Geet - Hui Sabse Parayee


Geet - Hui Sabse Parayee
Geet - Hui Sabse Parayee

MG SS:BTOOMH!! Epilogue/Page 119

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(I am writing this ss from sometime now n already done with its 13 parts, but on SPVD request, I am posting MG version of this SS here...)

will post daily a part or two till this SS is at level of my other versions, so keep a check on it daily

Breaking the Oath of Mr.Hawt!! 


He stretched his arms sitting on his office chair. He had a long day but still, rest wasn't for him. He was working from 12 continuous hours. Its 8pm, every single person of the staff left after biding him farewell. But he can't go. Not now at least. Before leaving, he needs to take an important decision. A decision, about which he wants to be assured of that he didn't make a mistake again. A decision, lives of a few people depends on and most importantly his own. A decision, unknown to him, was going to change his life for forever. 

He sighed looking at the dozen files. His sub-ordinates had done there work. Out of 214 women, they had chosen 12 beautiful, intelligent and most importantly patient women for the post of his secretary. His secretary. Every month, Mathur Builders employees discuss the topic. Who is the new secretary of Mr. Maan Khurrana?? Is she hot or behen-g typo? Is she married or single? Does she like parties or read books??? And most importantly, the thing that takes place with the entrance of a new secretary is a BET. The employees will bet on HOW MANY DAYS THE NEW SECRETARY WILL STAY'''.it was a fun and exciting thing for them in the boring office environment. As far as they remember, the secretary who made the best record was able to stay full 29 days and on 30th day, just her resignation came.

Maan was known for his high temper. No one can bear him really and the poor secretaries were always the main target. He likes to keep then at length and in there own-self. He hates it when someone tries to get friendlier with him or make a move towards him. And most of the secretaries had performed this sin. He was good looking, Sexy and Hot as every girl use to call him, having that sizzling angry man look on his face every time, 32 years old man. They do surly try to get his attention and obviously the next moment, they don't even realize what happening to them as Maan will simply bust them with his hard-coconut words which will leave them in nothing other than an embarrassment.

Why girls are so difficult? He always thought. According to his associates and share-holders, a female secretary is better than a male for obvious reasons and above that if it's a combination of mind and beauty, nothing is going to be wrong ever. How he could tell them that mind and beauty can never get along well. This time he has decided to act upon the advice of one of his friend |Go for a woman who is already in a relationship, so the problem is solve'..she will stay in her limits and will be totally professional| and he agreed on Atul advice.

Slowly he opened the files one by one |NO'.| was his quick reply seeing an old wrinkled mother-aged woman picture. Has his sub-ordinates gone crazy? The woman was half in grave. Opening his eyes widely, he went through the next 3 and seeing there status single, she quickly rejected them. THEY ARE FULL HAND-WORK. He thought. It was his 11thfile and he was getting quite angry now. None of the woman matched the criteria he was looking for. Thinking that's enough he through the file on the floor. Getting on his feet, he stomped towards the door when something on the file lying on the floor caught his eye. Quickly grabbing it, he read it again just to assure himself |Geet Handa, 25, Engaged, Master In Commerce, 2 years of experience| that's all he needed. He looked up at the picture and quickly decided. |Yes, she is perfect'..the right choice| smiling, relieved, he carefully put the file back on the table. |I will ask Sunil to type an appointment letter on the name of Ms. Geet Handa the first thing in the morning| Mumbling to himself, he closed the door of his cabin as he left the office, not knowing that a new chapter of his life was about to open.


Part One-------page 1

Part Two-------page 4

Part Three--------page9

Part Four-------page 14

Part Five-------page 16

Part Six------page 22

Part Seven-------------page 28

Part Eight---------page 32[/URL]

Part Nine---------page 36

Part Ten-----page 40

Part Eleven------page 44

Part Twelve--------page 49

Part Thirteen--------page 52

Part Fourteen-------page 56

Part Fifteen----------page 60

Part Sixteen--------page 65

Part Seventeen--------page 69

Part Eighteen------page 72

part Nineteen-----------page 78

Part Twenty-------Page 83

Part Twenty One-----Page 87

Part Twenty Two------Page 89

Part Twenty-Three-------Page 94

Paty Twenty-Four------Page 99

Part Twenty-Five-------Page 105">Part Twenty-Six/Twenty-Seven--------Page 109

Part Twenty-Eight/Twenty-Nine--------Page 113

Epilogue-----Page 119

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Part One

Geet bend down to pick up the envelope that was just dropped by the postman. She wasn't expecting any mail. None of her relatives dare send any before so it was useless to expect it to be one from them. Turning around, she looked at the address and quickly her eyes widened as she read the name of the company. |Khurrana Builders..| She almost told herself rather than saying. It was one of the prestigious builder companies of the town and as per the suggestion of one of her friend; she applied for the post of a secretary. She just hopes that they have not rejected her like she got e-mail from 6 companies before. Her last Boss was a total CRAP. Her body even shudder with the thought of that Bas***d. She gave two years of her life to get a more reputed post in the company rather than being the secretary of that Chipmunk. And when she was being considered for a promotion, he put a condition. |That jack-a**, how dare he think I would spend a night with him...I wasn't that desperate for a promotion'| she mumbled herself but with whom she was joking. She needed that promotion and more importantly, the money that was coming her way with that so that she would go and throw then on the faces of her supposed father and mother-in-law. In anger, holding the envelope, she went to the small shrine that was being placed in the house by her mother. She wanted to pray before opening this letter which holds a life changing order for her. |God, why am I so badly stuck with losers? My last boss was a biggest jerk, my fianc is a monster, don't know why everyone think he is the best for me and above that his parents, they almost consider me a baby production factory who will give them their heirs and till now, only supported me in my college financially saying, We want our future grandchildren to have educated parents| she mimicked her Mother-in-Law. Sigh, she hold her hands together and pray |Please God! Atleast give me a nice job with a decent boss. Please Please!!...| Kissing her entwined fingers, she open the letter and the first thing that hold her eyes was APPOINTMENT LETTER for Miss. Geet Handa. She went through all the details in a sec and was surprised and pleased in the same time. The company is giving almost double to what she was getting in her last organization. What else she could ask. Not keeping the control on herself she started shouting with happiness. Her mother came out from the kitchen hearing her voice |Geet, Geet'what happened beta?|'..Geet just hug her without caring about her wet floured hands'|Mom, I got the job''| she said giving her a swing'.Her mother, Smriti Handa laugh with her daughter. Her smile is the colors of her life. Stopping, Geet quickly filled her with the whole news. |May this job brings lot of happiness of my bacha'| she moved forward and kiss Geet cheek avoiding to get her in contact with her hands. |Thanx mom'| Geet said as she rushed to her room to call her best friend Muskaan to share this news.


Maan sighed as he clicked the shut down button and turned off his laptop. Life for him doesn't exist behind his office and work. He never wanted to turn on to that chapter of his life which gave him nothing but pain. He was a man of will, hard, curt and serious. His friends circle has been reduced to his business associates now since that fatal incident of his life. How many times, he just wishes that he could rewind the movie of his life but he can't. He can do anything. Everyone always state that for him and that has became his tag line from the past 2 years. Why not? He was the one who hold the drowning business of his father after his death and made it successful. He was the man who along with fulfilling the dreams of his father by making this company fall into the list of top 10 builders list along with fulfilling his dream of opening a chain of restaurants. He always wanted that and he did that in the forum of Geschmack, the German word means taste. And useless to say, that it was a hit. It mostly serves a great deal of Indian food along with Chinese, Mexican and also a little bit of Thai. The buffet was most loved by all along with the Hi-tea. Maan would like to visit his dream once a week and every time he will left amazed as how great its going and how huge it is now. After getting enough money by working of his father, he started it as a 3-star restaurant but it was now a fully developed 5-star rank restaurant. The food quality officers were happy with the maintenance and hygienic precautions taken care by him and his staff. But Maan wasn't content. He was never content. He always want things to be big and better than they already are. His restaurant was being nominated for best resturant this year. His company was already in top 10. But he want to do much more. He dont know why, but he needed to. May be because he wanted to keep himself busy so the thoughts of that eventful night don't haunt him. That night, when his whole world collapse infront of his eyes.


Opening the door of the room, he slowly entered without making a noise and reach the crib placed inside. He moved forward to have a look at the 2 year toddler who was sleeping quietly,without any worried. His daughter. Aanya. Aanya Khurrana. He moved forward his hand to feel the soft skin of her but then bring it back, with a fear, that he might not hurt her too. He already have enough blames on himself, he don't wanna add another. He couldn't touch his own flesh and bone. He was afraid. He was so afraid. A tear escaped his eyes as he realized where his life stand right now. This is not what he dreamed. He wanted to have a happy family. He wanted to be a great son, a superb husband and an ideal Daddy. |Daddy...| he can heard a little voice saying it behind him. He turned around with a smile. |Riya...| he slowly called with a smile but when on turning, he didn't find anyone, he could not control himself anymore and started sobbing. There was no one who could hold him, let him spill his tears, caress him, tell him everything will be alright. But now one. For sometime, he kept sitting on the floor in a ball position. Remembering his past,fearing for his future, more importantly for aanya future.


Geet look behind the glass doors to find herself looking at a whole new world. People were rushing here and there. No one was at rest. The door for her was opened by the guard. Smiling pleasently, she moved in holding her documents and appointment letter in her hands. She was wearing a baby pink crisp sundress that was falling above her knees with a jeans. No make-up was there on her face beside that mascara that she always have and always make her more appealing and a light gloss making her smooth lips shine. Walking through, she located the reception and went to it. |Mr. Maan Khurrana cabin...| She said to the receptionist who look at her from head to toe. |You are???...| Geet quietly placed her appointment letter forward and said |I have been appointed by him as his secretary...| All the people who could heard her, stop in tracks to give her a look. She was surprised and more than that felt weird. And the next moment she heard the whispers of people. |I say 10 days are more than enough...| someone said. |No man, i think even 5 are too much...| Another one said. |How much you say?| Geet turned around to face the duo. One was rubbing his thumb with index finger, talking about money. The other one give her a look and turn towards the man and say |One thousand on that...| The first one smile and said |One thousand from me too...10 days| he said reminding the other. The both shook hands in agreement and left. Geet felt weird. Were the man really discussing her on the first day. God!! She certainly dont want any kind of attention. Turning around, she looked at the receptionist.|1st floor, on the right, last cabin| Saying a pleasant thank you, Geet left for the indicated place.


Getting infront of the door, Geet took a deep breath.As she was about to knock,she stopped on hearing the argument going behind between to men standing in the glass cabin on the corner. |How many times do i have to tell you to change your wardrobe?| One standing in a proper Armani suit asked the other man who was standing there in a tarted jeans along with a shirt have colored flowery patterns, while the upper two buttons were undone. A small scarf was around his neck and his hairs spiced up nicely. |Being the head of IT department, you are supposed to be well-mannered and well-dressed and that's what i expect the next time i see you. Otherwise you should know that its gonna cause your job| The first man said and left the other man with a scared face. But he completely composed himself in a bit and was back to work as if nothing happened till the first man come near Geet, and giving her a look, went inside the cabin. It was the time, Geet noticed that he went into the same room,she was about to go and it shocked her. |So he is Mr.Maan Khurrana...My Boss| Geet said almost in a whisper, telling herself. Her boss mood was fairly not well after an argument she just witnessed and that was pretty bad for her, especially on the first day. |But i have to face him..|Geet thought. |And if i just took too much time in thinking, he might think that i am avoiding him| but Geet cant let that happen. She cant and don't wanna leave this job. She needed it and she will go with it. Bracing herself, without second thoughts, Geet knocked on the door.


Maan already knew who is there. |Come in...| he said and heard the creek voice of the door as he was busied in studying the file in his hands. Geet get in and quietly put her file and appointment letter on his table. |Good morning Sir..| She said in a professional tone and Maan liked that. He hated those stammered girls, blinking there lashes right on the first day. First test passed. Maan left the file and moved his hands forward to get hand on her file. |Good morning, take a seat| he said without looking at her and opened the file, to go through her academic results and he was impressed. The girl had a great history. According to her education, she have great command over English and Accounting but he was not going to comment on that. |An appointment letter has been sent to you, I hope you read all the rules and regulations.| He said getting to the point most important for him. |Yes sir...| Short and proper. He hates girls who try to indulge him in long conversations. So tick point 2. |Great then, you can get the contract papers from the reception. You can start from tomorrow. Your duty hours will be from 8am to 6pm. And the last thing. I don't like late comers| Maan tried to make himself clear. Geet nodded and get up. |You will not be disappointed, Sir| Geet confirmed and getting his things left. She is having a great persona. It doesnt matter to him but to his associates. So third point also got ticked.


Geet was signing just signing the contract in her artistic sign when some one said. |Hey number 36..| Ignoring Geet continued reading the important rules printed below when receptionist said. |She is talking to you...| Geet turned around seeing a girl, wearing a black jeans with a white half-sleeved top with a sleeveless jeans jacket above. Her curly hairs falling on her face as she tucked them behind. She was having a huge beaded necklace around her neck and was chewing on bubble constantly. |You are talking to me...| Geet asked. |Yes, you number 36...| The girl approached her and extend her hand |Hi, I am additi...| Geet looked at her for a moment and then shake the hand |Geet| the girl smiled at her |Nice name...| She sounded genuine. Geet asked |But what is with this NO 36| she was confused. Additi chuckled and said |You are 36th secretary Mr.Maan Khurrana hired in last 3 years.| Geet wondered allowed |36th??| Additi smiled and was about to say something when someone called her. |Additi, whats your take?| Additi put her hands into the pocket of her jeans, still chewing bubble she give her a glimpse, and said without turning in a loud voice. |I think the record is about to break...| The guys at the back laughed at her statement and one of them said in a loud voice. |Girl, you are so going to loose| Additi chuckled once again, saying |We will see| with a careless attitude and said to Geet |Welcome to Khurrana industries. I hope and I know, you are going to stay here for a great period of time and hopefully I will get to make a friend.| Geet smiled at her words and plainly said |Thank you..| Additi crossed her calling one of her another colleague and left. Thats surly going to be a great experience. Geet wondered. But whats wrong with these people here. And what are they talking about . Days???? Without giving her mind another list of wondering thoughts, Geet gave her signed contract papers to the receptionist and left. Tomorrow she will start a new life in this new office with this new job and she is so going to kick the a** of those freaky In-Laws of hers. With that thought, smiling she left the office.


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Nice Heart

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dats amazing sweety..
pls add me in ur pm list...
waiting for nxt part..

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Amazing startClap a bit confuse who is riya?? Maan has two daughter?? Riya and aanya or riya was his wife?? Confused

Cont. Soon

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so unique !

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loved it completely

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interesting starting...

loved it...

thank u very much fr starting maan geet version also...

continue nxt prt soon plz...

eagerly waiting...

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