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Game or Love-MG FF#5 LINK THREAD 6 (Page 117)

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Part 46


Hi Girls,

I am not sure how I am going in this FF, was somewhere feeling low about it myself.

Now I want to get out of this glomy shade in Maaneet's life in this FF and go in positive direction. Hope you all to be with me.

I think Maan is facing Punishment for last 2 years and is still in panance but thing do not need to be so gloomy for him to be punished.

I will try to bring a beautiful journey of Maaneet now. Hope you all be with me.


"Maan trust me, it will be a blast off time just like before. How much fun we had, remember"


Maan took her hand in his, making himself mentally strong and believing he will fix the situation one day.


"As you wish, let me know what what you want me to do to make sure I fulfill my promise."



"I want you to remove me from every where I am as your wife" Maan kept a strong heart and quietly kept hearing


He knew he have to make her believe in love and just can't force her to believe. He have to work on it slow and study and he was ready for it but by now he also knew that Geet was going insane with her demand, these were all part of her mental state and he needed to stop her.


But till he decides how to stop her he have to let her speak and know to which extent she want to go.


"Hmm... go ahead Geet" Geet at that time felt a little hurt, he was supporting her in her decision to end their marriage.


It was all her mental state and he wanted to clear it.


Maan noticed the disappointment in her face. He was watching her keenly.


She was playing with her Mangalsutra unconsciously, Maan eyes went on it.


"Maan I want you to remove me from all share of Khurana group and all the bank account you have in my name and"


Maan eyes was wide open, like from where was she getting these ideas after all and does she have any idea as how much legally complicated thing she was asking. There marriage is defo going to come in public if he goes on by her insane demands and this will effect so many things.


He was not going to let this happen in any case. Everything in her name was hers… If she would have asked him to write all share in his name to her, he wold have happily done that but this… a BIG NO. but he said nothing.


This time he wanted to deal with things on his own.


Maan kept on looking at her with smile but his mind was working, then suddenly he got an idea..


Yes and idea to test her, as how far could she go on to break this marriage. OK she has asked him to do everything but what about her.


"Ok Geet, but do you know how much legal proceedings these will need?" he asked very calmly


"Now, no excuses Maan"  "I am not giving any excuse Geet but I was just thinking that these things may take a little long to happen so why do we not start with something that don't take time and will be most important in ending this relation"


Geet was hurt with his word, Maan could see. She internally wanted Maan to plead her to stop all this, somewhere her heart wanted him to stop her, to give her confidence. But here he was suggesting. Geet herself was not sure what she was doing.


"What do you mean? " now she was on backfoot. "nothing big Geet, its very easy, just get your mangalsutra out and "


Geet immediately placed her hand on his lips. How could he say that, It was for his safety and she could never imagine to get them out.


"Uff Geet, try to understand, these paper works and all are legal and are not real meaning of husband wife, get those out and the relation will automatically end."


"MAAN" Geet shouted. "Ok let me help you"


And he took his hand behind her neck to get it out, she immediately snapped his hand away


"Don't" and she was so upset with him that she went away from there.


"Pagli khud nahi jantee kya chahiye… uff she got me crazy since yesterday" Now things seemed clear to Maan.


He left Geet for whole day. She got herself bust with Mohit.


Mohit was coming up with so many questions these days in his own cute way and solving his queries and his demands could take anyone whole day.


At Night, quietly came to room still upset with Maan.


Maan came close to her and placed a soft peck on her cheeks and pull her closer to him


"don't trust me, don't believe in our relation.. but will you leave me craving whole night.. Itna satana theek nahi"


Maan just wanted that thing to get away from her mind and he knew now Geet will not start this topic as he was somehow able to catch a very weak nerve of hers.


"Don't even imagine I am going to trust you, understand" she said in frustration.


"Ok Nahi kerna, but let me enjoy my time na" and he laid down pulling Geet on top of him, she hit his chest "Leave me"


But this was weak, he held her wrists and turned to put her down and come on top of her.He pinned her hand on her sides


"Leave me" but her sound soon died as he nuzzled his nose in her neck and his lips touched her shoulder.


After that everything, every thought was lost. Whole day of pain that Geet has suffered was gone by long love session between them through out the night.


It was almost 4 in the morning both were wrapped in a sheet. Geet's head and hands on his chest while Maan's hand was running on her bare back.


"So Biwi how was night with your hubby today" he intentionally said to tease her knowing she cannot say anything.


She had tried to protest few times but he was ever ready to take her signs off if she deny and Maan was now enjoying teasing her trying to make that whole issue just a joke.


But internally he had thought about it whole day, it was not joke for him.


Geet just twisted her lips and turned to other side, well Maan turned to hug her from back and get a peaceful sleep.


Maan woke up at six and saw Geet sleeping soundly all tugged within him.


He smiled looking at her, caressed her face tucking her hair behind, kissed her ears and whispered


"Geet wake up"  but she felt ticklish and snuggled more within him


"Come on wake up" "Maan let me sleep"


"No wake up, we need to go Jogging"


Geet snapped open her eyes "Are you not OK, first you did not let me sleep whole night and now why should I go to jogging, I never go"


"Acccha so I made you wake up for whole night and what about you, you were going crazy, try to remember Mam"


"Move" she pushed him "You are a jerk" "And you Mrs Jerk" he didn't miss Mrs. "Come on now get ready"


"Why, I am not going for jogg, that's your hobby"


"And its your need, see how fat you are getting, whole day just sitting, eating and ordering me"


"I wanna slim Biwi you know" and he winked to irritate her further


"Maan!!!!" "Yes" "You called me fat, I am fat from no where and I order you, when do I order you.. as if you are so easy, right"


He got her involved in this useless fight… That's it, keeping her mind busy with light stuff and not letting her feel sick by giving too much attention was policy Maan was using. While he will work on winning her in real sense he will also keep her busy with simple things of life.


Armaan had earlier suggested him to keep home lively and it can be very positive for her. Now Maan knew what he meant and he had got his direction.


So after all the fight Maan convinced her for jogging…She at last got ready "See now, who is following orders"


Maan then took her to Mohit's room to wake him up "Come on dude, wake up"


"Maan you are too much, now waking up child. Its Sunday let him sleep"


"No, are you planning him to be fat like his Mom Geet" Geet looked at him angrily and he just escaped pillow she threw on him. He was sure anyways nothing hard can come to him from her.


"Come on Kiddo, we gonna for family jog" and Mohit jumped on that. "see, he is my son" Maan should eyes to Geet, who tried to completely ignore him.


Maan made Mohit Run and then he was running with Mohit on his shoulder and Geet running beside, holding Mohits hand .


Mohit was very happy, seeing his parents like this. He was the one who was talking and either Maan or Geet was subjected to answer and his kid curious question… either he saw a bird, some unexpected question about bird, or sun… or his class…


Mohit has started to talk quiet Good these days and both were happy for this and today he was even more happy that both of them where together to answer his question or play with him.


Then when Care taker arrived , Maan handed Mohit to her and pulled Geet in Garden.

Next: "He is a complete Dusta Danav"

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simply amazing..loved it,.
nat10 Senior Member

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nice update. cute family sceneLOL
craziekudi IF-Sizzlerz

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Maan is.the dusht danav of thua.century
shweta1491 Senior Member

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U r right
maan suffered a lot
nw tym fr maneets happy wali journry
n u did that job ssuprrbly
loved the uoate
cnt soon
sdlife19 IF-Sizzlerz

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superb update
s0 maan getting t0 kn0w wat she needs

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