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ArShi FF~ Shades Deeper Than Grey *Ch-3 Updated* (Page 5)

Arathy-V Goldie

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Posted: 15 August 2012 at 5:51am | IP Logged

i came across THAT series lately and read it in a go..throughout reading it i was comparing Arnav to the male protaganist there..hopefully Arnav here is not into *ahm* what the male lead there was into..hope u understoodLOL

EDIT: Okkk thats nice..i just read ur reply to comment that ASR is not into BDSM..thats a relief!!

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annab Goldie

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loved the it related to 50 shades of grey??? i havent read the book but people people talk abt it a lott and its characters bcz of u knw whyEmbarrassed...i always thought christian grey's character is smewhat related to waiting to read more and if u can pls pm me whn u update...thanx...

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SaraPhoenix Senior Member

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Posted: 15 August 2012 at 7:08am | IP Logged
I absolutely love it, I have dreamed that someone will write some fiction of ArShi similar to that series you are taking about Day Dreaming. Please please do continue itThumbs Up

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archmink Goldie

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Posted: 18 August 2012 at 11:43am | IP Logged
I had read all three of the book n I would love to follow yr story pls pls pm me whenever u update

And yes I did notice a huge resemblance between grey n raizada n also between Anna and khushi. Overall reading thru this story I did find sooo many semilarities in this book and ipkknd
Looking forward to read yr story Wink

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Fazila~ IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 20 August 2012 at 4:30pm | IP Logged
wow...good job... :)

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TheInkMistress Goldie

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Posted: 21 August 2012 at 9:04am | IP Logged

*To all of you who want PM's please buddy me for its difficult to hunt down everyone and PM*


Chapter 2

I gathered all my courage and stumbled my way through the doors. For heaven's name my balance problems- 'Was I born a messed up piece?' Indignantly I thought to myself, for as I entered the office I toppled over my own shoes.

I patiently waited for my head to hit the ground hard but it never happened instead it was very comforting; a hard fall couldn't be this warm and relaxing. And then it hit home Mr. Arnav Singh Raizada was holding me secured in his arms.  I so wanted to bury my face more onto his masculine heart but to dismay I was jumping off my guns with the kind of proximity I had with him. It was so unnerving; hastily I steadied myself moving good inches away from this man.

"Ms. Kashyap are you Okay?" his voice was so bloody appeasing. 

My jaws dropped open. He couldn't be over 30. He was so heart crashing handsome.

He was tall his body gym fit and chiselled. He had a beautiful face. Striking Brown Orbs of eyes, straight nose perfectly arched lips and set angular jaws with little scruff. His golden browns tousled and neatly gelled I couldn't form coherent thoughts for few moments.

I nodded my head in positive, not giving him chance to embarrass me more on my balance problems. "Hello Mr. Raizada. I'm Khushi Khanna for Lavanya... I mean Ms. Kashyap. I hope you don't mind." I told him in a timid voice.

"Oh, it's certainly a pleasure to meet you Ms. Khanna." His voice butters as he shook my hand politely.

Holy Cow! I shouted mentally. His touch sent weird electric jolt running down my spine. I was affected, WHY?

"Please have a seat Ms. Khanna." He asked in a curt tone.

"Thank You." I replied small taking seat before his scrutinizing eyes.

His office was huge in itself and strikingly wood and bronze. It was beautiful to infinity for the wall facing his back was all glass. You could see the clear bluish grey sky and parameters of greenery running beneath. His presence was intimidating in itself, as I clumsily tried fixing the digital recorder it almost slipped out of my sweaty palms. Finally it behaved and I sighed a relieving sigh.

"Are you ready for the interview Sir?" I asked in a croaked voice.

"You ask after all the time you put in to fix the recorder." He smiled amused.

"I'm sorry." I flushed scarlet.

Bracing myself up I sat a little tall and looking more confident I started off with the interview.

"Being so young, how does it feel to have a huge enterprise estate all to yourself?" It was a first very straight question.

"Well Ms. Khanna it's rather a big responsibility to carry. I feel content for it is all what I want." His answer was genuine for the little smile he had, touched his eyes and my heart went erratic... hold on yourself Khushi Khanna...

"To whom would you owe it all?" I asked feigning confidence, I'm sure he got past my facade.

"It's all about people Ms. Khanna, I rather have the ability to judge them well. I organise them and put on to their best of them. My Logic works tad bit too impressively for that matter. And  I'm quite resourceful in that manner. I know the catch and play with it well." He paused just a tiniest bit and continued- "I know how business works Ms. Khanna and it all comes down to the heavy cheque they receive at the end of it. As simple as that." He ended with a vague smirk that was if nothing but just for the sake of it.

"Luck plays important role. Isn't it Mr. Raizada?" This was surprisingly my own, he was so self righteous.

"Luck and I do not go together Ms. Khanna. I'm a self made man and it took me years to be where I stand today. Things always work as I want them to." He replied in a stone voice.

"You sound like a control freak!" and here I axed myself, words were out before I could stop them.

"I love to exercise control Ms. Khanna. I know what I'm doing and its always right. It gives me a chance to stand high in my own being." He was bemused.

He held my gaze and I flushed hot and red.

"Besides immense power walks towards you assuring yourself in your deepest atlantis that you're born to control things."

"Do you feel you have immense power?" I asked in a little demented voice.

"I have employees running in the counting of thousand all over India Ms. Khanna. That gives me a rightful sense of responsibility- POWER if you might put it that ways. If I become oblivious of my fashion house and sell it away, there'd be quite a few numbers struggling hard not to be on road." He simply stated the facts as if it meant nothing to him.

My eyes were intense my thoughts and mouth agape.  He was inhuman.

"You don't have people to answer to?" I asked a little shocked.

"I own my company; I have nobody to answer to Ms. Khanna." He replied casually.

I was embarrassed and quickly changed the course of questions.

"Why specifically fashion business?"

"Well if you might ask. I want apparel world to touch new heights. Besides I want most people covered and for the same reason AR Fashion Enterprise charities for Cloth for needy."

This was news. This ruthless man had heart somewhere deep down.

"Why particularly so charitable, if you would elaborate." I encouraged him to speak further.

"Its need of the hour Ms. Khanna and I'd say no more on this." He was suddenly lost in his own world and I had to catch up.

"It's rather your heart speaks than your logic Mr. Raizada."

"Oh! People who know me would never say that." He said his tone touching a rueful smile.

I for some reason was taken more and more to him.

"Your friends would say the same?"

"I'm a very private person Ms. Khanna, I do not generally do interviews. I would own up to anything to nourish my privacy further but for that matter couldn't get Ms. Kashyap off my life until I got this interview fixed she badgered and badgered my PR people. Well on the contrary I like that kind of tenacity." He said is voice polite.

Oh I know how tenacious Lavanya could be, that is why I'm sitting here flushed and nervous under his intent heated gaze rather studying for my approaching finals.

"You also invest in Agriculture. Why that might be, its so diverse from what you do?"  I asked, my curiosity at its best.

"I like people well fed." He answered short but it had so much meaning to it.

"Another venture of yours doing charity?" my tone was humorous.

He smiled in response and my heart skipped a beat. He was so unnerving. In 22 years of my life this was my bloody first butterflies and rainbow encounter. I quickly took charge over myself.

"You've had to sacrifice family life for your work." I regret it as soon as it is out, for he looked appalled and irritated for some reason.

"I have no exact answer to that. I have a loving grandmother and uncle and aunt, an elder sister for a mother and my best buddy for a brother. I have no intensions to extend my family beyond that." He was terse.

"Are you Gay?" Shit what's wrong with Lav? I was so fused with embarrassment.

"I'm not Gay Khushi." He said in a tired angry voice, his eyes intent on me.

My eyes went wide as he said my name, my heart thudding faster and I almost was drained of blood.

"I apologise, it's in the list. I didn't mean to offend." I said  flushing scarlet.

"These aren't your questions?" he asked his voice soft.

"No, they're Lavanya's.. I mean Ms. Kashyap's questions, not mine." I replied embarrassed again.

"Are you colleagues on student newsletter?"

"No, she's my room mate." Lavanya will pay for this.

"Did you do this voluntarily?" Hello who was questioning whom? He was so demanding and compelling at the same time.

"I was drafted, she ain't well." I told the truth my eyes apologetic and for some reason his eyes were praising mine.

"That explains a great deal." He paused and continued- "What are your plans after graduation?" he gently rub his lower lip with his long fingers and my gaze lingers. His lips are so distracting.

"I haven't given it a serious thought. Writing possibly." I blurt out the truth.

"Would you like to work for us?" he asked suddenly, I was caught off guard.

"Umm... Thanks, I would give it a thought." My voice was shaky and I couldn't quite comprehend where was it all leading.

"I really wish you give it a serious thought Ms. Khanna." So we were back to formal terms.

"I would." I said shortly with a smile.

He couldn't take his eyes off mine for some reason.

"Would you like to take a small tour here?" He asked his hopes up.

"That was kind of you Mr. Raizada but I'm afraid I'm running late." I refused politely, for this man happened to have alien kind of effects on me.

"Very well Ms. Khanna, there's be next time." He smiled his crooked smile and my heart was erratic all over again. Was he hoping we'd meet again?

I nodded and gathered all my belongings fast as I could but cautious enough to get it all messed up. After few moments I was ready to leave.

I gave him a last fleeting look and I could see a void through his eyes! What? in matter of few hours I was seeing past what this man actually portrayed? I'm sane... I'm sane I chanted over and over again!

"How would you be leaving?" That was an unexpected question.

"I'd be driving." I replied confused. He was petrified for some reason.

"Please drive safe and slow. It's raining outside." His voice was authoritative and I had to nod in positive.

He was relieved as he look straight into my eyes and shook my hand. That tingly sensation was there again. I could stand there for infinity and won't relent. He was so beautiful.

As I snapped out of my trance and politely removed my hands from his ready to leave, he took charge of me again. He walked straight to his office door, opening it for me.

"Just to help you Ms. Khanna." He was mocking at me! Laughing at my balance problems.

"That wasn't necessary Mr. Raizada. I could've managed on my own." I found my voice and had guts to be sarcastic with this man.

He was staring at me, I couldn't make out his emotions, though.

He walked out of his office with me and the chicks from before were shell shocked for some reason.

"You have a over coat?" He asked, his voice concerned.

I could see, chick number two's eyes popping out of their sockets.

"I have a jacket." I replied with a polite smile.

"I would get that in a heartbeat." Chick number two said, still looking at me as if I was some witch.

As I fumbled into my jacket, I could feel his heated gaze on me and I was for no reason blushing red.

I headed towards the lift and before I could hit the button a firm hand crossed my shoulder and pressed it for me. I was taken aback with this sudden activity and almost fell on him again.

God what was with me and my balance today?

"I'm sorry didn't mean to surprise you." He was if anything but sorry.

The elevator waited for me and there I was stuck and dumb founded. My attention got to its best as the elevator 'ting'ed its way to wait no more for me and in haste I hit the button again.

Clumsily I straightened myself and made my way inside the elevator. He still had that glorified look on his face.



And with our small exchange I was moving down to be free from this intimidating yet beautiful man.

I ran out of the office and as the fresh air hit my face I felt electrified. What was it?

I gathered myself up and steadily moved towards my SUV and wished I never met this man again. Especially after I've asked him if he was a Gay!

Unknown to my fate I drove to my destination. Realising belatedly that I was driving slower than I would and that face popped into my head again. I had no option but to drive fast, he was the last person I wished I would meet again.

Please Do Not Copy These Updates To Other Sites.


So how was it guys? I tried keeping it as original as I could and I hope that won't skip your attention. I hope it's a long enough update, please bear with me if I go late for I have my academics as well. To all the silent readers please comment even if you have to criticize :)

The next chapter onwards it would solely be my take on the story, some similarities might occur but other wise it would be all mine.

To all of you who want PM's please buddy me for its difficult to hunt down everyone and PM. 

Thanks for all your Awesome comments it really helped me write better I guess :)


Well to people who're asking if its inspired from 50 shades of Grey, Yes it is and yet it is different for there is no BDSM relation here but yes it has other mature contents.

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Aahhh, the control freak ASR! Only makes this fiction that much more alluring. Can't wait to devour this fiction with each update. Good work.

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annab Goldie

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It was a brilliant update...loved the interview,especially the 'gay'part...tht was very funny...cnt wait for ur next update.pls continue soon...thank u...

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