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CMYAD: Thread 9~Chp 53 to 56 (Page 120)

Dr.Strange IF-Dazzler

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yes there will be an update today... hopefully around 8

Diva_Akorshi IF-Sizzlerz

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update on 8 ok...

don't delay...

Dr.Strange IF-Dazzler

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Originally posted by Akorshi

update on 8 ok...

don't delay...

will do...
Dr.Strange IF-Dazzler

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A long wait for cmyad??? i apologize but you know exams got in the way... but am back with a bang... a maha update... i hope i dont bore ya guys... but i am taking this story in a new dimension which i had not expected to turn out this way but the second i started thinking about it i got too excited and i knew this is the way the story would unfold...

Hope you guys love this storyline too... hope for positive comments rather than tomatoes and slippers...

Chapter 56 (A): The Fallen

Silence crept into the camp again. But this did not bother Arnav. Nothing had shaken Arnav in his entire life. Every nerve in his body refused this fact but couldn't deny that it was shaken terribly.

This was not possible. Something was definitely wrong. This was against nature or was it?

Arnav: But if she is dead who was in the woods?

Sahadev immediately motioned to ranvir who ran and fetched a painting. He showed it to Arnav and khushi.

Looking at the painting Arnav went white. It was the same lady in the painting he had met. He was sure of it. It was the same woman he had met in that house. 

Even khushi caught his arm as tight as she could. Arnav looked into her eyes and could see his fears reflected in her eyes. Her face was also blood ridden and completely white.

Arnav looked at the man standing beside the lady. One look and he knew that it was his father in that painting. 

A smile lit his face as he realized that he looked very much like his father. His father had the same pendant that the lady had given him.

Arnav: What is that?

Arnav asked pointing at the pendant on the king.

Sahadev: Since ancient times, kings of this land were made to wear a jewel. This was no ordinary jewel. It had the inscriptions of the words of power. Every king should wear it to show that he is ruling the land. Not everyman can wear that jewel. And once the old king and queen plave it on a prince, he has to complete the ritual at the palace in the king's courtyard before the dawn of the next day. Otherwise it is said that a curse is released that kill the one wearing the chain. But the present king has lost it. And they might think we are behind it. Anyway we can't do much for that. We are having our prayer. So if that jewel isn't found and brough back to the palace, that palace will fall. And the one the old king and queen entrusted the jewel will die. So for us it is good that the present king will die.

Arnav: Does that jewel have copies?

Sahadev: No. Any ne trying to make a copy of that jewel looses his mind. I know you come from a place where you wont believe in all of this, but it is the truth. Even we don't have any explanations as to why or how all of this happens but I have seen it happen in my lifetime. Whatever it is it exists.

Arnav: Is it this?

And he pulled out the chain with the silver pendant with diamonds studded in it in some ancient writings.

Everyone who was looking immediately got shocked seeing the one jewel on Arnav. As soon as they saw the jewel everyone knelt and bowed their heads to Arnav. Even sahadev did.

Arnav's eyes widened looking at everyone bow to him.

Sahadev got up and when Arnav looked at Sahadev, there was only fear in his eyes.

Sahadev: How is it possible that you got this? It was in the palace till yesterday.

Arnav: I told you that the woman anubha gave it to me.

Sahadev: Something strange is at work here which I cannot name. But the only thing I am sure of is that you need to be inside the palace by dawn otherwise you will die taking the entire kingdom with it. Shit. We wont even get time to plan our moves.

Ranvir: Sir I suggest we move immediately. We have 20 proper soldiers with us. We just need to get Arnav to the throne room and to the courtyard for every living person in the kingdom to see. This will give hope to the common man and maybe just maybe we can drive the king and his men away from the palace for atleast a short while. After that we can prepare for our defences.

Sahadev nodded.

Sahadev: You are right. But let e see if this is the real pendant or a false one.

Sahadev moved to  Arnav and tried removing Arnav's chain. But as and when he tried the cain kept getting smaller in size as though it shrank when he tried to remove it. Arnav and khushi were shocked as well as the chain was behaving as though it was alive.

Then sahadev tried breaking the chain but as soon as he applied the pressure he winced and pulled back his hand in pain to see that his hand was bleeding but there was no sign of blood on the chain or the pendant.

Sahadev immediately bandaged his arm.

Sahadev: We have to move quickly. We have less time to waste.

Arnav turned to khushi.

Khushi: We should go. Don't take any chances with stuff going around here. I know you don't believe in a higher power but please for me do this.

Arnav caught her hand and squeezed it.

Arnav: Only if you promise to stay here.

Khushi: No way Arnav. You said we will go through this together. How dare you ask me to stay behind? It is not upto you. I will come

Sahadev approached them. Even after his confession khushi wasn't able to look sahadev in the eye because she still needed time. She needed time to accept the truth.

Sahadev: As much as I would like to agree with Arnav, we will have to take khushi with us. She is your wife Arnav and she has to be present in the ceremony.

Arnav: Then she shall be by my side. But I need to ask you one thing first.

Sahadev: What is it Arnav?

Arnav: If I was adopted in the raizada family what is my true name? And why is ASR written on this tattoo? There are so many unanswered questions. I am getting very confused.

Sahadev: It is understandable that you are confused right now Arnav but the rest of your questions will have to wait. Time is of the essence. We need to get there as soon as possible. And I will tell you about your tattoo right now. There is nothing strange about it. This ASR doesn't stand for Arnav Singh Raizad. It stands for Arjun Singh Rathore.

Another information that Arnav had to deal with. And before he could ask,

Sahadev: Yes that is why your sister's son was named Arjun. She wanted to name it after your original name. She doesn't know anything about this kingdom but when we saw you in hospital we had called you Arjun. And from then on I believe she had decided to name one chid after your original name.

Arnav felt a sudden surge of love for his sister. How much love had she showered on him. 

She had done so much already and this information made Arnav feel guilty of questioning her love for him. She considered him a true brother for whom she could do anything. 

He sent a silent thanks to his di.

Ranvir came running to them.

Ranvir: Sir the horses are ready.

Sahadev: Its been almost 10 years since that fateful day. Tonight we claim justice. But before that we have to get this ceremony done

Arnav knew he would fight with the present king. He had many reasons to do so.

1. Revenge.

2. To get the People justice

3. The king takes a virgin girl every year from a selected family and that family never sees their daughter ever again. This disgusted Arnav to the core. He couldn't stand women oppression and that to to such a degree. And if a family refused to give their daughter, the whole house was burnt along with the family alive.

Arnav knew he will kill the king. There was no other way he would be able to teach the king a lesson. He would teach a thug like him what true power is in this world.

As khushi didn't know to ride a horse she sat behind Arnav and caught his waist tightly for support.

Sahadev: We will protect you Arnav. At night we will have the element of surprise. All we have to do is get the ritual done and we wont be alone Arnav. The people of the kingdom will stop thinking of him as the king and you will be named king with unwavering loyalty. We can plan our next moves after that.

Arnav nodded agreeing with him.

Arnav: Whatever happens just remember that I love you khushi.

Khushi: And I You. You will always find me by your side.

And khushi kissed his cheek while no one was watching.

Arnav: My little minx is getting bolder day by day.

Khushi: What am I to do? I am a laad governess. Have a reputation to keep you know.

As arnav pulled the reigns of the horse he said,

Arnav: Tum bilkul paagal ho.

Khushi giggled and replied,

Khushi: Koi shak?

----------keep reading the next post-------

remember to hit the like for this post too...Smile

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Dr.Strange IF-Dazzler

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part b continued...

Chapter 56 (B): The Return Of The Fallen:

They had been riding in complete darkness. Twenty horses cantering as soft as they could so that they couldn't be heard. Khushi was just pressing herself more and more onto Arnav as time went by.

They had easily defeated the guards at the entrance of the boundary and finally Arnav saw the kingdom for the first time. It had never appeared in his memories but it was huge. 

The area occupied by the kingdom was as huge as the city of Delhi.

They rode their horses along the houses towards the huge structure that shone in the bright moonlit night.

Everywere around Arnav could see only poverty in the way the homes were built and their state. Anger boiled within him.

The man who ruled here, whoever he was, was a cruel man. 

Arnav knew that even if he didn't rule here, he would get a suitable king to do so until he can get this place mordernized as well and bring it under Indian government rule.

But that would happen only if he had the people's support and that in turn could only happen after he was named king. He had decided. 

Now was the time for action. They didn't see a single soul on the streets. Not one.

Arnav: Where are the people?

Sahadev: From what I heard as soon as night falls it is his thugs run rampant on the street. As soon as night falls all return to their homes immediately. If a man is found outside a death sport is played with him ith the man being a target. And if a woman is left outside they first take advantage of her and then they kill her.

Arnav had never known this type of anger that possessed him.

If he had the man who was responsible for this state of affairs he would murder him with his very hands. 

Whatever happens he was sure to punish every man who supported the king in commiting these crimes.

He felt possessed by anger and hatred.

Khushi who heard everything as she was sitting right behind him also felt the same anger and a deep sorrow. She cried in anger, she cried in sorrow. 

She had never heard about this kind of tyranny in her entire life. Khushi's hands tightened on Arnav's shoulder.

Arnav: Its alright khushi. We shall punish them. Death would be too easy a punishment for them. I will make them suffer their entire lives for this. They reached the palace walls. Arnav and the twenty others jumped off their respective horses

Ranvir handed his own sword to Arnav.

Ranvir: You might have to fight your way. We will give our lives to protect you but you have to make it to the throne room and into that courtyard. The first rays of the sun hit on that platform where you have to be.

They had reached the gate. The guards were fast asleep. One of the men went and killed them silently. And now the gate was opened. Arnav had khushi right behind himself.

Arnav: Stop.

Everyone turned to look at him.

Some memories flooded Arnav's mind. Ares and Arya also entered the palace grounds.

Arnav: If I remember right there are 5 ways to go to the throne room. We will split up into groups of 5 and head towards the place. We cant give them an exact number of men we have. The halls are only big enough that 4 to maybe 5 people can fight side by side. I along with sahadev and two men will head straight for the room. The others shall go towards the room but light fires on the way. There will be a complete chaos and the king would not risk his life in an enclosed space. He and the men will rush out to see what caused all this commotion. As soon as that happens, ranvir can blow that horn which will waken the entire kingdom. Everyone will witness that ceremony. Then we can discuss after that as to what we can do to bring the king down.

Sahadev and Ranvir both looked impressed with Arnav's strategy.

Khushi:But we will have to be silent until the other groups have reached the inner halls to make the fire. You can use the lanterns and the oil inside it would be sufficient. But those men handling the fire must be creful and I have just the perfect idea as to keep them from catching fire. They can coat themselves with wet earth. This will prevent their bodies from soaking that flammable oil.

Arnav(thinking): can i love this girl any more than i already do?

Everyone immediate agreed and the other men covered themselves with wet mudas much as they could apply.

Arnav: Lets move.

The 4 batches dispersed and Arnav and thethree others and khushi formed the fifthe batch. They moved towards the fifth entry point. Here there were three guards who were awake and walking around the entrance. Arnav made a move towards them but ranvir held his hand.

Ranvir: Let me.

And Ranvir took out three daggers  and aimed at the one who was walking outside. He threw it at him and the dagger landed on the man's chest and the man immediately fell. 

The other two who heard the fall came to see what happened to the fallen man. But in tow quick throws he silenced these men as well.

Sahadev: These stairs will lead us straight to the throne room.

They started to climb. It took them 15 minnutes to make the climb and came near the throne room. But this room was heavily guarded. 

There were 20 soldiers covering about 5 entrance points to the main hall way.

Ranvir: It is time Sire. We should give the signal.

Arnav nodded. Ranvir immediately let out a bird's voice. Arnav and khushi would have thought it to be a real bird had they not seen him open his mouth and create it.

In a few seconds cries were heard from all over the palace as fire was lit all across the palace at various points. 

The bell was sounded immediately for all men to awaken, but Arnav and his men had done their jobs very thoroughly.  Deep within the king's chambers a warning horn was sounded.

Ranvir: That horn means the king is retreating out to safety. Now is our chance Sire we must strike immediately. There were only 10 men remaining to guard the room. Arnav entered into the other soldiers view. Three men ran at Arnav with their swords whereas the others fought with the remaining three.

As soon as the three men came near Arnav, Ares took down one man and Arya took down the other. 

Arnav looked at the third but the man saw the tigers and recognized who they were. He turned to Arnav and his eyes fell on Arnav's tattoo. He dropped his sword and ran.

Arnav:Ares, Arya get him.

The two tigers let out a huge growl that shook the room. Everyone in the palace could have heard the tigers. The tigers chased the third soldier and killed him too. The other soldiers saw Arnav and the tigers and ran for their lives.

Sahadev(pointing at Arnav's chest and in a scared tone): Arnav look.

Arnav looked at the jewel. It had started to shine a bright whitish glow. One of the twelve gems inside that pendant lit. Soon followed by the second and then the third.

Sahadev and his other 20 men barged into the throne room.

Ranvir brought some clothes and placed them in Arnav's hand.

Ranvir: Sire you have to change into these quickly.

And Arnav changed into the kingly attire with the help of the others.

It was a traditional rajput's clothes. Then a sword was brought to him.

Sahadev: This is your father's sword. It is said that after his death no one could unsheathe this sword and use it. Even I am unable to do it. But you as the king and his true heir will do it I am sure.

Arnav nodded and took the sword in his hand.

The main horn was sounded to waken the kingdom. The horn sounded for a full 5 minutes and man after man and woman after woman flodded the streets in hope. 

A hope that had lived in their hearts for a very long time. A hope which the king couldn't kill. A hope that The Fallen would return. An that is exactly what happened.


The Fallen had returned...

----------to be cont--------------

How was the update??? I really hope you guys like the new twist to the storyline... sorry for the very long break but was not in my hand...

and i have taken out 50 ppl from my buddy list... i know it is cruel but 160 pmz is still too lazy for me... u know i am a bigger garfield when it comes to sending pmz... you can curse me but for doing that you'd have to comment...LOLEvil SmileLOL

I'll give link to the next thread very soon...

Evil Singh Raizada...

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Um scareddd...excitddd...thnkn wht vl hapn nxt...nd dat pendant nd d story behind was excitng...the story s adventrous i knew it but to dis extent i neva knew...u olways giv us such updates which shakes us to d was fantastic...update soon preyas..we waitd a lot fo dis one bt as u had exams we nw u hv to update asap...brilliant update Hug . Dancing0„2Dancing0„2Dancing

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luv_arshi Goldie

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Loveeddd this twisstt Wink

Arjun Singh Rathore haan!! Tongue *nice name Wink*

i loveed wht anji didd <3<3 *hw sweet off her :') *

Damn the king AngryAngryAngry

cant wait for da facee off b/w Arnav and the king  Evil Smile 

when i read "koi shak" i remmbred Shatrugandh Sinha  ROFL

Khushi got brains haan!! LOL *the wet earth idea Wink *

Loovedd the scenes wen da team was in action Thumbs Up

Imaging Arnav in da Rajput outfit nd da sword Day Dreaming

Am sure he would be luking cute in dt tooo LOL Wink

Waiting for the next update..

and YOU BETTER updte soon Tongue  Evil Smile LOL

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