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Game or Love-MG FF#5 LINK THREAD 6 (Page 85)

undercoverhappy Goldie

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Posted: 09 September 2012 at 7:20pm | IP Logged
i am not going to feel sorry Maan LOL

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_wallflower_ IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 10 September 2012 at 5:37am | IP Logged
amazing update
just wonderful...really loved it

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anshra IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 10 September 2012 at 11:22am | IP Logged

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-Priti11- IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 10 September 2012 at 12:46pm | IP Logged

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ajenn IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 12 September 2012 at 2:47am | IP Logged
Glad the medicine and Maan care worked on geet. now she wants to enjoy her life like how she use to be once.

But Geet's challenge is making me little doubt. She sounds convincing and suspicious as well. 

Really eager to know what is her decision.

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tellyme IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 12 September 2012 at 10:11am | IP Logged
Part 44


Along with emotion, physical attraction also plays important part in Maaneet realtion here in this FF. So there may be some part where dirty dialogues and scene may come.


All descent people out there forgive me for that. That is actually the need of this FF, to highlight that aspect of their relation.

"I don't want to listen anything more now"


"You have to, as that is the most important part of my decision."


 "Now go get fresh for me. I want to enjoy you fresh and wet, that's how I am desiring you now. And after that we will talk on last decision as I see you are in too much hurry. So let's do this first and then we can talk further."


Maan who was till now very happy now felt little uneasy with this sudden behavior of Geet.


"Geet, what's in your mind" "First go get fresh, I can't wait more" and she pushed him to the washroom. Maan had no option but to hear her.


While in shower "What's going in her mind. She is giving me everything and what is the last thing she is holding"


"No, Maan don't think much. She has accepted that she loves you, the devil like me, she accepts she loves and then she is wants our relation. How can I not fulfill it when she has asked it on her own. I will give you your pleasure Geet. Whatever be your decision, I will accept it with open arms, only if you do not harm yourself and your each wish will be fulfilled by me with my best effort and core of my heart."


Then Maan took shower for long to clear his mind, shaved a little to give even sexier shape to his look, put on his deadliest fragrance and came out with towel on his shoulder and nothing at bottom, just as she had sent him but only looking more fresh and Damn hottie.


Geet's mind was clear and seeing him like that in front of her so fresh she closed her eyes and deeply inhaled his fresh fragrance' just like before, they openly expressed how much they felt desire for each other.


Seeing her like that made Maan forget everything' she was so full of desires and in return she looked so desire full.


He bent down and with his fragrance so close Geet opened her eyes to meet his deep lustful eyes.


"Don't do this to me Mishty, I will loose all my sanity."


She held his towel and pulled it to bring him closer "Then loose yourself, rooka kisne hai" she said with heavy voice. Now it tough for both to be in control, Maan standing like that infront of her with his perfect body completely exposed for her and she looked so lustful.


Maan lay down on the bed beside her and then pulled her on top of him.


"I am all yours Misty, how do want it" and he pulled her closer to take her lips softly within his, but all his thought of softness went in air when the desired ful lips met' they were burning with desire and started exploring the well known path all over again with new passion.


Geet pulled his hair tightly to lessen the space between them, if there was any left. They went deep and deep into each other' Geet's hand roaming all over his muscled body and his hand started undressing her.


It was one hour of madly rubbing each other naked self together, kisses that were not stopping, hands that were non stop roaming over others body. The heat was increasing and they could not get more of each other' Maan was nibbling her every where and she was scratching his body. Pain and pleasure where dissolved into one.


Maan has now his lips kissing her toes while Geet was curling them and holding the sheets to get hold of herself'


"From next time, I want you to have your protection with you'" she said catching her breath as he was just leaving her mind insane.


He got up and slid near her "Sure, but I love to see you wet all over' it makes me more insane."


"Dirty you" she hit him and they covered themselves with the thin sheet.


After a while "Mishty, what is the last decision of yours"


"Maan I am hungry now, make something for me please and then we have to pick Mohit."


He did not look convinced.


"I will for sure Maan, at night OK" She did not want to snatch away his happy self now. She have to tell him, but it can wait a little.


As she had claimed, she loved him and how can she take away his smile if he was so happy now.


They had something to eat and now Geet was playing with Mohit while care taker was there for all help.


Maan called Armaan, he narrated the change in Geet other than what they had done.


"Maan be care full now. The medicine and your being with her have brought confidence in her but it is still mixed with her sickness. This is an extreme behavior and need to be handled very care fully. You have to be with her, in her every decision and along with that you have to work in behind to get her perfectly fine."


"But she is so much good"


"Maan, her health is very positive but then this is the main time, the vulnerable stage where her mind which was blank has started to wish but still as it is open now and she still being in depression, she is in shape of taking some drastic stage if not handled properly"


"Just be with whatever she says" "Ok"



At night, Maan did not force Geet to tell her last decision but then Geet came and sat beside him.


"Maan you wish things to be exactly as before and I do want the same but"


"But what Geet" "But as we have Mohit between us, it will have to be a little different."


Maan wanted to tell her to stop playing riddles but he have to keep patience with her


He lovingly pulled her in his embrace "you wanna play riddles with me Mishty."


"No Maan, We have Mohit, so we cannot go for divorce right.It will not be healthy for him"


Fear ran thru whole vein of Maan with the word of divorce. He looked at Geet with fear in his eyes. Today only they had such a perfect day and today she is talking about divorce.


"Mishty" came out from his mouth


"Tou kya, then it would have been exactly same' but time is so strong, now Mohit is between us and I don't want him to be son of divorced parent who live together but we can do one thing"


Maan wanted to shake her hard for what ever rubbish she was talking but he ended up holding her tight in his embrace.


"Aisee baten mat kaaro na Mishty" he pleaded


But Geet was lost in her talk, or was deliberately lost in her talk.


"Just like before, we will have our relation Maan, I am not leaving and going you. Just like before I will madly love you and And just like before I will make sure to believe do not love me, just like before I will remember that for you relation between us is just physical, just like before I will have no expectation from this relation of ours"


"Mishty but it is not true." She placed finger on his lips to make him quiet


"We will be husband -wife in front of world for Mohit, only that will be the different"


"Geet" Maan said with pleading eyes


"Just like before, I will remember what my position in your life is, just like before I will not take any favor from you except when it is case of Mohit."


"But Geet, my Mishti, you are the top most of my priorities now."


"Maan you want me happy, right.. so don't force any thought in me. The thought that I have to believe you, believe your change of feeling was leading me to confusion as I was not able to digest it. Now I feel so free Maan"


Maan felt pain, realizing the pain he has given her throughout.


"Mishty please"


"So is the decision final.. Should we go ahead with relation like this? "


Maan did not have to force any of his wish on her and as Armaan had said, he had to succumb to all her wishes.


He gave a weak smile and then took her in embrace' "As you wish" with shiver running down his body with pain in heart.


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deepsikha09 Groupbie

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Posted: 12 September 2012 at 10:23am | IP Logged
awsome update...
Its really diffcult for maan...
hope all went well...
update soon...

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Ramykrish Senior Member

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Posted: 12 September 2012 at 10:29am | IP Logged
Wow,Maan has messed her a lot.She is completely affected by his past behavior.Very intesting and natural flow.

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