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Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon

Crooner 1.17 :Grains of Reflection - Updated (Page 2)

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Congratulations HarichandanaClapClapClap Very well deserved. Hope to see you more often hereSmile

Congratultions to Anu behanaBig smile 

Brilliant episode and an equally brilliant of your best Priya! I loved the title and the reference to Sheesh Mahal. 
The past that has always haunted Arnav is now right in front of his eyes. The moment he saw his Dadi, his face froze...the dreaded scene of his mother's death playing in his head. He walked slowly towards his Dadi and bent down to take her blessing at the same time not showing any signs of happiness that his Dadi was here. He stood like a proud husband when Nani introduced his wife to Dadi. He took note of the changed expressions in Dadi and was shocked when he saw that Khushi was deprived of her blessings. He did not hide his disappointment as he knew how hurt Khushi would have been. 

As Khushi shared her disappointment of not being able to please dadi, Arnav took a step towards her and for the first time told her that she should not be blaming herself for the marriage. Khushi was nowhere at fault and the marriage was forced upon her. It was his fault...This was huge for a guy who always claimed that he made no mistakes. He has owned up to his mistake regarding the terrace MU to Nani but owning up to the marriage fiasco was huge. Khushi, who somewhere held herself responsible for everything was relieved...a big burden was taken off her chest with this confession. As Arnav went on to describe his Dadi, Khushi realized there was more than what meets the eye. There was something that has hurt Arnav a lot because she could feel his pain. It was time for her to take a step towards her husband to try and understand him a little better. She tells him she feels like she doesnt know so much about him...Arnav didnt react to her statement. he walked away. there is way too much pain which is locked within himself. He has never shared that with anybody...Khushi does have a huge task of making him open up to her. I loved this scene between the husband and wife...the few moments they spent together the previous night have reinstilled the faith back in Khushi.

Nani and Dadi are supposed to be friends but their conversation was an indication of anything but that. Neither of them asked how the other was...Dadi exerted her haq by asking how Nani could let Anjali-Shyaam's relationship break and also questioned her about Arnav's marriage. If Dadi was gone for 14 years then how did she know about Anjali's wedding and pregnancy? She said she would have attended Arnav's wedding but if she was gone fr so long, it means she didnt attend Anjali's wedding either. Why was she so upset?Confused  She never wanted to meet Arnav earlier but all of a sudden wanted to question him as she had the haq!!! This Dadi is indeed very mysteriousConfused I loved the way Nani gave it back to dadi...all the accusations answered back. She had no authority asking Nani anything. It was nani who took the two kids under her wings and was the pillar of strength when they needed the maximum support. Dadi knew she had made a mistake for misunderstanding Khushi to be the servant but her ahem didnt allow her to apologise and accept Khushi. The No Sorry syndrome runs in the blood!!!

Eent ka jawaab Pathar se diya jaata hai...this describes the face to face confrontation between dadi and her pota! Unlike Anjali who asked Dadi where she was all these years and made it known to her that she was missed, Arnav did no such thing. When questioned about his wedding, he lets her know that she had no authority to ask him any questions. She had left them to fend for themselves and she had no right to come back 14 years later to exert her rights!!! This is something that Arnav will never be able to forget or forgive because that night changed his life. A young teenager was forced to grow up overnight. I cant even begin to imagine the trauma the two siblings must have faced if they had to do away with their disown their own father. Arnav has written his own destiny...he has built his own empire where nobody is allowed to mention his father's name. The very name that reminds him of the tragic past. Everytime he is compared to his father, his blood boils...he can never be like him...ever! We dont know what his father did but he must have done something horribly wrong to evoke this kind of a reaction from his son. Arnav will never ever allow his house to crumble the way his Sheesh Mahal once did.

Jahan meri patni nahi aa sakti, mujhe nahi lagta wahan meri koi zaroorat hai
Arnav, a man true to his words making sure Khushi gets the place she deserves. Arnav was giving her back the dignity...didnt we speak about this the other day? Arnav has to let Khushi know of her position in the house...she is not a bahu for 6 months. She is Mrs Arnav Singh Raizada for life. Khushi needed this confidence to walk ahead in life...she had to be reassured of their relationship. Arnav did that today...another step towards redeeming himself. 6 months ago, Arnav had told Khushi that he would never give her the darja of his wife and today, he was declaring in front of the two elder most members of the family that Khushi was his wife and deserves respect.

Other points:
1. Mami should be ashamed of herself. Instead of feeling embarrassed that she let Dadi believe that Khushi was the servant, she was taking pleasure in the goat-Lion silly joke which only she found funnyAngryAngry. She calles herself a bootiful saas...hello hi bye byeDead
2. Payal admitted that she was a about apologizing to her sister? Har ek ke liye redemption track hona chahiyeAngry
3. First impression need not be the last true!
4. The episode belonged to Barun Sobti...take a bow Sobti boy!! You were brilliant...the controlled anger, pain, lover, concern so beautifully and perfectly played. This role was meant for are ASR from head to toe.ClapClapClap
5. Loved Sanaya in the episode...her disappointment, concern for Arnavji and finally the glint of happiness when she saw her husband stand up for her were brilliant. Very subtle and bang on expressionsClapClapClap
6. Swati Chitnis and Jayashree T were fantastic in their scenes...perfect body language and dialogue delivery. The clash of the Malik and Raizada...while the Raizada was overpowering today, the Malik stood firm. BeautifulClap

Dialogues of the day:
Jahan meri patni nahi aa sakti, mujhe nahi lagta wahan meri koi zaroorat hai
Shayad aapne suna nahi maine kya kaha...iss ghar mein koi unka naam le mujhe pasand nahi hai

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                                  Congrats hd75 Clap
Anu sweetie  Hug so proud of you always loved your style of writing way to go girl  Clap

n the 5th day of Christmas my true love gave me five golden rings. The golden rings are supposed to represent the first five books of the old Testaments, which tells the story of a mans fall from grace.        

In Christian doctrine, the fall of man, or simply the fall, refers to the transition of the first humans from a state of innocent obedience to God to a state of guilty disobedience to God. In Genesis chapter 3, Adam and Eve live at first with God in a paradise, but the serpent tempts them into eating the fruitfrom the tree of knowledge of good and evil, which God forbade.God announced to the angels that He would create a vicegerent (man) on the earth. The angels questioned this, wondering why God would create something with the capacity to disobey Him:God then commanded the angels to prostrate (bow down) to Adam. The angels prostrated but Iblis (Satan), out of haughtiness, refused to bow. God cursed him because of his disobedience. Iblis sought respite and vowed to mislead Adam and his progeny. He misled Adam and his wife Eve to eat from a tree that was forbidden for them by God. Due to their disobedience, God ordered the removal of Adam and Eve out of paradise and down to earth. (wiki)

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Priya: your quote and 1st part of the post just is so insightful.. I took me couple of reads to fully understand it...just beautiful. Agree with you about the screenplay and direction as also about the acting : highlight of the episode.I always look for your take about the episode as it connects me to the inner voice of the storyline and today was no exception.

Kabhi kabhi humein lagtha hai ki hum aapke bohat kareeb hai, aur kabhi aisa lagtha hai hum bilkul ajnabi hai...

Arnav-Khushi's journey hit a major milestone today. The gates of communication has been reached. It has not fully opened up but it has been unlocked. We see a wife reaching out to her husband to help her understand what's hurting him; vocalizing her need to 'understand him and his history. We see a husband putting aside his own turmoil, assuring her of no wrongdoing in their marriage which is at crosshair of conflict between Daadi and Arnav  . Tumari koi galthi nahi thi, meine tumhe majboor kiya shaadi ke liye He opens up to her about his Daadi, her stubbornness, her fixation with her own notions. A self-reflection maybe?  But the rawness of an open scab from wounds inflicted 14 yrs back  is evident in his inability to talk about it and his walking away from there.

Daadi- Arnav rules of engagement:Two people who are more similar than different. Both confident about themselves, their convictions. And both at loggerheads because of their past and present. She demands answers about his actions in the present and he refuses because of her 'abandonment' in the past. She reminds him that he's like his Dad whose actions still a sore point for him. She demands authority, respect because "haq banta hai hamara, riste se umar se'hum aapke Daadi hai..Aapke babuji ki amma'.he assures her of his respect for her but lets her know he'll never be like his dad,  "nahin main unke tara hoon..nahin main banunga"'. She prods him as her grandson. He replies as the man of the house : Dadi, shaayad apne teek se suna nahin,iss ghar mein unke (dad) baare mein baat karna mujhe Pasand nahi hai...

6 months back Arnav had promised Khushi that sindoor and Mangalsutra were all she's going to get from him as his wife'.he'd not give her the postion as his wife and threw her out of their room as he didn't want to deal having to breathe the same air as her. Today there is another threshold. Another gestural refusal by his Dadi to Khushi's role as Arnav's wife. Arnav crosses over the threshold of separation and goes and stands by his wife : Jahan meri patni ke liye jaga nahi hai, mujhe nahi lagtha waha meri koi zaroorath hai. A resounding message addressed at Dadi but affects his wife more . which was further confirmed by his 'Aapki maarzi" .  A reaffirmation by a husband that he'll stand by his wife like he did the other day when he threw Shyam out and said "I trust Khushi".

Other points of interest:

  • Mallik  DNA signature (LOL? ): pet peeve about people turning away before he/she finishes his/her sentence along with "Aukat" fixation too. Or mistaking  one KKG(-SR) to be something she's not while she slips around them
  • Naani the matriarch: Making proper introduction of the bahus to the Daadi. Or stepping forward to help resolve  Daadi's refusal of Khushi as Bahu Or pointing out to Daadi about her abandonment of her grandchildren 14 yrs ago which has affected their present Or stepping in as the voice of reason trying to placate two sides of  Mallik v Raizada(Mallik) or smiling with pride when her Chotey declared his intension of standing by his wife
  • Manorama Maami the chameleon: who hides to avoid "gabbar Singh"Daadi and acts like one in front of her meek DIL.

Acting : Naani and Daadi ruled today. Finally there was one person who can share the screen space with ASR and not wilt to his overbearing personality, hi Daadi. And Sanaya's eyes spoke volumes as a bahu wanting acceptance at her in laws, as a caring wife reaching out to soothe her husbans or as a woman getting respect of a sahadharmini, by her husband in true sense for the 1st time.

And ASR gosh I've a feeling that the writer, script writer and the director they are all in in love with this character otherwise how come in 1 yr this character has remained so true with his vulnerability, straight forwardness, conviction in his beliefs and to stand up for it. I'm in awe with him today as I was the 1st time I saw him...and it's growing. What adjective do I add to Barun's acting that I haven't used before. How can you add perfection to Mr Epitome of Perfection. His undertoned acting reflecting under control anger, accusation, pain and, defiance during Arnav's standoff with Daadi or his raw vulnerability, pain and love during Arnav's scene with Khushi  made ASR feel more flesh and blood than a fictional character' the man who lives and breathes in this fictional character,Sobti you amaze me yet again!

An episode with small but significant moments, some having roots pain in the past while other with promises  of  better tomorrow.

Pic Credit: Shweta and Facebook

CONGRATS hd75(wish I knew your name)That post was so honest and touching! Fantastic!Clap
& my bondhu
Mou whose writing style is like her: funny but poignant! (wooing you dearWink)

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Congrats dear harichandana'.your post was so touching'almost an eye opener to us who thinks all this caste based madness is a thing of past. ClapClapClapClap

thank you pyari AnjaliHug



@ priya, is this d best crooner or d best is yet to come?

Darling, your crooner is like Sobti'who raises d bar himself'.competing with his own excellence'.ClapClapClapClapClap

I don't know frm where am reporting 'sets of Dabangg, location of Singham'must be something like that'what a face off.

Guys, pls excuse me today if I continue to praise BS after every alternate sentence'doesn't he deserve that?ClapClapClapClapClap

Life can only be understood backwards

But it must be lived forwards: can anything be more apt?

Past is right in front of Arnav Singh Raizada'after 14(or is it 15) years? With all d bitter memories, that fateful night'mention of his father'd last night of his mother and Di's broken marriage'

Oh sobti!!!!! Who else could have portrayed that pain, that helplessness, those restrained emotions in your eyes.

Jis tarah se hamari shadi hui usme tuhari koi galti nahi'maine tumhe majboor kiya'

What an admittance from d husband who once accused Khushi of: mujhe explain karna zaroori nehi samjha????

Why do I feel that when Arnav said it doesn't matter to him what will happen after 10 days he meant a lot'.in these 10 days each day he is going to reveal something to Khushi'whether it's a sorry, or sharing a past story or creating a dreamlife for her'she will become his ARDHANGINI in its true sense at d end of 10 days'yesterday was a small step towards it 'when Khushi reassures that he can share his sorrows with her.

Dadi wohi dekhti hain jo who dekhna chahti hain: didn't we here d same allegations frm Khushi towards Arnav in d bridge scene'..

Aahha now I know runs in d family'..but ASR is righteous in his own way'he is not shying away from his misdeeds'.he admits that there was no fault of Khushi in the marriage'likewise takes d responsibility in front of Dadi too. He accuses dadi of d same charges'd anger in his eye speaks volume'he has paid his price for not believing Khushi, he saw what he wanted to see and believe and ended up making d biggest mistake of his life'that's why probably he hates those character traits so much'.and of course he has not forgotten dadi's aloofness towards them for d last 15 years'

Ok I have my reservations on dadi'.i am still to understand d character other than d basic Malik traits like anger, not letting others speak, arrogance'.

Isn't she a irresponsible one too? She went to her recluse after that fateful night which shook their lives vehemently'.never checked on her grandkids, not even her friendlike relative Devyani Raizada, denied to even meet them'.how come she makes a grand entry after 15 years and demand explanation for all d happenings in these people's lives. she is even concerned about missing damadji...i guess Di will soon get extremely comfortable in Dadi's company...

But if Dadi's intervention brings up my Rowdy Raizada I have no qualms'..



Payal: at least she understood her mistakeDeadDead'.she knows nobody can stay angry with Khushi once they interact with her'

thanks to payal we got our best moment'' As I said in yesterday's crooner, how Arnav walks back to Khushi, stands next to her and will take their journey forward '..share their pain'to live blissfully in d future you have to embrace the sorrows from d past and cover them with your love.


Jaha meri patni nehi aasakti

Mjhe nehi laagta waha meri koi zaroorat hain

 Yippeee dhinka chika dhinka chika'total siti maroo paisa wasool moment for me..Party

This is how my ASR looks and talks'.mami is yet to understand whose d original sher in d house.LOLLOLLOL

Even nani was proud of his stance'playing d husband's role to T, she was proud of her upbringing'.wishing only if her son in law would have behaved d same 15 years back'

Arnav with his one single gesture probably eradicated d doubt from his nani's mind that he was not like his father'

Big round of applause for naniji'.what an absolutely adorable lady'she lost her daughter, but took care of her children, brought them up as decent human beings, showered them with love, guidance and blessing.


My today's kostin'.

    Galat jagah dudh rahe the: what did dadi meant by this? As I know no dialogues in IPK world is random'..soch ne ka pari
  1. what did Khushi do to gain so much wrath from dadi? Am still clueless'

    3.   is his father alive?


Epic moment: mami hiding behing NKROFLROFLROFLROFLROFLROFL

That goatwa and sherni comment'.how will this lady redeem herself???AngryAngryAngry

She knows she is scary but now Dadi will soon taking over'.tough competition ahead.


NK: muahhhzz babua for your smiles at right moment.Hug

Khichdi ka paani: ya all mixed up'..all tangled up here relations, past and present...


I have no superlatives for BS anymore' make me speechless'you are the best..Monkey WinksMonkey WinksMonkey WinksMonkey WinksMonkey Winks


Piece of advice to Mr Sobti: get your eyes insured dude'.they are peerless

pics credit: facebook
monkeys borrowed from Divs 


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 "One of the saddest things in life, is the things one remembers." 
Agatha Christie


A good heavy book holds you down. It's an anchor that keeps you from getting up..(Roy Blount)

Lady Sobti you raise the bar every time to..what a write up Priya..I got goose bumps..GRAINS OF REFLECTION. I was pondering on his past' his past has made him, what he is today... 

"ek lamhae mai simaat aya hai sadiyon ka safar...zindagi tez bahut tez chali ho jaise"' 

14 saal pahlae..14 saal baad'who ek lamha .. yeh  lamba safar'but he lived that moment every day of his living life.. When you keep revisiting your past every night, it ends up making you the person you are every morning!! Its soo important for you, that your dreams change..

Dadi-His link to past (broken and scattered ..grains of reflection. ..Nightmare)

Khushi- His bridge to the future (his shadow in her eyes'grains of reflection..dreams)

Haqq- (how i love this word a days)

"Shayad aapne suna nahin ..iss gher mai koi unka naam lae MUJHAE pasand nahin"- true Mera Gher, Lion is in the den...walls are of brick not glass..shielding and protecting..No one is allowed to hurt me or were gone .when I needed you most..You escaped..I fought'stood by..made it from scratch...fathered my sibling and my family..NOW I DECIDE. If you love me you understand me...if you don't love me..I don't care whether you understand me or not...ties of blood will not give you "HAQQ"..

"Biwi ho tum meri..haq hai tumhara ..mujh per"- wife from a contract marriage..but he loves to call her BIWI

"Kiss haq sae pooch rahi hai aap mujh sae"- Blood ties..i am your fathers mother'But he refuses  her .. her rights..If we go by regular norms of "RISHTAEDARI  KI  DUNIYA" she is  head of the family being denied rights'

Haqq pyar ko hota hai..adhikar ka nahin..diya jata hai.liya nahin jata'

Mai Aisa kyon hoon: His simple and stated thoughts:

How you spoke about his thoughts being simple..he knows the bottom line..and states it..that makes him fearless because he is not confused about what he wants.. "janha meri patni nahin aa sakti..waha mera koi kam nahin hai" decides at the moment..and executes.. "shayad aapne suna nahin".. he knows RELAXXXSmile 


Dadi- Khushi
first face off with "Kichad ka pani on the face"(did it say anything about the past) ..denied entry to her room..she was stopped at the threshold..Aukaat or Mariyada ka farka'she was denied entry because dadi thought she doesn't deserve to be a part of her family'but he crossed the threshold.. "Rishtae ki Mariyaada dhaleez langh kae bhi rakhi jaa sakti hai.." went out and stood by her..for her ..Sometimes all you need in life is a hero..(read it somewhere in the crooner)

PS: but yes..slowly Arnav is making me forget the 3 episodes when ASR was quite'that one  step out of the threshold to stand by his wife 'Time heals and actions to. 

Yeh Rishta-
Again revisited my doubts on her she belonged to the his pain... do they actually remember "nahin jaoongi wapas jub tak contract khatam nah ho jaye".. "hum aap ko apna pati nahin mantae"' "baki sab bhi khatam"..reaching out to each other.. "ek second bhi yeh mat samjhna ki tumhari galti hai"' "aap bata saktae hai hum ko"

My words and ramanchi-ramanchi that they keep playing

koi khamosh hai itna, bahaane bhool aaya hoon
kisi ki ek tarannum main, taraane bhool aaya hoon
meri ab raah mat takna kabhi aaye aasma waalon
main ek chidiya ki aankhon main udaane bhool aaya hoon 
(I am home..and how!!)


In each family a story is playing itself out, and each family's story embodies its hope and despair. Dadi is not all despair..there is hope..Khushi clinged to her when she was about to lose balance on "kichad ka pani" in their first face off'n then you can't hate one can..look at your grandson dadi..mighty tried with all his might..and now he is fighting with all to keep her..

Khushi ' The women:
Waiting for the day when Khushi will rise for her self'not for "gupta" or "singh raizada" but for Khushi..and when she will not look for "Sahara" in Arnav,NK,Babuji or anybody else to speak for her. She is strong, dependable and independent, she can stand on face of death to bring back her love..a girl who can set out alone to earn living for her family, stand in midst the tornado we call I wish for once she stood with pride for the women she is..wife,daughter,sister, bahu..everything else will fall in place. Stop saying "humae maaf ker dijiyae"'.yyy Khushi!!

CONGRATS HD75..very very well deserved..i wanted to write on your post yesterday but seriously dadi ate up all my words..i was freaking out..loved every word you wrote and yes it was sooo true!!!ClapClapStar

Anu: Badhaiyan to you to Darling!!StarParty

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Priya, thanks fr this fantastic Crooner, luved ur subtle take on the episode Clap Clap The story of the Glass House & the reference to North/West, beautifully written.
The time has come to face the demons of the past. No running away from it...
Arnav; the anguished grandson, the protective husband & the angry son.
The moment he sees Daadi, those hidden wounds resurface. Those FBs from that fateful night come back to haunt him. He moves forward, she is happy to see her grandson. He takes her blessings, lots of questions bothering him... She embraces him, her waaris... He gives a faint smile...
Naani introduces Khushi as Arnav's wife. Daadi is shocked to hear this, doesnt bless Khushi & walks off. Leaving everyone sad & confused.
Khushi tries to console Arnav, hides her pain at not being blessed by Daadi & find a tangible reason fr the same. Arnav, still lost in his thoughts, doesnt respond. But sensing his wife's hurt, he overpowers his emotions, gulps down the pain & sits besides her. He assures her that Daadi's anger is not directed at her. " Sachai toh jaise unhe dikhti hi nahi " " Woh dekhengi jo unhe sahi lagta hai " The Mallik personality traits being highlighted by the grandson himself. Their sudden marriage was not her fault, he forced her into it. She is pleasantly surpised to see him take the entire blame, she is relieved... But she can sense that it is not the marriage issue which is bothering him. She wants him to open up to her, share his hidden sorrows but he will take his own time to open. And as u said Priya, till he lets her in those closed doors, how will she use the key to unlock.
Naani confronts Daadi, asks her the reason fr coming back after so many years & being concerned fr her grandkids, whom she had deserted 14 years back. Daadi is not forthcoming with her reasons & counter questions Naani on Arnav's sudden marriage.
Arnav intervenes & confesses that he didnt inform anybody about his wedding & didnt divulge the reasons fr the same. Daadi equates him to his father & this enrages Arnav. While looking Daadi in the eye, confidence in his eyes, the man of the house declares that he doesnt approve of anyone taking his father's name in his house. " Naa main unke jaisa hoon aur naa hi banooga " He knows the outcome of his father's mistakes & the hell they had to go thru bcoz of him.
When Daadi doesnt allow Khushi to enter the room, Arnav defies her & goes & stands besides his wife. Khushi's protector, letting Daadi know the rightful place of Khushi in his house. " Jahaan meri patni nahi aa sakti, mujhe nahi lagta wahaan meri koi zaroorat hai "
Khushi & Naani are pleased with Arnav's gesture. Daadi is taken aback
Kudos to the entire team fr giving us this brilliant episode Clap Daadi's timely entry has given the much needed high-voltage drama element to this show which had gone missing since Shyam's revelation.
Beautiful dialogues, with a deeper meaning by Hitesh & Ritesh Clap Luved the BG score thru out the episode.
Naani-Daadi scene, a first such scene in IPK, amazing performance by both the actresses.
But the show stopper again, Sobti the Hotness. Yes Priya, the man who took this love story to epic levels, was phenomenal today. His sublime performance, the restraint in his expressions, body language Clap Clap Clap Clap I cant stop without mentioning a few shots here- look at his index finger pointing towards the floor, when he asks Daadi not to mention his father's name in his house, the stiffening of the jawa when Daadi doesnt allow Khushi to enter the room, the eye movement when Khushi enters the room when he is standing alone...I can go on n on Day Dreaming  Day Dreaming What amazes even more is the fact that being a daily soap actor, he doesnt even have the luxury to read the script in advance, so there is actually not much time for preparation between the shots.
A word of caution, dont start the " Daadi manao abhiyaan " now puhleej LOL LOL
Congrats to the Star of the Thread " hd75 " Clap Clap Star  Star  & to Anu as well Clap Clap Big smile

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thats super fast..and what a title..
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A man has only one escape from his old self: to see a different self in the mirror of some woman's eyes.

will update later or in the morn!


Perfect title priya.  I am so thrilled about the mirror-reflection bit and that is all I am going to ramble about today.

This episode was by itself a mirror. A mirror to inner-selves, a mirror to two people who are just  beginning to see their reflection in each other's  pain-ridden questioning eyes; a mirror held up to a dark past, a mirror where the present is becoming starker and clearer. ClapClapClap

Five minutes after the episode was done, my mom who is slowly becoming more of an avid fan than myself, called me up. She was emotional; she remembered her own trials as a new bahu in a joint family of 45 people, sometimes more. And how her many in-laws did the Dadi's 'talk to my hand' with her several times, how she was excluded from conflict situations, even if it involved herself and how there was always a 'dahleez' she couldn't cross. We ended the convo by her saying 'everybody should have a husband like ASR'.   This coming from my mother, who has been unable to understand 'this hero's behaviour' (another matter she is only now watching the serial so it is rather difficult to pick up the many strands of ASR) was for me  ASR's ultimate redemption. But what my mother failed to say and perhaps understand if ASR has now become the husband that everyone should have, that has happened because, like the quote I have mentioned above, because of the new reflection he sees of himself in his woman's eyes, the only place he will soon discover, where he can escape his old self.

But alas! Like Lewis Carroll clearly portrayed in 'Through the Looking Glass' if you don't get the mirror, the mirror will effectively get you. Alice in Wonderland might appear to be a child's tale but it hides within it, deep secrets which are like reflections in a still pool...throw a stone and it ripples away in an instant but stand still, take time to see and you will see a reflection that will show you more than what is there on the surface. Like with Arnav Singh Raizada. Ultimately this story too is a reflection of him, a baring open of his soul and his heart.

When the grief gets locked up in his heart, it reflects as dead pain in his burning brown eyes that don't blink but stare straight ahead. Only the jaws clench and so do the hands. When he describes his dadi's nature, there is that murky reflection again. He isn't stopping to stare at the pool here... if he had he would have seen "his old self in the mirror of some woman's eyes" just as he now sees his renewed self in Khushi's eyes.

What the episode holds a mirror to, ultimately, is that there is no escaping our past just as there is no escaping our present. Always keep that mirror handy. Keep looking at the reflection and only if you look, can you see what is terribly wrong and what is fantastically right and only when you see and understand, can you better your reflection. ASR has begun to see and at the end of this epic tale, we will see in our eyes, the crystal clear reflection of a soul pure.

Barun Sobti. Pitch perfect. The stance, body language, speaking through the eyes... commendable. His screen presence is getting larger and more defined by the day. Sanaya's expression when ASR does the pati declaration was spot on. And Swati Chitnis was a great foil for Barun. Perfect ensemble cast IPK has and yesterday, they were all shining.

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