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Battle of love & Power- New FF Part 2(pg 4) 08/10

nisha1984 IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 07 August 2012 at 10:45am | IP Logged

Hello Friends

I am starting New FF called Battle of Love and Power on Manveer'

Character Sketch:

Udayveer Singh:- Yuvraj of jaygadh. He is a player and a charmer. He has shut his heart a long time ago at the age of eight on a fateful day of his mother's murder and his fiance and his best friend's kidnapping. He saw his mother dying in front of his eyes and his manyata getting snatched from him by Vikram singh who he considered his uncle. He wants to find Manyata because she can get him Devgadh's throne and she can lead him to his mother's murderer. He doesn't believe in friendship or love anymore. Everything for him is a political game and he admires his dadi-shaab  Mrinalini devi very much because she has a great political mind. He loves his sister dearly and can do anything for her.

Manya Singh/Manyata Kumari Chahuan:- She is lost princess of Devgadh but she doesn't remember anything. Her world is her father Vijay Singh. She studied business in Cambridge University in USA but her lifetime training also consisted how to be a royal. Her father taught her to be a royal and he also taught her sword-fighting, horse-riding and other royal customs. He taught her best politics as well. She is always confused as why her father teaches her about being a royal or politics but she never questions him as she loves him very much. She always has nightmare about a royal palace and a lady crying in blood and a young boy was calling out for help and herself in a car with a masked man. She can never take this out of her memory and she doesn't know why' She loves Dr. Aakash because he saved her best friend's life.

Mrinalini Devi Chauhan:- Rajmata of Devgadh, She is considered the best female ruler in all Rajwadas. Everyone likes her and respects her. Her politics are best played for the people of Devgadh. She always thinks of her riyaasat before anything else. She has a son and a daughter named Bridraj and Menaka. She seems strict from outside but she also loves her family very much. She has three Grand kids. But since her eldest grand kid Manyata got kidnapped at age of 5, she always protected her other two grandchildren and she became stricter towards everyone. She pines for her eldest Grandchild Manyata and she is still looking for her after twenty years. Manyata is the legal heir of Devgadh.

Bridraj Chauhan:- Current Maharaj of Devgadh. He is clean hearted person. He always thinks of his praja before himself. Unlike his mother, he can never play politics and that's why he never officially took charge of Devgadh. Even though he is Maharaj of Devgadh, he lets his mother handle all the politics. He also loves his family very much. He has two daughters: Manyata and Jaynandini. His heart pines for his elder daughter Manyata since she got kidnapped. He showers his unconditional love on his second daughter Jaynandini and his nephew Vijay ray. He still believes like his mother, that one day his daughter Manyata will come back to them. He is best friend of Giriraj.

Komal Chahuan:- Current Maharani of Devgadh. She is a loving mother and dutiful Maharani of Devgadh estate. She pines for her Manyata even after twenty years of her kidnapping. She celebrates her daughter's birthday every year and she always buy same gifts for her both daughter. She loves Jaynandini  and vijay very much but her motherly heart always pines for her elder daughter.

Menka ray- She is Mrinalini Devi's daughter. She is cunning lady. She didn't marry a royal against her mother's wish because she loved a businessman called Harsh Ray. Harsh is always on business trips and never find time for his family. He sent his wife and his only son Vijay to Rajmahal when Vijay was ten years old. He never came back for his wife or his child. Rajmata never wanted her daughter back after disgrace to her family but Bridraj and Komal persuade Rajmata to take Menka back to her family for at least Vijay's sake. She doesn't want manyata to come back because she wants vijay to take charge of devgadh estate after her mother. She shows fake concern to Jaynandini and always shows her wrong path and spoils her so she can never become good ruler.

Jaynandini Chahuan:- Only Rajkumari of Devgadh estate at present. She is spoiled child as her parents, her aunt and her grandmother loves her too much and never says no to her. She is selfish and cunning. She does partying and never cares for common people. She never thinks that Manyata can come back and she feels her parents and grandmother is foolish people to hope for her sister's return.

Vijay Ray- He is most confused person. He has a good heart but he is easily influenced by his mom and his cousin sister Jay. He learned good things from his mama-mami and Nani but still he follows his mother's footsteps most of the time. He doesn't think much about Manyata but he knows that Manyata is legal heir of Devgadh and nobody can change the fact.

Doctor saab:- He is family doctor of Devgadh and Jaygadh. He also has political connections and he is trying to find Rajkumari Manyata for last twenty years.

Giriraj Singh:- He is Maharaj of Jaygadh estate. He has a political mind and he only thinks about Jaygadh estate. He is also a loving father. He has two kids: Uday and Unnati He loves his children very much and he can do anything for their happiness. They are his reason to live after his wife's death. He loved his wife very much and he was a clean hearted person but after her tragic death, he believes world is cruel and he became ruthless businessman. He is best friend of Bridraj. He also waits for Manyata's return because his son's wedding is fixed with Manyata and he wants to take revenge of his wife's tragic death because the kidnapper who took Manyata away is his wife's murderer.

Vasundara singh:- She was Giriraj's wife and a very loving queen. She died in an accident because she tried to save Rajkumari Manyata when she was being kidnapped but the kidnapper killed her with the car and took Rajkumari Manyata with him.

Unnati Singh:- The princess of Jaygadh' She is a very sweet person. She knows about Manyata but she doesn't know about her mother's death. She loves her brother and father very much. She does everything her brother asks her to do. She is a very sensible princess.

Aakash Verma:- Manya's love interest. He is a doctor by profession. But he is greedy and arrogant person but he behaves nicely with Manya and in front of others too. Nobody knows his actual nature. He always thinks about himself first.

Vikram Singh:- He was Devgadh and Jaygadh estates's vajeer. But he kidnapped Rajkumari Manyata and in rage, he also killed Maharani Vasundara devi but he regrets killing her as his only intension was kidnapping  Rajkumari manyata.

K & L:- Jaynandini's friends'

Soni Gupta:- Manya's best friend. Doesn't know anything about Aakash's true character. She thinks her friend is lucky to have Aakash as her boyfriend.

Jeet Gupta:- Soni's husband and Considers Manya as his sister. He doesn't like Aakash either but he doesn't say to Soni or Manya as he knows they won't believe him.


The story behind Manyata's kidnapping:

Vikram singh's wife and daughter was killed an accident. The accident happened with a royal car. That day Giriraj and Bridraj took the car for their hunting in a forest. So Vikram singh believed that accident happened because of them. He went to Rajmata for justice but they never found any proof that Bridraj and Giriraj were in the car that day in fact they were in a forest at campsite waiting for their prey to kill. He kidnapped Rajkumari Manyata to get revenge from both Bridraj and Giriraj because Manyata was the only person who could unite both devgadh and Jaygadh estate by marrying Udayveer according to Bridraj and Giriraj's fathers' will. And he thinks he also gave punishment by killing Maharni Vasundara devi to Giriraj but it happened accidently. But the real story was that Vikram singh's family was killed by Murari driver who was drunk and got the car from forest to meet his love interest. Bridraj and Giriraj found out after Mayata's kidnapping and gave severe punishment to Murari but they didn't forgive Vikram singh either as he killed Vasundara and kidnapped Manyata.

The present story line:-

Vikram Singh kidnapped Manyata but he couldn't kill her and he always served royals so he knew everything about how to raise a royal. He taught Manyata everything and gave her best education. Manyata was raised in Delhi and went to US for higher studies. Manyata is very stubborn and although, she knows how to speak politely as royal or how to behave as royal, she loved her Delhi place and her noisy neighbors.  She speaks like them and eats like them. She respects her father but she always wants to live a normal life. She has a great unique personality.  Even after her higher education her father doesn't let her work outside and she always fuss about it. After her higher education, she moved to Mumbai with her father in a posh but general area where there are chawls too. She met Mahi and Jeet there who lives right across from chawl in a decent building and Dr. Aakash also lives there with his snobby parents and Manya lives with her father in the same decent flat.

Udayveer is back from London after his higher education and his hotel business is booming. He annoys Jaynandini and Vijay very much. Jay is totally in love with Uday but uday doesn't like her but he keeps himself friendly around her because of their families. He sees Mother in Maharani Komal and he loves her and can't make her unhappy. He detests Menaka very much.

What will happen when Udayveer and Manya meet? What will happen when everyone finds out that Manya is in fact Rajkumari Mayata?

This story is about two strong personalities who are equally stubborn and both want different things in life and most importantly both know how to play politics very well'. Who will win in this war of power? Will they ever love each other? Will they ever unite?


Please give me your comments and criticism is always welcome' If you want me to include you in pm list then like this post'. Tell me if I continue or not'.


Part 1- pg 2

Part 2- pg 4


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pia.raha IF-Rockerz

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ya,doo cntinueee,wnt to read mre!!!!!!!!

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ilvuday Goldie

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Posted: 07 August 2012 at 12:27pm | IP Logged
amazing start plz cont soon n plz pmBig smile

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Shazzie IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 07 August 2012 at 12:31pm | IP Logged
Would love to read your story - how uday m manyata will meet and their clashes and love. Pls pm me when u update next

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Being-Human IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 07 August 2012 at 12:33pm | IP Logged
plz continue dear and do pm me when u upadate

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Archi02 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 07 August 2012 at 12:42pm | IP Logged
Amezing concept. Very nice. Can't wait to read it. Please update soon and pm me if you can.

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mahara23 Senior Member

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Wow continue soon

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vampire12345678 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 07 August 2012 at 12:47pm | IP Logged
it was awesome very nice this paragraph 

This story is about two strong personalities who are equally stubborn and both want different things in life and most importantly both know how to play politics very well'. Who will win in this war of power? Will they ever love each other? Will they ever unite?


it was cheery on the cake please update soon i loved the update it was awesome awesome Big smile please pm me if you can and please continue soon and please can manveer meet in the first meeting but the meeting like always has to be dhamaketharWink

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