. There intriguing eyes made Mr. Bajpai gulped down his saliva. He had nothing else to say than that power and name took over the father inside him and let him do that. Sneha was sitting on the sofa with her mother. Mrs. Bajpai was trying to console her while looking daggers at her husband. "But I tried to make things good...Haven't I?" He said with a frustrated sigh. "You wanted Raunaq and I get you married to him.. Didn't I?" Mr. Bajpai said in a tone that said that he had done more than necessary for her. Sneha looked up with hatred. "At what price...In how much you sold your own daughter...Tell me Dad" She was furious now and her father looked down guiltily. "Whatever you get out from it, I lost more than that...I lost my Riya Dad...I lost my husband just because I trusted you more than him...and more to it, I lost the childhood of my 2nd Baby...My Ananya" She blasted the news on her mom whose eyes went wide hearing it. She was all unaware of this happening. Mrs. Bajpai was out in America on a trip to meet her sister when Riya died & Sneha went to labor. "What?" Mrs. Bajpai asked in a whisper, not believing the words. "Yes Mom, He snatched my baby from my...My Ananya...who now dont even dare come into my arms...Her own mother can't hold her as now she have someone else in her life to call as a mother". Sneha started crying. Tears flowed freely from her eyes that made her mother cry too. She went to her mother and hold her shoulders. "Mom you know...You know my daughter doesn't know me...She dont want me touch her, hug her, kiss her...She wouldn't allow me to wake her up for school, to help her dress, to prepare breakfast for her...She don't even like to go out in the park with me" Her teary voiced boomed into the air. "She hates me instead whenever I try to took her away from Geet...She hates me Mom, She just...Hates me" Sneha broke down at her mother's feet and her mother bend down to gather her in her arms. "Shhh" Mrs. Bajpai whispered while rubbing her back. Her own tears were running continuously seeing her daughter's devastation state. She looked up at her husband and whispered. "You were wrong..You were wrong...And you will cry for it"

Geet came out from the bathroom wearing her sari. Her hairs were dripping wet from the shower she just took. She rubbed her hairs with a dry towel and reached her dressing table to get start with the make up. "Where is Maan?" She thought while looking back at the side table where Maan was sitting, sending some mails from his laptop before she went to washroom. At the moment, Laptop was there but the man was missing. Geet just turned and run a comb from her hairs. She finished applying eyeliner when she saw Maan entering the room while talking on the phone. "I don't know...You got to send them those documents right away..." He was instructing one of his employees when his eyes fell on her, or rather her revealing back and those deep chocolate eyes turned softer. "I got to go now...Just do this" He ordered once again and cut the call only to come and wrap her in his arms. He inhaled her hair's intoxicated smell with a deep breath and sigh with a kiss on her neck. "How will I concentrate on anyone else around if you will look that killing" He half whispered in her ears while dropping small kisses here and there. Geet got a soft smile on her lips and bit the lower one with a grin. "You yourself asked for this torture...I have nothing to do in it" She gave him a challenging look that made him smile in the mirror. "Thats surly a torture". He whispered and took his fill of his eyes of her before placing a kiss on her shoulder and backing away. "I should get ready now...The earlier we leave the earlier we will be back and then earlier I will not have to concentrate on anything else" He winked at her back and turned around with a goofy smile. Geet was all blushed with his comments. She ruffled her hairs to cool down her body temperature that seemed to get to a new bar just with his little closeness.

The heads turn in the direction of the door as Mr & Mrs. Khurrana entered the hall. Its not everyday that they attend a business party. Its been 4 years since Maan stopped being a part of the crowd but right now, looking at his happy face, everyone can guessed that the woman beside him, is tend to change that. He was holding her hand tightly in his as he greeted few of his associates and introduced her. Both were looking like a perfect couple, complimenting eachother. While she was wearing a lime netted sari having a patch of navy blue, he was wearing a dark grey suit with a white shirt underneath and topping it with a navy blue tie. Geet smiled like a supporting wife and shook her bangle filled hands with the associate wives. Soon enough, Geet made friends with few and get into a general conversation of dresses. "Your sari looking fabulous...From where you get it?" One from the ladies asked her while checking the stuff of her sari. Geet raised her shoulders. "Don't know...Maan gifted me this" In reply, she just got to hear few aweees that made her blush. Maan from the other side looked through the crowd at her wife and seeing her talking happily, put a smile on his face. "Now whom I found here?" A sarcastic voice reached him from the back and his body get alert. Mr. Bajpai whom Maan had successfully avoided in last 4 years, was once again standing infront of him with a wine glass in his hand and a smirk on his face. Out from his and Sneha's marriage, only Maan and Mr. Bajpai knew what he had got. 20% shares of Maan's company but to Maan, it doesn't matter anymore. He was a sleeping partner and so he has promised to not interfere in any business matters as far as he get his share of profits. And Maan expected nothing more from him. The man who can actually trade his own blood for money, can only think of his benefit. "What do you want now?" Maan spatted. "Nothing, was just checking on my investment" Mr.Bajpai replied. "Really..." Maan said with a cocky grin. "You really made an investment here...and as far as I remember, We promised eachother to never come face to face..." Maan asked. But before Mr. Bajpai could reply back, there was a commotion going on on the other side that caught there attention.

"Thats what she all wanted out from this marriage...Maan's money" Sneha said much to Geet's displeasure. Here she thought going out to this party will help Maan mind's to be at peace but here Sneha was all ready to destroy that. So much for the peaceful mind. Geet thought. But right now, Sneha was not going to back out. She was hurt enough from the whole matter and needed an exposure. And for her, this party comes out as a chance. She was drunk, Geet could make out so she composed her features and went to Sneha. "You need to sit down" She told her holding her hand to stable her. "No, I know your act...this amazing act of care and love...You can fool Maan but not me here..." She shouted attracting more attention of the people. "You are wrong here Sneha..." Geet tried to say only to be cut by her. "Oh really..." She replied sarcastically swinging here and there on her feet. "Then tell me who the hell like to get married to a man already having a baby... Its just for money" She said with hatred. Maan's jaw clenched in anger and his hold on the wine glass, he was holding got tighter. His eyes shoot up to look at Mr. Bajpai who shuddered with the intensity of his gaze. "Stop her or I promise, You will never be able to look into anyone's eye with my declaration of your deeds" Maan threatened. At some other time, Mr. Bajpai would have ignored his threat. He had a thick body that hardly let any emotion display on his face, but right now, on seeing Maan, he knew he will do whatever he said and all Mr. Bajpai ever loved was his fame, his money and most of all his pride. He put the glass on the side and went to get his daughter. Maan looked at the scene and decided to get into it. At any case, he have to save Geet today. "You are just going to leave him one day after you get your share of money...Thats all you care right...You S***" But before she could say anything anymore, A hand came and left its mark on her blushed cheek. Sneha holding her cheek looked up to see an angry Shaina looking up at her with daggers. Maan stopped in his tracks just a few steps away. Each person in the room was looking at them. Geet was having tears in her eyes after hearing all those words in public by Sneha. She let her stay in the house with the thought that she is a mother and deserves a chance with her baby, but here, Sneha is trying to kick her out from her own house now. "Stop that you b****...If anyone has to think of anything is you...Its you whose father sold you so just he could take out money from Maan. Don't you think we know that" Shaina raised her brow to see a stunned Sneha. Aditi came from the back and pulled a teary eyed Geet into her arms. "And this girl, We know her much better than you. We have seen her and Maan falling in love. She being nice let you stay in her home so just you could get some memories of you and your daughter and here, you are trying to insult her. But then, We expected nothing more than this from you" Shaina spatted on Sneha's face with pure hatred. Aryan came and holded Shaina's shoulders from the back. "Lets go Shy..." He whispered and Shaina looked around once before turning on her toes after passing a last glare to Sneha. Nitin & Aditi gave hateful looks to Sneha too before taking Geet out from the hall. Maan looked up at Mr. Bajpai with a furious look now. "You and your daughter will pay for that Mr Bajpai...Just remember that" He warned and the look in his eyes showed that he will exactly do that. He left the hall following his friends and left Mr. Bajpai being the center of attention of all people. All looked at him with glares and the gossip of his meanness started around.

"Geet...Geet..." Maan came running out and pulled her crying face into his arms. Geet clutched the front of his coat into her fist and cried silently. "Shhh...We shouldn't have come here" Maan placed a kissed on her forehead. His friends looked up at them helplessly. "Maan...You should take Geet home now..." Aryan whispered to him slowly. "The guts of that woman...I am feeling like slapping her once again" Shaina said in anger. "Calm down Shy..." Aryan rubbed her arms and motioned Maan to go on. "I will see you guys tomorrow..." Maan said and pulled Geet towards the car. He helped her in and after running to the driver side, drove towards the home.

When they reached home, everyone was sleeping thankfully. It was around 11:30. They changed there clothes and get on the bed cuddling eachother. Geet's head was placed on his chest but thankfully she wasn't crying anymore. This evening surly made a huge impact on there minds. Geet was lost in her thoughts and Maan was lost in his. Sleep was truly far away from there eyes. The silence prevailed for two long. An hour then two then three when Geet asked. "Maan..." "Hmmm..." Maan hummed running his fingers through her hairs. "Do you too think that I am after your money?..." Maan was shocked to hear it from Geet. He looked down at her to see that far away look on her face. "Geet...Please look up at me" Maan said and Geet looked up, putting her chin on his chest now. "Do you think I ever thought this way about you?" He asked softly. "No, I know...But people do think like this...They must..." "No no no...They dont" Maan cut her in between. "And even if they do, i don't care" He rubbed his thumb on her cheek. "The thing that matter to me is that you love me...You love Ananya with your wholeself...and we love you too...You make my home a home...You bring dreams into my life when I have given up all of them...You mean my life now Geet...Don't doubt yourself...Ok" Geet nodded on seeing the honestly, his eyes depicting. Maan pulled himself into a sitting position, making Geet sit up too. "Lets do one thing...Lets go out on a long drive" He looked at Geet who looked confused at his sudden change of behavior. "What? At this time?" She watched Maan getting out from the bed and opening the closet. He pulled out a sleeveless top and a skirt of her and throw that her way. "Wear it..." Geet was confused but none the less changed into it. Maan just wore a loose t-shirt over his body and grabbed car keys. In the middle of the night, they left the home and went on a long soothing drive. Maan switched on Radio that filled the car with soft music. Geet was lost in her thoughts and didn't notice the car entering the forest area. She got back to her senses after an half an hour drive when Maan stopped the car at a side. She looked out from the car. "Why we stopped here?" She asked and looked at Maan only to see him having a naughty smile o his face. "There is a barn, I spotted here few days back...Guess we can have THAT HAYSTACK you dreamed off" And it was enough to tell Geet, where they were heading this time. Blush colored her cheeks as a shy smile graced her lips. Maan chuckled at her and get out of the car to buy that haystack. Surly, this was a perfect moment to fulfill her fantasies so that with a new day, all she would have on mind is the beautiful moments and relationship they share.

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wonderful update!! good job!! and thanks for giving a double update! 

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Both the updates are great.

First of all three cheers for Shaina,Aditi,Aryan and Nitin for being the frnd they are.Love them.
And hate Sneha and father.Like father like daughter.

After Geet showed her humanity to let her stay for one week in her house,that selfish Sneha cud make a scene in the party,disgusting.

Love the Maaneet bonding too much here.At first Geet supporting Maan and later Maan taking her out to ease out her pain.

I jst hope Ananya stay safe.

Gr8 parts.

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