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Episode Analysis

Another enchanting episode showcasing the growing bond between our lovely heroine and her stoic hero, who is suddenly not so stoic anymore! I just adore the way the relationship between these two individuals who are tasting happiness again, is being teased out slowly, growing from mutual respect and distance to friendship and emotional intimacy and tending finally towards a deep and abiding love that will last through any obstacle...and they will come.

The first scene with the swing was so satisfying. I love how it started out with Aarti calling the kids over, and Yash staying where he was, unsure of his place in this dynamic. Seeing him all alone, stripped of his playmates was just heart wrenching to me for some reason. He wants so much to be a part of this family, yet he has no idea how much they want him too. When Aarti calls the children over, he sort of accepts that his turn with them is over, and it is Aarti's turn to play with them now. Aarti has to make it clear to him once again that he is no outsider, he is wanted, needed and taken for granted by his family, and moreover he is wanted and needed by her to make this moment complete. This time in Mumbai where Yash has nowhere to escape to is showing more and more how much he wants to move forward and be in the present, but that he simply does not know how. Whenever Aarti shows him, he is eager to comply and for the most part she is a gentle and unassuming guide.

Then again, Aarti is no saint and she gets a little cheeky with him about not knowing the tradition of swinging in the rainy season, with her cheeky brood parroting her words. I love this new bent of the children's interactions with Yash because especially for Palak and Payal, it is a side of their father they have never experienced before, the sweet fun man who is open to being made fun of and making fun. It is clear that they are blossoming in the presence of the happy Yash that Aarti is slowly drawing out, mostly for their benefit as well as his own. I loved the way they portrayed how Aarti taught Yash the meaning of paing (or however you spell it). When she used a specific term, he did not understand what she meant by it, but then when she explained it, he found that it was simply the act of pushing his kids on the swing. This reminded me of how Yash is overwhelmed by the idea of moving on and moving past his memories of Arpita, simply because it is something he cant fathom. What does it mean to move on when he will always love Arpita and can never give anyone her place? Basically, he is afraid of the unknown. Aarti here, is explaining to him through actions, what moving on means and getting rid of that intimidation and that darkness in his mind. Moving on, she seems to be explaining, is nothing more than being here in this moment with us...and pushing your kids on the swing. Taking away the unknown element of moving on from his perception, she is making it easier for him to actually make a new beginning.

And that is when the kids teach them the biggest lesson of all, of how little control they really have on their relationship thanks to the three little people who really hold the reigns. When Aarti and Yash began swinging the kids, they were under the impression that they were the deciders of the children's fate, the ones responsible for their safety and would be the silent and invisible support from behind. They were fooled into thinking that the children would be happy with this, while the children had a wish of their own. As much as kids learn from what their parents teach them, and their guidance, they learn from the way the parents interact with each other. Ansh, Palak and Payal wanted to see their parents together and assert their position as active agents in making this family into the image of what they wanted it to be. It reminded me of when Payal asked if Yash was going to kiss Aarti, when Ansh said that he felt good seeing his mother and father together. These children, for so long have craved a full set of parents and now that they have them, they are innocently expressing their desire to see them together, to see the love between them and to enjoy the fullness of their family.

Thankfully, Yash and Aarti obliged unconsciously, giving their kids a picture that had comfort, protection, friendship and maybe just a litte something more that made them giggle with excitement. Yash and Aarti married for the kids and have to an extent, surrendered their happiness to these three little creatures, asking them to decide what they want to do with it, and clearly what the kids want is for them to be happy with each other too. I love this juxtaposition of innocence and undisguised honesty in kids, that they are bringing out beautifully here. Naturally, with the kids deciding things, the journey is not going to be steady, but Aarti and Yash will be there to catch each other, and to hold onto if things get rough along the way, just as they did with that debate competition and the kidnapping. Yash caught Aarti in his arms as though it was the most natural thing in the world for him, and Aarti said not a word, and allowed the motion of the swing to bring her closer and closer to him. I loved Yash's dialogue, when he said matter of factly, nobody is pushing any more. They started swinging and supported each other, with the ruse of the kids' needs, but they held on even after the kids stopped swinging, without realising it. Yash leaves when he realises this, but Aarti stays back and continues to swing herself, because she wants to and doesn't need anyone to push her.

And then to the karela. I loved this bit, it was like Yash's revenge for all the times Aarti has pulled his leg with the kids in tow. This time the joke was on her and it is this push and pull that the kids need to see, that continuous and fun interaction between their parents. This is what the principal was talking about, and what bhavri mentions as well, as pyaar. If this is what pyaar is, it looks like Yash is ok with it. He no longer fears labels because he has made his peace with their relationship in its undefined state and he is happy to let the labels float around for the sake of the kids. The definition of their relationship has now become for each to find the individual in the other. When Aarti took away Yash's phone, she challenged him to be just Yash, not Yash Scindia, wedding planner or Yash Scindia, mourner...just Yash. And he overcame his apprehensions and did just that when he made that pot with her. Now Yash is returning the challenge. Be Aarti, not Aarti the mother, bahu or dutiful wife (who cooks and eats food she hates even though she hates it), but just Aarti. Not surprisingly, Aarti finds the challenge harder than Yash, and he takes full advantage of her hesitation to be herself. I loved that they made Yash like karela, which is neither good looking, nor easily lovable. Man likes a challenge!

Paridhi is stepping into dangerous waters in her desperation. Perhaps if Prateek had secured her RJ job when she wanted him to, she wouldn't have been so eager to jump at an opportunity with such a silly clause. Entertainers relate to people because of their conviction, not their marital status, and if Paridhi has no conviction in who she really is, then she won't be able to connect in any case in the long run.

The scene with SP and Gayatri was very touching. SP is finally admitting that all his frustration was because he could not protect Yash from pain and loss and then he could not make him better. SP's apprehensions speak of the short term, while Gayatri's faith hints at the long run. I am afraid we will have to face the former before we see the fruits of the latter, because we have to see those promos unfold. There is going to be a huge Arpita-guilt backlash for Yash soon and we should take strength from these beautiful moments to weather the storm.

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Samanalyse IF-Rockerz

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For anyone who is new to the forum, or the thread, and wondering what we are all about, Dragon Club is an analysis, discussion, venting and general merry-making thread about PV where everyone is welcome and can just jump into discussion any time!


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It will b better if we can comment on every actor's profile at least twice in a day so that all PV actors rankings can go up but make sure we r doing it regularly on GC and KS's profile at least Embarrassed..

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49erFan IF-Sizzlerz

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First and foremost, thanks for all ur wonderful Birthday wishes :)

Hmmm, our DC queen is in some sorts of "CON"fusion today, Jyo u ok na LOL

Watched this movie on opening day, loved Jism 2!  Hats off to Pooja Bhatt for showing some hot sensual romance on big screen, nothing raunchy or sleazy, but well done!  At least someone has the guts to show things when things heats up, not just lights going off LOL




PV Creatives, here is a list of songs that we would like to see on Yash and Aarti! DC members or anyone, if you want to see any other songs, please drop me a PM and I'll try to update list on page 1 of DC daily!

#1. Dil kya kare jab kissi ko (julie)
#2. Bheegi bheegi raato mein
#3. Haye haye ye majboori :P
#4. Woh hain zara
#5. husn ke...laakhon ke rang
#6. aaj rapat jaiyo (namak halal)
#7. sajna hai mujhe Blushing
#8. Baahon mein challe aao
#9. Jaane do na
#10.Roop tera mastana
#11 Piya tu
#12. Bhor bhaye panghat pe
#13. Chadhti jawani meri ROFL
#14. Aa zara (Murder 2)
#14. Aaja Piya
#16. Zara Zara touch me
#17.choli ke peechhe kya hai
#18 Hey sexy lady
#19. Sarkai liyo khatiya ROFL jaada lagge! ROFL
#20. Jaadu hai nasha hai
#21.Could I have this kiss forever!
#22. Bheege hont tere
#23. Ooo lala Ooo lala (Dirty Picture)
#24 Tune ye Rangeela kaisa Jaadu kiya
#25 Hoton se Chulo Tum
#26 Chura liya hai Tumne jo dil ko
#27 Hum Dil de Chuke Sanam
#28 Kaise Tum Mujhe Mil Gayi
#29 Pehla Nasha Pehla Khumar
#30 Sajda
#31 Saibo
#32 Ishaqzaade title song
#33 Phir Mohobbat karne chala

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My chhotu sa take Embarrassed

Such an engaging episode , very well crafted . I loved the pace of they episode , it was smooth & within the thirty minutes it covered all , the swinging scene , the AarYa teasing moment , PraDhi menace , Senior Scindiya's yearnings.

To start with , the swinging scene was definitely the golden scene , very appealing. I'd like to commend the wardrobe department for choosing two of the best anarkali-suits I have ever seen , if she was looking a 'strawberry' yesterday , she was no less than a snow white today Blushing Drop dead gorgeous! Day Dreaming Im much glad they gave a brief synopsis of tee , in fact after the segments I was assuming that only . That scene holds a huge importance , we saw a caring Yash . The preeminent part was , both were so much lost in each other that they couldn't pay attention to the mischief of the kids. Aarti , we understand but Yash? Tongue It was a picturesque view. But 'Iktaar' left me bit disappointed , it wasn't blending well , SBB/SBS segments' songs were better , more lively because Iktaara is sober n Aarti has overcame that sober phase. Earlier she was in baffling state but now she does know that she loves him.

Dining table scene was cute. It didd remind me of the dailya scene , but there Aarti had to force , here Yash didn't even ask much. Ah! Love Heart

PraDhi are definitely in an ambiguous situation Unhappy 

Precap : Its the time , when intimacy & confidence gonna take place Day Dreaming This will put them under the category of ordinary husband wife Smile

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chalo chalo jaldi 10:30 hojao...

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Episode Analysis
Looks like CVs r on a roll this week to give us one after another Paisa Vasool episodes ShockedShockedShockedClapClapClap...Today it was not only a Bua less episode but also a complete AarYa filled episode StarStarStarStar...From Jhula scene to Karela scene to the interesting precap , everything was just so dreamyyy about the episode EmbarrassedEmbarrassedEmbarrassed...
Yash's  growing Protectiveness and Possessiveness towards Aarti in Jhula and Karela scene EmbarrassedEmbarrassed
Jhula scene and Karela scene both were super cute AarYa moments with their Natural Bonding  Embarrassed..Even though kids had a big hand in that jhula scene but once AarYa sat on jhula , it was exclusively their moments together on that jhula which they executed themselves on their own EmbarrassedEmbarrassed..Best part about both scenes is that there is no memory of Arpita attached to any of these scenes Big smileBig smile...These r exclusive AarYa memories which will remain in everyone's mind and heart forever... EmbarrassedEmbarrassed 
Jhula scene brought out the romantic chemistry of AarYa when Yash protectively takes Aarti in his arms making sure she is all safe while Aarti enjoys the warmth of his arms EmbarrassedEmbarrassed... Karela scene brought out the typical humourous chemistry of AarYa when Yash indirectly pulls Aarti's leg by asking her to prepare karela at night too once he gets an idea from Ansh that Aarti is almost allergic to karela LOL..It was his turn to take that daliya revenge from Aarti and so whats better than make her eat stuffed karela WinkLOLLOLTongue...
Both Jhula and Karela scenes  sort of strengthen the AarYa bond further since in both scenes there was no shadow of Arpita memories ... Yash was his natural self and was only thinking of Aarti while Aarti could get to see the warm ,protective and humourous side of real Yash EmbarrassedEmbarrassed...
I loved the new protective and possessive side of Yash in this episode Embarrassed..Throughout the jhula scene Yash was all protective towards Aarti when he saw she is not able to balance herself in the jhula Embarrassed..So first he puts his arms around her to safeguard her and then thanks to that little jerk ,when Aarti's head almost falls on his chest part , he does not push her away but rather takes her completely in his arms till the jhula keeps swinging EmbarrassedEmbarrassed ; Aarti felt so secure in Yash's protective arms .. She really enjoyed the warmth of his arms  while Yash continued to hold her tightly in his arms till the jhula kept swinging EmbarrassedEmbarrassedEmbarrassed...What a wonderful execution of the scene and that too just before Janmashtami ... Both looked like Radha and Krishna swinging on that jhula in complete peace and harmony EmbarrassedEmbarrassed
Throughout the Karela scene we saw a possessive Yash in action when he made sure Aarti sits on the eating table and does the lunch with them only Embarrassed.. I loved the way Yash sounded like a typical hubby asking her to listen to his orders just how he listened to her few hrs back WinkEmbarrassed ; Yash is no more formal with Aarti but is slowly beginning to show his rights on her and this is what Aarti is enjoying Embarrassed...Then Yash was again at his naughtiest best when he realised that Aarti does not eat karela Tongue...This is the real Yash we once again saw today who enjoys being playful with others Embarrassed...Kratika and GC both were awesome with facial expressions during the karela scene ... KS was like goshhh when will I get rid of this karela LOLLOL and GC was like I caught u , and this is tme for my daliya revenge WinkLOLLOLLOL...
Even precap shows Yash is slowly becoming protective and possessive for Aarti now .. yes yes yes Yash is changing ... WinkBig smileBig smile...Now if the precap is what we all r thinking in our dirty minds LOL , then it will b interesting to see Yash's reaction once he comes to know why Aarti is desperate to go to the market for that stuff WinkLOLLOL...Well in a way it does bring AarYa more close to each other in terms of comfort level if Aarti shares her awkward moments with Yash in such situations EmbarrassedEmbarrassed
Arpita remained a decorative piece in the house while Aarti was Yash's real sunshine today Big smileBig smile...
One interesting thing , Arpita and her portraits are actually reduced to just decor in the background of the house while Yash is hving the time of his life with Aarti Big smileBig smileBig smile... Aarti is not putting much efforts  here .. its all happening on its own whether its the jhula scene or karela scene ...Yash is beginning to enjoy Aarti's company EmbarrassedEmbarrassed,...He might not hv developed intense feelings for her yet but he is certainly developing a wonderful friendly bonding with Aarti where he can joke around with her , pull her leg , discuss random things with her , hv some nok-jhoks with her  and just hv some good fun EmbarrassedEmbarrassed
In short Shobha's words about love r coming true ... It all starts with respect and then comes friendship ..Finally Love happens Embarrassed...So right now AarYa r moving from respect phase to friendship phase EmbarrassedEmbarrassed
Daddy Scindia and Gayatri hv blind faith on Aarti .. Hope things dont backfire Ouch
Ok now this is the real worry I hv since last 2 days Ouch... Gayatri has blind faith on Aarti and even Daddy Scindia feels Aarti can magically change everything  , so even winning Yash's heart is not impossible Ouch,..Both r over confident that Yash will fall for Aarti in Mumbai and will forget Arpita completely and when they will return back it will b a complete changed Yash Ouch...But what if all their bubbles burst and Yash again goes back to square one in Arpita world after coming to know that this whole Mumbai trip was a planned move by his parents to bring them close ?? ShockedConfused...What if someday Yash overhears the secret telephone conversations of Gayatri and Aarti and feels that Aarti is doing all this under Gayatri and his father's orders ?? OuchOuch
I m saying all this because there mayb a big reason why Gayatri and Aarti's promise or these telephone chats r highlighted in every episode with Gayatri's growing over confidence Ouch ; I feel Yash might actually start developing soft corner for Aarti but just then he might overhear the telephone chat of Gayatri and Aarti and then he might feel that Aarti is doing all these seductive acts under Gayatri's orders and not because she loves him  CryCryOuch ; This might make Yash really very angry and we might witness a anti-climax at the end of the Mumbai track which will b interesting because at least we will see a good progress in the form of Yash getting affected with Aarti's moves and also developing some intense feelings for her EmbarrassedEmbarrassed
AarYa r coming close while Pratik-Paridi r drifting apart Ouch
Paridi accepting this offer of a TV anchor at the cost of hiding her marital status might result in Pratik falling in a deep mess in front of his family and this might really result in some cracks developing in their married life Ouch
On the other hand Aarti and Yash's bonding is getting stronger every passing day EmbarrassedEmbarrassed...Their understanding and comfort level is really good as noone is trying to dominate the other but instead both r trying to respect each other's wishes Embarrassed
Its a good contrast story telling shown between both couples who got married at the same time ClapClap
Overall a very good balanced episode with some delicious AarYa moments and equally interesting precap StarStarStarStar

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Zetter IF-Rockerz

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Aw another beautiful episode tonight Embarrassed Embarrassed Embarrassed


It starts with the kids playing ball with Yash and Aarti by the swing she calls the kids they all sit son the swing and she then calls Yash both parents push the kids on the swing then the kids make their parents sit on the swing and they push them but because of the jerks Aarti hold on to Yash's arm...She about to fall so Yash holds on to her tighly and take her in his arm Dead Day Dreaming Day Dreaming...Meanwhile the kids have left their parents alone Big smile Yash walks away (more like runs away) when he saw that he and Aarti were alone LOL LOL

It lunch time so Aarti made stuffed karela (bitter melon) for Yash...he ask Aarti to eat it but since she's allergic she pretends infront of Yash that she likes it Ansh once again gave away one of his mom's secret that she can't eat it but Aarti being Aarti she ate it with a great difficulty...poor thing Ouch Yash teased her saying tha since she loved it so much that they'll have it again tonight for dinner Aarti is petrified...Yash leaves and Ansh is laughing at his mom who looks like a deer caught in headlights ROFL
PraDhi are heading for disaster...Pratik is saying one thing and Paridhi is hearing other Unhappy All i have to say is that they need to really listen to each other before things really get out of hand.
Aarti forgot something...she's searching for it like crazy in her suitcase but she doesn't find it so she says to herself that she'll have to go to the market right now Confused
Gayatri gives SP the new that their beta Yash is changing according to what Aarti told her and SP wonders if Aarti could make Yash forget Arpita...G3 tells SP that Aarti is in love with Yash (sounds like she knew for sometime) cause she saw it in her eyes SP is being realistic saying that it's a difficult task but once again G3 tells him yes "it's difficult but nt impossible" and that she has faith in Aarti Big smile
Precap: Aarti going to the market to fetch that thing she forgot and Yash wants to go with her and Arti is like no i can manage on my own LOL LOL

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OMG!!!ShockedShocked Seems like, this is week is going to be on AryaBlushing,Just watched the segments...
Aarthi and Yash on jhula TOGETHERShocked his arm around her and her head on his chest. BlushingBlushingBlushingBlushing

What a DREAMY SEQUENCEDay DreamingDay DreamingDay DreamingDay DreamingDay DreamingDay Dreaming

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