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Thoughts on Redemption Hullabaloo!

laddoo598 IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 07 August 2012 at 10:17am | IP Logged
Alright, Hitler Dadi, no matter how obnoxious and obstinate you are, you sure are doing a hell lot of good to this show. Hullabaloo

Arnav Singh Raizada on his Grandmother - "She has always been like this. She only does what she thinks is right. She expects everyone else to see things from her perspective. And if they don't agree with her, then they are automatically wrong."

I bet everyone watching the episode had a sly smile on their face seeing how ASR pretty much described himself while giving Khushi the status quo on his not so lovely grandmother. It runs in the gene people, the arrogance, the truck load of attitude, the almighty complex. But the similarities end there. Guess the Raizada gene played its magic on Arnav and kept him from becoming a complete douchebag, or better yet, the power of LOWE has transformed him for the better.LOL

Yes, Arnav is conceited, yes he thinks he is right all the time, yes he thinks those who don't agree with his viewpoint are at fault. But he knows he is capable of creating mistakes, and he is more than capable of owning up to those mistakes. I have seen people being driven up the wall about this whole redemption business and I chose to wait, to let the writers tell their story, 'cause you gotta admit, ASR's character was extremely well written for a TV show's hero, and I knew writers wouldn't ruin their months of hard work just like that. Khushi gets butchered on a daily basis, sad but true, but writers tend to not mess around much with ASR. I have to say, I was pissed with him when he resorted to the most demented antics to get her back to RM. Now that I look back to it, I realize its because the makers advertised the track as a wooing track where Arnav woos Khushi back, and in reality, he did everything but woo her. Bad promotion techniques, I now realize his ultimate goal was to get her back at RM, by hook or crook. It was one of those challenges for him on the surface, but if you dig deeper, each and every one his actions screamed of desperation. He needed her to be with him, the key word is need, not want, she had become a necessity, so he played nasty to get her back. I was mighty peeved alright, I was enraged even, thinking what the hell has gotten into his head, and how can he possibly stop her from leaving again once the darned contract is up.

But then slowly, but surely, he started to redeem himself. Jalebis, Chickpeas, Gol Gappe, he realized it wasn't so hard after all too make Khushi happy. Pearls, those pearls were his way of apologizing to her for his atrocities on their first meeting, and perhaps for every meeting that followed after. She realized,(too bad the editors didn't, what a demented FB, how the hell would bitwa know what Khushi dreamed about?LOL), and that is exactly why we see a Khushi who is reciprocating his advances, who is willing to work on this marriage. And no, his redemption is not done yet folks, this is just the start. I am so happy the writers have not resorted the cliched track of the hero groveling at the heroine's feet and saying sorry, and that is that, redemption done. That has such a a wham, bam, thank you ma'am feeling to it. I much rather prefer this drawn out process indeed. First he got her back at his house, and now, he is giving her the due respect she deserves as his wife, he is standing up for her, standing by her, every step of the way. I have waited so long to see this. Finally, Arnav is transforming into the husband Khushi deserves, a man who respects her, adores her, cherishes her, protects her.

I loved the scene between Dadi and Arnav today. The subtle way in which Arnav, in lack of better words, bitchslapped obnoxious Hitler Dadi was epic to say the least. Loved how he let her know that this is his house, and he respects her but at the end of the day he has the final say in matters, and he doesn't like it when his father's name is mentioned in the house. And then the ultimate gesture, walking out of the room and standing by his wife, 'cause he doesn't think he should be in a place where his wife, his better half is not allowed. Khushi my girl, now that he knows he loves you, he will always have your back, always!

Today's episode was so significant. It is a huge deal when an emotionally distraught Arnav decides to soothe Khushi's troubled mind despite being in a foul mood himself. Also, the fact that he is not shunning her away for trying to reach out to him again shows what a long way he has come from being an emotionally aloof person. Today he owned up to his mistake of marrying her forcibly. He told her that it was never her fault, and it never will be, the fault lies with him, and she should never ever feel guilty for the same. Again, loving the gradual progression when it comes to repentance, making it up to Khushi, winning her back again.

Random Musings:

  • What the hadsa? How many times was the hadsa word uttered today?

  • Dadi, your talk to the hand approach is getting boring already, find something new.

  • Why is Payaliya's hairpiece so fugly?

  • Manorama, I agree, you are a right sight better than Hitler Dadi.

  • Barun Sobti, take a bow! Barun Sobti + Angst = Brilliance on my screen.

All in all, Hitler Dadi's character brought back the much needed dramatic aspects to IPK, otherwise, I was getting tired of the romantic comedy approach of it all. Great going writers!

P.S Writers, I beg of you, don't make me eat my words by going back to square 1 in tomorrow's episode!LOL

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manjha IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 07 August 2012 at 10:19am | IP Logged
Okay wow woman, that is one epic post-wa for one epic episode! Clap You said everything correctly and pretty much summed up everything! 

I too see the reasons unfolding of why ASR was being ass hole-ish to woo back Khushi! I guess his plan was that he wanted to somehow get Khushi back in the RM & from then slowly he would pick up the pieces and pave a way for some redemption slowly to clear it all up!

 Id just like to rave about the Friday scene that you mentioned, he's taking the effort to make her happy the way she wants, so he is really trying to make her as happy as possible! The pearls were amazing, cause I think during the first time when he broke them, it kinda brings me back to a promo we once had where it was like "Arnav, jisne motiyon ki tarah bikher diya hai Khushi ka aaj" & basically when he broke those pearls, it was the begining to the road of screwing up Khushis life, which he did, but now those pearls were all joint back together properly, so basically he gathered up the mess and gave her, her happiness back! 

Today was a pretty brilliant episode! I loved everything about it & though Hitler Daadi may be a pain in the ass, she is helping this story move forward and finally the "raaz" will be unfolded! Arnav is basically a junior daadi! I can see the Malik family had a trait of bitchiness and ruthlessness which genetically transferred on to Arnie but I can say that the banda has changed or at least I hope he has gotten a little bit of buddhi now after the Shyaam fiasco and not trusting Khushi that there are things beyond what you actually see...

I like how Khushi was open today to Arnav and told him that he can tell her if he wants to which is bascially showing that Khushi is taking the attempt to take their relationship to the next level! I think that in any marriage, you need that aspect of a friend or companion & Arnav is a man who is known not to open up at all, && keeps everything to himself, so it would be interesting to see how he learns to share his sorrows & maybe overcomes the fact that its okay to cry and to lean on a shoulder. Especially when its coming to Khushi, he will realise that though Khushi is there cause he loves her, shes also there to stand by him and to be his strength! Before all the love shove happens, I think that there are steps ArHi will need to take, and Arnavs worries may be the the thing that initiates it! 

The Arnav-Daadi scene was awesome! I liked how he is still, him! Like you said, Khushi is always butchered but ASR is pretty well kept! Bitch slapped is the correct term hun, & I believe his eyes did the most work! He made it clear and straight that, he still has respect for her as ultimately she is his Daadi but that wont change the fact, that Arnav will behave the way he is! I dont care how Daadi is really as long as Arnav is by Khushis side! 

Oh and can I say I loved Naani for being, well Naani! She totally took authority and shoved some reality in Daadis face by telling her that she really has no right to be talking cause she left her grand kids just like that, just because of that "haadsa" and all so Naani ji, you ROCK! 
I am really looking forward to the rest of this track & cant wait for tomorrow! More than the sequence, I wanna see the emotional ArHi & the SBS already bought a lump in my throat looking at Arnavs pareshaan face! 

Oh and the big question was why does Daadi hate Khushi so much? LOL like I made myself believe that it was because of the water thing but I can still understand that she will hate on her SO MUCH! Hmph, Hitler kahin ki! and I did not like the way she was talking to Naani! Honestly Naani gave them a good parvarish and when it comes to Arnav, he was just something that nobody could control with the "haadsa" so Hitler Daadi needs to shoo off! 

Anyways, I think today was one of Sobtis best performances lately, it was absolutely brilliant! I had been missing this angry ASR scenes cause Barun is flawless in such scenes! 

Awesome post-wa again Tanu-wa! Big smile

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-happilyunknown IF-Rockerz

Joined: 09 November 2011
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Posted: 07 August 2012 at 10:20am | IP Logged

Incredibly happy i got first page hereParty

OK now going to your post ...Hitler Dadi is a classic which i was too slow to think aboutLOL

Actually i am loving this track. Because we unlike a lot of others prefer "respect" over "redemption".Arnav is indeed a well executed character and just because of that all those people who are screaming for redemption right now would have gotten a the shock of their lives if they had shown a redemption sequence. Their hero wouldn't have been right and you might even be forced to wonder whether this is really ASR we are seeing on screen.

The most terrible part about ASR was his lack of respect for women other than his Di and Nani. But now i am seriously loving the way he is treating khushi. Its a perfect measure of love, care and respect <3

I could see the the desperation in his actions during the "i will take her back to RM" days itself so that prevented me from a lot of rising blood pressure problems :D

And yes Payal's hair piece reminds me of a cockatoo.

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pixiegirl IF-Sizzlerz

Joined: 22 June 2011
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Posted: 07 August 2012 at 10:23am | IP Logged
Res. :)

Back with my edit Big smile

Firstly Tanuwa, beautiful post sweetie, loved the way you summarized the episode & the episodes that led up to it so far. Fabulous job. Clap

Before I forget, I know we ALL LOVED Arnav today, but I also want to take a moment to clap for Devyani Raizada today. Clap Clap I just loved the way she gave it back to Subhadra Malik well & good. Tum toh hum sabko chhod ke chali gayi ashram mein, bachhon ko humne sambhala, and now you have the nerve to come back & question my motives & techniques. Screw you!! Naniji take a bow. Clap Loved you totally for giving it back to daadi a punch square in the face. 

Same goes for Arnav bitwa, aap kis haq se mujhse javaab maang rahin hain?? Yeah man, when she left you & Anjali high & dry to remain aloof from the family in her ashram she forfeited all rights to question anyone, period. She deserted the two kids who would have needed her most when they lost their parents, when they lost not only their parents but were also summarily thrown out of their home without  a roof on their heads she has the nerve to come & ask questions and throw her weight around?? Why the hell isn't she taking her erstwile son to task for throwing these kids out of Sheesh Mahal in the first place?? I believe Arnav's chachaji who was responsible for throwing them out is still very much alive?? Why the hell doesn't she question that good for nothing slime bag for kicking these children out of their home?? And she has the nerve to accuse Arnav that he is being like his father and should take his dad's name with respect, hypocrisy much Angry

You're right Tanu, couldn't have tolerated the much beaten down path of redemption for ASR. He is ASR for nothing, he does things HIS way. He is constantly redeeming himself since the day he has gotten back from the kidnapping IMO. Agreed, he lost his cool once & in the heat of the moment blamed Khushi for all the problems in their lives, but he instantly regretted it and is trying to make amends. He knows he messed up and is bending over backwards to please her. His methods & techniques aren't always conventional but his heart is in the right place. 

Way to go ASR, fight for your wife's rights & give it back to her on a platter. Make your daadi eat her own words, she deserves nothing better, will do the world of good to her to be brought down a few notches IMO.

Thrilled with this track, CVs please bring it on. Was so terribly missing this angst & intensity, good to have it back. Waiting to see how Shyamu now stirs up the pot further. Big smile

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Rabba-Ve-Delena IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 07 August 2012 at 10:26am | IP Logged
I missed your posts, as always brilliantly written and explained!
You hail hope, I still lack it, the sceptic of this show I am.
Actually I wasn't before but now I am - I think the past few weeks have been weird, really strange and out of context I think the only redeeming episode was the Rakhi one and the one after with presents then the morning scene happened and ruined it all!

As for ASR his acknowledgement is all we can expect and I guess his redeeming quality is the way he protects her in front of others even if he can be douche to her himself.

I genuinely want to see an acknowledgement of him telling Khushi it's not her fault Shyam went creepy and duped her into engagement forgetting his own marriage. I think only then will I full make peace with this trackLOL Eat. Back. Your. Words.ASR.

However, I reckon if Dadi Raizada accuses Khushi of something similar, like her enticing Shyam, then only then will the reality of what he said to her hone in. Moment that happens, my love affair with IPKKND will once again resume.

I have the naafrat paas aane na de, mohabhat dhoor jaanena de equation with the show currently.

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paru_rox IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 07 August 2012 at 10:26am | IP Logged
As usual you sum up everything brilliant (& not so brilliant) in the episode Tanu wa Star ... Parul bhelcomes you back from the pits of examinations & sadu old professors Hug

I am so glad that the episode was well planned  with characters maintaining their basic traits. Hitler Dadi has made a powerful impact already (yup she got bashed on her muh-dikhayi & dominated almost all posts ... what better welcome I ask LOL) and things progressed rapidly in terms of drama.  After watching Hitler Dadi & her high-handed ways, I for one am glad she opted for the Ashram route & decided not to raise Arnav & Anjali. With the "Haadsa" as shattering as it is made out to be, Nani's progressive thinking approach surely was much better for two damaged kids than HD's regressive one.

I absolutely loved Nani in today's episode right from her support to Arnav & Khushi to her confrontation with Dadi when the latter decided to frown upon the going-on's of her grand kids' lives. Nani's smile at Arnav's stand for his wife was absolutely super ... shows whom she might tend to support when the ugly truth of the "haadsa" comes out.

Those screaming for ASR's blood for his redemption need to take due note of the fact that since acknowledging his fault while revealing Shyam's truth to Nani, that is what Arnav has been doing redeeming himself albeit in his own way & not in any "sissy lipstick wearing hero" way.
Today even though caught up in the darkness of the past glaring at him, he made sure to let his wife know that she was NEVER at fault at the way they married. I truly believe that if push comes to shove, Bitwa will have no problem owning up to this is front of the families knowing he will lose the respect of many of his family member's for what he has done ... he will still do it to restore his wife's respect.

Khushi too maintained her basic traits today ... a need to see everyone happy & set everything right, worry if someone is upset with her, try to set things right with whatever it takes, hesitating yet going up to the man she loves to ask him the reason for his anger ... all in all really good. Bitiya's expression when Bitwa stood up for her was awesome Thumbs Up

Lastly NK ji is fast turning out to be CV's PR messenger ... his "First impressions are not always correct" was clearly for the fans Wink

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laddoo598 IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 07 August 2012 at 10:36am | IP Logged
Originally posted by -happilyunknown

Incredibly happy i got first page hereParty

OK now going to your post ...Hitler Dadi is a classic which i was too slow to think aboutLOL

Actually i am loving this track. Because we unlike a lot of others prefer "respect" over "redemption".Arnav is indeed a well executed character and just because of that all those people who are screaming for redemption right now would have gotten a the shock of their lives if they had shown a redemption sequence. Their hero wouldn't have been right and you might even be forced to wonder whether this is really ASR we are seeing on screen.

The most terrible part about ASR was his lack of respect for women other than his Di and Nani. But now i am seriously loving the way he is treating khushi. Its a perfect measure of love, care and respect <3

I could see the the desperation in his actions during the "i will take her back to RM" days itself so that prevented me from a lot of rising blood pressure problems :D

And yes Payal's hair piece reminds me of a cockatoo.

We are such a hard bunch to please Gayathri. Heck, if ASR is bit too mushy and soft, we raise hue and cry over how his character is loosing his zeal, imagine what the reaction would have been if he cried a river, or drunk his life away as an excuse for "Redemption"..LOL I just don't see him doing that stuff, you know. He is a man who makes mistakes, a lot of them, and if he chose to cry over them, then our hot shot hero would be a sissy wimp in no time. I am very happy at the way the writers are tackling this. At the end of the day, these are their characters, they know these characters better than we will ever know them. And kudos to them for reforming ASR's ways without reducing him to your typical SP wimp hero. Slow and steady is the way to go, whats the fun in a simple sorry, let him prove through his actions. Words will come too, he has already admitted not trusting Khushi was the biggest mistake of his life in front of Nani and Khushi, he has apologized to Khushi for hurting her, and today he told her all the blame for their wedding lies with him. Now if that is not redemption, then what is?

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chatterbug Senior Member

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Posted: 07 August 2012 at 10:44am | IP Logged

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