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Crooner 1.17 :Grains of Reflection - Updated (Page 11)

shagun_sarun IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 07 August 2012 at 9:31pm | IP Logged
every quote n line was just perfect...really an awesum episode with gr8 attitude, energy, n dialogues of arnav singh raizaada...he truly stole the show!Big smile

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archanan14 IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 07 August 2012 at 9:36pm | IP Logged
Updated on Page 1... Off to work now, and not sure when I'll be back so will probably catch up later!

Bye people, and much love and hugs! Hug

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honeypriya IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 07 August 2012 at 9:36pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by showstruck

one questions whoever can answer will be appreciated...
Do you girls think the 10 days left track is over or will they pick up on it?

its 8 and a half Wink and they will pick on that...dnt worrySmile

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Nandalala IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 07 August 2012 at 9:37pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by riti4u

"Kabhie kabhie lagta hain hum aapke kitne kareeb hain aur kabhi lagta hain abhi bhi ajnabi hain"

She has seen him in his worst and at his best but never understood what made him rakshas and very next moment her rajkumar. May be time has come for her to know what made Arnav Singh Raizada !!

It was an awesome episode and I am still reeling from the effect of it.There were many highlights ,I will lay my thoughts today on some of them

- Arnav is in deep thoughts ,may be reliving his pain from past when khushi arrives,Khushi as always blaming her for mess created and this is what brings arnav back to present.He sees her tears and it hurts him more so he comforts her saying you were never at fault ,"I was and I forced you!!" BINGO Moment *for those who were jumping for realisation and retrospection*. The MAN gave his verdict today it was his fault at how he forced her to get married.

She sees some hidden emotions in him...she feels there is more to what happened between arnav and dadi...She looks at him..asks him and assures ..I am there,tell me...reassuring that there is shoulder to lean on ...and to cry out..but he is not ready yet..Sometimes wounds are too personal to will take time for him to let go of darkest secrets of his past...

Arnav-Dadi Faceoff- We got to see they share same genes..Loved the verbal spat and raw pain in his eyes...when his dadi questions his marriage ...he retorts- ab aayi hain aap...pain naked in those eyes...pain of being abandoned by his own...
then she says those words that pierce his heart- you are like your father. Some past reminder of what his dad did...and there comes a rage in his eyes with his name...Do not compare me to him...and noone says his name here in my house...
some bitter truths will be coming out in coming episode ,may be related with his dad and that must have been reason for his parents death...cant wait ..

"I wont come to place where my wife is not allowed"
with this statement he grants her the respectful place in the house...

It is just short update as I am not well ..But will just like to end on side note- Barun that was again remarkable performance...Stance..grip on ur body language..jaws tightening..eyes glaring..all perfect...Clap

Lovely post, Rits!!!ClapClap  You hit all the pertinent points in the show so well in spite of your illness!  Hope you feel better soon!

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indi52 IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 07 August 2012 at 9:44pm | IP Logged
first update on page 3. Smile
more rambling in a bit. hi all, hope your day is going great.

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Nandalala IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 07 August 2012 at 9:46pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by arch_nat1112

Superb Crooner Priya... The beginning was quite amazing! The connect to Sheesh Mahal and back to our themes of mirrors with the reflections! Take a bow, sweets! And congratulations to hd75! Thank you for sharing your story with us! And to my favourite, Anu! Hugs!!!

Onto the episode! It was quite something to see Arnav Singh Raizada bow down at anyone's feet, and to see him do twice was really quite something! The second time when they both bowed down, I thought it was unbelievably sweet as well - because I think this was the first time they had taken aashirwaad together from an elder (am I right?). And Dadi not blessing Khushi hurt him immediately - especially because he knows it will hurt Khushi.

The past comes back to haunt him - and Khushi tries to console him in her own way - he then tells her that it's more than Dadi's reaction to her that's troubling him... expresses his angst at Dadi... and she knows she can't get to him sometimes "jaise hum aaj bhi ajnabi hain" - whatever had happened in the past - she knows nothing about where he has come from and what he is... she only knows that she loves him - "hum aapke itne kareeb hain"... she needs to know him, wants to know him... the enigmatic man she fell in love with and married... Loved the line where he said that it was never her fault - the way they got married! It just strengthened the dor that they have already built - knowing that he understands her in a very deep way that maybe even she doesn't understand herself. Like you said Priya - steps ahead in the love story with both of them reaching out to each other!

The Dadi-Nani confrontation was excellent - both actors were awesome like you said Priya - but from the moment Arnav Singh Raizada walked in, it was his show all the way. From the way he gave Dadi some home truths to the moment he established that Babuji's name should not be taken in this house, to the hurt masked by indignation and arrogance about Dadi's questioning, and to the assertion that he will never become his father - it was just brilliant. Of course most brilliant of all was the moment when he stepped outside the threshold to where Khushi was standing - "Jahaan meri patni nahi aa sakti, mujhe nahi lagta wahan meri koi zaroorat hai"! Barun was simply mind-blowing today (and hello, how hot was he!).

No predictions - episode to episode watching and commenting is how I like it, so I am not going to speculate at all. Just sitting back and waiting to watch! (Though will watch late today since we are going out - what a tragedy! Cry)

Random thoughts:
-- Arnav'ji' only has 9 days left to get her to drop the 'ji'! Doing something about it?
-- That strict Dadi gave birth to Arnav's dad who apparently did something horrible - AND that slimy chacha from the first episode? Wow, talk about bad parenting.
-- Loved the lighting on Arnav in the scene in the room, and the Arnav-Khushi blurs and focuses. Beautiful.
-- Mami made me swing between laughing and wanting to thwack her. Thank God for her she's so comic, or people would have completely hated her.
-- Why does Payal wear so much jewellery? I thought it was really overpowering looking, but I guess it was to establish her as the daughter-in-law as against the 'servant'.

Finally a song that's been running in my head since I read your first quote! Here's to roads and paths, winding and straight, to glass houses and brick mansions, and to romance and love!

P.S. Won't be around much today as well - sorry about that... I promise to be a litlte better from next week!

Hey, Archu!!Hug  Great post, sweetie!  Yes, it was quite a moment for their "dor" to be strengthened...loved the way you put that into perspective!  That crossing of the threshold to his Khushi was the highlight for me!  Your random thoughts were absolutely excellent!  Payal just looks overdressed all the time.  Period!Dead  And don't get me started on the bad parenting...and she still has the audacity to point fingers at Devyani!Angry

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indi52 IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 07 August 2012 at 9:47pm | IP Logged
short but focussed. lovely post, your feelings there. get well soon, hope nothing serious.

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Nandalala IF-Rockerz

Joined: 08 September 2009
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Posted: 07 August 2012 at 9:50pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by Divya1503

What an apt title Priya di!!!Clap Clap Will be waiting for the update!!! Embarrassed

I totally loved the episode!!!!!!Heart Heart Heart  Arnav finally sees his dadi after 14 years(or 15??Confused)!!! I thought he'l be totally gussa par acha potha bankar dadi se aashirwaad liya!!!Embarrassed 

When nani asked if she met everyone in the family, loved the way mami hid behind our NK!!! LOL LOL n wat does dadi mean by saying hamesha ki tarah galat jagah mein dhundat rahi hiConfused
 The faint smile on Arnav's face when nani called out for Khushi!!! one of the awww moments for me!!!Day Dreaming

Photo: Hayeee the proud husband smile ASR gave while nani was introducing khushi to dadi..

credit: FB written updates-IPKKND

I dont want to talk abt dadi's reaction when she came to know Khushi is Arnav's wife!!! Dead Dead 

Oye Dadi!!!! U leave ur grandchildren with their nani n now come back from nowhere to blame our pyaari naniji!!!!Angry N u say no one answered ur questions abt Arnav's marriage n Anjali's pregnancy n ur pyaare daamad!!!! Did u even try to know!!!! Kisi se poochne ki taqleef kyu nahi kiya aapne!!!Dead You thought Khushi was the servant, thats ur problem!!! n when u came to know u're wrong, u r being gussa!!!! WHAT THE!!!!!Angry *phew* hogaya rant!!!D'oh sorry priya di for this one but can't help it!!!D'oh
Arnav going into the silent mode once again for some time! Will Khushi ever stop taking the blame for everything that goes wrong!!!!!Confused Confused N Arnav finally talks!!! Everytime he talks, I'm getting goosebumps these days!!!!!Icon Monkey Yoyo Finally he says it was his galti!!! Hope the redemption asking ppl r happy!!!!D'oh 
The every trait he explained abt dadi, I saw only ASR's traits there!!!!LOL Jaise dadi waisa potha!!! I was wondering how his dad wasStern Smile 

N then enters THE ASR into the scene!!!!!Day Dreaming Day Dreaming hum sab present the Arnav tumhare shaadi pe!!!!!( I know I know its a PJ!!LOL LOL)ab aayi hai aap mujhse yeh sawaal poochne!!!! N y does everyone bring up the issue of his dad when he doesn't want to talk abt him!!!!Ouch pehle nani n now dadi!!!D'oh
N Payal!! U realise ki u shd've talked before itself!!! u r really fast at understanding things!!!!Clap Clap 
N NK u think a sorry can make a family like that a happy family!!!! I pity u!!!Monkey Winks

Loved the way nani tried to calm both dadi n arnav!!! N then comes Khushi!!! Aur phir se dadi ki haath uthgayi to stop her!!!Dialogue tho dadi bol rahi thi abt not going away when she's talking par mere dimaag mein chap gayi yeh ASR ka dialogue!!! Dont u dare walk away when I'm talking Khushi Kumari Gupta!!!! Day Dreaming Day Dreaming

 N then comes the epic dialogue!!!
"Jaha meri patni nahi aasakthi, mujhe nahi lagtha ki  meri wahi koyi zaroorat hai" 

ASR to u for that one line!!!!Monkey Icon Monkey Icon Monkey Icon

N the smile on naniji's face when Arnav said that!!! epic!!!!LOL n his aapki marzi was like in ur face dadi!!!!LOL LOL LOL
Precap, the return of nightmares!!! n the efforts of KKGSR to make ASR smile, woh bhi milega may be!!!Embarrassed 

Other thoughts:
- Both Barun Sobti n Swati Chitnis were just awesome in that face off!!!!!!! Monkey Winks Monkey Winks 
- Why meri nazar Khushi ke naye chappal se nahi hath ti!!!Stern Smile 
- The look on Khushi's face when Arnav said the epic line, Sanaya u were awesome!!!!Monkey Winks
- Gabbar singh jaisi dadi saas mili Khushi ko aur Payal ko itni bootiful lady mili saas ke roop mein par phir bhi Payal not happy!!!Stern Smile
- N did ASR's WHAT THE come from his dadi too?????Monkey Icon Cici

PS: This song not leaving my head from the time they played it on SBS!!! One of my all time favourites!!!


Your monkeys just put everything into such perspective, Divs!Big smile  Your rant was ttly justified and I liked the PJ too!  And you were so right--there was no way I could miss this one!Big smile What a fun read this was, sweetie; much needed for me!Hug

Edited by Nandalala - 07 August 2012 at 9:50pm

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