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Crooner 1.17 :Grains of Reflection - Updated (Page 3)

-Sudhanya- Goldie

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Posted: 07 August 2012 at 10:39am | IP Logged

Can you please ask your Swami to change his line "Thank you for watching it and liking it". Usse bolo itna humble mat ban ne ka...

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indi52 IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 07 August 2012 at 10:42am | IP Logged
beautiful quote.

first update. Smile

just read crooner, priya. moving, that story you tell of a boy of fourteen in his glass house, in his innocence and play he never realised the grains had turned into stones. who did this to the grains, who did this to the boy? why do such things happen? his sheesh mahal lies shattered, but today here he is in shantivan, a safe, secure home. made with his toil, sweat, tears. the abode of peace where he has decorated his dreams again, determined not to let a single nightmare destroy his dwelling this time. yet all it takes is a look, a word, a face from a time gone by, and the deluge of memories returns, threatening to engulf all, rob him of everything, even himself.

in the coming days we'll see his mighty struggle, perhaps one last time against this cataclysmic yesterday. what will shatter? his dream? or the past's illusion that it still has a hold over him?

before him he sees his now, his later, his forever, holding her hand out, saying come, i am here, i will walk with you, wither thou goest. he reaches out.

and again a scream echoes in his body, racking it, hurling him against a familiar wall of pain. he feels its bruises yet he takes the next step.

i loved your story for it is at the heart of it all. arnav singh raizada's tale talks to me for we all have our pasts. it moulds us, makes us, its every happiness tells on our nature, its every cruelty mars us and releases demons within.

but if we can take the most heartless deeds of the past and instead of letting it ruin us, look it straight in the eye and go deep into it to see what lessons it holds, we may be surprised at the answers we'll find, and those will finally let us go. stronger, fuller, cleaner, at last understanding love.

the past pollutes his pure heart. shuddhi will come. his actions will bring it. his choice to hold that hand waiting to take him forward will ensure it. he will turn stones into grains.

the past will stand with dropping jaw and watch.

still a bit lost in thoughts, will update on the episode later. Big smile

Big smile Big smile second update.

priya, anjali, just saw your comments on my post. thanks so much. this place means as much as it does because all of you are here with all your fascinating thoughts. i don't recall your north west ideas, priya, will try and find them. anjali, he is a fighter and he is the protector. today the word that defines him for me came to me at last.


my favourite poem from age 13, "if" by kipling, if i go through it line by line in each of those i will find arnav singh raizada. and with every new revelation and action by this superb karta he will be embedded deeper in those words. kipling's promise at the end of the tall list of trials, if you can do all of that,

"then yours is the earth and everything that's in it, but what's more, you'll be a man, my son."
from memory, could be a bit off.

yesterday when he walked back to his love, the woman he had taken as his wife with his act of putting sindoor and mangalsutra before fire and god, when he walked up to her and told his elder, where my wife is not welcome, i don't think there's any need there for me either, with that act in my eyes he transformed into a mensch.

i love thee freely, as men strive for right.
i love thee purely, as they turn from praise.
~ ~ ~ elizabeth barrett browning

openly and in public and even to those to whom this may be unacceptable, i declare here next to me stands my wife, my ardhangini, my patni, and if she cannot cross that threshold nor can i. khushi was astounded at the clarity of that message, her heart melted, she had never imagined this could happen. that day when he put sindoor and mangalsutra on you before god and fire, whatever he may have said even thought he'd meant, his soul knew otherwise. today it made him take the right step in that direction before all. nobody was present at the wedding, but everybody will watch you become truly husband and wife.

i was delighted to see nani's expression at that moment apart from khushi's swimming eyes. he is more of his mother and the raizadas than he will ever be of the malliks. yes that is his surname in a world of patriarchy, and yes he has refused it, denied it. for what the people who carry that name with such show and pomp have done to him, his mother, his sister. i would really like to know what was the catastrophe that turned such a fine man into the stoneheart he seems to be.

the scene that stays in the mind is the one you start with, priya. that tightly framed profile, half the forehead cropped, nose jutting out fearless, clenched jawline, rigid drawn lips, eyes fixed on another time, an absolute outward stillness.

a war within.

the past is here, it clouded his eyes the moment he set them on an old lady with archaic, abominable beliefs, whom his sister greeted with so much joy, where were you dadi, i missed you so. who claimed that she would make it all ok for her weeping grandchild, now that she was back. who looked at him down the long corridor with what was that unfathomable expression. love? yet his eyes darkened in reflex, a memory flashed across his face, "dadi!" in disbelief under his breath. then a long pause, no run to loving granny's arms. why?

then his quiet steps to her, show his respect, touch her feet, do what needs to be done, worried face of sister and grandmothers watching intently. and dadi thinks all is well, granting him the opportunity of an embrace, he takes it, maybe the little boy in him hopes, fingers crossed, all indeed will be well, the nightmare won't return. i don't know, but in that simple hug i did see a boy seeking love that had been taken from him, a willingness to give it a chance.

oh the look on his face when nani said let me introduce you to khushi, subhadra, chhote's wife. the sweetest, proudest glimmer of smile. did he suspect a foot would be held away from a reach, a touch seeking blessings?

yet the moment he saw it, he knew. there was no escaping. it was all back.

and so he stood there. the war of yesterday and today within. yesterday rose in extreme might wanting to claim him back. come back to insanity, shatter, go to pieces. all that the present was, the life he had created called him to hold on. i wondered about the outcome.

then a delicate woman in red who'd been terribly hurt and was thinking of it, appeared in the frame. seeing him she knew he struggled. she walked up with gentle words seeking as ever to take away his sorrow, thinking it came from that ugly rejection of her, till she realised, no there was more to this, of things she didn't know. but she didn't fear, she set her troubles aside and said to hime, come share your pain with me. she put her hand gently on his rigid shoulder, suddenly wise as she tends to be, and made him her pati, i am your wife, equal shareholder in your sorrow, your troubles. or so i felt. perhaps he felt it too. between them, gestures have always spoken truer than words.

he didn't share, but he did hold her chin and raise it ever so tenderly, oh so much that said. he looked into her eyes and told her not to worry about the first elder of his father's family she'd met and who'd been unwelcoming. she is like that, not your fault. after which he said the most important words in his honest straightforward utterly endearing way: whatever anyone might think, this is not your fault, i compelled you. khushi's eyes looked at her husband with so much wonder and love. they are each other's ocean, each other's shore, and this simple scene said that beautifully to me.

the scene in nani's room said so much about human nature. two women, possibly from similar backgrounds, two good friends, yet how very different as people. one wise, giving, responsible, who didn't run away in the face of adversity, who was their for the children no matter what, no matter that her only daughter had just died in a terrible hadsa. whe even tried to make peace with the idea of a live in girl friend for the sake of her love for a grandson, will i ever forget that?

and the other, willful, arrogant, i me mine, who cloistered herself away from reality, who came back and one wonders why to speak of her huq and enquires what was the relevance of that hadsa to this day.

talluk hai. said an emphatic nani, drawn into battle against her will. applause.

what huq are you speaking of? why should i give you answers? where were you when i kept looking for you all those years ago? asked the grandson who is indeed like his grandmother, no not his dadi, his nani; his maternal mitichondria inherited from her. in chaste diction, in cold anger, in astounding acting. dadi almost blinked. then tried another entry: i was saying... we know where that went.

"every horizon, upon being reached, reveals another beckoning in the distance. always, i am on the threshold."
~ ~ ~ w. eugene smith

at a gripping point in the story of a man, his love, his struggle. today a woman joined him in this in a whole new way and a woman who had taken care of him smiled when he took the right step. my heart leaps. waiting. tick tock tick tock, nishi, when will the clock strike twelve.

other thoughts

i believe arnav singh raizada when he says he is not like his father. i know life plays tricks and his worst fear may come true, he may behave like his father, in fact sometimes he really seems to, but if you are brave and just life also gives you what you need to fight those fears. dadi, you of the raised hand, should have seen the power of a small fragile hand resting gently on a rigid shoulder.

anjali is perhaps going to turn out to be more of a mallick. and why doesn't she feel mad at dadi?

nk's smile when what's right is done is heartening. i'll never forget his first response to discovering shyam's truth. he is a dirty man, we should tell everybody, and he should be thrown out. clean clean soul.

if this is a strike at the root of patriarchy through that rejection of father's name, i am deeply interested to know more. why do i feel there is an invisible character with us who has grown in presence constantly? arnav's mother.

arnav's father and his relationship with arnav before the hadsa, i'd like to know. was there live and justice at any point in their lives together?

barun sobti and sanaya irani and jayshree t, standing, leaping, jumping in the air applause. oh what acting.

barun sobti, how can a thin tall boy with funny lips be so hotdamn sexy.

(edited: a few spelling errors and realused maternal mitichondria indeed is passed down from maternal grandmother, no might in it.)

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sejket2 IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 07 August 2012 at 10:47am | IP Logged
Priya...where do i start...fabulous as always...the title,quotes,the grains of reflection quote,reference to the glass house(sheesh mahal)
Dadi's reaction on learning that khushi is her bahu,Arnav reassuring Khushi that she is not @ fault for anything n he was the one who forced her to marry him...his acknowledgment that he has wronged her...Nani giving an account of the past that is related to the present,Sexxy reminding his dadi wht right she has...n last but not the least this is wht stole ma heart today...

Luved sexxxy for wht he did...but the best was how khushi
reacted to it...her assurance for him just went up another this is wht i have to say about ur crooner

This song came to mind w/ khushi's reaction...

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Newbiesoapfan IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 07 August 2012 at 11:07am | IP Logged

Beautiful analysis Priya -- you tied up the north east dialogs into the present situation of Arnav and his past.Star

Loved the episode and everything about it.
1) Naani-Daadi-- Naani is very forthright.. loved her questioning her friend about abandoning the two orphans.
2) Arnav -Khushi - what a distance this couple has traversed. A question like this from her in the past would have earned her a cold "I do not have to explain anything to you". He takes a step forward and reassures his wife that she is not responsible. She has taken steps too... she is revealing her feelings to someone instead of covering them under a facade of laughter and smiles. There is still a long distance for them to travel especially for ASR... he has just given his heart ot the girl... but not revealed all... too long has this lad kept his troubles to himself just like Khushi and become the pillar of the family... too long has he been the adult of the family...he grew up suddenly that night when his parents died and was never allowed to continue that childhood. He has now found his sahabhagini /ardhangi in his wife and should trust her enough to share this burden... hope he does as this will only strenghten their love/bond further!
3) The best for the last -- the Daadi-Arnav faceoff... ASR seeing a mirror of himself in his Daadi ... she uses the dreaded b word ( babuji) ...note Arnav always says mom and dad... and there is a clash of gazes and wills... two iron willed similar people justifying their points of view and taking a stand and finally the icing on the cake... Arnav's support for his wife in front of Daadi and his reinforcement of Khushi's place in his life ... can you believe a dialog overshone the rabba ve...wonderful ...
Daadi is a mirror to ASR.. will show him his wrongs and he will try to right each one of them ... including the forced marriage!
Hats off to Jayashree T , Swati ji , Barun  and sanaya for their excellent acting. Special mention for Swati and Barun - Swati needed to be a commanding personality  ( ASRs Naani and all that) and she carries this off beautifully and Barun -- he had to match his talents with some of the more experienced ones in the industry - Jayashree and Swati ... all of them excelled in this.
I see the possiblity of a great track ahead .. hope the CVs continue with this.
TRPs are at 2.5 this week despite a lovely last week...but no matter I will watch this drama over anything else being served up at this time !

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-Prashu- IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 07 August 2012 at 11:08am | IP Logged

Hiiee Priya..Hug

Im dying for your intake to the epi..WinkWink

Ill be very late tomorrow to update hence updating now….Big smile

I saw the epi again.. I wanted to tell the ArHi relationship which has moved to another level in terms of emotions.SmileSmile

Chal Ill start my blabbering for todays epi…LOLLOLLOL

His past is haunting back and this time its in front of him. Until now he controlled his emotions when he remembered his shout when his mother died on the day when Anjali was about to get married. His Grandma came and he remembered it again. Ouch

Again the same scene.. the smile, the happiness about his Di's marriage before his mother passed away, his mother running somewhere and then his shout. Its scary for us but imagine a boy of 14 yrs losing his mother;what he must have felt. A mother is a divine figure on whose lap you can cry and feel always protected; whose love makes you smile even you have lost everything. It makes me cry to just know what he and anjali must have gone through. A very bad phase but yet they overcame. He emerged as ASRWink. But still the past remains there. It touches and scratches your heart badly. I cannot imagine anyone in that state. That's what he is feeling now… Its heart wrenching but Khushi is only the one who will be his doctor now.WinkWinkWink

Today when Nani was confronting Daadi. I liked it. I mean come on, when you should be the one to support your young grandchildren when they needed you badly you walked away and never came back. And now you have come and you ask so many questions. The time gap is not 2 years. Its 14 yrs, more than a decade. Then you cant ask questions..!!! You cant excericise your right over your grandchildren.AngryAngryAngry

. In their conversation, one question arised: Who was the woman ? which Daadi was referring too. Confused

Arnav may be very angry with his Daadi but when he saw her, I saw mixed emotions: he was happy as well as shocking. Happy because his daadi has come. Looking at your grandma after 14 yrs. Its very emotional. Feeling of nostalgia. Shocking because his past has started haunting him again, this time more fiercely. But I still like the way he gave her the respect, took her blessings. Smile

The ArHi scene today was so sensitive. She is trying being his friend first, knowing about him more, trying to relax his tension. She confessed today that she does not know him. She tells him you can tell me. But Arnav doesnot want too again he goes away. He is running from his past. But will it help him?? It will again haunt him everytime more fiercely. His condition can  worse in future. With daadi being in front of his eyes 24/7, he will always think about it. I seriously want him to confess to Khushi regarding his past. One of the best dialogues of today "Tumari koi galthi nahi thi, maine tumhe majboor kiya shaadi ke liye.." He confessed. Woow!! He was almost apologetic in his tone. Mentally, his redemption has started. WinkWinkWink

And the two major scene of today : As one of the member opened the thread- Clash of the Titans. Neither Daadi gave up nor did her grandchild. The two just clashed. The argument brought up some issue. Though Arnav respects her a lot but he is angry on her what she did in the past. He doesn't like his father at all. He almost hates him. Which clearly says that His father must have done something wrong, I may be wrong but his sentence, the hatred in his eyes were indicating that.  I also felt that in many instances in today's epi, Arnav was like her daadi, Yesterdays aukad dialogue, that Arnav had also said before, Today when daadi said meri baat sunne baigair tum chale gaye (something like that) this too Arnav used to say before. Yes but now.. He is changing.

Last and major scene of today, ASR supporting his wife.. I dedicate a song to their love: One of the most melodious songs I have ever heard   "Tere Mere Sapne" from Guide.

ArHi has already justified and proved few lines of the song till now

 "Tere mere sapane, ab ek rang hain"

The dreams had merged the day Arnav gifted the pearl necklace to her. That day he understood her dreams and she his dreams. The day when he made her dream real. Their dreams are one now.

"laakh manaa le duniyaa, saath naa ye chhootegaaaa ke mere haathon me, haath naa ye chhootegaa" 

Daadi is against their relationship and the situations are. There many things which are against them; be it Daadi(for now), Shyam, Contract or Circumstances. Today he gave first proof, He will be with her like a pillar all his life. He wont let her hand go from his hand.

The part of the song's lyrics has been proved and justified by them. I hope they justify every word of the song.SmileDay Dreaming

"Jahan meri patni ke liye jaga nahi hai, mujhe nahi lagtha waha meri koi zaroorath hai" This dialogue said it all..(Awesome dialogue today) ClapClapClap

Today he became her Real Prince. When he said that, Khushi was speechless. Her prince is with her. And that's everything for her. Though now she will maintain a balance trying to figure out what happened and same time will pacify Aanv and then she will be bridging the gap between Daadi and Arnav.Smile


Loved ur title Priya Darling.. waiting for your crooner.. Muaaahhh      EmbarrassedEmbarrassedEmbarrassed

Barun, Sanaya , Swati Chitnis and Other Cast... ClapClap Acting Par ExcellenceClapClap                                       

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honeypriya IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 07 August 2012 at 11:14am | IP Logged
Originally posted by -Sudhanya-


Can you please ask your Swami to change his line "Thank you for watching it and liking it". Usse bolo itna humble mat ban ne ka...

kya bol rahi ho...he doesnt know ppl like him thank you to banta hai na Shocked

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Divya1503 IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 07 August 2012 at 11:36am | IP Logged
my fastest update ever!!!!Shocked Shocked hope it makes any sense!!! Sorry Priya di, wont be home tom, so updated my post before u updated the crooner!!!Embarrassed

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-Sudhanya- Goldie

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Posted: 07 August 2012 at 11:37am | IP Logged
Originally posted by honeypriya

Originally posted by -Sudhanya-


Can you please ask your Swami to change his line "Thank you for watching it and liking it". Usse bolo itna humble mat ban ne ka...

kya bol rahi ho...he doesnt know ppl like him thank you to banta hai na Shocked

Oh yeah..hum toh aise "displeasure" ke liye dekhthe hai, phir bhi humein thank you bol rahe hai...wah..

Yehi pe yeh banda "thank you thank you" bol raha hai aur waha doosra bol raha hai "dekhna hai toh dekh lo". kitna baalanced hai IPk team...

Edited by -Sudhanya- - 07 August 2012 at 11:42am

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