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Crooner 1.17 :Grains of Reflection - Updated (Page 15)

Nandalala IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 07 August 2012 at 11:10pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by srirao

Hi Priya,,,beautiful title,,,beautiful story abt glass house,,,loved ur quotes & thoughts,,,,,I loved the epi,,,power-packed performances all around,,,,Sobti boy as always stealing the show,,,!
loved the Arnav- Dadi face off,,!two of a kind ,,,a kinda heard before dialogues coming from her mouth,,,,!!!a deja-vu...
excited to know what the 'haadsa ' was,,,did Khushi also lose her parents on that dark night,,???
As u said unlike last time when he was powerless to protect his loved ones this time he is going to stand by his wife every inch of the way & protect her,,,!!
I am loving it,,,!!!!

That hadsa has been the longest tease in this show...ah, Khushi's parents being a part of it is intriguing!  I just want them in Lucknow when everything goes down!!!

Doc, this is you to a T!!! Loved your pinch hitting as always!!!Big smile

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-Sudhanya- Goldie

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Posted: 07 August 2012 at 11:13pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by Nandalala

"Shadow love,
Random love,
And Abandoned love.
Accidentally like a martyr.
The hurt gets worse, and the heart gets harder." 

~Warren Zevon

Take a bow, hun!ClapAn absolutely RIVETING CROONER and an equally fantastic episode!  Your title did such justice to theme of the Crooner...What a fantastic read that was!  The nexus between North and West...What once defined him then,  and what defines him now! I just loved your reference to the glass house--Sheesh Mahal- and what is now his own house of brick and mortar!! For me, the episode was defined by hadsahaq, and belonging...One hadsa--incident--shaped the lives of two innocent children, and their families. Gave birth to a martyr who gave up his childhood, his innocence, his own sense of love and longing because of the antecedents--the past!  Today, a first glimpse into the pathos that I have been harping about for so long!  A man who so desperately wanted to belong, but was not given that opportunity by his own!  A man who made a name for himself but by abandoning the identity given to him...A man molded by his past, yet defiant against it.  Not allowing it to determine his future.  But in the end, this very past would shape his future, drive him to make choices...He knows he can no longer run away from it.  It is here.  It is part of the now!  His heart ready to accept love, yet the past weaves a barb wire around it...

Haq...exercised over & over today!  Used as a justification for words and endearment shown beautifully in one scene, and as a blanket statement for all things done in the past!  

What does meeting a loved one after 15 years even feel like? Embracing tradition, he bends down to get his grandmother's blessings.  A hug that speaks of innocence and how much she was missed.  Past and present in the forefront as Naani, ever the host, introduces the "new" family members...That initial step as a couple...Seemingly walking towards "home"--all things "Mallik"--that ultimate sign of respect again as they bend down to get the blessing.  His eyes never leave Khushi's face--she is his wife, she has every right--haq--to seek those blessings with him! But the shock at seeing Khushi being treated differently brings back memories...The hand maybe back on his head, but he hasn't forgotten when that very hand left his own...

A conversation between the grandmothers reveals that these two women are very close.  They know each other well...Best friends.  One responsible, the other taking her for granted. In the privacy of their chambers, we learn even more...denial and accusation...Raizada vs. Mallik at play here! Dadi wants quick answers to her Whys?  The Whys surrounding her grandchildren...the minute details of their lives...Naani questions what right--haq--does she have on those children? Why did the Mallik abandon those children?  Why did the Mallik force those children to become Raizadas?  Abandon their own father's name?  Dadi's reality comes to the forefront: she is so quick to dismiss an incident and a face from 15 years ago that changed two lives--her own flesh and blood-- forever!  Offering no credible explanation, yet again--Selfish and without remorse!

An introspective Arnav hears his wife try talk to him about his past.  She can sense his turmoil, anger, and yes, his thoughts...Her own face was a study in sadness as she walked through the hallway,  internalizing everything Dadi said to her just minutes ago, yet when she sees him, she wants to be the soothsayer.  Wants him to know she is there for him!  She is ready to take responsible for Dadi's behavior on herself.  Shayaad...Maybe its her.  Maybe its the way they were wedded...Maybe...He puts an end to her shayaad by taking the guilt of off her!  Sititng on the bed side by side...ever the married couple--Koi nahi jaanta per main jaanta hoon, maine tumhe majboor kiya--with those last four words take complete responsibility for his actions.  Then an explanation...yes, an explanation for Dadi's psyche, but really a reflection on what he himself is internal monologue seeks a voice..."Dadi hamesha haar cheez apni angle se dekhti hain..."--how well he knows her--even 15 years later! Like a mirror image to himself...She doesn't easily accept the truth, so singular is she in her views!  Justified? He silently asks Khushi to be the judge.  

His words are a revelation, yet  there are major pieces of the puzzle missing...and she knows it...Today it is her turn...Talk to me, I am here for you! Just like he implored her at the GH...To tell him everything--Khushi tum mujhe baata sakti hoh!   She implores--it is her haq as his wife--"kabhi kabhi humein aisa lagta hai ke hum aapke baarein mein kuch bhi nahin jaantein hain."  Though he hears her, he walks away...he is not ready to talk to her...not yet...not until he gets some answers of his own...

She looks on...a continuation of her earlier thoughts--Khushi's epiphany, her most poignant yet--a reference to the duality in her mind when it comes to Arnav...seemingly her prince at one glance, and a complete stranger, the next! The fairytale reveals itself again!  She now has to look for answers, too...

gif credit: tumblr

A quest for explanations culminates in the most raw and emotionally charged scene we've witnessed from Arnav Singh Raizada in a long time! The pain from recalling that incident slowly finds catharsis as his defiance takes over. He reminds Dadi of the facts, as they stand now--The "haq" she lost when she walked away from her grandchildren. I couldn't help but think of the death anniversary scene from last year...the look in his eyes...the depth of betrayal and saddness so evident...And today he rose above it! He reminds her of his reality--three poignant declarations!  Yes, Priya, he is the master of his own domain: 1) He is not defined by the sins of his father--"Nahi mein unki tarah hoon, nahi hi banoonga"--others may see him as a shadow of that man, but Arnav Singh Raizada is who he is!  2) "Iss ghar mein--in this which is his house--koi bhi unka naam le, mujhe pasand nahi!" 3) Jahan meri patni nahi aa sakti, mujhe nahi lagta ki meri wahan koi zaroorat hai!" He has now made it clear to Dadi that his shore lies elsewhere!! By turning his back on Dadi, and physically walking over to Khushi he has exercised his haq as her husband in front of his paternal family, and essentially stated that  Mallik DOES NOT matter to him!!  Blood maybe thicker than water, but here, water trumps (pun intended!), yet again!  Indeed, when the king returns home after 14 years, he won't be alone! In fact, every nayi shuruaat, will be with his Khushi, and her alone--North defined by West! And most importantly, he will return on his terms!! An interesting note to this scene, and one you picked up, too: the conversation that Devyani started earlier is now completed by Arnav--in keeping with that long shot visual we saw in Monday's episode where Devyani and Arnav walked in arm in arm!  

Other Notes~

~I was happy we had a relative "Anjali-free" epi today! Made it that much more impactful without that sullen face!

~Finally some clarity on Dadi's truth--she never intended to see or meet her grandchildren, in spite of ASR's efforts (I now stand corrected, guys!Embarrassed)...Still begs the question: why is she there now?

~The FIGHTER--need I saw more!Day Dreaming

~Fabulous chemistry between our couple just sitting on that bed...such a comfort level as they reach out to each other...what had started that very morning, still evident in spite of the strain on both of them...Embarrassed

~The "meri patni" Rabba Ve--Awww...the awakening now has new meaning!  Its no longer "their secret"!!Big smile

~NK's First impression...Last impressions dialogue:  Very, very interesting! I couldn't help but think of ArHi as well when I heard his words...How far we've come.  Impressions can and do change!  Such a great metaphor for what we'll see going forward!  

~"Sorry" makes everything better--again, couldn't help but think back to difficult it was for Arnav to say that word at one time, and how easily Khushi takes it on!

~Payal--ah, my wrath has no limit!!! Wow, she knows and admits she was a ttl coward and did not stand up for her sister...and then has the audacity to remind Khushi she should say sorry!!!   What happened to your apology, Payal?Angry

~Mamiji: DeadDeadAngry Her goatwa-sherni dialogue WAS NOT funny!  Crass mocking!  So not done!Dead

I had goosebumps watching Sobti today...He understands Swati Chitnis' strengths so well, and he played beautifully to it!  His body language, diction, and that uber confidence shone in every scene.  It is such a pleasure to watch a lead who is so CONSISTENT in his performance.  Without fail.  Jayashree T and Swatiji just had amazing timing and chemistry!!  *Bows*... Sanaya was lovely in that scene as she walks down the heart fell for her completely!  Loved her monologue delivery, too!  Ah, we are back to dreams and nightmares tomorrow...I have seen the spoiler pics on the last Crooner--a wonderful instance where reality will be so much better than his dreams!!!Big smile

Anji BabyHug Me Loooved your post. I always do...Hadsa and Haq, I would like to add one more, Humsafar...

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Nandalala IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 07 August 2012 at 11:15pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by smashitupsobti

Embarrassed they've got the love they need to see them through ... the rest I'll let you analyse P x

HugHugKP, you ROCK!!!! 
My net connection was horrible this afternoon as I watched the epi, so I missed the poignancy and the hands in this scene!!! Thank you so much for this!!

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honeypriya IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 07 August 2012 at 11:15pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by indi52

beautiful quote.

first update. Smile

just read crooner, priya. moving, that story you tell of a boy of fourteen in his glass house, in his innocence and play he never realised the grains had turned into stones. who did this to the grains, who did this to the boy? why do such things happen? his sheesh mahal lies shattered, but today here he is in shantivan, a safe, secure home. made with his toil, sweat, tears. the abode of peace where he has decorated his dreams again, determined not to let a single nightmare destroy his dwelling this time. yet all it takes is a look, a word, a face from a time gone by, and the deluge of memories returns, threatening to engulf all, rob him of everything, even himself.

in the coming days we'll see his mighty struggle, perhaps one last time against this cataclysmic yesterday. what will shatter? his dream? or the past's illusion that it still has a hold over him?

before him he sees his now, his later, his forever, holding her hand out, saying come, i am here, i will walk with you, wither thou goest. he reaches out.

and again a scream echoes in his body, racking it, hurling him against a familiar wall of pain. he feels its bruises yet he takes the next step.

i loved your story for it is at the heart of it all. arnav singh raizada's tale talks to me for we all have our pasts. it moulds us, makes us, its every happiness tells on our nature, it's every cruelty mars us and releases demons within.

but if we can take the most heartless deeds of the past and instead of letting it ruin us, look it straight in the eye and go deep into it to see what lessons it holds, we may be surprised at the answers we'll find, and those will finally let us go. stronger, fuller, cleaner, at last understanding love.

the past pollutes his pure heart. shuddhi will come. his actions will bring it. his choice to hold that hand waiting to take him forward will ensure it. he will turn stones into grains.

the past will stand with dropping jaw and watch.

still a bit lostt in thoughts, will update on the episode later.   Big smile
Thanksss Di...
and the higlighted in blue...that was the metaphor in mind while writing it out----- the anger that grains became sand - it was the scream that shattered those Glass walls - the "Ma" he yelled out that night...the scream that he let out on the wedding night...
He has a long road to traverse Di -- alone...14 years of captivity was never easy to come out of - vanvaas...agyaatvaas...she is there with him...he will let her into the pains too...but this battle he will be fighting alone...and will come closure when the person responsible for the pain, eases him out !!!

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Nandalala IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 07 August 2012 at 11:18pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by -Sudhanya-

Anji BabyHug Me Loooved your post. I always do...Hadsa and Haq, I would like to add one more, Humsafar...

OMG!! Sudhi, PERFECT addition!!Clap! Thank you, meri jaan!!!Hug Will use humsafar for sure!!!  Oh, I just got goosebumps, again!!!

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dennisdmenace IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 07 August 2012 at 11:23pm | IP Logged

@ priya, updated on pg 2.

will be away for d day...see you guys after 5 p.m. my time

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jakhushi IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 07 August 2012 at 11:24pm | IP Logged
Hey Priya,
Awesome Crooner girl... The grains of Reflection indeed. How do you come up with this?!!! Brilliant.
Really wish I could comment on this crooner and the awesome episode that was yesterday.
Sorry, have absolutely zilch time so cannot read and comment on the other posts Cry.
1 Quick question - Maham posted TRP yesterday showing IPK at 3.1 and IF is showing today as 2.5. What is exactly? Confused Moi Confused.

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Parsha Goldie

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