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Crooner 1.17 :Grains of Reflection - Updated (Page 22)

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Suvi.. Main bhi tho yahin hoon.. phir tu dikhti kyun nahi mujhe? Disapprove

Hey Soni.. I am good!! I am also reading posts!! Tu bhi bada busy rehti hai aajkal aur phir taane mujhe maarti hai!! Waise, Abhi se lekar sunday tak tho tere darshan honge na..! Wink Big smile

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Originally posted by mouramen

Congrats dear harichandana'.your post was so touching'almost an eye opener to us who thinks all this caste based madness is a thing of past. ClapClapClapClap

thank you pyari AnjaliHug



@ priya, is this d best crooner or d best is yet to come?

Darling, your crooner is like Sobti'who raises d bar himself'.competing with his own excellence'.ClapClapClapClapClap

I don't know frm where am reporting 'sets of Dabangg, location of Singham'must be something like that'what a face off.

Guys, pls excuse me today if I continue to praise BS after every alternate sentence'doesn't he deserve that?ClapClapClapClapClap

Life can only be understood backwards

But it must be lived forwards: can anything be more apt?

Past is right in front of Arnav Singh Raizada'after 14(or is it 15) years? With all d bitter memories, that fateful night'mention of his father'd last night of his mother and Di's broken marriage'

Oh sobti!!!!! Who else could have portrayed that pain, that helplessness, those restrained emotions in your eyes.

Jis tarah se hamari shadi hui usme tuhari koi galti nahi'maine tumhe majboor kiya'

What an admittance from d husband who once accused Khushi of: mujhe explain karna zaroori nehi samjha????

Why do I feel that when Arnav said it doesn't matter to him what will happen after 10 days he meant a lot'.in these 10 days each day he is going to reveal something to Khushi'whether it's a sorry, or sharing a past story or creating a dreamlife for her'she will become his ARDHANGINI in its true sense at d end of 10 days'yesterday was a small step towards it 'when Khushi reassures that he can share his sorrows with her.

Dadi wohi dekhti hain jo who dekhna chahti hain: didn't we here d same allegations frm Khushi towards Arnav in d bridge scene'..

Aahha now I know runs in d family'..but ASR is righteous in his own way'he is not shying away from his misdeeds'.he admits that there was no fault of Khushi in the marriage'likewise takes d responsibility in front of Dadi too. He accuses dadi of d same charges'd anger in his eye speaks volume'he has paid his price for not believing Khushi, he saw what he wanted to see and believe and ended up making d biggest mistake of his life'that's why probably he hates those character traits so much'.and of course he has not forgotten dadi's aloofness towards them for d last 15 years'

Ok I have my reservations on dadi'.i am still to understand d character other than d basic Malik traits like anger, not letting others speak, arrogance'.

Isn't she a irresponsible one too? She went to her recluse after that fateful night which shook their lives vehemently'.never checked on her grandkids, not even her friendlike relative Devyani Raizada, denied to even meet them'.how come she makes a grand entry after 15 years and demand explanation for all d happenings in these people's lives. she is even concerned about missing damadji...i guess Di will soon get extremely comfortable in Dadi's company...

But if Dadi's intervention brings up my Rowdy Raizada I have no qualms'..



Payal: at least she understood her mistakeDeadDead'.she knows nobody can stay angry with Khushi once they interact with her'

thanks to payal we got our best moment'' As I said in yesterday's crooner, how Arnav walks back to Khushi, stands next to her and will take their journey forward '..share their pain'to live blissfully in d future you have to embrace the sorrows from d past and cover them with your love.


Jaha meri patni nehi aasakti

Mjhe nehi laagta waha meri koi zaroorat hain

 Yippeee dhinka chika dhinka chika'total siti maroo paisa wasool moment for me..Party

This is how my ASR looks and talks'.mami is yet to understand whose d original sher in d house.LOLLOLLOL

Even nani was proud of his stance'playing d husband's role to T, she was proud of her upbringing'.wishing only if her son in law would have behaved d same 15 years back'

Arnav with his one single gesture probably eradicated d doubt from his nani's mind that he was not like his father'

Big round of applause for naniji'.what an absolutely adorable lady'she lost her daughter, but took care of her children, brought them up as decent human beings, showered them with love, guidance and blessing.


My today's kostin'.

    Galat jagah dudh rahe the: what did dadi meant by this? As I know no dialogues in IPK world is random'..soch ne ka pari
  1. what did Khushi do to gain so much wrath from dadi? Am still clueless'

    3.   is his father alive?


Epic moment: mami hiding behing NKROFLROFLROFLROFLROFLROFL

That goatwa and sherni comment'.how will this lady redeem herself???AngryAngryAngry

She knows she is scary but now Dadi will soon taking over'.tough competition ahead.


NK: muahhhzz babua for your smiles at right moment.Hug

Khichdi ka paani: ya all mixed up'..all tangled up here relations, past and present...


I have no superlatives for BS anymore' make me speechless'you are the best..Monkey WinksMonkey WinksMonkey WinksMonkey WinksMonkey Winks


Piece of advice to Mr Sobti: get your eyes insured dude'.they are peerless

pics credit: facebook
monkeys borrowed from Divs 


Hey Anu, fabulous post dear Smile Khushi becoming his ardhangini in the true sense after these 10 days, very well written.
Naani was mighty pleased when her Chotey stood besides his wife, to restore her honour.
Anu, I agree with u, if we get this Rowdy avatar of ASR, I will say bring it on Daadi LOL 
Sobti boy ko toh sab kuch hi insure kara lena chahiye Wink
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Originally posted by indi52

beautiful quote.

first update. Smile

just read crooner, priya. moving, that story you tell of a boy of fourteen in his glass house, in his innocence and play he never realised the grains had turned into stones. who did this to the grains, who did this to the boy? why do such things happen? his sheesh mahal lies shattered, but today here he is in shantivan, a safe, secure home. made with his toil, sweat, tears. the abode of peace where he has decorated his dreams again, determined not to let a single nightmare destroy his dwelling this time. yet all it takes is a look, a word, a face from a time gone by, and the deluge of memories returns, threatening to engulf all, rob him of everything, even himself.

in the coming days we'll see his mighty struggle, perhaps one last time against this cataclysmic yesterday. what will shatter? his dream? or the past's illusion that it still has a hold over him?

before him he sees his now, his later, his forever, holding her hand out, saying come, i am here, i will walk with you, wither thou goest. he reaches out.

and again a scream echoes in his body, racking it, hurling him against a familiar wall of pain. he feels its bruises yet he takes the next step.

i loved your story for it is at the heart of it all. arnav singh raizada's tale talks to me for we all have our pasts. it moulds us, makes us, its every happiness tells on our nature, its every cruelty mars us and releases demons within.

but if we can take the most heartless deeds of the past and instead of letting it ruin us, look it straight in the eye and go deep into it to see what lessons it holds, we may be surprised at the answers we'll find, and those will finally let us go. stronger, fuller, cleaner, at last understanding love.

the past pollutes his pure heart. shuddhi will come. his actions will bring it. his choice to hold that hand waiting to take him forward will ensure it. he will turn stones into grains.

the past will stand with dropping jaw and watch.

still a bit lost in thoughts, will update on the episode later. Big smile

Big smile Big smile second update.

priya, anjali, just saw your comments on my post. thanks so much. this place means as much as it does because all of you are here with all your fascinating thoughts. i don't recall your north west ideas, priya, will try and find them. anjali, he is a fighter and he is the protector. today the word that defines him for me came to me at last.


my favourite poem from age 13, "if" by kipling, if i go through it line by line in each of those i will find arnav singh raizada. and with every new revelation and action by this superb karta he will be embedded deeper in those words. kipling's promise at the end of the tall list of trials, if you can do all of that,

"then yours is the earth and everything that's in it, but what's more, you'll be a man, my son."
from memory, could be a bit off.

yesterday when he walked back to his love, the woman he had taken as his wife with his act of putting sindoor and mangalsutra before fire and god, when he walked up to her and told his elder, where my wife is not welcome,i don't think there's any need for me either, with that act in my eyes he transformed into a mensch.

i love thee freely, as men strive for right.
i love thee purely, as they turn from praise.
~ ~ ~ elizabeth barrett browning

openly and in public and even to those to whom this may be unacceptable, i declare here next to me stands my wife, my ardhangini, my patni, and if she cannot cross that threshold nor can i. khushi was astounded at the clarity of that message, her heart melted, she had never imagined this could happen. that day when he put sindoor and mangalsutra on you before god and fire, whatever he may have said even thought he'd meant, his soul knew otherwise. today it made him take the right step in that direction before all. nobody was present at the wedding, but everybody will watch you become truly husband and wife.

i was delighted to see nani's expression at that moment apart from khushi's swimming eyes. he is more of his mother and the raizadas than he will ever be of the malliks. yes that is his surname in a world of patriarchy, and yes he has refused it, denied it. for what the people who carry that name with such show and pomp have done to him, his mother, his sister. i would really like to know what was the catastrophe that turned such a fine man into the stoneheart he seems to be.

the scene that stays in the mind is the one you start with, priya. that tightly framed profile, half the forehead cropped, nose jutting out fearless, clenched jawline, rigid drawn lips, eyes fixed on another time, an absolute outward stillness.

a war within.

the past is here, it clouded his eyes the moment he set them on an old lady with archaic, abominable beliefs, whom his sister greeted with so much joy, where were you dadi, i missed you so. who claimed that she would make it all ok for her weeping grandchild, now that she was back. who looked at him down the long corridor with what was that unfathomable expression. love? yet his eyes darkened in reflex, a memory flashed across his face, "dadi!" in disbelief under his breath. then a long pause, no run to loving granny's arms. why?

then his quiet steps to her, show his respect, touch her feet, do what needs to be done, worried face of sister and grandmothers overlooking. and dadi thinks all is well, granting him the opportunity of an embrace, he takes it, maybe the little boy in him hopes, fingers crossed, all indeed will be well, the nightmare won't return. i don't know, but in that simple hug i did see a boy seeking love that had been taken from him, a willingness to give it a chance.

oh the look on his face when nani said let me introduce you to khushi, subhadra, chhote's wife. the sweetest, proudest glimmer of smile. did he suspect a foot would be held away from a reach, a touch seeking blessings?

yet the moment he saw it, he knew. there was no escaping. it was all back.

and so he stood there. the war of yesterday and today within. yesterday rose in extreme might wanting to claim him back. come back to insanity, shatter, go to pieces. all that the present was, the lufe he had created called him to hold on. i wondered about the outcome.

then a delicate woman in red who'd been terribly hurt and was thinking of it, appeared in the frame. seeing him she knew he struggled. she walked up with gentle words seeking as ever to take away his sorrow, thinking it came from that ugly rejection of ger, till she realised, no there was more to this, of things she didn't know. but she didn't fear, she set her troubles aside and said to hime, come share your pain with me. she put her hand gently on his rigid shoulder, suddenly wise as she tends to be, and made him her pati, i am your wife, equal shareholder in your sorrow, your troubles. or so i felt. perhaps he felt it too. between them, gestures have always spoken truer than words.

he didn't share, but he did hold her chin and raise it ever so tenderly, oh so much that said. he looked into her eyes and told her not to worry about the first elder of his father's family she'd met and who'd been unwelcoming. she is like that, not your fault. after which he said the most important words in his honest straightforward utterly endearing way: whatever anyone might think, this is not your fault, i compelled you. khushi's eyes looked at her husband with so much wonder and love. they are each other's ocean, each other's shore, and this simple scene said that beautifully to me.

the scene in nani's room said so much about human nature. two women, possibly from similar backgrounds, two good friends, yet how very different as people. one wise, giving, responsible, who didn't run away in the face of adversity, who was their for the children no matter what, no matter that her only daughter had just died in a terrible hadsa. whe even tried to make peace with the idea of a love in girl friend for the sake of her love for a grandson, will i ever forget that?

and the other, willful, arrogant, i me mine, who cloistered herself away from reality, who came back and one wonders why to speak of her huq and enquires what was the relevance of that hadsa to this day.

talluk hai. said an emphatic nani, drawn into battle against her will. applause.

what huq are you speaking of? why should i give you answers? where were you when i kept looking for you all those years ago? asked the grandson who is indeed like his grandmother, no not his dadi, his nani; his maternal mitichondria most likely inherited from her. in chaste diction, in cold anger, in astounding acting. dadi almost blinked. then tried another entry: i was saying... we know where that went.

"every horizon, upon being reached, reveals another beckoning in the distance. always, i am on the threshold."
~ ~ ~ w. eugene smith

at a gripping point in the story of a man, his love, his struggle. today a woman joined him in this in a whole new way and a woman who had taken care of him smiled when he took the right step. my heart leaps. waiting. tick tock tick tock, nishi, when will the clock strike twelve.

other thoughts

i believe arnav singh raizada when he says he is not like his father. i know life plays tricks and his worst fear may come true, he may behave like his father, in fact sometimes he really seems to, but if you are brave and just life also gives you what you need to fight those fears. dadi, you of the raised hand, should have seen the power of a small fragile hand resting gently on a rigid shoulder.

anjali is perhaps going to turn out to be more of a mallick. and why doesn't she feel mad at dadi?

nk's smile when what's right is done is heartening. i'll never forget his first response to discovering shyam's truth. he is a dirty man, we should tell everybody, and he should be thrown out. clean clean soul.

if this is a strike at the root of patriarchy through that rejection of father's name, i am deeply interested to know more. why do i feel there is an invisible character with us who has grown in presence constantly? arnav's mother.

arnav's father and his relationship with arnav before the hadsa, i'd like to know. was there live and justice at any point in their lives together?

barun sobti and sanaya irani and jayshree t, standing, leaping, jumping in the air applause. oh what acting.

barun sobti, how can a thin tall boy with funny lips be so hotdamn sexy.

Protector is the word dii.. when he married he was playing protector to dii..when he resisted love he was playing protector to himself..n in his house of brick and stones..where he fathered a family ..he is playing  protector again..when he crossed the threshold to stand by her...ahh such responsibilities..

you know tht day when you said how you get motherly instincts to hug him...
i am almost his age..but i feel exactly the same..n its not a phangurl hug i m talking about..n its not only him..tht timid shy wife who had her moment of pride when her husband said "jahna meri patni nahi jaa sakti ..waha mera bhi koi kam nahi hai" ...  "shayad unhae humari shaadi kae bare mai maloom nahi tha" darling poor girl "tumhae hi kanha maloom tha"...lekin aab jo dor tham li hai toh chodae kaise..  i wish from heart to give them one tight hugg n say bravo (thts phangirling now...getting carried away..LOL)

ClapClap  ..for rest of WU ..will comment when find right words!! StarStar

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Originally posted by riti4u

Hey Priya...
Well each time I think this is your best till now and everytime you prove me wrong with your next one...I was speechless after episode and after reading your crooner too ..I am speechless...You got me in with wonderful story in the start...I had my imaginations running...cud picture actually that small boy standing in midst of broken mirrors...cud feel what he must have felt... Thanks to anjali..I came to knw glass house was sheesh mahal...well good part of the story is that now he has someone standing beside him...Clap
Hats off to you and all writers here...I may not get enough time to comment on some of lovely work that I read here but just want to say - Everytime I log in to this place,I am never disappointed...ClapClap
Thankss a lot Ritii Smile glad you liked the post...
ya this place is always bustling with so much brilliance by each person who stops by..its always inteteresting to read the mixed takes...Smile

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super post. i love those dialogues too, what a show it's turning out to be. you've bought back the chess biard, though i don't play the game, felt it all ocer the place. you could be right, dadi could be the other side's rook. or maybe again the creatives will change the colours of the pieces unexpectedly. adoring nk every day. he needs a mushy girl friend too, what. someone nutty and cute or maybe a dragon who thaws, i mean look how he got asr listening to him.

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Soni,Suvi, Shwe - hello triple S ladies ...Hug
mujhe bhi kabhi yaad kar liya karo Cry

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Originally posted by soni.b

hey priya sweetie!!!!Hug

Another brilliant Crooner!!!! totally loved it...specially the beginning...awesome!!!ClapClap again i was wondering abt the title and u have beautifully explained it!!! loved ur take on the epi as usual!!!! lovely quotes!!!

me back to loving the epi...a brilliant epi!!!Big smile

dadi-pota milap...the first scene sets up the tone for the rest of the epi...arnav and nani walks in and finds dadi with anjali and arnav's past comes back to haunt him again...dadi's return takes him back to that fateful night which changed everything for him and anjali!!! nani words brings him back to present and he still trying to control his emotions touches his dadi's feet...who embraces him with love and affection but the pain is visibly etched on arnav's face!!!

nani introduces the bahus of the house...and dadi is not at all pleased when she comes to know that khushi is arnav's wife...loved the aashirwad scene...nani's surprise, khushi's pain and arnav's displeasure when dadi refuses to bless khushi!!!

subhadra-devyani...friends and also bound to each other by their grand children!!! dadi-nani convo...loved it and nani rightfully questions dadi abt her sudden need to know the happenings in their grandchildren's lives and finally she speaks abt the hadsa because of which subhdra had left... only to be told by dadi that she doesn't want to talk abt that incident as it reminds her of a certain woman!!!! loved nani showing her the truth abt how that incident has affected their as well as their grandchildren's in 15 yrs Mallicks became Raizadas!!!

arnav-khushi...thinking of dadi's behaviour towards her khushi walks back to her find arnav worried and lost in his thoughts...she tries to take the blame for dadi being upset...only to be told by arnav that she is not responsible for anything and also admits to her that he had forced her to marry him and as a result the whole responsibility of that situation is his and not hers!!!! arnav has long realised the mistake he did that night when he married her forcibly and today he admits the same to her and takes full responsibility for his actions!!!!

insight into dadi's pysche or arnav might be looking into mirror...the the words he uses to define his dadi are the same words which defines him...the two reasons which makes him slightly different than dadi he was brought up by devyani and two he was lucky to meet khushi...the woman who has re-defined Arnav Singh Raizada!!! khushi realises arnav's being upset with dadi has something more to it than dadi's not blessing her!!!! she asks arnav to share with her his problems but arnav walks away...he is not ready to talk abt the incident which haunts him...not ready yet as he has still not come to terms with the happenings of that night!!!

thankfully they talked...and also liked that khushi let him know that there are so many things that she still doesn't know abt him!!!! will arnav open up to her or will khushi make an attempt to know arnav and his past????

khushi's realisation...kareeb hai phir bhi ajnabi...she still has a lot to learn abt the man, her husband...what makes him the man he is today, why he behaves the way he does!!! if ASR has got his work cut out for convincing khushi abt her position in his life and RM...then khushi also has her work cut out in figuring out the man in her life!!!!

dadi-arnav...absolutely brilliant face-off between dadi-pota!!! watched the scene couple of times...honestly it was much beter than the arnav-shayam face-off!!! dadi still questioning nani and finally realising that arnav had married without the knowledge or the blessings of the family!!! arnav questioning dadi's rights...she had left them when they needed her the most and now is back after years demanding answers for their actions!!!

arnav has never liked anybody mentioning his father and definitely hates it when he is compared to his father...dadi comparing him to his father and the anger so visible at the comparision..."nahi hi main unki tarah hoon aur nahi kabhi banuga." loved the way he controlled his anger before turning to tell his dadi in clear terms that he does not like anybody taking his father's name in his house!!!!

payal and NK trying to cheer and encourage khushi...they all believe dadi is upset because first khushi had thrown dirty water on her and then no one had actually corrected her perception abt khushi!!!

khushi goes to apologise to dadi only to be shown the hand!!! loved it when arnav walks away from his dadi who was talking to him to go and stand next to khushi..."jahan meri patni nahin aa sakti, mujhe nahin lagta meri wahan koi zaroorat hai." loved khushi's expression when she hears these words...arnav is finally giving her the confidence to believe in their marriage...he is going to stand by her always even if it means him standing up against his own relations!!!

the thing which didn't make sense...dadi had not kept in touch with them for past 15 years...then how did she know abt shyam...they have been married 3-4 years only!!!!ConfusedConfused

RM mein jung chhid gayi hai...dadi Vs pota!!!! two very similar people...stubborn, opiniated and not willing to back is going to be a battle of wills!!! arnav is definitely the male version of dadi...specially the line " jab hum baat kar rahein hain toh hamari poori baat suno." can easily imagine arnav saying it!!! well loha hi loha ko kat ta hai...dadi ser toh pota sava ser...he knows his dadi well and also knows how to handle her!!!Big smile

fearing...the way anjali was with dadi and dadi wanting to correct everything for her...her dislike for khushi may allow her to give shyam a benefit of doubt and she maybe instrumental in getting him back in RM!!!! well guess shyam will come back with a game plan!!!

khushi will win over dadi eventually...she will make sure of it!!! hope dadi has one of her pota's read eyes specially khushi's!!!!LOL

presence of dadi = old secrets coming out in open???

btw dadi constantly showing her hand...made me feel like she is doing tathastu, whenever her face was not being shown!!!LOL

btw 15 years makes sense if khushi losing her parents is connected to arnav's tragedy!!! khushi was 8 when she lost her parents...15 yrs later she is 23...which was confirmed in the kamlesh khabri epi...arnav turns 28 as per his passport shown in the show he would be 13yrs old when the incident occured!!! guessing anjali must be minimum 18 as she was getting married that would make her 33 yrs old now!!! i know am crazy but the 14 yrs were just not sitting well with me if arnav and khushi's tragedy are connected...14 yrs would mean khushi was 9 but she told arnav that she was 8 when she lost her parents!!!

lastly great performance by all...specially swatiji and jayashriji...though i rarely say so the epi definitely belonged to barun...he was fantastic specially in his scenes with could feel the suppressed anger in him thru the screen when she compares him to his father !!!ClapClapClap

Waiting for tonight!!!

PS...bahut zyada likha hai...hope it makes sense!!!!

PPS...priya kal she je koto baar dhok gillo...hope u mortal still managed to be normal!!!LOLLOLLOL
Hey Soni, gr8 detailed post Smile How does Daadi know abt Shyam?? Yahi toh suspense hai Wink 
This battle between the Malliks, Daadi & Pota looks very interesting from the first day itself, hope it takes the show to the Top 5 next week.
Daadi's entry before Shyam suggests that she will be instrumental in brgining him back, for sure.

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Originally posted by shwetachauhan

A picture for the beautiful opening quote Deba.. Will be back to edit tomorrow..!

Edited to add~

Deba.. this is some beautiful crooning, with some lovely quotes.. loved it much! Such a calm, serene feel to it!
The first few lines beautifully defining the transformation of a scared but defiant young boy living in his nightmares to a confident self assured young man woken up to reality finding a few beautiful dreams coming true in the love that he has found..! Be it pieces of a broken glass or the light in the eyes of his beloved, every reflection tells a story of a man who has been through the darkest days of life, fighting, head held high, not giving up and now making a safe, secure world for himself! The winds are still blowing, but like always he is standing strong and now, he also has an anchor to lean on to!!

Such a powerful episode.. powerful, flowing story with power packed performances! Emotions ranging from the tenderest to the strongest..  not a moment that could be missed!

Arnav and Daadi laying eyes on each other after years of deliberate separation! The hurt, the accusation, the pain so evident on Arnav's face.. along with the memories of the times he has worked so hard to forget! And the momentary guilt replaced by love and tenderness on Daadi's face! There may be some 'narazgi', some grievances between them but ASR respects his Daadi, he said it and it shows too! He bent down to touch her feet and was blessed abundantly, something that Khushi was kept elusive from! Daadi has her reasons..
The instant love and adoration and even pride in ASR's eyes, replacing the hurt and anxiety of before as soon as Nani introduced Khushi.. Very heart warming! His face lights up at the mere mention of her name!

I loved the glare Daadi gave to Manorama Maami when she got to know who Khushi is! I hope she realises how Khushi kept quiet even in the face of such insult just to show respect to her and to follow her wishes!

Khushi is lost in her thoughts, upset, trying to find the reason why Daadi has taken such a dislike to her..! She forgets her own hurt when she sees Arnav standing with a hard face.. controlling his emotions! She knows he must be upset due to the disrespect shown to her.. and tries to calm him down! But when he doesnt say a word, its then that she sits down, fallen, defeated, hurt, and pained once again that things are not right just because of her! Her stooping shoulders and her tears compel Arnav to put her mind to rest..! Its not her so she should not blame herself! He admits to the one mistake that haunts Khushi day and night.. the forced marriage!
Khushi has many questions but Arnav chooses to keep quiet! I am glad at least there was an attempt at a conversation!

Naani's and Arnav's questions to Daadi were justified, the very ones running in my mind too! Why this sudden concern after so many years! She left the children in Devyani's responsibility not caring enough to ask for them ever again, and now she has come to question her upbringing, her care, her love? Now she is questioning Arnav's actions!
She may have the relationship and the seniority to question him but she doesnt have the haq, I dont think so! I am assuming that Anjali's wedding got ruined that fateful night 14 yrs ago! And yet when she got married to Shyam, this Daadi did not come, why would anyone expect her to be present on her Pota's marriage? Sorry Daadi but you lost the right over these children long back! 
Arnav decides to step outside the no-entry boundaries set for Khushi and be with her! He will not have anyone disrespect her like that! This is his house and she deserves just as much love and respect from everyone else as he bestows on her! This house which is his is as much hers too and so is he! Yes.. its all about 'haq'!!!
I marvel the vanvaas connection you made here! Homecoming is expected soon!

-Loved how Manorama was hiding herself from Daadi!! Iski tho ab khair nahi! Angry

-Shuruat theek nahi hui, that doesnt mean things will not be better tomorrow!! Ask Khushi.. What happened when she met Arnav for the first time!! Daadi is milder in comparison!! Embarrassed
yeah she is just showing khushi the hand...definitely milder than arnav!!!LOL
-'Is ghar ki badi bahu', 'Tumhari sister ki saas'... Very clear demarcation lines between the khandaans, suddenly prominent!! the demarcations were always there...arnav gave up his father's name and doesn't like the mention of it...the grandmothers maybe friends but somewhere it has always been hinted that their father had been responsible for hurting their mother!!!
-'Iss khandaan mein jo kuchh bhi hua na us haadse ki wajah se hua'! Hmmm... Is Shyam included? Ermm connection toh hoga hi warna story aage kaise badhegi!!!

-A thought that has been haunting me.. Anjali got married 11 yrs after her first broken one?? Shocked seems like i also have a doubt abt anjali's disability...she definitely didn't have it as a child...the flashback shown of their childhood didn't show any problem with her am guessing she got that later maybe post the tragic night!!!

-Loved sakha again.. NK's smile and nod on Khushi's rightful introduction!

-Payal realizes their mistake but that wont really do.. try speaking up the next time! not happening she will open her mouth when the push comes to a shove!!!

PS: Congratulations to Harichandana for being the star!! Star Star Party
And also to my sanam!!! Very well deserved!!!
Clap Clap
shwetu meri jaan!!!!Hug
fab post!!!! love the pic!!Big smile 
@ bold...absolutely loved it!!!
@ red...meri choti-moti baatein!!!LOL

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